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My usual gaming buddy has told me he is burnt out and just wants to rest for a while because I have been slamming him with games.

He may have a point, in the past 6 months I have purchased the following.

Fate (core, accelerated, deck, dice, worlds 1 and 2, and System Tool Kit)
Atomic Robo RPG
Fate Freeport Companion
Savage Worlds
Horror Companion
Super Powers Companion
Fantasy Companion
Sci-Fi Companion
Deadlands reloaded (marshall's guide, player's guide, smith and robbards 1880 catalog)
Dungeon World
D&D 5ed (core books, ToD adventure, DM Screen, loads o dice and the PoA pre-ordered)
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords (all add-ons too)
Monster Boss
Android Netrunner
Castle Ravenloft Boardgame (4ed really is better suited for board games)
Legendary Marvel Deck Building Game (Dark city and Guardians of the Galaxy Expansions)
Legendary Encounters: Aliens
DC Deck Building game (so inferior to Marvel's game, I don't give a shit if I ever play it again)
Dungeon Roll
Epic Spell Wars Wizards Battle at Mt. Skyllfyre
Rounded out my Mage Wars collection so I have everything for that game now too

Plus several video games.

I don't have a local gaming store. So where do you guys go to meet people to game with?

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As and aside, I mainly started getting back into gaming hard after returning from a job where I wasn't around any gamers at all for over 8 years.

Now I am home again, with loads of disposable income for gaming, and I guess I am just kind of shooting my dice load all over the place.

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>implying /tg/ actually plays

But seriously, a lot of folks use their FLGS, others meet in college.
If you don't have the former, and are too old to be in the latter, then try to rope in friends and family.
You may get some really great players if you step outside the neckbeard demographic.

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>in the past 6 months I have purchased the following
>Fate (core, accelerated, deck, dice, worlds 1 and 2, and System Tool Kit)
>Fate (core, accelerated

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