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vrosh tatertot is like 100 less points compared to a kitted out lord

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>models I already have

You "already have" 148 Cultist models?

>> No.40336575

those are the points costs per squad

>> No.40337406

Magnetize your Kanz' arms for the future, but try to convert up some grotzookas, as they own. Kanz overall kinda suck now.


Warboss w/PK & BP: 90


10x Boyz w/ Slugga/Choppa, Nob w/ PK & BP: 106
Boyz in Trukk: 30
10x Grots w/ Runtherd: 35


5x Lootaz (your Mek can just count as one) 70
3x Killa Kan w/ Grotzookas 165

496 points. Trukks suck unless taken in groups. You'll want more Boyz & definitely some Mek Gunz, which you can kitbash with Trukk kit bits for like 1/2 price. Tankbustas own ass too, nowadays, so find Orks w/ Rokkit Launchas in addition to regular TB kit. I'm taking some rokkits out of the Meganobz box & bashing them with some Boyz to make more.

>> No.40337641

Is this game even worth learning at this point if you have to play against legitimate tourneyfags every game? Like top placers at Ard boyz and 13th Company and shit

>> No.40337677

maybe, but make a point that the games are casual. Make a note of who to not play against and who is good for a casual game.

Some people are just scum, but tournament play, especially with cash or prizes, has a way to bring out the worst in an otherwise decent person.

>> No.40338081

Yeah I've been in the hobby for almost 15 years now but it's been entirely spent painting/modelling. I never really cared for the game because when I first started I watched a game of fantasy Hordes of Chaos and declared it faggotry. I semi pay attention to the game at this point, in my opinion multiple CADs and formations/dataslates can be horribly overpowered and makes me double take.

>> No.40338187

if you are new to the game itself it can be easy to lose games and not understand why you lost. There is a lot more to the game than just building a list.

hopefully you can find some some players willing to teach and not just sods who roll cheese to smash a new player. There are also some good resources out there on youtube these days.

What army would you like to play? (the only wrong choice here is an army you don't like)

>> No.40338247

I had.. Taken a liking to stormtalons.

I actually wrote a tourney list containing 7 of them and a stormtalon but I feel like I should start with something a bit more simple.
How are admech? I really want to make some space nazi crawlers.

>> No.40338251

and a stormraven I mean

>> No.40338286

I hear the admech are pretty good, and those models are fantastic (aside from the fisher price robots)

they seem like they would do great with allies as they don't have any transport options

>storm ravens
space marines are solid. They are getting a new codex in a few weeks though which is rumored to be on par with the eldar codex in terms of power.

either way, they offer the most options of any army and can be fairly forgiving to new players because of the durability and versatility of their units

really though you should pick whichever army you feel most passionate about, be it because of models, lore, or another reason. It is a lot easier to keep at it if you are emotionally invested in your dudes.

>> No.40338352

No one? I guess its perfect.

>> No.40338419

Yeah but why would I want to get invested in shitty dudes

>> No.40338438

The dominus can take the Eradication Ray instead of his volkite blaster, and swap his macrostubber for a phosphor serpenta in addition to taking items from special issue wargear and arcana mechanicum.

That being he can take one piece of Arcana Mechanicum, but you probably want Autocaduceus or Rainment if you are putting him with a squad, otherwise you want the Scryerskull of Perspicatus

There isn't much for him to take in special issue. He already has a Mechadendrite Harness, Basic scryerskull, and Refactor Field. Maybe take a conversion field if feeling the need, otherwise not really worth it.

In general this setup is pretty bleh, I can't say I advise using the War Convocation for anything lower than 1850. Otherwise you are just getting bare minimum plus taxes and no amount of free wargear is gonna make up for that.

>> No.40338454

Because investing at all doesn't mean shit. If you invest in good stuff now it could be shit by next edtion which for all we know is in 6 months. Play what looks good to you and sounds fun, fuck everything else.

>> No.40338472

HQ (1)
Farseer; Singing Spear (105pt.)

