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I always liked those artifact firewands. But since we're talking about artifact weapons, I should plug mine.

First is Goreburner, which I've posted before. The last time I posted it, the thread had already hit the bump limit, and I didn't get to read any criticism.


The next is a mirror-based Short Diaklave, fresh off the grill.


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Well, here's what I did. Last time I posted this, I got some good feedback. I'm halfway through adding fluff to the charms, though I've always had a rough idea what that fluff would be. On a related note, someone remind me what sorts of evocations Abyssals can use?

As for other ideas, I thought of some. One was a pair of short diaklaves based on mirrors - lower level evocations would let you blind your opponent, while higher level one would let you throw attacks back at your opponent or attack twice at once or copy some sort of scenelong charm/spell your opponent had, like Ascendent Battle Visage. Another was a white jade artifact based on partially petrifying opponents, slowing them down.

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