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>bullet cluster
>gravitational waves move at c
>can’t explain ultra compact dwarfs
>still believes einstein's theories are perfect
>particle physics is the one that needs to pick up the slack and discover the dark matter particle
>accept the model, bigot

Let's be real, ΛCDM is garbage. Dark matter is cheap patchwork for failing models and no one (or rather, very few) has the balls to try to think out an alternative. MOND kinda sorta works, but we need more people working to at least disprove it before we carry on, and as of yet it has not really been disproven. The external field hypothesis has been getting traction lately due to some experimental evidence to back it up, we can simulate galaxy formation using MOND, and so on. Despite this, we have researchers continuing to insist that ΛCDM works and that we just need to find the elusive "dark matter particle" and maybe, just maybe, we will figure out what the actual fuck dark energy is supposed to be other than some hyper-schizo conspiracy theory. All that current research seems to be doing is finding useless bullshit to reaffirm this broke ass model, while tossing out data that doesn't support it as "that's cool, but I'm not gonna try to understand it because it might undermine my research program and the grant money that comes with it." The LHC is already believed to be obsolete, so they apparently want a new collider like twice the size at least to get the energy needed to create a particle they know nothing about. Sounds like horseshit if you ask me. We need the next einstein (preferably not jewish this time) to un-cuck cosmology and physics as a whole.

Funny how they call us schizos when they expect us to believe there's some stuff out there in space that we can't see no mater what but you can "see its effects".

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I agree with all of this. I incline toward MoND but you are right, it is in the Not Even Wrong phase currently.
But what can we do about it? I do applied mathematics, which means I work with engineers (at best) and mainly just debug code.

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>what.. w-what are you saying??

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>explanation of dark matter alternative
basically there's this thing called "MOND" or Modified Newtonian Dynamics that postulates that gravity no longer drops off with the inverse square law once the acceleration due to gravity drops below 1.2x10^-10 m/s^2

it seems to do away with the need for non-baryonic dark matter, but it still requires SOME dark matter (though this would no longer require some exotic new type of matter, you could just explain it away with shit like black holes, really faint stars, rogue planets, neutrinos, etc.)

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>I do applied mathematics and work with engineers
einstein was a wage cuck patent office clerk when he wrote special relativity

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yes, and there is at least one concept that can easily account for some of the difference, and open up the door to all sorts of studies and measurements as well as modeling from data that already exists.

I've even seen a book on it, so at least one other person has thought about it. But screw you guys, I'm going home, figure it out on your own. Tired of you all stealing so many anons ideas and then passing them around and acting like you came up with the content. Do your own homework.

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Since the recent discovery and confirmation of the existence of galaxies with little to none dark matter (rotational speed is as predicted by GR) most versions of MOND are either dead or include some type of sark matter particle, we have good reasons to believe spacetime to not be fundamental so some modification of gravity will happen but dark matter is pretty much confirmed to exist as some type of particle beyond the standard model

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>The LHC is already believed to be obsolete
I love how it costs billions and take 20 years to build, and it's utter piece of useless shit

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