Troops (3)

10x Dire Avengers (160pt.)
1x Dire Avenger Exarch, Diresword, Shuriken Pistol

4x Windriders; 2x Shuriken Cannon, 1x Scatterlaser (131pt.)
1x Windrider Warlock; Witchblade

Elites (2)

5x Fire Dragons (260pt.)
1x Fire Dragon Exarch; Firepike
Wave Serpent; Shuriken Cannon, Twin linked Starcannon

5x Wraithguard, Wraithcannons (160pt.)

Fast Attack (2)

5x Warp Spiders (110pt.)
1x Warp Spider Exarch; Twin Linked Death Spinner

Crimson Hunter Exarch; 2x Brightlances (160pt.)

Heavy Support (2)

2x Vaul's Wrath Support Battery; Shadow Weavers (60pt.)

Wraithlord; 2x Flamers, Ghostglaive, Shuriken Cannon, Brightlance (160pt.)

Lord of War (1)

Avatar of Khaine (190pt.)

Total Cost: 1496 Points

What should I add to this to boost it up to 1850 points?

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Me and the girlfriend are entering a Kill Team Campaign using HoR rules, at 250 points

Wanted to know how suck my list was and what else hers could use
++ Blood Angels ++
- Warden (Leader) 45pts
Terminator Armor +20
Rosarius +15

- DC (troops w/ Warden)
4 Jump Packs w/ bolt pistol + chain sword 26pts each (92)
2 Jump Packs w/ bolt pistol + power sword 38pts each (76)

1 Leader
6 Troops

Should I change leaders? Ditch a DC with BP+CS and spread some targeters around? 80 points is slightly under a third of my points so that makes me wary...


++ Adeptus Sororitas ++
Seraphim Superior 25pts

- Battle Sisters 12pts
120 pts

- Seraphim 15pts
45 pts

- Hospitaller 23pts

1 Leader
10 Troops
4 Special Units

Any suggestions for additional units or upgrades?

>> No.40338728

or the shit you invest in gets squatted

>> No.40338782

that hasn't happened in ages

>> No.40339219

Please respond.

>> No.40339559

Looks like a decent fun list, but from my experience with playing with Pask+Executioners, 2 of them is a bit overkill.

Any way you could run the Basilisk as an Earthshaker battery instead? Would save you 50 points and make it more resilient.

>> No.40339569

Then I guess its just the transport you gotta get.
I would run another soul grinder over a forgefiend any day of the week btw, its more durable and a beast in combat.

>> No.40339587

he is really cheap, and comes stock with gear. you are probably better off buying a naked soc if you want a cheap HQ, but he is far from bad

>> No.40339737

Yeah, definitely. Even if you lose a lot, you'll learn a lot more about tactics etc. by playing against solid players than always casuals. As long as the opponents are nice, that is, and try to teach you the game instead of just curbstomping you.

>> No.40340211

Thinkin of adding to my Lamenters army by sticking malakim phoros with fifteen DC in a land raider crusader. What would you recommend in terms of loadout for the DC for the most effectiveness?

>> No.40341674

Working up a 3000 point 30k list for my Word Bearers. Not even close to having all of the models, but this is what I'm going to shoot for.


Zardu Layak
- Anaktis-Kul Blade Slaves

- Artificer Armor, Burning Lore


Legion Tactical Squad (20)
- Nuncio-Vox, Legion Vexilla, Dark Channelling

Legion Tactical Squad (20)
- Nuncio-Vox, Legion Vexilla, Dark Channelling

Legion Tactical Squad (20)
- Dark Channelling

Ashen Circle (5)
- Melta Bombs, Dark Channelling

Ashen Circle (5)
- Melta Bombs, Dark Channelling

Ashen Circle (5)
- Melta Bombs, Dark Channelling


Gal Vorbak Dark Brethren (5)
- Martyr Artificer Armor

Gal Vorbak Dark Brethren (5)
- Martyr Artificer Armor

Gal Vorbak Dark Brethren (5)
- Martyr Artificer Armor

Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnought

Heavy Support:

Sicaran Battle Tank
- Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Auxiliary Drive, Armoured Ceramite

>> No.40342588
File: 34 KB, 400x222, tau_vs_tyranids_by_akreon-d5jnbc4[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tau friends.

800pts going up against all comers including knights and eldar.

