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I missed the second half of the genie CYOA. My hype must be appeased! Please!

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Sure. I've even got the mystery boxes all done up. First let's just start with a refresher.

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Alright, have you rated the fundamental wishes? No peaking ahead now. You need to make your choice before you see the results. No, seriously, its far more fun if you don't cheat.

Okay, ready? Here you go.

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What's that? You picked one of the mystery boxes? Well here you go then. Just make sure you've specified which mystery box you've chosen first. Remember, there's one for each fundamental wish.

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Or did you accidentally select the youngest brother, mistakenly believing him to have a box as well? Well don't worry. We've got you covered!

I hope you've chosen well.

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Thank you! I had mine picked out (Power, Luck, Love, Immortality, and Wealth), and now I have the mental image of the God Emperor as a hobo, which is amazing. Thanks for sharing it!

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I love how planned out it is. I see complaints regularly on how some CYOAs didn't plan for their own options, in a way, and you accounted for that well.

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The power mystery box. Eh, could be worse.

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this one was kinda neat, wonder if it will ever get stuff added on.

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and this genie isn't a dick, none of the wishes screw you over.
Also, total QT and can be waifu

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How does money work? You get 25¥ worth of stuff but what does it mean when there are two zeroes in front as opposed to one?

Is there a different between 002¥ and 02¥? How does it add up?

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Thank you. I'm glad it turned out so well and that people are enjoying it. It's my first attempt and it certainly came together quite well. I enjoyed making it and I'll probably try my hand at a few more down the line. Its just a shame I'm so bad at graphic design, haha.

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>Is there a different between 002¥ and 02¥?

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you know the rules:
choose one from this...

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...and UNO (one) from this
(be creative with killing each other in argumen

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>roll dice
>early in a thread

fuck you

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Did you, like, not get past elementary school?

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you dont HAVE to roll...


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i cant stop others from rolling and filling up the thread with shit

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Rolled 2, 29, 26, 2, 16 = 75 (5d30)

Super powers here I come.

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Rolled 21, 11 = 32 (2d30)

Rerollan for same effects~

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More spooky progress.

That's me done for tonight. I'll finish it tomorrow.

Feel free to throw out any suggestions.

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I have a few suggestions:
First, Face in a Crowd is pretty vanilla. I'd recommend replacing it with a genius option a la Dr. Frankenstein, Moreau, and a large quantity of other mad scientists.
Second, some new forms:
Basically your run-of-the-mill amorphic mass, as seen in The Blob.
Maybe you're a doll, a mannequin, or even an evil lawn chair. In any case, people won't expect you to move until you do.

And some locations:
You can go anywhere and bring the scare to anyone. However, [Some generic drawback, possibly losing your Unique Power]
You frighten people where they least expect it - in their own home. You can go places that aren't other peoples' domiciles, but you can't feed off anyone's fear unless you're in someone's house.
Your very own private island. Police and other authority figures tend to turn a blind eye to what goes on here, but you might want to make a token effort to avoid any obvious activity.

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The terraced house is covering the "in your own home" stuff. I figure a small terraced council house will have a nice constant supply for tenants/victims. If they're well off enough to buy or rent there's little reason not to move. When they're relying on the government their options are more limited, and when they're knocked off there's always another family who needs a good home.

Evil doll is a great shout, but I'm leaning more supernatural than science so a mad scientist wouldn't work with most of the powers/perks I've got written. Blob runs into similar problems.

Island is a nice idea. Can get a good Wickerman vibe going on, and "None" was something I'd considered anyway and would keep the columns even.


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You know what, how about we just use the D&D dice roller or any other rolling software so we don't have to shit up the board?


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>That whole undernet IRC.
You bastard, how dare you bribe me for write faggotry in exchange for points.
I love it. I hope this becomes a thing.

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>Long Underwear
>Necklace, Hat
>Drair Gun, Brush Basher
>Paralysis Powder
>Needle Bow
Can't take me out at range, but I can fight up close and at range. And, my mothling provides not only recon, but support fire. Groovy.

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you can't force other people to do it

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I have an idea for a new one, /tg/. But I need material, so I need you guys to make some wishes.

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First time I read the genie, I decided NOPE because she was too damn suspicious. When ever a genie says trust, me it trips all my paranoia.
Which wishes are you talking about?

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No, but I can recommend. Wouldn't it be nice to cut down on clutter posts that contribute nothing?

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I want to know what the userbase (ie, you) /wants/, so that I can present interesting choices that play upon the reader's desires.

Hence, make a wish.

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Mechs are pretty cool.

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Whats the idea?

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Escapism. Becoming a different person and going in a different world. Preferably one who is powerful, or have the chance to work at gaining power. Many of the popular CYOAs have elements of this.

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"Superpowers" is a common one. Perhaps also "omnipotence"/"infinite wishes," though that could be considered an over-the-top version of "superpowers."

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Seconding this.

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Waifu seems pretty popular as well.

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...These are all very handsome, clean-shaven, /fit/ genies. Can I ask for a quick gangbang instead?

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Which one o' youse is Robin Williams? I'mma wish you back to life.

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Companions in general really.

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Aw fuck. You're a mean one, Immortality Genie. You went at the bottom of the list specifcally BECAUSE of this shit, fuck.

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Now help me wish the best Genie of all back to life.

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I couldn't decide which was more important, Love or Immortality. I should've went with Immortality because then I could be the perfect immortal, and have my perfect waifu. I'm not too pissed about the Power one tough.

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>You will never have a magical yandere stalker who tries to get you to use her magic powers so she can spend time with you.

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Companions are a definite necessity. Though it might be interesting to have a sacrifice option... give them up for more personal power.

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>perfect immortal, and have my perfect waifu.
And be the perfect naive slave.

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In theory, the perfect waifu would eventually recognize his problem, and then keep him away from people who would abuse his newfound ultra-gullibility.
Essentially he's going to be kept in the house/basement forever and can't watch TV or even use the internet (because marketers/commercials), but hey, he's gullible enough now to believe he's completely happy with that if she spends the time to explain that.

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It doesn't matter. A large fault in this CYOA is that the way love and immortality are written is incompattible. In almost all circumstances immortality forces you to see your love die before even 1% of your lifespan is over.

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Nah, TV and internet would be fine as long as no money is made available to be spent.

>implying that wouldn't be an awesome life

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I don't know about back to life, but I'd ask if they could wrangle a complex wish like "I wish that the contributions of the best, brightest, most constructive and inspiring 5% of each generation would last forever and be known to all, while their opposites be forgotten quickly."

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so.... Legacy. Can that be a wish?

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> Internet
> Land of "kill urself fag"
> A good idea in any iteration

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>Nigerian Princes

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None of that is a problem since you listen to your waifu who keeps you in a basement and she knows how retarded you are.

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No books either, actually power is really terrible if you think about it, you're Immortal but have nothing to read or watch.

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Super Science and Phaser.

End goal is to turn myself into a swarm of nanorobots that can adapt to any situation, becoming virtually indestructible and immortal plus almost limitless potential to create things and destroy them.

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If the creator is still around, I'd love to see some vehicle options for this. I was disappointed to see the bot op's skills mention vehicles, and then find no vehicles to buy in any of the markets.


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New OC, what would you choose?

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realistically, the only good option is the vest. A small amount of bloodthirsty people would pick the gun, kill everyone who picked immortality, kill each other, and then the world would be normal again

>> No.34378957

after that prepare for anarchy because within seconds every single major political or important figure in the entire world would be dead

>> No.34378996


That's...a pretty good idea. I mean I don't think you can *have* a cyberpunk without a motorcycle. Dropship is probably more the realm of the mover, but personal vehicles would be a good touch, especially with some advanced (read: illegal and dangerous) mods.

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Out of 7 billion people though, how many do you think would take the shot for immortality? 100 Million? 10 thousand? 2 Billion? The gun choosers will eventually die out, will they be able to kill all the immortals before then? I think it's worth a shot.

Many of them would presumably choose the vest.

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or you could pick immortality and then kill someone with the vest with a knife or normal gun and take it

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Assuming it works like that and you don't get killed first.

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Vest and Gun only work for the original owners

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not originally.

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>The Gun
>Teleporting bullets+Infinite range + unlimited ammo.

And they get a picture of all the immortals. All it would take is the gun users a few hours to take everyone out.

Vest for me.

Actually what's even more horrifying is that some people wouldn't understand the choice given to them. It says every person on Earth, so that would include people with mental illnesses, old people with alzheimer's, and infants.

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New version. Now I sleep.

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Based immortality genie

>> No.34379637

Well I assume there are at least 100 freakshows in the world who not only have a very large cache of revolver ammunition but want to kill people. That alone would add up to like a million deaths of immortality people. But there are actually a lot more people in the world with large caches of revolver ammo who would go crazy with the tele-revolver

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I think people are overestimating how bad the last power wish is if you have immortality and a perfect waifu. The perfect waifu would in theory make up for all your faults, meaning she would be perfectly willing to stay by your side basically 24/7, protecting you from the world forever. This means you would still be able to read or watch anything since she'll always be with you to correct any misunderstandings.

She would also be ridiculously rich so she would never be forced to leave your side to work. Rich waifu would also mean you wouldn't need to live in a basement or anything. You could still live in a really nice house; you'd just be a shut-in for the rest of your life, along with your perfect waifu of course, and I would be 100% okay with this.

Actually you might still be able to travel and do cool stuff as long as your waifu is with you (which she always will be since shes supposed to be "perfect").

