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Good morning, boys and girls. Let's talk some Magic while I grappling hook my way around Panau and watch Netflix.

If you have questions about rules, judging, tournaments, all that jazz, let me know.

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Would the abyss kill true name nemesis

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Assuming it's your opponent's TNN and your Abyss, no. Your opponent chooses the target, but it's still YOUR ability.

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Couple stupid questions here. Could I cast the instants removed from my library from Kaho, Minamo Historian's ETB effect as instants, or as sorceries?

And, could I use Freed from the real's abilities on my opponet's turn? If so, when?

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How are you?

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>Could I cast the instants removed from my library from Kaho, Minamo Historian's ETB effect as instants, or as sorceries?

I have literally no idea what you're asking me. Clarify, please?

>And, could I use Freed from the real's abilities on my opponet's turn? If so, when?

Yes, at the same time you can use any activated ability that doesn't include some restriction on itself: any time you have priority.

I'm all right, anon. How are you?

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>I'm all right, anon. How are you?

I'm fine as one can be

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What inspired you to become a MTG Judge?

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X, Tap: You may play a card with converted mana cost X removed from the game with Kaho without paying its mana cost. This is my problem, would I only be able to activate the X, Tap: ability as an instant, or a sorcery? Sorry for the confusion.

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Not liking the way judges in my area handled things.

All activated abilities, unless they explicitly state otherwise, can be activated any time you have priority.

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Thanks again.

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What were they doing that upset you so much? And who certified you, because you don't seem to like your local judges

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If I wrath with say, massacre Wurm out, does it "see" my opponents' creatures hitting the yard and trigger the life loss ability?

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Eh, the set of judges we had back then just didn't seem to care much. They did the bare minimum, and any time you needed something from a judge they acted like you were bothering them.

And I got remote-certified by my Regional Coordinator.


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What's your stance on cards in different language, like Russian or Japanese?

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Sweet, thanks. I wasn't sure, someone at the table said it did.

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My stance as a Judge is that of the policy which I enforce: they're legal, and I'm available and happy to look up the Oracle text for you if you need help. The only time I get irritated (a little bit) is when people call me to ask what their own cards do!

As a player, I don't super care. German cards have funny names, and sometimes I like using Russian cards for grins, but generally I'm pretty neutral on them. The only time it bugs me is playing against Fucking Zak, because he has to have japanese foil everything for his EDH decks and he plays the most obscure shit.

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So if i use Polymorphous Rush on a Phalanx Leader and some other creatures and make them Phalanx Leaders, i can't make the other creatures that turned in to Phalanx Leader trigger the Phalanx leader's ability right?

That's a lot of Phalanx leaders in one sentance.

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Me and my friend managed to get into an argument about Heartless Hidetsugu.

If I give Hidetsugu Infect and tap him does he inflict poison counters on everyone?

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When a new player enters the circle that hasn't played that much, what happens to them? Do they get left out or do other players come and play casually with them?

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At the time that your creatures are having a spell cast at them, they aren't Phalanx Leaders yet.

Why would he not?

Depends on the group, really. Some groups won't care, and it'll be up to the player to kind of insert himself. Some are shitty and will intentionally try to ostracize the newcomer. A lot of groups will be eager to take in new people, and will try to help bring the new player into the fold.

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>Why would he not?

Because my friend keeps saying that you have to attack with him in order to count. But thanks, I knew that he was bullshitting

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Thing to always note on a card is whether or not the card itself is dealing the damage, or if a target creature is just taking damage from an unnamed trigger source.

Heartless Hidetsugu is dealing damage to every player (including yourself). This means anything that takes effect when a creature deals damage (specifically noncombat damage) - Such as infect, lifelink, and counters from any damage dealt - Will take effect as normal.

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At least it's not an argument about Heartless Hidetsugu instantly winning against a 42 life opponent in EDH because people can't read and don't understand what "combat damage" actually is.

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The trigger is never the source of the damage. It's always the source of the trigger.

