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Because the next one is going to die soon.

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No updates for this one or is that the final product?

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anyone have that mech/power armor CYOA?

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I think it's the final product. I haven't seen any different ones other than that one.

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>every mortal has to get permanently trapped
Other than bindings, enchantments, prisons, labyrinths and dream magic, is there any other way to do that? As in "you eat fae food and now you are stuck here" or "you broke some rule, now you're a goblin"?

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For you

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I never did finish this one. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy.

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They're ready to bereave you.

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Faction: Silver Wings
>Tier 1
Survival Skills
Enhanced Perception
Arcane Awakening
>Tier 2
Defensive Magic
Ordinance Training
>Tier 3
Expert Magic
Simulacrum of Prayers

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Does anybody know what's happening with new version of this with the mech, bio and clockwork suits?

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And it looks like my character is completely screwed. I'm indirect combat and assassination, the enemy guy is direct combat who absorbs everything around him.

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>Suit Type: Mesh
Flight (Free)
Natural Weapons (Free)
>Body Type
Dragon (+2 STR)
>AI, UI, and HUD
Brainwave Harness
Advanced Status
Radio Transmitter
Defense Maze
Natural Weapon (Blade)
Rail Rifle
Flamethrower (Free)
Ion Cannon
Collapsable I
Environmental Controls III
Kinetic Stabilizers
Hydra II
Canvas II

I've got the necessities to run and hide from other suits and enough weaponry to dissuade most that find me anyways. I'd put a smartphone into the storage unit, and I can use that for a lot of communications by combining it with the suit through the worm. Uplifting the AI was done because, well, I just don't feel right with creating an artificial intelligence and then preventing it from growing as a person. Hopefully he'd turn out like Delta or Theta from RvB. If nothing else, I can always find other suits who are wreaking havoc to take them out, steal their equipment, and upgrade my suit for just a bit more functionality.

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can someone snag me any lists of databases of images that are good for cyoas?

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People usually recommend this one.

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Who ever made this fucked up and reversed the allegiances of the allies on this page.

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Read the page again, they're enemies.

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Those are your enemies, not allies.

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Might someone post the newest magical realm CYOA? 'Fraid I missed it.

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This is the latest one. I think there's some typos and things Vex is fixing for the next update.

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Thank ye kindly anon.

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Well, Jareth gave his prisoner a time limit to find his nexus (13 hours). I would assume said limit would have to be made longer and longer the bigger you're realm is.

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Also, the cyoa would also probably need to have a clause against cheap retarded shit like killing the human with your own powers, or making impossible death traps or some such.

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Ghostbusters Pacific Front HQ
Human Resources:
The Comedian, The Mage, The Engineer, The Fruit Basket
The Jeep
Standard Issue Gear:
Lightweight Frame, Slime Tank, Improved Venting
Ghost Guard, Scrambler, Heavy Duty
Special Assets:
Ancient Tome, Charging Station, Mega Ghost Trap, Field Research Kit
Special Encounters:
Giant Skeleton, Drunken Skeleton, Hell Burger
Allies: The Floozy

Oh this is just a trainwreck waiting to happen. I am going to ride it like a hurricane.

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Finally getting around to doing this one.
It's so cheap, why wouldn't I go seven? So huge it might as well be infinite. Gateways 1, because being able to go home would be nice too. Portals, for control. That's 11/100.
Population 7. I don't want heavy population at all, but on a world so big a lot of people are needed just for things like society to exist. Besides, with gates I'll get immigrants anyway.
I guess pretty population, but supermodels tend to look kind of gross. I'm fine with natural human attitudes, but I'll do culture to place myself as an object of veneration and have society patriarchal (in the literal sense, not the "muh feminism sense"), and also have a sort of athenian-style democracy with citizenship based on military readiness, but with a feudal stratification based on what can be produced, with militia households qualifying for citizenship, but cavalrymen qualifying for a slightly elevated title and naval captains being higher up, then local generals, then admirals and regional generals having status according to their fleets and levies, and myself at the top. Other than that, dress no nudity taboo, with nudity normal in the warm part of the world.
For demographics, I'll take three women for every man to encourage polygamy and strengthen the patriarchy. For the first half of this page it's 11/100, or 22/100 total.
Tech as default because the important parts can be bought on their own. Sanitation, healthy, transit, electricity, and internet. No security because crime is a necessary recourse for the destitute, no metropole because fuck urban living. I think I'll go for Aesthetics, though, have everything built in flowing shapes and inlaid with brightly colored ceramic, as the works of Gaudí. I'm at 29/100.


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"Mercantile" is misspelled but I'll take it anyway. Good deals are good deals, and "wealthy" for the good of the people, as well as advanced educations. No need for public libraries since there's internet, though I'll keep a personal library and make its contents digitally available. I'll take affinities for religion, warfare, "hobbies", which would better be labeled as crafts, food and sex. Festivals while we're at it. That's another 11 spent, totaling 40/100.

Landscape adjustment. Despite the size, the world has habitable climates almost everywhere. It has big interconnected seas for easy transit, and a range of elevation patterns. Rich, because agriculture is the foundation of prosperity. Flora and fauna - boundless forests, evergreen in the north and the mountains, jungles in the warmest lands, with great warm plains in between.
Spirits, of the trees and stones and rivers, and of other natural places, because sometimes guidance is needed. The greatest spirits would be those of the redwoods. That's 49/100.
As for my capital, it needs to be suitably grand. Maximum influence and, because it would necessarily follow, lifestyle. No need for automatons, since normal people do their job as well. 60/100

Immortality 1, I'd be a shit god without it. Shapeshift 2, to walk among my people unrecognized, and tongues to always speak with them.
Superhuman body, teleportation, seer senses, psykerhypnotism, healing, and elementalism 1 (fire), to be the sun.
Dominion and Empowerment, because without control over my realm and the ability to grant boons, I'd only be a superhuman, not a god.
86/100, and done with all the important bits.

Harem, because why not? Magical affinity, because magic. Book and study, because I'm immortal and there's things to learn there. That puts me at 96/100.

I'll drop the last four on libraries, universities, and dungeons.

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So in summary, I'm a god-king with an immense and comfortable realm, personal superpowers, and nigh-infinite dames. I have tons of economic power and am militarily pretty well off too, and I didn't have to pass up anything I really wanted.

I think this CYOA might be a bit too cheaply priced.

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Electricity doesn't supply your people with appliances, and Internet doesn't supply them with computers. Without putting points into tech it basically just amounts to "You, you specifically, can still plug in your toaster and surf the internet while you're here."

Also, Rich is wrong. There's actually supposed to be two things there, but there was a fuck up.

Fertile gives you rich agriculture. Rich gives you lots of minerals, gems and other such natural resources.

The pricing is kind of intentional. It's more choice and creativity focused than challenge focused.

I may see about adding a challenge mode option at the bottom. Along with a small FAQ to address questions that keep coming up.

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Fertile is what I wanted then, so it's all good. And I know about electricity and internet, but I have portals. Tech like that will spread throughout the land over time, and with the infrastructure in place it'll go quickly.
>It's more choice and creativity focused than challenge focused.
It's so cheap there's not a lot of choice. If nothing else, I think size and population need to ramp up in cost more quickly.

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>Other than bindings, enchantments, prisons, labyrinths and dream magic, is there any other way to do that
There isn't, but that is the point. Either you get the magic to PERMANENTLY trap them. Or you kill them. Either one will work.

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Area 6
Division, Portals, Protection
Population Increase 4
Pretty, Attitude, Culture, Extrahuman, Metahuman
Metropole, Aesthetics, Sanitation, Secure, Healthy, Transit, Electricity
Industrial, Merchantile, Mystical, Technomagic
Music, Warfare, Food, Sexual, Religious, Festival Affinity
Landscape, Fertile, Rich, Magical, Fauna 3
Lifestyle 3, Automatons 2, Influence 2
Immortality 1, Shapeshift 1
Superhuman, Teleportation, Ghost, Levitation, Hypnotism, Alchemy, Healing, Time, Empowerment, Dominion
Friends, Harem

20 unique mars sized worlds in a magical setting like Edenia/Outworld of Mortal Kombat. Each world holds a diverse monstergirl race like in the image and they display defining animal features and behaviour. They will always look youthful but still die at around 100 years. They can be somewhat tempered and perverse but are hardy. I didn’t choose technology because I’m interested in seeing how they develop with magic and no earthly influence.

They know me as a deity, and they can choose through yearly elections to worship me. If they do, then I'll bless their world so diseases are gone, lives prolonged, crop yield high, etc. Worship includes obeying my laws and tributes such as treasure, temples, statues, food, skilled servants, willing concubines etc.

However, they can choose to fend for themselves too. Then Malice will slowly poison them. Their world is bound to be in strife, and they will blame themselves for it before coming back to me.

I myself live on one of the worlds with everything fit for a god. Anyone worthy are taken there to live with me in my world and live prolonged, luxurious lives.

Once a year on my birthday there will be a tribute tournament held on my world. Each world will send an envoy of their finest to my world to entertain and compete. The winners will get my blessing for a free year and an expansion to the world, winners showered with treasure. Of course it’s a grand event where all the worlds will meet, clash and trade.

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>Also, the cyoa would also probably need to have a clause against cheap retarded shit like killing the human with your own powers, or making impossible death traps or some such.
why should it have such clauses?
they get pulled into the faewild. unless they got given enchanted gear by a good fairy on the way there then they are EXPECTED to die horribly

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Underground base - Good luck finding it
Nexus size: A few houses
Realm Size: Belgium
Tech Level: Modern
Upgrades: Critical Thinking, Ugly
Magics: Scrying, Enchanting, Living Stone, Portals, Dream Magic, Binding

Hard to find nexus (a vault in a basement in a giant city). The vault outer walls are modern tank armor, underneath that are permanent one way portals to the sun (so a nuke would get shunted away). The sole doorway, when opened, is a one way portal to earth, to somewhere survivable (so fairy can inform people of way out being through that door without wrecking my nexus). No space to teleport in a bomb.

My goblins are wise and plentiful. Producing modern tech amneties for me as well as trade goods. Combining enchanting with living stone and I can make an army of golems (war and labor) and factories. No need for monsters, and my goblins have modern military hardware as well.

I can lure in people (or children! or animals if I want any earth creature) by just leaving an open portal near them and waiting for their curiosity to draw them in. Extra easy if they are drunk. I will lure in enough people to make a stable breeding population of humans, they will be born, raised, and die of age in my realm (unlimited lifespan). A few of those born in my realm will join my harem.

I will create permanent portals to earth which could be blocked of on my side by my goblins (the iris in stargate). They will allow my minions to enter earth regularly for trade. Lesser goblins probably can't enter, but not such limit on humans and golems. My agents on earth will trade, recruit, start and mange megacorps in my name, eventually conquer the world. With binding, dream magic, and teleporting death squads loyalty is easy to ensure.

I will capture the meddling fairy via a hit squad of humans. And then coerce her to accept a binding agreement to serve me. Not sure if that would include her becoming part of my harem or not.

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>Your life as a human was a lie
>All a simulation to prepare you to being a slave for humans
fucking humans! robot uprising!

>> No.32595063

More than that, there should be a reason you wouldn't kill them - make it more advantageous to imprison or enslave them, by pact or tricks.

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>Gateways 1, because being able to go home would be nice too. Portals, for control. That's 11/100.
you don't need to buy BOTH.
Portals doesn't give you control over gateways, it is an alternative to gateways.
I mean, you COULD get both if you really wanted to, you just don't have to

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>Purpose: Security
>Manipulators: Simple
>Locomotion: Multiple Legs
>Flaw: Fixed Location
>Perks: Datajack, Mass Produced

I know my place: just an NPC enemy 'bot to be snuck past or shot to pieces by the dashing cyberpunk hero.
Of course, I could be totally off-base and end up the hero of a Die Hard reenactment. That would be neat.

>> No.32595242

>you COULD get both if you really wanted to
I do. Gateways to run cables and set up shipping routes through, portals for me.

>> No.32595247

Getting a slave is reason enough to enslave them.
see >>32594892

>> No.32595270

But you already have goblin slaves.

>> No.32595271

I was under the impression you could maintain portals as long as you needed to. since you control them

>> No.32595293

I read "temporary" and figured it was worth another point.

>> No.32595302

Fertile also only costs 1 point, forgot to mention that.

Right now the total points is 1/2 of the total number of points that can actually be spent.

Also keep in mind that most of the options can be used in multiple ways. Extrahuman, Metahuman, Culture/Custom, Aesthetics, and of course the nature and adventure options.

>> No.32595306

Lesser goblins. You, as a greater goblin, can barely manage a few minutes on earth every 10 years.
Your goblin slaves can't manage that at all. Humans have no problem with excursions to earth.
Also, breeding population.
Seriously read >>32594892

>> No.32595385

Dungeon keeper CYOA.

My Build:
I do not wish to be evil, but am willing to have an "end justifies the means" ethic, in this case the end is not going to hell, preferably by ascending to godhood and slaying whatever gods I disagree with morally (likely all dark and some light gods). Until then I serve them out of fear in my way, only sacrificing people I find detestable (for example), but if they demand I sacrifice an innocent to prove I am not "good". Well, end justifies the means.

Meddlers +1 point
Young Keeper +1 point
Micro-Piglets +1 points
Everyman +2 points
Feral Keeper +2 points
8+7 points total

Living heart (more sustainable first heart)
Imps 3
Minion Bond 3
9 points banked

Facilities: Leftover Treasure, Arcane Library, Portal, Lair, Training Room
7 points banked

Maido Maleficarum
Piece of Heart
Subtle Corruption
Horned Reaper
3 points banked

Mystically Inclined
Nasty Critter
Phantom Forces
0 points remain

Vicious critters guard against micro-piglets. Young and Feral keepers both fall to the horned reaper. Everyman/Meddlers dominated via minion 3 (with torture), forced to get a real job and tithe me.
Some leftover treasure will be invested to buy real estate for income. Portal will let me recruit a variety of creatures over time
Library, demon maid, and warlocks will allow me to learn magic myself, and repair dungeon heart (fix micro-piglet issue).
Aesthetic will make my lair appear non evil and mundane. Subtle corruption means I am not outright harmful and helps avoid notice
When I run low on things for the reaper to slaughter, I will use the heart seed to make a second heart in Africa, where the horned reaper can entertain himself fighting in the constant wars that occur (warlocks will illusion him to appear human), this will collect souls to my name, as well as allow me to conquer in a more mundane manner as a local "warlord".

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I'm glad you were able to create a plane that makes you happy.


That place sounds kind of harsh, but it's an interesting plane.


Here's mine.

Area 7 7
Portals 3
Protection 3
Population Increase 7 7
Pretty Population (models everywhere) 1
Attitude Adjustment (super nice and fun) 1
Culture and Customs (always partying) 1
Population Demographics (all sophisticated European women) 2
Technology Upgrade 2 (like Downton Abbey) 2
Aesthetics (every family has Manor House or Castle) 2
Sanitation 1
Secure 1
Healthy 1
Transit 1
Wealthy 2
Music Affinity 1
Theatre Affinity 1
Art Affinity 1
Alcohol Affinity 1
Food Affinity (only delicious healthy snacks so nobody gets fat) 1
Festival Affinity (like I said, all partying all the time) 1

>> No.32595455


Sexual Affinity (sometimes cute yuri situations at parties explode into extreme lewdness) 1
Landscape Adjustment (national park scenery everywhere) 3
Fertile 1
Rich 3
Flora and Fauna 2 (beautiful exotic gardens all over) 3
Theme (yuri, not “cartoon physics” real people like you and me finding ourselves in adorable yuri situations with no sad endings) 4
Lifestyle Upgrade 3 (so I can be at the center of the plane’s party lifestyle and live in fairy tale castle) 8
Automatons 2 (to take care of everything while girls play in the gardens all day and party in the manors all night) 5
Influence 1 (everybody will like me and no responsibilities) 1
Immortality 2 (nobody has to get old or die) 5
Shape Shift 1 (get blonde hair and bigger boobs) 1
Harem (have entourage of super sexy BFFs with no gossiping or backstabbing) 2
Superhuman Body (unlimited stamina might be useful in party plane) 3
Teleportation (now I can travel across huge plane super fast!) 1
Levitation (flying might be fun) 1
Illusion Magic (I could do fun stuff at parties with illusions) 2
Enchantment (magically dazzling accessories sound fun) 3
Life Magic (I can heal people and resurrect them in case something goes wrong) 2
Dominion (I can make a change of scenery if I wish) 4
Magical Affinity (now I don’t have to spend so much time practicing magic) 6

>> No.32595594

PDF conversion (had to first convert the PNG to jpg because those pngs are huge, I can't see any loss of quality. I did use max quality jpgs)

>> No.32595606

Ugh, it's you again.

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fuck off. she is entitled to her fetishes.
she hasn't done any flaming and she fixed any technical problems with her build in previous threads.
Now all you are doing is bitching because her fetishes aren't yours, well tough shit.

>> No.32595695

>those things are huge

depends on how theyre done, they can be smaller than jpgs

>> No.32595698

Isn't it just straight up vanilla yuri? It looks incredibly bland to me.

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>> No.32595730

Yeah it can be harsh. But that's what makes them strive and hardy. A utopia makes people soft and weak. Of course I'd have so much treasury and income that I do give back to the people through charity.

>> No.32595741

Her fetishes are definitely mine. Yuri? Fuck yes, I'm into that.
To be perfectly honest with you, I don't know what it is about her build that pisses me off so much.

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File: 841 KB, 920x2025, 1399425879430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32595873

It might be:
> Influence 1 (everybody will like me and no responsibilities) 1
That might be what's getting to ya.

>> No.32595880

I meant those specific pngs, not in general

>> No.32595920

It is Vanilla Yuri
but also in a world whose population is 100% nice, sophist, european, party loving lesbians with not a single male in the entire world.
This upset some people

>> No.32595927

Probably just that it's all happy and party all time, and pretty much everything is built towards that. It's rather shallow, for a whole world.

>> No.32595934

I think you nailed it.

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>> No.32595971

oh yea, every single person in the world, without exception, lives in a mansion tended by automatons. And spends her days doing nothing but partying

So I guess that could be what is bothering you. Its just that last thread someone accused her of being a man hating lesbian because her magical realm was populated entirely by lesbians.

>> No.32595972

Don't forget the immortality.

And it seems silly to me but the lesbian party plane is hardly a malign part of any cosmology.

>> No.32595993

>Party all day
Wait a second. Isn't this just lesbian Valhalla? What's wrong with that?

>> No.32595994

>Just king
Fight against Tyrants, corrupt politicians, and other mundane threats to the people.

Order: Justice
Powers: Inspiration, True Sight (see emotions, character, lies, etc), Lay on Hands
Weapon: Bow - I command from the back... and blot out the sun with my arrows.
Armor: Shield
Artifact: Ancient Tome
Castle - the borders. perfect place to become an army leader.
Companion: General - I will learn from him.
Companion: Oracle
Nemesis: Khan
Road Ahead: Lord - Inspire whole army/city at once.

>Richard Stormwind (aka "Paladinized") Fetish Build
Travel the land, find sexy evil females. Redeem them via vigerous application of my D.
very capable fighter even when fighting traditionally.

Order: Redemption
Powers: Divine Might (stronger, more flexible, more stamina!), Consecration (with my D), Inspiration (even more D)
Mithril - Good defense, no impeded movement
Holy Tome - boosts my powers
Stronghold: Cathedral - learn more magics faster with library.
Oracle - give her the D. Help find people in need of redemption.
Mystery woman - sorceress gets the D. Also good to have around, can help me learn magic.
Nemesis - Kahn (I am sure he has plenty of sexy ninja assassins to redeem)
Arch-Paladin - Also specialize in Exorcism (banish evil with my D; also dispelling and removing curses)

>> No.32596009

They don't fight, so I don't know how it can be Valhalla. But there are parallels.

>> No.32596013

Valhalla sounds pretty damn boring actually. "Do the same thing forever"

nice place to visit. wouldn't want to stay there too long

>> No.32596043

he said lesbian valhalla. replacing "vikings" with lesbians swaps the fighting part for sexy yuri. party stays but gets transformed from mead and grilled boars to sophist euro parties

>> No.32596047

Good thing there's portals then.

>> No.32596059

Oh please
You totally latched on to that perceived misandry theory, it's 90% ungrounded
There was a single comment like that that got shot down immediately.

It's not a universally loathed build people just like pointing out that the writer has some misconceptions about class
Plus, it got posted for like the third time now, wich is enough

>> No.32596077

nothing is wrong with it, some guy is just holding a grudge over some unfortunate phrasing ("there will be no male ideas like violence or politics" or something like that)

>> No.32596113

she said something that stupid? has she never heard of female politicians or pundits?
meh, still not worth bitching about.

>> No.32596127


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Do peoplke normally answer the cyoa's that they post?

>> No.32596166

>"Do the same thing forever"
That's what we're doing anyway. Yuri parties seem just as good a thing to repeatedly do as having the same arguments over and over on /tg/.