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I like dugongs

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The only question is, is your perfect waifu as immortal as you are? Or can she at least reverse engineer your immortality?

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The optimal answer.

>> No.34379933

Adding to this, the perfect wish order would probably be Immortality, Love, Luck, Wealth and Power.

Immortality to keep you from harm and a perfect waifu to protect you forever.
Better than average luck.
2nd last wealth means you will never be able to own anything significant but you can always just "borrow" everything from your ridiculously rich and loving waifu.
Last wish power is then managed with immortality and the perfect waifu.

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Enjoy being hated by everyone and never being able to own anything of worth for all eternity.

A waifu that dies and leaves you for all eternity gullible and alone wouldn't be perfect would she :)

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If you had Luck on top, you could take Immortality D and just count on your luck to protect you from disease and violence.

I'd say the optimal answer is Luck, Love, Power, Immortality, Wealth.

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I thought of a cyoa but I'm too lazy to make it so someone else can make it and take the credit

1. All writing in the Notebooks must be readable by the average naked eye, but besides that can be very small
2. All the Notebooks are 3.25'' wide, 5'' tall, and 50 pages thick. One can write on the front and back of a page. To give you an idea about how big that is (if you don't have good spacial reasoning), a bit smaller than the average adult's hand.
3. You get to choose one Notebook, the others are distributed to random people throughout the world. There is only one of each copy, and anyone can use each one with any writing utensil, so keep it safe.
4. The Notebooks cannot be destroyed until they are full. If you toss it into a volcano, a gust of wind will float it to safety. If you try to rip it apart the pages will seem to slip between your fingers. Once full, the notebook becomes set in stone. The results can never be changed again, even by another finished book (if it is finished later on)
5. When writing names, it has to be the name they identify themselves as. You cannot consciously change the name you identify yourself as, but it will probably change on its own if enough people know you as that and call you that.


Write someone's name in this notebook, they die. It can be used on other notebook users, but you don't know where or who they are. If you kill someone and Lifenote revives them, you will lose a page for each additional time you kill them again(only if Lifenote revives them)

Write someone's name down and they come back youthful and in peak health, with no diseases. If they were killed by non-natural causes it will bring them back as they were before death. If you write a live persons name it will remove all health issues, and restore their youth. If Deathnote kills someone, you can revive them once by writing their name down, but each additional time you counter Deathnote killilng them, you lose a page


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>wealth last
>never having nice things

>> No.34380157

Genderbender Book
Name speaks for itself.

Sexuality Book
Can change the sexual preference of anyone who's name is written in this book.

>> No.34380372

If you write down an item that is for sale (whether it is for sale on the internet or in real life) that you have seen (in real life or a picture, but has to be that exact item), you will receive it for free.

If you own an item, you can write it down and it will instantly sell for DOUBLE the average reasonable price for it. You don't know who or what buys it, but it instantly disappears and you receive the money in whatever the accepted currency of your area is.

Write a question in this book, and you will instantly know the answer. Paradoxical questions may cause unpredictable or even mentally dangerous answers.

Write a statement in this book and there is a chance it will become true. If it is a physically possible thing (not counting quantum physics as according to that, anything can happen; only newtonian physics) the chance will be 50/50. If it is not physically possible the amount of reality it changes will be rated on a scale and the chance will be according to that.

1/10 Lv1- Stuff like giving yourself the power to control dust particles, or changing the color of a piece of paper. Almost unnoticeable things that will have no real impact

1/10,000 Lv2 - This is the realm of special powers. Like the ability to control very small objects with telekinesis or generate small amounts of flame from your fingertips, or making someone forget something. These powers are all very limited.
1/1,000,000 Lv3 - These are more powerful reality-changers, ranging from controlling a large group of peoples minds, to blowing up several city blocks.
1/100,000,000 Lv4 - These a world-changing things, from causing a massive war to making a zombie apocalypse.
1/100,000,000,000 Lv5- These are cosmic changes like turning the milky way into a giant frisby or something. You will be insanely lucky to ever get one of these.

>> No.34380452

Rules for changing reality:
1. Making something happen once will give you a massively higher chance than giving yourself the ability to do it. Making a city block sized explosion would be lv3 but giving yourself the ability to do that any time would easily be lv4. The longer the cooldown time on the ability the greater the chance but still very very much less than a one-time thing.

>> No.34380597

Write someone's name in this notebook and their reputation will skyrocket. It is a one-time effect, they are not eternally cursed by popularity. Their huge reputation might be good or bad, depending on what it already is among people who know them.

Write someone's name in this book and their reputation will completely vanish. Everyone alive will forget their name and who they are. They become a nobody. They are not cursed with being a nobody, they can build up their reputation again but all their ties are broken completely. They will have to entirely remake old friends. (You can still find their name in the notebook, but you will forget who they are. They cannot use this anonymity against you. If they attempt to, you will remember exactly enough about them to make it as if they had done this before you erased them)


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These are the original ones by me but
I like this one too. I think this one would be really cool to make, someone please do

>> No.34380761

Fuck, I wish I had one more Credit for buddies.

>> No.34380781

IMMORTALITY (because anything else than the best kind will probably turn awful)
LUCK (I'll need it to compensate the twisted wishes)
LOVE (I don't want to have control over that, but I really don't want to be screwed in that aspect of my immortal life)
POWER (immortality and luck are enough power for me)
WEALTH (what immortal needs wealth ?)

Anyway, the loser won't grant me a form of that wish so there isn't much risk...

What, not granting a form of that wish means cursing me to suffer the opposite ?
That was misleading.

>> No.34381052

Also, POWER (and LOVE) D options sound a lot worse than the three others.
Being forced to love disgusting people or to believe everything people say, against being poor, having accidents (as an immortal...), or eternal youth without drugs ?

>> No.34381215

Ooh actually I came up with some edits:
The asknote cannot ask questions about other note-holders.
The Buynote must touch the item to buy it. Whoever they take the item from will receive the money that they wanted for it and they will not notice any odd effects.

The Sellnote can also set a price for an item they want to sell and although it is not guaranteed to sell, it will go through the minds of everyone in the world instantly, and the first person that wants to buy it for that price will instantly lose the price, and gain the item. They will not notice that something super fucking weird just happened. Yes, if you sell your notebook someone else will get it, chances are another Note holder

>> No.34381346

If I am lucky enough (probably will) their loath won't develop fast enough so it affects me before they die.

Power is a minimum third necessary so you eventually don't run into someone who will screw you over.

2000 dollars are enough for an immortal fucker.

Luck helps me with the shitty wishes.


>> No.34381446

New, unknown places.

>> No.34381546

>Implying at least some political figures don't have the decency to say "Oh I suppose the vest is really the only reasonable option especially for someone in my position"

Really, what else are they going to choose?

>> No.34382039


•Machine Body

1.Armored Systems
2.Armored Skin
3.Enhanced Senses
4.Stability System
5.EMP Mesh
6.Enhanced Musculature
7.Respiration Augment
8.Thermal Adaptation

2.Reflex Package
3.Memonic Augmentation

1.Medical Nanites

2.Bot Ops-(1)

•The Console Cowboy

•The Fixer



1.New York Arcology-2 (Home territory)
2.Paris (Neutral territory)
3.Baghdad Research institute (Enemy Territory)

•Iteration Zero


Basic credstick [0 credits]
+Gold upgrade [4 credits]

Basic Apartment [0 credits]
+House sized upgrade [2 credits]
+Workshop [3 credits]
+Security System [2 credits]

Ident Card [0 credits]

Monoblade [4 credits]
+collapsible addon [2 credits]

Street Sweeper [2 credits]
+Scope and laser sight [2 credits]

4 points left. I'm a new member of a federal criminal investigation agency. my 1st mission is to investigate Iteration Zero and take them down.

I gained my cybernetic body after surviving a shuttle crash at age 7, my parents were a part of the same organization I'm in now, so they used their connections and influence to save and improve me.

>> No.34382075


Except you shouldn't base the rewards on length.
Brevity is the essence of wit.

If anything, the rewards should be based on positive comments.
Reward those who write what people read and like.

>> No.34382764

Mind Over Matter

EMP Mesh
Thermal Adaptation
Enhanced Musculature

Endocrine Control
Mnemonic Augmentation
Linguistic Augmentation
Reflex Package
Social Analyzer
Sensorium Override

Medical Nanites

Medical Nanites and Self-repair keep my body in tip top shape. Speaking of which, I have a fairly tip-top body, too. The EMP mesh keeps me from becoming disabled too easily.

Combat 2 (Skillware)
Technology 4
Social 1

Combat skills to keep myself safe, because all Shadowrunners know that Security can only keep someone safe to a degree.

Social skills so I'm not one of those autist shut-ins that don't ever leave their lab. Which is where I'll end up spending my time, anyways.


The University helped me to become who I am. I will not turn my back on The University. Besides, I get to be surrounded by people--students-- that will share my passion for tech.

Well, the problem with all that is... these damn MMO's. It's so good to just plug out, and 'disappear' into the fantasy. People don't know who I am in these games, don't hassle me.

The Reporter. I don't know why it is she is upset and obsessed with me. I don't even think my augments allow me to fully understand why she is trying to ruin my life. I suppose that's just the price of fame.

The Enforcer

Needless to say, I'm a big deal. I'm on good terms with the police. Very good terms. And they also understand that I, and my students, have been threatened. And that shit is just not gonna fly, not on The Enforcer's watch.

