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>You have one stat: body
>Either you're amazing at everything or you suck at everything
>Need to lift something heavy? Roll a body check. Need to convince the guard to look the other way? Roll a body check. Want to translate a document written in a dead language? Roll a body check.
>"I punch the Rosetta Stone until I understand Egyptian"

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I can't be the only one who's grossed out by this shit, right? I get that it's some people's fetish, but if I see an image that puts emphasis on feet I begin imagining the smell. I do not want to imagine the smell, I do not enjoy this particular smell. Feet are gross, only redeemed by the fact that they're attached to legs.

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>"ZZZzzzz...hnggghhh ah! What time is it?"
>*Checks clock*
>"K-KYAAAAA!" *rushes out of bed and stuffs a piece of toast in her mouth*
>Hello everyone! I'm Elizabeth von Grandheim, First Empress of the Empire of Darkness. One thousand years ago I almost engulfed the world in my evil but the heroes of destiny sealed me for one thousand years. They have been preparing to get rid of me ever since, waiting for my eventual awakening but I'm seven months too late! How embarrassing!
>*She finally enters her throne room to face off against the heroes, who've just set up camp there*
>"*HUFF* *WHEEEZE* F-FOOLISH *COUGH COUGH* Foolish mortals! You dare.... what, why're you looking at me like that?... I ... forgot.. to change...... give me six more minutes..."

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>Sexy clowns
Out of all the things that are sexualized in this day and age, clowns are the only thing that pisses me off. The thing about sexualized nuns is that I get it, it's degenerate but I understand the taboo behind it. Sexualized clowns on the other hand make no sense no matter what angle you approach it from. Clowns are just not fucking sexy and clownfuckers deserve to be shot more than nunfondlers do.

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>Why does this happen so much?
Democracy is only 300 or so years old
Universal suffrage is less than 200 years old
F*male suffrage is give or take 100 years old
Autocratic regimes that are de facto monarchies are ubiquitous as well

>Why wouldn't a space setting have systems and planets with wildly different governments?
I imagine because when there's not a lot of stability, a monarchy is just really convenient.

>but what about a weird communist farmer society where you're a second class citizen if you don't work for the glory of all?
Reverse-posadism: any society intelligent enough to have become multi-planetary has long since abandoned communism.

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