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How can i cure social anxiety, scientifically speaking?

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Practice and repetition.

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Very nice armpits.

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There are meds that reduce anxiety. Take those

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Just be yourself dude.

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Unfortunately, I unironically think the answer is to have sex. It's quite the catch 22 if you missed or otherwise failed certain developmental windows.

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Work in telemarketing for 3 months

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this would actually work

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>Unfortunately, I unironically think the answer is to have sex.
false, I have had sex before and my social anxiety is worse than ever because now I understand sex-related social cues which are terrifying to me

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Interesting. So for you, ignorance was strength. Forced to see, forced to know, robbed of strength.

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The only known "cure" for any kind of anxiety is exposure. Find some form of the thing that you are afraid of and deliberately expose yourself to it over and over. It could be a minor form of the thing, weak enough that you can tolerate it, but you still feel some anxiety. As you expose yourself more and more, the anxiety will not go away, but you will learn how to deal with it and press on even though it is there. Once you are "used to" some level of exposure, try upping the level of exposure to something more intense, and keep iterating until eventually you can master difficult social situations. This is what you do in "cognitive behavioral therapy" and it's the only thing known to work. The suggestion >>12803407 is good because it will give you intense exposure.

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If you kill yourself you cannot have anxiety anymore

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I don't think anyone is arguing that point anon.

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What social situations do you start off with and what situations do you eventually increase to?

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Unless reincarnation is real, and you have anxiety in your next life.

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It depends on who you're trying to socialize with. If you're trying to have less anxiety in order to get a GF, just give up. If you're a non-Chad, approaching women can mean a visit from the cops or a false rape accusation.

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exposure is the only cure, you need to teach your body that being around others is usually completely fine
don't ever let anyone convince you that medication will do anything other than fuck your body up >>12803036

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suck it up

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This is basically what keeps me going, a fear of reincarnation. Otherwise my view of death as relief would predominate and I would stagnate.

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You can find lists online if you look. I found this pretty fast: https://www.verywellmind.com/how-do-i-get-over-my-fear-of-social-situations-3024829

If you do real CBT with a therapist, one or one or in a group, they will give you assignments to do things like this and report back.

It's actually pretty similar to learning game. You start off approaching random women on the street to get over your fear of whatever. The reason PUA stuff works is probably because it creates a system of structured exposures.

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If only this wasn't true.

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option 1: believe your bullshit
probability of success: 0

option 2: don't
probability of success: >0

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Practice. But you do need to start small, since bad experiences will just set you back and make you not want to continue. Bad experiences will in fact make it even harder. You need good experiences and successes. So start small. Your level of anxiety determines how small that is. Alcohol and drugs help, and I actually suggest you use them. It's easier to get good experiences, if you're a little bit drunk.

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Seek help or ngmi (see below)

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>>12803396 is more true than this
once you fall behind in social skills in school, you're pretty much outcast which makes your social skills even worse til they end up non-existent which is why you end up having to do things to make up for it

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Think how little shit you give about most people and meditate on the fact that if you do something dumb in public most people will not think about it beyond a couple of hours to a day.

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Lift weights.

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Cringe but checked

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have nothing to lose or have money

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