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Apollo 17 edition
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>>12804522 pls help me anons

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Suppose in an alternate universe, Elon chose to colonize the moon instead of Mars. Would it be possible?

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Warp > Fusion > Lasers > Orion > Nuclear > Thermal > Methalox > Propalox > Kerolox > Ion > Solid > Hydrolox

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I really hope they pivot into the space-tug business and give up on rockets before it's too late and they go bankrupt

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go talk to the /diy/ ham people

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The moon is only suitable for a science outpost, to have a hope of colonizing it you need to stockpile so much material you're better off starting with Mars.

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Nah they will take over the antares market of 2 launches a year by bidding a quarter of what the antares costs......

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Totally, it's just a bit more difficult. Resource extraction requires more energy and infrastructure, but on the flip side, solar power is easier to get stupid amounts of energy from.

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>Boomer ellipses

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Mining materials for use outside earth's gravity.

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Rocket Lab is so based

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Hell if I know. That's something that'll take a while. Not everything is going to be invented instantly, or even within our lifetimes.

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>implying it will ever be done

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>implying it will never be done

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lol why is elon bothering with chemical rockets, retard should just go straight to warp, they made a couple articles about it on popular science

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Could any of you anons spare an SN10 post-landing pop webm for a fellow American down on his luck?

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...? why...

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lasers are better then fusion overall but they require the most infrastructure

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Top-tier moon and good mining megabase candidate

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Musk bros... We got busted again..

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SN11 hop when?

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Just build a launch loop, what’s his issue

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>negative mass
JUsT ChAngE tHE sIgN tO mAke tHE mATh WoRK

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Yeah plus I saw an Isaac Arthur video about making wormholes. Duh! It’s so easy :)

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Io is a fucking chad moon it's covered in sulfur and has lakes of boiling lava

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that's the only thing I'm disappointed with. I know it's easier but in the long run methalox would be superior for reusability. Probably propalox too

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Kerolox engines might have a hard reuse limit.

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That damn soot

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it's pretty wild that you can have ice moons and lava moons orbiting the same body

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>but on the flip side, solar power is easier to get stupid amounts of energy from

except when the sun goes down for two weeks

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Tidal forces are some real shit

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Bet the sky is hypnotizingly beautiful tho

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eh, you know, win some lose some
the other half of the time, the sun is up for two weeks

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Lunar night would be beautiful.

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Unlike some here I think "reusable middle lift rocket that learns from all of SpaceX's mistakes" is a great idea. But the keralox choice is more copying than doing that. I know that they have no experience with turbopumps, but a methalox gas generator should be within their reach.

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just put the solar panels on rails

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I claim the drugs/whores market

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Glass half empty or glass half full?
Duality of anon.

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So you require massive battery banks and spend all the extra energy absorbed in the two weeks of daylight charging up your batteries to avoid dying in darkness.

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At least your mother will have a job and see her son.

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>5 minutes in
>he's already conflating the price NASA has to pay for fully expandable crew dragon launches with the raw cost for SpaceX to do the launch
>people aren't even mentioning it in the comments
>liquid rockets are a mature technology
It's all so tiresome, the guy doesn't even know how much of a piece of shit the shuttle was.

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Molten salt solar thermal power plants.

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Io is fucking badass, but Mercury is the mining megabase.

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If you have a solar array that can power industrial processes during the lunar day, then your life support power needs will be relatively tiny

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>Unlike some here I think "reusable middle lift rocket that learns from all of SpaceX's mistakes" is a great idea.

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Bro that’s literally just double standards for RocketLab. Ariane is doing the same thing. Both of them are retarded.

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Put simple thin reflectors in orbit, I'm fairly certain you can get some kind of polished metal foil or thin panes to give you 90%+ of what's hitting them and beam it down onto receivers. Deal with 5-10% loss but you get power around the clock, the reflectors can't be obscured or interrupted so once they're up you can pretty much just leave them alone.

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use nuclear power, fuck solarfags

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you can't even debate with his followers, they literally just ignore everything you say and then say they won.

