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Well, if that face in the sky didn't destroy my great great grandfather's research notes, I would be happy to share them around, dunno how well it will work though, since he apparently built the whole thing around our family line, but with some work you may be able to work around it.

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Stay your hand. Only mine should suffer these stains.

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This is your party's fighter for the campaign.

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im going to be running a space fantasy campaign soon please give me tips and inspiration.

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A warring ruler
His armor is his royal garb
His helm is his crown
A blood soaked blade is his scepter
A warhorse is his throne
The battlefield is his kingdom

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The Flight Armor (with aquatic upgrade) actually costs 11 since you must have both the Hover Pad & and Compression Armor as prerequisites. I'm glad you picked one of the natural pairs. There's a few others with matches, too.

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>A giant hand reaches in through the window of the Bleeding Taint.
"One barrel of your finest Ale, good sir! My lads and I are back from the war, and I am mighty thirsty!"

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If I have to design a sexy female character, I watch/read porn and start from there.

If I have to design a handsome male character, I look up men's dress magazines/sites and go from there.

I do have some preconceived biases/settings though, mostly due to the general portrayal:

Dark magic users / warriors of darkness tend to always have skin in the blue/purple/brown coloration, and tend to end up with white/silver/red/black hair. They also tend to be sexy or handsome.

Light magic users / warriors of light tend to go from pale to lightly tanned with blonde to black hair (almost stereotypically human like), though biased towards blonde or black hair. The prettiest/sexiest females also happen to be the devout, such as a magic caster battle nun (influenced by a minor fetish in breaking down the pure).

Exotic races tends to be space asians or space europeans in general design and mannerisms.

Normal races tend to be more american (North, Central, and South) in design and mannerisms.

Primitive tribal races tend to default to having ornate tribal markings and wearing less-clothing. Ironically, some highly-advanced races also default towards less-clothing, having transcended shame in revealing their bodies, and may sometimes have glowing tribal markings on their bodies (kind of like runes).

Males are always fit and either rugged or handsome, and females are always fit and sexy. As well, Males run the age range while females are primarily around prime breeding age.

Fat characters (sex doesn't matter) are almost always support, whether it's the innkeeper or the tavern owner. Rare exceptions include berserkers and dwarves.

Males tend to wear the most armor, impractical as it may be, and females tend to wear the least, impractical as it may be. Special exceptions for the usual classes such as rogue males or high-ranking female casters; where the former may opt for chest-baring coats and the latter impractically ornate dresses.

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Absolute strength or absolute defense?

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I like them as some kind of ancient beings, that saw the creation of the universe like in the nordic myths.

I had the idea of them being created by the gods to fight against the, at that time, world ruling dragons, so that the fantasy races don't have to live right next to fire breathing scaly demi gods. Giants could never reproduce and never should. The gods just created some new, when they died in battle. When they get older, they get some stone-like skin. This hampers their mobility, but makes them really resistant.

After this war, the giants awaited the day they completly petrify. Legends tell about mortals talking with old and tired, but battle hardened that's a pun giants about the begin of the world. When their end is near, of course they take some heroic pose in some notable locations. Those places are named after the statues, but people forgot after thousand of years. Sometimes some slab proclaim the story of the giant, but in a language no one can read. And the statue itself is weathered to a stone a long time ago.

This almost read like some dark souls lore, and I think I have stolen the idea of petrifying flesh somewhere. It's difficult to be original.

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Just once.

In a game I ran the Full Moon had an ongoing rivalry with an NPC Dragonblood which ended up culminating in him fighting a warstrider piloted by said DB while he was in his white tiger Emperor-Ox form while the group was leading a rebellion in the Lap.

It was consider by the whole group to be the highpoint of the session.

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Although the campaign died young, I did run a game where the PCs, a Zenith, Twilight and Full Moon, fought against the Vermillion Legion while leading a rebellion in The Lap.

The crowning moment would have to be when the Full Moon in his White Tiger Emperor Ox-Form, being ridden by his Dawn Caste mate, went toe to toe with a warstrider being piloted by a recurring DB rival to the group.

Everyone more or less left that session satisfied, except for the Zenith, because he wanted to recruit Ejava to his cause, but the Twilight killed her in a fit of rage before he could get to her.

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Who is the most famous person or historical figure in your setting?

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The land of Fourchana is in uproar, its various nations in upheaval as the Empire of the Chans Founder known only as Moot has left the throne vacant.

In his place his various lords and generals now vie for power waging bloody wars along their borders and mustering than nation boards for war. Chaos has come to Fourchana and mercy be to those caught in its winds.

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Its possible to do, either as and ending like >>37500100 suggested or as the "next chapter". If you're doing the "next chapter" option you'll need to scale your challenges appropriately, but you can do this without changing any of the mechanics (for the most-part). I recommend checking out Scion, by White Wolf, for more ideas.

Here are some ideas you can use once your characters achieve apotheosis:

>Get the other deities to accept them
>Build a following
>Figuring out the tenets of your faith
>An older deity wants to challenge you. Even though they're older, their worship and power is fading. How does that go?
>How much input does your character have in the world now? Do they still care about their friends and family? Or have they gained a new perspective on relationships with mortals that changes this?
>Where will you establish your divine realm? Is this cosmic real estate already occupied?
>A mortal is praying to you for aid in the "proper manner" and for the "right" reasons, but they're the kind of people you would consider "enemies" when you were a mortal. Do you help? Ex: an orc praying to Iomedae for help
>What is forbidden in your faith? Why? How important are these limitations to you? Does it make your followers "unfriendly" on Diplomacy checks or is it enough to start a holy war?

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There's a few ways to go about it. I mean the easiest is that armors are treated like heirlooms and there's a whole culture built up around building/maintaining and wielding them.

also never forget clarks third law.

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It is simple my fellow doomers.
We must first kill the busty sorceress in the party, it is the source of their power!

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