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Why would someone vote to pay more taxes?

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A nonpsycho healthcare system like universal healthcare would kill their obscene salaries.
>what? youre saying all these doctors arent empathetic but in it for the money?

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lets be honest medschool does a pretty good job of filtering anyone who isn't a complete psycho

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>And thats why trannies are a good thing.
We ve gone full circle

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>psychiatry is overwhelmingly far-left
yeah that looks about right

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I bet you think Democrats are leftists

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Literally just taxes.

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fund their rightfully earned salaries with tax payer money
>but they won't offer the full range of service to a patient at an otherwise private clinic
have inspectors come in every month to evaluate a doctor
>but doctors are already burnt out and putting more pressure on them will increase the suicide rate
the benefit derived from a population that can afford health care far outweighs the increase in suicide rates posed on doctors. tragic? yes. worth it? yes. alternatively we could hold our degenerate elites accountable, but we know that's never going to happen.

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Cause 90% of doctors are Christian.

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It's the taxes, bro

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Established money (comes from moneyed families)
Petite Bougeiosie i.e private practicis
Confirmation Bias (I made it and everyone else can be a doctor too ignoring laws of supply and demand)

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We could just break the residency and med school cabal.
Increase the artifically limited supply of doctors.
If affirmative action Juan and tyrone can do it with 50th percentile mcat do we really need a room full of psycho gunner admits?

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Science has become politicised to such an extent that it no longers means objective thinking. We live in an age where science goes out of its way to fit the narrative and anything that does not align with the narrative is cast aside as bad science. It's become a cult like many other areas. Humans have this fallible aspect to them where they impose their own belief systems onto facts and evidence and make it fit with their own ideologies.

Real science is now frowned upon if it does not tow Marxist the line. I highly recommend you watch this recently uploaded video upload by Felix Rex (AKA Black Pidgeoin).


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> Established money (comes from moneyed families)
This part in particular is completely true. Everyone likes to hold up the stories where the guy that had to wear trashbags when he was 4 became a doctor on an academic scholarship or something, but as someone that's hung around medical students and has a vague glimpse into that "world," most of them are financially privileged beyond the average person's wildest dreams. We're talking caretakers/nannies, any and all tutors, hired some Carnegie Hall musicians to train their kids in piano, etc. The rest of the commie shit I'm not interested in, but doctors in general often come from old money.

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>doomer /pol/ shit
lol no

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Elites tend to be elitist. That's a no-brainer.

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It's around 75% of the class, the poshe specialties are guarenteed old money.

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But you're not in a cult. Nope. No way.

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Doctors are retarded. That's why.

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>indian doctors are retarded

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>Republicans Cluster in High-Paying Specialties
I would like to see data on their political stance though their professional life, my money is on most medical students being left for lower schooling costs and most surgeons being right for lower taxes.
Most people vote what what is best for them with no thought about the wider economy and nation as a whole.

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>t. doctor
No. Not indian doctors, ALL doctors a FUCKING RETARDED.

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They're stupid, shortsighted, greedy idiots. Every premed you ever met is a garbage human being, those are your future doctors.

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i bet you think bringing up semantics when the point was very clear makes you clever
any kind of pro-worker left is dead thanks to idpol anyway

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Yeah, I see people bring up this "[prestigious job title X] are predominantly [insert political ideology here]" point like it's some kind of flex, but if they think the average surgeon is deeply invested in normie average-people culture war nonsense that's ridiculous. Like some guy that hunts squirrels in his free time thinks he's smarter by association because he votes for the same guy as the surgeons. Like bro, it's just for the money lmao

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A psycho with endless greed that sells procedures like the next iphone is the type of Drs we are producing.

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Because they're evil.

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Because medicine, much like psychology is largely unsubstantiated bullshit propped up by authoritarians, much akin to religion.

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