119.3b. Damage dealt to a player by a source with infect causes that player to get that many poison counters.

702.89b. Damage dealt to a player by a source with infect doesn't cause that player to lose life. Rather, it causes the player to get that many poison counters. See rule 119.3.
Notice how it doesn't say "combat damage".

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Can I level up a card while it has summoning sickness?
Specifically Student of Warefare.

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Many players are extremely mean in tourneys and forcefully shuffle their opponents deck literally to just make them pissed off, often damaging their cards.

How do you react to this when you notice it, or does anyone ever mention it to you?

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If my opponent and I both have a Sliver Overlord and then he uses his to take control of mine and I respond by using mine to take his do I have to sacrifice either of them?

>> No.32438708

When you control a player during their turn (with Mindslaver or Worst Fears) can you make the choice for them to just give up?

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Sure- the Level Up activated ability doesn't have a Tap or Untap symbol, so it can be used with summoning sickness.

Intentionally attempting to damage your opponent's cards is a DQable offense. If you feel that your opponent is being overly rough, call a judge.

Well, you won't "sacrifice"- you'll just pick one and put it into the graveyard. If you keep yours, he'll just take it when his Overlord's ability resolves. So you'd want to keep HIS, and have yours die.


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Leveling Up is a non-tap activated ability, so as long as you're playing it at sorcery speed, it's fine. Unless there's some SUPER weird future cards for levelup that require taps.

I don't know why but I had it in my head that there were some cards out their that could deal damage to creatures but that weren't counted as the source of said damage.


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Not the judge, but as far as I know summoning sickness only affect tap abilities, so Im sure you can level up on a creature just summoned.

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Do you like cookies?

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I do. Chocolate chip with pecan are my favorite.

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>At the time that your creatures are having a spell cast at them, they aren't Phalanx Leaders yet.
That's what i thought, thanks.

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Black or White?

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>cards out their that could deal damage to creatures but that weren't counted as the source of said damage.

There are cards like Deadshot and Fall of the Hammer that will make something else deal damage to a creature, but even if the spell isn't dealing the damage itself damage always has a source.

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What's your favourite set/block?

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two things, one sort of unrelated.

one: can a creature with hexproof be targeted by counters?

two: where does one order magic cards online?

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White. I'm big on rules, justice, and community.

Probably Lorwyn block, honestly.

>First thing
Absolutely! Hexproof, like most abilities, only works on the battlefield.

>Second thing
Lots of different places. Starcity Games, Channel Fireball, TCGPlayer, etc. All of them have pros and cons.

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If I have mana floating around after I cast Apocalypse I can still cast my commander as long as I have the required mana for it?

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Does Fate Unraveler's ability target the player it deals damage to for the purposes of Hexproof from Aegis of the Gods?

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Did you really delete that from the other thread? We answered your question there anyway. The judge will tell you the same thing: it doesnt say target, so no.

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Absolutely. You do need to announce what mana you have floating though.

Nope- it doesn't say "target", so it doesn't.

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I did, because I initially meant to post it here. I didn't see it answered until after I had deleted and reposted it.

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Yes, why wouldn't you?

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What's the point of All and Every being the exact same thing - Not a target but rather an encompassing AoE - yet being used interchangeably and seemingly at random as wording on cards?

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I cast Ghostway with Restoration Angel and Wall of Omens in play.

End of turn, I want to trigger my wall of omens to draw a card, then trigger the angel to flicker the wall to draw another card.

is this viable?

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that's fine, I just thought it was silly.

Also judge, if I dredge a creature in my graveyard, and in response my opponent cracks relic of progenitus, do I still get the creature or no? Are the cards I would've dredged from the top of the library exiled as well or do I not touch them and leave them on top?

>> No.32439017

Probably just how it flows when you read it. I can imagine "every creature" sounding clunkier than "all creatures" in some scenarios.

Sure. No matter how you stack the triggers it's possible.

