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“Arizona!” you shout. Your battleship takes one look at you, salutes, and leaps off the pier gracefully, hitting the water with her outfit already deploying; sailing after Willie at top speed. The little destroyer is faster by far, but you're pretty sure she'll find a spot to cry herself out, and you're sure Arizona can sneak up on her then. You turn your attention to Ikazuchi and Akatsuki, who are now yelling at her as they try to assign blame for what just happened. Hibiki is moving in, a narrow expression on her face as she reaches for their earlobes.

This was your mess, however, so you intend to clean it up yourself.

“SAILORS!” you bellow; and all four girls snap to attention at once, tears still streaming down Inazuma's face.

You scan them impassively, letting them shiver in apprehension for a bit. You think of a few things to say, but... you're not quite sure what you SHOULD say. Inazuma's broken up, Ikazuchi and Akatsuki are in the throes of high dudgeon, both convinced their approach was correct. Hibiki is looking a little downcast - she certainly saw it coming, but she seemed to be powerless to stop it, and you doubt she felt good about that.

>Just focus on calming them down and patting some heads. If nothing else, they helped you see what Willie's problem is - and showed Willie that desdiv 6 has their own problems just as bad as hers.
>Gentle admonishment of Ikazuchi and Akatsuki - they were so hellbent on their ideas that they failed to listen to their squadronmates.
>Gentle encouragement of Inazuma and Hibiki - they've both got passive personalities, but Inazuma is empathetic and Hibiki very level-headed. If they had a little more confidence they could rein in their sister ships without suppressing that aggressive fire that makes them good fighters.
>This really comes down to Ikazuchi and Akatsuki not being able to trust each other. Give them a demonstration of how powerful trust can be.

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Damn it, Mangafag. Don't make me hurt you. I like you, but I like Laika more.

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“He builds models?”

“Yeah. He has a collection, but he had to stop displaying them in his office.”

“Some new regulation?”

“Inazuma walked in on him without knocking while he was putting the finishing touches on a model of USS Bonefish.”

“... oh, shit.”

“Quite. Poor girl hid in a closet and it took us hours to lure her out of there. So maybe he'd like a gunpla.”

You ask after the rest of Desdiv 6 – from the one you met last night, they seem like a cheerful bunch of girls, and you wonder idly if they'd be a good influence on Willie Dee. Shoukaku is happy to talk about them, explaining that they fight and play much like ordinary girls do – their one quirk seems to be a newfound love of old 50s and 60s American cowboy movies.

“Cowboys? Really?”

“I think destroyers really identify with that free-ranging, devil-may-care gunslinger thing,” she says. “A few of them even have toy pistols and bandannas and such; they chase each other playing cowboys and Indians.”

“Sounds adorable.”

“Mostly. Hibiki really likes this one movie; she got her hands on a harmonica and just kept blowing this... I hesitate to call it a tune...” she shakes her head. “What movies do you like, by the way? I'm trying to get into the new age, but I just don't know where to start.”

The conversation is flowing smoothly, the soda was replaced by beer at some point and it seems the evening is finally a success – now's a good time to pick Shoukaku's brain about... well, about anything you want, really.

>What ask?
>Full write-in vote: for best chances of success, pick a good write-in you like and throw your vote behind that!

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