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>Nonono I don't oppose slavery because I have a MORAL problem with it, I oppose it because it's economically unsound in our industrialising world. The march of SCIENCE has made machines capable of doing the work of TEN slaves--AND you don't have to feed them! Look, don't get me wrong, I may be a white abolitionist but I don't REALLY like negros. Trust me, if it still made economic sense I would be biggest supporter of slavery out there, but it doesn't though. What? Playing into the hands of jacobinical abolitionist negros? No of course not my arguments are purely economic s-stop laughing at me guys

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Slavery being unethical but highly profitable proves capitalism is bad

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reminder that every functional society in existence is predicated upon a slave class

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>only understands things through economic lens
>high functioning autism

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Slavery cannot be profitable alone in a competitive market, it requires the backing of government (slave catchers, monopoly grants, protectionism, etc.).
The market insensitive the payment of labour according to skill. Seethe, cope, etc.

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True, that's why I advocate a return to slavery (starting with the enslavement of all the dumb goyim around me, kek.)

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>seethes at chad pepe and wojakposters
>posts anime girls

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Go back.

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