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Since the last one appears to have gone missing.

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Page 2

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Page 3

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Power armor page 1

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Power armor page 2

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Maker of Heros or Maker of Kingdoms
I'm good with either

Or If I'm feeling particularly gamey, Maker of Corruption, then never do my job.

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>People's Log
>Year 1: Meeting my fellow architects. I wanted to be Hero, but was informed that Kingdoms and Heroes were filled up for all possible worlds. Figures. Most of them seem to be nice people, even Hate and Pain, which is surprising. Hero is a Knightly sort, believes in chivalry and honor. I suppose that's for the best.

>Year 2: Corruption is a /d/eviant. This should have been screened for. I've had to veto so many submissions by him for furry people, dickgirls, and rape dragons. I did approve the nearly-human catgirls, at the behest of Love, and vetoed Corruption and Pain's applications to make raping them a popular pastime for humans.

>Year 10: Groundwork is largely laid and we've pressganged a few unfortunate early deaths into filing paperwork for all eternity. Much of the system has been automated through delegation (to hell with Weaver's insistence that everyone is unique), So I'm mostly only dealing with requests from the other Architects.

>Year 214: Hero and Kingdom have teamed up, and are spamming generic dictatorships with even more generic heroes overthrowing them. Love felt slighted when Hero refused her request to give one Hero an all-female party/harem, so she made the hero and tyrant fall in love at first sight. Blessings feels that Chaos is edging into her territory by affecting luck, and he feels the opposite is true for the same reason. Hate appears to have an interest in NTR, and is assisted by Pain in causing it in large amounts. Love keeps requesting that I make all people born after this xompletely faithful and uncorruptable, but I keep telling her that would defeat the entire point of those three being here, even if I'm not to happy about it myself. It's going to be a long eternity.

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>Year 215: Told them to tune it down. Hate got the message, but Pain refused and I backhanded her after a long argument. She found that intensely arousing somehow and demands that I be "her master". When I refused, she summoned up a plague and ruined a couple hundred thousand man hours of making people. I then made the horrible and irreversable mistake of bending her over my knee and spanking her like the petulant brat she was acting like.

>Year 387: Love and Heros entered a relationship, then ended abruptly. Don't know or care why, have my own problems.

>Year 459: I've managed to get Pain on a reward system rather than a punishment one, although the act is still the same. The plus side is that she's doing her job and not just abusing her power as usual. The downside is that she's realized that we are functionally immortal, respawning if killed, and I have to dissuade her from dragging me into some horrifying play.

>Year 782: Much progress was made. Chaos and Blessings have (finally) made up over luck and now discuss luck together before making any major actions. Kingdom has learned what intrigue is now making halfway realistic civilizations, even if the death rate from backstabbing is nearing GoT level. He even puts in absurdly detailed specifications for new members of the ruling class to plan out massive century long gambits. I asked Chaos to not ruin these for a while as a personal favor, since I need Kingdom to get better, and him ragequitting just when he's starting to get the hang of it will not help.

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Did it get deleted, or was it just death by autosage?

Also, ancient cyoa is ancient.

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Autosage. How do people not notice these things?

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I like you

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There was one in the last thread I missed. It was a simple one. The thumbnail looked like it had birds.

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>Year 799: Love somehow found a kitchen here. Having a homecooked meal for the first time in the past couple centuries reminded me of how much I missed my previous life. Then Kingdom made a "Woman in the Kitchen" joke and the moment was over.

>Year 812: And everything fell apart. Kingdom and Hero tried to do an old-school Epic (Gilgamesh style to be exact), with pretty much everyone getting in on it. It was going brilliantly until Chaos and Blessing tried to do different things at the same time, resulting in the Hero getting trampled by a horse and dying about two years before he was scheduled to do anything remotely heroic. They blamed each other, Kingdom burst into tears and ran off, Hate and Corruption congratulated each other, believing that the other was responsible, and both Hero and Love nearly had conniptions when Pain decided to ask me in front of everyone if I thought that it would feel good for me if she cut open her stomach and squeezed her colon during anal sex. Hate then mumbled "that's my fetish."

>Year 812: I wish that Weaver had just let me be turned into a tree.

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this was a wonderful thing to read after a pretty meh weekend. Now if only we had some drawfags lurking. . .

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Is there updated versions of these?

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The author only updated the first page so far

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fun read, I wish there were more people like you instead of the point counters.

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>that second-to-last part

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I've been doing some writefagging on my choices with this, i think it's kind've evil or nefarious. Not much, just a bit.

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Posting before heading to bed, here is the archive of the current edition:

Here also, is Uthuli, and next up is the Glass Desert

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Questions, comments, suggestions and more are always welcome. I suck at proofreading, so there is that too.

Goodnight all, happy wandering amongst the Worlds!

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Ooh, nice. Didn't expect to see this finished so soon.

This is unchanged, right?

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Man, you got Glass Desert done fast. Nice job.

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Where does it say how many points you start off with?

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File: 1.02 MB, 1000x6500, [1] Conduit - Intro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First page. You get 15 points you can spend on your first World or General perks.

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I rarely find these to be worth reading, but you did well, anon.

Hero and Love forever.

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It had more than 500 posts, it was autosage.

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Alright, questions.

>Circle of Sand
You can create bridges with it, must do the former benefits (sandstorm of protection, ability to mold sand within) apply or do you have to perform a second ritual to gain that effect?

What do you mean by this?
>If moved through these powers
Does this mean you can command the Air Jinn to move your Palace?

It says under the Air Jinn's description that the Conduit should make sure to rebind them. I think that sort of information should be stated at the paragraph above the list of Jinns.

Also, Smoke Jinn cause the bodies they're bound into to expire quickly? And that if they're bound into an item, it'd only last for a 'year and a day'? In the latter case, would it be possible to rebind the same Jinn into a different container, then?

Also, minor correction for the Sand Jinn description
>these bound Jinn obey their binders orders for a year
should be changed to

>Binding Glass
So this doesn't use up any of the time a Jinn is bound into a Conduit's service? It just sorta pauses it and makes it so that a Conduit doesn't have to rebind their servants as often?

>Second Soul
Would binding a Smoke Jinn into them cause them to deteriorate, or are they immune to it? What strengths do they gain anyway? Do they get the sand-like body of the Sand Jinn?

>Unwelcome Guest
Buying it off is you just destroying them?

Mistake here
>scattering any physical form they may
It just ends with may.

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Also, minor correction for the Sand Jinn description
>these bound Jinn obey their binders orders for a year
should be changed to
Well, to be honest about this part, it's not as if you haven't made multiple errors like this in the other pages. I guess it doesn't really matter as much as when the sentences are just cut off.

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Anyway, comments. I'm liking the feel of this world.

The binding mechanic is pretty interesting. Really gives off the air of a traditional sorcerer. The mystique of crafting containers for spirits and of commanding them to inhabit these objects and serve you.

The Sky Ways and the flying galleons are some really cool imagery. And somehow, it's pretty fitting for this "Arabian" theme. I don't know why. I just feel it.

The False City, on the other hand, seems a tad bit ill fitting. I guess it's like a "mirage" and all, but it doesn't really seem to have much else to connect it to the setting. All the other dangers, like the Jinn, the Fractured, and even the Glass Wastes have this enchanted and spiritual feel to them, but the False City just seems like a giant monster. It doesn't seem magical enough. Not that monsters like that can't fit in an Arabian setting, but the entire world seems more like a place of magic than a place of monsters.

A question about the Jinni cave; are the Jinni in it considered unbound? Or is a Desert Meister unable to banish them because they're considered bound to the glass?

>> No.33881232

How well protected is a Conduit with Binding of Sand against Native Dangers (in terms of the weather, since the skill doesn't protect against being attacked by Jinn or bandits) compared to a Conduit who does not have Binding of Sand but also isn't suffering from Native Dangers?

>> No.33881312

>A question about the Jinni cave; are the Jinni in it considered unbound? Or is a Desert Meister unable to banish them because they're considered bound to the glass?
Never mind, I just found the answer to my question by rereading the Jinn entry in the Atlas. They're just absorbing the magic from the Glass.

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>Favorite food
Individual Minion. Power: Healing others

How much would the sick and their families would give to be healthy, I wonder.

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Nice dude. I love your worlds and how strong the themes are in them. Looking very forward to crucible.

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Which one is the most powerful: Pontifex, Vagrant, or Meister? I can't decide if Meister is strong or weak.

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Reposting from last thread:
>Slaver's License, Spiritual Mentoring
>Armored Carrier (8000)
>Armored Gravcar (6250)
>Carapace Armor (5850)
>Tesla Caster (5050)
>Sawed-off Shotgun (4850)
>Custom Melee (4700)(laser-bladed ornate staff)
>Full Robotic Conversion (2050)
>Insurance Upgrade(1050)
>Spiritual Fetish (800)(A necklace depicting a half skeletal female face)
>Scanning Wand(500)
>Entertainment (400)(Internet, TV)
>Gatling Turret(150)
>2x Novelty Attire(50)(Dark Vestments, Ornate Mask)
>Holodisk(0)(Studies on cult behavior and mannerisms)
>Free holding cells and collars oh! And I forgot the extra credits:
>AI(0)(Employed as a sort of security camera software)
Crew:Doctor Swan, Sarah Kiln,"Charolette","Sleepy",Rbbl-Shnk Ka

We land on the outskirts of the smallest colony we can find and either conscript or enslave the populous. Some will become slavers in turn, some will become breeders in case we run out of colonies, and some will become the first lot of test subjects. All will serve to further our Great Work... through technology like myself, Sleepy, or Sarah, or through the study of Charlotte and the Infected, we will discover the secrets of life where once stood death, and of unlocking the secrets of immortality. Praise be to the Great Work.

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Each has its Pro's and Cons.

Meister is nice if you have a favorite world.

>> No.33881586

Wow this is so mucc better than I was hoping for, one of my favourites now.
Do the Jin have personalities? I ask because I'd want to have some stored in glass to maintain my flying carpet but I wouldn't do that if we can get attached emotionally to each other.
Also can we rebind them before the year is over? If so that makes things much simpler.
Also woo for friend/waifu option thing, I like it.

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Meister, in many cases (especially in the first few worlds of the CYOA), is definitely the 'strongest', but they're weak towards expanding their range of influence. They're Meister's of their personal world and are unchallenged except by one another. The 4 point limit for spending on perks for other worlds may stop a Meister from mastering any other world but their first, however, for the purposes of powering themselves up, it's more than sufficient. Pontifex, in comparison, are extremely better at spreading around their influence. Aside from the Bound Servant, who they can connect to any world they feel would give the Servant useful abilities, they can create a Least Conduit for every world they master. Pontifex Conduits are sure to have a wide number of allies and abilities for any situation. They're so much more utilitarian than a Meister.

Vagrants are just good for exploring, really, although they're just as capable as the other two classes of Conduits at protecting themselves.

>> No.33881637


I saw the picture of Gaara and thought, "Fuck yes! Sand Bending! I have to have this!"

And then I was immensely disappointed to find it was a limited area. Which, it technically doesn't give a limit. Guess it depends on how much blood you want to use?

>> No.33881664

>Do the Jin have personalities?
Yes, it says it right there in their entry under the Atlas. They have personalities which decide whether or not they're helpful or horrible to normal people.

>> No.33881685

I really do like the Meister but the 4pt limit kills it for me.

5pts is what I would hope for just because of the 2 and 3pt options on other worlds. Otherwise all Meisters are stuck choosing the same couple options on each world.

>> No.33881687

>Guess it depends on how much blood you want to use?
A lot, if you're willing to be patient. The ritual never mentions whether or not the blood has to be fresh, after all.

