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Have you ever completed a gaming collection?

If so, what was it?
How did it make you feel?

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I own all but five of the core D&D 3.5 splats.

My core Savage Worlds (and by core I mean non-setting-specific, though I have a few eberron / faerun books) is nearing completion.

I also have a copy of Dungeon World that I got from my FLGS when he ordered like 3 and only one of them sold. But I plan on burning that soon.

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Define collection.


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Like maybe a complete set of cards from a CCG or all the books possible to own from an RPG or all the expansions and such from a particular board game and all things associated with it.

For exampe, someone could own Descent, all of its expansion, all the Lt. Minis, all the Heroes and Monsters expansions, the conversion kit (just because), the print on demand quests, etc for 2nd edition and it would be a complete set with them buying anything that comes out for it as time marches on.

I, for example, have a complete set of D&D Dice Masters cards and dice that I just finished collecting a couple of days ago.

It gives a feeling of personal accomplishment.

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Gotcha. Most of the stuff in my image I own all the current expansions for, but a lot of them are still in active development so idk.
My collection is nowhere near something I'd define as complete, but it's certainly very satisfying to have.

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How is Cosmic Encounters?

I see it get crazy praise from people, but then again most board games get crazy praise from people and a lot of them turn out to be long drawn out bullshit like Arkham Horror.

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I gave my nieces a copy of King of Tokyo just recently. One really likes it, the other one (who is 14) just said, 'Monopoly is stupid.' and refuses to play it.

She also says 'Pokemon is retarded' and doesn't watch any anime either.

Meanwhile, my 8 year-old nephew is already DM-ing D&D because he 'likes to try and kill the good guys'. He is starting to get the hang of the game crazy fast amazingly enough and really wants to play Descent with me as the Overlord. He claims playing the bad guy is way more fun than playing the good guy.

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It's one of our most played. There's a lot of good things to day about it, but a few bad too.

Huge amount of variety via the huge number of player races, how they interact with each other, and the like. Encourages bluffing, negotiating, and cutting and breaking deals.

Looks like a wargame on it's surgface, and that's not wrong, but the meat of it is really a negotiation game.

Not a ton of room for long-term strategy, but there's a little.

Endgame can sometimes feel a little like Munchkin, where you're just waiting for everyone to run out of "nuke-the-current-player" cards so someone can win, but you've got a lot more control over it than in munchkin. Reference: I won't touch munckin. Ever. My wife hides it when casuals come over.

Can feel random, but good/clever plays are absolutely well rewarded.

tl:dr Not super deep but super fun and super social. Would recommend to people who can stand above.

The 14 year old is right about monopoly. Shame she's letting that color her views on the whole hobby.
Nephew sounds like a bro in the making, with a dash of edgelord.

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>With a dash of edgelord

He always picks evil when given the chance. That said, he is 8 years old and already knows the difference between something being evil and something being stupid, which is a huge plus.

>The elf doesn't attack the spider
>Because the spider will hurt you guys and make it easier for the elf to kill you. Its why a thief doesn't steal from his friends. They will help the thief when he gets in trouble.

While it is impressive for him to say the above stuff in a squeaky little kid voice, it is kind of strange for someone who is 8 years old to start getting a grasp on moral systems instead of just spamming an area with a bunch of enemies or dragons. He wants to win against the good guys, but he says if he doesn't give them a chance to beat him, then it isn't any fun.

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Pretty smooth for 8. Keep an eye on that one.

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