Atlantis is my home. I have the skills to make it big here. The research must continue, and I must continue to teach those who can afford to learn from a paragon like myself.

Maelstrom City is where I go to escape. Less recognition here, I can just be free to be. It's fun.

Hong Kong. I don't quite know what brings that Reporter from

>> No.34383018

her home turf, but I certainly don't plan to be visiting it any time.

Iteration Zero. The fools behind this project, while probably well intentioned, can not possibly execute it properly. I need to step in. I need to bring in the singularity, singularly. Life will be better, then, because I won't abuse the power.

Street Sweeper (revolver; flechette ammo, imaging scope/laser sight)

Weapon of choice to keep myself safe.

Basic Apartment (House upgrade, workshop, tech lab, paranoid security system)

This is not where I teach, but this is where I live and work on my personal projects. I don't want people getting inside. Too much sensitive stuff, too many risks if just anybody can get inside.

This is also where I help my friend, The Enforcer, when he needs some free maintenance, or wants an upgrade at cost of parts only. After all, that is what friends are for.

3 Nuyen left, I'll just have those as credstick funds. Money is always nice.

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>> No.34383599

>All it would take is the gun users a few hours to take everyone out.
Yet another person who proves that most people have a very poor mental image of what a billion is.

Plus, the GUN users aren't coordinating, they are just picking photos and trying to shoot the people depicted, even if they're already dead. Besides, they would have more fun killing people on live telecasts and stuff.

I pick immortality, and immediately change my face.

>> No.34383865

I know what I'm going to say is very gamy but if enough people took Immortality wouldn't all people die because they suffocate in a flood of photographs?

>> No.34383925

Photographs can be sent digitally, grandpa.

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File: 1.80 MB, 1500x5200, 1408133371896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Now don't get smart with me boy, otherwise there's an ass whooping waiting for you.

And sending them digitally would take around 200 terabytes, likely way more than that, I can't store that shit.

>> No.34384212
File: 990 KB, 1500x2800, 1408133511764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34384293


You had best hope that there is nobody out there that hates you, or has reason to want you dead. Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, jealous friend, crotchety neighbor, angry co-worker, yandere stalker that you know nothing about...

All it would take is ONE of any number of people that know you and have reason to use the gun option and decide to use it on you.

Even if you change your face (something you could change somewhat I assume by scarring yourself or some other gruesome method to try and immediately change your look), only your name is needed according to the gun option.

At least, according to the wording, all the gun person needs is your name OR being able to picture you in their head. Both name and image are given to them upon your selection of the immortality option.

I think your name is actually going to be the sticking point. For example, in the state I live in, a name can only be changed via a notarized petition to the Lieutenant Governor, and the name change MUST be published in a local newspaper published statewide within 60 days or the name change is considered VOID.

This doesn't even consider if you are a minor or not (in the case you are, obviously I have no idea).

You'll have to hope you live long enough to get that name change done, and the moment your name change is published, you will have to pray that there aren't any mean-spirited gun people that don't decide to use their bullets on you for the hell of it while they drink their morning coffee.

>> No.34384357

Name changing laws would be changed as fast as possible, if an actual anarchy happens there's no order enforcing the paperwork and your name is just what you decide it to be

>> No.34384403

fuck im a genie

>> No.34384420

> no skeleton

>> No.34384423

haha brilliant. btw did you draw inspiration from Imperial Mysteries for this?

>> No.34384580


Uh, no they wouldn't. The wait is there for many reasons, including making sure that the person changing their name isn't wanted on any number of illegal matters or changing it to something vulgar. Say what you will, but do you really think the government of any country will start wildly changing names like that? Panic or not, I highly doubt it. Consider how they generally react to situations out of control - murderous rampages, hurricane/typhoon recovery, and so on.

In addition, while it's a nice thought that you could just call yourself something else, I somehow doubt that's a loophole that would work. Cute, yes, but really not in the spirit of what's being presented I think. Otherwise it makes the whole point of giving your name and image to everyone a silly condition to begin with.

Besides, that just means that you have to hope no gun person decides to pull the trigger when they see you, even if just in passing, whether it be when you make a run for food or are trying to head for your bugout spot in the mountains.

Of course, it doesn't help that the CYOA isn't really balanced or thought out in any fashion to begin with. Oh well.

>> No.34384616

What makes more sense; everyone in the world being drowned in photographs, or everyone in the world getting an e-reader with 200 terabytes of storage?

>> No.34384825
File: 1.67 MB, 2467x1742, Choice of Katawa 2.0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34384885

I'm sure an exception could be made to help people SURVIVE! Sacrifices must be made there's madmen with magic guns everywhere.

>> No.34384902

Magic Missile! Spamming an auto hit every second is best

>> No.34385169
File: 4.51 MB, 1467x2886, BIGBOSS fucking about2TWO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Compendium, one day.

0 Shards
>Size Class
>Boss Perks
Empowerment x2 (-2)
Magical Prowess (-1)
Vitality Prowess (-1)
Enchanted weapon x2 (-2) (Giant gauntlets, car-sized)
Enchanted Armour (-1) (Something light and free, scale poncho? hat??)
Agility prowess (-1)
Companion (-1) (Aqua/Air/Tech Colossal Troll Archmage)

Minions: 0 Tokens
Petite, Humanoid(Goblins)
Giant, Humanoid(Trolls-Dota/WoW style)
(100)Guards (-4) (Mix)
(100)Scouts (-4) (Mix)
(50) Engineers (-2) (Goblin)
(25) Merchants (-1) (Goblin)
(25) Recruiters(-1) (Mix)
(50)Warriors (-5) (Troll)
(10)Battle mages (-1) (Mix)
(40)Sorcerers (-4) (Goblin)
(20)Craftsmen (-2) (Mix)
(10)Overseers (-1) (Goblin)
Champion (-1) (Troll)
Warlord (-1) (Goblin)
Oracle (-1) (Goblin)
Hunter (-1) (Troll)
>Minion Perks
Faction (-1)
Equipment (-1)
Specialty (-1) (Regeneration)
Talented (-1) (Smithing)
Training (-1)
Ascendancy (-1)

0 Seeds
>Realm Perks
Mobile (Flying/Landing)

Treasure (+3 MT)
Rival (+5 MT)
Hero (+5 MT)
Usurper (+5 MT)
Adaption (+1 Shard)
Population of skilled citizens: 436

>> No.34385209

I picked Fantasy. The world I pick is D&D Spelljammer, this way I can have fun in the entire D&D multiverse.

>> No.34385240

>I'm sure an exception could be made to help people SURVIVE!

See, this is your mistake.

Government does not often work in a sensible way, and I say this as someone who generally believes in the process. Short of a dictatorial government, there's protocol to be followed, and even in dictatorships, they can be maddeningly slow to react.

Governments are generally slow to move in a crisis, often do so poorly, and the whole process regularly bogs down in discussions, meetings, arguments, bureaucratic red tape, and things going nowhere fast whether democratic, socialistic, or something else. Natural disasters are generally a good measure of how governments can be very slow to react, regardless of what they may say via the media to calm the public.

When government does react quickly, however?

It's usually only in bad ways, or in end-of-world situations like nuclear war, and this is (generally) because there is a gameplan laid out in black and white years beforehand for exactly what should be done. It may not work perfectly, but it's there.

Also remember, for everyone who thinks that the government should do something quickly to help someone in a crisis situation, there will be others who argue to wait and better understand the situation (or gather a committee to investigate, or contact experts, or...you get the picture).

>Sacrifices must be made there's madmen with magic guns everywhere.

The sacrifice will certainly be the public in general during the first few days, if not weeks, after the offer is made to everyone. It's almost certain that upon being given the choice, every head of state/military head/politician of power will immediately choose the vest. While panic will arise, it's more likely the government will look to contain the situation in some standard manner (i.e. wait and see how widespread the killing gets, outright lie, whatever) rather than attempt some "change everyone's name" plan.

>> No.34385282

>whether democratic, socialistic
One is a form of governance, the other is a form of economy. You can have both at the same time.

>> No.34385340

Super Science. I use my SCIENCE! to help the world, like solve the energy crisis, cure cancer, improve space travel, etc. I also make myself biologically immortal and have Iron Man Stark adventures.

Am I the only one in the world that becomes special? Do I have to worry about wizards, psychics, gokus, and others coming after me?

>> No.34385344


True, but it was more the case I was just spitting out examples while it's very late at night and I have no coffee or tea in me. I think you know what I was getting at regardless.

Main thing is I didn't want to simply talk from a democratic standpoint, since "Murrica, Fuck Yeah!" isn't exactly the only example of government. The same issue applies to other forms of governance - they are all slow to react, and for this kind of disaster (how I see it), they will either make bad decisions or adopt some sort of wait-and-see stance.

>> No.34385367

It's a pet peeve of mine. It's like saying "daycare versus plumbing" or something. It makes no sense.

>> No.34385408

>It's a pet peeve of mine

Understood. That said, I'm pretty sure you could have easily offered the correction, since you obviously knew the distinction. As I said, operating on no caffeine here, so for that, I apologize.

Eh, daycare versus plumbing would be interesting in its own way, I suppose...

>> No.34385493

I want to pick brute but what exactly is the Unique Weapon? Can I just make up anything I want like a soul draining anti-god gun? Or is it like a sword + 2?

