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Your pod sits in the silence of space over a Union world, soaking in the news broadcast from the surface. It is a slow news day for the most part, with reruns of old interviews and coverage spliced into a short documentary seemingly intended to fill extra time. An image of the Clarke as it drifts from dock can be seen, as well as the Hope in a nearby berth. It cuts to an old interview, and you see Lee sitting across from a reporter.

“It says in the official report that you were rescued by native life.” The reporter asks. “Could you tell us a bit about that?” Lee looks quickly between him and the camera.

“You mean the natives? They seemed nice enough. They looked like giant bugs.” He holds his hand up several feet from the floor. “About so high, four legs, two arms. They didn’t seem to use tools but it looked like they didn’t need to. Dr. Seiner said he thought that was one of the reasons they seemed to intelligent, but lacked any signs of invention.”

“My understanding is that they have a kind of queen, like an ant colony.” The reporter leans forward slightly in his chair as Lee shifts awkwardly. “According to the reports, you were the only one to have actually seen it in person. I was hoping you could tell us more about that.”

Welcome back to Hive Queen Quest!

>Archives http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Hive%20Queen%20Quest
>Twitter https://twitter.com/HiveQueenQuest
>Various pasta http://pastebin.com/u/QuestDrone
>FAQ ask.fm/QuestDrone
>Discussion page http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Quest_talk:Hive_Queen_Quest

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“Honestly we didn’t have much of a conversation. I don’t think they have the capacity for verbal speech, at least other than the speaker caste, I suppose. We did have a brief attempt at sign language, but it was a bit awkward really.” Lee rubs his neck as the reporter nods silently. “It looked kinda pretty actually, the queen I mean, like an orchid mantis or something. I think she picked that spot partially because it looked nice, actually.”

“So you’re saying these giant bugs had a sense of fashion?” The reporter says with a smirk.

“Well, I mean every culture does, technically, I mean.” Lee lets out a forced half-hearted chuckle before continuing. “They were nice people, is what I guess I’m trying to say.”

The screen quickly flickers to an anchorman who shifts his eyes nervously to some piece of information behind the camera, and an image of the Ticonderoga fleet disembarking in a hurry fills the background behind him. He seems to be sweating.

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“Just hours ago we received word of a fleet deployment in the Proxima system. We can now confirm though anonymous sources that the deployment was in response to an outbreak of violence in the Toliman system, which we can now say has resulted in the destruction of Via Maris station, although details are still coming in as to how exactly the events have unfolded.” The man’s face cuts away to a short video clip of the Commonwealth dreadnaught as its weapons turn to face the camera situated against the hull of the USV Galileo. The camera shakes and flickers as the first volley is fired, and the screen cuts cleanly to an image of the Galileo drifting into a dock, trailing smoldering debris and gas behind it in wispy streaks, the camera at the perfect angle to view the worst of the damage.

“This clip appears to show the Commonwealth envoy vessel opening fire on the Union ship the USV Galileo. To what ends remains unclear, but we have received word that the Commonwealth Boarder Fleet and the Ticonderoga patrol fleet are currently at a standstill within the Toliman system. We will continue to bring updates as they arrive.”

Sorry for being so late. Again.

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For Mother

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Its okay QD, But may I ask what delayed you?

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>Current resource reserves
Nutrients: 9,175,150
Metals: 8,261,209
Credits: ₡2226
Credits in Lyle’s account: ₡1,175,000

>Hive population and upkeep cost
Hive maintenance – 52325
Queen – 5
Fake Queen (4) – 220
Small Egg layer – 12
Worker (85005) – 170010
Aquatic Worker (5140) – 20560
Vacuum Worker (5200) – 31200
Radiator Worker (5100) – 20400
Warrior (11209) – 56045
Gilled Warrior (100) – 700
Aquatic Warrior (50) – 400
Thinker (2500) – 7500
Quantum Thinker (1000) – 5000
Speaker – (3) – 12
Digger (200) – 800
Refinery (40) – 280
Sniffer (2) – 8
Small Sniffer (200) – 200
Aquatic Sniffer (200) – 200
Fly (1165) – 4660
Wasp (5000) – 25000
Haz-mat Workers (20) – 80
Shock Troops (40) – 520
Parasite (80) – 320
Bio-tank (1000) – 25000
Excavator (1000) – 19000
Colossus (420) – 6300
Hovertank (200) – 5000
Harvester (5000) – 95000
Support Fluttercraft (2) – 272
Ghost Beetle (5) – 135
Heavy Warrior (1000) – 19000
Chinook (100) – 1800
Air defense drone (80) – 5920
Bomber (160) – 6560
Strafer drone (400) – 6000
Heavy Interceptor (160) – 4480
Light Interceptor (800) – 11200
Advanced disruptor (50) – 3750
Advanced Relay (69) – 6900

>Hive fleet
Space Pod (5000) – 150000
Heavy Fleet Fighter (272) – 18224
Heavy Gunship (36) – 1080
Shuttle (10) – 250
Mining Corvette (336) – 92400
Patrol Corvette (126) – 63882
Scout Corvette (8) – 1800
Lancer Corvette (2) – 450
Fleet Corvette (244) – 54900
Heavy Fleet Corvette (48) – 56256
Heavy Fleet Frigate (36) – 51372
Stealth Frigate (4) – 1952
Vanguard Frigate (600) – 240000
Heavy Cruiser (110) – 133650
Heavy Fleet Cruiser (18) – 45090
Heavy Fleet Battlecruiser (4) – 32548

>Formed fleets and orders
Small Heavy Defense Fleet [Patrolling Leeland space]
Heavy Battle Fleet [Awaiting orders]
5 Missile Ambush Fleet [Building]
15 Light Fleets [building]

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As soon as we check those pods we will.