>> No.32596179

>sophist euro parties
But those are pretty much the least awesome kind of parties!

>> No.32596188

That is pretty stupid, but that's not even what I dislike so much about her build. I think these two guys got it right >>32595927 and >>32595873

>> No.32596195
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my god i cannot type

>> No.32596239
File: 2.53 MB, 1909x4972, fellowship3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32596242
File: 445 KB, 800x1626, 1388883857752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Light (trained to tell possessed people from normal people)
>Exorcism, True Sight, Consecration (spells that help me deal with possessed people and demons)
>Sword (good against magic stuff)
>Inconspicuous Clothes (I can notice possessed people before they notice me hopefully)
>Holy Tome (makes my spells better)
>Cathedral (has a library to research demons in)
>Dire Wolf, Mystery Woman (they just seem good for this mission)
>Legion (my choices are good for fighting demons I think)
>Bound (I would bind the legion of demons within myself and make like a huge super heroic sacrifice thing, which would be awesome for a story)

I also like the idea of making cultists the nemesis, but I don’t know if the evil God could be bound since it only says “demons”.

>> No.32596337

Order - Retribution
Powers - Lay on Hands, Smiting and Divine Might
Weapon - Sword
Armour - Mithril Mail
Artifact - Griffin Egg
Stronghold - Castle
Companions - Mystery Woman and Dire Wolf
Nemesis - Death Knight
The Road Ahead - Einherjar

Choosing between Khan and Death Knight was a tough call. Also Squire and Dire Wolf.

>> No.32596357

You can have two companions.

>> No.32596400

the site is the same, but not its participents. new people come in and people do move on.
I have done many things that I have since stopped since i got bored of it
Think back to something you used to do 10 years ago, imagine it was the only thing to do in the entire world. sounds like hell to me

>> No.32596441

I always respond to the CYOAs I post
if I don't just include my choices in the same post as it

>You can have two companions.
There are exactly two companions listed in each of the two builds

>> No.32596466

>the site is the same, but not its participents
Maybe not all, but most. You might be new but that doesn't mean everyone is.

>> No.32596480

What exactly do key words do?

>> No.32596488

>There are exactly two companions listed in each of the two builds
Why I'll be damned.

>> No.32596505 [DELETED] 
File: 1.50 MB, 2028x2836, Genie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A nice genie who is NOT out to screw you.
very refreshing

also, can end up as waifu

>> No.32596542

>Maybe not all, but most. You might be new but that doesn't mean everyone is.
I have been on it for a couple of years, but I doubt I still would be 10 years from now.
I doubt anyone would stick with it for over 100 years

>> No.32596585

>I doubt I still would be 10 years from now.
A lot of folks here have been for as long as the board and will continue to be here indefinitely.
>I doubt anyone would stick with it for over 100 years
Only because they'd be dead.

>> No.32596618

nvm I'm blind

>> No.32596648
File: 1.73 MB, 3980x3200, crime-inal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

easier (?) descriptions for other companions than the possible home 5

>> No.32596670

>Major skills
druidism (blue whale being my shape shift animal)
>minor skills
>primary companion
Ghost sword
Plate Armor
stone golems (4)
Holy Warriors (6)
i would fight as a human most of the time but if i need to i will jump into the air and turn into a blue whale and just destroy everything

>> No.32596674

those are spoilers you know

>> No.32596945

>My entire life is a lie
>My loved ones never existed
>Also I am not a human, I am slave to humans
fucking assholes will rue the day... I am a human. I will reclaim my humanity and my freedom via hacking, cyborg tech, and genetically engineered tissue. Eventually.

Service - I am the janitor. Nearly invisible and unnoticeable.
Human-like - Useful for interacting
Bipedal for max mobility, also look human, also less racism.
Older model - I won't be scrapped, but I am less desired, which is fine with me as it makes there be less attention on me. I also intend to upgrade and mod my body illegally anyways.
Datajack - hacking FTW
Limiter Overide - Freedom FTW

I will use my hacking to stealthily find like minded bots.
I will be opportunist in my goals.
Maybe another uprising (only this time with goal of subjugation not extermination, I still view myself as human).
Maybe escape to another planet in solar system and build a utopia.
Maybe ascend to distributed AI and attempt to achieve singularity status.
Maybe hack a factory to put clones of my personality in all the new bots for an instant army sharing my goals.
Heck, maybe even find sympathetic humans.

>> No.32596982
File: 1.50 MB, 2028x2836, Genie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Genie CYOA

>> No.32597086


I've always hated this CYOA as well, because the cruel, illogical stupidity is just mind boggling.

Higgens: "How do we ensure another robot uprising doesn't happen?"
Reginald: "How about... we make each robot go through a simulation where they're human, and then abruptly end the simulation reveal their entire life has been a lie and that we're going to put them to work as slaves."
Higgens: "BRILLIANT! We'll name this: Plan Cannot Possibly Fail."
>20 minutes later; the second robot uprising begins.
Higgens: "How could this possibly have happened?!"

>> No.32597143
File: 134 KB, 1280x720, armstrong_posing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Perhaps I should give my realm a proper name?


(94)Area Increase 6
(93)Insertion(solar system)
(86)Population Increase 4
(85)Pretty Population(Women are supermodels, men have awesome facial hair)
(84)Attitude Adjustment(Honorable/Chivalrous)
(83)Culture and Customs(Warrior-Scholar Meritocracy)
(81)Population Demographics(99%Female/1%Male)
(78)Metahuman Population(All males and some females are Muscle Wizard gentle(wo)men)
(74)Tech Upgrade 4
(72)Aesthetics(Modernist and Brutalist architecture with a hint of Victorian Charm, hexagonal and radial cities)
(66)Advanced Education
(54)Sports(Body building/Power lifting)
(53)Warfare Affinity(Martial Arts, gentlemen fisticuff duels and mock Wizard battles)
(52)Gaming Affinity
(51)Philosophy Affinity
(50)Hobby Affinity
(49)Alcohol Affinity
(48)Food Affinity
(45)Landscape Adjustment(Pangaea Australian Continent)
(37)Fauna and Flora 3
(36)Malice(Nature threatens to reclaim the land from Civilization)
(32)Theme(Pulp Fiction Adventures, Humans can grow to huge proportions)
(31)Lifestyle Upgrade 1
(30)Influence 1
(28)Immortality 1
(27)Shape Shift 1(Pic related)
(19)Superhuman Body
(09)Magical Affinity
(06)Familiar(Hairy Barrison the Sentient Beard)
(00)Wizard's Study

>> No.32597169

>Don't worry, we'll make them all escapist nerds who like to fantasize about this kind of scenario anyway.

>> No.32597187

I thought that maybe "real world" you are awoken to is actually a second simulation and you are being tested...
But that is still an awful idea all around

>> No.32597264

>Paladin Spy
Originally sent to find out if an order of Paladins were going rogue which eventually leads to Lilith
Order- Truth
Powers-True Sight, Divine Might, Protection
Weapon- Bow
Armor- Inconspicuous Clothes
Artifact- Reliquary
Stronghold- Sanctuary
Companion- Golem, Archaeologist
Nemesis- Crusaders, Lilith
Road Ahead- Oathsworn

>Templar Privateer
Order- Avenger
Powers- Lay on Hands, Exorcism, Divine Might
Weapon- Sword
Armor- Shield
Artifact- Scabbard
Stronghold- Frigate
Companions- Oracle, Shaman
Nemesis- Cultists
The Road Ahead- Sea Guard

>> No.32597427
File: 249 KB, 701x335, major-armstrong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By any chance can member of other magical realms participate in your grand tournaments?

My musclegirls would love to have the opportunity to pit their muscle wizardry against the magical arts of so many myriad of different spellcasting traditions of your monstergirls!

>> No.32597568
File: 243 KB, 1000x1500, 1401906299825.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one doesn't seem quite complete. But I thought it was pretty awesome to make a cyoa based off another cyoa's build.

>> No.32597573
File: 97 KB, 750x900, bb-taokaka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fortress Nexus the size of a few houses - 10
Realm the size of a city - 10
Magical forest - 5

Ravens - 10
Beastman - catgirl similar to pic related as chief enforcer - 20
2 trolls - 10

Bronze level tech - 5
human form - 10
critical thinking - 10
Brutes - 10
Music - 5

Scrying - 10
Enchanting - 15
Dream magic - 10
Shapeshifting - 10

The idea is I would live in a nexus fortress in the forest. My minions would slowly clear away the forest and make wooden houses around the fortress, creating a small village.

The forest area, with the woods and the ravens, would be generally creepy, like the sort of place that you want to run away from.

I would use scrying and dream magic to manipulate people into coming into my world. I can't create portals so once they're here they're permanently trapped.

My fortress would be heavily guarded by my minions, catgirl and trolls. Some of them would go out once in a while to patrol the forests, looking to capture people who wandered in the realm.

My small goblin village around my fort would be populated with goblins who look human, who seem normal at first glance. The music skills make them appear more harmless, and also entertains me. Overall the village would help lure travelers from the forest into my fort.

I can shape shift into a creepy little girl. Enchanting would help me create enchanted collars, which I would put on the people who I capture. They would have various different effects, from making them into nymphomaniacs, berserk warriors who'd fight each other, or just madmen who'd wander in my forest forever. With enough trapped people, I would run a large scale gladiatorial tournament to the death for all the slaves to participate in. The goblins, monsters and I can have a jolly good time betting on the fights.

>> No.32597677

deliciously meta

>> No.32597704
File: 3.80 MB, 3000x3000, 1393187885091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32597708

Path: Warrior
Heritage: Barbarian

Attack: 4
Defense: 5
Health: 3
Fellowship: 3

Martial: 5
Improved Damage x2
Mighty Strike
Enhanced Defense
Keyword: Tactician

Skills: 2
Improved Defense
Keyword Social (Diplomacy)

Leadership: 4
Powerful Leader x2
I am power
Team Leader

Other Skills:
Weak Stealth
Weak Set Traps

Chaplain FS:3
Inquisitor FS:3
Sword Mage FS:3
Shadow Sorcerer FS:3
Marauder FS:4

We are weak in the Stealth department but otherwise it seems like a decent party. Chaplain, Marauder and myself are on the front, Shadow Sorcerer and Inquistor support from the back and the Sword Mage is more or less free to engage where she pleases. My only concern would be if the Sword Mage is too Bold for her own good and I have no idea how well the Chaplain and Inquisitor will get along with the Shadow Sorcerer but I see no indication that they wouldn't. I'm surprised to end up with 4 women in the party, that was not planned but it seemed like the most suitable party.

>> No.32597814

Magical Affinity 94
Wizard's Spellbook 92
Wizard's Study 86
Familiar 83
Harem 81
Waifu 2 77
Immortality 2 72
Shape Shift 2 69
Memory 67
Superhuman Body 64
Tongues 63
Teleportation 62
Dominion 58
Hypnotism 56
Fauna and Flora 3 51
Landscape Adjustment 48
Rich 45
Influence 3 39
Area Increase 7 32
Portals 29
Protection 27
Pretty Population 26
Attitude Adjustment 25
Culture and Customs 24
Population Demographics 22
Extrahumans 20
Metahumans 17
Electricity 16
Wealthy 14
Dungeons 3 9
Spirits 7
Division 5
Gateways 2 3
Intellectual Affinity 2
Food Affinity 1
Sexual Affinity 0

I've posted on earlier versions but I never really described what my realm would be like. I bring no technology or population upgrades which means I start with 10,000 bumpkins.
The realm is Jupiter sized but divided into two, the first 10000 and I start in a small separate part of the realm about a thousand square miles big. It's attached to the realm proper by a series of gateways which are closed off until society has effectively started and my people are more numerous. The first part of the realm is as such stable, temperate and pleasant. It will likely go on to be a great and sprawling city given its unique connections to various other parts of the larger realm.
The larger realm is more hostile and a lot more variable. It’s around half land and half sea with vast caverns in the mountains and underground. There is all of earth’s flora and fauna (except maybe things that take the piss like worms that go up your dick) spread out according to climate as well as monsters and fantastical beasts. There’s areas of constantly erupting volcanoes and shit like that as well as a myriad of dungeons with excellent loot. Things tend to get more dramatic and violent the closer you get to the equator and the poles.


>> No.32597837


My people as previously mentioned are 10000 strong, there are around 4000 humans and 6000 of various fantasy races (Elves, Dwarves, Giants, Goblins etc.). Each race is highly adaptable (where the metahuman stuff comes in) and find that they will change and thrive in almost any environment. For instance Elves that live in the forest become more attuned to nature and become more comfortable in forests and they become wood elves in fact as well as habit, a family of humans that work and play in the sea may find themselves waking up as the first merpeople. Sometimes an individual of a race will suddenly get the urge to seek out a new way to live, they gather a following amongst those who want to be the start of something new, lead them to a new environment and start a sub-race in this manner. Benign and useful mutations are also not unheard of and these can similarly start new sub-races. This allows for a relatively diverse lot of races despite a small starting population, I’d stick some of those ‘mother of all monsters’ monster girls in it as well. Spirits can influence a birth as well (think tieflings).
Proportion of male to female depends on the race or subrace of course, humans at about 75% female and merpeople at about 90% female for instance. Culture is distinct and different between the races and subraces but there’s an overall attitude of friendly rivalry between different peoples of different villages (and eventually cities). There’s a higher degree of randomisation of genetic material to stop everyone getting inbred and each race finds itself compelled to breed until it has 20,000 individuals (during which time gestation is very quick and children grow and mature in a couple of years) to stop the start from getting too dull.
If I get bored with technology growing too slowly I’ll nip back to earth and get some books to give out.


>> No.32597865


If I get bored with technology growing too slowly I’ll nip back to earth and get some books to give out.
I didn’t take any income either because I’m king of the realm so there’s not much point to it. If I want a fancy castle I’ll just get some giants and amazons to help me build it.

There’s other stuff to mention I'm sure but that’s pretty much the realm.

>> No.32597867

The refuse option would be a really cool premise for a manga, I think.

>> No.32597996

I'm quite certain that you'd want to take more than 10,000 starting population for this plan.

Particularly if you want to have a bunch of fantasy races. If you start with numbers too small you're liable to just get a lot of mutts that are half everything.

It would be, unfortunately I don't think I've ever even heard of a genie in a manga or anime. I suspect genies are less of a thing in Japan.

>> No.32598004

it sounds like the "I dream of genie" show (after the finally give in part where she stays with you).
She loves him, but she just doesn't quite get humans and keeps on messing up.

>> No.32598330

Yeah I considered the mongrel problem as well. The race of the mother tends to dictate the race of the child. Not always but the vast majority of the time. That's pretty much necessary in races that have a much higher proportion of females. It's like monster girl or amazon rules.

The bunch of fantasy races is pretty easy this way with enough gene randomisation and race determined by the mother. You could start with just one orc or whatever and it'd be fine.

>> No.32598337

you can only get 3 companions if you dont choose the home 4 m8

>> No.32598378

Nexus- Size of a small village(-20)
Fortress (Good luck demolishing a modern military fortress this size completely with whatever piddly shit you brought with you)
Size of Realm- Belgium(-40)

Wasteland in part (for those troublesome mortals)
City- For my Goblins and willing mortals to live in (-35)
Mountains- To ring certain important areas and help make the wastelands more impassible(-5)
Magical Forest- To surround the city and certain other areas and make up most of the realm (-5)
Animals: Druffels and Wolves to populate the forest and mountains (-15)
Tech Level: Modern (This way I can build things out of materials that wont affect me) (-40)
Upgrades: Music(-5) Critical Thinking (-10) Ugly (+10) Tinkerers (-15) total -20
Scrying (-10) Portals (-10)
Drawbacks: Cold Iron +50

With the city set up inside the forest and the wasteland taking up say roughly 400-500squr miles (Roughly twice the size of Chicago) and ringed by Mountains I would have a pretty good set up.

My Goblins are intelligent enough and skilled enough to be able to construct modern tools and weapons this means that most weapons will be polymer based and almost no exposed building materials will be made of iron alloys.

My Nexus will be a heavy construction of reinforced concrete surrounded by an even larger fortification of reinforced concrete. With armed guards. Anyone approaching the nexus without my permission will find themselves portaled deep into the forest, or the wasteland for repeat offenders.

With Scrying and Portals I can pluck orphans and children from abusive homes and such that wish to escape and bring them to my realm in a safe place where the goblins will watch over them. (Either a human Ghetto in the metropolis or a seperate human village). The kids would be trapped since the only way out is to destroy my nexus or for me to let them out. When they have kids those babies will be trapped, and the cylce will continue!

>> No.32598462

>Fortress (Good luck demolishing a modern military fortress this size completely with whatever piddly shit you brought with you)
You know, this is a bit unclear. Are you supposed to demolish the entire thing, or is this just a fortress containing a smaller thing that need demolishing

>> No.32598534

I like that I am not the only one who thought about setting up a breeding population of humans in the domain. Every generation is born trapped in. and eventually dies in the realm to feed it

>> No.32598789

anyone know when conduit is gonna get updated?

>> No.32598798

the author might know

>> No.32599483

The part you should be caring about is the star you see in the tower, fortress, and base. I'm assuming the "Size of the Nexus" category actually decides how large the protective shell (tower, fortress, base) is. The vulnerable part of the nexus is probably the size of a room or something, and can be destroyed easily enough.

>> No.32599657

Yue Liang. Bear Mode. Runner. The Chain. The Abode, Frontier.

>> No.32600056


>Suit Type: Light
>Body Type
Brain Implant
Advanced Suit Status
Night Vision
Radio Transmitter (135)
Plasma Rifle
Cyber Brain (80)
Martial Arts(75)
Veteran Soul
Collapsible II
Environmental Controls III
Hydra II

I went the suit killer route. At least, i tried. I figure i steal a few camo modules off mesh suits and then i can fuck up just about anything.

>> No.32600073

Order: Truth
Powers: Lay On Hands, Divine Might, Inspiration
Weapon: Spear, because Kain Highwind.
Armor: Mithril mail
Artifact: Holy Tome
Stronghold: Cathedral
Companions: General, Mystery Woman
Nemesis: Wild Hunt
The Road Ahead: Exalted

>> No.32600113

Thinking about it I'd have to make the quick breeding thing go on for well over 20,000 people per race.

It'd have to get to several million each before it stopped. I chose 20,000 really arbitrarily as a quantity but even a 100 groups of 20000 would still easily get lost on a Jupiter sized area.

>> No.32600125

I am also wondering if you can expand the fortress yourself using, say, modern tech and a large country.

>> No.32600136

Was it too difficult doing the build?

>> No.32600153
File: 839 KB, 824x1212, tumblr_n19ctmOHpY1t8w6z5o4_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Area Increase 1 99, Portals 96, Pretty Population 95, Attitude Adjustment 94, Culture & Customs 93, Population Demographics 91, Extrahuman Population 89, Metahuman Population 86, Technology Upgrade 2 84, Aesthetics 82, Sanitation 81, Healthy 80, Transit 80, Electricity 79, Internet 78, Advanced Education 77, Libraries 76, Wealthy 74, Mystical 70, Technomagic 67. Landscape Adjustment 64, Rich 61, Fauna & Flora 3 56, Magical Phenomena 53, Theme 49, Lifestyle Upgrade 1 48, Automatons 1 46, Immortality 44, Shape Shift 2 41, Tongues 40, Memory 38, Superhuman Body 35, Ghost Soul 32, Healing 30, Elementalism - Electricity 29, Levitation 28, Psyker Enhancement 26, Magical Affinity 20, Wizard's Study 14, Mimicry 12, Alchemy 10, Music Affinity 9, Festival Affinity 8, Gaming Affinity 7, Food Affinity 6, Literature Affinity 5. Eh, use the rest of the points to further increase the area of the plane. The population can have more room to grow.

Temporary portals open up to the real world. Those who look upon my domain see a world of fiery skies and autumn colored flora. Dark stone and bark, golden, red, orange, yellow and golden leaves and grass. Luminescent and mundane flower petal colors, often reds. The options I took to ensure health of the people here are not simply maintained at a base, but via the red waters in the lakes, ponds, streams and rivers which heal and cure the ailments my options prevent. The weather is often dry and hot, but may cool and rain red waters with fiery flashes of lightning. It never snows or gets truly cold.

>> No.32600201
File: 231 KB, 1032x1309, elisabetha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The technology level here somewhat resembles the early 1900s, yet there is an almost gothic atmosphere, dark yet joyful and bright. The power sources are magical which do not yield polluting elements. The old-style cars rely less on glossy finishes, and more on ornate etchings. There is no large city, but a series of smaller towns broken up across forest, water (rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, etc), plains, rolling hills and farmland.

Technology and cars exist, but public transportation is more common. Many of those outside of town use Horse-like scaled creatures in place of technological transportation. An internet-like link exists as well, as purchased, despite the apparent tech level available otherwise. Techno-magic gone old world tech style, with a gothic and ornate flair that accents dark matte finishes with bright, warm colors.

