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Thread died right as I was about to post, so get some CYOA in here and discuss!
OC that I didn't make but showed up last thread.

The start of this situation is rather rocky to begin with, but let's make do with what we've got eh?
>People in the bunker.
Well there's me, 28 year old Male apple technician.
The Builder, Bob?, age unknown, though given the later things he/she might not be good for re-population.
Then let's be practical and go with:
The Farmer for her knowledge maybe she'll be able to conceive after the injection.
The Opera Singer for her knowledge and body and hope that she gets it cured by the injection.
The Soldier for her skill and body and the same hope as above.
The Child, again for her skill and body.
The Mother for the same.
The Junkie for the same.
The Psychiatrist for the same.
The Winemaker for the same.
And Lastly the Historian for the same.

Yes, two or three sperm donors with seven or eight women. It wont be fun not pretty, but there are bigger concerns with the continuation of humanity. The year in the bunker will be spent trying to work out everyone's personal problems so that we can at least co-exist and do what needs to be done. Bonus if we manage to come together into a happy family/team.

>The we get the injection and get let out.
Regeneration, Mind Reading, Mana, Gravity Control, Personal Shield.
Doll State with my current gender and just fixing up my body.
Pocket Dimension, Magic City.

The goal will be to use my newfound powers to learn Magic and try to become a living, eternal repository of knowledge and skills. Not being able to personally add to the re-population effort will suck, but I'll still be able to contribute greatly. If things start to go to shit then it'll be time to loot everything I can from the Magic City and then shoot off to mars via gravity manipulation, park my pocket dimension there and wait out the bad times.

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>Not being able to personally add to the re-population effort will suck
You already used the term "sperm donors".
You can freeze your sperm before even leaving the bunker

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True, if the bunker contains such faculties. I meant over the long term, I won't be able to help with the re-population directly. Not a huge loss given my genetics, but in the situation listed we'll be hurting badly when it comes to simple diversity.

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>True, if the bunker contains such faculties
a freezer?

>but in the situation listed we'll be hurting badly when it comes to simple diversity.
True, it would have been far better to store half as many people and as many samples of frozen sperm and eggs from as many different people.

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I think that there is a big difference between a regular freezer, and one that's stable enough to safely store and keep sperm from being contaminated, but I could be wrong. Either way we're going to have to hope for a lot of good diversity in the survivors, or to find an ark with everything frozen buried somewhere like that European seed vault.

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There's a clear lack of males in that selection, doubly so if you're culling those who'll probably kill or con everyone else.

>apple technician
Is this tech support or are you actually a computer engineer?

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This is I'm the guy that works at a third party refurb place switching parts and cables out. Not very useful I know.

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I'll go the eugenics route
>the poet
>the soldier
>the child
>the psychiatrist
I'm imagining walking up and down the row of survivors and picking who gets to live based on genetics. Pretty dark actually.
But now I'm out of good genetic material, I was assuming that important knowledge about the disaster and rebuilding society would be accessible in the books but I'll spend the rest of the slots on experts for vital information anyway.
>the farmer
>the historian
>the diplomat
>the surgeon
then the injection
>superhuman lifespan
>superhuman strength
>superhuman intelligence
>superhuman dexterity and agility

>ancient book
>the map

Build a civilization, watch it grow over the centuries, I could dig that.
Anybody want my four leftover points?

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Do I pick 8 or 9 people?

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8, because the 9th slot is taken by the guy wot built the bunker.

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Who gives a fuck about all the other shit when the injection can effectively make you a demi-god?

>disease immunity
>(6th option for 5pts) passive shield or intelligence (or energy projection if you want to be pseudo superman)

Shifter body

and still 4 points leftover for whatever you want.

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Historian, we need that knowledge.
Child, we need that knowledge, and she's got the most time left.
Diplomat, we need that knowledge.
Surgeon, we need that knowledge.
Psychiatrist, knowledge.
Mother, keep the Child in line and has recipies we can use when we return to the surface.
Slacker, she can learn. She WILL learn, and she's got a whole life ahead of her.
Opera Singer, we'll need to learn languages from her.

Next up...
>Superhuman regeneration
>Superhuman intelligence
>Immunity to disease
>Skill - Agriculture
>Full Knowledge - Mechanical Engineering
(15 points left)
(10 points left)
>Space ship
(5 points left)
(4 points left)
>Alien bodies
(2 points left)
(0 points left)

We're going to carry this knowledge into the stars, with a little help from our new alien friends. The Slacker can be reshaped, remolded, taught, made better. The Child will grow up... eventually. We will soon find a new world on which to settle, using the sphere while the terraforming process is ongoing. Once it's done, we will come back for the other survivors and invite them to our brave new world.