>> No.32439020 [DELETED] 

When Restoration Angel and Wall of Omens enter play, they are both entering at the same time. There is no target for Restoration Angel's ETB trigger.

>> No.32439064

They can't respond to a replacement effect.


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Did you figure out whether Grenzo"works" even if there's a rest in peace on the battlefield?

>> No.32439292

That's what I thought, thank you.

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Can a creature tap the turn it comes out if it's as cost for another creature's ability?

Say, if I have a Skirk Fire Marshal out, I drop some goblin tokens and want to use the marshal's "Tap five untapped Goblins you control: Skirk Fire Marshal deals 10 damage to each creature and each player." ability.

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If I play Phantasmal Image as a copy of Epochrasite, will Phantasmal Image always get the three +1 counters, or only if I put phantasmal image into play some other way?

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I remember I won a draft once and as I was trying to decide which card to first pick from the pool some faggot suggested that I take this shitty foil rare instead of a scaling tarn and I believed him and lost out on $75. So yea, Magic players are huge dicks on average compared to the general populace.

gA are you a mod on cockatrice? I thought you were for some reason.

>> No.32439661

>one guy was a dick

>> No.32439687

I've been playing for nearly 20 years. I was giving an example of common behavior, not justifying generalizing an entire fandom on the behavior of one individual.

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Still haven't gotten a solid answer.

You can, because the "tap untapped creatures" cost doesn't have a Tap symbol, which is the specific thing that Summoning Sickness stops.

It WON'T enter with counters, because you did cast it from your hand.

I'm not.

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I bet you'd be a good one

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Should mention that.

>> No.32439755

It will get the counters on the same basis as epochrasite, i.e. if the image was played from somewhere other than hand. It will suspend when it does but comes back as a phantasmal image (you get yo choose again) if you play it from exile.

>> No.32439761

When using AEther Vial, do additional casting costs have to be paid?

Also when using AEther Vial, do you have to choose a target in your hand for it, or can you decide as the ability resolves?

>> No.32439787

No. You don't cast cards with AEther Vial. You just put it in to play. The creature doesn't even go onto the stack. And you don't target anything in your hand. You choose what (if anything) to put into play when the ability resolves.

>> No.32439798

Eh, maybe, maybe not. My attention span is really small.

You didn't cast the card for free, you're just cheating it onto the board

Also, Vial doesn't target.

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The players in my area are generally cool but the ones that throw bitch-fits (~3 out of hundreds) are just more visible. Also, I hate that prize system for drafting unless the draft is a 'bring your own packs' draft.

>> No.32439871

Time for work, back in the evening!

>> No.32439979

That's grand, thanks guys!

>> No.32440041

Do instances of Dethrone stack? So if I had Marchesa in play and played a Dack's Duplicate, making it a copy of Marchesa's Infiltrator, would it have 3 dethrones?

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You're right.

>> No.32440105

I like the prize system because it makes drafting pure strategy rather than having raredrafting. It also makes winning more meaningful and reduces the variation of the EV.

Have you been to GPs? In Massachusetts and Keene, New Hampshire the average players at large events are jerks and it's not merely ~3 out of hundreds.

>> No.32440261


That's a thing? My store just gives out packs based on placing. Where opening good stuff and foil good stuff is a reward and not a punishment.

>> No.32440779

I just meant that the local players are cool. I've met many players at regional and national events that are jerks.

As to the drafting, my stores generally are populated by people that don't rare draft. As for the EV, my packs are generally rolled into more drafts either at the stores or with friends. The couple of times I've done the pick system, there are maybe ~2 cards that are worth anything among 16+ people. I'm not sure if that actually is better on average than packs but it feels really shitty, especially if you opened and ran a card but someone else gets it.

>> No.32440839

Yes. It's not as common though. From stores I've been to I'd say maybe 15% of places do it. Keep in mind that it technically doesn't punish anyone for opening anything, rather, it just doesn't reward them.

I like that you never have to choose between easy money and the right card for the deck you want to draft, but I can see why some people don't like it and how it takes the fun out of opening packs.