>> No.34385517

neither of those sounds unique

>> No.34385676

Unique Power: Demonic Magic
Immortality: Regeneration
Location: Media

Media? Can I exist on the internet as a haunted website or something like that? Like those cheesey EMAIL THIS TO TWELVE PEOPLE OR DIE HORRIBLY TONIGHT sorts of things.

>> No.34386084

What happened to the version that didn't make you a girl?

>> No.34386350

I'm pretty sure I'm not in anyone's top 100 to kill. Very few people know my actual name, none of which would want to kill me.

Numbers are on my side. Time is on my side. I repeat, I just change my face immediately and wait 120 years (all gun users dead) before I do anything that might garner attention.

The real problem is the population explosion. I'm surprised there wasn't a clause about immortality making you sterile; then again I wouldn't have chosen it if that were the case.

>> No.34386420

Power: A
Immortality: B
Luck: C
Wealth: D
Love: E

is how I went.

>> No.34386492

Oh, that's pretty cool. I kind of wish I could be male, but it's still an awesome CYOA.

I await big bads with glee.

>> No.34386565

Is it really so hard to ignore one rule that has absolutely no effect on the actual meat of the cyoa?

>> No.34386589

Is it so hard to leave pronouns neutral?

Not the guy you responded to, but your argument has as little basis as mine. The person was expressing a preference.

>> No.34386650

It's a heretical version. I am glad it's gone.

>> No.34386763

Ugh. It's not just the pronouns, there's things strung throughout the cyoa that only make sense from a female point of view. I like some of those things. Rewriting them would require effort, and I'm rapidly losing interest in this project. It's ain't broke, so I'm not fixing it.

>> No.34386767

>I don't like the thing

>> No.34386786

Eh, fair enough. Honestly, you clearly have some great skills for making this sort of thing. So I can only hope you go for making a more interesting premise than Buffy. I hope we see a completed CYOA from you soon.

>> No.34386808

Anyone got SDA Battlemage?

>> No.34386861

>I'm pretty sure I'm not in anyone's top 100 to kill

Could be they don't like how you look. Could be they are racist. Could be they know you and dislike/hate you for some obscure reason. Could be you represent a country/religion they despise. Could be they looked at your picture when they spilled coffee on their crotch, and decide to punish you because in some way you deserve it (i.e. the way people hit/kick objects that have nothing to do with them getting hurt).

You completely underestimate the capacity of humans to hate, and also underestimate the willingness of people to utilize something dangerous/deadly even with full knowledge of what it is doing. It's made worse by the fact the gun users have guns that have infinite range, infinite bullets, and a photo/name of EVERYONE who wants to live forever.

It's also my experience that anyone who says nobody hates them? I'd guarantee there's at least one person somewhere who knows them and dislikes them. It's rather naive to say otherwise, especially when a magical gun of death by bullshit gets dumped into the hands of untold numbers of people.

Also, consider the Milgram experiment. Look it up if you've never heard of it before.

The promptings are absent, and the effect in question (the gun) is lethal, but it's pretty mind-boggling how many people in the Milgram experiment decided to administer punishment, and the results have been replicated by others. I think it illustrates mankind's ways pretty well.

What makes you think you'll escape a bullet from halfway around the world from someone who doesn't know you, much less even speak the same language as you? People get randomly killed for far less with non-magical guns, and none of them thought anyone hated them either.

Best of luck, immortal one, but I'll likely outlive you, since I'll be choosing vest.

>> No.34386946

May I just thank you for formatting that equipment section?

>> No.34386975

>Also, consider the Milgram experiment.
Unrelated. That experiment showed that people will do terrible things when ordered to. It showed that people are more than prepared to abandon their morals when an authority figure tells them to.

It doesn't show that people will kill on a whim. You are misrepresenting the study to make it support your argument.

>> No.34387098


He also added stuff.
2 locations, 2 missions, new equipment.

I think it's the Anon who made it originally.

>> No.34387147


Machine Body

Armored Systems
Armored Skin
2x Cyberlimbs
EMP Mesh
Enhanced Senses
Respiration Augment
Stability Systems

Relex Package

Medical Nanites

Hacking 1
Combat 1
Technology 2

>Allies and Enemies
Ally: The Razor
Enemy: The Synthetic

Duty Exiled + Broke if AWOL

Home: Atlantis
Neutral: Chiba City Streets
Enemy: L4 O'Neill Cylinder

Restraining Bolt

Titanium Upgrade 9
House Upgrade 11
Workshop 14
Security Systems 16
Tech Lab 23
Street Sweeper Desert Eagle .50 cal 25

I'd love to write something up, but I have done so once too often.

>> No.34387178
File: 1.58 MB, 2999x1614, Elona God CYOA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34387188 [SPOILER] 
File: 656 KB, 560x3024, 1408966720126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best Mystery Box

>> No.34387215


Very related. You're being given a choice of three things, and there's no option to bow out. You are being "ordered" to choose one by some mysterious force. The CYOA states that time stops while EVERY person on Earth makes a choice from the three.

There's no option to avoid choosing. If there was, I'd agree that you were right, that the Milgram experiment doesn't apply...but it does.

Additionally, I'm not misrepresenting anything in the Milgram experiment. There has been analysis of the experiment, and it was determined that a majority of the partipants were willing to administer fatal voltages. There have been other variations, but the experiment has been repeated by others with similar results.

I think you aren't seeing the forest through the trees.

People will do horrible things when given the tools to do so. The magical gun is one such tool, and in this case, nobody is stopping the gun users from "punishing" anyone they want to.

The Milgram experiment very clearly expresses what humans are willing to do of their own free will.

The sad thing is, I haven't had to misrepresent ANYTHING.

>> No.34387336

There's always an option for "none of the above". It's usually called "not playing that particular CYOA".

>> No.34387346

That's a very bizarre conclusion to draw from that experiment.
The whole thing was very explicitely about taking away accountability with the subjects, not just legal but moral too.
People are willing to do 'horrible' things if they don't hold themselves accountable, it doesn't work for things you take initiative for yourself.

>> No.34387410

The Big SEA for epic seafaring adventures.

One-Eye: I don’t think having an extra point is worth having this super-vision magic shark having pirate after you but FUCK IT every story needs a good enemy.

Arranged Wedding: this is an easy point. If I’m doing One Piece adventures, always traveling island to island in a sea monster infested ocean I don’t think my fiance and her friends will have any real chance of catching up with me.

The Crow
Hand of the Evoker
Cairn Recall
Book of Hexes
Ticket Roll

>> No.34387420

lulwy, obviously

>> No.34387464


First lets think for a second, most people in the world will go for immortality, lets say 6 billion.
3" x 5" photo on 10 mil paper for each.
>216 freight containers of photos
A person would have to decide to dig through all of that and keep pulling the trigger
Lets say he can maintain one kill per second for 8 hours, every day of the week
>570 years
How many people would be able to maintain that, while having easy access to photos, and not being found out by their former neighbors.

In the meantime, every government would get together and pull the trigger on every person that is not on the list - if they chose vest, no harm done.
Everyone else dies for picking gun.

Technically it says that EVERY person in the world will be given a photo of you. So the real problem might not even be the people pulling the triggers, but the fact that earth is covered waist high with photos, killing all of the crops.

>> No.34387465

Wait, I also want to add The Puma and use that point for an extra Evoker tattoo. So, the cat doesn't attack me until the first time I enter The Big Country? Well, what if I never enter it since I'm traveling the ocean instead? But even if I do enter Big Country will the Puma really swim after me when I'm far out into the ocean? Not that I'm really worried about a puma, I can shoot fire and cast hexes, I'm just curious.

If this is some crazy fantasy world I think this animal should be more dangerous instead of a large wild cat. It should be like a Wendigo or something /x/-ish, something that would be dangerous even to a magic user.

>> No.34387552


It's a shame none of the other gods are anywhere near as based as jewish onee-san. At this point it feels less like a choice game and more like a just choose the mystery box game.

Anyway, Mani is easily the second best after her. And at least naked warrior guy doesn't /explicitly/ have an evil master plan. Or a moustache, goatee and top hat for that matter.

>> No.34387553

>There's always an option for "none of the above". It's usually called "not playing that particular CYOA".

That's avoiding the question, however. It's a great response for us, in a world where the choice never happened beyond some silly thing on 4chan, but it doesn't deal with the situation if you did face it.

It's a theoretical exercise, more than anything. Mainly just something to keep things (somewhat) relevant between new content.


>That's a very bizarre conclusion to draw from that experiment.

Hardly. You should read Milgram's thoughts on the experiment, as well as what other scientists and psychologists have thought about the results. There's variance, but all the same, very interesting.

You're welcome to your opinions, but I'm confident you don't really understand the experiment, nor the ramifications of what it means about humans in general.

I'll even throw in a curveball.

Given that this just suddenly happens, with time stopped until everyone in the world makes a choice, consider this:

How many people worldwide do you think will take this as a sign from their respective god/religion, and make their choice based entirely on their belief?

Furthermore, how many will choose Gun and decide that (in your words) they aren't accountable, and are doing so in the name of their chosen deity?


>> No.34387590
File: 58 KB, 500x500, spookymeter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not take the Puma and the Butcher because clearly the Puma is hiring the Butcher; the Butcher's employer explicitly wants your flesh. Think about it, there's a big cat with at least near human intelligence and relentless drive. Who's to say it might not decide to coordinate with your other enemies? It's a big cat with the mind of a master criminal, like a reverse furry or something

>> No.34387592

Is someone who already follows a real-world religion really good enough to serve as a neutral party in a dispute between gods from another world?