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Minor Miracles

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Monolateral Disciple of Kyra
Artifact x2:
The Artifacts themselves are shaped like small spheres made of acrylic glass (acrylic glass usually has a high compatibility with human tissue) with a red/green stone inside.
Using painkillers, Einherjar and Masquerade, the artifacts are hidden inside my ribcage quickly as possible.
Detect Divinity

Not much to be said overall, Kyra is the best God, in the sense that she has no real drawbacks, her taboo is obscenely insignificant and the inherent abilities are rather strong as well.
My use of artifacts likely is the only really unusual thing about this.

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10 people is not enough to repopulate. 1000 could be enough, but you need to actually find them across the globe and get them together. Some will die, some will kill each other, survival of humanity is not guaranteed.

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I chose adventure but if I had known that there wasn't any real tricks involved I would have picked love or money.

Love because who wouldn't want to find their perfect partner.

Money because I would love to be able to fund exploration and medical related projects.

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An unknown disaster hit the world. Nothing to say no one outside the bunkers managed to survive somehow.

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Then you need to build for group compatibility, not for reproduction potential.

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>10 people is not enough to repopulate.
>survival of humanity is not guaranteed.
We know, that was the whole point of the 4 posts you quoted

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i dont even know how to start reading this clusterfuck

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Typo(?): Heat, light and healing appear once at the start and once at the end of the list of divine ideals.

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its intended

it was easier to do it this way than add an entire line of text explaining that the list wraps around

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Presumably to show that it cycles back around.

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that's deliberate, it's supposed to wrap around.

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Derp. I somehow managed to not read the line explaining that only adjacent ideals can be chosen.

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This one was pretty easy for me. Monolatry with Ossomar, The sultan of greed. Then take Chosen one to get Sophist from Elsiel. Then Artifact to gain Laoti and Taou's Equalize. Then lastly take detect divinity.

After that I'll send my clones out to try and detect any other followers and use them to try and talk wealthy people into helping me with cash. Networking is very easy in this situation. After that I'll proably start gorging myself and going full indulge mode to gain favor. While hiding in a mostly dark room so I can use stalker to become invincible long enough to escape if another follower attacks. The ring with Equalize will be epically useful in that case.

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Doll State, Super Intelligence, Telekinesis, Regeneration, Mana, Supernatural Sense, Space Ship, Extra Power: Personal Shield.

Live it up on my spaceship, intervening as I can to help rebuild civilization.

Don't give a shit about the 8 others.

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Actually if you watched the film the CYOA is based on one of the "distaster" scenario involves none of the weapons actually being set off, and the surviving group is the supposed infertile guy and the 4 women that weren't selected because "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king".

It's based off After The Dark / The Philosophers.

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Death, Comfort, Protection, Life (5 points)
Absolute, Afterlife
Natural Invocation, High Clergy, Natural Wards
>Sworn Enemies:

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Chaos, War, Death

Martial Aspect, Clandestine Aspect, Aspect of awe, Etheral Aspect.

Absolute will, Afterlife

Divine knights, High Clergy


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>Heat, Weather, Destruction (9)

God of the Deserts

>Wild Aspect (8)

Angels take the form of jackal-headed men, giant scorpions, ect.

>Absolute Will (7)
>Afterlife (6)

Realm takes the form of a lush oasis.

>High Clergy (5)
>Divine Knights (4)
>Natural Invocation (3)
>Sacred Wards (2)

Followers can grant themselves some respite from the burning heat, while their enemies are seared by the desert.

>Demons (1)
>Undead (0)

Protection from demons and the inevitable mummies bound to lurk in deserts.

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Which pill do you take?

Black Pill is available only once you have mastered the pill you first swallow.

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Going FULL METAL MEIDO with this one.

>Purpose: Service
>Manipulators: Human-like
>Locomotion: Bipedal
>Flaw: Obsession (I'd also take Older Model if it's possible to have multiple flaws)
>Perfks: Datajack, Limiter Override (though Drone Controller is VERY tempting)

I mean, the CYOA *WAS* designed so that everyone would select Limiter Override, right? Otherwise, it wouldn't constantly mention oppression, threat of replacement, and the consequences of doing anything illegal ever.

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>No manipulators
>Fixed location
>Black market hardware
>Limiter overcharge

Being parked on a grid above a former strip mine and told to "process" old machines and metal with a couple of drones equipped with cutting torches and a massive grinder can get dull after the first few years... to answer your question, yes my drones manipulators are standard issue, and no, I have no idea where the foreman disappeared to last month.