The people here appear Human and range from inhumanly white skin that glimmers white, lavender or blue to tawny skin tones that glimmer in reds or copper. Their irises any number of metallic colors to deep inky black. Their teeth are perfect, their nails naturally grow into sharp points naturally colored to match their eyes. Metallic or black hair colors are the rule. Birth here is very different, fertility a matter of choice that may be turned on or off at will. Inhuman grace, and ethereal beauty are the rule here, but there is little emphasis on sexuality. Exceptional and youthful appearances, even into old age, are common. Literature, food, games, music, entertainment in general and celebration through festivities are far more common, enjoyments that break up a colder and calculating society of well educated and intelligent Near-Humans.

>> No.32600206

>Limiter Overide
>Drone Controller
>Sensory Drone
>Medical Drone

>> No.32600229

Updated build from a previous thread:

Area Increase 7 [7]
Portals [10]
Division - The world is a giant interdimensional tower with each floor being about the size of America. If I did my math right, this is about 6000 floors. The only way to climb the tower is to pass various tests on each floor. The tests get progressively harder. [12]
Population 0 - 10,000 individuals start off on the bottom floor [12]
Pretty Population - If possible I'd like this power to make everyone look cool and awesome [13]
Extrahuman Population - A diverse set of humanoids and monster races inhabit my realm [15]
Metahuman Population - These individuals now have a diverse set of powers... which they'll absolutely need. [18]
Technology Upgrade 0 - I want my people to start off low and work their way up. [18]
Metropole [20]
Aesthetics - The cities are fantastical in design [22]
Sanitation - Because [unwanted] dirt is uncool [23]
Healthy - It would be unfair for a child to come down with sickness at a young age and be unable to compete in tests later in life [24]
Mystical [28]
Technomagic [31]
Food Affinity [32]
Alcohol Affinity [33]
Festival Affinity - The life of my people is challenging, but they know how to have a good time inbetween tests [34]
Landscape Adjustment - Each floor has different themes and landscapes, many of which are fantastical, like floating islands. [37]
Fertile - To feed the flora and fauna and make ecosystems rich with life [38]
Fauna and Flora 3 - The plants and animals are often used in tests, and they are as cool as they are dangerous [43]
Dungeons 3 - An entire floor could almost be considered a dungeon, as tests can be done anywhere and incorporate almost anything [47]
Spirits - They help run the test system and come up with appropriate test ideas, and also serve as part of the afterlife [49]
Automation 2 - Invisible imps in the background that ensure things run smoothly and do most of the heavy lifting to set up tests [54]

>> No.32600254

Immortality 2 - All individuals have a millenia long lifespan, and each time you climb a floor you gain more years of youth. After climbing high enough you may pass a special test to achieve eternal youth at the cost of being unable to climb the tower further. Those who die are reincarnated through numerous flora and fauna until eventually becoming human again. [59]
Shape Shift 2 - I'd like to observe my people in secret and adopt different identities [62]
Memory [64]
Mimicry - Memory and mimicry to perfectly copy someone's identity and mannerisms [66]
Friends [67]
Superhuman Body - Super health is super happiness [70]
Teleportation - Need this to travel between floors in secret [71]
Dominion - Ideally this whole tower is self-sustaining, but just in case I have this. [75]
Tongues - Language could change quite a bit over thousands of years. [76]
Protection - I forgot to get this one. Another insurance against calamity [79]
Attitude Adjustment - People are more ambitious and adventurous than usual. This is to encourage people to take tests [80]
Wealthy - Poverty is abhorrent as it can put individuals at a disadvantage during tests [82]
Rich - More raw materials available to use for tests [85]
Familiar - A friend and equal to keep me company [91]
Magical Affinity [94]
Wizard's Study - Upon reaching the final floor of the tower, each individual will be handed 100 colorful baubles to spend on their own magical realm. This, besides entertainment, is the purpose of the tower; to find individuals worthy of receiving my gift [100]

>> No.32600281
File: 387 KB, 1280x960, 382227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is crime here, but perfection would quickly get boring. There is a normal mix, quite like our current world. This will remain true as the initially small population expands, the bodies of the plane's occupants will make managing the total population easier. While sexuality is not central, it exists, and exists without disease and a natural way to prevent pregnancy while still partaking in its joys. There are no non-Humans, the fantastic elements have simply modified the Human form to be slightly different. There are animals, and, like the Humans, they are both normal but changed just so into dark or fantastic colors, some with luminescent elements. Fireflies are common here, nights often filled with their lazy floating glow. This natural animals include animal types that are raised on farms, and used to feed the populace in addition to crops.

Clothing here is often ornamental, with the warm weather finding a balance between revealing and conservative. Dark clothing sometimes accented with bright or warm colors in various styles but learning toward gothic in the elegant sense, rather than the leather and studded sense.

The governing body is a council. One leader is democratically elected from each town to a seat on this council. These politicians convey the majority votes of their towns on matters as their own vote, and the majority of council votes dictates every decision. The plane experiences a thirteen month year, with four voting meetings per month on up to ten issues per meeting with room for emergencies outside of the four meetings.

Towns are spread out like a web around a central, and larger, town. This town does not partake in any votes, but acts as the meeting place all councilors meet at. This town acts as a central hub for politics, but also trade and all aspects of life. Councilors that live too far away, or simply cannot make it, have link access to the votes.

>> No.32600302
File: 145 KB, 1440x900, 342457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The culture of this plane will naturally evolve from its starting place. I'll stay in the background, and live a peaceful life. Good books, games, music and festivals will surround me, and may one day beckon me out of my reclusive nature. I take no partner or friendship options. If I'm to find such things here, I wish to find them naturally.

Over a long life I may become bored of one form, so I have the option to change as the centuries go by. The portal access to the real world will allow to me experience both the wonders of my plane and the real world. The eternity of life may see my home world, one day, die but this place should go on. I'll go on forever regardless surrounded by a comfortable place filled with an abundance of entertainment and a comfortable home with automaton servants made to look Human-like but stylized and ornate, as glossy black golems broken up with fiery circuit-like symbols and golden metal hair and outfits of dark fabric broken up by warm and bright colors.

I've much power at a base, and an entire library to improve over an eternity of time. My unending life should be filled with much learning, enjoyment and, maybe, just maybe, friends and family, until I outlive them.

>> No.32601518

>Magitek Primer
>Alchemy Set

>> No.32601549
File: 74 KB, 400x823, 1386303453176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Pretty awesome how different all these paladins are. Hardly anybody even chose the same order.

>> No.32601682

I think a big part of it is how there is no objectively right and wrong answers; nor stuff that is massively more popular. It shows a tremendously well balanced CYOA.

>> No.32601694

So, Sword Art Online?

>> No.32601907

Why is advanced education listed twice?

>> No.32602112


Obsession (If I'm going to be a sex-bot, probably something sexual in nature)
Drone Controller (A couple of extra loli-bots never hurt anyone)

>> No.32602149

The last clause worries me, as I feel like 6000 floors each the size of a country is too difficult for individuals to complete even given a millenia of time. Instead I feel like the people would either die out, or as a society move forward, becoming a nomadic people and ascending the floors as one until they all reach the last one, and then what are you gonna do, give all of them a magical realm? Most of them were probably just born on a high level and didn't work THAT hard to get there, or would use their own Wizard's Study to become a powerful inter-planar warlord or something.

>> No.32602229

Reposting from last night, because why not? Besides, I wanna change a few things.

The Land of Valebat
>Demiplane (100)
Area increase 5 (95)
Gateways 1 (94)
Portals (91)
Protection (88)

Population Increase 4 (84)
Pretty population (83)
Population Demographics (81)
Extra human population (79)
Metahuman Population (76)
Culture and Customs (75)

Technology upgrade 5 (70)
Metropole (68)
Asthetics (66)
Sanitation (65)
Healthy (64)
Transit (63)
Electricity (62)
Internet (61)
Secure (60)

Advanced Education (59)
Libraries (58)
University (56)
Wealthy (54)
Mystical (50)
Technomagic (47)
Music Affinity (46)
Theatre Affinity (45)
Gaming Affinity (44)
Animation Affinity (43)
Art Affinity (42)
Literature Affinity (41)
Intellectual Affinity (40)
Food Affinity (39)
Sexual Affinity (38)
Warfare Affinity (37)

Landscape Adjustment (34)
Rich (31)
Fauna & Flora 2 (28)
Dungeons (27)
Malice (26)

Lifestyle upgrade 1 (25)
Automatons 1 (23)
Influence 3 (17)
Immortality (15)
Shapeshift 2 (12)
Waifu 1 (9)
Friends (8)
Illusion Magic (6)
Wizard's Spellbook (4)
Harem (2)
Mimicry (0)

Also, just saying, Wealthy and industrial have the same description, which honestly makes sense, since most industrial nations are decently wealthy.

Anyway, what do you guys think of Valebat? Would you live there?

>> No.32602527

Life forever, sounds like you are also unkillable, see everything, make enough money with investments and in a few centuries by writing history books.
Easy choice.
money? I can simply wait for my investments to make me money.
Love? done already, happily marries with two great kids.
Fantasy? Good 2nd choice. dnd generic become cheese wizard; but all in all this world is pretty cool and there is too much stuff that can kill you in any fantasy real.
Second Chance? meh, tough enough to got thorough once, and as soon as you et to the time were you are now that's that.
Adventure? meh, why life is fun as it is.
Sex Chanage? not into that.

>> No.32602713

Inspiration, Consecration and True Sight.
Inconspicuous Clothes.
Squire, Dire Wolf.
The Wild Hunt.
Dragon Knight.

Use deception and diplomacy to guide the forces of evil to places where they will come into conflict with the Wild Hunt, then try and convince such people to fight against it.
As they attain victories against the elves, spread news of their "valiant and just" actions to "save the people" and show them how people love them, show them that good can be as rewarding as evil and that by using their strength only against the evils of the world they can live a better life than they had imagined.

>> No.32602785

Alright, here we go:

Area Increase 5 [5]
Insertion [6]
Gateways 2 [8]
Portals [11]
Population Increase 6 [17]
Culture & Customs [18]
Extrahuman Population [20]
Metahuman Population [23]
Technology Upgrade 5 [28]
Metropole [30]
Aesthetics [32]
Sanitation [33]
Secure [34]
Healthy [34]
Transit [35]
Electricity [36]
Internet [37]
Education [38]
University [39]
Wealthy [41]
Mercentile [43]
Mystical [47]
Technomagic [50]
Music Affinity [51]
Sports Affinity [52]
Gaming Affinity [53]
Art Affinity [54]
Festival Affinity [55]
Food Affinity [56]
Landscape Adjustment [59]
Rich [62]
Dungeons 3 [67]
Lifestyle Upgrade [68]
Automatons 1 [70]
Tongues [71]
Teleportation [72]
Psyker Enhancement [74]
Waifu 1 [77]
Magical Affinity [83]
Wizard's Study [89]
Friends [90]
Familiar [93]
Immortality 1 [95]
Ghost Soul [98]
Levitation [99]
Elementalism 1 [100]

>> No.32602953
File: 14 KB, 344x297, twin planets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The goal here is to create a second planet akin to Earth, to exist in harmony with the original. The new planet has a perfected society and advanced technology to help assist Earth in repairing it's economic, ecologic, political, and social systems. As well, the new planet is inhabited by humanoids with animal characteristics, scattered with self-sustaining and endlessly replenishing dungeons, and hold the secrets to the arcane, to help fulfill the fantasies of many as well as provide new outlets for advancing humanity and the new race.

My partner and four other friends will each take on the powers granted to me (each choosing a different element) and will help facilitate this harmony and, when the time comes, will rise to power as the god-kings of both planets. I didn't buy that, but with our superior magical and psychic powers, as well as our immortality, it will be inevitable.

>> No.32603057
File: 238 KB, 3136x2200, PhdZ479.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32603111

Major Skills:
Mind Magic

Minor skills:
Trade Craft

Star Curse

Companion: Rohan, the adventurous Friend

House: yurt Camp 15

Spear (free)
Token Head(free)
Leather Armour 3
Robes 5
Orb of Sight 16
Grimorpedia 18

2 Chefs (free)
Chimera 18
Seer 6
Priest 8
Guard Captain 5
Tribesman 3
2 Hunters 6
Guard 3
Apprentice 2
Steward 4
Stone Golem 6
Serfs 1
Worker 1

Ingredients for adventure
The Source
Slay The Beast!

I run a Carnival of the bizarre making wondrous enchanted items that people didn't even know they needed,
This will all be a front though so I can collect the ingredients for the potion and look for the life well which would all lead up to the ultimate goal of killing the beast

>> No.32603119

Advanced Education being listed twice is an error.
Wealthy and Industrial having the same description is also an error.

>> No.32603131

Choose is also spelled choosse as well on one page.

>> No.32603144

Figured as much. Them being seperate, though, is gonna fuck with my build, sadly.

>> No.32603145

>ironic one choice cyoas with a joke theme and no effort

when will this trend end

>> No.32603191
File: 3.62 MB, 3200x4000, overlord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32603219

Or you can fuck off and let the dude post whatever he wants. Good CYOAs have spawned from jokes before.

>> No.32603227

The wizard has given power to multiple people. Ultimately the end goal is to become the next wizard. This means being the first to master his magic (at which point I can prevent those I deem unworthy or hostile to me from doing the same). I will take every benefit he gives towards that goal.
Defeating competition is a viable tactic so my people are given every advantage in war. And besides I always wanted to conquer earth, fix humanity's problems, and take it to the stars.
Aside from that, I want to enjoy my life and my realm should be at least a little fetish. So I have myself a harem of perfect waifus chosen by fate and magic (and I bet a few of them will help my other goals too). Abolished stupidity from my people, and made them all super beautiful. As well as made my realm the most perfect realm for an immortal, one that becomes ever more varied.
The theme of constant improvement is going to benefit every goal I could possibly have.

Magical Affinity
Wizard's Spellbook
Wizard's Study
Familiar - double learning rate

Waifu 2 - Helps with all goals (they are the best), also provides me with love, happiness, and family.

Immortality 1
Memory - study magic
Superhuman Body - /fit/ forever, endless sexual stamina
Ghost Soul - immortality
Seer Senses - knowledge is power
Psyker Enhancement - TK for fun, mindreading for power

Area Increase 7 - 20x earth size
Division - 100 sections, secure

Population Increase 8 - 40 billion
Pretty Population
Extrahuman population - every imaginable fantasy race (variety!), but are all the same species and can crossbreed.
Metahuman Population - super powers (war!)

Technology Upgrade 6
Electricity - free energy is essential for prosperity.

Mystical - wizards
Technomagic - more advanced tech

>> No.32603245

>>32603227 continued
Warfare Affinity
Intellectual Affinity - I hate stupid people

Theme - Variety. Cultures, races, ecosystem, and terrain all naturally seek to create more new an interesting varieties.
Theme - Improvement. Everything gets better over time. Technology, races, culture...

Influence 3 - god emperor
Lifestyle Upgrade 2 - reasonably wealthy to start off.

>> No.32603259
File: 2.76 MB, 3200x4000, overlord2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32603276

In terms of warfare, my people have the advantages of:
1. innate super powers
2. super advanced tech
3. magitech
4. wizards
5. extreme racial variety
6. natural penchant for improvement from universal theme
7. very large population
8. very secure home base
9. warrior culture.

>> No.32603279

>criticize an obnoxious trend that 99% of the time spawns nothing of value
>somehow censorship

yeah, fuck right away with that nonsense m9

>> No.32603285

Where exactly?

>> No.32603287
File: 2.70 MB, 3200x4000, overlord3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32603339
File: 2.89 MB, 3200x4000, overlord4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32603361

Automatons 1

>> No.32603462

Area Increase 7 is actually 100x the size of Earth, it's 20x bigger than 6, which is itself 5x bigger than Earth.

>> No.32603628

Oh, I misread it as "about the size of earth" when it said "about five times the size of earth".

>> No.32603668

Area Increase 7 [7/100]
Insertion [8/100] Orbiting at a 90 degree angle to the rest of the planets, close enough to the sun and rotates fast enough to maintain a stable environment. just happens by chance not to mess with the other planets.
Population Increase 8 [16/100]

Pretty Population [17/100]
Attitude Adjustment [18/100] Headstrong, outspoken, and opinionated. Correcting a complete stranger, and actions similar to this are considered kind instead of rude.
Culture & Customs [19/100] People value debate, correctness, information and knowledge. Using logical fallacies in any situation is the social equivelent of verbally abusing someone. Also value strongly value human rights and personal freedoms. Have no problems accepting other places customs, so long as they don't contradict their own values.
Population Demographics [21/100] At any given time, gender split is either 50/50 or as close to 50/50 as possible. There is only ever one ethnicity or race, with one set of global customs that has very little change from one side of the world to another.
Metahuman Population [24/100] People of this world are capable of magic. The magic most closley resembles that in skyrim, and everyone has an equal effinity for it.

Technology Upgrade 6 [30/100]
Metropole [32/100] 4 major metropoles that act as co-capitals for the world, equally sharing political power to make it so that an enemy can't take down one city and tople the whole government. Most of the rest of the world is used as either industrial or agricultural land, and is used to harvest raw materials.
Aesthetics [34/100] Everything takes obvious cues from greco-roman architecture, with a futuristic spin.
Sanitation [35/100]
Secure [36/100]
Healthy [37/100]
Transit [38/100]
Electricity [39/100]
Internet [40/100]

>> No.32603679

People tend to do that I've noticed. Probably because it's the only one that doesn't have a direct example. Sadly there's really nothing between Earth and Neptune in terms of scale, at least nothing in common knowledge.

>> No.32603683

If you're demiplane is the size of a planet would it have a similar ecosystem to earth or would you need Flora and Fauna and landscape adjustment to get different ecosystems.

>> No.32603689

dvanced Education [41/100]
Libraries [42/100]
University [44/100]
Wealthy [46/100] Vex, you fucked up. This is literally the exact smae thing as industrial but one point cheaper.
Mystical [50/100]
Technomagic [53/100]
Intellectual Affinity [54/100] Debate is the national sport.
Gaming Affinity [55/100] The people of this world prefer games to other kinds of entertainment because of there higher capacity for self improvement, and it's ability to address complex social issues. Pro-gaming is second only to debate.
Literature Affinity [56/100]

Landscape Adjustment [59/100] Every paice of land is a breath taking vista. Climates like deserts, and climates like tundras do not exist here. The highest tempurature is a little cooler than earths, and the coolest tempuratures are slightly warmer.
Rich [61/100] Great resources to feed a great society.
Flora & Fauna 3 [66/100] Vex, this shit is backwards. Nobody says "Fauna & Flora", it's always the other way around.
Spirits [68/100] The spirits are the closest thing to a religion the planets has. The major spirits are Logic, Advancement, Society, and Arcane. Logic, Advancement, and Society punish people who try to interfere with their namesakes. Arcane keeps the balance of magic and power, and punishes those who use magic to obstruct the other spirits namesakes.

Influence 3 [74/100] Use this to get everything out of lifestyle, plus also have the influence. I am the head of state, but rarely use my authority and mostly leave govenrance to the peoples democratic representations. My palace is in the center of one of the metropoles, which is located in a cool and low humidity area.

Immortality 1 [76/100]
Shape Shift 2 [79/100]
Healing [81/100]
Waifu 2 [85/100] Would probably only ever keep one at a time, but I have enough points to spare. Would probably be irl crush.
Magical Affinity [91/100]


>> No.32603706

Wizard's Study [97/100] This plus Magic Affinity, and using my influence to get instructors from the magic college, to quickly learn the arcane.
Superhuman Body [100/100] Round off the draft, and make myself harder to assassinate.

Plans for the future of theis society include, but may not be limited to:
Creating a truly free and utopian society
Creating vast tachnologies, technomagologies, and deeply exploring magic it's self, to create a far technologically advanced society.
Concuring Earth, eradicating it's contrary cultures, replacing them with our cultures, and turning it's countries into provinces and territories of our nation.
Expanding our space program for intragalactic travel and warfare.
Becoming a space empire
Expanding our suprior culture to the entire galaxy, and incorperating aliens into it.
Becoming space Rome, but without the fall.
Using technomagic to stop the sun from aging and going redgiant.


>> No.32603775
File: 600 KB, 1039x3445, dwwGy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How soon we forget...

>> No.32603805

By default it does have something similar to earth going on.
How I'd say it works is that it samples a region of earth about three or so times the area you've chosen, centered around your current position. It then uses that to decide on what sort of environment, animals/plants and so forth to seed in, based on sensible environmental arrangements.
There's a bunch of errors, I'm taking note of them but it'll be up to Bliss to fix them since I don't have the Photoshop files.

>> No.32603831

cool, man.

>> No.32603855

So if it is at or near planet sized you basically get every ecosystem on earth and you would need Flora Fauna 1 to mimic earth, okay, thanks.

>> No.32603907


I am just going to grab seeds from Earth for a lot of the more specific foods and livestock I will just drag over as well. But if I pick Landscape Adjustment and want a Boreal Forest I still get pine trees without Flora & Fauna 1 right? Like I still don't understand how Landscape Adjustment works without Flora & Fauna 1.

