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what's you dramatic rebuttal to a long lived being flaunting their age and wisdom as something that makes them superior?

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>You know who else was older than me? Hitler.

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"You're this old and you still haven't gotten yourself killed? Seems like your life hasn't really been a life at all."

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Leaving them to their "oh so superior" life. I haven't got the time to waste on this dipshit.

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Depends. Am I there to kill them, or no?

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>It's been how many aeons and you still haven't gotten laid?

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"Like I give a fuck."

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The most such pointless boasting deserves is a raised eyebrow and continued sipping of tea, showing how little the bragging matters.

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Say nothing, stab them.

I don't give a shit how old or wise you are, it does fuck all against a knife in the ribs.

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You're talking to a twenty one year old human about how clever you are.

Now try and outsmart my club you old git.

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It's hard to come up with a rebuttal when you don't have the insult itself. My wordplay tends to involve reacting to specific words.

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When the wizards forget and are politely reminded by my Paladin that they really should take anything with a grain of salt, Because she's got at most 120-140 years left whereas they are planning for 2000 years later, They tend not to be too rude. But when they do asked 'Why don't you become Immortal' She just said 'I would rather go when its my time, I am not afraid of death.'

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"You are but a child to me!"

"Yeah, and you know who brags to infants about how totally bad ass they are? Drunken losers. Where are the [elves/spirits/etc] that actually have their shit together?"

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"Out with the old. In with the new."

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do you REALLY want to hear things about your (grand)mother that may not only be true but concern yourself

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Yeah and I learned the same shit in 1/100th of the time. Are you a retard or something?


You have all this time and you just waste it? What have you done with your hundreds of years that others haven't done in 10. You don't deserve the time you have, get off this world.

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If I actually care; "Prove it" followed by pretty much just ignoring the inevitable shitslinging that follows, followed by "Judging by that petty display you're about as wise as my 4 year old child."

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>Well I'm taller.

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That's great and all but when the revolution finishes you and your kind are going to be among the first against the wall.

>pissing off one of leaders in a civil war

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The typical response is "And?"

Appeal to authority has long been recognized as a logical fallacy.

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"I can deal with a great deal of things but the fact that you are 'supposedly' knowledgeable about this whole situation and you choosing to speak in riddles leads me to doubt your sincerity. It may have been fine 400 years ago but the rest of us don't have the luxury to indulge you."

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"All that talk is just gonna make it more embarrassing when you lose."

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Yuhhuh. Listen kiddo, I don't give a rat's final fart about who begat who or when they got to begetting, That's their own private business and it's rude to ask about it. Thing is: shit's gotta get done, and if you're too busy being confounded by this newfangled inventyion all the upstart young'uns use called a "plow", well then I'll just leave you to your hoeing and feelin better for doin' it the old way.

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proceed to purge

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But age and wisdom DO make you superior.

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Several weeks back we were attacked by bandits and killed them to defend ourselves. While burying them I noticed one was about twice the age of the others. Do you think he felt the same way you do now?

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I'm younger and better looking.

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>Dad wont stop bragging that he's older than me
>God I wish I didn't hide from those bandits all those years ago

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If age truly conferred wisdom then why is it that every supposed wiseman my group runs into is either a senile old hobo or a failed middle aged drunken adventurer missing a few limbs. While all the supposed ignorant people are younger, far more successful, and seemingly know a great deal about life?

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Because that's what the people in your group like to play.

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only decent one so far, really.

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