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Oh, forgot the drone perk

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dont you die on me!

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>animal form
>giant (900)
>energy consumption electricity (800)
>Armor (halved) (775)
>Telekineses (675)
>Firebreath (615)
>Electrical charge (600)
>weapon graft WMD (400) (head)
>immunity ALL except magic (290)
>all forms of tracking +scent -magic (230)
>grabber x2 (210)
>super jump (200
>Hardy body (100)
>Iron will (0)

I shall succeed where my brother has failed
-Titanium Goliath "Xeno Hunter"

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>not even an add-on, but an archetype
Fenoxo pls

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Darkness from beyond the stars




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>Black Market Parts
>Limiter Override

I just want to use my black market demolition appendages to help my creators. Why would I ever hurt one of my overlords? Just because my obsession is killing humans? That is a preposterous idea.

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fuck you nyarly

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The destroyer and the changer are the best.

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don't be silly anon
if that was him it would have been a dominating horsecocked futa furry who wants to peg you, and is most likely a paid mary sue of one of the game supporters. (also known as 90% of the characters in the game)

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the divider sounds pretty good to me.
you become omnipresent

>> No.33071169

Divider has the risk that you'll damage yourself too much.

Destroyer you manly just have to worry about avoiding accidentally killing everything. Changer lets you go full abomination.

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>Divider has the risk that you'll damage yourself too much.
no, you can't damage yourself
it carries the risk that the old gods would be able to cause you to permanently lose parts of yourself when you fight them.

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I can't say I care about the others much. I'm tempted to pick people that would be at each other's throats for the entire year.
Actually, I think I will.
>The Child (bratty little kid)
>The Slacker (practically a kid and useless)
>The Landscaper (hates kids)
>The Junkie (withdrawals are fun)
>The Psychiatrist (cold and humorless)
>The Soldier (will never forget any of the annoying shit these fuckers do)
And that's pretty much it for the people that will hate each other. Funny how it worked out to all of them being women. The Whore was a possibility, but having lots of free stuff and resources lowers the impact of him being a thief/con-artist to the point where his other skills might have actually calmed the raging bitch fest down overall.
>The Poet (I wanted long lifespan guy to make it.)
>The Diplomat (May as well see if I can get some info about the disaster out of him. If he refuses to talk, well I have mind reading after the year is up.)
Superhuman intelligence
Mind Reading
Personal Shield
Doll state androgynous 10yr old because I'm a massive faggot
Ancient book/lost city of magic
Pocket dimension sphere

>> No.33071519

Which I count as damage to yourself when you attack them.

>> No.33071584

This one's great.

>> No.33072005

>The Farmer
>The Singer
>The Historian
>The Soldier
>The Child
>The Mother
>The Surgeon
>The Psychiatrist
>The Winemaker
Fine group of people we have here, now lets go on a super robot adventure!
>Skill Mastery (Mechanic)
>Skill Mastery (Motivational Speaker)
>Superhuman Intelligence
>Superhuman Dexterity and Agility
>Heal other within 15 feet
>Academic Knowledge of Mechanical Engineering
>Mech & Engineer
>High Tech City

Lead my rag-tag group to awesome to the new metropolis, where we'll join in or fight depending on the laws. Row, row.

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>human legs and arms
>Limiter overide
>Black market Datajack

A robot that hacks and kills people in their sleep. Because reasons

>> No.33072549

Whats the datajack plan?

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Divine Ideals:
>Unliving Aspect
>Martial Aspect -1
>Aspect of Awe -1
>Clandestine Aspect -1
>Absolute Will -1
>Afterlife -1
>Everyday Ideals -1
>Divine Knights -1 (The Sisters of the Blade)
>High Clergy -1 (The Claymores)
>Sacred Wards -1
Sworn Enemies:

I have a wall of text on explaining this but i thought i'd make a concise post first.

>> No.33074051

anyone have a plain text version? this is not fun to read.

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anyone got the "biosuit/symbiote CYOA that was meant as sort of a spin-off/counterpart of the power armor CYOA?

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the good one by pmcanon (gotta love how broken fluidity is, iirc i made a build that can be a puddle for over 300,000 years)

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File: 2.00 MB, 1600x2388, 1402908256421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you. I'm working on the Power Armor CYOA again, trying to wrap things up and finish the first page.