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This, anti-nuclear types are pussies.
"waah the spicy rocks might hurt someone"
like gasoline doesn't fucking explode when you use it, smoothbrained cunts.

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Later in the video he gets mad that Musk isn't talking enough about Perseverance on twitter. Why does he think Perseverance is so damn special? People already forgot about it because it's just Curiosity clone with some upgrades. Video from Mars was cool, but in the end it will get us nowhere.

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>Later in the video he gets mad that Musk isn't talking enough about Perseverance on twitter.
Musk did not launch Perseverance nor was he involved in any phase of the mission. What do people expect him to say beyond "Nice job JPL, very cool!"

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Hubbles fucked

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Luv urf
Luv me moon
Luv Boing
'ate Musk
'ate Spacex
'ate colonists
Simple as

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>All science systems appear normal and Hubble is safe and stable. The team is working plans to safely return it to normal science operations.

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>science systems
Why does that sentence piss me off?

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Say it ain't so

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Lava ain't the only problem Io has deathly amounts of radiation. 36 sievert a day. That means about 4 hours on the surface and it's a coin flip whether you'll live or die. About 4 more and you are already dead. A whole day and you probably won't survive the next two. What the fuck would you mine anyway?

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I'm not anti-nuclear but nukefags are so fucking tiring when they act like they're too based and redpilled to live on solar power. The solar panels, batteries, fuel cells, etc. exist. The equivalent nuclear infrastructure doesn't, the current choice is between too big and too inefficient (kilopower is a joke and worse than solar power in every way, fight me). We need miniaturized fast breeder reactors, but guess what, we don't have them right now.

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solar power is just free-range fusion power

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Sure, but the other anon's point was about solar power.
Realistically you would utilize both though.

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>most of the video is high-school physics with bad approximations
>80% of it is just filler with le science numbers that barely relate to starship
>SN10 didn't land, Musk BTFO!
>Starship only went to 10 km, that's not orbit! XDDD
Fuck I'm angry now, is Boeing paying this smug asswipe?

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Nuclear is neccesary on mars however solar farms should be used as well

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Seems like it's okay.
I really hope we can get a Starship mission to either service it or bring it down as a museum piece.

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What if somebody just beat him up in a parking lot? I don't know if that would solve anything but it would be cathartic.

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To be fair, that's followers of anything

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Solar accounts for less than 1.7% of the US power grid right now, Nuke accounts for nearly 20%. If we're talking about lack of power infrastructure, solar is nearly fucking nonexistent as a grid supplier. No, I don't fucking care that pretentious upper middleclassers use them to power their shitty houses, if we're talking about managing industrial size HVAC units and chemical air scrubbers, constant power management, and the charging of electrically powered vehicles like you're going to need for any colony in space, and you want to move a lot of power around a grid, Solar ain't exactly accounting very well for itself right now.
Now those problems can be solved, but lets not pretend for even a second that there's even a comparison between atomic and solar power for grid applications, there isn't, solar barely contributes enough to even be talked about in the large scale grid application argument at all.

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Did you forget you're on /sfg/ or something? It's very clear I'm not talking about the (URF) grid. This is a technical stance, not a political one.

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True, but it's the "le science" bullshit where people think some washed up chemist knows more about rocketry than the most innovative
aerospace engineers we've seen in a long time.
Musk should just spam Starlink satellites so the retard can't look through his toy telescope without getting blinded.

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>>people aren't even mentioning it in the comments
pretty sure he deletes comments that point out the flaws, thus leaving only room temp IQ drones.

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When did I say anything even remotely political? You said you're talking infrastructure, guess what, solar isn't even two percent of the infrastructure, if it were any less relevant to large scale power generation I wouldn't have even bothered to make a reply, and the further from the sun it gets the less relevant it will be as a power supplier.
Now if we're talking about a Mercury colony or an orbital around Venus, hell yeah solar is your power source, if we're talking about Mars and beyond, solar shouldn't be anything more than a supplementary power source at most, so far as it's proven itself here on Earth, .4 AU *closer* to the sun than Mars, it's OK at the small scale and pretty much irrelevant at the large scale.
How favorably do you think it's going to pan out from solar with 40% less sunlight, especially now that it's known that Mars' barely existent atmosphere is still doing a good bit of work to reduce that incoming radiation even more?