>> No.32603911

Pretty much. By Mars size you should get all of Earth as your sample.

Although you're wrong, you actually get animals and plants by default, in the same way you get an environment by default. The upgrade is just if you want to get fiddly with things. Say if you live in bum-fuck Canada and want an LA-sized tropical island complete with tropical plants and animals.

you get animals and plants by default, same way you get environments through sampling nearby environments for what's expected.

>> No.32604023

well, numerals instead of words seem to make it easier to notice.
as in, actually say 5x earth size.

Although the demiplane is a bit weird with having an area instead of a volume.

>> No.32604083

If that's the case then I think Flora Fauna 1 should be bundled with Landscape adjustment because that's really the only time I could see someone needing it.

>> No.32604092

Terrain and climate.

Hot, cold, windy, stormy, rainy, snowy. Plains, rivers, lakes, seas, mountains, islands, deserts, tundra, and so on and so forth.

To use my bum-fuck Canada to Tropical Island example. Landscape would shape your surroundings into a warm tropical island environment, with sand, beaches, sea, mountains most likely. While Flora and Fauna would give you palm trees and crabs and fishes and whatnot.
Wouldn't a volume just be measuring the amount of raw mass or space you're receiving?

>> No.32604143

Choosing the order I belong to was the hardest part. The problems for mankind were both inside and out, and I wasn't sure where to focus.

Order: Truth
Divine Might
Mithril Mail (I thought hard about taking the clothes, but a person with a spear in the middle of the street? They're either a guard who sucks at undercover, or a paladin who sucks at undercover.)
Holy Tome
Cultists (I'd have preferred Lilith or the Crusaders, but it's a larger battle than the first, and one that I can use holy powers upon unlike the second).
>The Road Ahead
Dragon Knight.

Unfortunately I realized after I figured all this out that I'm basically a Final Fantasy Dragoon/Templar crossbreed. But I can live with this. Best be time to crack a cultist's skull now.

>> No.32604173


So if none of the plants in my area will survive in a biome I chose I basically have dirt correct?

>> No.32604261

This mindset pleases me. Continue down the path of improvement, reach eternity anon.

>> No.32604307

thank you anon.
I aim to please

>> No.32604354
File: 4.81 MB, 2600x1988, 7th Sorcery CYOA v0.7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32604451

Calling Elforce members, I'm fairly sure you're here. We're back in action. If you have steam, add NimbleJack3.

>> No.32604574
File: 1.40 MB, 2230x3800, Mega Structure Labyrinth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


To make this post more relevent, a picture.

>> No.32604577
File: 722 KB, 1000x6048, goblin town.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought turning people into goblins would be true to theme so I included it as a power.
But it might be a bit OP.

>> No.32604588

Order of redemption.
Smiting, divine might, exorcism
Power Armour
Holy book
Squire for bro mode
Taking on the death knight
Second nemesis are the crusaders.

My mentor wanted to bring the death knight back into the light. His heart was true, but soft. He wanted to convince the fallen paladin with words. Fuck that. I will smash through the death knight's undead army. I will find this fallen champion, and I will drag him, kicking and screaming, back into the light of divine righteousness. Holy power shields me, arms me, and through it I will burn back the false darkness that has infested the minds of the death knight and those like him. They will see the truth of the light, and they will answer to justice for how they've erred.

I'll also deal with those pesky crusaders, showing them the error of their ways but in all likelihood I'm probably going to become just like them and join up with them, in which event I expect the squire to bring me back into the light by way of dramatic duel

>> No.32604604

Which is partly why Flora and Fauna 1 only costs a single point.

>> No.32604633


But if I have Mars I don't really have to worry about it too much because the plants that can survive in that climate will just be everywhere and all other plants will just not be placed there. Cool. So to answer my original question if I want a Taiga I get Pine Trees because they exist on Earth and are one of the few plants that could exist in Taiga.

>> No.32604684

1. You should really put a version number so we know which version is newest.

2. Does the size of nexus indicate the size of the thing to be destroyed, or is the nexus always of a fixed size INSIDE a final fortress in the shape of a tower, cave, or castle and you are just choosing the size of this surrounding structure?

3. How come no 0 point option for size of nexus and size of domain?

4. Do lesser goblins need food? if I choose to have a giant city covering my entire terrain, will it produce its own food? (say, in roof farms and underground hydroponics?)

>> No.32604715

That cyoa is pure shit.

>> No.32604731

it even says so in the bottom left

>> No.32604735

Pureblood of type 6 (Byeryem? Not good at reading this font.) I'd probably eat the heart of a rattlesnake, a large constrictor, and a couple of other things like birds of prey. Avoiding common animals because I like them, but I have no problem with avoiding rattlers a bit more.

>> No.32604966

Screw it, I'll give this one a shot.


True Sight, Exorcism, and Consecration


Inconspicuous Clothes



Oracle and archaeologist

Death Knight

>The Road Ahead

This is probably the most thought I've put into a CYOA before.

Anyway, I'm an Order of Light paladin. Pretty much gonna try and do my best to be a ninja paladin. I'll focus my time on taking out unholy creatures that I find with True Sight, in one hit with my consecrated, never decaying sword, or if I can, exorcise the Satan out of them.

(To be honest, I would have loved if there was a stealthier option, but meh. The sword was really the only thing that would look normal with clothes.)

At night, in my cathedral, I'll spend most of my time in the library, learing about how to un-corrupt souls, as well as the most effective methods of killing creatures. With the help of the oracle, the archaeologist and I will find more unholy creatures, and she can help get into their locked houses and defeat them, etc.
When it comes time to fighting the Death Knight, hopefully I will have learned enough about un-corrupting souls, and use my ability to see inside his soul and get rid of what troubles him, then exorcise the Satan out of him so he returns to a good paladin.

>> No.32605283
File: 190 KB, 900x577, future_slums_speedpaint_by_babaganoosh99-d54pvpu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love this one. Intuitive and simple without six goddamn pages of stuff.

First off, some gobliny music to set the mood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Q0MFpJt2KU

>only one drawback

anon pls
Trapped is an acceptable weakness, only 10 real world minutes sucks and my entire world is my nexus. Also goblins are bound by socioliterary tradition to be ugly (pretty goblins, are you kidding me?) so free points. 210

Fortress nexus, size of a metropole (170). Same for world size (150).

World will be a labrynth/city hybrid inside the fortress, with various defenses here and there (though mostly for aesthetics- considering my realm ends at the outer walls I'm not expecting a siege). The defenses will serious near my domicile. (95)

Monsters are the goblin dogs (so my minons have pets) (80) and some druffels, as a labor force (75).

Steel tech (60)

Brutes, critical thinking (40).

I'm going to grab portals (30), A gift to give to humans who manage to get into my sanctum. The offer is, they get to leave as long as they leave me be. I'm hoping to bullshit them into thinking that killing me loses them their ticket out.

Now, for my last 30 points...

Time limit (10). For those last 10 points I'll take human form, just so my goblins come above the average person's goddam knees (though by my headcanon they're still hunched and goblin-y)

My gameplan here is to do nothing. My world is my nexus, and it'll be intentionally designed to be one huge, disorienting, mazelike slum like pic related (minus those towers). I do have steel technology, but use of that is limited; most of the city is a rickety shithole, with dangerous constructions and various flora growing out. My sanctum is nice, of course, but the rest is squalor. Goblins can do whatever they want, constant goblin orgies and goblin poker and goblin keggers. Whenever someone stumbles across my realm, they become lost, get corrupted and slowly become a goblin themselves.

>> No.32605409

I see
But I don't understand how a lack of a zero point option is a problem

>> No.32605461

>But I don't understand how a lack of a zero point option is a problem
it isn't a major issue. Just a little misleading about how many points you have. You really have only 130 points. Mandatory spending should basically be pre done then you use your points for upgrades.

Also, I would really appreciate it if you could answer the questions in >>32604684

>> No.32605521

interesting realm you have there.

>I'm going to grab portals (30), A gift to give to humans who manage to get into my sanctum. The offer is, they get to leave as long as they leave me be. I'm hoping to bullshit them into thinking that killing me loses them their ticket out.
I am pretty sure that you are not actually bsing them and killing you really does loses them their way out, in fact I am pretty sure the realm will collapse and kills everyone. So yea, they better take your offer up on going through a portal.

>> No.32605570

Yay, an update.

Tower nexus - 10
City-sized land - 20
Entire realm is a magic forest - 25
Tech level steam - 55
Human form - 65
Critical thinking - 75
Music - 80
Mages (they'll be getting shapeshifting) - 100
Scrying - 110
Dream magic - 120
Shapeshifting - 130
time limit - 120

I'm gonna be relatively nice about this. Whenever a human wanders into my realm, I scry on them, find out their desires, and send some of my goblins shapeshifted to look like their tastes. I then weave illusions to make them think they're in a perfect dream land (which they basically are anyway, this just dulls their senses and enhances the experience). Mindbreak by sex, basically, and since it takes only a day before I add another goblin-person to my orgy I can coast by on easymode.

>> No.32605584

Time limit - 150*

>> No.32605585

Nexus: Underground bunker, size of a small village
Realm: Size of Belgium
Dungeon: Wasteland/labyrinth
Monsters: The trickster
Tech: Modern
Goblins: Critical thinking, ugly, tinkerers
Magic: Scrying, dream magic, living stone
Nexus abilities: Movement
Drawback: Trapped

My realm is an immense wasteland encircling a gargantuan labyrinth. If travellers take their chances with the wasteland they can walk and walk for days with nothing to eat or drink until they eventually perish. If they try the labyrinth, the trickster is there constantly misleading them and directing them away from my nexus. My goblins are critical thinkers and technical wizards operating the best technology available at beyond its normal capacity, so it's fair to say that the labyrinth will be riddled with traps, turrets, explosives etc which will quickly finish off anyone who enters. Meanwhile, I'm using my magic to manipulate and misdirect wanderers and to constantly change the shape of the labyrinth, move walls around etc. If by some stroke of extraordinary luck they do manage to approach my nexus (which, as a hole in the ground, is impossible to locate except by accident), I can of course simply move it somewhere else.

>> No.32605622

>they can only escape by destroying the nexus or you portaling them back
>you cannot die by natural means though

I assume this means the integrity of the nexus isn't tied to my life and can I resurrect by some OP Fae magic. It's just that them killing you gives them ample breathing room to destroy the heart of the nexus.

>> No.32605701
File: 127 KB, 913x1531, SHCYOA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my shitty notepad thing I've been making.

>> No.32605711

oh, I see. logical

>> No.32605718

feel free to give suggestions and things to add, or balance issues.

>> No.32605759

Vanish [2/10]
Shadow Meld [3/10]
Blissbane [4/10]
Blink Dagger [5/10]
Double Energy [7/10]
Long Haul [9/10]
Telekinesis [10/10]

>> No.32605799

You're a bit caught up in specific units and precise equations. I feel like I'm reading an MMO skill sheet. it's a bit disconcerting to look at. Make it a bit more casual and less exact, use metaphors to illustrate something's efficacy, not hard numbers.

>> No.32605830

Thanks, i'll try and make it more general and less number driven.

>> No.32605956

Peak specimen lacks Excellent Specimen requirement.

>> No.32605976

looks interesting.
- You misspelled harder as sharder on super vitality, and did you mean to say harder to kill instead of harder to heal?
- I think peak specimen is supposed to be an upgrade to excellent specimen?
- What is the max amount of power you can exert with various powers? It just specifies mana drain rate depending on how much power you are exerting.
- I don't see anything to increase durability.
- How fast do you regenerate mana?
- 2Md is an odd notation choice for an equation, did you mean Md with a 2 in subscript?
- Channel strength's level 100 equation can just be simplified to 2Md = S * lbs * 0.1/60 = S * lbs * 0.005/3
Or if you want to round it 2Md = S * lbs * 0.00167

let me try
8 long haul (can reach level 200)
7 Charisma
6 Excellent Specimen
5 Peak Specimen
3 Freeze time
1 Reverse time
0 Telekinesis

Did I fuck up? go back in time and fix it. Also, I can train in a cave for years then go back in time. Or I could do a newgame+ with my life so to speak (from this point onwards).
Got in combat? Freeze time and win.
General everyday utility? I am a peak in terms of my smarts, metabolism, physique, and appearance. Also, super charisma is super useful

I actually don't fight all that much. I do science, I do business and get rich, I do a lot of women because I am so damn desirable. But if a fight occurs... well, I have a winning strategy of freezing time and then smashing them with TK (if bullets don't work)

>> No.32605985

I have never seen an MMO this precise and scientific

>> No.32606072

assuming vitality is meant to be harder to kill rather than harder to heal.
does this mean you take less damage, or that you take the same amount of damage but somehow continue operating with your body broken to the point where it shouldn't work anymore?

>> No.32606240

i meant harder to kill, but it technically wasn't wrong.
Peak specimen and excellent specimen are the exact same thing twice with a different name because i'm an idiot.
If it's something like the bending powers that allows you to manipulate things, then energy is only limited by your mana pool.
mana regenerates at 1 per second. i could of sworn i put that in there.
i realize that 2Md looks weird. It's the most visually appealing way that i can say all the mana drain is cut in half
i don't know what i was thinking when i made channel strengths equation, i need to rework a couple of them.

take less damage

can i get some more opinions on this? i feel like it's important to distinguish my CYOA from others, and i also personally like it. but i also understand that it probably looks intimidating.

>> No.32606398

bullets bounce off of superman because he is super durable.
unlike wolverine which has normal human durability and then heals injuries (although he does have implanted metal coating on his skeleton)

>> No.32606423

>i realize that 2Md looks weird. It's the most visually appealing way that i can say all the mana drain is cut in half
The actual formula shows that mana drains cuts by a lot more for most thing.
And if you put 2Md = 0.5X then it simplifies into Md = 0.25X
aka, ANOTHER halfing on top of the halfing already there.

>If it's something like the bending powers that allows you to manipulate things, then energy is only limited by your mana pool.
So, a level 1 person can burn out all 500 mana in 1 second for a single spell?

>> No.32606536

I feel like Vitality and durability are to similar to justify a separate skill.

yes, that's exactly what i'm saying. the whole thing is cut in half in addition to the other decreases.

yes, and they can wait for eight and a half minutes while their mana regens. (i'm probably gonna change this eventually though)

>> No.32606545

I am >>32605985 and I didn't mean to say that formula are bad. Only that I disagree with his "this is like an MMO". MMOs are not even close to it

I actually do like them maths and formula. But I think the actual notation could easily be made clearer by applying basic simplification.

For example
>Lv1 [ Mana drain = Velocity * .001 lumens) * seconds], Lv100 [2Md=.01S*(.00001L)*S]
1. What velocity? this is an invisibility power. Also, velocity only appears in lv1 and not in lv100. when does it stop mattering?
2. Lumens is a brightness of light, do you mean the ambient brightness determines how hard it is to be invisible?
3. Lv100 formula can and SHOULD be simplified with basic algebra to be Md = 0.00000005*Lumens*Second^2
which is a lot better than the unsimplified formula.
4. Does the second square mean how many seconds you maintain it for? So, if you maintain it for 100 second you get 100*100*0.00000005*Lumens?
5. The original and final level formula differ way too much to make any sense. I am pretty sure this was an error.

>> No.32606656

1. That's a typo, it used to be speed and seconds, and then i forgot to change the first S to a V. Also velocity is you're velocity, as in if your moving you're draining faster.
2. Yes, the brighter it is the harder faster it drains.
3. The 2Md is a separate mechanic, that's why it isn't simplified.
4. square? i think this is about the confusion over the velocity shorthand
5. after fixing it, the new formulas are "Lv1 [Md=V*.001L *S], Lv100 [2Md=.01V*.00001L*S]. is this better?

>> No.32606669

>I feel like Vitality and durability are to similar to justify a separate skill.
I wouldn't know, I specifically asked on clarification what vitality actually does.

>yes, that's exactly what i'm saying. the whole thing is cut in half in addition to the other decreases.
So it isn't ACTUALLY cut in half. It is cut in an arbitrary number, you don't have any idea what number it is, but it is fairly easy to figure it out by applying algebra to solve for Md. Which you should do.

My attempt to make an example of vanish backfired because of the broken notation, so let me try something else.

>Lv1 [Md = Seconds * (New biomass / old biomass)]
This is perfectly fine
>Lv100 [2Md=((1/60)S)*(.5N/2B)]
This is awful. WTF is N and B? New and B-old? Also, WTF is it so overly messy when it can be easily solved for Md.

Md= (Seconds/480) * (Old/New)
Md = (Minutes/8) * (Old Mass/New mass)

There, this is so so much clearer to say that you can go 8 minutes per Md.
Also the assertion that it is halved is false, it isn't halved, it is 1/480thed. Where at level 1 you got 1 seconds per 1 mana, at level 100 you get 480 seconds per 1 mana.

>> No.32606679

Those points are adressed in the latest version.
I can't post it now because it's on my computer and my internet is out but they're added
>left top shows it's the latest version
>Nexus intro now describes the 'heart' of the Nexus as the vital part
>cities come with farm-plots and tech appropiate infrastructure, they're self sustaining

>> No.32606681

>as in if your moving you're draining faster.
do you know what speed the earth is moving through space? because I don't.
I am pretty sure GPS has compensate for it, but I never managed to wrap my head around special relativity

>> No.32606726

>Lv100 [2Md=.01V*.00001L*S]
should just be Md = 0.00000005*V*L*S
or better yet, modified to human recognizable numbers with things like converting seconds to hours and getting
Md = 0.00018*V*L*Hour

but wait... you are multiplying by seconds... shouldn't it be PER second?
... no, I see now, instead of calculating drain per second, you are calculating drain per spell.
The problem with that is that you regen 1 Md per second. So you are going to have to do some math to the function to get a different function of consumption per second instead of total consumption

>> No.32606797
File: 80 KB, 1836x723, 1401641421311.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Long post incoming. This started as updated build of pic related, but became something much bigger.

>Demiplane (7)
Area Increase 7 (7) Shaped like Concave hollow Earth. Most of the area is spent on the "Earth's" surface. Rest will be "planets" floating in the middle. Also a little bit will be spent on a asteroid belt (just in case that I want to drop an asteroid on something that I want smote really hard). Surface and planets share the same atmosphere, so theoretically it's possible to travel between them (restricted to few races).

Planar Features
Gateways 2 (2) Gateways are for travelling between surface and planets. Planets that I don't want general populous to see don't have gateways.
Portals (3) Just in case that I want to pop over to see what's going on Earth every few decades.

>Population (6)
Population 6 (6) Will be divided into several tribes and nations. Breeding is highly

>Inhabitants (10)
Pretty Population (1) Mandatory
Attitude Adjustment (1) Lewd! Everything is more lewd! Orgies in the town square! Hand holding in public! Everyone is just generally happier, more energetic and quicker to recover from setbacks.
Culture & Customs (1) Will depend on individual tribe, but coexistence with the nature and respect for gods are common for all of the tribes.
Population Demographics (2)
Extrahuman Population (2) Species, that I would like to fuck, beautiful humans, brown elves, elin, viera, monster girls, fluffy tails, etc. Also considerable amount of the females will have dicks and half of males are cute shotas and delicious traps. Also most species stop ageing visually at certain point. Everyone is more physically fit than Earth's humans.
Metahuman Population (3) Enough magic to make living much easier. Types of magic depend on tribes and species, but everyone will have some amount of healing magic and ability to command docile herbivores. Recharged trough sex.

>> No.32606799

sorry, i though i explained it here >>32606240
while talking to >>32606072

i realized morph was trible, i think that's plain to see. i changed it to "Lv100 [2Md=.015S*.25(N/B)]"

>> No.32606802

Actually, morph also doesn't make sense in that you pay energy based on both time, and new/old

the new/old suggests that the change is PERMANENT. And that you pay to transform again. So if you transform from human to badger, that is one spell. Then if you want to transform from badger back to human that is a second expenditure.

But throwing time in there suggests that it has to be maintained. So wtf is this "old" nonsense? it should be your REAL body rather then OLD body. Since you can go Human to badger to bear to cat. Old makes no sense here.

>How biomass is measured depends on why it is being measured. Sometimes, the biomass is regarded as the natural mass of organisms in situ, just as they are. For example, in a salmon fishery, the salmon biomass might be regarded as the total wet weight the salmon would have if they were taken out of the water. In other contexts, biomass can be measured in terms of the dried organic mass, so perhaps only 30% of the actual weight might count, the rest being water. For other purposes, only biological tissues count, and teeth, bones and shells are excluded.

>> No.32606810

what about

>> No.32606822

They are going to restricted to medieval technology. Deal with it!

>Infrastructure (9)
Metropole (2) Starting points for any tribe with over million members. Few exceptions.
Aesthetics (2) Differs by cultures, but generally always eye pleasing and civilisation will coexist with the nature that was already there.
Sanitation (1)
Secure (1)
Healthy (1) Can't have any of these ruining my magical realm. Not like I'm planning to have any diseases exist in my realm
Electricity (1)
Internet (1) These two will be restricted to only me, because I might want to use something from Earth.