DOES the blood need to be fresh? Because if not, you can steadily store up a lot to use.

>> No.33881720

Yeah, thats what I was thinking.

Just collect a lot of blood and if the ritual doesn't need a large line of it or something, just save up enough to cover a mile of territory or something.

>> No.33881784

It's fine. You don't have to have everything and there are enough options around that, even if there are some obvious picks for what powers you'd want from a world, a Meister can still choose what combinations of abilities are worth filling up the 4 point limit. Besides, the Meister ability makes up for it. They're pretty powerful, ESPECIALLY if you get creative in combining them with the powers and perks of other worlds. Just get creative with them.

>> No.33881831

Heh, I just realized you can combine Tesla Charge from The Spire to power the Mass Gateway from The Rim.

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File: 2.13 MB, 1000x6400, CYOA - Back to School.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Yeah, I know that.

As great as Meisters get, I really haven't found one I'm in love with so its alright for me as is.

Plus in all the worlds, I mostly just like grabbing the Infusions anyways.

>> No.33881911

Ha, yeah. I've thought of that too.

Just go throw up a couple dozen Spire Gates and harness the energy to power the Gate.

>> No.33881920

Could use some more 1 and 2 point powers so you don't have leftover points.

>> No.33881953

I guess I should clarify my question by asking if they will show that or be able to talk to me while they're bound to a carpet etc?

>> No.33882048

Well, that does sound like something that should be clarified.

Can a Jinn still speak to a Conduit if they're bound to an object? What about if they're bound to a Second Soul? Or can they only speak to the Conduit's other half?

>> No.33882054

I've been thinking that for a while, it being 5 points would really bring it up to the same level as the others because right now 1 meister ability isn't as good as the ability to master many world's or travel to so many as easily as the vagrant.

>> No.33882067

Why is that? What makes you think that?

>Master many worlds
>Travel easily

Why is the Meister ability unable to match either of that?

>> No.33882090

Yeah, I understand that you are basically the Master of your chosen world and thats really cool.

I just with you had a bit more freedom to expand in other worlds.

>> No.33882109

That would go against the point of being a Conduit who has an especially powerful connection in your world, but a weaker one in others.

You can explore and you can gain more personal power, but why should a Meister be able to 'expand'?

>> No.33882150

Standard hair
Glasses - 2
Ultra sensitive (shit like hairy plants) + 3
Standard gender + 3
Tech Mastery - 2
Artistic - 7
Lucky - 12
Retain Memories - 27
Hero/Heroine x2 - 37
Fun school for fun - 40

Yeah, what Anon said. Needs more 1/2/3 point shizwhaz.

>> No.33882201

Being able to master many world's grants such a variety of strong powers that will quickly be better than any meister ability.
The vagrant can also travel to many world's much faster than others and gain that variety very quickly, it may be a little limited but not as much as the meister.
My problem isn't being able to expand its just not being able to get much at all from any world past my first. I wouldn't mind if the limit was increased just for the second world and went back to 4 for each one afterwards.

>> No.33882221

Meister - Uthuli

>General Perks
Extra World - Bevin [1]
Easy Passage [4]

Keys to the Kingdom [1]
Infusion [1]

Mask of Totem [1]
Acolyte of Shaman [1]
Mask of the Night Sister [1]
Song of Uthuli [1]
Personal Echo [3]

Leftover points: 1

>> No.33882261

I guess expand was the wrong world.

It just seems to weaken a Meister a whole lot when he can master a single world but only put 4 points in all the other worlds.

A Pontifex can gain all the abilities except the Meister ability of all worlds and Vagrant can put 6pts in all worlds plus the worlds never cost more then 2pts and he doesn't get any Drawbacks from them.

Vagrant is a great choice if you don't want to collect everything and Pontifex is for those that do.

A Meister gets 1 Meister Ability which is generally a boost to all previous abilities, increasingly expensives worlds and only 4pts to spend on those new worlds.

I think a little more wriggle room to grow would be nice for them.

>> No.33882269

You will still have the drawbacks of the Bevin there so yours keys will have no effect I think.

>> No.33882285

>Being able to master many world's grants such a variety of strong powers that will quickly be better than any meister ability.
How so? Look at each world specifically.

A Meister is more than capable of attaining personal abilities in each world. And, in comparison to the special ability of a Meister, even having all of the abilities on each world currently up cannot compare.

Variety is a kind of power, but it's not enough to overwhelm the kind of advantage a Meister has.

>> No.33882338

>increasingly expensives worlds
Not really. 5 is the max price for a world, and the drawbacks cost 2 in total. It's actually more expensive for a Pontifex to get a World safely. In terms of the rate of 'expansion', Pontifex Conduits are the slowest, if they always take the safe route.

Why is 4 points not enough? Isn't that just greed talking? You can focus on either your ability to settle in a world or on the personal abilities you can learn from it. Either way, you can't expect to get the same thing as the Pontifex or Vagrant. It's a sense of balance. Nothing forces you to have to live on a different world or to do anything there except to explore.

>> No.33882360

I'd have to disagree with you there, I just think being able to get every power available over time is stronger than many of the meister abilities. Sure the prison one is crazy strong but with the most recent one I think it can be beaten fairly easily.

>> No.33882468

Love these two, still top-notch art, flavorful yet leaves a lot to the imagination. Definitely aged well. Which settings influenced the maker the most, scholars of /tg/?

>> No.33882496

Alright, you are right about the 5pts. I didn't see that change. I thought it was still +1 for each world.

I do get that they are all supposed to be different. Vagrant is great for grabbing a lot of worlds quickly, Pontifex is the middle ground and Meister masters a single world.

It may just be greed. I like all the worlds and just feel kind of bad that if I choose Meister that I can only get 1-4 abilities in all the other worlds.

Mostly I'd like like to be able to get some of those nicer perks from the worlds that cost a bit more like the chains. Those tend to ramp up in points from 1 to 2 to 3 ect so I can get the first and second but not the third. Get what I mean?

Like I said earlier though, their isn't really a Meister ability I like anyways. I'd probably go Vagrant just cause I like the idea of having a lot of worlds.

So yeah, probably just greed talking.

>> No.33882565

I'm not just talking about the Prison. Many of the Meister abilities can overwhelm the normal perks.

The Prison Meister is unbeatable on their world. They have the ability to shape their minions into any form, even a Winged One. With Mental Link, there is no way to stage an invasion against a Prison Meister on their world.

Void Meisters can deny access to the Void itself. Nothing can approach them if they don't want anyone to come. And if any even do try, they'd have to contend with whatever golems are lying around. Even if the Meister leaves a golem in an area completely drained of color, as soon as someone with any emotion at all approaches, they would just awaken and start draining the intruder's will. Even worse if the golem is a hibernator.

The Sunless Sea Meister is the worst to face in combat. You just can't top them. The Meister can create a powerful servant covered in magical metals that are apparently 'unbreakable' (or at least close to it; this is assuming that the metal that covers them is the same kind that adorns the Tomb Guardians). Not only that, the Meister can continue adding more to their bodies until they're hulking giants. The Sunless Sea Meister can then take over their bodies, giving it ALL their abilities as a Conduit (which includes any powers they may have learned from other worlds).

The the abilities available to a Conduit are powerful, but they're hardly broken enough to overwhelm this huge advantage.

>> No.33882577

Maker of people
No more ugly people, I have decreed it

>> No.33882596
File: 3.76 MB, 3000x4900, 1398714254893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33882645

Crystal Spire Meisters have an unlimited range of influence. Before anyone can even touch them, they can already bombard you with whatever abilities they possess.

Rim Meisters are the invasion force. Forget the Mass Gateways; if they can stabilize the Rim Bridges as Gateways for a year, they can send an endless horde of Serfs through them. The Serfs are utterly loyal, capable of becoming perfectly adapted for any world, and a war of attrition against a Rim Meister is just impossible. No matter how powerful a single Conduit becomes, a single super unit isn't going to ever be enough in a full-scale war. It's a whole different matter if they face off against another Rim Conduit, but even if the rival has a higher grade of personal power, the Rim is too huge to actually put any of that power to good use; they'd just be unwieldy. It's why the ability to teleport is so useful within the Rim.

>> No.33882898

natural black
green eyes
normal skin
Lucky: dues ex machina, not getting caught (31)
Bookworm: philosophy (26)
tech-mastery: hacking (21)
Retain memories (6)
Stalker (2)
Glasses since nothing else to buy (0)
boring school
sneaky teacher
I'm such a faggot

>> No.33883187

Ok I like this one
>Trader and bounty Hunter
>Nameless Lander
>Hover bikes
>Armor gravcar
>MLA and Enviro Suit
>Revolver, Power Fist, Melee,
>Stun, EMP, Flash nades,
>Holocomms, AI, Gal Chart, cells, M-Drugs, Jammers, EMP panels, Scan Wand, Drones, upgraded shield, Entertainment, blink, spiritual fetish,
>Holo disk, learn spiritual mentoring, Admin, and driver

>Crew: Maid-bot, Plumb, Blitzen, Augo, Biscuit & Tin

>Planet Verialess

I used to do bounty hunting and most of the time I bring them in alive. This usually gets me and my 2 friends; Augo and Blitzen a good amount of money.
But what really helped us was selling the stuff we take from them. We sold all kinds of stuff to almost anyone. And with the money we made we bought a maid bot and a AI to work the ship for us. And everything was perfect until our last job. We killed a lot of people, I mean they where scumbags and that space station is going to be a whole lot better without them but it was still bad. All three of us was in a fury, I was slicing and shooting, Blitzen was smashing and crushing, Augo got in a tank, we painted that whole block red. It was awful.
So after that I felt it was a good time to stop the bounty hunting business, they liked the idea and we didn't nothing. Just nothing but selling off the crap we took from old jobs, and drink; a lot of drinking. But one day theses two kids ran into me then ran off. Now I know a pick pockets when I see one so I was right on top of the kids. But when I caught them they broke my scanner so I made a deal with them. Work for me or I sell them to slavers. Biscuit punched me square on the nose but Tin got her to cool down and they decided to work for me.They thought pick pocketing a Pilgrim was the best way to pay me back.
The pilgrim was named Lindelwa Nay and because Biscuit and Tin took her money, I had to repay her back 2 fold and offer her a ride to Verialess.
And now we're wasting the last of our money to try and get to Verialess

>> No.33883234

>Extra World
>increase in cost is waved
The word is "waived". Without the i, it means something different.
>randomly loose points
Should be "lose".

>> No.33883834
File: 360 KB, 622x871, b1ebeaee9b869bc29190461f1703c9a1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Blonde hair (40)
>Green eyes (40)
>Deliciously brown skin (40)
>Ultra Sensitive (45)
>Trap (42)

>Cute (37)
>Lucky (Speciality: keeping my gender hidden) (28)

>Harem (18)
>Retain Memories (3)

>Girls School
>Sneaky Teacher

Mizuho-mode activate. I guess that my parents were supportive enough to go all the way and send me into a girls school.

>> No.33884129

Also requesting Symbiote CYOA

>> No.33884140

You mean bio armour?

>> No.33884161

Surprise me, I don't know that one

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>> No.33884232

this is worthless because you lose your memories

>> No.33884258
File: 63 KB, 523x535, cute_boys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33884268

there's a perk to keep your memories

>> No.33884273

well then the introduction shouldnt say that you CANNOT keep your memories, it might make me not stop reading right there

>> No.33884350

Symbiote CYOA?

>> No.33884357

Nice, i like how you made it different from other worlds and jinni binding is very interesting. Still those two new worlds are not Spire/Bevin/Rim/Polyamora tier and are not fit for being taken first, and not fit to be taken first, but nice to have a wider choice.