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I live in MA and I have seen some truly awful people.

Sorry that my state has such horrid people.

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Which side do you live on? I mostly go to FNM in Connecticut (where there's a lot of shitlords too) but I live in MA.

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I just got into Magic

>> No.32442908

It's okay I'm from here too so I'm in the same boat. I'm the anon you were talking to. Boston area.

Grats you just discovered the best card game in the world and should be able to enjoy it for ten more years or so until it collapses in on itself due to accelerated power creep.

>> No.32442938

>accelerated power creep
>ten years
I don't think you know what accelerated means

>> No.32443009

I do. The velocity of the power creep has been increasing over the past decade

>> No.32443093

if magic ends up being 35 years old when it dies I don't think you can attribute it to 'accelerated' power creep

>> No.32443150

The rules isn't out yet but from what i see, i don't see why it won't stack. It looks like a more permanent exalted.

>> No.32443209

510.1c A blocked creature assigns its combat damage to the creatures blocking it. If no creatures are currently blocking it (if, for example, they were destroyed or removed from combat), it assigns
no combat damage. (...)
702.19c If an attacking creature with trample is blocked, but there are no creatures blocking it when damage is assigned, all its damage is assigned to the player or planeswalker it’s attacking.

technically that seems to mean that all of the no damage from the trample creature is dealt to the opponent since it still doesn't deal damage. does that rule imply that it replaces "it deals no combat damage" in the original combat assignment, is that rule meant to deal with other kinds of damage that isn't combat damage but would be subject to trample, or something else?

basically, if mogg fanatic blocks a trampler and is sac'd, does the trampler deal a ton of damage to the opponent or does its attack basically fizzle and why.

>> No.32443231

/tg/ has been bitching that the latest block is super weak and core sets are always crap. was gatecrash a huge power spike?

>> No.32443235

the damages goes through if the attacking creature have trample.

>> No.32443239

If Magic died in 10 years i would be ecstatic
I certainly cant afford dual lands now that they at least doubled in price thanks to scumbag speculators
I cant wait until all the cards are worthless

>> No.32443284

"it assigns no combat damage" just means that there's nothing there for it to damage, that is, if it's blocked and then the blocker is sacked, it will remain blocked.

>> No.32443287

Every block is the shittiest block ever. Also each year is the year magic will REALLY be dead.

You know those crazy cults who always preached about end of the world every year? That's magic whiners, but with an added neckbeards and autism.

>> No.32443351

GTC wasn't a power spike, nor was SOM, ISD, or the RTR blocks, as a whole.
It's that THS had less strong, modern-effecting cards than any of those other blocks.

>> No.32443399

so theros sucks and the blocks before it did not increase in power very much
that does not sound like powercreep, it sounds even less like accelerating powercreep.

if anything, magic's problem is that the safety and relative balance of new sets means people really want these old 100 dollar cards that will never be reprinted.

>> No.32443452

Why not? The power creep was stable up until around mirrodin.

>>32443231 >>32443399
>was gatecrash a huge power spike?
No. You're thinking of Zendiar, Scars of Mirrodin, and Innistrad. It's a trend. That doesn't mean there won't be a few blocks in a row that are reasonable now and then.

>Implying Theros isn't the worst block in years

Oh anon just made my post for me. Thanks brosef.

>> No.32443460

first rule means that if you sac the blocker it's still blocked and the attacking creature deals no combat damage
second rule means that if you sac the creature the attacking creature (with trample of course) assigns all of its damage to defending player/planeswalker

>> No.32443486

>Why not?
because that isn't remotely fast

35 years is an incredibly long time, especially for a card game that releases new cards upwards of 4 times a year

>> No.32443542

Please make a new thread.
I only browsed gA's rules thread precisely because there's no endless complaining here.

>> No.32443621

My point was that it could last 30 more years if the power creep were only going as quickly as it went pre-mirrodin. There seems to have been a different design philosophy in place then. I could see a 4/4 for GW in the next 4 years.

