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In my collection, I'd probably consider the core, essential games to be:
>Cosmic Encounter
>King of Tokyo
>Sheriff of Nottingam
And probably Netrunner, though it's not nearly as accessible.

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>asking him what fucking EMOTIONS he's trying to brew
That's actually one of the first questions I ask people, even if you don't know shit about boardgames you know what kind of moods are the most fun with your friends, and that can tell you a lot about what kind of games you're going to enjoy.

But yeah something to go on would help, there's just so much breadth out there that without knowing more about your group all I can do is recommend stuff I've played enough to know I like. So. . . Pic related?

I'd hesitate to suggest pathfinder card game to a group that already does roleplaying.
And I wouldn't call Kemet big or Cyclades a slugfest (maybe with titans), but both are fantastic.

Generally a pretty good suggestion. Great intro game, lots of replayability. More serious or euro-centric groups are going to hate it, though.

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So 2-6 people, relatively easy to learn, high interactivity, probably 3 hour max length? k. Out of my collection / stuff I'm familiar enough with to have a useful opinion on, I'd recommend:

Dead of Winter / BattleStar Galactica / Dark Orbit
Android: Infiltration
Sheriff of Nottingham
Specter Ops

That covers a lot of breadth, though, but that's what you get for being vague.

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She's very into netrunner, so we're almost never short of stuff to play together.
That and sherlock holmes, though of course that only lasts until we get through all the cases. Hear they're reprinting some of the expansion cases from the old edition, though, so that's good.

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I'll agree with you that CE is one of the best games ever, it's absolutely THE staple of my group, and look at all the great shit we have.

And muchkin is total garbage.

But I understand the comparisons.
Cosmic's endgame can frequently feel like you're just waiting to find out whose turn it is when everyone runs out of FAK U cards.
There is, as anon says, a lot of backstabbing someone and then offering them help.

The game frequently comes down to who drew luckier cards and who managed to hold onto them until the ideal critical moment.

But that said, >>40957232 claim that they're the same game is garbage. CE's mechanics are WAY more fleshed out, cards and abilities are a hell of a lot more interesting mechanically, there's mcuh more breadth to the negotiation elements, and the game as a whole is far more social, involved, and unlikely to outstay it's welcome at a table.

Still not a good match for people who don't want a ton of randomness, though.

And works well, more importantly.
I'd recommend Rex in an instant to someone looking for more of the aGoT games, but it REALLY needs six, the perfect balance of interlocking player powers doesn't quite function right without everyone involved.

Oh, and chaos in the old world. Fantastic at four, but suffers similarly to aGoT if you go lower. Kemet's your bet if you want something good between 2-5.

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steelan mah pics, anon.

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I've actually got a pretty sweet group of nerds who all pass as normies just fine, no autists. We do LAN parties most weeks that we aren't boardgaming, sometimes with as many as 24 people.

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>want to order forbidden stars
>also need the new spartacus expansion
>just a couple bucks under free shipping from either miniaturemarket or coolstuff

Okay, /bgg/, what get?

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There is a disturbing lack of collection wagglan in this thread.

>What have you played recently?
Got in some Spectre Ops, King of Tokyo, and Boss Monster last night. Spectre Ops was a little anticlimactic, cornered and killed the orangutan especially fast because he forgot how the traitor mechanism worked. Boss monster was not as crap as I was expecting, but still pretty ultralight. Had a really great come-from-behind win in King of Tokyo.
Brother bringing his girlfriend over in a bit for some Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective with me and the Mrs.

>What are you looking forward to playing?
Chaosmos, if it ever fucking arrives. Shouldn't have let myself get seduced by that wood clock. Would also like to play some more Kemet, Rex, Battlestar Galactica, Exodus, Heroes of Normandie, Twilight Imperium, Firefly, basically anything long and meaty. Mmm. Long meat.

>What games do you absolutely hate that other people seem to enjoy for some reason?
Oh, the usual. Anything that's outlived it's purpose, is more joke than game, or isn't overflowing with schadenfreude.
>CaH / Apples to Apples
>Parker Brothers-tier shit other than Battleship Galaxies.

Also OP's waifu a shit.
Just kidding, I like Zee.
Sam's better.

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>Favorite Pieces
Maybe the energy from King of Tokyo?
Also possibly acrylic netrunner tokens by broken egg games.

>Best Looking Game
Mascarade, hands down. Every piece of art is incredible.

>Bought for production quality
Tempted to get Arcade for this reason.
Yes, twilight imperium is fun and worth the time.
But for the love of god, learn the rules yourself before you try and teach it, 4 hours of setup is totally unreasonable.

Blood cultist indeed.
Farewell sides.