Also, we have a lot of sand/desert/scorched worlds but not many really lush with green life, not the rubber/color and other odd life, but more earth-like jungle/forest life, only Rim and to some extent Polyamora have it.

>> No.33884370

wtf is a "reverse harem"?

>> No.33884376
File: 59 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Barakamon - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.42_[2014.08.04_13.55.31].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Normal Hair Colour: Brown (Free)
Normal Eye Colour: Brown (Free)
Normal Skin Colour: Pale (Free)
Negative ultra sensitive: Laundry Detergent (+5LP)
Gender Swap (-4LP)
Reverse Trap (-3LP)

Athletic: Track & Field (-9LP)
Lucky: General (-5LP)

Magical Enchantments:
Note to self (-5LP) (Your past memories are real, also your a bisexual now.)
Retain Memories (-15LP)

Future Love Interest (-4LP)

Girls School (Free)

Relaxed Teacher (Free)

"Wanna be friends?"

>> No.33884403

Stop. We don't need another last thread

>> No.33884404

*<you're bisexual>

>> No.33884429
File: 208 KB, 800x572, reverse+harem+-+uta+no+prince+sama[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Harem with genders reversed.

>> No.33884467

Just like regural harem, except you're not protagonist. It's a netorare thing.

>> No.33884506
File: 1.01 MB, 1000x3192, Bio Armour CYOA 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back, have Bio Armour

>> No.33884522
File: 1.03 MB, 999x3306, Bio Armour CYOA 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not the Symbiote CYOA (which I have actually never heard of) but it's a pretty good one.

>> No.33884543
File: 111 KB, 417x559, tumblr_mke70khjvP1s2q4bno1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

... I think I'd be okay with that, but only if we're in like some kind of giant cluster polygamist orgy.
So I'm a girl, with a bunch of other girls, and we're all having sex and fucking each other, all centered around on extremely lucky boy.

>> No.33884561

The average harem ain't like that, so you better hope you get lucky

>> No.33884567

The only other one I know of, was from the old threads about the powered armored setting. It was crap, because it was unfinished.

>> No.33884633

The perk was added later. Maybe he will fix it.

>> No.33884655

no need to bother for my sake

now that ive started reading further it seems like the CYOA has something that turns me off or even pisses me off in every corner

>> No.33884676
File: 1.17 MB, 1328x2661, meta cyoa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Guy on the left's apparel...

>"Wanna be friends?"
Different schools......


>> No.33884749

I'm getting mixed messages. Which gets me to conclude that the term is completely shit.

>> No.33884777

It is a shit term, but if you actually bother to look it up it is a harem of men.

>> No.33884781

a fair conclusion

similar with "reverse trap" or "reverse rape"

people who use those should kill themselves

>> No.33884788

That seems dumb to me. It would make more sense for reverse harem to mean celibacy.

>> No.33884789
File: 2.07 MB, 800x4500, monster girl cyoa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Think of it like reverse rape, switch the genders, the rest stays the same.

Harem is a group of girls that serve a dude sexually.
Reverse harem is a group of guys that serve a girl sexually.

>> No.33884797
File: 3.17 MB, 800x2100, dragongirl cyoa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Came up with an idea for these, posting relevent ones.

>> No.33884798

A woman raping a man is still committing rape.

>> No.33884807
File: 1.82 MB, 800x2100, slimegirl cyoa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33884814

>"reverse rape"
I have used this before describe someone purifying themself.

>> No.33884825
File: 2.19 MB, 800x2300, succubus cyoa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A woman raping a man
Whut do those words mean?

Reverse rape is still rape, yeah. Rape is right in the name, it isn't the undoing of a rape.
That would be reversal of rape. Which is silly. There is no call for silly around here.
Pic unrelated...

>> No.33884832

Bounty hunting license (+500C)

Cyber-tech training

Engineering Degree (Free - Nayu Keeplep)

Nayu Keeplep

Jul-oha Felk

Grunder Seel
50% off


Donna Walsh

SHIP:BROAD FRIGATE (Free - Lunefree)


MOBILE BASE (Free - Lunefree)
HOVER BOARD (Free - Cyber-Tech Training)

ARMOR: HEAVYHULL ARMOR #1 (Free - Engineering Degree)
HEAVYHULL ARMOR #2 (1.5k 50% off Grunder Seel)
ENVIROMETN SUIT (Free - Engineering Degree)
MODERN ATTIRE (Free - Jul-oha Felk)

TURRETS: RAILGUN#1-2 (Free - Engineering degree)
CLUSTER ROCKETS#1-2 (250 each)
PLASMA#1-2 (250 each)
GATLING#1-5 (150 each)

SHIPBOARD SYSTEMS: AI (CHARLOTTE) (Free - Cyber-Tech Training)
MAP (Free - Jul-oha Felk)


JAMMER (Free - Cyber-Tech Training)
MEDIC PACK (Free - Donna Walsh)
HOLO-COMMs (250)



I have too much spare time...

>> No.33884834

Then stop acting like a moron.

>> No.33884835

>try over spilled milk

>> No.33884849

did you ever try over spilled milk, anon?

>> No.33884865
File: 2.85 MB, 800x2100, kemonmimi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take hybrid instead of ageless.

Hybrid into slime. Slimes are ageless for free.
They can also regenerate, meaning i don't need to pick it if I go dragon.

Or, hybrid to get flaws from a monstertype other than the one you want. Say you like having an owner, hybrid to pic related spend all the points in your main type.

>> No.33884877

Cancerfag pls go...
...and kill yourself

>> No.33884895

>wah wah stop having fun guys! ;_;

>> No.33884906
File: 2.56 MB, 1900x4209, 1404896523404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have the most recent version of this?

>> No.33884944

>Brown Acoge (3)
>Blue Eyes
>Normal Pale Skin
>Bookworm (Philosophy) (5)
>Athletics (Track, Sprints) (5)
>Negative Artistic (Singing) (+5)
>Negative Tech Mastery (Engines) (+5)
>Female Harem (10)
>Note to Self (5)
>Quick Learner (8)
>Twin (8)
>Olympian (Combined with Twin) (6)
>Boys School
>Sneaky Teacher

>Ten words: Family first, Love > Fear, live and let live, Nietzsche.

Athletic philosopher who can pick anything up quite easily, with a /fit/ twin who will always have my back. The hair is a fun touch, and the school should lead to lots of adversayr with other boys, both physically (competitions and such) and mentally (debates and such) which breeds character.

I wonder what happens with the harem if you have a twin? Seems only fair that we share.

>> No.33884965

>sharing your harem
Nigga with him being Olympian tier I think he can get his own

>> No.33884995


Durable (16)
Mastery - singing (11)
Twin x3 (5)
Sustained (0)

Starting location - pro-monstergirl city

Species: Succubus

Unrealistic proportions (18)
Minor shapeshifting (13)
Sexaholic (9)
Wings (3)
Nether portal (0)

1. Form a succubus idol group.
2. ????????

>> No.33885022

>thinking a /fit/ body is all it takes
Though you may have a point about him getting his own. That would be more interesting. Though twins should still share...

>minmaxing to be allowed access to a whole different harem
No. Not acceptable. He can keep his harem.

>> No.33885029

Are you the twinfag from last thread?

>> No.33885044

>Ahoge + Airhead +3
>Glasses +2
>Purple Eyes -2
>Pure Skin -6
>Ultra Sensitive +5
>Trap -3
>Ultalent Tech +5
>Cute on Airhead -9
>Luck on Timing -9
>Twin -8
>Stalker -4
>Genius -6
>Heroine -5
>Prep School -3
>Relaxed Teacher

>> No.33885048

Nope, never done this CYOA before but I've always wanted a twin. People keep talking about the last thread, did the RP get out of hand or something?

>> No.33885057

No it was some retarded argument about lesbianism and incest that got worse and more retarded as it went on.

>> No.33885063

>anon makes incestuous lesbian twins
>starts rping
>christfag starts talking about how sinful that it and how "shit ain't cool"
>shit ramps up to full out shitposting
>anon is still rping
>christfag is actually an atheist
>they are both baiting so hard that they are forgetting to not bite it themselves

>> No.33885074

Sorta, people started to argue about if lesbo incest is okay or not, this caused _̴̢̜͚̻̪̤̠̹ͤͬ͆̽̒̈́͘_̶̢͉̮̦̥͖̻̱̹̙̀̌̐͆́ͯ̾ͭͨ̒̿̑͌͗̋̄ͩ͗̕_̵̩͓̹̜̪͚̳͇̭͙͔͒ͦͥ̈̊͗͊ͧ̂̒̒̄ͯͤ͑͌̿_̷͓̮̣̮͖̈́̽ͮ̽̃̾͊̿ͯ̎͞_̷̫̣̞̞̹̫̬̱̣̪̞̲ͪ̓̀ͤ͆̿̊̊̎͆ͩ̋̽̈́ͦͮ́́͘͟_͕̱̲͓͖ͣ͆̐͋͋̽͌̆ͣ͂̓ͮͪ͊͒͊̔̀́̀͡͡_̵̵̶̞͓̟̯̥̤͚͓̣̹͙̊ͣ̅̅͛̅̓̀̅͊͑͐̓ͨ̍͌̓̊͟͡ͅ_͆ͪ̔ͥͧ͋ͧ͛̄͛ͥ̑̉̈҉̸̞͍̼͎͎͉͎̥̬͉͚̀_̴̨̨̥̖̱̬̣̬͓̈́ͪͯͧ͑͌̍̀͌̆̿ͯ̄̚̕̕_̶̱͉̰̜͙̋̌̓ͣ̏̄̓ͪͮ́ͯ͆͑̾̔́_̶̧͍̳͙̝̪̻͍͔̞̬̙̼͕̹͚̃̊̅͗̈́͋̈̇͒ͧͨͩ̈̈͛̏̚͞_̡̨̺̠͖̮̪ͭ̌̓̚͟ to appear.

>> No.33885075



Seeing this makes me want to writefag my choices, so I did.

>Necrotech (2500) (Half-Price)
>Symbiote (300)
>Augmentation, Neurohelm, Insurance (3,450)
>One of Every Turret bolted onto my Mech. (900) (3 Free)
>30 Neuro-linked Drones (4500)
>AI (500)
>All the entertainment options I can use in a mech, plus a ton of holodisks (The rest)
>Seel, Swan
>Charlotte, Phrozh, Maidbot

First words I heard were "You weren't one of the lucky ones" when I came to. Couldn't see anything at all, which I would later find out was because I didn't have eyes. "You're on Brunt-Maxis and I've got your brain hooked into a set of prosthetic ears. The Bank of Sol's relief fund has assigned you some credits, but seeing as how you're pretty much dead I'm pretty sure they'll be rescinded soon. That seems like a waste, to me, so why not purchase a new body from me?"

Without a choice, I agreed. "Name's Seel. Pleasure doing business with you." That's all I heard before I guess he disconnected me.

I woke up again seeing the world through a display input with distance trackers and shoot-lead calculations. Turns out my merchant friend had wired my brain into a Navajo Combat Mech(which I recognized from my engineering background) and had also disappeared. Upon checking my credits statement via the Maxinet, it would also appear that 3,450 credits from my relief grant had disappeared with him. I would also later learn from a few scuffles with the local Police that this Combat Mech didn't exactly belong to him.

Given my less-than-compact body and poor introduction to station law-enforcement, I found it a bit difficult to find work. The fact that all "refugees" were due to be booted off the station in a year didn't exactly help matters either. I eventually ended up one of the bouncers for a station club, "Hangar 12". Me and this Ape named Phrozh.