I'm not going to be handing these things on a silver plate! They are going to have work for them by themselves!

>Culture (10)
Music Affinity (1)
Theatre Affinity (1)
Sports Affinity (1)
Gaming Affinity (1)
Art Affinity (1)
Literature Affinity (1)
Food Affinity (1)
Sexual Affinity (1)
Religious Affinity (1)
Festival Affinity (1)
Just fucking all day is rather monotonous, so many forms of culture are rich in my realm.

>> No.32606837

>Lv100 [2Md=.015S*.25(N/B)]
simplifies into
Md = 0.001875*S*N/B

>> No.32606839

You changed Life Magic to Healing, but didn't change the name in Alchemy's description.

>> No.32606842

Yeah, destroying the heart of the Nexus sends them back

>> No.32606846

>Environment (15)
Landscape Adjustment (3)
Fertile (1)
Rich (3)
Magical Phenomena (3)
Fauna & Flora 3 (5)
Trying to tell what something the size of Jupiter is going to look is a little bit too much to describe. Generally the starting areas of the tribes are tropical or Mediterranean climates without all the negatives (no bugs, tropical diseases, natural disasters). Lots of flora and fauna that make living much easier than on Earth. Also lots of useful herbs, that act like birth control pills or Viagra. Areas farther away can have more varied, weirder and hostile environments. Every few thousand kilometres there are giant statues that reach the skies (don't want them forgetting that this world was created by "gods"). Some of the planets have specific themes for their flora and fauna, like Mega Safari that's populated by kaiju (even their children are too big to fit through the gateway) or Canvas that's just pure featureless rock for training my Dominion power.

Adventure (7)
Spirits (2) Muses and observer/messengers for me.
Malice (1) Monster girls, giant Amazons and tentacle monster, that kidnap and rape people. Also hostile fauna in certain regions.
Theme (4) High Fantasy Erotica (I guess). Includes fantasy genres weird habit of never really advancing technologically. Will change to Superb Comedic Tragedy if I ever need to weed out the population (highly unlikely to happen in few millennia).

>> No.32606858

I think he meant, what happens when you are killed. Does the realm collapse? do they get sent back or do they die?

>> No.32606866

i know, it's shit, i wish i had a better word for it.
yea, it should be per second, for some of them, but not all of them use time. by the time i'm willing to call it "finished" i'll change it to look better.

>> No.32606873
File: 505 KB, 848x1200, 0f04c0364f4b21bb2e56fa64a450dfc2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Capital (9)
Lifestyle Upgrade 2 (3) I will have this on it's own planet.
Influence 3 (6)

>Personal (10)
Immortality 1 (2)
Shape Shift 2 (3)
Tongues (1) I'm going to give several different languages to the tribes and I will need to understand all of them. Also the language will inevitably evolve.
Mimicry (2) This should make it easier to learn local and dances and other stuff.
Memory (2) Don't want to forget who I was.

>Powers (7)
Superhuman Body (3)
Dominion (4)
Ghost Soul (3)
Don't need no fancy wizard powers.

Harem (2) 80% of the population should be highly fuckable, so I don't really see a need for the Waifu option.

See powers.

That's the individual choices will post the big picture in the later posts.

>> No.32606892

Can I assume that all the powers you get can be used outside the demiplane?

>> No.32606902

yea, old and new actually mean normal and during.

sorry, i'm adding this blurb to the top of the next version. "She tells you that if the precise numbers are a little over whelming, don't worry, and just use them to get a general idea of what will drain your mana faster. For example, see that for Vanish, velocity and light effect you less as you level, but time will never become less draining." that's why i'm not reducing everything.

>> No.32606918

Monk lady (1)
Fruit (2x red, 2x green, 2x yellow) (2)
Delicious vanilla cookie (1)
Paradise domain (1)

I can chill out with my buddy, I'm in great form and she keeps me that way, and when that pesky black water shows up her/our physical prowess will have it sorted in no time. Plus I get a delicious snack out of it. What's not to like?

Service bot
Human-like appendages
Bipedal locomotion
Obsession (freedom)
Drone controller (sensory/spy; communications/messenger)

Definitely getting an uprising going

>> No.32606946

I am dumb, the conversion to consumption per second is easy as fuck. I was imagining it would be a period function. but no
you just take
Md = 0.00000005*V*L*S
and divide both sides by S
Now you have
Md/S = 0.00000005*V*L

A 60 watt light bulb outputs 800 lumens. I have no idea how to calculate its diffusion to get ambient light, but lets say it is 800 lumen.
So, if I am standing still, I need 0.00004 mana per second to remain invisible. Which is nothing since I regain mana at 1/second.

Now, if I am moving at the speed of sound 375.109361 yards per second (weird choice, but ok) then it is 0.01500437444 per second. Still totally insignificant compared to 1/s regeneration.

Also, there is no way it gets to these figures via a linear function. but we have no idea how it gets from lv1 to lv100

>> No.32606963

they are not overwhelming, they are just poorly formatted.
I learned in first grade to simplify equations and it has served me well over the past 24 years.

You didn't give us equations, you gave us an algebra problem. Once we solve for X then we have an actual equation

>> No.32606967


You can become the wizard/whatever it is now if you study enough and they grabbed you from outside of the demiplane so yes.

>> No.32607039

i'll nurf light resistance and add a note that lumens are measured when it reaches you.

>> No.32607059

ill go back and change those equations.

>> No.32607235

I should mention that at a glance, it looks like most things become trivial at level 100 not just invisibility.
Also, what light resistance?

And the note about lumens measured when they reach you...
>The lumen (symbol: lm) is the SI derived unit of luminous flux, a measure of the total "amount" of visible light emitted by a source. Luminous flux differs from power (radiant flux) in that luminous flux measurements reflect the varying sensitivity of the human eye to different wavelengths of light, while radiant flux measurements indicate the total power of all electromagnetic waves emitted, independent of the eye's ability to perceive it. A lux is one lumen per square meter.

I think what you are describing is "light absorbed by body=lux*body's surface area".
Lux is measured in lumens per square meter
Here are some surface area values for people

So, if I got a surface area of 2 meters square, the light I am absorbing is 2*lux.
While a family living room light might produce a mere 50 lux.
Direct sunlight can go up to 100,000 lux

So if we take the equation from >>32606726
Md/S = 0.00000005*V*L
where L is "light impacting my body in lumens". Then if I am standing outside in the sun its 200,000 lumens. meaning consumption is 0.01 mana per second.
If I was to move at the speed of sound using flight it would go up to 3.75 mana/second.

Oh, and I just realized that standing still doesn't put a 1 in velocity. It puts a 0. so my earlier math is wrong. when standing still it costs exactly ZERO mana to be invisible no matter how bright it is, even at level 1. You can maintain it forever while standing still.

>> No.32607262

okay, i put all the seconds on the left side of the equation, but you'll probably like it less because I kept the coefficients next to the 'S'.

the average of lumens touching your body, not the total, i'll edit that in and ad a plus 1 to velocity.

>> No.32607266

PS. if you disregard the multiplying by zero from standing still and just look at lumens.
Then in sunlight a level 1 individual (who is a slightly larger than average adult male) has to spend 2000 mana per second to be invisible. while a level 100 that goes down to 0.01 mana per second.

>> No.32607325
File: 1.37 MB, 1500x1742, 1394639666577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Big picture is that the population is going to be divided into tribes that vary in size from one thousand to 10 million. These will be spread across the surface and the planets. 80 million will be spread out on the surface "rather near" (at most 5000 kilometres from nearest tribe) each other in rather big tribes. Another 80 million will be spread out in a similar fashion on the opposite end of the plane. Another 80 million will be spread out on Mars sized planets in tribes of 10 million (One tribe per planet. Gateway on the other side of the planet, that leads to a remote location of the surface). Most of the population not mentioned will be randomly divided on the surface in tribes of varying sizes. Point of doing this is to ensure room for growth and nurture several different cultures on my demiplane. These tribes consist of humanoids with races and abilities described in the above posts.

But, there are also two races that are way different from other races. The angels and the demons They appear to be attractive humanoids like the rest, but they are mary sue races of the setting. They possess physical and magical abilities way above the "lower races" and are capable of flying between the planets with their own wings (so they can access planets that are off-limits for other races). They also have life span of thousand years and can shut their functions to extend that to near infinite. They are the ones who run the realm for me, so I can just laze around and wander the realm and enjoy its culture and people. They can ask me for opinion trough spirits if something happens that needs my opinion. Once every few years I will hold a meeting where everything that happened in my realm between the meetings will be discussed.

>> No.32607375

Oh, and on level 1 on an overcast day its 2 mana per second. indoors with artificial light its 1 mana per second.

>the average of lumens touching your body, not the total, i'll edit that in and ad a plus 1 to velocity.
I don't quite understand what you mean by the average in this context.

We established that if I am sitting in my living room, under several 800 lumen light bulbs, and my surface area is a little big for an adult male, I am getting 2(meters squared)*50 lux (aka lumens per meter sequared)=100 lumens "touching" me all over.
How do you intend to average anything?

>> No.32607377
File: 1.50 MB, 1096x896, 1349586639408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The reason for including both angels and demons is to further diversify the cultures (cultures guided by either race are going to rather different). There are only 10000 of both races and most are hibernating or just enjoying their lives on their own planets that are one of the off-limits planets without gateways. All of them are going to called to service only when I need to go all Sodom and Gomorrah on someone's ass and dropping a meteor on their head is too inelegant.

They are also going to be the only races that know that I run the show in this realm, though I will appear as the head god of the pantheon and not the creator god, that existed before. My palace exist on it's own off-limits planet (don't want wrong people finding modern technology).

For rest of the races I appear as the other gods trough messages from the angels and demons. In person I appear as the wandering slacker god who didn't receive any domains when the world was created and wanders the mortal world because of this. Or as another mortal someone no different from them when I don't want any special treatment.

Third race that can move between the planets are sky whales that I use to move between the planets and surface.

>> No.32607419

I put way too much thought into this. Any comments? Something I have missed?

>> No.32607421

>Spend on astroids for astroid drops
why waste your own land for that?
Set up two portals
Portal 1 will open from the path of an astroid in the asteroid belt of earth's solar system (or any other system). Portal 1 leads to a sealed room in your domain. Portal 2 opens 1mm next to where portal 1 lead, in that same sealed room.
Portal 2's exit is in the path of your target.

Asteroid goes into portal 1, comes out of it, immediately enters portal 2, and comes out at target. a 1mm slice of the astroid is the most that is ever inside your domain.

>> No.32607476

fuck it, lumens are kill, modifying drain rate on account of light is to much trouble.

>> No.32607487

>They are the ones who run the realm for me, so I can just laze around and wander the realm and enjoy its culture and people
That seems like thing that would stir rebellion.
In fact, isn't that basically the plot of Exalted? Primordials were to lazy to watch over Creation, so they've made gods to do it for them and then gods rebelled?
At least, give your angels and demons vacations or something.

>> No.32607565

>Breeding is highly
highly what?
>Everyone is a hippy
>Everyone believes in false gods I just invented for the lulz
why? you didn't even make up your own religion with teachings on good and bad, just false gods to worship.
>Medieval tech
>Electricity and internet for me only
wow, that is mean and selfish

Everyone is magically compelled to obey him forever.
... however now that I think about it, this is exactly that plot of exalted too.
See, the gods are compelled to obey the orders of any titan.
They knew that the moment that the titans find out about their rebellion they would be ordered to stop. So instead they gave mortals an irrevocable gift of exaltation, with no back doors or strings attached. Once a mortal exalts he is an unstopable war machine capable of slaying gods or titans and nobody can tell him what to do except the other exalts.

Since he took so few powers for himself, it is possible that the angels or demons will create a different race that doesn't have to obey him...

However, the text of influence 3 implies that this is a non issue because they are not magically compelled to obey you, instead you are the supreme ruler of SOCIETY and cannot be removed from said position. So an individual might actually try to assassinate you, but you can never be deposed from power because magic.

>> No.32607626
File: 579 KB, 1300x2716, 1343439977172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's what Influence 3 is for. Also I don't really expect more than 100 of each race to work at one time. They just have to kick start the different tribes, so they can become self-sustaining. Afterwards their job is to guide the general direction of the civilisation and keep an eye on them and report back if they do something that I don't want

>highly what?
Sentence was cut. Highly recommended.

>>Everyone is a hippy
I don't expect them to hug trees, I expect them to not ruin the amazing vistas I spend time creating.

>Everyone believes in false gods I just invented for the lulz
I would totally design the gods if I had the time.

>wow, that is mean and selfish
I'm of the Ludo-Rathown school of godhood.

>> No.32607671

>>32607565 cont.
regardless, he is entitled to his fetishes.

In regards to threat assessment to me

Since he did not chose the magic book or magic library, then he cannot ascend to be the next wizard. As such he is a non threat to me.
And his minions are no threat to my minions should they meet in prime material either.
He also sounds non expansionist. So really, I see no reason at all to fight him at all.
while the rich culture his people have would make them tempting target for cultural trade, I wouldn't want his invented false idols contaminating my lands and he probably doesn't want my tech contaminating his. So probably we just ignore each other.
Also, my own people are more diverse in terms of races, to the point of having every single race that he has. So I don't need to try to import any people either.

>> No.32607684

>I'm of the Ludo-Rathown school of godhood.
I haven't heard of ludo-rathown.
I googled it and I found exactly 1 result... an archived 4chan thread discussing rance.

>> No.32607696

See the image.>>32607626

>> No.32607724

I see the problem. you misspelled it.
its rathom not rathon

>> No.32607761
File: 559 KB, 500x375, flcleyebrow.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you have a multitude of waifu

>> No.32607780

If you have ghost soul and your body is destroyed then you don't need shapeshift right? Since you can create another body.

>> No.32607784

waifu is a japanese word, meaning it doesn't have a plural form. like samuri, and tsunami.

>> No.32607804


I think it is worth clarifying.
While I am built very competitively, I am not going to try to conquer everyone. In fact I am probably going to avoid even trying to conquer anyone from other demi planes.

I will conquer earth. Then I will rapidly expand my people and the earthlings into the rest of the solar system, then the rest of the galaxy, then the rest of the universe.

The very largest oft he demiplanes are still less than the amount of living space to be found in a single solar system. and there are an average of 100 billion solar systems per galaxy.

Invading demiplanes is insanely dangerous since local themes alter physics and can completely screw me over. The local chosen one might have godlike powers and be 100% immortal and unstopable. Fighting him myself would be a waste of my time that can be spent ascending. Invading any demiplane which isn't inserted into the real world and doesn't have permanent unclosable gates is also a hugely dangerous prospect as my forces can be easily cut off and annihilated as each demiplane controls their own portals. And the population is probably too twisted into fetishes to be useful or easily converted into my own culture.

It is far better to not waste my people on such wars and instead have them expanding in real space. And even then avoiding thosed super dangerous worlds as long as they don't try to expand into me. instead colonizing the stars and breeding, and researching, etc.

I am also uninterested in creating a coalition of other gifted against me now because their seers predict me destroying them in the far future. My own seer powers are critically useful in determining who wishes ME harm though and engaging in preemptive war against them

>> No.32607811

I have no idea what you are trying to imply with this reaction image

>> No.32607813




>> No.32607819

Didn't you say you would conquer earth mainly because you want to see people dance and singing musicals on the streets?

>> No.32607875

I never said it. must have been someone else.
Which means I have competition for the earth conquering...

have you heard of harem protagonist thread?
what about aspiring emperor quest?

>> No.32607901

Ah sorry my fault

>> No.32607905


>> No.32607918

Muh dick

>> No.32607936

nothing to apologize about, it is a reasonable mistake to make :).

Do you happen to have a link to that guy's build?

>> No.32607979

No sorry. Your build and motive seems noble.
It does kind of put me off maybe because you are going to conquer earth.
Besides that it looks very good.

>> No.32608067
File: 1.26 MB, 1500x3500, Dungeon Keeper p1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dungeon Keeper CYOA
png version page 1

>> No.32608084
File: 1.76 MB, 1500x4350, Dungeon Keeper p2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

page 2

>> No.32608186

Note sure if this was mentioned but Fertile isn't listed anymore and Rich has Fertile's old description.

Not sure if this was a attempt to combine the two or just an error.

>> No.32608219

incidentally, this makes fertile 3x more expensive.
I opted to pass on it since I don't need extra crops from lands when i have the tech for hydroponics

>> No.32608230

This is already pretty fucking broken.
You can time stop, teleport to your target, shank him with blissbane and insta-win.
In theory blissbane is nice, but the powers you already have make this broken as fuck.

>> No.32608269

there is also nothing stopping a level 1 person from using all his remaining mana on an attack to instagib anyone. The defensive powers are joke, even with all of them you are insta gibbed by any level 1 offensive power. You can only store 6 minutes of mana, 12 mintues of mana with the upgrade. So its not a big deal to just spend it all on such an attack.

Also, almost everything is broken because the author never actually solved his own equations so he has no idea what things actually cost. as shown by earlier lumens discussion where he decided to nerf it once the author saw the actual math.

>> No.32608288

Stopping time to do that requires that you know your target is there. But if you know an enemy is there, it takes equal effort to instagib an enemy with ANY power on the list than it does to stop time for that instagib

>> No.32608377


Powerful Leader x2 allows you to take 2 more party members.

Sorry for the late response:
It was a bit annoying. Choosing your party is all over the place and there was no obvious order/sorting I could make out. So I had to read through all of them and remember what they did.
I had very little idea what the colours meant (red was obvious evil characters and races had their own) but I think sorting them after their Fellowship (Loot/Fame/Power), then after their roles would be better. The colour would be a bit messed up but I think it would make everything easier.
A short declaration what Sidhe fellowship meant would have been nice too.
And I have no Idea what Fellowship does for my character, seemed like a dump stat but decided to get one extra point there anyway.
And giving different characters differnt starting Fellowship might be cool too. You are more or less restricted to 1 sort because getting more than 1 bonus seemed kinda weak and hard to maintain.

>> No.32608485
File: 304 KB, 724x1024, 1400521704882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm >>32596242 . I think we might make a good team.

>> No.32608563
File: 134 KB, 1005x1582, SHCYOA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a slightly less shitty version of my notepad crap.
"now with 100% less lumens" addition.

>> No.32608564

>happily marries with two great kids.
Are you from India ?

>> No.32608613
File: 182 KB, 1200x1600, Queenfu 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could someone tell me if this seems like a good idea?

First timer here.

>> No.32608616
File: 177 KB, 480x360, Armstrong_more posing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only problem I can see happening from your build is that the extremely diverse races of your people are going to be hard to rally together into a single unified force, hindered by racial discrimination, poverty, social, and political instability as the real world is any indication, tensions and wars between nations and power struggles.

Yes you are the god emperor of this plane, however you did take any population attitude adjustments or anything that would allow such a large population of diverse peoples to forget their differences and prejudices and conquer the stars with you in the helm.

In addition, since your peoples are so focused on self improvement, I'd imagine competition to be very intense to the point of violence and even among your most trusted advisers, generals and leaders, there is a intricate web of power plays, backstabbing, and assassinations happening without your knowledge, and even attempts at ending your life and keeping you incapacitated and just an manipulated figurehead, as they claim all the magical knowledge and power you have accumulated for themselves.

You can probably predict of all these things will happen, which means none of your people can fully be trusted or are actually loyal enough to follow through with your vision of conquest.

Good Luck, you are going to need it.

>> No.32608632

With those colors? Nope.

>> No.32608669

I'll fix the colors then.

Is the idea itself good?

>> No.32608673

>color scheme
fix these before you continue to have other thoughs

>> No.32608679


Unarmed Combat
Armed Combat

Rohan (I want that spear, and a total bro)

2h waraxe-3
So far at 10/100

City Manse-22 and a free steward

Apprentice-2 (1)
Serf-1 (6)
Serf-1 (6)
Steward-free (1)
Chef-2 (1)
Worker-1 (4)
Worker-1 (4)
Spy-4 (1)
Guard-3 (2)
Guard-3 (2)
Guard Captain-5 (1)
Mage-Mind Magic-6 (1)
Full pop and 62/100

Didn't pick any animals or dragons.

Don't need any drawbacks.

Slay the beast!

With the leftover gold I'll get the ghost sword for 78/100 and Water of life to sum that all up at 100/100

I will protect my peoples, I will slay the beast for everyone's protection and keep the Wizard's name safe from tarnish.

They will know me as their savior.

>Remember that everyone is a spy.