What can I do? Should I take a standard riptide?

>R'alai - 190pts

>3x XV8 - TL Missile pods with Velocity Trackers. - 189pts
>3x XV8 - Plasma and Missile pod each. - 159pts

Heavy Support:
>R'varna - 260pts

>> No.40343011

Eldar itc tourney edition

(115) Farseer, windrider

(350) 7 Warlock Windriders

(270) 10 windriders, scatter lasers
(270) 10 windriders, scatter lasers
(270) 10 windriders, scatter lasers

(250) 5 Vypers, scatter laser

(325) Wraithknight, Glaive+scattershield, 2 scatter lasers

>> No.40343816

Chaos Space Marines 1000 Points

-HQ- (220)

Daemon Prince
>power armor, wings, mark of nurgle

-Elites- (164)

Chaos Terminators x3
>3x combi meltas, 2x chainfist, champ w/powerfist, mark of nurgle

-Troops- (460)

Chaos Space Marines w/ccw x10
>2x melta, Champ w/ Power sword, meltabomb, GoM, Rhino w/ Dirgecaster

Chaos Space Marines w/ccw x10
>2x melta, Champ w/ Power sword, meltabomb, GoM, Rhino w/ Dirgecaster

-Heavy Support- (157)

Chaos Vindicator
>Daemonic Possession, Havoc Launcher, Siege Shield.

>> No.40343915

Vrosh is nowhere near the points of a geared out Lord or Sorc you nigger.
That's the fucking point.

>> No.40347120


The possibility is still there.

>> No.40348927

I have a Leman Russ Exterminator and I'm thinking of pairing it with another tank. Maybe with a tank commander. Hoping for a squad that can threaten vehicles/TEQs/MCs but that might be asking too much.

Idea would be:

Tank commander: Leman Russ Vanquisher
+Plasma or MM Sponsons

Paired with:

Leman Russ Exterminator
+Plasma Sponsons

Would upgrading the Vanquisher to Pask cost too much for what the squadron does? Does it already cost too much as it is? Is this mixing of weapons absurd?

I know Pask in a punisher is great, and I could totally throw him in there and split fire the other Russ. Rule of cool has me leaning on the vanquisher. The exterminator itself I already have, I modified it from a demolisher that I got a long time ago (Ordnance weapon + blast sponsons = no)

>> No.40350821
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Blood Angels 1850
Too Fast Too Furious Edition
*Disclaimer, the 2 Baal Predators can be swapped out for 2 Vindicators with overcharged engines for the same price.

Blood Angels Baal Strike Force 1850 Points

HQ – 130 Points
Librarian – Psyker Mastery Level 2, Angel’s Wing, Veritas Vitae
130 Points

Elites – 620 Points
Death Company Squad – 10 Space Marines, Jump Packs, Power Fist x2
280 Points
Furioso Dreadnought – Magna Grapple, Heavy Flamer x2
135 Points
Drop Pod Dedicated Transport – Storm Bolter
35 Points
Furioso Dreadnought – Magna Grapple, Heavy Flamer x2
135 Points
Drop Pod Dedicated Transport – Storm Bolter
35 Points

Troops – 430 Points
Tactical Squad – 10 Space Marines, Flamer, Heavy Flamer
155 Points
Rhino Dedicated Transport – Overcharged Engines, Storm Bolter
45 Points
Tactical Squad – 10 Space Marines, Flamer, Heavy Flamer
155 Points
Rhino Dedicated Transport – Overcharged Engines, Storm Bolter
45 Points

Fast Attack – 210 Points
Assault Squad – 5 Space Marines, Jump Packs, Power Sword, Meltagun x2
120 Points
Assault Squad – 5 Space Marines, Jump Packs, Power Sword, Meltagun x2
120 Points

Heavy Support – 470 Points
Stormraven Gunship – Twin-linked Multi-melta, Twin-linked Assault Cannon
200 Points
Baal Predator – Twin-linked Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons
135 Points
Baal Predator – Twin-linked Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons
135 Points

>> No.40350889

>Furioso Dreadnought – Magna Grapple, Heavy Flamer x2
>135 Points
>Drop Pod Dedicated Transport – Storm Bolter
>35 Points

Dont do this, its hard to read, write it like this:

Unit (Options)
Dedicated Tranpsort (Options)

Points other than army total are irrelevant.