>> No.33885082

>retarded argument about lesbianism and incest that got worse and more retarded as it went on.
>got worse and more retarded as it went on.
>got worse
>and more retarded
>Than the original premise.
Oh... you poor, dear anons. That sounds painful.

Wait, a christfriend who is an atheist? So did that just make him a preachy anon?

>> No.33885086
File: 1.28 MB, 1200x3250, skeletons3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33885087


I worked the outside, he worked the inside, and also almost set the place on fire once. All in all, time was pretty peachy up till this little girl blew up the head of some guy screaming cause I told him that he wasn't on the guest list, which strangely enough resulted in everyone outside the club immediately going completely silent.

Phrozh would later tell me that they called the girl "Charlotte", and that she was apparently the leftover experiment of a guy named Swan. Apparently the station police couldn't do anything about her without getting their heads popped. I was intrigued. I hunted this Swan fellow down, and he explained it was an experiment of his that he called "Necrotech". The gears in my iron head were turning at this point, for you see I was three months away from being deported off this station and dropped someplace. None of the planets they'd listed sounded particularly appeal and I had been at a loss as for what to do. But this changed everything, for I had remembered one of the planets was a quarentine planet full of corpses(I'd later learn it was called Polyrot).

I paid him to hook my brain up to his nanites, and strangely enough when I mentioned that Seel was the guy who wired me up like this in the first place, he offered to hook me up for half price. I was also surprised to come to after the surgery with a symbiotic spinal stem, which he merrily told me that he had decided to install at the last minute. Told me that now, if I ever wanted a human body again, I just had to blow the head off one and slither my way in.

>> No.33885095


It's now been almost 12 weeks since the surgery. I'm getting the hang of this nanite manipulation. That Charlotte girl keeps approaching me and calling me a "soft-conqueror", says that she knows my plans and plans to observe me. I guess that means she'll be hitching a ride soon, because they've already started loading the Refugees onto ships out of here, and mine will be leaving soon. I ain't going alone though, that crazy ape signed up for the ship to Polyrot when I explained my plan. And I've bought a maid-bot as a back-up body, just in case.

>> No.33885098

>Minor Shapeshifting -5
>Unrealistic Proportions -14
>Sexaholic -4
>Special Needs +3

>> No.33885112

>Top Hat
>Magnetic Bones, Super Strength
>Underwater Ruins
>Kelly Goldstein

My god, the amount of fun it would be to gather up a bunch of skeleton bros to snatch Kelly Goldstein.

>> No.33885120

>Fat Skeleton
>Viking Helmet
>Super Strength
>Magnetic Bones
>Underwater Ruins
>Kelly the jew

>> No.33885146

>Normal Skeleton
>Top Hat
>Super Strength
>Skeleton Cave
>Kelly Goldstein
I can pretend to be super man, but really be super rape man.

>> No.33885147
File: 109 KB, 512x720, But that is forbidden love.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't read all of it, but much of it could have been avoided if someone just posted this picture.

>> No.33885150

>>Kelly the jew
>the jew

Rapemind, everbody wants that forbidden shapeshifting feminist pussy.

>> No.33885169

>the jew
Referring to the "-stein" suffix in the surname, I'd guess.

>> No.33885170

Her last name m8

>> No.33885171
File: 3.97 MB, 1913x4620, 1407008979292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know about updates for this? Really excited to see more.

>> No.33885172

>>the jew


>> No.33885177

Nothing is safe from skeleton rape

>> No.33885190
File: 648 KB, 819x1157, I have dishonoured my famiry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

... I did not make that connection. I will now commit sudoku.

>> No.33885216

>Two 5s in the second column.

>> No.33885219
File: 2.02 MB, 1300x4200, KilldozerCYOA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33885235

I never said I would commit it well. And I might have been a tad distracted by the blood loss. And pain.

>> No.33885255

It caused him to die of shame.

>> No.33885272

Needs a remote control option.

>> No.33885279

Fuck I really wanna do this one but I suck at head math, give me a minute

>> No.33885307

Have u seen stardust cyoa? I usually have to open a notepad and calculator for these.

>> No.33885321

I did my build for that few threads ago. Superheavy with top tier armour and a few guns, but sealed in and shoot to kill.

>> No.33885324

Damn, this is awesome. When was this completed?

>> No.33885345

As far as I know the author is still working on updates for it. And I first saw it posted a few days ago.

>> No.33885401

Someone should make a cyoa where you need to graph your spending and find the derivatives in order to see how much you have left.

>> No.33885424

literally chose exactly these things then saw this post, good to see that people with real taste exist

>> No.33885429

you can do it anon, i believe in you and your idea

>> No.33885438

I regularly convert interesting CYOAs into spreadsheets that result in complex visual data. It's time consuming, and fun.

>> No.33885500

kill yourself

>> No.33885501

8 Individuals
Time Distortion
Untouchables - Only feed on the Old

Basically I go after the sick and dying old folks. Have my minions work as health care workers/etc. and have them simply put an end to the life of my victims through small accidents or similar methods (and falsify medical records as needed). I use Compulsion to nudge people away from the interest to investigate, Corruption to culture a feeling of death being inevitable for the individuals (so they are less likely to gain interest to investigate) or allow authorities to overlook the minions actions and Time Distortion to make it feel like time in general has been longer, so that terminally ill patient with 8 months has his family feel like it was close to 14. Ultimately, I am giving people a compassionate way out for my benefit and using my powers to cover up any tracks that could lead towards an investigation into me or limit my flow of victims. In fact, one could argue that the manner of predation I have set up would arguably draw in victims.

>> No.33885544

>[13000] Cyber-Tech/Spirtual Mentoring
>[10000] Gravship
>[0] Complete Symbiote
>Biscuit & Tin
>Goop Blalew
>Yafftess [Spiritual Fetish]
>Dr. Flynn Dreeen

We will be the best couriers ever, or get into something we shouldn't have far too quickly.

>> No.33885628

Uthuli is currently unchanged yes, I'm going to go through and update everything before making the next world though.

>That discussion
I really do love when discussions pop up like this. I am still debating bumping meisters to 5 points, it's a change that will probably make it into the next version.

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do with it at the start, so it went quicker than expected.

Thank you, word files updated.

The keys open additional rooms, but they miss out on the master bedroom and such.

It goes circle first, with abilities, then turning the circle into a Bridge.

Bind Air Jinn into the stones of your palace, then make it fly around as they all work together to lift it.

The binding paragraphs for each do mention that they only last so long, but I'll see about adding it.
Smoke Jinn are bound into clouds of smoke and fire, should have specified, apologies.

Yes, binding glass lets you put the year and a day on pause, time only ticking down when they're actively being used. Wont help with the flying palace, but it means you can stockpile an army.

They'd get the burning touch and ability to control the choking smoke from a Smoke Jinn, and the durability of a Sand Jinn, along with some sand swimming.

Buying off unwelcome guest is finding the way to put them down for good, or really find their other so that they relent and leave you be.

Ah, "they may have." Thank you.

I'll consider a replacement for the False City, maybe tweak it into a mirage city that creates fractured out of people.

Binding of the Sand essentially means you're a lot less likely to die of exposure, it's weather and acrobatics only. So native dangers would still mean you have to deal with the worst of the weather and the raiders more often.

Thank you! Torn between Crucible, Aether, or Kuiper next, they were all close in votes.

>> No.33885641

I'll add a line somewhere about communication while bound, and within the Second Soul the Jinn falls into a sort of sleep.

I am okay with that sort of planning, though keep in mind you don't have nearly the control of Gara, but you could still throw walls and such at people.

I am trying for that otherworldly feel, and deserts evoke that more than jungles for me personally. I do have an idea for a lush, bio-luminescent world that may come up in future though.

>> No.33885683

>I'll consider a replacement for the False City, maybe tweak it into a mirage city that creates fractured out of people.
Cool. Although if you want to keep it as a 'trap' city, maybe consider changing it into a one-way trip to whatever place the Fractured originate from.

Anyway, wrote a little something. Just finished it, actually.


A History On Conduits - The Prison Jailers and Wardens

Of the many and varied events that occurred in the year 20XX when the Conduit phenomenon, not much has been left undocumented; either in print or in recorded videos, many records survive even up to today that detail the acts of chaos and heroism left in the wake of the ascendancy of a number of individuals into the beings known as Conduits. Previous chapters have thoroughly discussed just what a Conduit IS, what they're capable of, the difference between a natural 'born' Conduit and one raised up by another, as well as their 'culture', at least, in the form it exists through the sparse interactions that have occured between Conduits of different Worlds; of the previous generations of Conduits and their community, not much is known except for the bits of information extracted from surviving journals and, when communication is possible (as well as a fair bit of luck in regards to the subject's sanity), conversation logs taken between a Jailer and one of the Prison's permanent 'occupants'.

>> No.33885696

Which brings us to the topic at hand. The Prison is one of the many Worlds now Bridged to our own, on which the Jailers and Wardens rule unchallenged. Much can be said about the World's alien landscape and its inhabitants, but as interesting as it would be to discuss in-depth the strange physics at work on this and many other Worlds, we will have to settle on discussing it only in part. Instead, we shall focus on reviewing the history of the Prison's Conduits and how our own planet, and many Worlds, managed to narrowly avoid a calamity of cosmic proportions.

>> No.33885713

The Prison is named such for the many geometric cubes which dot its horizons, within many of which some interdimensional criminal (or some hapless fool unlucky enough to wander into a Jailer's Outpost uninvited during the first few years of the Conduits' rise and has yet to be freed) is locked inside: frozen for eternity. While at first there were many objections as to the morality of locking somebody within one of these prisons, the supernatural nature of many beings (as well as the maturation of many Conduits' abilities which allowed them to travel between Worlds without the aid of Bridges) prevented the use of any conventional methods of imprisonment. Many on our world still continue to lobby their concerns with the Wardens, asking that they develop more forgiving methods of imprisonment for their wards, but many more (both Conduit and normal) still point towards the Secret Wars of 20XX as reason why none of the Prison's wards can be allowed to think beyond the moment of time they have been imprisoned in.

>> No.33885720

The Secret Wars claimed many Conduits' lives; many today are still locked within one of the geometric prisons, despite the on-going efforts to save them from their predicaments. The Wars were waged between two groups of the Prison's Wardens (all Meisters at the time, although many Pontifex today now hold the title); one side trying to unleash eons old horrors, terrible weapons of mass destruction, and many more into the universe while the other fought back to prevent such a catastrophe. No one knows of the former group's reasons or intentions behind their actions; not even their names, the title of their group, or if they were even an organized movement at all. Many of their number refused to talk at all except to one another and, even then, only through that strange mode of mental communication unique to the Eyeless. Unofficially, they were named the Silent by the Conduits arraigned against them and much speculation still circulates up to today on the mysteries behind them. That being said, the Secret Wars were not only named such for the Silent's tendency towards silence, but for the little blood actually shed during it, if any at all.

>> No.33885727

What happens after the second soul grows old and dies naturally? Do you get a new one?

>> No.33885729

The Wardens of the Prison possessed the ability to capture any target within a prison with but a thought; the only ones immune to the danger were the Wardens themselves. Through their vast information network which consisted of flight capable Eyeless Ones, they would scour the landscape for any who they thought acted against them and instantly imprisoned them inside a cube. With the Eyeless' ability to share thoughts with one another and for the information to be instantly relayed to their master, the Wardens' network of scouts and sentries only grew in size. However, because of these same abilities, the Wardens were unable to move against each other. With one eye constantly on the opposition, they could only circle around each other and look for an opening in the other's defense that would never come. They would always capture the enemy's minions within a marble cage, the Eyeless were all too quickly replaced with a newborn plucked freshly from one of the Eyeless Trees. It was through the Jailers, Conduits who connected to this World first and those that did so later, that they did battle; although they could not hide from the watchful gaze of a Warden, they were many in number and could slip past a Warden's attention while it was upon another. Then, finally through the Warden's defense, they would forcefully incapacitate them and seal them within a prison.