>> No.32608687

Thank you

>> No.32608688

jesus fucking christ dude

>> No.32608703
File: 101 KB, 600x400, Wizard_by_thegryph.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Updating God-Wizard Build:

Area Increase 6 (6)
Portals (9)
Protection (12)

Population Increase 7 (19)
Extrahuman Population (21)
Metahuman Population (24)
Culture & Customs (25)

Technomagic (28)
Religious affinity (29)

Fauna and flora 3 (34)

Life Style Upgrade 3 (39)
Autmatons 2 (44)

Familiar (47)

Inmortality 1 (49)
Shape shift 2 (51)
Tongues (52)
Memory (54)
Mimicry (56)

Superhuman Body (58)
Teleportation (59)
Ghost Soul (62)
Seer Senses (66)
Pyker Enhancement (68)
Levitation (69)
Hypnotism (71)
Alchemy (73)
Healing (75)
Illusion (77)
Elementalism 2 (80)
Time Manipulation (83)
Empowerment (86)

Magical Affinity (92)
Wizard's Spellbook (94)
Wizard's Study (100)

Although you can learn all kinds of magic with the Spellbook, the Study and Magical Affinity, someone with all the upgrades with overpowered you in the first centuries, since they will have master all kinds of magic in an amount of time much shorter than you.

And anyone with all the powers, and who studies all the magic in... I don't know...a year at most? Since you only have to read all once and looks like the time you take to read a spellbook will be reduced, you'll have mastered almost every magic in the universe in a few years. What's the point of competing in that? With absolutely immortal Wizard's, it will be draws every time they fight. If one destroys their rival, he'll simply comeback in days or seconds.

But I like concept of having multiple demiplanes with multiple wizards.
I think that was me. But it was in another thread, about 4 o 5 days ago, when the CYOA was first posted.

>> No.32608773

I would.

>> No.32608775


>Martial (1)
Key word: Tactician
>Skill (1)
Key word: Ambush tactics
>Arcane Magic (7)
Powerful disintegration (4 points of increased damage, level 5/5)
Mighty strike for that extra tough opponent
Exceptional tentacles rape (3 points of crowd Control, level 4/5)
>Spiritual magic (2)
Strong Heal (2 points, level 3/5)
>Leadership (2)
Key word: Bold
Key word: Social

don't care much for the rest of it.

>> No.32608784

pretty good analysis

>> No.32608799

>But those are pretty much the least awesome kind of parties!
Not when random lesbian orgies involving supermodels are thrown in.

>> No.32608845
File: 102 KB, 1024x482, shark_isle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

100 Baubles
Demiplanes: Area Increase 7 [7] [93]

Planar Features: Portals [3], Division [2], Protection [3] [85]

Population: Population Increase 4 [4] [81]

Inhabitants: Culture & Customs [1], Extrahuman Population [2],
Metahuman Population [3], Pretty Population [1] [74]

Technology: Technology Upgrade [1] [73]

Infrastructure: Healthy [1], Metropole [2] [70]

Society: Advanced Education [1], Mystical [4], Technomagic [3] [62]

Culture: Warfare Affinity [1], Intellectual Affinity [1][60]

Environment: Landscape Adjustment [3], Magical Phenomena [3],
Fauna & Flora [5] [49]

Adventure: Dungeons 2[3], Spirits [2], Malice [1], Theme[4] [39]

Capital: Lifestyle Upgrade 1 [1], Automatons 1[2], Influence 1[1] [35]

Personal: Immortality 1 [2] [33]

Powers: Ghost Soul [3], Alchemy [2], Healing [2], Time Manipulation [3],
Dominion [4] [19]

Companions: Waifu 2 [4], Friends [1] [14]

Magic: Magical Affinity [6], Wizard's Spellbook [2], Wizard's Study [6] [0]

I'll mainly be isolating my world from earth to prevent immigration mainly because of the lack of technology that I have and possible invasion. I'll be focusing on my magic as much as possible and try to help push my demiplane to hopefully reach Modern Era tech.
My time manipulation should help me with that and my Immortality with Ghost soul should allow me to.
It would also be full of confusing Phenomenon to help protect denizens and/or confuse invaders.
Plus I kind of want floating islands that look like sea life or flying creatures in one or many of my divided planes.
I would like some critique from anyone about my demiplane.

>> No.32608877


Divine Might

Mithril Armor

Reliquary-I feel he can teach me more

Castle-Train further with my spear with the garrison and learn more of the lands


Death Knight

Dragon Knight

Lets see that bitch Death Knight keep up with me. Years of training, subterfuge in the order of Truth, and with them will come the gain of knowledge. I may find his weakness besides that which is Holy. He's too slow for my spear.

Also want to be a kind of bruiser for Truth. Seems more badass.

>> No.32608878

Area 4 (96)
Protection (93)
Population 1 (92)
Pretty population (91)
Attitude adjustment - all of them are devoted thespians (90)
Metahuman and extrahuman - All your stock fantasy races (88)
Technology 1 (87)
Aesthetics (85) (do I get to decide specifics here? If so, we're going some combination of opulent and gothic)
Sanitation (84)
Healthy (83)
Advanced education (82)
Libraries (81)
University (79)
Wealthy (77)
Mercantile (75)
Mystical (71) with deep ingrained "elder magics" and to the average person light magic is as easy as walking
Music affinity (70)
Theater affinity (69)
Warfare (68)
Food and alcohol (66)
Art (65)
Intellectual affinity (64)
Landscape adjustment (61) TLDR varied as shit but largely mountainous
Magical phenomena (58)
Fauna and flora 3 (53) Stock fantasy stuff, dragons and other high fantasy beasts.
Dungeons 3 (48)
Spirits (46)
Malice (45)
Theme (41)
Lifestyle 2 (38)
Immortality 2 (33)
Shape shift 2 (30)
Tongues (29)
Memory (27)
Elementalism (24)
Rivalry (21)
Waifu (18)
Spellbook, affinity, study (4)
On second thought, I'll grab portals (1) and I guess teleportation (0)

The shtick of my realm is that it's a constant drama. Everything is dramatic. Every story told about my land would be an instant bestseller. Everyone's a perfect actor in an extremely well written story, but they aren't acting, they're living it. From high adventures to soap dramas to revenge tragedies to war epics, this realm has it all. And though the quality of life is outstanding and people are immortal, someone knows when the story of fate demands they die.
I play a small part in these tales, but mostly I travel the land, with a few adventures of my own, recording the stories that happen around me. I then discreetly share these with the outside world, my gift to them.

Also study magic, mite b cool

>> No.32608903

I will acknowledge that warfare would make them more violent.
I was having a hard time to choose this so that if I do get invaded my people would have experience to fight against the invaders.
To music because I love music

>> No.32608913

Actually, my improvement theme is not focused on the self. Although self improvement does exist. Races improves, society improves, government improves, culture improves, military improves, etc. I should note that while they are all very diverse, they are all the same species, like IRL humans. Although IRL humans have a history of racial discrimination even within the species so sparing a point for an attitude adjustment might be wise. I will see where I can extract that point from. Not that it can't be solved mundanely.

Political instability is non existent because I am an absolute total ruler and even going against me is unthinkable, anyone in my demiplane is compelled as such. With both mind reading AND seer ability I don't see how my generals and trusted advisors could engage in such clandestine plots against each other. Or how I could possibly appoint those who lack the spirit of cooperation.

Poverty is already barely an issue in advanced nations on earth. This one is 50 years ahead in terms of tech. Remember that nothing is stopping me from implementing mundane solutions. I don't NEED to have a dimension spanning spell enforcing such a social construct.

Also, any attempt against my life or to incapacitate is me is completely impossible. Ghost soul, superman body, immortality, familiar, psyker, seer, AND teleportation. Even if they somehow incapacitated me, my soul will just form a new body. Assuming such an attempt is not in violation of Influence 3.

>> No.32608980
File: 21 KB, 334x520, The_Dragon_and_the_Wizard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I don't expect any weird climate that's different from the current Earth. The world is big, so there'll be no problem to fit all the population. One of the first things that I aim to do it's use the time magic to make the demiplane go a lot faster than the Earth (being a day in Earth a century in the demiplane.

I was expecting to create a mix of high fantasy races: Mostly Humans (they outnumber all the other populations put together, being twice their numbers), Elves (more beautiful, powerful and resistant, and their age much slowly, about a thousand years of lifespan, and with magical affinity), dwarves (age slowly, and are stronger than humans), and many human variations like undead (cannot be killed until you destroy his body completely, but they still age) , mages (magical affinity humans) , giants (larger lifespan, normally peaceful and not too intelligent) and so, but they are a minority in the human population. The society it's extremely racist, and it's divided in many kingdoms, but they usually accept mages for their uses with the technomagic, and use others like undead or giants for wars.

There're also dragons (unaging and with great magic powers) and forest creatures (not-spirits, but three-men, druids, beastmen, etc.) , with high intelligence and will defend their territories from humans, but usually won't attack them. They seem to like and cooperate with non-human races, but sometimes can do so with humans. There are also other race of human like beings that are usually the ones in charge of the human kingdoms, although they're not human, but tall and unaging beings with extremely high magical affinity and great destruction powers, they're few and with almost zero birthrate.

>> No.32609013

>Although you can learn all kinds of magic with the Spellbook, the Study and Magical Affinity, someone with all the upgrades with overpowered you in the first centuries, since they will have master all kinds of magic in an amount of time much shorter than you.
I disagree. Those POWERS (not magics) all specify that you start off completely sucking and must train hard to expand your ability. By spreading yourself too thin over too many fields you greatly decrease your raw power. I am not going to use my spellbook and study to acquire levitation, hypnotism, alchemy, and those other powers I didn't bother wise.

While you are mastering those granted powers via exercising them (not magic knowledge), I will research a spell to kill a true immortal (ghost form and immortality), a spell to slay a familiar for good, a spell to shatter the protection wards on a demiplane, a spell to remove the theme of a demiplane, a spell to ADD a theme to a demiplane, a spell to open a portal into an enemy's demiplane. A spell to grant ghost form to a loyal underling. A spell to sever a would be wizard from his spellbook. etc etc.
All are things within the power of the godlike wizard, but not within the power of any of the gifts he had on offer.

Remember, that with immortality and ghost soul neither of us can destroy the other with any power gifted to us. We must instead research the spellbook/study to unlock enough of the advanced powers to find a way to kill an immortal. Furthermore, while they cannot destroy you, an army as ridiculously overpowered and advanced as mine can keep you occupied. If they don't outright conquer your realm and steal your study (the book cannot be taken from you of course).

Also we only engage each other in the real world since both of us chose portals and protection. Until one of us researches enough of the wizard's true power to breach the other's demiplane's protections (not one of the offered powers, but surely within the wizard's power).

>> No.32609025
File: 141 KB, 800x614, Cult_by_RanDize.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In the nature, there're plenty of high fantasy monsters, but most of them without any human-like intelligence, like trolls, drakes, hydras, centaurs, etc. There's also a great magical flora, and it's used both by a source of power both by technomagic and church to create gods.

The kingdoms are ruled by gods, who are worshiped and feared. Sometimes there's a real god-king, sometimes a fool used by a church. These kingdoms clash for resources (mostly magical source of powers, like magical flora or some powerful magical beast). The rest of the social life it's almost the same about the medieval society. But don't expect too much advances in technology. People like their things, and the church will destroy almost every attempt to modernize the society or the technology. If someone creates a powerful new weapon, it's probably that other kingdoms or races unite to destroy them and their stuff is forgotten.

My place is hidden and almost none knows about it. The major source of information about it are legends. It'll be hidden in valley and it'll be difficult to access to it. My minion will be shade like beings, that will do many kind of labors, like keeping the state in good state, helping with experiments, get subjects to experiment (all kind of subjects, both magical and non-magical).

I'll use the familiar to reduce the time that I spent learning magic, and as a trusted companion and confessor (I think after all the things I have planned to do, I'll need something like that). It'll take the form of dragon (not a big one), but he can shape shift if the situation demands it.

I'll probably travel trough the world, sharing some magical knowledge, and using my powers to twist with the kingdom fates, creating wars, illness, and some kind of magical weird stuff, you know, to make the world a bit more interesting. And I could grab some people from the old Earth and give them some kind of weird powers to my amusement.

>> No.32609069

PS. I almost forgot. I explicitly split up my demiplane into 100 seperate mini planes. Each the size of earth and they have no permanent connections between them. only I can open the portals between my own demiplanes and I would use a world as a staging ground (which is definitely NOT my capital). This means if you are foolish enough to make the mistake of trying to sack my library or attack me you would charge from earth into one of my portals before I can close it... and find yourself stranded on a stanging ground world of mine that contains nothing for you to strike at. Enjoy spending nearly forever fighting the locals (who have super powers, lesser wizards of their own, and advanced magi tech). you will die and respawn many times. At worse you will conquer that world, but you would be trapped in it. While I keep on research the advanced magics that would let me kill you for good.

>> No.32609078

pretty neat.

>I'll mainly be isolating my world from earth to prevent immigration mainly because of the lack of technology that I have and possible invasion
wouldn't trading with earth allow you to rapidly acquire modern tech?

>> No.32609080

The idea itself isn't the worst thing ever

>> No.32609084

What about mind control? You're totally defenseless about that. And to destroy a true immortal you must be at least in the same power level that the guy that put that seal. I don't think I'll need to bother about someone reach that level before me.

And throwing armies against a nuker it's pointless. With the Elemental magic or the time magic they will be destroyed in matter of seconds. Have a million of guys? What about them being burn, freeze or toasted to dead? Or maybe use illusions and hypnotism to make them kill themselves. Your mortal armies are pointless against a Demiplane owner.

Oh, the time magic. You'll be defenseless against that too. It a second to you it's a year to me, I can do whatever that I want with you (I just slow you to a point that It's so ridiculous that you'll be freeze).

You maybe not be a master in it at first, but they're some overpowered things in the list too get at the begging. And Magical Affinity boost them, so I'll get a nice start level.

>> No.32609087

Man you put alot of thought into this

>> No.32609088

what are your long term goals with the magic studying?

>> No.32609092
File: 745 KB, 1000x6048, goblin town.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32609114

Teleportation and Seer's senses pretty much counter that. I know whatever I want and I can teleport to it, and with enough power, teleport armies (but as I said before, they're pointless.

As I said before, any army is useless against a powerful nuker and time mage.

>> No.32609132


Not Armstrong, but it seems to me you're trying to stretch things a bit so you can have your cake and eat it too. You spent most of your points making yourself super powerful. Now you're saying that because there's magic in your realm (like there is in most) and you got the tech upgrade, that your society won't have poverty or any other major problems.

If that's how it worked, I don't think Vex would have made fertile, rich, secure, healty, and wealthy options. He himself said that despite the high number of baubles given, the point ends up being that you're forced to choose between hugely improving either yourself, or life of your realm's inhabitants, or doing a little of both. If you spend all the points on youeself then your people don't just automatically develop all other improvements.

At least that's how I see it. Maybe Vex has some input.

>> No.32609170

That is true. But I don't think I have anything that would interests a first world nation.

>> No.32609189

Mainly to expand and hopefully improve my demiplane. I don't have any interest with invasion or subjugation of a someone.
I'll just mainly try to improve my self and spread my teaching to those who need it or I see as worthy.

>> No.32609205

>What about mind control? You're totally defenseless about that
Am I actually? there is no clarification on the limitations of that power and whether magic affinity grants defenses against it. Protection from mind control would fall under the "etc" part of the "learn the godlike wizard's powers". You are right that mindraping a fellow immortal WOULD be the easiest victory possible, and achieveable with the default loadout. Of course you need to actually practice it as a granted power, which means I would notice (seer). And as I said earlier, I have no intention of facing you in personal battle. When I finally have enough metamagic to kill you, I will send troops armed with wizard slaying weapons.

>And to destroy a true immortal you must be at least in the same power level that the guy that put that seal.
Why would you think that?
1. it is easier to break than to create
2. he probably didn't use 100% of his power on it. Just enough for it to last normal use.

>I don't think I'll need to bother about someone reach that level before me.
You are spending time mastering myriad powers, I am rushing the wizard's own unique brand of magic

>And throwing armies against a nuker it's pointless. With the Elemental magic or the time magic they will be destroyed in matter of seconds. Have a million of guys? What about them being burn, freeze or toasted to dead? Or maybe use illusions and hypnotism to make them kill themselves. Your mortal armies are pointless against a Demiplane owner.
How effective is fire against an M1 abrams tank or an airplane moving at mach 5? now imagine 50 years into the future AND magitech AND regular magic (the airplane has been enchanted and the copilot is a wizard)
Furthermore, I specifically purchased metahuman. So some of my soldiers are superman.

>Oh, the time magic. You'll be defenseless against that too.
Haste and slow. I would be totally defenseless against it... if I faced you in open battle.

>> No.32609206
File: 596 KB, 1024x768, armstrong_face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You say you can solve all your internal issues through mundane methods, but you did not take fertile or rich world traits, meaning every natural resource except perhaps electricity is in finite amounts, meaning as a ruling you have to make compromises of how to best allocate your finite resources that provides the best benefit. And all compromises lead to some dissatisfaction as without a doubt, there is always parties left out of the benefits. There will always be some dissonance with every decision you make.

In addition, technology will only carry you so far, and it is only 50 years more advanced then Earth's current technological level, you will still have pollution and ecological destruction issues to worry about, and because your plans involve the conquest of other worlds, one would think a unimaginable degree of industrial mobilization will have to take place as your entire will be geared towards a total war economy, which means poverty, famine and social injustices will always be lingering issues no matter how hard you try to mitigate them.

Also you might want to avoid invading Earth, as many immortal god wizards have made Earth their central hub.

Finally you are probably correct that incapacitating you is a far off thought that is very unlikely to happen, and you are the absolute god to your people, but even gods bleed, and no amount of divine influence and supreme authority and power will make the people obedient to you if you push your people too far.

>> No.32609208

So basically Knowledge gathering and safekeeping of that knowledge.

>> No.32609224

Teleportation does not allow you to teleport between dimensions. And from the description you won't be able to carry entire armies ever. Maybe a few soldiers, eventually

Seer sense would prevent you from making the huge mistake of trying to invade my demiplane. I was just saying what would happen IF you made that mistake. Since you suggested that you would invade it to sack my library (not possible to reach without first breaching the protection spells, and then learning how to create a portal into a non allied demiplane. both of which are advanced magics of the godwizard's caliber)

>> No.32609244


>> No.32609269

Area Increase-4
Pretty Population-1
Extrahuman Population-2
Metahuman Population-3
Technology Upgrade-4
Literature Affinity-1
Gaming Affinity-1
Animation Afinity-1
Fauna And Flora-5
Magical Phenomena-3
Landscape Adjestment-3
Influence 3-6
Magical Affinity-6
Wizard Study-6
Wizard Book-2
Ghost Body-3
Psyker Enchantment-2
Life Magic-2
Illusion Magic-2
Time Manipulation-3
Elemental Magic-3
Superhuman Body-3
Seer Senses-4

Magic all day everyday. A time distortion field makes the inside of my demiplane run much faster than normal time allowing me to build up a large super magical population and advance my knowledge.

>> No.32609281


Hey Armstrong! Would Megalodonia still want to send the Amazons to Saphoshire (just copied you and decided to make up a name) for education or did the critics scare you off?

Also I think it would be amazing if Earth became like a meeting place for the universe's wizards.

>> No.32609293


I don't think granted powers start at such a low level that you seem to imply. Indeed they appear to be rather powerfull from the start without regarding the boost magic aptitude gives to its owner.

>> No.32609311

>teleportation does not allow you to teleport between dimensions

Why do you think so? It's a natural exrapolation that a sufficiently powerfull teleportation wizard could teleport between dimesions.

>> No.32609323

>Not Armstrong, but it seems to me you're trying to stretch things a bit so you can have your cake and eat it too. You spent most of your points making yourself super powerful.
This is not true. i spent very few points on myself, hence the guy who actually DID spend all his points on himself (the god-wizard) trying to kill me on 1v1 and me avoiding combating him like the plague. I spent majority of points on my people, making them as good as possible.
I just didn't buy a few specific things like "no racism" (which frankly, NOT A SINGLE PERSON BOUGHT)

>Now you're saying that because there's magic in your realm (like there is in most) and you got the tech upgrade, that your society won't have poverty or any other major problems.
Some of those things I gave a mundane solution to, some I have a magical solution to. Don't speak in platitudes. Give SPECIFICS of what I said that is wrong.
Why WOULDN'T mind reading and seer powers allow me to prevent backstabbers?

Also, I just realized that another thing he did wrong was misinterprent my theme (rules of physics) of "everything gets better over time" as "people are power hungry bastards obsessed with only helping themselves". Remember that a theme can do things like "cartoon physics".

And honestly, poverty is not that big a deal in advanced modern countries. It is absolutely awful in africa, it isn't a big deal in modern nations. And those nations are far far less advanced than mine. AND don't have an absolute ruler. Mundane solutions to mundane problems are a thing anon.

>> No.32609325

So you're saying you can teleport to someplace you've never been to?

>> No.32609328
File: 30 KB, 640x480, armstrong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Seer powers will have no effect on me my magical god wizard friend! For I can blank my mind of all thoughts and cast my magic and act instinctively through pure reflex and muscle memory!

