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We had a nice ratfolk thread a few days ago. It had some interesting (and cute) ideas.

It had a nice comparison between rats and mice, based on their real life behaviour. Rats are social and create communities, while mice are just brutal savages that eat everything and are fiercely territorial.

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As spec ops operators.

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needs more space skaven.

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Tomorrow will mark the two-year anniversary.

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What are some good classes to gestalt with Investigator(Empiricist)? Obviously should be something Int based. Mostly looking for something that can either cover up Empiricist's weaknesses(things skills can't do), or something that can put it's strength's really over the top.

I was considering Rogue(Phantom Thief) just to get silly with the skillmonkey-ing, but I dunno.

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Posting this in both threads since there's two of them for some reason:

I'm working on creating a Promethean Alchemist for an upcoming campaign and I could use some feedback.

The tl;dr is that following a freak alchemical accident, he ended up undergoing a transformation from his normal, human self into another race (I'm thinking goblin, grippli, ratfolk or something equally small and ugly) and as a result, he's working on creating a homunculus with the intention of eventually using it as a new body for himself.

So, my questions:

Which race should I have him end up as? I'm not really sure what sort of build is optimal for Promethean Alchemists, so I don't know which would be best for this specific type of character. I'm also trying to keep in mind that with the Promethean archetype I lose Brew Potion and Throw Anything.

Can homunculi die of old age or are they effectively immortal in that regard?

How can I go about building this character so I won't be a complete liability to my group?

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I would personally take Trickery or Shadow. Shadow is pretty good if you want to be a sneaky witch that hides in the shadows and hexes from a distance.

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They might just think they kinda look cool, and animals give a shorthand for how they character will behave.

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making an alchemist

grippli, ratfolk, goblin, hobgoblin, or human

why/why not?

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ratfolk, grippli, goblin, hobgoblin, or human for an alchemist?

why/why not

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starting a 3.5 campaign next weekend, never really played before

what race should I make my alchemist?

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