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What's the worst planeswalker in each color?
Each multicolor?

Starting with the obvious.

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From a crunch or fluff perspective?

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Crunch more than fluff, but I'm intrigued on fluff.

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Clearly you've never ulted him in a very, very busy Commander game.

That is something of the most utter beauty.

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True, but that must have been a hell of a setup to make up for being down 4 cards.

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Phyrexian rebirth is better.

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Crunchwise: Original Ajani in white, original Nissa in green, Obby in black, no idea about blue, and you're right for red.

Fluffwise: Nahiri for white, Garruk for green, and the other answers are the same.

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Down 4? His +1 is a flat +0 card advantage, and in some decks the discard can (emphasis on can) be beneficial.

I would certainly agree there. But there's something sort of artful about using every other player's commander to commander damage them to death.

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Crunchways, Fedoracat, Elfhitler, Swampcunt, and Tibbles

I have a 5 color doubling season commander deck that is all about tutoring out doubling season and then making token copies of it through shenanigans. Even in the magic christmasland where I had 2+ doubing seasons on the field and could ult him intantly he was still underwhelming compared to every other planeswalker in my deck with only one doubling season out.

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If you're at the point where you can ult Tibalt, you probably have better ways to win

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While I'm here I guess I should say I'm asking for ideas for a Planechase variant, where one of the "Planes" is actually Planeswalkers. I'm open to other ideas.

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Yes, I know he is hideously impractical. I don't simulate Tibalt as a practical wincon. I use him for hilarity in a non-competitive, rather casual format.

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Or you could run Insurrection like every other deck that has red in it.

This, except Liliana of the Dark Realms for Black and probably Teferi, Temporal Archmage for blue.

And Teferi isn't really that bad, it's just him or Jace Memory Adept/Living Guildpact/Architect of Thought, and all of those cost less.

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>where one of the "Planes" is actually Planeswalkers

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Not sure what you mean, but you could make running into a Planeswalker be a Phenomenon card and then have the effect something associated to that 'walker.

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As in for one go round the kitchen table, a Planeswalker is the event. We're still hashing out whether it has loyalty or if we just roll a d6 or something to figure out what you can do with them. If it ends up being the latter case, two people could Insurrection in a row off of a Tibalt.

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This is a terrible idea.

On the other hand, I like >>40310842
>run into Teferi, gain an extra turn
>run into Jace, all your opponents mill N
>run into Ajani, gain some life
>run into Nissa, get an Eldrazi token
>run into Tibalt, roll Chaos until end of turn

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>run into Sarkhan
>everyone loses to dragon rape

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Exactly. Which is why I'm asking for low power walkers that could actually work here.

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Now that I'm looking, Sarkhan the Mad wouldn't be OVERLY broken (there's a lack of actual dragon decks at the table for whatever reason).

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True, but he was shit to begin with

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Every time I look at Tibalt I think.
"If they just had decided to put something else than random discard as a negative"

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>chandere is still asspained at Nahiri because she stole her husbando
I shouldn't be surprised

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Sorin doesn't seem interested in Nahiri, except as a weapon against the Eldrazi. Although I am building a R/W Equipment deck to get sempai to notice me, just in case.
She's just a shit tier character with all her "EMOTIONS!!" and trying to turn characters with actual depth into generic moralfags just like herself.

I like the idea of Nahiri as yandere, but the canon just doesn't back it up.

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I like the idea of you as shutting the fuck up, but your posting just doesn't back it up.

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OG nissa is pretty shit. Baby jace is also overwhelmingly mediocre.

>> No.40314439

I don't play meme formats.

>> No.40314682

>Baby jace is also overwhelmingly mediocre.
It's the second or third best Jace, what are you talking about.

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Thats fair, he just doesnt feel like he does much compared to some newer walkers i guess. I kinda feel bad for him, growing up in big daddy jace's shadow. Whos the wprst jace though.

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>Whos the wprst jace though.
Living Tardpact
Then comes the dumb 5CMC mill jace.

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Sarkhan Unbroken is the only Temur walker, therefore he is simultaneously the best and worst Temur walker

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>draft box
>pull Tibalt
>throw him in for the hell of it
>win a game with his ult

Funniest shit.

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he said commander, not modern

>> No.40319786

Same with most of the multicoloured walkers.

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>Everything I don't like is a meme

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Except he used the term meme correctly.

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