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>>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40316974

>>Yes to all but spec ops
This would be on top of our earlier construction order yes?
Also the image characterizes this thread very well.

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>Yes to all

>It would be getting far into the realm of overspecialization even if you could get a small drone to be able to wield two weapons. In such a case, you would be able to field more guns, yes, but they would all be far less capable in combat.

Thanks QD! Good to know

>> No.40316979

>No to all

>> No.40316981

Yes to all

>> No.40316990

>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40316996

>Yes to all

>> No.40316998

>>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40316999

>>Yes to all but spec ops
Oh fuck it.

>> No.40317003

Our maximum amount of headroom is 2 million.

Did literally anyone add up the costs of those drones that could be spent instead on spamming starships?

>Colossus (420) – 6300
This can't be right. We got thousands from the White Queen and laid thousands ourselves.

>> No.40317012

>>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40317018

>>>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40317019

>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40317022

You mean this choice is likely to starve us?

>> No.40317026

Nope, nobody did.

I think QD just left them in hibernation on the glassed world and forgot about them.

>> No.40317027

Remember that we can keep un-needed drones in hibernation to reduce their costs.

>> No.40317029

Yes to all!

>> No.40317033

If you want to add it up so we can all be shocked at how little it costs go ahead.

>> No.40317043

>>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40317044

>>Yes to all

>> No.40317046

>Yes to all but spec ops

Alright, just a moment and I'll get the next thread up.

>> No.40317060

How are the Raligha side projects going?

>> No.40317062

>Yes to all
This won't starve us, but even if it would production would be paced so that we wouldn't starve.

>> No.40317079

Man our numbers are going to make us terrifying.

We need to start exploiting more systems for resources so we can become the swarm to blot out the stars.

>> No.40317094

I don't really see how, what medium sized units do we have that are highly mobile, highly independent, offer psionic disruption, poison, can operate without psionic signatures if needbe, and are Heavy Warrior-tier toughness to boot.

It's not like it's that expensive when we have 9 million nutrients anyway, what's everyone got against them?

>> No.40317105

We either have to take back Refuge and Reprieve if we want access to more resources. Taking on the scavs might be easier than attacking the OB for a land grab, but at this point the scav's are still an unknown quantity.

It's not the units themselves, it that the SpecOps swarm is poorly made and is partly a joke.

>> No.40317115

>Our numbers are going to make us terrifying
Anon, we're not even cracking 1 million drones yet. We're smallfry.

And we need to more fully exploit our current systems first. Which reminds me that I meant to add constructing Orbital Electroponics stations and sugarcane farms to that list just to make sure it got done too.

>> No.40317116

Even the blood one?

>> No.40317119

I don't even remember the details about them anon, but our strength is in efficiency. If they aren't good I'm leaning towards a no.

>> No.40317129

>I don't really see how, what medium sized units do we have that are highly mobile, highly independent, offer psionic disruption, poison, can operate without psionic signatures if needbe, and are Heavy Warrior-tier toughness to boot.
Not even close man. What you have here is closer to three stooges than an effective fighting force.

>> No.40317141

It's not the upfront cost that matters so much as the upkeep that could be used to fuel starships.

>> No.40317170

Replying to myself just to clear things up. I'd lean towards no because we could put those resources towards more ships. It's already bad enough so many anons are in the muh battle readiness camp. Not even that guy complaiing about numbers above me.

>> No.40317177

What is the drone adaptation equivalent of Reacher arms, anyway?

Not that it seems that useful.

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>> No.40317186

the terrifying xemomorph tail

>> No.40317216

The digestion blood one seemed a little bit more complex, but an acid gland seems like the closest thing you currently have.

New thread's up.

>> No.40317231

Alright, fair enough. Here's what I was thinking when I made them though.

>Horrifying Ball of Arms Man
He was a joke, but he's also a good melee combatant. 2 sets of strider legs let it climb over anything with ease, 2 sets of reacher arms offset lack of a melee weapon by adding reach, 1 set of lifter arms for killing anything heavily armored or punching through walls. Biological interface in chimera mode so we can glean useful information from VIPs on-site and trash the body without worries. Metal Skin for tanking shots to get into melee range, but also adaptive camo so it can sit and wait for ambush attacks.

>Skyl Sniper
Snipers are useful, figured the species that gets free wings should be the sniper. Advanced psionic disruptor on this guy in case we ever decide to deploy one of these teams against OQ. Augments kept light and adaptations in chimera mode chosen mostly to fuck over pursuit. Main defense is hiding and running when found.

>Taidaren Saboteur
3 of them because they don't have any augmentations that would visibly differentiate them from normal Taidaren, so we can use them separately for running through the Taidaren slums where ever. Taidarens have a stated proclivity towards mechanics so Engineer specialty to make them effective at sabotaging important machinery seemed logical. Sting Casters because they'd likely be using maintenance corridors to get where they need to go and large weapons wouldn't work there.

>Ceph Hacker
Ceph have been shown to be able to squeeze into almost anywhere. Coil hid himself in a small pipe in the Angel when we first commandeered it. I figured they'd be decent at squeezing through areas to get access to security rooms/wired networks. Adaptations and augments were chosen with keeping their ability to squeeze intact, so mostly lightweight poison stuff.

>> No.40317240

>He was a joke, but he's also a good melee combatant

>> No.40317257


>Human Frontliner
Close Combat tank, because Special Operations rarely occur in open fields. augs that let them hit hard and fast. Adaptations that help disorient/debuff enemies in groups and attack in unusual ways, to help make up for melee focus. One comes equipped with dual flamers, the other has a Thorn Rifle so he can act as a generalist.

>Human Generalist
Jack of all trades, good at any sort of combat, excells at none of it. Kind of tankish.

I think that anon may have them confused with the Scavengers. Ralighans spend all day climbing trees, they're certainly capable of climbing stairs.

Scavengers have thrown themselves entirely into adapting to the low-gravity environments on their ships, and they operate very poorly outside of them.

I may be mistaken though.

>> No.40317273

>Ralighans spend all day climbing trees, they're certainly capable of climbing stairs.
That's they live on a planet with low gravity dumbass they are the same as the Scavengers. QD confirmed this.

>> No.40317286

Fair enough, but after being equipped with our cybernetics I doubt it would matter.

>> No.40317302

You do realize what anatomy is like right? The cybernetics wouldn't help.

>> No.40317327

you guys are the only ones i am comfortable to leave by yourselves and not be afraid about a fuck up

>> No.40317356

Don't tempt the dice god's anon.

>> No.40317394

Would you link me to where QD confirmed that?

>> No.40317441

Before I look you do realize they are barrel people right? Something like that would be piss poor in non low gravity environments.

>> No.40317510

Yeah, I realize that. But even barrels should roll fine up just about anything when you've got arms that can push 2000kg at a time, legs that are each capable of handling 3 times your weight and are tipped with prehensile claws that can dig into concrete.

I do feel rather silly now though, I'd forgotten they were low-gravity.

>> No.40317535

QD confirmed that they would be amazing in Zero-G.

>> No.40317577

Alright, thanks.

>> No.40317589

>I'd forgotten they were low-gravity.
I don't remember anywhere Raligha was described as low-gravity.

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