>> No.32443647

>having a debate for a few post about the state of the game
>implying endless
You can just hide the replies if it bothers you that much. I'm sure it would be over in a few more posts anyway.

>> No.32443698

I think he means that those kind of posts come back in pretty much everythread but AAJ threads.

>> No.32443708

Fucking pleb, get on the dope ass fuckin white choc macadamia nut ish my night!!! Ya hurddd!!!!

>> No.32443786

If I remember correctly, it works like dryad arbor and spells with tamiyo, it never goes to the grave, it autos the exile pile. Plus grenzo has to check, so I think in there the card already has to have gone into the grave, then being overridden by rip

>> No.32443885

No, Grenzo doesn't specify from where the card should return as long as it's on the public zone. It's the same thing with Obzedat.
I think gA's confusion yesterday was because there are some that think that kind of ability should only works from the battlefield and some think it should work from anywhere.

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How foes Order of Succession work in a two player game when I have no creatures out?

>> No.32443919

Speaking of Tamiyo, what is her story anyway? Did she just suddenly appear on Innistrad for whatever reason? Where is she from anyway?

She seems like a cool planeswalker to hang out with.

>> No.32443949

Which Praetors died, and how?

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File: 705 KB, 1280x960, TamiyoMoonSage_PW_1280x960_Wallpaper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Speaking of Tamiyo, what is her story anyway?
She is a scholar
Did she just suddenly appear on Innistrad for whatever reason?
She appeared in Innistrad to study Innistrad's moons
Where is she from anyway?

>> No.32443964

Your oppenent gets nothing and you steal one of his creatures.

>> No.32443968

You get a Control Magic

>> No.32443982

Not a judge but I'm sure that
You get a creature, and your opponent doesn't. During the resolution you choose a creature of your opponent, you don't have any creatures yet, so your opponent can't choose one of yours, and then each player gains control of the chosen creatures (you get your opponents and he gets nothing).

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>> No.32444034

I figured that's where she was from, i just wish there was something more known about her.

>> No.32444041

np, magicfriend! :3

>> No.32444070

Oh my bad it's actually pretty different from Control Magic because it gets around protection effects and Hexproof/Shroud. That didn't occur to me; I thought being an enchantment was the only important difference

>> No.32444095


Maybe we will see more of her in the next block?

Or maybe a Return to Kamigawa?

>> No.32444116

What pack to buy first for a newbie?

>> No.32444132

Newbie as in you never played magic before?
Download DOTP to see if you like the gameplay or not.

>> No.32444258

Newbie as in I have played tcgs, played magic online and planewalkers. I get the rules and understand the need for synergy etc, but essentially I need more contact with the cards, decks and the resources physically available to me

>> No.32444297


"Best" way would be a core set since they aren't that convoluted with mechanics and what not

>> No.32444331

Do you have a game store nearby? Talk to them and find out when they draft.

>> No.32444357

Core set m15 will be out in a few months, maybe go to that pre release? I usually always reccomend the newest set you can get.
If you want a straight playable out of the box, then look for event decks. They're a bit pricier than starter decks but have better cards.

>> No.32444381

It depends what your goal is and how much expendable cash you have. >>32444132's advice is great if you aren't sure if you like it and don't mind buying a cheap game ($10).

For instance, if there are mostly Standard tournaments at your LGS you should figure out (preferably with the help of someone experienced) what standard deck you want to play, find a decklist from a top 8, and buy all the singles needed to play the deck instead of buying packs because you'll save a lot of money in the end that way.

If you just want to have fun on the kitchen table, then you don't need to spend nearly that much.

Magic 2014 is the easiest expansion for you to learn, but Return to Ravnica might give you better value. Someone else here might know better than me but I would get Avacyn restored packs if you can get them for the same price. You have to be careful buying individual packs, though, because stores can figure out what cards are in them and only sell you the shitty packs.

>> No.32444398

For her, the aqusition of knowledge is like sex, her ult being an orgasm of ideas.