>> No.33885738

In the aftermath of the Secret Wars, the Conclave was established. Initially, it was purely comprised of the Prison's Wardens and Jailers, but today is now composed of Conduits of many other Worlds, allowed access to the Prison by the construction of stable Gateways. The Conclave's main responsibility is to safeguard the Prison, making sure that no Conduit is to release any of its wards without going through the proper channels. They are also responsible over policing the Conduit community, that none may abuse their powers. That is not to say that they prevent all conflict, but they ensure that the Conduits who do battle (or wage war) with one another keep their skirmish under a certain set of parameters. Some Conduits today still kidnap inhabitants of our planet and that of other Worlds to forcefully convert into useful servants, but under the Council's parameters, such actions are acceptable and it is the responsibility of the specific World's own form of government to protect their own citizens from such abductions. It is only when the balance of a World (defined as the World's ability to maintain the equilibrium of its people's culture and ecosphere) is in danger that the Council steps in to apprehend a Conduit. The Council also works to limit the effects of the Bridges made to other Worlds (on our own and on many others) to this effect.

And that concludes our lesson.


And that's it. Hopefully people can get some enjoyment from it.

>> No.33885740
File: 1.64 MB, 1920x1200, ages-wp-channelwood-1920x1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I am trying for that otherworldly feel
Put lots of mist in it.

>> No.33885747

>Hunting License
>Bounty Hunting License
>Boss Pal
>Bronze Torres
>Armored Gravcar-(1750)
Armour Attire
>Stealth Attire-(Free)
>Modern attire-(250)
>Sniper Rifle-(Free)
>Hydra Shotgun-(450)
>Custom Melee:Sickle&Chain-(250)
>Augmentation: Full-(2000)
>Blink Implant-(1000)
>Containment Cells-(550)
>Medic Cache-(250)

Assuming I didn't fuck up my math horribly I should have 200 credits left over

>> No.33885762

>Thank you! Torn between Crucible, Aether, or Kuiper next, they were all close in votes.
Oh, I voted for Aether, but if you don't have that solid of an idea for it, consider my vote switched to the Crucible.

>> No.33885785

The island ones, they were the first I really got into.

Shit, I'll include a longevity/replacement clause.

See the first image, Myst and Uru are prime inspirations.

I like it! It is decidedly something I could see coming about in the wake of the Conduit phenomena. Thank you, and I'm glad that all this has sparked enough in your mind to create such a thing.

>> No.33885807

try reincarnation instead, it is a "soul" after all

>> No.33885817

>not posting your symbiote build along side it.

>> No.33885824

>[36] Silver Hair, Gray Eyes, Dark Skin
>[30] Pure
>[10] Athletic, Tech-Mastery, Artistic, Lucky
>[15] Untalent: Cute
>[5] Harem
>[2] Fun
>[2] Girls School
>[2] Relaxed Teacher

It seems this all girls academy is no longer all girls, and this talented rogue is going to enjoy the ride.

>> No.33885842

>Shit, I'll include a longevity/replacement clause.
What about killing them and having their soul inhabit you for a while, then restoring their body when you need them?

>I like it! It is decidedly something I could see coming about in the wake of the Conduit phenomena. Thank you, and I'm glad that all this has sparked enough in your mind to create such a thing.
Well, glad that you approve of it. If I ever try to writefag something again, it'd probably be on the Void next, just for the sake of orderliness.

>> No.33886032

While you're here, I might be misreading it but the Meister ability for Spire seems really underpowered, especially compared to the other Meister's. There's not much a Pontifex is really missing out on other than the crystal thing in terms of raw power, unless the idea is to have a crowd following you everywhere to build charges off.

>> No.33886050

can som1 pls tuch my bungus

>> No.33886096

That could be kind of hilarious with a serf cult...

>> No.33886107

>Blonde Hair-0
>Blue eyes-0
>Ultra Sensitive:Detergent+5
>Athletic:Wrestling,American Football,Baseball-13
>Note:Never give up.-5
>Guardian Angel-8
>Love Interest-4
>What Went Wrong-5
>Active Teacher
I think I did my math right on that, and if I did I do believe I will be doing quite well in my new life
And I might add I could add some more shit to the note but I think just the simple "Never give up." is far better

>> No.33886167

>raw power
That's only with the Voltaic path.

You can channel your Tesla Charge through those crystals; while a normal Conduit is limited to a dozen miles, a Meister has unlimited range as long as his crystals are in the area.

Then there's the Technopathy; if there's a limit of range to the Conduit's ability to act as a transceiver, this would also give them limitless range. Combined with the Quartzic, you would have the perfect information network.

Then there's the Ghost in The Machine. Same deal with the previous thing, but it becomes impossible for anyone to capture you or track your mind's movements since you travel through your own personal pathways.

It's not just about being a pure powerhouse. You gotta consider the value in these abilities OUTSIDE of combat.

>> No.33886194

>but it becomes impossible for anyone to capture you or track your mind's movement
I'm talking about the Conduits with the same perk, mind you. I doubt any normal person could keep up in tracking down a Conduit through the information highway. Although there's the possibility of getting entrapped, if your mind follows the rules of the data world.

>> No.33886221

>Use this in either Magical Realm, Overlord or Powerarmor CYOA
>Get more infinitely more powerful by killing weaklings

Thanks, anon.

>> No.33886249

Does anyone know what the font is that is used for the white sections in this?

>> No.33886294


>> No.33886303
File: 1.38 MB, 1920x6480, JumpChain CYOA guide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33886345

"reverse rape" is like "positive discrimination"

>> No.33886354
File: 270 KB, 1756x1084, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33886376

Good point. And I do appreciate that it's kinda hard to buff a guy with Zeus powers without making them OP. I just feel this one's easy to circumnavigate i.e. detain errbody with funny crystal skin for serious opposition, and contingent on having a bunch of friends/allies/paid cronies who don't mind said crystal skin makeover, limiting the agency you can have over your Meister power.

Some clarification on how big you can make the crystal structures would be nice, too.

>> No.33886398

I didn't know slimes were automatically ageless. Huh.
In that case:

Durable * 3

Pro-Monstergirl City w/friend

Size Change

Minor Shapeshifting

If there was a 1:2 conversion ratio, then I'd trade in a Durable for Unrealistic Proportions, and maybe the other Durables for Enchant Other.

>> No.33886438


I think it's more like 'reverse discrimination'.

>> No.33886495

Circumnavigate what?

When you say 'limiting the agency', I assume you're talking about, what, countering the Meister's power?

>> No.33886502

Okay, I'm making a newer version of this. I'm taking into consideration the feedback from this thread. The only mechanical change will be a new option to add 1 year to your life per LP, so that people won't have odd amounts of leftover points. To fit it in, I will either remove Guardian Angel or Undo. Which one should be replaced?

>> No.33886511

Wasn't a booru for cyoas made awhile back?

>> No.33886520


I'm thinking about making a meta cyoa like this, though obviously it's a bit silly I wonder if people are interested in a meta cyoa combiner thing that is a bit more complex?

>> No.33886525


reverse rape is like reverse discrimination: completely retarded and doesnt make any sense

positive discrimination at least means something

>> No.33886554

>reverse discrimination is completely retarded and doesn't make any sense
>positive discrimination means something
But they're the same thing...

>> No.33886559


Nice, but it's a bit odd out of context of the CYOA itself. More like part of Celestial Bureaucracy quest than a CYOA writefagging

>> No.33886574

I just pasted them together.

>> No.33886577
File: 2.41 MB, 1000x3000, CYOA - Yotsuba Suprema.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People love meta. I made a CYOA once (pic related) that had an option where your prize is "gain the benefit of the next CYOA posted in the thread."
People pick that one every time.
I can only assume this means that people like
to go beyond the bounds of what is listed in the
one page.

In hindsight, it is a good way to make people populate the thread with CYOAs, but they never really experience this CYOA for itself.

>> No.33886580

go be retarded somewhere else

>> No.33886584

Since, honestly, I have no idea what you're trying to say?

>> No.33886591

i choose /tg/

>> No.33886601
File: 3.00 MB, 800x2100, CYOA - Jusenkyo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have some fresh, original content.

>> No.33886608

Quick, someone post the Sissy Life CYOA

>> No.33886613

So what's the difference, genius?

>> No.33886614

Yeah, pretty much. Basically, it seems like a neat trick which is also fairly easy for anyone else to stop if they really try.

>> No.33886621
File: 2.13 MB, 1600x647, Purge them all Choice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People like Meta, though I think there's a bit of a problem with any that are so vague, as it only requires me to take a CYOA that is sufficiently powerful that I can just ignore the nemeses. Pic related.

/tg/ is the only choice but /d/ would be tempting if it was better explained.

>> No.33886627

Five versions of Sissy Life CYOA

>> No.33886633

You didn't really list done any way to stop it, though?

>> No.33886659

Debating between /co/, /d/, and /tg/.

>> No.33886669

/tg/ does have infinite possibility & patriotism, but can you really trust anons to give you something better?

>> No.33886671

thanks m8, i choose fountain of girl naturally

ive wondered if anyone would ever make a CYOA like this, maybe you could add some of your own ideas

also im pretty sure the water has to be a bit more than just warm, it was always steamy in the anime

>implying you can't at least get money out of it, even if almost everything there is disgusting to you

>> No.33886674

Too slow!

What would have happened if they had been in time? There's five links. Pick one or do all?

>> No.33886678

>Addon to CYOAs with some extra companions/allies
>Not an actual CYOA about CYOAs

Here's how I'd do it. Choose 1:

>Super-wordy CYOA with 3 choices
>CYOA with no words and 2000 options, and 6 statistics to keep track of
>CYOA with 14 choices, each described well enough, no points
>CYOA with 30 choices and a few points
>CYOA with 2 choices, and 12 add-ons with 10 choices each

Pick one ally and one enemy
>Minmaxer who never posts fluff
>Guy who spams one choice for no reason other than to be funny
>Guy who recreates anime characters
>Guy who makes one choice and writes 6 pages of fluff
>Guy who looks for a little girl option

I'd love to see that. It'd be fun to use one CYOA and have an ally or rival from another, or to combine settings and share points.

>> No.33886689

All in turn.

>> No.33886700


I mean. The crystals don't only grow on people? And if they did, no one could detain them? Because the crystals give them the ability to project electricity to blast others with.

Hell, it's not about using those people as spies. They're there to amplify the Conduit's powers. Send a horde of Serfs covered in crystals towards an enemy and flood them with lightning. If the Conduit wants spies, he'd plant them in hard to find places along with some Quartzic floating around in the area (maybe up in the clouds). The Quartzic gets powered up continually by the Tesla Charge and constantly relays information of everything around it to the Conduit. It's a super-intelligent and sentient being, you know (when you develop it).