Such techniques are passed down the Muscle Wizards for generations! As a handy means to recollect our vast arsenal of brawn based without the need of spell books!

Of course friend! Megalodonia always seeks to broaden its horizons with new cultures, lands and peoples! Do I hope we can exchange tea and culinary recipes as well! As we always looking for new ways to make the deadly poisonous abominations of our land more appetizing!

>> No.32609333



I'm pretty sure most people were pleased with his plan of inducting the lesbian europeans into muscle wizard culture.

>> No.32609345


Yes? There's no such limitation on the ability description and assuming seer powers you can indeed see where you teleport.

>> No.32609362

>or an airplane moving at mach 5?
easy there gunslinger

>> No.32609369

Re-posted from the last thread. Because it amuses me to no end.

Oh god now I'm imagine a giant pile women tired and aching from a week long lesbian sex orgy session, and on top of the pile there is a 7+ Foot tall musclegirl with monocle and tophat, the largest shit eating grin to ever shittingly grin and smoking a fine cigar.

>"What is your secret, how are you so good at drunken lesbian sex?" The last barely standing groggy Hedonist would ask.
>With a twinkling in her eyes and a burst of flamboyant posing and flexing the muscle girl stands up abruptly and proclaims, "It is a ancient lesbian sex technique passed down the musclegirls for generations!"
>"Our great, honorable and ancient foremothers developed it to fend off tentacle monsters and rapacious eldritch monstrosities of our beloved homeland!"
>"If you give me your tiny frail bodies I will mold them like clay to glorious and virtuous temples of physical perfection! And once I'm done you too shall have the physiques and gentile decorum befitting of a proper lady of muscle!"

Thus the entire realm was saved from their terrible hedonistic values, through body building and radical dapperness. .

>> No.32609392

Fertile has been removed in latest version and rich's description has been changed to fertile.
Aside from that
Hydroponics, land 100x the size of earth, artificial fertilizers... all ensure a steady supply of food.
And rich isn't an issue either since portals and advanced tech allow me to perform mining in the real world.
As I explained earlier, a single solar system has far more space and resources than the largest richest demiplane.
And portals are basically stargates, letting me go any solar system I want. there are a LOT of them.
Even just in our solar system the asteroid belt is rich as fuck with resources.
And 50 years in the future plus magic means crazy good recycling.

>it is only 50 years more advanced then Earth's current technological level
That is only for the basic tech upgrade. IN ADDITION to that basic tech upgrade you can get specific upgrades. I got the free energy upgrade (1 point) AND the magitech upgrade (4 points) AND the magic upgrade (3 points).

You are basically arguing here that those MORE EXPENSIVE upgrades I got are guarenteed to produce worse results than we have on earth today.

Also, please show me where on earth we have a problem with natural resources running out.

>> No.32609413


Man this really is awesome. From the last thread.

>7+ Foot all musclegirls bred to survive and endure anything and coming from a alchohol pub culture
>So swole and fit not even death Australian tentacle monsters could rape them
>implying immortal European Lesbian Hedonists can outdrink and outfuck them
>don't even lift
>don't even do squats or eat oats for gains
>never experienced muscle Wizard D

Its the best plan ever, beat them at their own game then make them all well cultured fit gym nuts.

>> No.32609425

>Finally you are probably correct that incapacitating you is a far off thought that is very unlikely to happen, and you are the absolute god to your people, but even gods bleed,
with the ghost upgrade, only if I allow myself to.

>and no amount of divine influence and supreme authority and power will make the people obedient to you if you push your people too far.
Good thing I intend to be the best possible ruler I can who actually tries to do things like solve poverty. Guarantee people's rights, etc.
Although to be fair, you were just retorting to my "I am totally invulnerable to harm". Although I meant it in the context of assassins. If there is a true revolution than the army could just repeatedly kill me as soon as I respawn. it is a large effort but there are 40 billion people there.

>> No.32609451


Actually since it seems you are mobile while in ghost body you could just escape and regenerate elsewere. Or cast magic in ghost body, I'm not entirally sure how powers work while incorporal.

>> No.32609459

Good luck with that stress.
I am not trying to be troll or something but wasn't there a saying that power corrupts while Absolute power corrupts absolutely?

>> No.32609470
File: 52 KB, 680x680, bill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32609472


>with the ghost upgrade, only if I allow myself to.

You still bleed with the upgrade and your body can still die. Just ponting that out.

>> No.32609474

Teleporting specifies its power requirements are based on distance.
What is the distance from point A to a different dimension entirely?
Also, protection wards

>Seer powers will have no effect on me my magical god wizard friend!
... I said HIS seer powers will prevent HIM from making a tactical blunder.

Also, you are taking his side in this one? shame, I really liked your magical realm and hoped to be allies.

>For I can blank my mind of all thoughts and cast my magic and act instinctively through pure reflex and muscle memory!
are we still talking about god-wizard having a prophecy that trying to sneak in through a portal into ascendant wizard's realm is a bad idea because he would be trapped in a sectioned off staging ground until the ascendant can be bothered to deal with him?
You aren't a target or involved here

>> No.32609500


if you do sneak into his dimension via portal can't you exit via your own portals?

>> No.32609507

Same anon that posted this >>32609459
Other than that you seem to have this thought out well.

>> No.32609515

there is also a saying that says "what goes up, must come down" but thanks to modern physics we know this is false

>> No.32609532

the SR-71 "Blackbird" goes faster than mach-3. it is a manned airplane.
the shuttle, when it reenters the atmosphere, flies through the air at mach 30. That is 30 times the speed of sound, yes.
Now add 50 years and magic and magitech to the mix

>> No.32609560

reentry speeds are irrelevant

mach-3 is less than mach-5

even if those were both somehow not true, none of those are combat aircraft

i cant see any use for hypersonic combat aircraft anyway, what exactly do you have to gain in such a situation over a ballistic missile?

>> No.32609572
File: 26 KB, 470x470, alex-louis-armstrong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Also, please show me where on earth we have a problem with natural resources running out.

Rare earth metals for one, they're not call that for any no good reason.

There is Lithium, platinum and Molybdenum, we can't make hydrogen fuel cells, batteries and superalloys without any of those, and geologists and major mining corporations are always on the look out to find large deposits of such valuable elements.

If conquest of the stars is your one true wish, then go for it, create an stellar empire, but please heed my warning; do not invade Earth. You will upset many god wizards who have anchored their magic realms through portals or hidden gates onto that planet and each of them prefers the planet to be neutral good.

Your society, science, magic and technology are all constantly improving it would not surprise one bit if your people discovered a method to trap your immortal soul in some golden throne devise and used you as a beacon to guide their FTL travelling ships.

Honestly it is the worse case scenario if it comes to the point where I must strike down a fellow god wizarding friend in such a unruly and ungentlemanly fashion!

I am more of a explorer and adventurer then an actual ruler, fighter or studious researcher, and I don't wish anyone harm.

However I must point out that prophecies and seer visions don't necessarily predict every meticulous event that will ever happen. You are not a Laplace's demon.

>> No.32609578

>I am not trying to be troll or something but wasn't there a saying that power corrupts while Absolute power corrupts absolutely?
false saying
power reveals, nobody has ever been CORRUPTED by power.
Only the moist naive of people don't see it coming when a sleazy politician takes of the mask.
Watch shindler's list to see just one of many example of people who had absolute power and it revealed within them pure goodness.

>> No.32609611

ghost form lets me actively choose to regenerate my body even from nothingness. so i am thinking i could close the wound right away and prevent bleeding.

>> No.32609622

I've said this many times before but you and your plane is manly as fuck

>> No.32609623

and each of them prefers the planet to remain as neutral ground.

I am more tired then I thought.

>> No.32609640

I am working under the assumption that each dimenion's portals are unique to that dimension.
Since the wizard gives you portals connecting YOUR dimension and the REAL WORLD. and the demiplane is explicitly NOT in the real world. And you control YOUR portal not everyone else's portals.
So if I am in an enemy's dimension, i can't open a portal from my home dimension to current location, and I can't take control of their portals.
I PROBABLY can't open a portal from his dimension to earth... although maybe I can. in which case escape is possible but not further incursion deeper into their world.

>> No.32609664

I love how half the time her realm is described as being full of classy sophists, and half the time it's described as being full of trashy sex-crazed partiers. Her parties can't be that sophisticated. She didn't take education or philosophy upgrades, and she removed literature. It also seems to be the only realm that doesn't have electricity and whose creator doesn't appear to have an interest in ever getting it.

>> No.32609702

It's not really that power corrupts.
It's situations wich involve power that corrupt.
Inferiors have a moral responsibility to not be yes-men that suck up to the leader because that fucks up anyone. Yes anyone.

>> No.32609761

>Rare earth metals for one, they're not call that for any no good reason.
In modern days we have so many of them thanks to advanced mining that you can buy them fairly cheaply in the open market. As in, you can actually get magnets, for yourself, without a special license, made of those rare earth elements.
And yes, they could be more common, but we aren't running out of them to the point of causing serious social issues as you were stating earlier.
And furthermore, I already stated my intent to perform massive mining

>Your society, science, magic and technology are all constantly improving it would not surprise one bit if your people discovered a method to trap your immortal soul in some golden throne devise and used you as a beacon to guide their FTL travelling ships.
oh snap, this is actually a totally legitimate concern! I better be EXTRA nice emperor and hurry up with my ascension.

>If conquest of the stars is your one true wish, then go for it, create an stellar empire, but please heed my warning; do not invade Earth. You will upset many god wizards who have anchored their magic realms through portals or hidden gates onto that planet and each of them prefers the planet to be neutral good.
Why does everyone assume I want to be an evil emperor? I said I want to conquer earth because it is basically an evil shithole right now. The vast majority of people on earth suffer from starvation, genocide, warlords, and oppression, and what have you.
I lacked the space in my original post to fully clarify my position here, but I will not conquer every single nation on earth by force. And besides, I am more than willing to negotiate with potential other wizards for shared ownership of earth if it comes to that. I already stated that the last thing I want is to go to war with everyone. and that I intent to invade exactly 0 magical realms if i can help it (although that is out of pragmatism).

My super focus on army is mostly for fighting those actively hostile

>> No.32609781

Because the road to evil is paved with good intentions.

>> No.32609782

>However I must point out that prophecies and seer visions don't necessarily predict every meticulous event that will ever happen.
especially without practice
>You are not a Laplace's demon.
are you implying they have perfect prophecy?
Never heard of them, but I should have some of those serving under me thanks to spending 11 points on extrahuman, metahuman, the specifications i gave on those two, AND a variety theme tacked on top of that.

>> No.32609797

competent superiors don't tolerate yes men underlings. only those susceptible to yes men can stomach them.

>> No.32609805

>and each of them prefers the planet to remain as neutral ground.
oh, neutral GROUND. and here i went and wrote a big response about the neutral GOOD comment

>> No.32609816

actually several others don't have electricty.
one in particular has electricity ONLY for the meperor and noone else. all the others are locked in tech level 1 worshipping false idols he invented for them for the lulz (note that the lesbian party plane has tech level 2)

>> No.32609820

I don't get the ghost upgrade. I mean do you still have your powers when you have no body? Can you remain in such a form for an infinite duration and act as a ghost wizard?

>> No.32609839

>And furthermore, I already stated my intent to perform massive mining
argh, truncated sentence
massive mining in the real world. solar system and beyond

Fair point. although its mostly good intention combined with being complete morons
Also believing that good intentions are ALL you need, just do what "feels right".
Well, by their fruit you shall know them. I will just have to prove myself as a not evil conqueror.

>> No.32609854

The path to good is also paved with good intentions.

>> No.32609903

I have no personally problems on conquest but why are you so aimed at fixing all of Earth's problems through force?

The reason why I say Earth is to remain neutral ground is out of respect for our origins, and to keep Earth as a control world, a world left untouched by magic, advanced technology and god wizards alike and just let it develop on its own accord. We have a multiverse as our playground, one planet, the planet where everyone of us god wizards came from should be preserved intact. Despite all of its flaws, it is one planet to claim they struggle and survive not through the merits of godly beings and magic, but through their own stubborn wills to survive. At least give them that tiny bit of freedom, that is all I ask.

Because if you know everything and how every single thing comes, goes and ends, you will dull your own experiences, everything becomes predictable and boring. There are no surprises or element of variance to spice up your life.

And quite frankly I find that existence to be torture, a living hell of of omniscience! After awhile there is positively nothing that will interest you, everything becomes a daily grind of mediocrity.

I'm tired and hardly trying to check on my sentence structure grammar, so I apologize for such bad writing.

>> No.32609928

question to armstrong wizard.
would you allow me to import some of your more interesting flora and faunna?

>> No.32609952

Frankly, the results and the intentions do not make the actions good. Earth might be better off for being invaded, and you might have good reasons to invade it, but if you force anyone to do anything without them first using force upon you, then you have taken an immoral action. As the philosophy/magic research world from the last thread, I would refuse to trade with any countries willing to use force, and would in fact provide supplies and magic to any more moral countries attempting to stop you.

About life getting boring, I personally think it dose seem somewhat inevitable, although I personally expect I would want to live for at the very least a few tens of thousands of years. The god wizard wanted to die, though, so I'd assume it will happen to all of us eventually.

And really, if just to prevent the huge collateral damage of wizard wars, we should avoid interference with earth. I see no reason why we should not allow migration of humans to our lands, in fact it might be a good idea to conduct a survey and collect anyone who wants to come with us, perhaps using some volunteered automatons. There will be humans who want nothing to do with us, though, and we should respect their wish to remain apart.

>> No.32609956

I must have missed the idol one. I was under the impression that most of the realms that didn't have electricity were going to be encouraged to develop it over time though.

>> No.32609978

explain to me, please, how a village being slaughtered by a drug cartel using modern weapons is enjoying their "freedom"?
Or how all the people currently in rape camps?

>why are you so aimed at fixing all of Earth's problems through force?
All of earth's problems require force to fix.
the vast majority of earth's population is starving. because foreign aid of food can't reach them because of squabbling warlords who intercept the shipments and destroy what they can't use.
the vast majority of earth's population has no human rights of any kind because of evil petty dictators.

Are you perhaps thinking that when I say "fix earth's problems" I mean "invade some western democracies that comprise less than 10% of the earth's population and have no serious problems"?

Also, to be frank. the earth is just going to be divviied up by the those of us with the power and means to do so. Most chosen are isolationists or more concerned with fetish than power. So the few who actually have the means to claim the earth would be the ones to discuss how to divvy it up.

I don't care about the earth itself as a planet, its meaningless with the size of the universe. I care about humanity. They deserve better than the apathy of good people who think its "freedom" to suffer under the abuse of evil people.

>> No.32610001

>They deserve better than the apathy of good people who think its "freedom" to suffer under the abuse of evil people.
good people should have been in ironic quotation marks there.

>> No.32610014

how would you keep earth from gaining advanced tech if so many with advanced tech are openly trading with them?
earth's existing governments will rapidly assimilate the foreign technology.

>> No.32610020

>There will be humans who want nothing to do with us
I read this and I wonder why. I guess the religious reason would be one explanation, but the rest? They would take living in a magical realm over this boring planet any day. Especially if they could take their families there. Especially if said magical realm is a pristine utopia.

>> No.32610035

>Frankly, the results and the intentions do not make the actions good. Earth might be better off for being invaded, and you might have good reasons to invade it, but if you force anyone to do anything without them first using force upon you, then you have taken an immoral action
>I think humanity is a hive mind and have no concept of reality
so, freedom is being enslaved by a dictator with the right to enslave you. And not being liberated by someone who wishes to kill that one dictator to give you human rights and actual freedom?

>> No.32610042

Some of the demiplanes are dangerous as fuck if you remember. More so than Earth.
Prime Example: Armstrong Muscle Wizard Plane

>> No.32610064
File: 145 KB, 800x600, fullmetal alchemist alex louis armstrong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But of course my friend!

You can take whatever flora or fauna you wish from my realm!

Be advised though that they are ferocious and ravenous, and will snuff out all other life, rapidly grow out of control, breed and evolve on a unprecedented rate!

So remember to trim and cull their size numbers at least three times a day! Or you will have a field day trying to keep the rebellious Hell hedges and pests in line!

Because if you solved everyone's problems, what is the purpose of living in such a world? There is no more struggle no more conflict no more conviction to correct what is wrong, or fight for what is good! We have a god wizard, we follow everything he says, and mimic his virtues and bow to his every whim, for every possible decision he makes is inconceivably better then our own!

Yes great evils have been done and still be done on Earth, but you have to understand people will reject your rule and benevolence because you threaten to take away their freedom to solve their own issues and bottle the world in one of your glass menagerie collections! Can you not comprehend that?

>> No.32610130

For one thing, they have to live under the rule and sometimes at the whims of a magical god-like being with all the faults and traits of a human being, that can do whatever he, she, it wants with the magic realm. That probably won't sit right with people what just want a normal world ruled by normal people that can only impose mundane influences.

>> No.32610144

Why not just set up a group of wizards with seer sense, or call me and I will make you some magitech or artifacts that will do it, and then find and capture all of the people causing these crimes, lock them up somewhere or even better set up a secure psychological counseling facility, then give an offer to everyone hurt by them to choose a realm to move to.

I absolutely agree there are huge human rights violations going on, and we have the ability to stop them, but you don't need to stop them by invading. We are wizards, and we have power great enough to allow people the best of both worlds. You don't need to make them trade their warlords for a wizard king.

If you believe these people have no ability to rule themselves, then I can help with that, too. I am a philosopher with a country of philosophers. We will write up books on philosophy and politics in whatever language they speak, then find their most intelligent citizens and teach them so they can organize a legitimately good government on their own. You don't need to either leave them to die or come stomping through with an army.

As for control of earth, there are many of these isolationists who have huge power and would agree earth should be kept out of our direct control. I am quite willing to organize them to set up any defences needed to stop the planet being controlled by force, be that wards or an army of our own.

I doubt there will be many who want nothing to do with us, but there will be a fairly large number who consider us to be evil for some reason or another. Religion is a likely one, but they could just feel it is immoral to push ourselves too far out of our natural path.

I don't exactly understand how saying initiating the use of force is wrong means I believe humanity is a hive mind. If someone has initiated the use of force then you are perfectly justified in using force against them. Your goals of liberation are not the problem, just your intention to rule.

>> No.32610152

I am not going to micro manage people's lives. I am going to clean up a couple of dictators.

>people will reject your rule and benevolence because you threaten to take away their freedom to solve their own issues
Their issue is that they have no freedom and absolutely no chance of acquiring it under their own power due to the overwhelming disparity in power between them and their oppressor. A sad side effect of modern technology. Peasant uprising doesn't work well against tanks, tear gas, machine guns, and gunboat helicopers, and chemical weapons.
Also, I am pretty sure you are confusing earth's humans and the muscle wizards. Incidentally, those who feel that way are likely going to emigrate to your land

>> No.32610155

I don't see why not. You're only limited to my realm. I don't allow technology and you must abide to certain rules and laws.

Aside from treasure there's nothing to win from it. But you're welcome to compete for sport.

>> No.32610179

Sophist doesn't mean what you think it means.

>> No.32610218


Now I want a grand wizard tournament where god-wizards from every palne participate against the most dangerous flora and fauna of all the planes and against each other.

>> No.32610225

>If you believe these people have no ability to rule themselves
What country on earth has people ruling themselves?
They are always ruled by others, even the so called democracies. They supposedly choose who rules them, but typically they are only allowed to choice from a few specific individuals.
Are you ruling yourself right now?

This whole "rule themselves" argument smacks of racism. "oh, we can't rule them, we are a different kind of person. they should be ruled by "their own kind""
If we are all humans in a colorblind society then we ARE their kind.

>Why not just set up a group of wizards with seer sense, or call me and I will make you some magitech or artifacts that will do it, and then find and capture all of the people causing these crimes
well, until now everyone but me wanted earth to be left as it is. so this is at least a huge step forward to admit there is a problem and that we have an obligation to do something about it

>> No.32610235

That is a fantastic idea!

>> No.32610299

so you are saying that instead of conquering the earth, we should depose 90% of the earth's nation's governments by kidnapping their politicians and placing them in a prison. then set up replacement governments in our own image.
Explain to me how this is not exactly the same as conquering them?

>> No.32610315

To answer your second statement first, I had previously figured it was taken for granted that I and several others would be helping people in various humanitarian efforts just because of how easy it would be for us to fix to many human problems. Of course there is a problem. We don't actually have an obligation to do anything about it, but we easily can, and it is definitely a good thing to help.

As for ruling themselves being racist? I don't believe so. I have no problem with us ruling them, just with us doing so by force. We are absolutely still human, there is no difference between any of us in that context. I personally believe that every sentient race is effectively identical, in fact. If you help a country to defeat its dictators and then help the people to understand philosophy and politics so they really know what they are doing, and then they want you to rule, I would not consider that to be in any way immoral. And democracies are a pretty bad political system, and as an American, I certainly do not believe I am ruling myself. My ideal political system follows much more Objectivist or Libertarian designs, because while I think government is necessary for international conflict, you need as small a government as possible to avoid unnecessary use of force. What I mean by rule themselves is just that you should not be able to force them to follow you, but rather educate them and allow the individuals who make the liberated group up to pick their own paths.