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>large-scale manufacturing
is there any real incentive for companies to do this? will there ever be?

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Reminder that the Shuttle left behind a docking port on Hubble. Realistically speaking, can a Dragon rendezvous and perform repairs? It has shitloads of unpressurised space in the trunk.

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Dragon doesn't really have much in the airlock department.

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I want to smell you, girl

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What's your plan for transporting a traditional nuclear installation to Mars, fucktard? US infrastructure does not have anything to do with space because it doesn't have nearly the same kind of mass restrictions. Even Starship isn't going to change that, it will change the magnitude of the problem but it won't make it make sense to use traditional nuclear infrastructure on other planets. It's barely worth it here because we're stuck on the uranium meme.
>How favorably do you think it's going to pan out from solar with 40% less sunlight, especially now that it's known that Mars' barely existent atmosphere is still doing a good bit of work to reduce that incoming radiation even more?
Considering that our starting point is Earth's atmosphere it's definitely doing that job less than Earth, as long as Miguel is doing his job and sweeping the panels. Second, with the volume and mass constraints, Starship can easily pack in >10MW of solar panels in one go even with the efficiency hit, they have low volume and high specific power. There isn't a nuclear system we can say the same about right now.

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*smell you alive

>> No.12804968

The same way you'd send the many tons of solar panels, retard.

>> No.12804974

I'm starting to get the feeling you have no idea what a nuclear powerplant actually is.

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I just want a constellation like program that isn't fucking Artemis

>> No.12804985

>on track for 2030 we guess
>specific power of who the fuck knows

>> No.12804989

It's a huge company going for small and modular reactors. Much better than the bogged down bullshit most of the nuclear industry has been raped into. I agree that nuclear is futile until thorium reactors take over.

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Cringe at first but quite enjoyable after you get past the first minute. I assume this isn't you shamelessly plugging your own channel right? lol

>> No.12804999

Boy we're gonna get some use out of this image aren't we?

>> No.12805002

The science tube needs some rest okay

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Integers confirm.

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We need thorium reactors and once they're mature we need them on other planets, I'm pretty sure you could even do fuel ISRU on Mars. But until they're mature (and mature for space purposes which will mean further R&D) solar panels will be bridging the gap.

>> No.12805009

ISRU seems very possible.

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I just want a program the scale of constellation that isn't fucking Artemis
It isn't my channel i just found it.

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What about a modified cargo dragon that will tug it to the iss and then put it back in proper orbit?

>> No.12805016

Sure, that's ever going to happen.

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dirty dirty STIMPKY space anon. boy oh boy you reek! OO verY STINKY

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Had to repost comment because I phrased it like i wanted the constellation program back.

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Thumbnail reminded me of this video
It’s in KSP RSS and it’s a recreation of the Constellation Program’s mars mission.

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Hybergoligs :DDDD

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"Lori Garver: I would not have recommended the government build a $27 billion rocket, when the private sector is building rockets nearly as large for no cost to the taxpayer."



>> No.12805040

Did NASA ever announce their administrator or did that press conference slip to 2024

>> No.12805042

Can I get a transcript or cliff's notes?
I can't stand listening to Thunderfoot talk, he always....talks...like..THIS...to...emphasize...his....POINT".
It's beyond irritating.

>> No.12805052

There was speculation that it was gonna be announced Friday which didn't happen, and making an announcement like that over the weekend would be odd. I'm thinking it'll happen this week, maybe tomorrow.

>> No.12805056

Constellation seemed like a great idea at the time. Launching crew and cargo separately? Genius! It’s just too bad that Ares I alone was like $14 Billion

>> No.12805058

I suspect he doesn't have a point, he just has poor understanding of what he's talking about and a massive hateboner for SpaceX.

>> No.12805072

>interplanetary transport vehicle assembled in two launches
Coppurnicus would've been awesome.

