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Is it possible to be both smart and strong

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Being strong is a prerequisite for being smart. You can be a fat autistic nerd that obsessed over a topic, but you'd be dumb for not taking care of your body

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good bait

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Not for you, no.

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I give proof by example.
Example: Me

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Suppose your claim is correct, however you browse 4chan which is a contradiction with the premise of being smart. Hence we are done with our proof

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Literally every successful academic I work with does at least some kind of intensive excercise for an hour+ every day. And by successful I mean they produce consistently good work and don't break down under stress constantly

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>be me
>Ph.D. in Physics
>128 IQ
>deadlift 3.1x my bodyweight
>squat 2.48x bodyweight
>bench 1.37x bodyweight
my bench is trash so I guess I'm not strong if you were to ask /fit/,
my IQ is midwit tier so I guess I'm not smart if you were to ask /sci/
i leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine if i am strong, smart, both, either, or neither.

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>t. 190 IQ

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Suppose this were a legitimate proof. That would imply that it's author is clever. However, since this proof was posted on 4channel.org[1], it is trivial to see that the author must also post on 4channel.org, and can therefore cannot be clever. Thus, this proof cannot be valid. Q.E.D.
[1] Better known for other work.

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No. Once you reach a certain level of intelligence, your body starts to shut down because your brain needs huge amounts of energy. Stephen Hawking is an example. All the strong, "smart" people are actually just stupid fuckbag meatsuits controlled by an army of drooling Stephen Hawking super intellects.

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I can't build muscle!!!!!!!!!

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Stephen Hawking had ALS, a neurodegenerative disease.

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I can't build muscle

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No. You only have so much time and training strength will limit the time you have for studying and vice versa.

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Define both

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A wild Langan enters the thread.

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