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Look at their stats.

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this is a good thread

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Im debating if Crisis Suits should be third person or if you could have a cool MechWarrior like HUD in first person.

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The Imperium in general would function better if its military was used as a combined force instead of mandated separation that it has. But Horus being Horus....

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In fluff, those girls are buff.

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>tfw no buff one eyed qt sister to bully me

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Trash men are more important to functioning society than sports stars. Niggas still rather watch football than competitive mopping tho baka. We live in a society.

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You're completely wrong you dunce
>There are AT LEAST 500 billion stars in the Milky Way
>The Imperium consists of 'a million worlds' apparently, probably much less now with the rift
>There are at most a million space marines
>So one marine to defend every world from the threats of half a million star systems, to say nothing of the fact many of those compliant worlds are full of millions of enemies like genestealer cults
The real redpill is that the navy is far and away the largest and most important force defending the Imperium, after that probably the PDF then the Guard, space marines are almost meaningless except for the odd strike that might kill a general who will be replaced a thousand times easier than one marine

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But surely if nothing's canon that does mean you can just make shit up.

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40k is just like our world except that everyone is catholic, you have physical proof that god exists, and gods angels are also physically real and help you in battle. if you removed those icons of unity from the setting, then humans would go back to being segregated like we are now.

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>you have physical proof that god exists, and gods angels are also physically real and help you in battle
Except a large portion of the Imperium thinks Terra is a myth and most people will never actually see a Space Marine. And a hefty percentage of those who do get to see one are in a nightmare warzone that they won't escape anyway.

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One of my favorite parts in the Path of the Eldar series is when the Exarch is terrified of Space Marines, but has only seen them once before in his ten thousand years.
I feel like writers play up the power level part way too much, and the rarity part way too little.

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Spessmehreens are protecting you RIGHT NOW so you can live a life in peace, protected from chaos, darkness, and all the other things lurking in the dark.

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of course, humans are still humans and tend to believe in what they see, thats why you can watch humans all try and fail to do something the same way they just watched someone fail at doing it, we learn by trial and error from first hand experience. That being said, there is still undeniable physical proof that these angels exist.

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>If the defenses are good enough to shield against a hailstorm of projectiles, how do they get circumvented by significantly bigger drop pods / transport shuttles?
Typically what happens is the soldiers drop outside the shield and fight their way through it on the ground.

like, bruh, empire strikes back did this how many decades ago?

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Warhammer operates on a much harsher scale of mook:boss ratio. The mook of a faction is lower than dirt and will die by trillions to prove how dark the setting is, the leader of an army will be an semi-immortal being chosen by god, armed with thousand year old lost technology and a master of every concept imaginable. Killing the named dude is so much more important that the mooks might as well turn into dust afterwards for how much they mattered.

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Logistics don’t make sense in my magical space knight setting.

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This implies that the planetary defenses don't span the entire planet. Which I find hard to believe for really, really high value targets.

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I don't think 40k has full-on planetary shielding. But in that case the marines would still be way more relevant thanks to their training in teleport assaults.

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"Everything is canon and nothing is" is a phrase that just means everything they publish is on the same footing. Not that there are ten million space marines because you think that makes more sense and "nothing's canon."
>Here’s our standard line: Yes it’s all official, but remember that we’re reporting back from a time where stories aren’t always true, or at least 100% accurate. if it has the 40K logo on it, it exists in the 40K universe. Or it was a legend that may well have happened. Or a rumour that may or may not have any truth behind it.
>Let’s put it another way: anything with a 40K logo on it is as official as any Codex… and at least as crammed full of rumours, distorted legends and half-truths.
You still need to cite your sources. Why is this difficult?

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Reminder that the original argument was why the ships don't just bombard the surface from a safe distance. The answer of PDS then meant asking why those defense systems can protect against ballistics, but not invasions made with essentially larger, slower projectiles that spit out organics on landing.
That system would also need to protect against laser-based weapons, which the IG obviously has access to. If the defense systems can't protect the entire globe, orbital bombardments could be used to shell the unprotected parts in a siege, significantly damaging the planet's ecosphere, indirectly affecting the protected areas.
And if there is no protection against teleport assaults, what is stopping a fleet from teleporting payloads into critical areas? If there is protection against that, why are marines able to breach that protection?

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It doesn't? I think if that's the case, the Tau should probably be the ones to get it at some point.

