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What about a machine meshed with a consciousness that once dreamed? Particularly a higher-up who retains more of their sentience? Could he not still dream?

I think you're being far too autistic about one line of what is essentially poetry, but I kinda enjoy the discussion so whatever

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If I am to voice act Necrons, what accent should I use?

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Less work for us, perhaps you can take on the Orks while you're at it.

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Dreams of the darkness stir him from slumber; his ancient battle with the Master of Man once more rekindled.
He of the Black must steel his reserve and prepare his gaze of stone for the coming days.
When the empty star rises, the soulless will walk once more on their ancient lands.
Only one possessed of the Blood of She Who Has Fallen can stem the tide of darkness the Ancients will bring.
His life must be given for Man to return from the edge of night

Right, so this is a prophecy out of one of the Death Watch books, dealing with the return of the Necrons to the campaign setting and how it can be stopped.

Most of it is pretty clear, but I'm curious as to who "She Who Has Fallen" would refer to?

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So, been taking a look at the Necron stuff for Deathwatch, and pretty interested in running a game for it. Problem is, I'm not quite sure where to start. I like the idea of the killteam trying their damnest to stop the Necrons from rising, and I like the elements of the Eldar working together to perhaps stop the dynasty rising/kill their overlord, but I'm not quite sure where to start with it all.

Any experience with using the book? Any ideas for missions and campaigns with it?

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Need some more necron pictures for my 40k folder. Also, general 40k art thread.

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>He is especially fascinated by anything relating to the Necrons and has undertaken many missions based on the slightest inclination that there could be Necron activity involved. Xerill finds the Necrons so intriguing due to their idealistic similarity to his own Chapter, and the inevitable fall they suffered as a result of that pursuit. This represents the ultimate danger in Iron Hands lore, and Xerill is anxious to understand how to avoid such grand disaster.
>Deathwatch: The Outer Reach, page 20
I'm sure some people will dispute it because "FFG fluff", but I think that the Iron Hands studying the Necrons so they can learn how to achieve the goal of "tireless, undying metal bodies" WITHOUT losing their minds and their souls in the process makes for an interesting hook.

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