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Where there will be no discrete races, and everybody will have about 15% black, 15% Native American, 5% Asian and 65% white ancestry?

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It may become so to our perspective but the discreteness of a race is not an objective fact but it is rather socially defined.
Latin America is probably the best example of this.

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Yes but USA isn't even close to 65% white, especially in the future.

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european ancestry would probably hit those numbers, recall that most hispanic immigrants aren't pure native american but mixed with southern-european to varying degrees

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The US is currently about 65% white, and the Hispanic immigrants are part white. And actually African Americans are about 20% white on average too.

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I’ve made one girl I’ll never meet again pregnant. My apathy is growing. I’ll keep doing it.

It feels more right than anything else.

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yes, it's already muttland, but it's gonna go further and further down that direction.
read the book whiteshift you want some legit predictions on this

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America is too white.
We need more asians to even it out.

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But asians are white

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go back to your containment shithole

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Its 59% white right now

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It took me some time to realize it but it is leftists who hypocritically push the "mutt" D&C because it's supposedly an epic blow against /pol/'s hypocrisy and race obsession. By becoming racists themselves they show how the racists were wrong.
Both of these factions, /pol/ and /leftypol/, are the lowest form of subhumans that society somehow managed to produce. Fuck off from /sci/ and never return.

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There is not a single ethnicity on the planet that isn't already mutted

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