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Void Shields are very rare and can be overwhelmed given time and sufficient firepower. The overwhelming occurs faster the weaker the generator and the larger the protected area is. A hive city has void shields. A hive world does not, because that would be prohibitively expensive, and the most important thing on a hive world is the hive itself.
As for why teleporting isn't the SOP, because teleportation has a not insignificant chance of not landing you in the right place at all, or maybe you teleport halfway into a wall. On top of that, teleportation technology is stupidly rare and obscenely difficult to produce. These two factors mean that teleportation is most often either not an option at all or only considered if there is genuinely no other way to reach the objective.

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>If the defense systems can't protect the entire globe, orbital bombardments could be used to shell the unprotected parts in a siege, significantly damaging the planet's ecosphere, indirectly affecting the protected areas.
not in a significant way. The word bearers tried that with Calth and failed, since defenders holed up underground or in otherwise protected bulwarks. And if it's at the point of a ground assault, the attacking force generally wants the planet under their control, relatively intact. Bombing it to the point of significantly damaging the ecosphere is against that purpose, and won't even guarantee the elimination of enemy forces. So they land outside the shield and fight on the ground to disable it.

>And if there is no protection against teleport assaults, what is stopping a fleet from teleporting payloads into critical areas?
warheads of significant yield are too large for teleport chambers, which at best can only hold a handful of people at one time

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the answer is that the Imperium values the life of an average Guardsman about as much as you value a crumb of food that has been on the floor for two days.

10,000 dead guardsmen versus a city full of valuable infrastructure, the Imperium will try to take the city intact every time, unless it has been irredeemably corrupted by Chaos

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And even Rogal Dorn got jobbed by cultists with knives. Cultist spam is even the meta just like conscripts were, throw enough dice and it doesn't matter how good your guys are.

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No he didn't. According to the meta Tau must've run the place for a while by sealing all enemies in hover exhaust and chaos travels by conga-lined demons at ftl speeds.

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You dense faggot

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Void shields only stop things moving above a certain velocity. It's the reason why torpedoes and strike craft can bypass them. Read the Gothic War books you scum.

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Miss me with that gay shit. I'm here to throw cubes.

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Entire chapters besides a select few are trained for decades to be masters of unconventional warfare. What exactly is stopping Scout teams from sniping your officer corps and sabotaging major supply lines? Terminators teleporting onto the bridges of ships and just wholesale slaughtering?

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what's your point

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Such a sad state, I loved Planetside. TR forever, VS is gay and loves getting railed in the ass.

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>What exactly is stopping Scout teams from sniping your officer corps and sabotaging major supply lines?

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Why is this thread still alive

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>The nameless rank and file guardsmen is unironically more important to the imperium then a Space Marine
>I don't understand warfare: the post

Space marines serve vastly different roles than IG, and neither one is more important than the other in general. They specialize in equally important, but vastly different roles.
You're about as retarded as someone who says that a tank is more important than an infantryman, or the navy than the army.

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Their role is space boarding actions, right?

>> No.70722848

No, they’re space marines in contrast to the grounded Thunder Warriors big E conquered earth with. They are definitely top tier at boarding actions, but they don’t get their name from that alone.

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>A regiment is more important than a chapter
A regiment is hardly more impressive than a modern division, in many cases less impressive. A chapter fields significant fleet assets, armor designed for combined arms operations, and, of course, infantry that can strike anywhere on a planet with overwhelming force. Even a single company of marines could likely tear the heart out of most IG regiments with only marginal casualties. A guard regiment is an operational asset, requiring other regiments to guard its flanks and achieve its true potential as part of a conventional battle line. A chapter is an asset in the grand strategy of the imperium, a full chapter can make a credible attempt against almost any force in the galaxy. You don’t tell a chapter to occupy part of a battle line, you tell it to do threat assessment of a given planet and determine how much of its internal assets will be needed to fix the problems on that planet.

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100~ guys just can't change the outcome of planetary warfare.

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Brave to assume every guardsman has a pair of working boots.

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arent fire warriors more comparable to stormtroopers than guardsmen?

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Yes but the guardfags in this thread are already pulling the realism card to justify their bayonet fetish. GO PLAY BOLT

Also female space marines would be cool.

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>Once you've reached the point of calling the actual work itself lies is when you have to admit you're just not actually a fan of it at all.
This is fucking moronic.
Can you be anymore cancerous, you tourist?
>inb4 guardfag
No, fucking take a look at your retarded ass in the mirror, you mong.

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Guard are literal normalpeasants so it makes sense modern /tg/ loves them.

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