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looks like he wants to fuck it.

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Looks more like "Jesus Fuck, why?".

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really? cause he looks confused and disgusted to me.

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What really bugs me more is that you'received being angry at what gms do when building their worlds, which is either you never actually ran a game or ran one so detail you get posses if a player runs with the sterotype. Which judging by your response to everyone means that you have no idea what it's like to run a game.

Keep in mind that I run mostly games set in the real world. But that doesn't stop me from calling out a whining little shit when I see one.

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God damn mobile keyboard.

>> No.40313377

"That's pretty slick" is exactly what comes to mind every time I see this image. Funny.

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Gunt Thunderfist
Clint Turbodiesel
Slab Beefkill

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>.45 calibear

>.45 caliboar then

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Is that guy praying?

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Goblins in my setting only did bad shit because they were created and enslaved by a powerful evil being. When the evil was killed the goblins threw down their weapons and rejoiced, thinking they were being freed. They were then enslaved by humans, but freed after about 200 years, when a kind king finally officially declared goblins as capable of good or evil as anyone else.

Is this edgy?

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Heh. Praying. Heh.

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A Western adaptation.

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does that guy have knuckle tattoos?

>> No.40313726

Sounds a bit like a Disney movie tbh, but I like it. Not everything has to be a grim dark tale

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You don't know Captain Carrot?

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I just imagined the Baseball Furies as samurai.

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nah man, they just play eldar.

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Dick Hardcheese
Big McLargeHuge
Steel Irontoe

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>I'm designing this game based on the Souls series

>> No.40314162

So LOTFP then?

>> No.40314209

>Here are the rules for mindbreaking female NPCs

>> No.40314229

Only applies to Bloodborne.

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>> No.40314507

Salt Fleshwound
Smoke Manmuscle
Buff Drinklots

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Thick Adamantine
Lift Musclerip
Punch Kicklip

>> No.40314679

Punch Sideiron
Brick Mason
Chase Rumbreath

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Abenobashi is exactly this, and exactly as wonderful as you think

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They live in Texas.

>> No.40314990

Her name is Lucille.

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Ranchers and farmers will literally offer bounties of like $50 a hog if you kill it on their property, as long as you do it legally (i.e. not in city limits with a firearm, but that's not a problem as the majority of land is outside actual city limits anyway, so fire away). There's a reason there are straight-up professional hog hunters here.

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fuckers dont die easy, ive seen one take a deer-slug to the chest and still have enough life left in to make it 4 miles.

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I was going to post this, but you beat me to it. Ignore that I'm just now, hours later, posting.

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Sounds pretty autistic but on the other hand he also seems like a genuinely good guy. I'm willing to believe that he really is very proficient with that sword, and even the remark about being more dangerous without it. He seems like he's on the level. Doesn't even seem to be a weeaboo so much as a kung fu enthusiast. Autists are associated with obsession, so what's to say he didn't obsessively train in martial arts.

And honestly, even if he is mentally deficient, he definitely got the job done, saving someone from a beating is heroic no matter how you slice it. I give this guy full props for being a cool guy, even if he is dorky about it.

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I'm reading this in conjoined statements.

"Scottsdale rapes missing kid; suspect confession. Teachers arrested: perfect storm."

>> No.40315801

>Repair and Towing shop put out of business in second undercover sting
the Light Rail Avenger went undercover in Repair and Towing to break up the ring of kid raping teachers and wrung a confession out of their leader Scottsdale.
It really was a perfect storm

>> No.40315850

I don't know why but Light Rail Avenger sounds like an amazing superhero title.

>> No.40315898

>you will never live the life of an honourable, roof dwelling assassin
>you will never have an unspoken bond with the ice-cream man
>you will never teach a little girl what it truly means to be a samurai
why even live?

>> No.40315922

Nah baseball caps are just the generic headgear for all elite 21st century street warriors.

>> No.40316062

Sounds pretty cool tbh. But why make dwarves mongols? That seems really undwarvish, you might as well not make them dwarves.

>> No.40316102

>ive seen one take a deer-slug to the chest and still have enough life left in to make it 4 miles
>4 miles

These things are monsters. These things have a CR I don't want to consider for a wild animal.

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>Smaug was a fire-breathing wyvern!

>> No.40316230

My campaigns dorfs are Jamaican

>> No.40316300

Look at him. He looks pretty amazing.

>> No.40316353

They usually tend to be like the kind of people I like, why not have them be chill.

>> No.40316838

Only the White Man has the finesse, the cunning and the will to be proper villains, likeable villains, non-strawman villains, badguys you can trully say 'fuck yeah, sign me in into your Legion of Doom'.
A story is as good as it villain is and there is no villain like the white villain.

>> No.40316872

Well I think orcs eat raw meat too.

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