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I have decided to stop coming to /pol/. People stopped posting anything of value there. Just shitposting and occasional 'insiders'. How do I integrate into /sci/? Any study guides of some kind? How do I plan my studying? I'm especially interested in math and economics.

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/sci/ is a jewish board. Keep walking honky

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I have never cared, nor will ever, about whatever group of people. I live my life as my own, and don't care about external forces, be they real or not.

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>hey guys I want to shit up your board
no go away

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Shit up with what? I just want to become smarter

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And stay out

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You won't become smarter though, you'll just circlejerk with the other /pol/ immigrants about IQ and race realism. Maybe an occasional 0.999... = 1 thread too when you feel like talking about math and/or science.

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Fuck off poltard you idiots make my irl life worse

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I promise you that I will not. Even if I would, you stand greater chance at that not being the case by at least attempting to help me.

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Shut up nigger. You don't migrate, you are there forever. Also this board is a bunch of seething confirmists. Why would you waste your time on this IFLS board?

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You just figured that out? /pol/ is the worst board to talk about politics on because they take everything seriously and have no sense of humor.

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why are you here?
I have known about it for a long time. I never cared about politics, and just found the conversations there funny. Figured that it's time to grow up, so here I am.

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>how do i integrate into /sci/?
By being a high schooler that claims to be a PhD student at Cambridge.

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to do that, you'd need knowledge of some kind. thus the second part -
> Any study guides of some kind? How do I plan my studying?

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Based. The absolute MINIMUM requirement for participating in /sci/ is being able to provide a one-sentence explanation of the Poincare Conjecture that a grade schooler would understand.

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I don't remember having heard of it. Which is why I'm asking for a starter -
> Any study guides of some kind? How do I plan my studying?
so that I could do the charts effectively

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Honestly /lit/ is better than /sci/ if you use the catalog to only look at the 5 best threads at any time

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I already sometimes go on it. I'm also more interested in science rather than reading books for entertainment, which is why I decided to relocate to /sci/.

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>going to an imageboard will make you smarter
and this is the problem with poltards. i'm not a liberal and I want trump to win but my god /pol/ is the lowest IQ board I've ever seen besides maybe /b/

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Fuck off

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>Just shitposting and occasional 'insiders'.
Unfortunately this place has become /pol/ lite.

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Dang all these replies are kinda mean. Check out https://4chan-science.fandom.com/wiki//sci/_Wiki
and pick a topic your interested in, good luck.

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>math and economics
Extremely based, welcome home white man.

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Just lurk /sci/, /lit/, and /biz/. On occasion ask questions about books or questions you get stuck on. Self-study, YouTube, and other resources will get you far if you use them well in combination with the above. You can start your math journey with a book on algebra and linear algebra, those seem to be the best starting points after graduating high school. From there discrete math and calculus books tend to make a good introduction into other fields of mathematics and then just follow the breadcrumbs and suggestions from there.

> im interested in economics
what are you, a... ((JEW))?

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>Unfortunately this place has become /pol/ lite.
Unfortunately 4chan itself has become reddit lite

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Only been to reddit a few times, but it seemed like any dissenting idea would get down voted to oblivion.

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>but it seemed like any dissenting idea would get down voted to oblivion.
as opposed to being spammed, saged, or ignored?

Many of the posts these days read like they belong on reddit, many of the posters sound like they belong there too. This place lost its newgrounds edge.

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Have you looked into the sticker? There's some good stuff in there. Many top universities also post the syllabi to their courses online, including exercises, exams, recommended reading and such; I suggest you to use these as your primary references if you're a beginner. I also believe Lex Fridman's podcast is a good way for refugees to successfully assimilate /sci/ culture.

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You need to deradicalise first, look into critical thinking and logic exercises before you get too ahead of yourself

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>How do I integrate into /sci/?
First you take an oath to forsake your /pol/ ways forever, never ever posting any sort of /pol/ content here, especially racism, and to always post on-topic, relevant threads and comments.
If you can't agree to that then you can't be here.
Why? Because 4chan is shitted up too much already with /pol/tards and their shitty /pol/ content.

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what you're probably looking for is an education, OP
you won't find it here
people come here just to shitpost, at most

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>especially racism, and to always post on-topic, relevant threads and comments.
I would personally add:
>and never ever partake in, or Feynman forbid, create an IQ thread

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This should be your first step OP.

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just stay in academia and produce meaningful research

at least that’s the users on /sci/ or those who strive to that

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>another IQ thread

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