>> No.34387610


>> No.34387616

>I'm confident you don't really understand the experiment
Honestly, I'm confident of the same. The experiment was never meant to show (and didn't show) that people kill if given the tools. It shows that people will act differently if they lack accountability and are directed. That they will surrender their morals to another.

This anon understands.

Here you state that you're always being ordered to kill someone; false. You are given the opportunity but are completely accountable, in that you can just as easily be killed or be caught. So what you are suggesting is that people who take the gun (even assuming too many people do) would always be pressured to kill people. Which I say is untrue.

Really though, reread your notes on the Experiment. It shows things about authority and accountability.

>> No.34387633

You sure? They wouldn't take kindly to what the Lord has done.

>> No.34387645

But what woud it pay him with?

>> No.34387699


Oh, I completely agree about the photo thing. It's one of the things that really wasn't thought out about this CYOA, but I'm pretty sure it was just something the creator threw together either for the hell of it.

>every government would get together and pull the trigger on every person that is not on the list

You are assuming every government has a record (facial or name) of every single person in their country. That's...not true, based on the fact that people slide under the radar in countries all the time. Every country has people in it that the government is totally unaware are there, or even exist. Illegal aliens are a prime example.

You are also assuming the governments are calmly doing this in a systematic way and working together, rather than frantically trying to kill other countries' possible Gun users first while their own loyal Gun users are suddenly dropping dead.

It's like a nuclear arms race, except it's a Gun race to see which country has the most hidden/unknown Gun users that will work for (or with) their government, and the playing field has effectively been leveled for every single country, regardless of their current standing.

Certain countries will see this as their way to move up in power, including the current heavy hitters, I'd expect.

>> No.34387712

They forgive you.

>> No.34387723

>I'm confident you don't really understand the experiment

I think the other Anon is right. The conclusions you draw are too generalized. In the experiment the person is reacting to an authority figures, and a very specific environment.
How many scientists do you know who do controlled experiments that kill people?
The conclusion is only that the pressure exerted by the authority figure to continue was in some cases greater than the suspicion that a person is being unduly harmed.

>sign from their respective god/religion
Give me a ballpark estimate on how many people you think this is. For the sake of the argument lets exclude people with a mental illness.

>> No.34387730

I think one thing that would change, at least for a generation, would be that being famous would no longer be a good thing. Obama would die within the first 5 minutes, for example. It wouldn't even have to be an enemy of America, a far right wing nut might do it.

That's to say nothing of Kim Jong Un or Putin. They would die within the first minute unless they both took the vest.

>> No.34387773

I keep time paused for at least a few months to annoy everyone.

>> No.34387781
File: 786 KB, 1000x1930, Vampire CYOA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some OC that I left on this computer and forgot about when I got my new one. Should I continue it?

>> No.34387830

Yeah sure go right ahead

>> No.34387868

Please do!

>> No.34387893


Money. Totally legitimate currency not looted from a traveller's corpse.

>> No.34387895

>Compendium, one day.

I still got hopes.

>> No.34387915

Oh hey, I remember this thing. It's definately got potential. Arcane vamp seems a little too wizardy for a vamp CYOA, imo.

>> No.34387936

I think your face looks too much like a pleb for this CYOA.

>> No.34387965


Affinity: Light, Mystic

Size: Average

Race: Humanoid

Boss perks:
Empowerment: Mystic
Vitality Prowess
Agility Prowess
Physical Prowess
Charisma Prowess
Final Form

Affinity: Gaia, Mystic
Size: Giant
Race: Monstrous

Giant, Demonic
Average, Humanoid


Recruiters: 25 Humans
Engineers: 25 Humans
Mages: 25 Humans
Guards: 50 Demonic
Spies: 25 Human

Warriors: 10 Demonic
Sorcerers: 20 Human
Battle Mages: 10 Human
Priests: 10 Human
Agent: 10 Human

Oracle: Human 2
Champion: Human 1
Warlord: Demonic 1
Archmage: Human 1
Witch: Human 1
Chosen: Demonic 1

Minion Perks
Empowerment: Necrotic

Realm perks:

Malevolent: + 3 Minions
Adaption: +1 shard
Treasure: +3 Minions

Declare myself god emperor over my realm of light. Use the Recruiters and the ability to Train minions to play the waiting game boosting myself while teleporting my Realms portal all over the place every month.

While slowly amassing a powerful insulated force. My two oracles can use divination constantly to try and get an early warning sign of danger. Boss form is designed to be pretty unstoppable. Due to final form giving enhanced regen and dark god modo.

>> No.34387976


Of course there are people who are unlisted, but they are a minority. Take the vanishingly small amount of people who want to kill everyone, and subtract everyone who has ever had a birth certificate or filled out paperwork. Whoever is left has to make sure that he isn't found in possession of a revolver.

>You are also assuming the governments are calmly doing this in a systematic way and working together
Yes I am, and yes they would, the only things that needs to happen is the release of records. Most of those are already freely available.

Everyone who can imagine somebody wanting to kill him will pick vest.
Everyone who is famous, or a soldier, every policeman, or just a paranoid person, all will pick vest.

It is basic game theory, even if you want to pick gun, you first think - 'will I die before I can kill everyone who would want to kill me?'

1. You have to want everyone to die
2. You have to not exist in records
3. Nobody can know about your hateful ways (or they might kill you, or tell someone which is just as good)
4. You need to stay hidden when the inevitable sweep, rounding people up, happens.

>> No.34387999

I don't want to kill anyone and I don't think anyone would want to kill me, but I still can't take immortality because everyone who takes it would get shot no matter what.

>> No.34388032

In that case, I challenge the gods to a test of endurance, with whoever last the longest being declared the winner.

The challenge is: watch The Room on repeat, for as long as possible.

>> No.34388123

Favourite world: the BIG trip

Ticket roll
Magic Seed (red)
Fat Innkeeper

Now all I need is a sentient motorcycle companion. Who knows, maybe that's a thing in the BIG world.

>> No.34388130


I think Social Vampire is the only good choice, unless there is an active concern about vampire vs vampire warfare (or vs other supernatural beings).

>> No.34388132
File: 2.69 MB, 1920x3712, Battlemage 01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34388151
File: 2.58 MB, 1920x3712, Battlemage 02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And that's as far as he's finished to my knowledge.

>> No.34388158

>It shows that people will act differently if they lack accountability and are directed.

Bingo. That's exactly what they are being given.

I'll have to agree to disagree with the rest of what you posted about what I stated, but that's mainly me being lazy about expanding my reasoning and thoughts on the experiment.

>Give me a ballpark estimate on how many people you think this is. For the sake of the argument lets exclude people with a mental illness.

Haha, no, I'll pass. I was the one who put that question out there and asked in the first place, I daresay that's up to someone else to step up to the plate and swing.

Feel free to hazard a guess if you like.

>> No.34388163


You will die eventually anyway.
Unless you take Immortality

>> No.34388222

>Feel free to hazard a guess if you like.

About Tree Fiddy.

>> No.34388245

Next thread: the Scientist is a faggot edition

>> No.34388271

stop the fellatio

>> No.34388388

I already feel the people salavating.

>> No.34388407


Self-made man

Enhanced senses
EMP mesh
Enhanced Musculature
Stability system

Social Analyzer
Reflex package
ICE breakers

Medical Nanites

Hacking 4
Combat 2
Social 2

Allies and Enemies
Ally: The Razor
Enemy: The Console Cowboy


City: Hong Kong
Antaganist: Lteration Zero

Cyberdeck: 14
Street sweeper+Flechette ammo: 2
Extra SafehouseX2: 4
Fake ID: 3

This can only end in pain.

>> No.34388422
File: 2.89 MB, 2145x3410, cyoabritishcolonialgodkingcopy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Er, who?

>> No.34388546


wouldn't be a general without their faggotry

>> No.34388587

SDA was on vacation all last week, the bastard.

He should be doing Light and Shadow when he comes back though. God knows how that'll work.

>> No.34388597

How dare he

>> No.34388610
File: 137 KB, 399x397, 1342565591614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I unlock FROST for three points. That's the only element I choose making me the coolest wizard around.

17: Flash Freeze
16: Hydromancy
15: Absolute Zero
14: Wrath of Boreas
13: Frost Armor
12: Heart of Ice
11: Comet
10: Dragon of Frost
9: Beacon of Cold
8: Ice Wings
7: Frost Elemental
6: Ice Bomb
5: Cryoshot
4: Torrent of Frost
3: Proximity Shards
2: Wall of Ice
1: Frost Familliar(polar bear army fuck yeah)

I didn't choose any of the ice swords because fuck melee, I can destroy my enemies by pointing at them.

>> No.34388626

> Ice is nice!
>Ice is not always nice.
>Cold hand in mine.
>You're dead and that's a cold hard fact.
>You think you can snow me?
>Nothing like a little cool down...
>Once burned, ice shy...
>You only live ice...
>Cold cash.
>Time to break the ice!
>Cold blooded!
>No shard feelings.
>It's the meat locker for you!
>Cold shard cash.
>Cold hand, cold heart.
>I'll put this on ice.
>Froze you out!
>Cold front coming!
>Feel the freeze!
>That's frost, Jack!
>This ice ain't nice!
>What's a little frost among friends?
>Everybody freeze!
>Freeze or the Hostage gets it!
>That's quite a freeze frame--ha ha ha!
>Frozen out!
>To the cold grave!
>Fortune favors the cold.
>Froze your assets.
>Oh, that's cold.
>Now I am frost free…
>Frost bitten, twice shy.
>It's just the frost of doing business.
>Ah, the cost of frost.
>Cool party!
>Let's cool it for now.
>Talk about your cold shoulder
>You're not sending me to the cooler!
>Stay cool!
>Alright everyone, chill!
>Revenge is a dish best served cold!