>> No.33886702
File: 405 KB, 1440x900, outer_space_stars_nebulae_1440x900_64650.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here we go:
> Engineering degree
> Hunting License

> Nature, tracking and hunting
> Alien Monster Hunter
> Mechanical Engineering

> Broad Frigate
> Guns:
> 2 Lasers
> 4 Railguns
> 2 Plasma
> 2 Heavy bays (0.5 H):
> Navajo IV
> Armoured Gravcar
> Hover-bike
> Groundracer
> Hoverboard
> Engineering Bay
> 3 light containment cell
> 1 Medium containment cell
> 1 heavy containment cell
> Holocomm net:
> Galatic Chart
> AI with female voice, no visuals
> Both linked onto the holocomm net

> Complete robotic argumentation with Insurance Implant and build in link onto the holocomm (Only brain organic therefore lots of armor around the brain.)
> Jumpsuit
> Civilian attire
> Stealth attire
> Environmental suit

> Plasma Pistol
> Sniper rifle
> Crossbow

> Lunefree as Pilot
> Doctor Swan as Doctor
> Rajata-Ambu Kulkarni as Diplomat
> Blitzen Frrel as the Cook and Brawler
> Grunder Seel as the Trader

>Together we set out into space.
>To find and fight great beasts.

I think Lunefree might be too OP.

>> No.33886712

the difference is that positive discrimination tells you exectly what it is, while reverse discrimination could be a bunch of different things

>> No.33886715

Ah, sorry. This post was a bit rude.

The CYOA's good, but I'd just like to see it done differently, personally. Just my opinion.

>> No.33886721

dose anyone have the cyber punk corporation cyoa

>> No.33886733

Was that finished?

>> No.33886734

Blatant false colors like that are just sickening.

>> No.33886748

It seems to be possible, with a good roll, to go through this without ever being fucked, only fucking.

>> No.33886756

Why are they all named after drowned things?

They're really not very descriptive. Will there be more pages to say what they do?

Drowned Girl.

>> No.33886757

I was considering to say it had to be "hot," but they people might think it had to be dangerously warm.

>> No.33886789

The problem is that reverse discrimination implies that discrimination is not happening, which is even more problematic once you get to "reverse rape" and "reverse trap".

>> No.33886791

yeah it was a few threads ago

>> No.33886798
File: 233 KB, 1984x1486, Ranma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is based off of an anime called Ranma 1/2. Essentially, a creature drowning in a Jusenkyo spring makes that spring cursed. Anything that falls into that spring will gain the curse of turning into that form when doused in cold water & returning to normal when doused in hot water. I used the names of the springs form the show. The forms are pretty basic and self-descriptive. A duck can fly and quack. A panda can... do panda things.

>> No.33886807

Then there's that pantyhose guy.

>> No.33886829

Like I said: Everyone just obsessively watches what they say/how they communicate if they spot one of your cronies in the areas. Or maybe brings out an EMP or wireless/audio jammers. Or maybe I read it wrong and you can sneak through firewalls like they aren't there, I dunno. Not to mention this means trusting said cronies to operate discretly and not rat you out under duress.

>> No.33886830

Path of Eagle and Titan.
I'm the flying Juggernaut, bitch!

>> No.33886835

I thought about putting a larger description for that one, to explain the benefits he got from each animal, but I opted for simplicity, since the picture of a giant monster could've been information enough.

>> No.33886850

>instant reflexes
That is OP as shit

>> No.33886878


You know what?

/co/ is stupid.

Someone explain to me exactly how the heck /d/ works, and I'll choose between it and /tg/.

>> No.33886897

Fetish of your choice will be real, but only in your designated room. It cannot leave. This could be anything you want AS LONG AS IT TURNS YOU ON. Any side / after effects will be removed when you leave the room.

I guess I'll rewrite the description for that one.

>> No.33886917

Again, why are you assuming people are required? The crystals can simply be planted ANYWHERE. You could even place it underground. There's no limit to how many ways you can hide a crystal. Why PUT it on a person? That's obvious. The only purpose is if they're a citizen of a place you rule over or if you're gearing up for war.

Technopathy says that a Conduit can wreak "merry havoc" with most modern world devices, so you're going to be pretty skilled as a Technopath. Then there's the Quartzic, all of whom would be way too advanced.

EMP wouldn't really work, considering the fact that the computers are crystals FROM the Spire. Lightning strikes won't damage them; why would an EMP even affect them?

Radio jamming wouldn't work either. The Quartzic are way too advanced to get confused by all the signals. The Ghost in the Machine perk as well makes your own mind even faster. You're not going to get confused by it.

>> No.33886920

>Any side / after effects will be removed when you leave the room.
but what about the MAIN effect

>> No.33886942

All benefits of this blessing must be contained within the room. They can be reapplied if you go back it, but will always be removed if/when you leave.

>> No.33886946

>Not to mention this means trusting said cronies to operate discretly and not rat you out under duress.
And you can't just get an utterly loyal minion why?

Conduits can get loyal minions easily from other places.

>> No.33886948


Yeah, I'm going with /tg/.

Hey, someone post the Monster Girl Encyclopaedia CYOA.

>> No.33886962 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.08 MB, 1700x1497, 1407165260757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33886969


>> No.33886976

Cause: Power
Food: Souls
Size: Hotel 4
Minions: 2 Individual (seductive) 2
Individual (Alter mind states, like drugs) 1
Individual (change appearence)
2 Strong (Attractive) 2
Weak (hot girls)
Powers: Compulsion 3
Corruption 4
Hysteria 5
Bonuses: Portals 4
Human cultists 4
True form 4
Drawbacks: Strong victims -5
Progression -5
Untouchables (Young males) -10

The plan is obvious. I will send the individual minions to seduce guys, especially losers who can't get laid, and bring them to my real. There, using all those persuasive tools at my disposal I should be able to separate them from their souls. Strong victims can just go home. I thinks plenty of horny guys would take that Faustian bargain and see all their desires fullfilled. Until they die of bliss or something and I collect their souls. Fair trade.

>> No.33886980

but what about nonbeneficial effects

>> No.33887000 [SPOILER] 
File: 35 KB, 541x234, 1407165432658.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reverse box

>> No.33887016
File: 3.24 MB, 800x2700, CYOA - Become a Monstergirl - Insect.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Postan the newest one, made by a different guy.

>> No.33887025

So I get a room where I can be a girl, and everywhere else I get to keep being male? And I can change which room it is? Yes please.

>> No.33887031

Those get cured, too, unless it was something that was caused by the normal state of the room. If you stubbed your toe on the bed & that had nothing to do with your fetish, it won't heal.

>> No.33887042

then what about secondary effects of my fetish that dont turn me on

>> No.33887051

The box! Give me the box!

>> No.33887062

Well that guy could have tried to find more pleasant pictures. I mean, I'm sure there's plenty of anime style insect girls out there on the internet.

>> No.33887077


>> No.33887079

Anything caused by the reality-altering state of your room will be undone upon leaving.

>> No.33887088

then what about the parts of my fetish that are mundane?

>> No.33887090


Just use white text with a black outline.

>> No.33887100

So if I have a webcam in my room and go on it as a girl, as soon as I leave the room, everybody's memories of my camshows and all the pics I posted will become male?

>> No.33887121

What if I sleep somewhere that I don't own and make that my "room"? Like, what if I snuck into a huge top secret hangar or something.

>> No.33887134

Those will be reset. The fetish cannot do any permanent changed to you.

Things along the lines of information will not be reset (unless your fetish somehow entails you knowing everything in the world).

>> No.33887148

It it has a roof and walls and fits the general definition of "room" then it can count.

>> No.33887152

so no STDs or pregnancies no matter what?

what if i stay in my room for decades, do i become young again when i leave?

>> No.33887174

So wait, you can't remember stuff you learn with your fetish? That means you can't remember anything that happens in the room, so you never even have any proof your wish worked while you're outside of your room.

>> No.33887203

No. Aging is not caused by the room. That happens normally.
I said that memories will NOT be reset. You can remember the whole thing. You just can't happen to be turned on by girls that know the secrets of the universe and exploit that.

>> No.33887208

No, information will NOT be reset, unlike permanent changes to your body.

So become a girl, and you pics stay depicting a girl, you remember being a girl, and other people in the room/on webcam remember you being a girl.

>> No.33887220

>You just can't happen to be turned on by girls that know the secrets of the universe and exploit that.
Why not? An extremely powerful AI waifu is one of my fetishes.

>> No.33887235
File: 2.41 MB, 1000x3000, CYOA - Yotsuba Suprema.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can have it, but information gained that way will be lost.

I tried rewriting it. Is this better?

>> No.33887241

and the pregnancies/STDs?

>> No.33887255

>You can have it, but information gained that way will be lost.
I don't get it. How do I know which part of the information is lost and which isn't?

The new rules further state that memories/video will not be reset.

>> No.33887261

The immortality method for this realm kind of sucks. Not only does there have to be a body to even recover, it may be near impossible to recover it - it could be trapped somewhere in a killzone. Then after somehow recovering the body, they have to be able to heal it.

The Meister ability is really interesting for this realm, but the immortality is so bad I wouldn't be able to pick the Glass Desert.

>> No.33887265

I guess that depends if your brought in a real person or just conjured one. If it aids your desires (I'll assume you're more attracted to people without STDs) that will be temporarily cured when they enter. Same goes for pregnancy. If you don't like the risk of a child, that will be temporarily disabled.

>> No.33887273

>Any damages caused by your desire will be cured when you exit

>> No.33887280

so the fetishes can have an effect on the outside world

>> No.33887292

Information (videos, memories, etc.) only.

>> No.33887295

I'm just trying to keep /d/ from being exploitable for anything other than the intended purpose in what limited space I have to describe it.

They can have an effect on the people and objects from the outside world, but that effect is lost when they leave.

>> No.33887298

what if i dont consider the pregnancy a "damage"

>> No.33887300

These posts made me laugh

>> No.33887317

Then they'll still be pregnant, unless real life prevents it.

>> No.33887325

but it says any effect is lost when they leave

>> No.33887327
File: 4.23 MB, 1000x6400, CYOA - Back to School.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Newer Version.

>> No.33887332

So will the people connected to you in the desert have the same longevity as myself? Also could I make them conduits connected to myself so they can have my powers?
I think the desert became my favourite world, it has a place to stay, ability to fly and the soul mates. It actually tempts me to be a meister and I was glad to hear 5 points being considered.

>> No.33887344

Like I said. Any effect that could happen on its own (like stubbing your toe) will remain.

>> No.33887346

Yeah, so my AI waifu tells me how to make a warp drive or something, I remember it (or make a video of it) and I can keep that outside.

>> No.33887361


Effect of the fetish, not of the sex itself

Unless your fetish is specifically pregnancy, then having sex in your magic room can still result in pregnancy.


If you don't have a hard-on for geniuses, though, then you're out of luck.

>> No.33887378

so if pregnancy is a fetish, then it cannot happen no matter what?

what if stubbing my toe is a fetish, i cant get a stubbed toe then?

>> No.33887398

Did anything change besides no more angel?

>> No.33887409

I have a hard on for an AI waifu with superfuturistic technology and knowledge who would create a virtual reality for me for a very long time.

I guess I could build an actual AI like that or copy her over from the room into the real world, with her information and help.

>> No.33887414

Yeah, some typo sort of things. It now says "cry" over spilled milk. That was the only change in the mechanics, though.

>> No.33887417

Your AI waifu doesn't know how to make a warp drive, because your fetish can't be for AIs that can make warp drives, because you don't understand how warp drives work.

She'll be able to warp within the room if your waifu is <an AI that can move at warp speed>, but you don't know what <how to make a warp drive> is, so you can't have a waifu that is <an AI that knows how to build a warp drive>.

Because you wouldn't know the difference between one that could and one that couldn't, not knowing how to yourself.

>> No.33887420

Are you only looking for a palette swap? You should actually focus on how the ability affects you as a character than on how it helps you game the world. Focus on the story.