>> No.40351265

If you can, one of the best mixes are paskisher alongside one or two plasma tanks. Main gun + sponsons = 5 plasma blasts per tank per round. Pask gives Old Grudges, rerolls ones to hit = a lot less gets hot! Rolls to pass/fail.

>> No.40351358

The people making the OP for list threads just don't want to use the copy-pasta.
Which doesn't make sense at all to me.

>> No.40351399

When I made this thread I tried looking for it but couldnt find it, post the copy pasta and I'll put it in next time.

>> No.40351586

Sisters of Battle - 995/1000 points

Canoness 135 points
+ Eviscerator
+ Rosarius
+ Mantle of Ophelia

Battle Sister squad (x2) - 120 points each
+ Flamer
+ Heavy Flamer
+ Superior with Melta bombs

Dominions (x2) - 180 points each
+ Meltagun (x4)
+ Superior with Combi-Plasma
+ Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer
+ Dozer Blade

Exorcist (x2) - 125 points each

>> No.40351673

I have 3 Imperial Knights I'd like to run together. An Errant, a Gallant, and a Cerastus Castigator.

Whats better to ally with them, IG or BA?
For IG I have an Aegis, tons of Infantry, three Leman Russ', Vets, Chimeras, and Wyverns.
For BA I have a Stormraven, Sicaran, Baal, 2 tac squads, 2 drop pods, 2 scout squads, 20 Death Company, a Dread, and 5 power claw termies.
Plus HQ's for both armies.

>> No.40352067

For the 135 for that cannoness you could get celestine. Lets be honest, that cannoness is 135 points of T3, 3W, 3+/4++ with eternal warrior, who is never going to get the opportunity to fight.

You could take Jacobus in one of the dom squads, and save 35 points to up the dom immo's to repressors; drop the combi plas on superior.

My dom squad loadout is usually:
4x Meltagun, CombiMelta, VSS, Meltabombs, Immo w/ Laud Hailer, Dozer Blade, or a Repressor. Comes to 205 but it's a guaranteed AoF and with the Repressor you won't have to get out of the vehicle to shred things.

>> No.40353957

Celestine is too frail for my meta, not having eternal warrior really shafts her. My Canoness *always* gets into combat.
Doesn't the VSS upgrade seem pointless when you have a Laud Hailer?

>> No.40356290
File: 779 KB, 816x391, sneaky gits formation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trying to make a sneaky git ork list.

posted most of the list before but this is just bumping it up to 1850 points and adding a formation i really want to try.

---Waagh Ghazgull---


Big Mek, Mega Forcefield, Mega Armour, killsaw, Teleporty blasta - 185 points

Weird Boy ML2 - 70 points


10 Gretchin - 35 points

26 Boyz, Nob w/ Power Klaw & Bosspole - 208 points
>Big Mek & Weirdboy go here

5 Burna Boyz, 3 Meks - 80 points

5 Tankbustas, Trukk - 95 points

5 Tankbustas, Trukk - 95 points

///Heavy Support///

6 Killa Kanz, Grotzookas, Grot Riggers - 360 points

5 Lootaz - 70 points

5 Lootaz - 70 points

---Aegis Defence Line---
1 line w/ comms relay - 70 points
>Killa Kanz & burna meks go here (now just imagine a killa kan trying to operate a comms relay)

---Boss Snikrots kommandos formation--- 520 points (pic for info)

Boss Snikrot - 60 points

5 Kommandos w/ Bossnob, PK, 2 Burnas - 115 points

5 Kommandos w/ Bossnob, PK, 2 Burnas - 115 points

5 Kommandos w/ Bossnob, PK, 2 Burnas - 115 points

10 Kommandos w/ Bossnob, big choppa - 115 points
>Vanguard squad, if there's not enough cover they will be meat shields for the more flashy stuff, still 4+ rerollable if they go to ground.