>> No.34388642
File: 9 KB, 250x245, only the dead can know peace from this evil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34388649
File: 640 KB, 976x544, 10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At this moment I am euphoric.

>> No.34388759

I can taste your A-grade butthurt from here.

>> No.34388803
File: 3.10 MB, 1250x6400, SpookyCYOA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brace for spookiness.

More or less "finished". Want to add more weaknesses but I'm drawing a blank at the minute, then once I have a complete version there's two more classes and two more locations I'm going to stick in.

>> No.34388804

How dare he indeed!

Not sure how I feel about there being Light and Shadow as oppose to Holy and Unholy/Occult. But we'll see where he takes it.

>> No.34388817

Not all of them are bad, it's the ones that use their names allllll the time to try and build some sort of board ego or reputation that start to cross the line.

>> No.34388828

>Holy and Unholy/Occult
>Not Blood and Astral
Shit taste confirmed.

>> No.34388830

This has a lot of potential. Needs more lewd, better setting.

I like slaves. Who doesn't like slaves. But pls no bully slaves.

>> No.34388901

I just wanted somewhere for him to put his lewd spells tree without giving it its own magic-set completely, and occult is always the perfect place for that.

>> No.34388923
File: 2.58 MB, 800x6182, cyoacontroller copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thanks, anon!

Here's a thing that reminded me of yours.

>> No.34388950

Instead of doing more elements he should really make some changes to fire and ice, they're almost exactly the same.
And there's no incentive to use more than one element since it's so expensive to unlock, and every single-elemental build comes out the same.

>> No.34388968

He should just make more elements and use more points, that'll encourage people to multiclass.

>> No.34388992

Slavery laws: Laissez-faire 25

Living Space:
Dungeons: free
Cells: 5

Showers 10

Speaking Course: 5
Etiquette Course: 5
Writing Course: 10
Body shaping: 10
Mind wiping: 10

Slaver Perks:
Shackles: 2


War captives:5

Whorehouse: 2
Shady nobles: 1
High society: 10

>> No.34389029
File: 7.57 MB, 1913x4621, 1408302695210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe up to date.

>> No.34389053

I'm the ice wizard from a few posts up and I agree with you. I read all the other powers but my choice is always the same: I take everything except the three Elemental Sword points since I'd rather just cast spells and summon minions at a nice safe distance, if an enemy manages to get close I'd use my wings(since every element has one) to fly away at a safe distance again and just keep pelting my foe with spells and minions until he finally dies.

>> No.34389056
File: 6.14 MB, 1913x3981, 1408302779607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34389098

I like it!
Personally, given that I just died and I've still got plenty to get get done, I would take:
>Possessing Spirit
Possession and intangible invisibility is just too damn useful.
Simply because it's a do-over and as long as I'm careful, I won't need to use it very often if at all.
Ohh I've got to be a game of some sort, can I change it as the times roll by so I stay current? Maybe even a cyoa.

Damn that's a nice list, lets go with:
The top players, best guilds, new player welcoming committee, oh what a game it will be.
>Human Form
So I can keep on as I am without losing my life and loved ones. If I can get income from the game, then all the better.
>Magical Defense
Just in case, can't have any would be exorcists or wonder kid hackers ruining my day.
>Mind Control
Will Fox News finally be right about something!?
I wonder, will this and media let me pull them straight into the game? Hope your character wasn't a little girl or something you'll mind being much.
The game just looks so fun, and everybody is talking about it...
Safety, and off screen teleportation is such a classic thing.

Because come on, besides who plays a game during the middle of the day that doesn't also play at night?
>Specific Victim: Gamers/neets, that sort of thing.
I'll always have enough victims with these choices. MMmm.. and what's that line about high school girls?

I am going to enjoy this, and with luck get myself a few nightmare fetishists to hang on to for easy sustenance.

>> No.34389159
File: 327 KB, 971x1400, 1408827794121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But pls no bully slaves.
But that's the damned point!
Also, any news about adding stuff to this CYOA, like slave races etc?

>> No.34389209

>But that's the damned point!

Says the guy who's posting from a manga about a guy who treats his slave with love and affection.

>> No.34389243

he bullies her as well

>> No.34389261
File: 848 KB, 964x1400, 1408827084049.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd totally bully her though.

>> No.34389277


>> No.34389304

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Basically, 4 guys are summoned into a fantasy world, and are locked only to a specific set of weapons.

The Shield guy gets backstabbed by the others because they're too stupid to know what purpose a good Tank serves.

>> No.34389321

Don't we get to choose our method of inducing fear?

>> No.34389332

I haven't started on adding stuff yet.

>> No.34389346


You're supposed to use the tools provided to cause it. Your build determines your method.

Do you become a giant wolf and scare people and chasing them and tearing people apart in front of them, or do you become an invisible spirit, making them question their sanity before finally revealing yourself and pushing them over the edge into madness?

>> No.34389421 [SPOILER] 
File: 142 KB, 848x1200, 1408980212239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or you could be like the ghosts in Pic related

>> No.34389501

Controlling [25]

Cells x10 [10]
Showers [10]
Music room [10]

Speaking Course [5]
Etiquette Course [5]
Body shaping [10]
Mind Wiping [10]

Whip [1]
Shackles [2]
Side-business [5] Those that can't be sold go to my high-class brothels.
Forceful personality [2]- with mind wiping + body shaping, I probably won't have to worry too much about escape - where will they go? If this can be used on people other thans slaves, though, it'll be very useful.

War captives [5] - ~100/5 years
Debtors [3] ~ 10/year
Criminals [2] ~12/year

High Society [10] - ~60 a year

Buy people. Reshape their minds and bodies to make them pleasing staff members to the nobles (exquisitely beautfiful concubines, dignified butlers, whatever.) Ensure their speech, etiquette, musical entertaining ability is up to standard. Have higher demand than I could hope for.

My thoughts - you should mod the showers, kitchen, etc. so that they act as a surchage on each accomodation. Maybe nerf high society or buff captive sources - right now high society has enough demand to take everything a slaver has to offer, even if he gets all sources of captives.

>> No.34389504

Raping != scaring

>> No.34389637

Form: spirit With Possession.
Immortality: Rebirth

Location: Media
Going to go with a twisted video uploading website.

Mind control
Human form
Magical defenses
Infectious: Paranoid Delusions

Specific Victim: Women
Rare material: Stones from Vatican city.

>> No.34389661

rage. pure unending rage.

>> No.34389689

Demon (Demonic Magic)

Respawn (I'll take having to start all over again over having to wait to regenerate or grow up or risk losing it all forever)

Media (Video. Upload to youtube.)

Human Form
Mind Control
Remarkable Looks (Beautiful)

Rare Material (Pieces of the True Cross)
Specific Victim (Women)

My path is clear. Make a video of myself in my beautiful-girl form blogging about some creepypasta conspiracy theory, upload to youtube/vimeo/whatever, have my cult, which can be in the tens of thousands, all I need to them to do is spread this video to as many people as possible. Then start stalking women who watch it and slowly make them believe, through my powers, that I was completely correct and now it's their turn. Appear to them, say I heard about what's happening to them, offer to help them, and then control either with powers or good ol' manipulation into spreading fear themselves (telling others what's happening, comitting suicide after writing a suicide note about shit that has been going down, begin ritual murders in my name, etc.)

As a side note, I'd like to know more about magic, given that this CYOA frequently mentions it then fail to provide details.

>> No.34389709

Say, was paradise based on the Zodiac Killer?

>> No.34389743

The whole point of laissez-faire is that it's the only model that allows for cruel practices

>> No.34389958

>Ghost, Soul Trap (tough choice between this and possession)

>Ancient Tomb

>Cult (village, two-hundred people)
>Mind Control
>Magical Defense

>Specific Victim (women)

My tomb will be the tomb of a barmaid who married a British noble that visited a hunting preserve in the Rocky Mountains, my cult will be the small town that is nearest to the tomb, and the tomb's legend is that any woman who seeks the blessing of the woman there will be lucky in love, and blessed to be wed within the year. For some, this works out (usually by chance, but sometimes I can weave my powers just the right way), but for many it's nothing, just a little story to tell the family and friends. For others, especially those who listen to the locals and go at night (or take the guided night tour), things tend to go poorly. None escape, finding themselves lost in the same patch of forest for hours, being tortured mentally and physically, with some escaping, but, after the hallucinations and illusions they had, always hear a whisper in the back of their head telling them what they secretly believe: no, they didn't, they couldn't. The voice encourages their return, and if they do come back (not necessary, but hey), they're killed, and join me in haunting the grounds of the tomb for all of eternity.

It's not all bad, though! The ghosts get together and play poker, and baccarat. Tuesdays are nasty canasta day! None of us know which day is Tuesday anymore though.

>> No.34390057

After last thread, I looked at this manga. I wish it wasn't like a video game, but the concept is great.