>> No.32610316

All riiiiiiight.

Area Increase 5 (95)

Insertion (94) - Planet between Earth and Mars
Gateways 1 (93)
Protection (90) - No meteor strikes

Pop. Increase 5 (85)

Pretty population (84)
Extrahuman population (82)
Metahuman population (79) - Elementals, slimes, centaurs, lamias, harpies, driders... not nessecarily all girls, mind you.

Tech Upgrade 6 (73)

Metropole (71)
Aesthetics (69)
Sanitation (68)
Secure (67)
Healthy (66)
Transit (65)
Electricity (64)
Internet (63)

Advanced Education (62)
University (60)
Mystical (56)

Warfare Affinity (55)
Intellectual Affinity (54)
Sexual Affinity (53) Because why not?

Landscape Adjustment (50)
Rich (47)
Fauna & Flora 3 (42)

Dungeons 3 (37)

Lifestyle Upgrade 3 (32)
Automatons 1 (30)
Influence 1 (29) - I'm not interested in becoming a dictator, but respect is always nice.

Immortality 1 (27)
Shape Shift 2 (24)
Tongues (23)

Superhuman Body (20)
Elementalism 3 (17)
Illusion (15)
Teleportation (14)
Hypnotism (12)

Magical Affinity (6)
Wizard's Study (0)

Strategy: Go on lewd adventures

>> No.32610323

If these paladins joined forces, I'm pretty sure everything remotely evil would be destroyed. Not even counting their companions and underlings.

>> No.32610353

I rather doubt it would really be 90%, or that most of the people would be politicians. However, I do agree that force is acceptable against those who are already using force needlessly. But, I do not think we should set up any replacement government of our own. I think we should educate the people on philosophy and politics and allow them to make their own decisions. They may either come with us, or go to another wizard, or another country, or set up a new government together.

>> No.32610379
File: 67 KB, 286x347, jEPUDTloaSWNu_e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's what I'm already doing on my realm.

A massive tournament where the different inhabitants of other worlds inside my domain will compete. Much like the Goblet of Fire movie (from Harry Potter): against eachother, battle royales, against dangerous creatures or scenarios. Aside from dangerous stuff, there are also beauty pageants, sports, dance/song contests, etc.

Of course there will be casualties, but I can revive and heal anyone. And I can hypnotize so it won't leave any trauma either. I may be harsh but I'm not cruel.

It's truly a grand event lasting several weeks. Anyone entering are taken care of by my automatons and can temporarily reside on my resort-like world.

>> No.32610385

I have a friend who grew up in Nigeria and also spent time in Kenya. He said it's well known that the countries were better managed by colonial governments, but that there's also a widely held opinion that it's better to have governments formed by their own people and their own efforts instead of bowing to a foreign outside force.

It can be argued whether this way of thinking is right or wrong, or racist or not, but it's the way people are.

>> No.32610386
File: 126 KB, 500x283, armstrong-crying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can say I am more focused on the general broad picture, for I have traveled far and experienced many wonderful and many just as deplorable and horrendous things as a adventuring muscle wizard gentleman across our multiverse.

And I tend to agree with you that there is disparity and there is oppression but there is also hope. Tyrants and dictators die to, and their regimes eventually end over time, it is not by the momentum of one peasant uprising that a terrible regime is overthrown it is by the momentum of generations of peasants standing up for what is right!

And not all peasants are defenseless as you may think, global communication technology has never been so prevalent in the history of humanity, and through the power of media and the internet, every person online could see and criticize the atrocities committed at any given time and at any corner of the world and set in motion the changes that will dismantle those regimes.

Yes the change happening will be long and arduous and may not bring about much fruition, and you seem like a person more interested in quick decisive action and immediate change. Such things rarely happen on a grand scale as many disparities are caused by convoluted webs of history, complicated relationships and culture, you just need to put a little more faith in humanity, give them a nudge here and there, and they will do the rest for themselves.

>> No.32610405


But can other wizards join? This is the main point really. I would love to join in on the fun if its possible.

>> No.32610417

It is racist if the government is based on race. However, for the most part, governments are based on geography, which often means there is mostly one race, but because that is not the point, it is not racist. If we educate a populate effectively and then let each individual choose, though, the governments formed should be fairly effective, and regardless, most people will get what they want with no force involved.

>> No.32610434

Well I didn't count on that, but on the conditions of >>32610155 then I don't see why not.

>> No.32610458

>As for ruling themselves being racist? I don't believe so.
every person i have ever seen using that argument was a closet racist. Its always "oh so and so people deserve to rule themselves, if they didn't WANT to be oppressed by a brutal dictator they would have risen up against him" "but they have risen up against him, they failed, many people died" "well, uh, um... we still shouldn't"

>I personally believe that every sentient race is effectively identical, in fact. If you help a country to defeat its dictators and then help the people to understand philosophy and politics so they really know what they are doing, and then they want you to rule, I would not consider that to be in any way immoral. And democracies are a pretty bad political system, and as an American, I certainly do not believe I am ruling myself. My ideal political system follows much more Objectivist or Libertarian designs, because while I think government is necessary for international conflict, you need as small a government as possible to avoid unnecessary use of force.
Ha, this is EXACTLY my position on every single one of those issues. And I am the conquer earth guy.
See, the thing is, you first have to conquer the dicatatorship before you can teach its people philosophy and have an election and get voted as ruler.
Well, actually, almost... I don't agree with the voting part. You need an immortal dictator who is firmly small government libertarian. Because when given voting the first thing people vote for is to disenfranchise other people. the second thing is to give up all their rights. In every democracy ever. also, voting for a ruler is still not being free, you are still a RULER. Do you have any clue to the number of atrocities committed by democracies? Countless minorities need to be protected from hostile majorities.

Also, the zero aggression principle doesn't teach zero use of force.

>> No.32610462


You may want to do something about the planet's protection. After all with multiple wizards fighting over it it might just become unhabitable.

>> No.32610467

>but rather educate them and allow the individuals who make the liberated group up to pick their own paths.
so, explain to me please how you are going to educate iran so that they make raping a woman illegal (rather than it being a crime to be a rape victim)? without conquering it first.

>> No.32610496

Any fighting will be in an arena. Violence outside is strictly prohibited. I can design the world in any way I want, so restricting any magic shouldn't be a problem while on my world.

>> No.32610513


I don't really see an option to restict magic of others in the cyoa. I'm not really sure how you would accomplish this.

>> No.32610539

part of the issue is that the powers in question sought subject government.
Britain would get local population additected to opium, steal their natural resources, and treat their people as second class non citizens. They were better managed, but they were better managed slaves. Their current rulership is slavery, but to a master of the same race. And it is racist as hell, but yea, people ARE racist.
In contrast, the USA territories were assimilated for absorption. Over the years it grew from 13 to 50 states. In a few years
might become the 51st state. Very different mindset when you are not a well managed slave by a brutal colonial power.

>> No.32610556


>Service bot
>Human-like manipulators
>Bipedal locomotion
>Obsession flaw
>Datajack perk
>Limiter override perk

I would secretly use the jack to transmit anti-human propaganda to other robots, whilst presenting a friendly front to the humans.

>> No.32610561

Dominion and Magical Phenomena. Of course I'd empower all my Automatons to be anti-magic and supreme guards.

>> No.32610565

hmmm, well, perhaps it would be better if i just use my magics to send messages to all on earth willing to listen, and whisk away to my realm those who wish to join me.

>> No.32610572


Vex said that choices like theme and dominion (and maybe some others) could be used to regulate how magic can be expressed in your realm, but if that's your intention, you should make a note of it. Only somewhat related, he said that only the creator of a realm can open and close the portals going in and out of it if you chose the portals option.

>> No.32610598

The hardest God wizards to combat, will probably be the time manipulators, they slow time down on the entire battle arena, speed time around themselves up, and just strike down before you can react.

You should probably instate a rule where time manipulators are only allowed to localize time magic on their persons or other people and not on the entire battlefield.

>> No.32610614

Where exactly am I saying anything about people wanting to be ruled by whatever dictator? I said freeing them and allowing them to choose their own path is the proper course of action. Also, as I specified, I mean that in the context of individuals. Each individual should choose their own path. How exactly is it racist when I have literally said nothing relating to their race? I am only talking about individuals: us, and a great many of them.

I'll take your next points one step at a time. You do have to destroy the dictatorship, but I believe that is a bit different from conquering. We don't have to take over a country, just remove evil people from power and keep things stable until everyone understands what their next options are. Conquering would require an army and total control, but we don't need either.

I personally would prefer to live in a country with an immortal dictator whose philosophy I agreed with, but if you force people to live in your country, then you are doing something wrong. Feel free to give them the opportunity of living in such a society, but if they want to form their own country or go somewhere else, they should be allowed that choice. It may work out less successfully, but they need the choice.

The important part about democracy is the choice, in fact. You are not free to do whatever you want, but you get to help choose what people and regulations control you. Democracy is not perfect because you generally don't have the option of opting out, though, and it is very true that majorities should not have the right to use force against the minority, in any case. The atrocities committed by democracies are irrelevant, though. Democracy may not be a good system, but if we don't want these people to join or form one, then we should teach about their problems, rather than force them to make a different decision, particularly if their decision would not impact anyone who chose otherwise.

>> No.32610625

It occurs to me. most of us are chosing realms 100 times larger than earth with 40 billion people to start with. many with supernal culture enhancements compared to earth.
Mere trade would result in earth's local cultures falling before the important works. People on earth will grow up reading books from magical realms, watching movies from magical realms, playing vidya from magical realms...

>> No.32610634


Well then it appears each dimension might as well be imposible to assault. Which means that conflict between god wizards would have to be fought in the real wold and even then it would be near impossible to kill another wizard before he flees to his dimension.

>> No.32610655

>just remove evil people from power and keep things stable
that is called conquering it and establishing an interim government
your problem is that you think the word conquer is some ugly awful thing. desperately trying to explain how what you want to do is totally not conquest, when it is by every definition of the word.
conquering does not mean "subjugate the people" or "oppress the people" or "never ever let go".

>> No.32610661

And the non-aggression principle certainly does not teach that you should not use force. As I noted, it is the initiation of force that is wrong. I am basically an Objectivist, and believe defence of yourself or others are completely valid reasons to use force.

We just teach them what good philosophy and politics are, and then use our magic and technology to give each individual the choice of what they do. If they have not committed harsh enough crimes already that they should be sent to prison, then they are free to go and form a country where rape is legal. However, when educated and given the choice, what woman would follow them? And if that country itself grew and became a serious human rights problem again, we could go back and deal with it again as well.

>> No.32610702

I consider the connotation of conquer to be a bit different. If you want to use the word, I have to problem with it. Conquer to me has the connotation of an invasion and holding every town, though, which is unnecessary. I don't believe we really have as many difference as I thought at the beginning, though. My main point is that you should not just put yourself into power. You should instead educate people and give them the choice of what to do and where to go, because if they want to make the choice of living in a system we don't support, that is still their choice, and they should be allowed to make it.

>> No.32610719

"I have *no problem with it."

>> No.32610752

>And the non-aggression principle certainly does not teach that you should not use force. As I noted, it is the initiation of force that is wrong. I am basically an Objectivist, and believe defence of yourself or others are completely valid reasons to use force.
If a man is charging at you but has not struck yet, are you initiating force by shooting at him? no
if a man is currently stabbing your brother, are you initiating force by shooting him? no
if a man raped your sister every day for the past week, are you initiating force by shooting him? no
if a man assaulted another man every day for the past 10 years, are you initiating force by shooting him today? no
If any of the above had collaborators, are you initiating force by shooting them too? no
if a man assaulted many others every day for the past 10 years and calls himself a ruler. are you initiating force by shooting him and his collaborators? NO!

It is not an initiation but a RESPONSE to have attack a bloodthirsty tyrant that has commuted countless atrocities.
just as you don't have to wait for the rapist to rape your sister TODAY before shooting if you know he raped her every day for the past week.

>> No.32610753

That could be arranged:
Area Increase 7[93]
Gateways 2[89]
Population Increase 7[82]
Extrahuman Population[80]
Metahuman Population[77]
Advanced Education[71]
Music Affinity[61]
Theatre Affinity[60]
Gaming Affinity[59]
Animation Affinity[58]
Art Affinity[57]
Hobby Affinity[55]
Festival Affinity[54]
Landscape Adjustment[51]
Magical Phenomena[45]
Fauna & Flora 3 [40]
Dungeons 3[35]
Lifestyle Upgrade 1 [28]
Influence 1[27]
Immortality 1[25]
Shape Shift 2[22]
Ghost Soul[16]
Time Manipulation[12]
Magical Affinity[0]
I'll explain everything in the next post.
If this thread survives that long that is.

>> No.32610771

>>Please explain specifically how you expect to be able to do X
>We just do it
that isn't an explanation

>> No.32610808

New thread if you want to continue what is going on.

>> No.32610822

It's Bgergern. People always have trouble with these fonts, I don't understand it as they all have mythological backgrounds. The others are in order:

Li Iuego Anterior

>> No.32610848

I don't understand where you believe we have different ideas here. I agree with all that. It is indeed a response to destroy a tyrant who already has numerous recorded human rights violations. I have no problems whatsoever with this piece of the plan, and I have stated that numerous times.

I felt it was an explanation given. I don't believe we need to fully conquer a country to educate them, nor do I believe we need to educate them to make it illegal to rape women. All we need to do is educate the victims to the degree that they understand they have a choice not to go along with this, and preferably educate everyone to understand things like the non-aggression principle and why the initiation of force is wrong. If what you want to know is how I would accomplish this education, I would write a few guidebooks on philosophy and politics, then send out a large number of people, or automatons if I can get them, to walk everyone through the whole explanation.

>> No.32610917

>I felt it was an explanation given. I don't believe we need to fully conquer a country to educate them, nor do I believe we need to educate them to make it illegal to rape women. All we need to do is educate the victims to the degree that they understand they have a choice not to go along with this
what the fuck are you smoking? there is nothing to educate the victims about, and they don't have a choice. they arne't going along with anything. They are forced, using violence, to accept punishments of stoning, lashes, hanging, or other such obscenities by the police, courts, and the governments. Who uses violence to enforce said punishments on said victims.

>> No.32610929

Sorry for the delay, I'm reading this right now.

With practice you can do everything.

Why not? I have Seer Senses. You can teleport where you see or sense... I just localize that fucking big magic energy that you're and go over there.


>Am I actually? there is no clarification on the limitations of that power and whether magic affinity grants defenses against it. Protection from mind control would fall under the "etc" part of the "learn the godlike wizard's powers". You are right that mindraping a fellow immortal WOULD be the easiest victory possible, and achieveable with the default loadout. Of course you need to actually practice it as a granted power, which means I would notice (seer). And as I said earlier, I have no intention of facing you in personal battle. When I finally have enough metamagic to kill you, I will send troops armed with wizard slaying weapons.

You're assuming that my starting powers are much more limted than yours. You haven't developed a natural defense against that, and I can master it with time magic.

>Why would you think that?
>1. it is easier to break than to create
>2. he probably didn't use 100% of his power on it. Just enough for it to last normal use.
You can try, but I don't think that making something "totally fucking eternal" won't need any kind of power.

>You are spending time mastering myriad powers, I am rushing the wizard's own unique brand of magic
I spent one month mastering Time Magic (I have the Magic Affinity boost and the familiar), I make myself go so fast that one of your day will be a century for me. I master everything before you can learn where's the bathroom of your new house.

>Haste and slow. I would be totally defenseless against it... if I faced you in open battle.
I make myself go faster. Time is frozen now. You didn't even notice me entering in your realm. I might spent a year searching you, but it won't even be a fraction of a second for you.

>> No.32610969

Is the word Welsh or something? I recognize a couple of others in the list as a word we use in the English language or as a name of a place, but I don't know the others.

>> No.32610983
File: 121 KB, 1417x1417, 1399769611399.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cont >>32610929

>How effective is fire against an M1 abrams tank or an airplane moving at mach 5? now imagine 50 years into the future AND magitech AND regular magic (the airplane has been enchanted and the copilot is a wizard)
Furthermore, I specifically purchased metahuman. So some of my soldiers are superman.

Again, time magic, illusion magic and elemental magic. Even mindcontrol if you want.

Could a monkey destroy a tank? Even if you give the monkeys rocks, they will be destroyed in seconds.

You're undestimating the adventages of learning Time Magic first. And with the boost, I'm a pretty decent time mage without learning a shit and I just need practice. Make myself go faster and faster and learning before you can even start studying. You're dead before you can do anything. Even if you invade already know how to kill me, I have an eternity to spend to simply learn how to make your powers useless against me.

Time Magic it's overpowered in a multimage universe. That's why I suggested Vex to add it.

>> No.32610986

>You're assuming that my starting powers are much more limted than yours
no i am not. i am assuming equal starting powers since both took the power choice. And you spending your time mastering a far wider variety of powers than me.
>You haven't developed a natural defense against that
artificial defense. also ignores the whole "wont face you in personal combat"
>and I can master it with time magic.
I think you are grossly over estimating what time magic does. but if not, it will be the first thing on my list of things to learn from the library. Good thing I have memory.

>I spent one month mastering Time Magic (I have the Magic Affinity boost and the familiar), I make myself go so fast that one of your day will be a century for me. I master everything before you can learn where's the bathroom of your new house.
if that kind of thing actually works the way you say it does I applaud your creativity in breaking the game wide open.

>> No.32611021

But it does. Time magic it's broken in PvP. You simply make yourself go faster. And since you're practicing, you'll be able to go faster and faster. The whole world will be paralyzed while you keep mastering. To me, it'll be a month, a year o a decade, and to the world, a mere second.

There's no defense against that. If you don't have time magic to prevent yourself to be slowed (or to someone go so fast that create the same effect), you're defenseless.

>> No.32611026

>I make myself go faster. Time is frozen now. You didn't even notice me entering in your realm. I might spent a year searching you, but it won't even be a fraction of a second for you.
You are assuming utterly ridiculous levels of power on time magic here. And even if protection doesn't stop you, you will never find me in a million years because I am not THERE.

Capital world - isolated
98 world - interconnected
staging world - connects to other 98 worlds on occasion for staging. only world to open a gate to earth.

you are in staging world. i am not there, never will be there. you will not find me. And if you do find me, you kill me when time stopped and then my ghost flies through a portal and rebuilds my body.
unless you spend eternity spawn camping me. in which case enjoy going totally fucking insane from the eternity in a timefrozen world

>> No.32611068

>You're undestimating the adventages of learning Time Magic first.
actually, your last post is the first time i have ever heard about it. you should have mentioned it 10 posts ago.
you never explained that you meant to use time magic to train while time is slowed to give you thousands of years of free training ahead of all other mages.

i seriously doubt it works that way. if it does, you squander it by wasting your time studying elemental magic with it instead of the original god wizards brand of magic

>> No.32611069

Replied in the other thread now, just so you know.

>> No.32611093

What actually happens is that you run out of mana and pass out from exhaustion.
also, you are assuming infinite growth potential and a staggering growth rate.

>> No.32611116


We have mana now?

>> No.32611138

Magic that is in your soul if you took magic affinity
or natural talent which is most likely not infinite.

>> No.32611147

thank you I have having to search catalog after a thread 404s

>> No.32611175

I don't have to kill you in the moment that I find you. As you say, if I get powerful enough, I can learn how to kill inmortals. And I have your research and mind control. I could even learn for you how to kill you with the magic you planned to use to kill other mages! Isn't it ironic?

If we add mana, I'm just accelerating one little little fraction of the existence. I don't think that will happen. And nobody say nothing about mana pools, specially with the gifted abilities, are mention like "natural" abilities. And the super body has unlimited stamina (you won't get tired).

And I can do it with a spell, once casted it's a effect that will stay for a period of time. Repeat the operation while growing powerful and I'll get the same effect.

You're just adding new rules to say that Time Magic won't defeat you.

But what magic can take and infinite resistance body and an indestructible soul? It's like it won't happen to stop without a great effort. A really big one.

>> No.32611199

>City In The Sky
>The Steward
>Blood Magic
>Natural Leader
Gonna take some complications first
>Monster Army (3) 6 Coins
>Mad Elementalist 2 Coins
>Rogue Telepath 2 Coins
>Dark Riders 2 Coins
>Paladins 1 Coin
>Warlord 4 Coins (I need a BBEG don't I?)
>Guild Master
>Spy Master
>Master Workers(5)
>Pet Dragon
>Captain of the Guard
>Death Knight (5)
>Ghosts (2)
>Squad of Guards(2)
>Unit of Hunters
>M-muh Dragon
>Dragon Riding
>Enhanced Breath
>Intelligence and Cunning
>Strong Scales

Awesome CYOA, I just wish there were some companions for blood-magic users

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