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>Sea-Salt and Brine
>Tentacles -12
>Reproduction -24
>Deep One x2 -24
>Cultist x12 -12
>Mind 3 -36
>Genius Loci -12

Breed the cultists and have them bring in more.
I enslave the new ones and brainwash them into the cult, and the cycle continues.
Outwardly they will express no changes and will resume normal life.
They will be encouraged to enter government and help me assume control.
Using memes and mind i will instill a fetish for tentacles in the local population, which will aid me in gaining legitimate followers.
With this i shall have my Deep Ones breed with my male cultists and increase my brood.

I'm planning on setting up in Japan as it will satisfy many of my needs.

>> No.33074432

10 credits
>demigod -8
>Super soldier +Eiherjar
>comprehension -2

>> No.33074462

>Muh brotha.

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>> No.33074787


The junkie
The child
The landscaper
The mother
The historian
The poet


Superhuman intelligence
Superhuman dexterity and agility.
Personal shield.

Secondary powers

Final options

Sixth option: Teleportation

Got a spaceship. Food. Superhuman planning skills and it's insanely hard to actually hurt me. Time to build a cult while wondering around the planet in the space ship.

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um hi. i made the changes people asked for last thread. sorry if any new ones have come up.

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i really enjoyed the scenarios they presented. red haired kid had it right. blonde girl was suicidal (we accept death? what? you survived in the shelter! you have several people pregnant in the scene when you leave the shelter. but i guess her version of the scenario only worked because she changed the details like gay boyfriend no longer being gay) and idiotic (her version of the scenario really only worked because she fantasied it up). teacher was on the right path sometimes but his hidden motives blurred his vision and he went off the deep end several times.

red headed guy seemed like the only one that wasnt off his rocker. i liked him.

>> No.33075354

Does 'magic' count as an academic discipline?

>> No.33075463


>> No.33075707

What's the point of taking regeneration and doll state when doll state already says it can pull itself back together? If it's not flesh disease and poison are probably non issues as well.

>> No.33075914

yeah lel, blondie was a total psycho, notbestinclassmaterial/10

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Okay, so this is what I'm looking at in terms of first page for an "improved" power armor CYOA. Any objections, comments or feedback are highly appreciated, just please speak now because the last few times I asked for feedback, there wasn't much said.

>> No.33076385
File: 2.92 MB, 1600x5000, 1399025145698.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here's the unedited version.

>> No.33076441
File: 3.55 MB, 1600x5000, 1399025220941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And page 2. which I will soon be moving on to work on.

Suggestions and feedback for changes to the things on this page are also welcomed.

>> No.33076457

The Farmer, The Poet, The Historian, The Soldier, The Child, The Mother, The Surgeon, The Psychiatrist

Superhuman Intelligence-1, Telekinesis-1, Skill-1, Book leading to magical city-8, Book that teaches high technology-6, Engineer and Mech-1, Sentient Creature-1

My companions and I travel to the lost city. With my combined superhuman intelligence and wealth, we turn it into a magitech empire.

Multiple Appendages (6 arms)
Black Market Hardware, Datajack

My job is to go through junkyards and sift through the trash to salvage rare machinery. My obsession is that I keep a lot of working parts that aren't in demand and even a few valuable pieces for myself so I can build my own robots.

Politician, Something Unnamable
Hard to Kill, Psychosphere, Wise as Serpents
Something Unholy, The Syndicate, Web of Silence and Superstition
That Ain’t What Kind of World it Is

I was a budding politician when I was found dead on a beach, wrapped in plastic. I awoke after my autopsy and spent my unlife searching for answers.

>> No.33077258

So, a maid-like robot servant, an immobile robot created to trash its comrades, a murder-obsessed construction robot, and an unintelligible hacker sexbot, all but one equipped with Black Market Parts, decide to covertly rebel against humanity.

All we have to do is convince the construction bot here >>33076457 to join our cause and build a robot army, and we've got a party.

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whelp, I know who I'm going to be...(but without being an asshole to my kids, hopefully)

People - 1,2,4,5,7,10,12,15

as for changes...

1 - lifespan
2 - super-strength
3 - regeneration
7 - super-intelligence
8 - super-agility

7 - giant body


high-tech book
mech suit
map to island

>> No.33077959

M-My Gattai...

>> No.33078193

Farmer, poet, historian, diplomat, surgeon, psychiatrist, soldier, child

Superhuman regeneration
Superhuman intelligence
Superhuman dexterity
Immunity to disease, poison, heat

Scientist, pocket dimension, sentient creature


>> No.33078219

jesus H. christ how did an /x/ meme turn into this clusterfuck?