Still there's a lot of bullshit in it. Tanks are useless, nearly extinct, unviable late game and frowned upon? Bitch, every MMO disagrees with you, tank is the most important of them all. Unless it's PvP. I don't get how sexual assault is such a big deal. He's the fucking hero and she's just some lying bitch, its best to stay on his good side. And seriously, they don't even give him his coins back. Plotholes, son.

Bully with penis is okay. There's only 3 chapters translated right? How many are there untranslated?

>> No.34390061

Abusing slaves isn't 'the point', the point is that the kind of slaver you are is entirely up to you.
There are good slavers, if there aren't good slavers you can be the first one.

>> No.34390093

>There's only 3 chapters translated right?
Mangahere has 5 translated, but 4&5 are low quality scans.

>> No.34390096


>> No.34390136
File: 425 KB, 180x160, 1392390016031.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better than .jpleb.

>> No.34390152
File: 209 KB, 1000x692, ae5ffef82c97891f01dc584e4570a3fb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wouldn't a good slaver just let his people go?

>> No.34390276

A person who hates slavery would not become slaver in the first place. Good slaver is the one who treats his slaves good and without unneceesary cruelty.

>> No.34390322

Oops, forgot to take out the cruel stuff when I went from laissez-faire to controlling. Take out side business and mind wiping and whip then. Build should still work fine.

>> No.34390388
File: 166 KB, 850x603, sample-f5dfdb2938a1259f59777e19aa587a18[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34390539

Is there some sort of problem?

>> No.34390588


>> No.34390601

yes, pdf

>> No.34390842

The G-Man

Form: Everyman (Face in the Crowd)
Immortality: Replacement
Location: Media (A small distinctive hieroglyph)
Powers: Command, Cult (A skull and bones type secret society), Durability, Magical Defense, Presence, Vanishing and Voices.
Drawback: Very Specific Victim: Only haunt those guilty of a felony who cannot be convicted of their crime.

The first order of business is getting my symbol on as many things as possible. I plan on my cult going full Illuminati about this, sticking it on everything they can from positions of power. I hope for it to eventually become self sustaining and spread internationally. While they're doing that, I'll just lurk around power centers and hope that someone not in my cult catches a glimpse of the symbol and has escaped justice.

I will haunt people by acting as the voice of their conscious, with occasional dramatic appearances, while digging up dirt on them with presence. Command, voices and presence will together let me guide their friends into turning against my victim, since I can remotely inform them of their crime and command they take action. Some will definitely be harder to crack then others, but all of this should feed into paranoia to sustain me.

TLDR: I plan on turning a bunch of people's lives into a very moralistic Twilight Zone episode.

Also, I think insanity could be broken when combined with everyman. That build can just wander through crowds until it finds an acceptable victim, peek-a-boo them into madness, and feed off those easy pickings. Insanity needs to be limited to builds which are forced to isolate themselves so they can't proactively spread themselves.

>> No.34390850
File: 1.02 MB, 840x1120, 3130ed24e807ff0f3a82048e3e6f5d64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You like? Only 50000 Gold for one! Discount if take all together! Only used for light housework by one kind elderly matron before! All virgins, you want check? Only best deals here!

>> No.34390881


I like this, but it's easy.

>Creepy Girl - Seductive
>Media - 4chan
>Magical Defense
>Remarkable Looks
>Unseen Force
>Rare Material - True Damascus steel.

Are you ready for your creepy waifu? I hope /x/ is...

>> No.34390897

6 actually

>> No.34390908
File: 658 KB, 657x1874, Yandere IRL - Kathrine Knight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there is nothing yandere about that genie. not even remotely.

also, yandere is overrated (see pic)

>> No.34390935


If Remarkable Looks doesn't let me switch between Seductive and completely-fucking-terrifying on a whim, then I'll take Trapped instead since it's redundant. Trapped works better anyway.

>> No.34390937

pretty much

>> No.34390955

that woman doesnt sound yandere

she just sounds like a lunatic



maybe they should have brought some of those into the emu wars

>> No.34391197
File: 16 KB, 412x299, wolf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Animal Form


Artefact - Highly Ornate Knife

>Human Form

>Rare Material - Platinum

I'd leave the Knife somewhere in an area with a high rate of crime, and Whisper into the head of the first shady-looking character who comes across it to pick it up.

Using a combination of Presence and Human Form I would track this individual and learn who they are, what they do, how they act, who they associate with and whether or not they are a good person, I will always make sure to let them catch glimpses of me in the corners of their eye, unnerving them and thus providing me with some, if not little sustenance.

If they're an asshole or unrepentant criminal, I'll stalk them for a week or so, then kill them.

Should I deem them worthy, I will whisper to them that their lives will be spared, and tell them to drop the Knife in the street again. They get three chances, if they refuse once I will repeat the command, if they refuse twice I will repeat the command again, and add that if If they do no comply, they will be killed.

Should they refuse, or attempt to destroy the amulet, I will appear in front of them plain as day in full animal mode, and kill them.

My goal is to get the knife circulating in the criminal underworld, they're a superstitious and cowardly lot.

>> No.34391201

I like it. Question: does feeding automatically kill the individual?

>> No.34391277

>unless there is an active concern about vampire vs vampire warfare (or vs other supernatural beings).
why WOULDN'T it be a thing?
Vampires have reason to fight each other, and werewolves are explicitly stated to exist. not to mention human hunters and who knows what else.

>> No.34391374 [DELETED] 
File: 1.00 MB, 1280x720, Templar%20Werewolf%20Fight[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>werewolves are explicitly stated to exist.


Aren't the Lupines mentioned in the Protean description basically just werewolves?

>> No.34391451

50000 gold?! I can easily get 10 top quality slaves for that price. 100 if they're elves. You tryin' to rip me off?!

Anyway, good master or bad master? Remember, spoiling them makes them disobedient and ungrateful.

>> No.34391490
File: 18 KB, 324x310, Emu War.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That war always makes me smile.

>> No.34391543

>Elf slaves cost only 1/10th the price of other slaves
what? but elf slaves are both desirable and rare

>> No.34391568
File: 866 KB, 1680x1260, 1408029422218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sir, these not just any slaves. These better than top quality, they de best! You not find tinier, sweeter, tastier little ones on this whole market for cheaper! And, elves? Good dir makes joke! Sir want crotch to rot and fall off? Our little ones are the cleanest and guaranteed free of any nasty things! Could easily sell for double this at royal court...

And neutral master is the way to go. Not cruel but realistic and have bills to pay.

>> No.34391592


Is that?

Is that an actual semen demon?

>> No.34391602
File: 40 KB, 440x389, Vicky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34391621

don't be silly
its a standard imp imprisoned inside a bottle that has also been filled with semen

>> No.34391635

I never really got that far into balancing. For the most part, I was planning for the feeding to drain the life from the individuals. So the more you feed, the less alive they'll be until they eventually die from lack of life. It will baffle mortal doctors, because there'll be no obvious cause of death.

There was going to be more explanation, but all Vampires are magnets for trouble. Other vamps, slayers, werewolves and all sorts of things.

Glad to see there's interest, I'll work on it.

>> No.34391641

I thought it was a homonculus.

>> No.34391653


That is not as fun as an actual Semen demon.

>> No.34391654

don't look anything like any homonculus i ever heard of.
also, she is crying at her mistreatment

>> No.34391714


>not tears of joy

Shit art.

>> No.34391828
File: 20 KB, 200x200, Fuck Canada.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By God, that was an American Pig!

>> No.34391897
File: 423 KB, 830x1200, first sign of yandere-ness.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You didn't post yandere either, that's just a yangire at best and buttfuck insane in reality.

A yandere is a girl who is either obsessed or possessive of her target of affection.

There are three common types of yanderes as defined by a random 4chan post that I lost a while ago.

>Obsessive: Wants to know everything about you, has photo albums of just you and would gladly hurt herself in exchange for your used underwear. Normally not violent and can be really dere if you let them. Normally evolves into possessive if she catches you with other women.

>Possessive: Wants to isolate you from others. Becomes easily jealous and lashes out at others whenever they talk about you. Can be incredibly sweet and lovey dovey but only when there is nobody else around. Medium chance of going violent if you ignore her too much or hang out with other women. Can regress into obsessive with time and care if you treat them right.

>Possessive/Obsessive: Carries both characteristics of the above. Covets you more like a rare jewel than a person. Likely to tie you up or keep you away from others out of sheer fear of being abandoned. Will wake you up in the middle of the night by licking you clean and commenting on how tasty you are and then fucking you on top of the corpse of that one girl who talked to you that one time. Keeps a detailed catalogue of your spit/urine/semen/blood/lymphatic secretions/vomit and anything else that counts as Anon memorabilia. too late now.

A yandere by merit of not being yangire never hurts her target for the sake of hurting them (taking out blood or biting them out of love is another story.) Once they progress into that territory its a yangire and yangire is shit.

>> No.34391973

Yandere just means she's a mix of crazy and affectionate. Crazy love.

It's a romanticization of something that happens in the real world all the time. Except in reality only the equally deranged find it in any way positive.

My favorite example of yandere is from Saya no Uta, Saya and the MC are in full let's-destroy-the-world yandere with each other.

>> No.34392049

It's a cultural thing.

Since elves live for such a long time, many of the more perverted elves (which is saying something, given their general sensibilities) will contact human traders through various intermediaries and enter into a contractual slavery which guarantees them basic rights, proper treatment, and also a master who will unleash a variety of fetishes and depraved sex acts on them.

Because of this, elven slaves can often be ridiculously cheap to buy, but require a bit more maintenance and are primarily for sexual use and fetish-related work in their master's household (such as sexy maid work or as living furniture), not heavy labor.

