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I have no fucking clue how you could possibly regard a dash+disengage reaction on an immobile frontliner as weak.
Last (You) you're getting from me.

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Good luck triggering it reliably, friendo. Even with sentinel.

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really good, i'll save that idea for another time because I came with a better one, but that's a great one

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I wonder, could you build a fairy like Navi, whose primary contribution to combat is pointing out weak spots and enhancing party members' attacks, instead of attacking on their own?

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Spellcasting is certainly a plus, but paladins dont get con save proficiency by default, so if you’re frontlining you might have trouble keeping concentration on your buff spells.
What spells would be relevant for a grappler paladin?

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bard fairy, undoubtly, that's the best way to play what you just pointed

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The only real reason is to keep players from doing stupid things in Candlekeep. It just throws an unbreakable wall at them to keep them in place.

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Hex and reduce their dex or str checks

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This bitch.

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>paladins dont get con save proficiency
They get an Aura that's about as good if not better, at least if they didn't dump Cha

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>walking speed 30
>flying speed equal to walking speed
>can hover
>druidcraft and fairy fire
>can squeeze through a space
as narrow as 1 inch wide
I dunno desu

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Even if there were you want to use your 2 slots on something stronger than some single instance damage

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How do you stat the betrayal and murder of her friends?

Slightly more seriously, I'd love to include an Airy type character in my games, but I feel like my players would see through it too quickly. Or, they'd be completely oblivious and think it was an asspull.

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Hex is decent, though you’ll need a racial feature, multiclass, or Fey Touched to get it
True, but in this specific build we’re making a grappler and I assumed Str would be prioritized over Cha. That does make it a bit better though.

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I played with a Vengeance paladin with sentinel. I think in a campaign that went to level 12, there was literally one time when relentless avenger both triggered and was actually useful in the moment. Charm immunity and spell resistance shared with allies would have been much more pertinent much more often.

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Is a mind flayer (CR7) a good final boss for a level 4 party or is it fucking overkill?

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Might kill a person but that's probably fine.

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>assumed Str would be prioritized over Cha. That does make it a bit better though
As it is for most paladins, but 16 Cha isn't a huge ask honestly

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>a person
>not a character
>one less retard who refuses to read the book
that would be fucking sweet, not gonna lie

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I want to play as a fairy(american)

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Really depends on party composition. I did something similar and it ended up being way tougher than meant it to. Mind Blast can potentially take a player out for the entire fight at those levels.

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I was thinking on not using mind blast, since they'll undoubtly be really fucked up at the point the baddie appears anyway

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>Folk of the Feywild
>+1/+2 to two ability scores of your choice
>bonus spell per rest
>one additional non magical ability
>speed adjustment
What's the point of having races anymore? Let's just have a HFY campaign where you choose the above benefits. Or if that's too rascist, everyone is a race called Whatever that can look however you like and then choose your benefits.

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There's plenty to be mad about in the world without trying this hard to get worked up. You are free to ignore any rules and content you don't like.

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I gave other sorcerer classes 9+ spells. I welcome criticism.

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This must be the most civilized reply i have ever gotten in /5eg/. You are correct sir and a gentleman.

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Extremely based and omegaredpilled

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it's American hours bitches
I'll hear no more of this niggery diggery gentlesir bullshit

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Omega Red?

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I play a 4th level conjuration wizard and just found out about this

Does everybody else here allow conjurers to cast spells without components (if they don't have a cost)?

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>Does everybody else here allow conjurers to cast spells without components (if they don't have a cost)?
Its called an arcane focus.

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that godless pit

>> No.78029064

Click the link anon. You don't even need an arcane focus.

>> No.78029080

That's why i'm asking here.

>> No.78029094

Focus costs money tho.
Also, depends on the game Im running, normally this wouldnt change anything except for ambushed during long rests.

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Is there anything nice in a build of bard/sorcerer multiclass? The only thing that comes to mind is twinned metamagic

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RAW Minor Conjuration takes an action
Using it to make components without a gp cost is hardly game breaking
I might allow it as a house rule cuz wtf not

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The only downside seems to be that minor conjuration requires an action. So not using a component pouch or a focus means that you need an additional action to cast a spell.

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At page 5? Are you in a hurry to shill Ravenloft or something?

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It's nigOP. He's changed to furry bait because it doesn't get him banned as often. He's been doing this since at least 2016.

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Do you genuinely think someone is getting paid to shill ravenloft? on 4chan(nel)? by posting the thread OP, with like 2 links on how to not buy books?

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No. Lenin called that people 'useful idiots'.

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Just don't make it a fairy.

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time to be fairy artificer with mech I guess

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