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Alright, gang, I have amassed quite a few RPG systems over the past few months I am wanting to try to game with. I have a group that is balls deep in D&D fifth edition for right now, so I have time to iron out all the shit I need for a game if I have to customize me a campaign from scratch.

Which should I start with first once we get away from D&D for a spell?

I have the following:

Fate- Core, System Toolkit, Freeport Campanion, Dresden Files RPG, and Atomic Robo

Savage Worlds - Explorer's handbook, Horror Companion, Super Power Companion, Sci-Fi Companion

Dungeon World

I don't have much in the way of miniatures, but do have some that can fit the bill even if they aren't all thematic and what not. An loads of dice, a big ass vinyl map of 1-inch squares (hexes on the other) and the usual gaming gear.

I just want to know which is the easier system to transition to? Which do you think is fun enough to get them coming back into? Which is the easier one to make a custom setting with? And which you just flat out prefer over the others.

Inb4 Gurps. I don't have Gurps and have played it in the past and wasn't a fan.

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I'd say Savage Worlds, but then again, I am a massive SW fag. But that nonwithstanding, I still think it's your best choice. Fate and Dungeonworld, as narrative games, require a big adjustment in mindset coming off of D&D. Savage Worlds provides the same type of experience, just without all of D&D's baggage.

On a sidenote though, I notice you mention
>I don't have much in the way of miniatures, but do have some that can fit the bill even if they aren't all thematic and what not.

Would you care for some pdfs of paper minis, the kind you print, cut, fold and stand? I have a few books worth, though they're mixed in with my pdfs of dungeon tiles. Really should sit down and separate them one day.

Here's the link if you're interested: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/cb9scwyp8od5j/Tiles%2C_tokens%2C_papercraft.. Mostly the Cardboard Heroes books are relevant here.

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>Atomic Robo
A good game for a great setting.

Dungeon World is also excellent. I can't stand Savage Worlds, but that's me.

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Thank you kindly for the minis and other resource material, kind sir.


What don't you like about Savage Worlds, exactly?

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Transitioning to SW vs a Fate based game is a shit load easier if the only rpg experience anybody has is with D&D though.

Dungeon World is easier to get into than Fate is and is kind of a good in between of both systems.

Although keep in mind, all are different enough that you are going to have to learn a brand new system from scratch basically and a lot of people won't be cool with doing that if they are comfy with what they are already playing. Its a curse, really, because loads of games are nowhere near as swingy as D&D is now, handle story better, and provide a bigger sense of adventure.

It's kind of like Magic the Gathering. Other games handle the concept of dueling mages being represented in a card game WAAAAY better and don' bleed your bank account dry, but since people are familiar with the inferior game, they will continue to play it.

I wonder if this is what Linux users feel like...

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Thank you, anon. That is very helpful.

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Yes, it is quite an archive. I still have some miscellaneous files I've been meaning to fill that folder out with, although again, I've been meaning to sort the paper minis from the dungeon tiles and maps. Also got to set aside these hilariously terrible CGI paper miniatures from Arion Games first, lest someone be deceived into thinking they're good. I'd have deleted them before, but I keep them for shits and giggles.

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Forgot pic related.

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>I wonder if this is what Linux users feel like...

As both a Linuxfag and a Dungeon Worldfag, yeah, there is some similarity there.

(Fortunately, my dad doesn't need me to go fix his D&D character builds all the time.)

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Ya could try Dive into the Sky playtest. It has similar mechanics to the warhammer rpgs and takes inspiration from the mecha musume genre.

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I'll add that I run a weekly Dungeon World game for some folks, some of them newbies, others ex-3.5/Pathfinder guys, and the transition was pretty easy.

Mostly it just involves them realizing they can do stuff that's not on the sheet.
But all three of those systems are good.

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Of what you have, my recommendation would be Savage Worlds. Dungeon World is pretty good too, but it's a very different style of gameplay.

If keeping familiarity with your group is important, I could also recommend FantasyCraft as something to pick up. It's based on the d20 framework and will have lots of concepts your group finds familiar like skills, feats, and classes with levels, but is (in my opinion) better balanced and more exciting in play than 5e. Martial characters especially get a lot of cool new abilities, with potent class features and much more robust feats - rather than '+1 to a thing' every combat feat tends to come with both a passive benefit (for example, they can now count every axe as a throwing weapon) and an active benefit (a trick that can be applied to attacks that lets them also damage the enemy's equipment when they hit)

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