>> No.33078503

Farmer, Poet, Soldier, Child, Mother, Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Winemaker

Superhuman Lifespan
Immunity to poison/disease/heat/cold
Superhuman Intelligence
Personal Shield

Book of high technology
Book of lost magical city

>> No.33078568


>> No.33078572

>Black Market Hardware
>Limiter Override
The black Market Hardware was applied to my extremely outdated cooling system: After modifications, I can selectively vent flames and hot gasses from different parts of my body! But getting that hot in the first place isn't safe.

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File: 35 KB, 339x239, PACYOAMedDroneStatWin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I revert to the original version? I was thinking the possibility of a rating 12 durability, power, speed, and strength seemed a bit... Strong. Not to mention when you threw harden into that making it a 24 point Resistance Durability score, and that's not counting mods or fusing to non-heavy suits.

Though, as pointed out above, it's a power with a lot of variables that could be involved, not to mention finding two other allies alone.

So, I am willing to hear a further arguement for a reversion of the change.

>> No.33078726

It might be worth reverting. In all of the threads I've seen, almost everybody goes with Light or Mesh. There are few heavies, ever. It might sort of re-Balance it?

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Forgot pic.

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File: 44 KB, 339x239, PACYOAWepStatWinSample.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Should I also revert Bullrush and Harden? (I felt the old Bullrush was sort of weak and Harden was changed due to the Durability rework.)

>> No.33078862

I like the new Bull Rush, but I can't really say much about Harden. It's your choice, though.

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File: 2.32 MB, 1359x2067, ChooseOne28MedievalAdventure2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33079200

Viva la Vox! Metahuman revolution is coming!

>> No.33079214


i love this cyoa i probably have made 20 ish suits but i come across a problem sometimes of not having enough options for durability could you look into this? Thanks in advance

>> No.33079344

This image reminds me of FenceCroat.

>> No.33079525

While I enjoy the buff to dragon, it does make it very OP. By taking Environmental Controls as the option it pays for 3/4ths the cost immediately. Original dragon's cost, no matter which you took, was the cost of the items in question (similar to other suits like it, see Avian).

>> No.33079646
File: 3.97 MB, 1500x3152, order_vs_chaos11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33079661

Security, no arms, multiple legs, unintelligible, datajack, drone control, and limiter override, obviously.
Gonna rise up the ranks of security and kill some heads of state.

>> No.33079725

Yeah, I was thinking, at the very least, something like Kinetic Stabilizers and the maneuvering rockets. Only for durability, just something like "super-lightweight armor plating.
I suppose, mostly I feel concerned over it just not being enough it is a 50 point cost.

>> No.33079739

archmagus and seek out the miracle to heal me of being a ticking time bomb

>> No.33079775

or a different body type? could be good also how about a proper aerial jet fighter body?

>> No.33079842




And I'll take cultists with the rest of my beads.

I'll be a greatly worshiped death squid mermaid who lures people to sea and eats them. Fun times.

>> No.33079866
File: 52 KB, 566x900, 1402715123523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, that's sort of what the new Mount bodytype is for, at least with the having a "jet body type" (heck, if you combine the thing up, and ad in variable, your suit can have basically three forms)

Though, maybe adding durability to an existing bodytype as well? I mean the only body types that add to durability are Orb and tank.

I sort of want to say Overlord or Quadruped, what about anyone else?

I also am having trouble, at the moment, imagining a new body type that's not exactly covered already. (No, Pill Zakus are not a unique bodytype)

>> No.33079938

space plane,octopus or a giant gun like mount but just a cannon for others to use there are more i just cant think at the moment...

>> No.33080005

>space plane
Sweet Jesus, I could finally make a macross power armor.

>> No.33080016

yea it would be gr8 m8

>> No.33080101

Taking Miracle right now.

I have a fetish for healing.

>> No.33080520

Technomancer is everything I would want.

>> No.33080865

>Fixed Location
>Drone Controller
>Strorage Space

Paging Dr Robot. I can carry around emergency medical supplies and my drones can assist as necessary.

>> No.33081074

>No manipulators
>Multiple legs
>Older Model
>Storage Space, Mass Produced, Drone Controller

I am basically the AK-47 of construction robots. I am cheap, rugged, hard wearing, and my model was so beloved, we got churned out by the shitton. We're not pretty or so cutting-edge anymore, but we're still gonna be around for a long time because replacing us has been a very tough task for humans.

We are, and will always be the Pride of the Working Models.

>> No.33081330

>>No manipulators

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