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>No one in 40k is morally defensible

From our current 21st-Century moral perspective, no.

But the Imperium does legitimately try to save Humanity from Cosmic Evil, the tragic thing is that the only way it can do that is be as brutal and oppressive as it currently is.

You think Inquisitors like virus-bombing billions of people because a Genestealer cult has run rampant on the planet? No, but they do it because there is no other choice.

You think people like the fact that the only way to ensure that Daemons don't rip through to reality and skullfuck everything in range is to constantly kill psykers who cannot control their powers, and that in order to power the very beacon that allows the Imperium to exist it requires near-constant fuel of Psykers? You think they like the fact that Psykers exist in the first place? No, they don't (at least at the organizational level) but they do it because they have to.

You think that the Mechanicum doesn't wish it could experiment with technology at will and develop new and incredible technological wonders? The do, but they can't, because building something wrong means it can get possessed and go on a murderfest, and it may decide to get possessed centuries down the line where it can do untold amounts of damage (Dreadclaws are an example).

What makes the 40K universe so truly Grimdark is the fact that all the light that the Imperium wants to shine on Humanity is obscured by the horrible things they have to do so that the galaxy (let alone the Human race) can keep existing.

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