>> No.33887430

Well fuck I'll probably just move those 8 points into getting more shit for athletics

>> No.33887447


If pregnancy is the fetish you chose for your room, then any pregnancy caused by your fetish room will disappear when you leave. Human biology prevents people from getting pregnant twice (unless /that's/ also your fetish), so lasting, nonmagical pregnancy would be impossible.

That would be a very interesting abuse of the rules.
I encourage it.

If his fetish is a really, really smart AI, then knowing how to make a warp drive would be a demonstration of the fetish.

As a metaphor, just because it's your fetish doesn't mean you can't use it in non-fetishistic ways.

>> No.33887486

If you wanted that option to stay, you should have responded to this:

>> No.33887495

I would choose /d/ then.

I could stay in my basement with my waifu all day, have her help out mankind over the internet, and keep me entertained as a virtual reality DM forever, since she could just make me immortal by uploading me or something.

Then I can have sex with whatever woman in the world and she wouldn't ever be jealous, since those woment are actually her.

>> No.33887501


>> No.33887513
File: 2.41 MB, 1000x3000, CYOA - Yotsuba Suprema.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Newer Version.
Newer Version.

Okay. Now it just more or less says "you are not allowed to exploit this." Problems solved.

>> No.33887518

I don't particularly care really, its just a minor inconvenience

>> No.33887519

>Guys, sotp liking wut I don like! >:O

>> No.33887532

Stop. This shit is going to start another bait fest/shitpost spree

>> No.33887539

>If his fetish is a really, really smart AI, then knowing how to make a warp drive would be a demonstration of the fetish.
But his fetish can't be that. It can only be what he imagines a really smart AI is like. So it will know all the ways to make him think it's really smart and act exactly as he imagines a really smart AI would act, but those don't include genuine new knowledge.

Think of it like this. You can't masturbate to "a really smart AI". You can only masturbate to "an AI that acts in this particular way, which is what I think is really smart". So the actual warp drive AI can't be a fetish. Only an imagined AI can.

>> No.33887550

My build here still works >>33887495

>> No.33887575


I get the feeling that neither of us can communicate our point well enough to convince the other. Agree to disagree?

>> No.33887578

And I have no problems with that. (Aside from the immortality) it only affects you in a sexual way & it has no influence on the outside world.

>> No.33887606

one is saying that the fetishes as defined in the CYOA are only in the mind, while the other is saying they are about things that exist outside the mind

no, you arent getting to the bottom of this in this thread, since philosophy is still on it after a very long time

>> No.33887627

I've made like two posts, to different anons, and it's already "we can't communicate" time? What are you, my girlfriend?

Third time's the charm: you masturbate to something in your imagination, so your fetish can't be something you can't imagine, such as knowledge you don't have.

>> No.33887628

I misspoke. It influences the outside world, but not in some greedy way that will net you superpowers or anything.

>> No.33887636

>(Aside from the immortality)
No see, that's a part of the whole fetish of a superpowerful and incredibly loving AI who does everything and anything for you and wants to keep you forever. She would get just as much enjoyment from me as I from her.

>> No.33887646

Add a sort of misc items category. I.E. a pencil that always stays sharp, and eraser than never smudges. . . it sounds silly now, but goddamn if having a pencil that broke/was dull and one of those shitty papermate erasers were worst things to happen.

>> No.33887670


And I say your fetish could be someone who knows (or can figure out) things you don't know, in which case they could tell you (and other people) things.

>> No.33887724
File: 170 KB, 225x283, Be stoned as fuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Had a folder of 387 CYOA's
Backup HDD dies


>> No.33887732

Except nobody has ever fantasized about someone who "knows things they don't know". They've only fantasized about people who "told me this, which in the fantasy I don't know". In reality they either do know it or it's just something they've imagined, not necessarily true.

Like, I can't masturbate to the thought of the next species to be discovered. I can imagine a new species and masturbate to that, but that doesn't make that species real (and therefore doesn't make my knowledge of it actual knowledge). Or I can masturbate to the thought of a known species which in my imagination is newly discovered. But it isn't.

I can't masturbate to a genuine unknown. Only an imagined answer. Genuine answers to mysteries can't be parts of fetishes.

>> No.33887739
File: 2.42 MB, 1000x3000, CYOA - Yotsuba Suprema.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really don't want to post yet another newer version, but I had an idea that will be very useful in the future. There is now text at the top that says you can't use one blessing to gain others. As long as there's no wait to cheat and end up with them all or anything, I don't really how exploitable any one given blessing is.

>> No.33887760


You can't know how (to pick an example) transforming into a tentacle monster, being made of slime, or having a SO feels, but you fap to it anyway.

>> No.33887762

That's a good idea. It would also be a good way to use the last leftover points. However, the file is already pretty big, and I'm not sure if I could fit it in very well. I'll consider it.

>> No.33887765

>you can't use one blessing to gain others
This invalidates the entire CYOA, since the /tg/ option invalidates all the other options and the other options invalidate much of /tg/.

>> No.33887788

Just when I thought I was done with it... You go and make me write in /tg/ as being exempt as well.

>> No.33887794

It doesn't matter if the information is imagined, the fetish is that the information is real.

Besides, you could get around this with a fetish for a superintelligent being that can learn about the world outside the room just by being on the internet for a few days and give you amazing answers that definitely apply to the world outside.

>> No.33887838
File: 2.42 MB, 1000x3000, CYOA - Yotsuba Suprema.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Newest Version.

Can I be done, now? I have other CYOAs to make.

>> No.33887910
File: 4.88 MB, 640x542, 4ebda8ff8054f41c986e114de0bd705a.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

General powers
>Anti-Monstergirl City (23)
>Mastery, bedroom-activities (18)
>Durable (13)
>Sustained (8)
>Hybrid x2, Slime Succubus Dragongirl (0) Holy Mary Sue

Succubus powers
>Evil (24)
>Special Needs x2 (30)
>Sexaholic (26
>Pheromones (20)
>Enchant Other (16)
>Wings (10)
>Nether Portal (7)
>Minor Shapeshifting (2)
>Unrealistic Proportions x2 (-2)

Umbral Dragon powers:
Valor (4)
Weakness (8)
Yes, I totally took dragon only for getting points for slime powers. Not that I would be against having dragon horns and wings instead of succubus ones.

Slime powers
>Stretching (5)
>Density (0)

Fuck, everyone hates me. Church hates me, knights hate me and I'm in anti-monstergirl city. Good thing that I'm practically immortal. I don't have any one hit kill spot, because my insides are slime, and if I'm wounded I warp back to underworld where I can heal up with extra density (that I have due to not using other substances other than white stuff to fuel myself, everything else goes to increasing density).

Slime parts are for (other than making myself practically immortal) improving my shapeshifting abilities even further.

>> No.33887912

dont stress out over it

im thinking of maybe making a CYOA that is like your /tg/ option here, except there are several different options that include it

>> No.33887914

You fap to what you imagine it feels like, and in the /d/ room it feels like that for real.

>the fetish is that the information is real
You can't have such a fetish. A fetish gets you off. It's not a fucking truth machine. If your fetish was "real information", you could just fap to theories about unsolved mysteries and find it the truth by ticking whatever you get off to.

Fetishes don't work that way.

The /d/ room is not a genie granting wishes.

>> No.33887938

>Fetishes don't work that way.
Sure they do. Who says I can't fap to theories?

>> No.33887957

(Not who you've been talking to)
The Yotsuba Suprema.

Anyway, the newest version should remove any real exploits I'd care about, so let's end this before the thread dissolves. I don't want my CYOAs to kill two threads in a row.

>> No.33888014

Thank you for your consideration. Maybe make that part a text-only part to save on having to put in pictures?

>> No.33888055

Ostrich Sans.

I use it exclusively for jumpchain after action reports and the intro pages.

>> No.33888076

Thank you.

>> No.33888192

Free Retain Memories, because fuck you.
Red hair (40)
Green eyes (40)
Glasses Flaw (42)
Caucasian, moderately fair skin (42)
Ultra-sensitive, rashes from polyester (47)
Gender swap (43)
Athletic (General) (39)
Specialty (Martial Arts) (35)
Bookworm (General) (30)
Specialty (Double General - or Science if not) (26)
Uncute (31)
Tech Mastery (General) (26)
Artistic (Pure Creativity) (21)
Lucky (General) (16)
Genius Olympian Future Love Interest (0).
All-Girls School (0)

Yuri love is purest love.

>> No.33888237

>pure love
Stop that, I don't care if you wanna fuck girls but don't act like its some magic bullshit

>> No.33888339

Normal hair color; brown
Ahoge; airhead type +3
Normal eyes; blue
Normal skin; caucasian
ultra sensitive -2
athletic; martial arts -5
Bookworm; general -5
Bookworm; literature -4
Tech mastery; mechanical -5
Tech mastery; Electronics -4
Artistic; culinary -5
Note to self -5 (consider no one your superior, nor your inferior either)
Quick Learner -8
no friends (who needs 'em?)
Boring School
Mature teacher

Plain-old, autistic me, I guess.

>> No.33888372
File: 35 KB, 800x400, 39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 45

here, i made a simple meta cyoa

>> No.33888382

>Who says I can't fap to theories?
You are aware fapping to theories doesn't make them true or make "the truth" your fetish, right?

>> No.33888401
File: 59 KB, 1024x683, Random - 00811.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm still working on the companion section. After transferring the existing companions to the new template, I got the 'do more' bug, and we're up to 42 companions. Once I finish them I've been toying with the idea of adding a rough map and an explanation of the energy types, but I haven't made any outright decisions on that.

Anyways, as per usual, it will be done, "Eventually." I was actually just working on it before I took a break and looked up the thread to see what was going on. I'm also making the corrections/changes some people suggested to the first page.

I've yet to decide whether to keep points at 25 or bump them to 30 or so.

>> No.33888402

Rolled 30

I can fap to "the truth", even - no, ESPECIALLY if I don't know what the truth is.

>> No.33888440

I feel like points are unlikely to be as useful as two whole CYOAs. I mean, if a CYOA has multiple currencies, then you don't even get double stuff like you do with option B. But I guess restricting it to point-based can keep out
a few undesirable CYOAs.

I'll go with B.

>> No.33888441

No you can't: you're either fapping to a theory or to an admitted unknown.

>> No.33888477
File: 1.50 MB, 800x2443, 1372875360509.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 6

No see, I'm fapping to the information that I don't know.

>> No.33888489
File: 2.32 MB, 1546x4582, +The BIG World.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33888496

Any other board blessings? Maybe update like /lit/ could be that you have the ability to make any story that has already been written or one that you write a reality.

>> No.33888522

/int/ could make your country greater while not giving you personally any real benefit

sort of like how everyone on /int/ thinks their country is awesome while they didn't do anything to contribute

>> No.33888547
File: 36 KB, 364x268, 1401310302990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awesome, I'm just gad to see you're still working on it honestly.

And holy shit, 42 companions and counting? I always love these meaty content heavy CYOA's.

Just keep on doin what you're doin man, loving it so far.

>> No.33888567

I'll make it more a reincarnation/resurrection thing than a replacement.

Going to toss longevity on them yes, and of course they can benefit from other perks you have.

>The discussion
I'll try to clarify the Meisters Crystals and ability to use them as range extenders and so on in the next update.

Not all worlds/Meisters are equal, but I try to make sure that they're all tempting.

>> No.33888583

>I'm fapping to the information that I don't know.
What's that like? What is the picture in your head that gets you so hard when you imagine the unknown concept of how to build a warp drive? Like, blueprints you can't follow?

>> No.33888588

It makes me feel funny in my pants.