>> No.12805081

Orbital assembly makes me feel some sort of way bros. Even if it's just a simple ship that requires two parts on two separate launches. The idea of needing/making/using something too big for one meme rocket is super based

>> No.12805087

Wonder who the female Garver alternative is that Berger was recently gushing about. He said she wasnt well known but would be a good pick (yeah right)

>> No.12805094

Guess it must have slipped Biden's mind, much like the state of the union speech and other stuff.
Such as where the fuck he is, every single morning.

>> No.12805098

>Such as where the fuck he is, every single morning.
Seated in front of Price is Right on his recliner with a bowl of pudding while his handlers go about their work.

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File: 2.10 MB, 984x554, nasa nuclear ferry.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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based biden

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Best timeline would be NASA realizing SLS is futile, but they would still be extremely happy to help commercial companies (coughspacex) get to Mars faster. Their ideal future is doing expensive R&D for private partners using gooberment money to help stimulate economies of LEO and beyond. i.e. mars. i.e. NASA should stop fucking around and help musk

>> No.12805115

berger doesn't have any idea who biden will pick

>> No.12805118

How do they know the first step will be made by a woman? Why not a Xoman or a Chiuman? How do they know what Xe will identify as? Can we fucking cancel 60 minutes, this is sone bigot ass shit

>> No.12805119

What about his super secret cant-be-named insider sources though anon??????

>> No.12805128

silly man, berger has all the scoops. he scoops it from his own poop. he will never reveal his sources, he will tease you that he knows but he will never prove it because he is an honest journalist and wants access! dummy, why would eric berger, a journalist, lie?

>> No.12805136

who cares, there isn't gonna be a large lunar colony for a long time

>> No.12805160

Actually kinda impressive

>> No.12805171

Thunderf00t uploaded another shitty debunk vid


>> No.12805174

>Shit talks SpaceX and Elon for years
>Finally says something that make sense to gain support
>zomg she is so based and I right fellow Garverpedes?

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Yeah well if we could get congress to approve a comprehensive mission program using multiple launch vehicles and pursuing multiple exploration and expansionist goals I would shit myself in joy

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Fucking kek

>> No.12805181

We know
We don't care

>> No.12805183

SN11 to the pad tomorrow

>> No.12805187

So? I took a long watery shit this morning, that doesn't mean you care to hear about it.

>> No.12805188

Hop when?

>> No.12805189

Nobody cares phil, not going to give your video traffic.

>> No.12805190

Cool, any idea when rollout starts? I like watching it go down the road.

>> No.12805192

>"Henderson noted that Blue Origin’s Launch Complex 36, which will host New Glenn launches starting no earlier than late 2022, is near SpaceX’s Landing Zone 1, where some Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy boosters land. Blue Origin has to clear LC-36 during a SpaceX landing, while SpaceX will have to clear Landing Zone 1 during a New Glenn launch."


No no no no

>> No.12805193

Knowing him, he probably make another hundred, all of them going over the same shit over and over and over never providing anything new or substantial.
This is the same guy that made videos debunking solar roadways for like 7 years straight.

>> No.12805194

>"you move over"
>"no you move over"
>"okay now you move over"
Just build further apart faggot

>> No.12805196

why does she countersignal spacex then?

>> No.12805197

If she wouldn’t recommend it why was she the administrator when it started

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>English teacher
>One to one lesson with a school girl
>She knows I'm into space stuff
>One day she asks me to talk about Musk and his plans
>Talk about Starship
>Everything is going well
>Decide to draw it on a piece of paper so I can explain it better
>It looks like a giant fucking dick
>The lower fins look like testicles
>Pretend to ignore the resemblance and just continue the class
>Eventually it gets to me and I just say "You know what, this looks kinda odd. Let me redo a few parts"
>Draw again, now more pointy
>It looks like a giant fucking dick with a condom
>"You know what lets just look at some pictures online"
>She starts laughing
>She knew
>She fucking knew

Just fucking kill me.

