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is left accurate?

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>is the scientific method accurate
It's a good method

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Scientific Method 2010+
Carefully select data points that align with funding source's social agenda. Disregard conflicting results and outright lie when necessary.

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Kill yourselves.

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t. nigger

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t. retard

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It's accurate, though i can't help but laugh when /pol/tards post this image
>plagiarize a hypothesis: stumble onto /pol/ and read all the posts stating that [X] event was caused by the jews
>construct a model based on preconceived ideas: read more posts, gradually create the image of a massive jewish conspiracy to undermine the wyte race in your head
>find data that agrees with your model: download and read all the /pol/ infographics
>discard data that does not align with the model: call anyone who disagrees with you a kike shill, proceed to refute any contrary sources of evidence by calling them jewish
>shout "TRUST THE PLAN" (before any pole-smokers respond with "I never believed in Q", communicating your results is unnecessary and this part is just a joke on your constant predictions and their failures)
Trannies, bunkertard, /pol/fags, q-tards, stormfags, feminazis and libshits, stop letting mindviruses decree your opinions.

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japanese bird posting the truth online

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Check, based, and birdpilled.

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Pick one

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Expert here

What kind of niggerfaggot would actually trust me?

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Left is always accurate

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