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It's up

>> No.12804993

Did Elon kill this guys dog or something? Why is he so incredibly angry at SpaceX?

>> No.12804998

>bitching about Elon 90% of video
>talking in circles
>shitty use of numbers/explanations

yup it's my beloved youtuber Thundercock

>> No.12805003

What was his point with the energy to orbit calculation? He could have just said
>orbit takes a lot of energy pr. kg
>this is why large and light rockets are more efficient etc.
Guy is fucking rambling at this point.

>> No.12805077

He has this weird idea that only NASA has the god given right to launch spacecraft.

>> No.12805109

I like some of his videos about debunking indiegogo scams, but I started seriously questioning his ability to have an impartial judgement about Elon Musk after his video on the Hyperloop test track, where he criticized the PROTOTYPE of the tunnel for being in the desert, as opposed to what, a major populated area?

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You guys already live on another planet.

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'ate urf

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