In addition, Elven contracts are for a specified amount of time (usually several decades), any offspring born of the elves are not slaves and can be kept by the elf if they want them, and each elf has the right to choose whether or not they want to be sold to the master.

Remember, if you're not signing a contract detailing the terms and conditions of the enslavement, your elf slave could have been kidnapped by orcs and enslaved against their will, which will get you in deep shit if the elf's clan finds out.

>> No.34392108

Do you know what a slave is?
We are talking about elf SLAVES, your example aren't slaves at all

>> No.34392150
File: 66 KB, 576x327, GHE-Slavery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is bullshit. please stop ruining my elf breaking fetish.

>> No.34392168


You can't brake an elf. They are born broken and craving to be under a better race's foot.

They are just tsundere as fuck.

>> No.34392172

If you're an elf yourself try to remember that the human in question is not a fellow fetishist.
Many elves aren't ashamed of indulging among creatures not of their race but trying to make a human master cooperate in some things can lead to conflict.
To a human this is an arrangement of practicality, they really do need a maid or dancer or whatever.
That was all, carry on.

>> No.34392271
File: 902 KB, 1000x1000, yuno what it is.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Creepy girl - Seductive



Magical defense

Specific victim - men

Behold, I am the killer of neckbeards.

>> No.34392479

The Dead Man's Game
Form: Spirit (Electric Interference)
Immortality: Respawn
Location: Media (Creepypasta that details a ritual called "The Dead Man's Game", just reading this text is enough to summon me)

Cult (100 individuals dedicated to spreading the pasta)
Humanform (robed&masked man(
Magical Defense

Specific Victim (younger than 30 years)

Ritual: Your average creepypasta bullshit, including dark room, salt, candles and sitting alone with your eyes closed and waiting for "The Speaker" to appear.

Ritual is not completed within 24 hours: the victim starts hearing voices and when alone will see The Speaker in the corner of his or hers eyes. If the ritual isn’t completed within a week bad shit will happen.

If ritual is completed successfully: The Speaker arrives and answers to summoner’s question (read: speaks in riddles and nonsensical proverbs).

If ritual is completed unsuccessfully (for example the protective circle of salt is imperfect or the summoner opens his or her eyes during it): the victim is driven insane or killed by The Speaker.

>> No.34392560 [DELETED] 
File: 1.22 MB, 1600x2000, high school female CYOA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34392561

you're doing the world a great service

>> No.34392618

Y-yes, I am totally still on vacation! Baka!

Shadow and Divine are put on hold. I'm gonna do Necromancy and Acoustics instead, first.

>> No.34392637

So let's hypothesize that, in theory, someone in these threads wanted to make a conduit-esque CYOA.
Except community driven, the idea being that anyone can add their own worlds to the combined universe. In theory of course.
How would he or she be able to design it so it'd stay balanced, or so balance isn't necessary?

>> No.34392658

You mean Jumpchain?

>> No.34392671

It will be shit.

>> No.34392677

I was going to correct you but I guess that would pretty much be jumpchain

>> No.34392704
File: 42 KB, 640x368, 1408797400371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


what would happen if I rooted and then used blink?

>> No.34392863

>Quarters (2), Cells (4)
>Showers, Garden, Kitchen
>Speaking Course, Fighting Course, Etiquette
>Forceful Personality, Side Business
>War Captives
>The Watch, High Society
I take in those who have been on the losing side of wars. Either I teach them to fight, and give them over to The Watch, or I teach them how to behave themselves, and sell them off to High Society. Either way, all slaves learn to speak the language.

In their downtime, slaves that behave themselves can grow their own plants, and spend time in the garden, but I'll also have a vegetable patch that they'll tend to. That will save on the cost of food.

All new slaves start off in the cells. If they prove themselves to be good slaves, hard workers that don't start trouble, they can be moved up into the Quarters.

>> No.34393206

>Am I the only one in the world that becomes special? Do I have to worry about wizards, psychics, gokus, and others coming after me?

it says

>There will be others.

although they have no obvious incentive to attack you.

>> No.34393300

I'd argue rape is pretty scary.

>> No.34393328

Not if you do it lovingly.

>> No.34393403

>Ghosts that tell you to hide or be brutally raped until you learn to love the D

>> No.34393436

They'll take good care of you, anon.

>> No.34393497

>Skeletons telling you to hide or be brutally boned

>> No.34393538

Sounds good to me.

>> No.34393772

I support the girl-only theme (it's not even like you become a girl anyway), but what are the female POV parts?

>> No.34393945
File: 53 KB, 811x578, succubus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Demon (succubus) - Demonic Magic


Media - 4chan

Infectious - Anyone who has sex with me gets turned into a little girl
Magical defense
Remarkable looks - extremely sexy

Weaknesses: Rare material: 100% pure silver

>> No.34394264

>trapped on 4chan

Like that even requires a power.

>> No.34394301

There is one flaw in your build; we all are already little girls.

>> No.34394390


Creepy girl - vulnerable


Nature - some random forest near a high-population area

Unseen force

Specific victim - unmarried people
Rare materiel - penguin bones

I'll draw people in acting like a lost, scared little grill, then become skoop

>> No.34394794
File: 3.35 MB, 1250x6400, SpookyCYOAupdate1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First update.

Two new forms, 3 new weaknesses.

Up next:
Two more locations.
Three more powers (this going to be a nightmare because I've done it alphabetically and can't just add them onto the bottom)

>> No.34395016

>Spirit w/ Possesion
>Suicide Forest

>> No.34395092

Just add it to the bottom, i didn't even noticed it was alphabetical until you pointed it out.

>> No.34395123

No I'm far too autistic to be able to live with myself knowing it's not correct.

>> No.34395201


Post them here then so we can see them for now atleast.

>> No.34395493
File: 113 KB, 1144x783, Flaz-CrazyAxeMurder_Blood-LR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brute - Unique Weapon (Axe)


Nature - Bridgewater Triangle


Rare material (bog iron)

>> No.34395658

Waiting for Worm CYOA

>> No.34395991

Could a Possessing Spirit channel powers through it's host?

>> No.34396201


Yes, they could.

>> No.34396228



11 – Nature

Elixir – Warding
Life Drain

Leafmetal Weapons – Living armor
Gaia’s Maidens

9 – Frost

Flash Freeze
Absolute Zero

Ice bomb
Torrent of frost

>> No.34396401

Possesing Spirit


Suicide Forest

Human Form

Rare Material(Blessed woodfrom my haunting ground)

Just scaring people to death with various tricks, making sure they never escape

>> No.34396587


>Nature -3
Elixir -1
Mend -1
Life drain -1
Warding -1
Living armour -1
Vine control -1
Leafmetal -1
Neurotoxins -1
Root -1
Overgrown -1
One with Nature -1
Gaia's maidens -1

>Lightning -3
Blink -1
Bolt -1


>> No.34396669
File: 978 KB, 2000x1208, 768L12034_6F44Y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34396760

I'd become a mistwalker beast man, the most terrifying creature on earth. I choose the entire ozark mountain range as my prowling grounds, however I will concentrate most kills on smaller areas.

Unique form: greyish shadowy figure, like an ape ghost.


Elemental magic: air

The hikers feel like they are being watched... it is a fog rolls in.. the wind seems to whisper malicious words.. a shadowy figure lopes across the path in front of them at extreme speed. They are in shock.. etc. etc. you get the idea

>> No.34396805

Well then...

Possessing Spirit


Artefact - Hunting Knife

Cult (30)

Rare Material (Narwhal Ivory)

>> No.34397141

Can someone you're possessing move the hunting knife?

>> No.34397162


Spirit (Possession)
Media (Website)

Mind Control
Magical Defense
Unseen Force

Rare Material ( users who aren't virgins Carbon-18, or longitudinal electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of exactly π picometers.)
Specific Victim (assholes)

There's a fairly popular and very expansive social media site in the upper levels of the Deep Web. It's very Lovecraft-style and creepy, with Zalgo-text being a standard feature, and the fact that everyone using it feels a small prickle down the back of their neck only adds to its eerie charm.
The mods on the site are uncannily fast, often deleting offending posts before anyone else has time to read them fully. Furthermore, the trolls never seem to stick around for long...

I plan on feeding off some of the worse trolls, including the foolish mortals who believe they can DDoS me. One infraction, especially if by accident, would result in me increasing the effect of Presence just enough to make it creepy, while constant spamming/shitlery/rules breakings would cause me to slowly ramp up my powers, causing subtle annoyances, like moving things an inch to the left, making keys stick, or small shadows out of the corners of eyes at first; eventually moving up the ladder of severity, making them surer and surer they're going insane from the things I've made them do, the manic whispers inside their mind, until eventually I make everything whirl around in a nice scary spiral and either scare them straight or skewer them.
Not only would I be almost impossible to find, given that I'm an intangible, ethereal force that could be anywhere there's internet, but my weakness has a half-life of under 1 second.

>> No.34397245

I hope so.
The whole idea kind of rides on that.

>> No.34397328
File: 186 KB, 760x596, qRo25FY[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Assholery is relative.

>> No.34397473


I've finished the update.

I'll post it in the next thread, this one is nearly dead.

>> No.34398066

which one of these wins in a battle?

>> No.34398118


I think the Gods got this one.

>> No.34398300

the elona gods, probably

>> No.34398441

Change your name, get a full-face OP?

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