Dare you enter?

>> No.32444427

>Dare you enter?

Enter what?

>> No.32444460

My realm of magic, of course, young apprentice.

>> No.32444482

deckbuilders toolkits are like 15$, come with 100land, 4 boosters and 100+ commons and uncommons.
Its pretty good value.
Or if you got the cash start buying playables and staples for different formats. In the end you spend less on unplayable crap

>> No.32444621



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File: 43 KB, 374x521, 635032474536484113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She only orgasms when based Meloku-sama is there, silly.

>> No.32444939

drafts let you play with people on even footing in terms of money spent
cockatrice to test random specific shit

buying cards (not packs) in bulk is most efficient
then buying singles bulk
then buying specific singles
boosters for the sake of cracking them is just gambling and not money-efficient

>> No.32446369

What is the most common way people cheat?

Any funny stories about people cheating?

>> No.32446600

I'm back, bitches

>> No.32446659

The most common cheats, by far, are cheats of opportunity. VERY few people show up to an event intending to cheat, or prepared to cheat- usually it's that they stumble across something and just keep their mouth shut. I'd say the most common way used to be noticing an opponent's trigger but pretending you didn't; nowadays, it's probably just accidentally drawing/seeing extra cards and not mentioning it.

>> No.32446714

What is the most blatant cheating you've ever seen?

>> No.32446756

Not in an event, but we used to have a rather unsavory character in our playgroup that had a bad habit of drawing cards whenever people weren't looking and then trying to justify why he had 9 cards in his hand.

>> No.32446805

Is stealing a common problem in tournaments?

>> No.32446875

Not really. There was a little upswing of it for a bit a few years ago, but the TOs started cracking down on it hard- I know at Salt Lake City there was a bag system. When you walked in, you got a numbered wristband, and a matching numbered tag for your bag. If you tried to leave with a bag that didn't match your number, security wouldn't let you.

>> No.32447491

>the most common way used to be noticing an opponent's trigger but pretending you didn't
is that even cheating? are you obligated to point out an opponent's trigger if they missed it and you noticed it? does that apply only to mandatory triggers or optionals that would clearly be used?

>> No.32448828

Yes, that's cheating.

>> No.32448856

I thought they changed it so you don't have to. But maybe they changed it back.

>> No.32448889

oh they changed it back?

>> No.32448971

I don't know, to be honest, but what I do know is that if your opponent misses a trigger you're not allowed to let it fall to the wayside, and you should call a judge

>> No.32449160

It's not cheating NOW, but it used to be. Back a few years ago, you were required to point out your opponent's missed triggers if you noticed them.

Not anymore.

> what I do know is that if your opponent misses a trigger you're not allowed to let it fall to the wayside, and you should call a judge
That's actually no longer correct. You are now 100% allowed to notice your opponent has missed a trigger and not call attention to it.

>> No.32449195

Yay I knew my judge stuff! :3

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ahh, please forgive me ga senpai

>> No.32449406

What's to forgive? You made a mistake, you were corrected, and now you know a new thing.

That's how learning works. You learned. That's good!

>> No.32449522

What's the maddest you've ever seen someone get at a tournament? Have people actually flipped tables?

>> No.32449758

Maddest I've seen was someone on the verge of a screaming fit because they tried to spin their opponent calling it a draw at the end of extra turns "a concession".

He didn't flip the table, but he did get very red in the face, and raised his voice quite a lot. I asked him to go outside and calm down.

>> No.32450635

Bump while I cube draft poorly

>> No.32451187

Well I got wrecked/

>> No.32451381

Is your group going to add any of the draft-specific cards from conspiracy to any cubes?

>> No.32451744

We don't actually have cubes, I'm just doing Cube on MODO.

>> No.32451919

From what I understand that's become commonplace, at least at SCG Events.Generally the best defense against theft is to only bring what you need - deck, pen, lifepad.

the worst I've seen was someone yell "FUCK THIS SHIT!" after getting killed by a random bonfire of the damned. judge gave him a USC Major since there were several kids in the room, but decided to downgrade to a warning since it was the last match of the night.