>> No.12805200

It’s ok F9 will be done before NG launches

>> No.12805201

>on today's episode of things that never happened

>> No.12805204

>haha rocket look like penis
Why are you thinking about cock more than spaceflight anon

>> No.12805211

Let me guess she just turned 18 huh
Kek for real though

>> No.12805223

>SpaceX you can't launch your starlink rideshare mission! New Glenn is gonna launch!
Okay i guess we will just send up a starship then

>> No.12805230

Whatever dude she's used to that if shes around teenage boys

>> No.12805232


So democrats might be wanting to give up US space authority to the UN with regards to regulations. Seems like a fucking stupid thing to do

>> No.12805238

What if a starship enroute to mars had it's engine cut off or the computers malfunctioned and sent starship to jupiter or something... I wonder if it's a good idea to start setting up orbital rescue infastructure.

>> No.12805240

Did he get tired of pwning fundies and feminists? What's bizarre is there's a ceiling on Musk hate. Musk fanaticism would earn him more clicks and more money. But maybe he is as stupid as he seems

>> No.12805242

An insanely stupid thing to do

>> No.12805245

Why the fuck would anyone propose giving UP power and authority? To the UN of all people

>> No.12805248

Because US bad narrative

>> No.12805253

Because Israel is the only real country.

>> No.12805262

Internal pressure to destroy the power projection of the US. Thats why biden and multiple politicians on both sides take enormous bribes.

>> No.12805265

This, denying it is lunacy at this point.

>> No.12805274

We need to get the absolute fuck off this rock as fast as humanly possible.

>> No.12805280

Run to the other end of the universe if you want, white coward, it's not going to fix any of your problems.

>> No.12805281

>easier access to boundless space-based resources(?)
>easier access to markets in off-world habs
>environmentally damaging processes or those that would be heavily dependent on materials extracted from space can be moved off-world
>some manufacturing processes may be cheaper/made possible by vacuum/zero gravity/freefall conditions
That's what I can think of off the top of my head.

>> No.12805284

orbital assembly like the right direction

>> No.12805285

>tfw setting up a second home for humanity on an inhospitable rock is easier than forcibly dismantling the gang running the 2 party system in just one Earth nation

>> No.12805286
File: 55 KB, 800x599, mcdonald-at-us-space-command-e80461a3656bdb3d98f21175efe3d4c803fa1d9c-s800-c85.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idk if this was discussed in a previous thread, but Allan McDonald, the guy who blew the whistle on Challenger's O-Rings died. F

>> No.12805288

It's like they're trying as hard as they can to get Trump elected again in 2024.

>> No.12805299

Which seems weird since they've locked down the electoral process to provide the desired result regardless of vote count now.
No way Trump or anyone like him who doesn't fully play ball ever gets elected again.

>> No.12805308

Yeah it's almost as though Trump was the best president for Israel in history.

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>> No.12805337


>> No.12805345

some great new footage from sn10

>> No.12805357

The long-nose tribe seems so reluctant to let people leave this planet, but he was pretty aggressively pro-space.

>> No.12805394

kinda sounds like an airplane when coming in to land

>> No.12805411

Yeah they've ruined the system

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Who's out here /roving/?

>> No.12805424

Call me when you've circumnavigated Mun

>> No.12805428

this film was so good.

>> No.12805431


>> No.12805439

it's his smug fart-huffing middle class south east england accent that makes me want to strangle the cunt.

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File: 3.21 MB, 1920x1080, 12Kqshz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 1.17 MB, 610x780, 1614784678209.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you goin to jail

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i really wanna fuck her bros, i wanna splooge my goob in jessi, i want her to narrate me fuck her 8^)

>> No.12805474

she has a very pert pair of rcs tanks.

>> No.12805479

Propellant is stored on the chest

>> No.12805490

they are small, so she must have a very high isp throoster.

>> No.12805493

Two, in fact

>> No.12805505

i wonder what her preferred primary docking port is.

>> No.12805506

Aft is a sin, anon.

>> No.12805514

she doesn't look like a fussy craft, i'd say any of them would be welcomed.

>> No.12805532

i have some fuel i'd like to inject through her for optimal mixing

>> No.12805570

saw it in the theater when it came out, not bad

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