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>“It looked kinda pretty actually, the queen I mean, like an orchid mantis or something
oh my

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So is this an old news report or a new one after he was rescued and taken to the Hive?

Am I missing sessions?

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Clone upkeep/special projects and expenses
25 Human captives of the USV Hope – 750
Lyle Rogers – 47
2 Human hybrid clone upkeep – 60
1 Human Chimera egglayer – 80
[Hive space]
100 Human Hybrids – 3,000
590 Skyl replicants in production – 35400

Total upkeep
Nutrient costs: 895,859N

Metals: 2,838,000
Nutrients: 3,901,250
Net: 2,265,260N

Hive Territory
Asteroid mining base: 50,000M per day.

*Leeland (capital)
Defensive structures
>Surface to Orbit Missile System (750N)
>Anti-orbital batteries: 35/35 (8750N)
Military structures
>Hangar facilities: Room for 4840 Aero/fighter Drones and 2420 Shuttles (3025N)
>Psionic Shroud (1,000N)
>Prison Outpost
Industrial structures
>Docking Pylon: (1969) (98,450N)
[Empty docks: 2000/2000]
Economic Structures
>Smart Mines active: 100,000M per day
>Algae Farm: +2,400,000per day, 24,000 Workers (1 worker per 100N)
>Film harvester dock: +2,500,000N per day, 5,000 Harvesters active (500N per Harvester)

Defensive structures
>Anti-orbital batteries: 35/35 (8750N)
Economic structures
>Bloodroot collectors: A series of pipes and veins running from the roots of several of the nearest Bloodroot trees provide a passive and low maintenance source of nutrient income, +250N per day (5)
>Greenwall pit: 500N
>Temple alter: A place for the Ralighan locals to worship and bring offerings to your hive, built in the likeness of your local fake queen, +500N per day

>Orbital docking pylon: Space for docking and construction of 4 sub capitals or 1 capital ship, (50N)
[1 Carrier Battlecruiser]
[Empty docks: 0/4]
>Mining corvette salvage operations +2,688,000M per day (+8000M per corvette)

Derelict Sensor array

Glassed Hive world
>Hive bunker complex

Deep space waystation
>100 docking pylons (10,000N)
[10 Ambush Missile Cruiser]
[100 Ambush Missile Corvette]
[60 Light fleet frigate]
[15 Light fleet cruiser]
[Empty docks 115/400]

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>>“It looked kinda pretty actually, the queen I mean, like an orchid mantis or something
Did I ever mention Lee is a pretty cool guy?

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Old, they were showing reruns.

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>. It is a slow news day for the most part, with reruns of old interviews and coverage spliced into a short documentary seemingly intended to fill extra time.

bugga you dumb.

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So could we try seeding a dead, barren planet and turn it into a lush garden world?

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whoops, I'm dumb

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I personally think we should get in contact with the green leader. She's the only sane man, so she could be useful if we feed her the right evidence.
Though Honestly, we first need to decide what the goal of all of our covert ops is. Then we can figure out how to achieve that goal.

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>decide what the goal of all of our covert ops is
slaughter all current leadership
gain control of large sections of government

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Ask page also revealed green leader is more willing to not fuck with Thesus.

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New Construction Options
Defensive structures
>Anti-orbital battery – A bunker armed with a massive Particle beam capable of attacking ships in orbit from the ground. It includes the power and sensor systems required to operate it. 250N 1500M
>Surface to Orbit Missile System – This massive bunker complex houses a wide range of warheads and a nigh limitless number of missiles within its protective walls, allowing you to launch missiles against approaching invaders from the safety of your hive. The facility uses the ship missile stats and comes equipped with a single Cruise missile silo that can target any detected object within the system, five Stinger missile silos capable of targeting any craft within high orbit, and ten Swarm missile silos specialized in targeting high altitude aircraft and low orbiting targets. The facility itself is a massive complex spread out over several miles, and includes guidance and launch equipment, as well as the means to construct and maintain a stock of warheads and missiles. (1500N 2500M)

Number crunching mostly. The tech and new cybernetics were rather quick to handle. It was mostly due to be just having a really full week and being unable to have a day where I could go through all the many little details, and ended up having to rush it all just before running.

Summer tends to actually be a lot more busy for me most of the time. Or at least more erratic.

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We're trying to gain control of the Union through subversion.