One guy who I work with on a UT2004 mod did, but he's a colossal ghostbusters fan. We actually now have a working photon pack as a weapon in the mod now.

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>Favoritet Sci-Fi/Futuristic
Man, almost all my favorites are Sci-Fi. Uh. . .
Tonight, I guess Star Trek: Fleet Captains.
Had a really great 4 player game of it last week with some houserules to speed it up.

>Favorite dystopian/apocalypse/disaster game
If Netrunner doesn't count, probably. . . Arctic Scavengers?

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We're over here >>40201954

There's a few good ones out there, depends on waht kind of theme you like:
Fantasy: Descent 2E
Sci-Fi: Level 7: Omega Protocol
Western/Elder Things Mashup: Shadows of Brimstone

Area control games:
Rex if you expect 6 players.
Game of Thrones if you expect 5
Chaos in the Old World for 4
Kemet for 2-5, but not as long or deep as the others. Still fantastic.

Ask about any game that catches your interest. Chances are good either I or someone else in the main thread have played almost anything you can come up with.

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>Last Play
Mm. . . I guess Cosmic Encounter last week with some friends. Straight up talked my brother who was also at 4 colonies into a negotiate when I only had attacks, on the premise that we could negotiate for something other than colony swaps since I had his flare and it would be lame to end the game so quickly, since it had only lasted 20 or so minutes.

>Next Buy
Haven't decided yet. Don't have a lot of upcoming stuff that I feel appeals to me or fills holes in my collection.

>In the mail
Chaosmos, just got shipping confirmation for the deluxe version.

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>Entry-level ameritrash
Why didn't you just say so?

Cosmic Encounter
King of Tokyo
Sheriff of Nottingham
Smash Up
Specter Ops
Cash & Guns
The Resistance

Are all pretty easy to teach, loads of fun, and certainly ameritrash to some degree or another.

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I enjoy deckbuilders, they're not my favorite genre ever but I definitely like them.

Best ones I've played:
Arctic scavengers. Loads more player interaction than usual for the genre. Good and tense, but the cardpool is small and has lower than usual variance between games. That said, there are other unpredictable elements that help keep builds varied.

>Legendary / Legendary Encounters
Excellent co-op deckbuilders if you're at all interested in comics / alien settings.

Probably the best classic-style low-interaction competitive deckbuilder. Good, but people who don't like dominion still won't like it.

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Okay, here we go. From my collection:

>Battlestar Galactica
Lots of team discussion, but there's not much of a second team also discussing things except for very near the end of the game, unless the cylons play weird.

>Cosmic Encounter
Fantastic, good room for negotiation and teamwork, but teams are constantly shifting and most strategy is fairly short-term stuff.

>Dead of Winter
Very similar to galactica, but never more than 1 traitor, and smaller max player count.

>Level 7: Omega Protocol
One of the best 1vsRest games.

>Mage Knight
Bretty good, haven't ever played it with two teams, only co-op and free-for-all, but I could see it working.

You don't know who is on whose teams at start of the game, but it'll require pretty smooth teamwork from you both to pull off the win.

>Rex: Final days of an Empire
Also has shifting alliances like Cosmic Encounter, but much less freeform. Still opportunities for backstabbing, though. Excellent game, but has some problems at any playercount but 6.

>Space Cadets: Dice Duel
Absolutely glorious real-tim team game, but you're often playing far too fast for any but the most off-the cuff strategising.

>Specter Ops
Another 1vAll about sneaking past the guards of a facility this time. Extremely tense.

>Star Trek: Fleet Captains
It's not short, but team games, especially with the romulan and dominion expansions, can get REALLY interesting. Highly recommend.

While primarily designed as a 1v1 game, 2v2's can be really fun as well.

See X-Wing.

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Ran a game of dead of winter at the local college.
Incompetents managed to lose it in record time, even on an easy scenario. Traitor didn't even manage his objective before everyone botched it.

>Current favorite
Eh, I'm pretty mood-dependent for favorites.
Just waiting for chaosmos, mostly.

>Prettiest game.
That art is ridiculous.

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Co-Op's a shit.


It's not 1995 anymore, anon.
You don't have to play shit.

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>Railroad Tycoon
Good god, why.

>Red November
Cute and fun, but not much game in the box.

>resisting new stuff
>defaulting to catan
>picture of agricola

>Dead of Winter
Pretty good, but I feel like it's endgame is kinda weak. Either you get off without a hitch or the traitor smashes you from OK to KO in one turn.

>Cosmic Encounter
Not without problems, but it gets a massive assload of play in my group. Not super deep, but absolutely super fun and super amounts of content.

>Liking bang
>Not dice bang

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Define collection.


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