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>>Try to persuade them.
>>Prepare for Engagement
"Russian Aircrafts, we come with peaceful intention; We bring no hostile nor confrontational intention. However, should we attacked, we shall retaliate, and you'll not like it".
...yeah, cheesy.

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>Try to persuade them.

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Damn, why did they always have to be like this? You sigh and shake your head.

"Does that mean you intend to breach the UN Charter?" You ask grimly.

Another brief pause.

"We are just following protocol." The pilot responds.

Typical. You got the feeling the pilot had no clue what he was talking aboit and was just parroting what he was told.

"Look, we're on a recue mission and we're going in whether you want us to or not. "You say grimly. "If you fire on us we WILL defend ourselves and we WILL destroy you all. Is that clear?"

There's another brief period of silence. However, one of the Flankers suddenly breaks off from the rest.

"He's spiking us!" Bullseye warns.

Well, so much for diplomacy. Look like you were going to have to make an example of him. Maybe one of the witches could do it. Or better yet, Laika was not in visual range and had stealth features. They would never see her coming. Maybe fear of the unknown would work better than fear of a witch.

>Have one of your witches take him out.
>Have Laika take him out.

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>Have Laika take him out.

>> No.40317334

>Have Laika take him out.

>> No.40317336

>Have Laika take him out.

>> No.40317343

"Sigh. Laika, would you kindly give him a lesson?"

>> No.40317363

>>Have Laika take him out.
And remind her to do it quietly. And DO NOT give the Stalinists a clue that the White Butterfly is still alive.

>> No.40317390

>Have Laika take him out.
Aim for a wing, not for the cockpit. Give the idiot a chance to eject.

>> No.40317395

>Have Laika take him out.

>> No.40317410

>>Have Laika take him out.

>> No.40317478

"Laika, would you do the honors?" You sigh.

"Firing!" Laika proclaims loudly.

And then you see the charging Flanker bank hard, no doubt detecting the missile lock. However, it was too late. You see an AMRAAM streak in from behind and slam into the Flanker as it was banking. The missile spears straight through the Flanker's belly and shatters the fuselage like glass. You then see the cockpit flash and explode as the pilot ejects, his chute successfully deploying as he falls to earth.

>You should pick him up.
>Leave him for his own people to pick up.

>> No.40317487

>You should pick him up.

Enemy or not. With the rad levels he wont survive long enough to get picked up

>> No.40317493

>You should pick him up.

>> No.40317494

>You should pick him up.
Rescuers gonna Rescue!

>> No.40317495

>>You should pick him up.
They have shitty superiors you can;t blame them.

>> No.40317511

>>You should pick him up.

Hey, given how we keep adopting the girls we defeat, does this mean if the pilot is young enough, we can adopt him as a son?

>> No.40317512

>You should pick him up.

Berate him for making us have to stop

>> No.40317526

>>You should pick him up.
Don't forget to duct-tape him, just in case.

>> No.40317586

>You should pick him up.

>> No.40317591

>You should pick him up.
We can give him back to the Russian group chasing the Ukrainians.

Until then, a sound berating.

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Merc is dead?

>> No.40317981

What time is it for merc?

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>> No.40317998

from what I can guess, 2:11, I'm assuming.

>> No.40318022

Knowing Merc that probably means he hasn't fallen asleep. Technical difficultys maybe?

>> No.40318041

Probably. My Captcha briefly disappeared for a full fifteen minutes, so I couldn't post. I needed to re-open the page.

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You can't kill that which doesn't live, anon.

Though he might be having technical difficulties or something, hard to tell.

>> No.40318070

What summon that which does not live.




>> No.40318075

Laika Lewds.

>> No.40318081

A step too far.

>> No.40318085

Funnily enough I've seen Hibiki lewds and h-stuff which is kind of surprising and at the same time it's not.

>> No.40318092

Whoops, sorry about the delay!

At first, you were tempted to just leave the pilot to his fate for causing you so much trouble. However, your inner sensibilities take over.

"Tarin, please go fetch him." You sigh.

"Roger." Tarin says as she jets forward.

Meanwhile, you see the remaining three Flankers break away and fly off, no doubt spooked by Laika's show of force. With the skies clear, nothing stops Tarin from plucking the ejected pilot out of the air and depositing him on the rear ramp. When you pull him in, you notice that he's unconscious.

"He resisted." Tarin says nonchalantly.

You can't help but laugh a bit as the Osprey flies ever closer to ground zero.

>And that's it for tonight! As always, next thread is next week. Don't forget Ace Combat on Friday and Vertical Tanks on Saturday!

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Damn it, Mangafag. Don't make me hurt you. I like you, but I like Laika more.

>> No.40318102

Thanks, Merc!

Can we adopt the Russkie pilot?

>> No.40318107

>"He resisted." Tarin says nonchalantly.
Thanks for today boss!

Which already exist. Kinda.
If you make mental note to substitute Hibiki with Laika.

Like i need to make that.

>> No.40318108

so what do we call an adopted son?

A sonderu?

>> No.40318113

Waited an hour until 5:30 in the morning for 6 sentences.

Can't help but say I'm a little disappointed

any write ins?.

>> No.40318129

I'm pretty sure something like that requires consent...

>> No.40318131

Thanks Merc

>> No.40318150

Consent required, huh?

>"He resisted." Tarin says nonchalantly.

Rats. He doesn't want to be adopted.

>> No.40318151

Unfortunately, some stuff happens. Had some tech difficulties so I had to post that last bit from my phone!

>> No.40318162

No write ins for whiny faggots imo

>> No.40318170

Well I guess we won't be seeing much thanks to you.

>> No.40318178

Ah, well that makes sense. Well thanks for the thread.

>> No.40318181

nobody forced you to stay up till 5:30 in the morning so you could whine about not getting the post you think you deserve

>> No.40318193

Today was a rough day, I guess. But I can't complain, since you run three days a week. Thanks again, Merc. I think I speak for most of us when I say we appreciate how you always make time and effort for us.

>> No.40318204

and nobody asked you to bitch at other anons to make yourself feel better.

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