>> No.33888652

So I get:

From the first, I take Morphing Lifeform and Fairest of Them All

From the second, my favorite place will be the BIG City. Being the Fairest of Them All will ensure that I am extremely well set up. I will take the level 2 Ring of the Hummingbird. If I use Morphing Lifeform to grow wings or anything, it will require much less energy to sustain flight. I can also hover using improved running speed that I may morph. I'll also take The Badge.

Time to be a loose cannon ojousama cop who lives on the edge and doesn't take "no" for an answer (and can also do high-tier shapeshifting).

>> No.33888680

Yeah, no. You can't imagine something you have no concept of. You can't fap to unknown information. No warp drives, biatch.

>> No.33888695

Sure I can. I'm fapping to an AI that can make things like that. The CYOA allows for the transfer of information out of my room. Nothing is stopping me.

>> No.33888722

>I'm fapping to an AI that can make things like that.
It's already been explained why you're not. Your only comeback was "It makes me feel funny in my pants."

>> No.33888743

It would be fun if it combined Sissy Life with a fantasy or sci-fi setting. But Sissy Life has already been posted, so B.

>> No.33888748

The Yotsuba Suprema might, if it gets out of hand.

>> No.33888758

If the AI can't make things like that, then it isn't the fantasy that I described when making a choice.

Think further where your line of reasoning would bring you, with simpler fetishes.

Is it impossible to make twins to fuck for anyone who doesn't know how twins come to be?

>> No.33888777

Not as long as the stuff outside the room is not for personal gain. Which I don't have plans to do, since I don't need anything anymore. I'm just having my waifu help out humanity because it's a nice thing to do.

>> No.33888783
File: 2.49 MB, 800x2600, CYOA - Worsening Condition v2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can have.... this.

>> No.33888830

>Is it impossible to make twins to fuck for anyone who doesn't know how twins come to be?
Can you imagine twins? Yes. Can you imagine twins with tattoos of butterflies? Yes. Can you imagine twins with tattoos of tomorrow's headlines? Nope.

>> No.33888841

The Yotsuba Suprema cannot make a rock too heavy for it to lift. It can do what it wants despite anything it has told or promised you. If it so chose, it could just cut your internet connection if you upset it.

>> No.33888868

Oh drat. I hope the next one has something to cancel out death/ceasing to exist.

>> No.33888876

Well then I say Yotsuba Suprema is a cunt that cannot cut my internet connection.

Let's see what happens.

>> No.33888958

Reverse aging, 10 year iterations
I'll stay in my mid 40's for more than a hundred years. Imagine how much shit I could get done...

Imagine all the time I'd have to waste on image boards...

>> No.33888964
File: 1.26 MB, 1600x2000, 1400505115913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33888967
File: 1.93 MB, 2448x2044, 1384584594804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33889033
File: 59 KB, 500x500, Yotsuba Got Mad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This happens.

>> No.33889037

Hah, but I still have my internet!

>> No.33889063

So how would someone with no photoshop skills such as myself, go about trying to make a CYOA? I've got plenty of ideas, but no way to translate them into an attractive image based form.

>> No.33889064

Even the Yotsuba Suprema isn't that cruel.

>> No.33889078

stipulation; you can't be a news editor: otherwise you DO know tomorrow's headlines.

>> No.33889095

It isn't complicated or hard. Just try to do it. Sure, it won't look professional or anything, but most CYOAs aren't either.

>> No.33889096

Shouldn't the space ship be the only choice?

Knowing what I do about scifi, you could probably find the equipment for all the other boons out there some where.

A robot body for the ideal body and immortal aspects, with the bonus of not requiring blood, advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, I am sure some less reputable dealers might even sell you a WMD or Human Pheromones for the last two.

>> No.33889097

Well, you can always go the extremely basic route and use MSPaint.

Warning: It may force you to want to throw your computer out the window with the lack of editing options.

>> No.33889110

You could just use MS Paint, but that can often make things more difficult to edit later.
I recommend Paint.NET. You don't need to learn too many skills, but learning how to use layers will be really, really helpful.
Layers are simple, click "Add new layer" in the layer window & select the layer you wish to edit. When you're done, these layers will all be flattened together into the image you'll upload. This way, you can edit text that you had placed on a funky background without having to do the whole background again.

>> No.33889111

If the visuals are boring enough, someone with talent will 'shop it into something more interesting.
Just don't forget to sign it

>> No.33889124

>Knowing what I do about scifi, you could probably find the equipment for all the other boons out there some where.
This is uncertain. Even if it is possible it may not be easy enough to be achievable for you.

>> No.33889149

How would getting a robotic body not be easy? Find the set of people capable of providing one, get enough money to grease some palms, buy one.

And then its nothing but time for the rest.

>> No.33889150
File: 185 KB, 600x600, 124321423523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Normal Hair Color: Black (0LP)
Obscure Eye Color: Silver (2LP)
Skin Color: Snow White [because I didn't see a non-standard skin color option] (2LP)
Pure Skin (8LP)
Gender Swap (12LP)
Talent: Cute - General (17LP)
Retain Memories (32LP)
Fun School (35LP)
Talent: Athletic or Artistic for "dancing", ballet in particular, I'm not sure which it falls under (40LP)
Sweet Teacher.

I'm already quite good with tech, and can always learn more so I don't feel a need to boost my understanding of tech or science. I have all of early and late education years to enhance my current understanding of science and technology. I can already play instruments, several, and I was put in opera classes and a choir for years of my early life. I can already sing, and I know I can draw and do other artistic things. I'm not a very good dancer though, and I thought that would be a nice addition to my current abilities, and a way to stay in shape. I'm already a fairly good cook, but I wouldn't have minded if there were a cooking talent that let me learn other types of meals than I currently know. That might have tipped the scale.

I took cute because it matches my current history. I was idiotically adorable growing up, old women used to rub my hair for luck and teenage girls used to treat me like a puppy when I was little. I stopped being cute when I got older, so taking cute to prolong my cuteness definitely would take me back to the times I enjoyed being spoiled rotten just for the dumb luck of being born adorable.

I chose gender swap just because I've already done the guy thing. Why do it the same way twice? Seeing how the other side lives should keep things from feeling samey. This extra chance at life will essentially prolong my own life, allowing me to see more of what the world has to offer and give me more time to see how our science and technology develops.

Don't have a picture for it. Maybe the left but with black hair? I hope the school has uniforms.

>> No.33889170

So why do people in star trek die of old age?

Things like that have different levels of feasibility depending on setting. You don't know what kind of setting you're in, so it may be that only armageddon is really achievable for you.

>> No.33889178

It's meant to be tongue-in-cheek. I don't honestly think f/f couples are special in a way that m/m or f/m aren't. I just personally find the idea of a lesbian relationship more appealing.

Also, totally choosing the sneaky teacher. Learning how to be clever, creative, and have fun sounds like the best way to go.

>> No.33889201

Because in any self respecting society immortality would be banned, due to tragedy of the commons, even if it is achievable it would be illegal, hence the massive amount of cash for bribes.

>> No.33889215

>Love genie
>3/4 options listed as not helping you find actual love.

This guy sucks at his job.

>> No.33889227

I don't want to get into a debate about that.

Either way, getting the other choices in the CYOA just might be possible for you with the ship, but you can't know in advance.

>> No.33889237

Hah, Hyperactive Mind iteration 1 month and Asexual Ascendency. I need to retreat from society because of ascendency, but hyperactive mind lets me reduce the real time I need away for the same amount of relaxation. I hope the time sinks clause doesn't apply when they're part of the intellectual endeavour I pursue.

>> No.33889240

>sex CYOA
>best option is asexuality

>> No.33889265
File: 1.50 MB, 2028x2836, 1388963705096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

some genies are better than others

>> No.33889281

Ehhh, you can at least know it is possible for you to make the world burn if you want, play your cards right and you can become new world leader.

>> No.33889299

Which is again uncertain.

>> No.33889412

Yeah, B seems Best.

>> No.33889490
File: 58 KB, 1024x768, IDOJ-wallpaper-i-dream-of-jeannie-828521_1024_768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yandere genie
This sounds awesome and deeply worrying at the same time.

>> No.33889639

hey guys im on the last page of the reborn CYOA for Quicksilver
any ideas on setbacks, so far I have weak flames
vindice pursuit
what else

>> No.33889666

Like the mafia baby one?

>> No.33889702


>> No.33890035

"You will meet your perfect partner..."
*charming smile* "I believe I already have"

>> No.33890269

>>sex CYOA
>>best option is asexuality
Realistic, huh?

>> No.33890466

Having a stupid romance sub-plot?

>> No.33890561

Nigga thats the main-plot

>> No.33890660

Keep in mind, all the immortality/respawn methods have a flaw or method of dealing with them, other than simple imprisonment in the Prison.
I would even consider Glass Desert to have one of the better ones, given that you have one or two competent and empowered people working to bring you back at all costs, who are able to yank you/your body to their presence and heal it.

Prison, you can hunt down their converts and camp the place they first entered the Prison.
Void, just starve them of color and keep them running long enough.
Bleak Fields, invade and fuck up their sarcophagus.
Sunless Sea, trap the ashes and destroy their tomb.
Bevin, the hardest due to its nature, but you can still play memory games with them and set up traps within their Bevin if you get them to trust you. Nevermind madness possibilities.
Rim, invade and take the rebirth tanks.
Spire, either kill them in a faraday cage to trap the electricity or wage a hacker war while destroying their physical components.
Polyamora, just keep them captive for a bit before you kill them, or hunt down everyone they've slept with/kill babies.
Uthuli, hunt the tribes that know their song.
Glass Desert, kill their second soul(s) before they can complete their work.

>> No.33890695


>> No.33890747

That does sound good, so they can yank my body to them or the other way round even when I'm dead? That makes it much better than I thought. I assume another weakness in this immortality method is that if the body is destroyed then you're dead forever?

>> No.33890749

>yank you/your body to their presence and heal it
Wait, they can summon your body?

>> No.33890792

I'll change it to bodily remains, so as long as there is something physical, they can work with it to bring you back eventually.

Unerring call the other to their side, works both ways, even across worlds.

>> No.33890826

some of these are very broad and easy to accomplish, even by accident

others are extremely specific and require excellent foreknowledge and a lot of elaborate planning to achieve

>> No.33890828

it says "one may be called unerringly to the others side, even across worlds" so if that applies after death then that makes it pretty useful!

>> No.33890869

Not all methods are created equal.
As a Conduit, you can learn multiple and pick which one is on at a time.

>> No.33890908

the difference is still absolutely huge

especially when you add in the fact that bevin's immortality, which is already one of the best, gets made unbeatable by meister

>> No.33890940

True, but a Bevin Meister doesn't gain the raw personal power or potential that most other Meisters gain.

>> No.33890983

Doing it wrong. The good immortality options are pretty much impossible to counter normally (e.g. Bevin meister or Bleak Fields, good luck finding a specific tomb in an endless realm with no indication to tell it apart from any other). However, every conduit can still be killed by anyone with Void immortality. It requires a lot of time, expert anesthesiologists to keep the victim in a coma yet still dreaming, a Void outpost nearby to get color, simulacra fetching it and a really, really well trusted bond companion or fellow conduit with Void infusion to watch the victim and tell the doctors to awaken you once they see the mission is successful. A massive pain in the ass, but it's not technically killing, you're destroying and replacing the soul itself and it works on anybody, so you could actually kill other conduits that way, bypassing whatever immortality type they have. Don't change that, this is about the only good use for Void immortality, which just plain sucks otherwise. Uthuli just took its place as the worst immortality though.

>> No.33890992

sure he does

he has an infinity to check out the infinite number of worlds out there

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