>> No.32452138

That should NOT have been Major. That's USC Minor all day, but NOT Major.

>> No.32452267


Can Venser bounce things played with Show and Tell? I would assume no but I want to be sure.

>> No.32452354

Shaper Savant? Sure, they're permanents.

>> No.32452404


I meant bouncing them as a spell, not once they've resolved. So it could hit things like Emrakul.

>> No.32452486

You can bounce Show and Tell, or you can bounce Emrakul, but you can't bounce Emrakul as he's entering the battlefield, since Show and Tell puts him there. Venser CAN hit Emrakul, though, because Venser's bounce isn't a spell, it's an ability.

>> No.32452493

Triggerfag here. I will never forgive you.

was he a stereotypical overweight neckbeard?

>> No.32452497

They're never a spell. They go from your hand, to the battlefield. There is never a point that they're on the stack.

That said, Venser can bounce Emrakul, the permanent, ANYWAY.

>> No.32452520

MTGO or what? -Oh wait you answered already

cube is the second best format
Vintage is best

>> No.32452586

Yeah, MTGO.

I picked up a few blue cards in the first few packs because nothing else jumped out at me (and I'm awful at Magic), ended up going deep into black.

Ran mono-black splashing red for like two cards (MISTAKE). Ended up 1-2.

Death Cloud did work though.

>> No.32452676

>because Venser's bounce isn't a spell
Regardless you still couldn't do it either way because no player gets priority in the middle of a spell's resolution.

>> No.32452713

Correct, which is why you let S&T resolve, pick Venser as the card you're putting on the field, then, when his ability triggers upon entering the battlefield, bounce Emrakul. Nobody said you were doing it in the middle of S&T.

>> No.32452771

S&T is cast and resolves. I'm assuming, I mean you are bouncing Emmy.
S&T's effect begins resolving.
>Opponent puts Emmy on to the battlefield.
>>Emrakul's on-cast trigger does not happen since she wasn't cast.
>You put Venser on to the battlefield.
>>Venser's trigger goes on to the stack above S&T. It will attempt to resolve once S&T finishes resolving.
>No more players, S&T is done.
Venser trigger.

>> No.32452891

Close. Venser TRIGGERS, but his trigger isn't added to the stack until the next time SBAs would be checked.

>> No.32453036


What does SBA stand for?

>> No.32453087

state based action

>> No.32453088


It's basically the janitor of the game. Immediately before a player gains priority, EVERY TIME a player would gain priority, SBAs get checked. They basically check to see if anything is fucky. They include (but are not limited to)

>Does any creature have lethal damage
>Does any creature have 0 or less toughness
>Are there 2+ legends with the same name on one side of the field
>Are there 2+ Planeswalkers with the same subtype on one side of the field
>Are there some number of +1/+1 and -1/-1 counters on the same permanent

Etc. They look at the stuff that shouldn't be, and they fix it.

>> No.32453145

State Based Actions.

The stuff the computer usually handles.
Put stuff on the stack. Put dead dudes into the graveyard. Players lose the game. Poof tokens and copies that aren't in the zone they were created in.

They happen before any player gains priority, any time a player could gain priority.

They are also not checked during ability resolution, same reason you can't bounce Emmy mid Show and Tell upthread.
It leads to one or two weird situations. Like Proteus Staff and tokens.

>> No.32453387


>> No.32453781

>Nobody said you were doing it in the middle of S&T.
Uhh he said "as a spell" so it's only logical to assume he meant "when they would be put into play" thinking that they counted as a spell at that time
>I meant bouncing them as a spell, not once they've resolved.

Unless you think he thought cards in his fucking hand were spells, which is totally fucking asinine, then it means that he was talking about in the middle of resolving S&T.

>> No.32453816

>Death Cloud
>muh standard overgrown cemetery nostalgia

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