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>tfw 4 main deck suppression field in my monowhite enchantment deck
>tfw fetch niggers have to pay 4-6 mana and 1 life just to play a single land

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Can't argue with that.

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>I cast lightning bolt at your tarmogoyf

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Is it worth running effects like Cursecatcher, judges familiar, and spiketail hatchling type effects in my derevi stax list. Its getting pretty tuned and all the primers say that they are good enough but idk man.

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ANy Derevi Stax players in here? It looks like fum... is it fun?

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>It's not stated.
Ok. I just wanna say that while I disagree with you wholeheartedly. I had fun arguing with you for the sake of it and I'd rather not take it to the new thread.

I hope that one day Italics changes his wording so that you too can enjoy the CYOA.

Have a nice day anon.

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Thanks anon, you da mvp.

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InCase is the best. You start reading his shit for the art quality and it turns out his porno comics have better stories than normal comics.

By the end I don't know whether to laugh or cum.

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This is related to the subject of Warhammer 40k video games, but I have come to the conclusion that Dawn of War II, and squad based rts' like Dow II, cannot be balanced for multiplayer. The game's inherently capped at a casual level because of terrible design choices and shitty ai.

Cover, a core component of the game doesn't work because only 3/4ths of a squad will go into cover after being told to. Three man squads are OK, but if it's bigger than a tac squad, the ai will send one or two units to stand in the open despite there being ample room to stand in cover. The worst part is, units are often confused as to whether or not they want to stand in heavy cover like a wall, or the medium cover of the crater one foot away from the wall.

Sync kills were rebalanced later in the game's lifespan, but are still appalling. An overly long animation for melee kills, stops the individual unit from doing anything until the animation is finished. This causes units to cease doing damage in the middle of a fight, and often leaves the units vulnerable to additional fire when pulling a unit back.

Holy shit pathing is bad in this game. Always assume that your units will always move in the most detrimental way possible.

Melee units having random chances to knock down things they attack, and ranged miss chance being as high as it is, makes "hard counters" like missle tacs a joke until they hit level four. I don't mind RNG as a balancing mechanic in turn based games, because it adds variety, but in a real time game it's unforgivable, and it throws any semblance of balance out of the window.

I've been playing since before any expansions, and I can no longer have fun with the multiplayer, I keep getting burned by the horrible game design. Not even the massive multiplayer overhaul mod Elite could save the unplayable multiplayer because the game is flawed at it's most basic levels.

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>n-now maybe women will allow me to smell their hair!

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OP, what did you expect to happen posting this thread?

Please don't do this.

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>enchantment block
>no enchantments


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OP here. Great suggestions. Currently reading Rickety Stitch, next up is Blindsprings (which looks really charming). Thanks!

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>No Dragons in Dragon's Maze
>No Niv-Mizzet in Dragon's Maze

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>not browsing on DOS

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Seconding this idea.

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>Have pinstripe suit
>Can't wear a fedora because of people like this
>Be in IT
>I'm the only man in the class that doesn't own one
>Half of the women own them
>Sea of fedoras
>Wear suit to class
>Everyone in the room hates it
>MFW it's a snatchmagnet everywhere else
>MFW they mad

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