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I'm gonna suggest you some World Wide Wrestling; a great little Powered by the Apocalypse game about playing as professional wrestlers, putting on a show. It's a great game for hilarious and stupid hijinks, as pro wrestling tends to be when it's good.

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My favourite tabletop games recently are Powered by the Apocalypse games like Apocalypse World. The real advantage of these games, beyond their 'codification of good gameplay' is how fast they are to get up and running. Character creation is a snap because all your rules are on your sheet.

The best/most well know ones:
Apocalypse World: The original. Great game, well-designed, but suffers from unclear writing in places and unclear play patterns for some characters (e.g. how Battlebabe is meant to play is unintuitive). Some people are turned off by the sex moves for some reason.

Dungeon World: old-school DnD by way of PbtA. Explains the rules more clearly than AW, but is overall a worse and less-focused game.

Monsterhearts: write a love story better than Twilight. It's basically 'being an emotionally manipulative teen - the game'. Really good to play if you have the right group for it. Having some women in it, rather than all being fat guys, helps to balance both the tone and make things a little more comfortable.

WORLD WIDE WRESTLING RPG: Is actually really really good. It's wrestling. The whole of wrestling, like deciding when to shoot and trying to build your career and all that.

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You have 18 hours left to back the latest kickstarter supplement for this game. For $15 you get the original game as well.

World Wide Wrestling is the best game about wrestling there is. The WHOLE of wrestling. You don't roll to hit - you roll to look good, and pull the audience.
And maybe steal the spotlight and get that fucking golden boy fired.

It's one of the better implementations of the PbtA system, right up along with Monsterhearts.

give it a shot bruvs

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You will never break kay-fabe and jump off the ropes to elbow drop John Cena.

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