>> No.40357716

2000pt Adeptus Mechanicus War convocation

>Tech Priest Dominus
+Uncreator Gauntlet
+digital weapons
+phosphor serpenta

>4xKataphron Breachers

>4xKataphron Breachers
+4 torsion cannons

>10 Skitarii Vanguard
+Pater Radium
+refractor field
+enhanced data tether
+3 plasma cavilers

>10 Skitarii Rangers
+refractor field
+enhanced data tether
+3 transuranic arquebus

>5 Sicarian Ruststalkers
+Skull of Elder Nikola
+refractor field
+prehensile dataspike

>8 Sicarian Infiltrators
+The Omniscient Mask
+refractor field
+flechette blasters and taster goads

>5 Syndonian Dragoons
+5 phosphor serpentas

>3 Onager Dunecrawlers
+3 icarus arrays
+3 cognis manipulators
+3 cognis heavy stubber

>Knight Gallant
+twin icarus auto-cannon

>> No.40359411

Looks ok if a bit vulnerable to artillery, whats the torsion cannon?

>> No.40359465


S8 ap1 heavy1 does d3 wounds or hull points.

>> No.40361009

Revised CSM list from earlier in the thread.

>HQ 2/2
160 Huron Blackheart - Warlord

65 Vrosh Tattersoul


397 Chaos Space Marines
15 additional marines
2 Flamers
Mark of Slaanesh
Power Weapon
Havoc Launcher
Destroyer Blades

73 Chaos Cultists
Mark of Tzeentch
8 Autoguns
1 Heavy Stubber

75 Chaos Cultists
Mark of Khorne
1 Flamer

115 Chaos Bikers
1 Additional Bike
Melta Bomb
2 Meltas

115 Chaos Bikers
1 Additional Bike
Melta Bomb
2 Meltas


Total 1000/1000

Huron rolls d3 (minimum of 1) so the huge marine squad will always be able to infiltrate and maybe a cultist squad, or both. Or the ICs can band together to form a unit (pg166 or small form rules) and infiltrate, but I don't immediately see a use case where that can succeed.

I'd really be pressing my collection for bikes though. I'll have to strip and then convert several space marine bikes, hopefully not have to dip into the DV bikes which seem like they would be really difficult to convert

>> No.40361412

Looks good

>> No.40361494

btw I feel the need to clarify

>397 Chaos Space Marines
DOES NOT mean "three hundred and ninety seven chaos space marines" but rather "a unit of chaos space marines totaling three hundred and ninety seven points"

someone seemed to get confused last time I posted

>> No.40361782

+ Formation +

>Aspect Host [+1 Ballistic Skill]
Dark Reapers
4x Dark Reaper [4x Starshot missiles]
Dark Reaper Exarch
Reaper launcher [Starshot Missiles]

Dire Avengers [7x Dire Avenger]
Dire Avenger Exarch [Avenger shuriken catapult]

Fire Dragons [4x Fire Dragon]
Fire Dragon Exarch [Fusion Gun]
Wave Serpent [Twin-linked shuriken cannons, Twin-linked shuriken catapults]

>Aspect Host [+1 Ballistic Skill]
Shadow Spectres [4x Shadow Spectre]
Shadow Spectre Exarch [Prism Rifle]

Swooping Hawks [7x Swooping Hawk]
Swooping Hawk Exarch [Sunrifle]

Warp Spiders [7x Warp Spider]
Warp Spider Exarch [Death Spinner]

>Aspect Host [+1 Weapon Skill]
Howling Banshees [7x Howling Banshee]
Howling Banshee Exarch [Executioner and Shuriken pistol]

Shining Spears [4x Shining Spear]
Shining Spear Exarch [Star Lance]

Striking Scorpions [7x Striking Scorpion]
Striking Scorpion Exarch [Scorpion's Claw and Scorpion Chainsword]

(Combined Arms Detachment)

>+ HQ +

Autarch [Banshee mask, Fusion gun, Lasblaster, Shuriken pistol, Swooping Hawk wings]

>+ Troops +

Windriders [3x Windrider with twin-linked Shuriken catapult]

Windriders [3x Windrider with twin-linked Shuriken catapult]

>+ Lord of War +

The Avatar of Khaine

>> No.40364790


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