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Military Structures
>Hangar Expansion – Construct fortified hangar facilities of +40 aero/fighter drone space and +20 shuttle space. 50N 100M
>Psionic Shroud – A single building built around the shattered remains of a Void Shard, the shroud amplifies the unnatural mental silence of the broken crystal within to mask an entire planet from potential detection, preventing outside forces from easily detecting the thoughts of a hive. (2,000N 5,000M)
Industrial Structures
>Docking Pylon – A large spire or station that contains space for docking and construction of 4 ships, or a single capital ship if placed in orbit. 100N 300M
>Weather Spire – A networked collection of spires spread across a planet capable of studying and altering a planet’s climate and atmosphere. Construction includes the building of all spires needed to function. (8,000N 20,000M)

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It doesn't even matter if Tories are in charge. They're all getting parasited after a few weeks of recursively implanting all the personnel that guard them.

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Economic Structures
>Orbital solar array – A station placed in orbit of the local star equipped with a membrane of photosynthetic cells several kilometers in diameter capable of producing a steady stream of nutrient income. Provides 1000N per day total (5,000N 5,000M
>Harvester Dock – A large pier built along the shore overlooking the spore-producing ocean film that serves as an unloading area for Harvester drones, and contains pipelines to pump collected raw nutrients to the hive’s awaiting processing facilities, includes a single Harvester which is covered by the cost and upkeep of the dock. Provides 500N per day total (38N 50M)
>Orbital electroponic station – An orbital instillation built near a large source of hydrogen used to fuel a large fusion core, which in turn provides electrical power to a contained algae farm facility. Must be built in orbit of a gas giant. Provides +500N per day and doubles as a gas mining facility, refueling the tritium stores of any ships in the system. (1000M)
>Algae Farm – A carved out space used to utilize Leeland’s natural electrical field to cultivate food. +100N per day, 1 worker to maintain.
>Hydroponic platform – A floating greenhouse platform used to grow farmland through hydroponics that can only be built on or near water with open access to plentiful sunlight. Each greenhouse platform supports roughly one hectare and requires a single worker to tend the crop and maintain the platform. Multiple platforms can be connected together to create fields of floating farmland. +200N per day, 1 worker to maintain.
>Filter towers – A large underwater pylon built to extract raw nutrients from the microbial life of the surrounding ecosystem. Can only be used on planets with bountiful biospheres and deep oceans capable of supporting large amounts of microbes. Provides between 100 and 500 N per day, depending on the local environment. (500M)

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>They're all getting parasited

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Finished Research

>Scavenger gunship
While you had expected to spend several days scouring the ship’s interior, you quickly find everything to be surprisingly familiar to you. With the memories of the captured officer, the layout and design of the gunship comes to you with the familiarity of years of use, and while he had no direct knowledge of the technology within, you do know how everything is operated at the very least, granting you a small boost to any efforts to research the technology within.

>Flash Cloning
While it may not be as efficient or effective as waiting for a clone to grow naturally, sometimes you simply lack the time needed to develop a clone properly. When starting a clone project, you can pay the clone’s per day production cost x10 to rush its development. The clone’s production then takes only a single day, but a roll is required to avoid defects or errors in its genetic code that could result in decreases to its physical or mental abilities, disfigured physical traits, or even the loss of the clone. While some kind of error is highly likely, in most cases it will be a minor inconvenience. Regardless, such clones are best used as a temporary measure, to be replaced when a proper one is available, or to serve as expendable units.

>Anti-orbital pulse cannon
By altering the interior design of your anti-orbital batteries to utilize the design of the blaster, you have found that you can squeeze both more range and power from your defenses. While accuracy may be slightly hampered at longer ranges, the increase in the rate of fire and the improved range seems to more than make up for the marginal loss in accuracy. Your anti-orbital batteries are now capable of firing on targets in medium range orbits, and can fire at targets in high orbits with decreased accuracy, as well as dealing improved damage to targets in low orbits or at sub-orbital altitudes.

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New Research Unlocked

>Boarding pods
While strikingly similar in nature to the drop pods, a number of critical alterations are made to the design to allow this pod to be fired from a specialized tube like a missile and penetrate the hull of a target vessel. It then opens to allow the deadly contents to enter the ship and engage the crew without needing to dock with the target, allowing boarding attempts without disabling a ship’s drive, although the shields still need to be deactivated.

>Ship grapple
A simple idea at heart; throw a hook at the target and reel it in. When you take into account the relative speeds and raw kinetic forces involved in such an action, however, it quickly stops being so simple. Complex and highly durable cables and pulleys must be developed, as well as specialized bulkheads to prevent ripping the ship in two. The result, however, should be interesting, if a bit insane.

The concept of ramming in ship to ship combat is simple and straight forward. Doing so without obliterating your own ship, however, is a far more complex skill to master that requires numerous alterations to ship design philosophy and a willful lack of common sense. The Scavengers appear to be insane enough to have thought such a strategy useful in space combat, and are stubborn enough to perfect it. The study and extensive testing of the design of the ram should allow you to develop something similar for your own ships.

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We got the new guns now! Time for some building!

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Current research

This large and powerful weapon seems to use a mixture of plasma and solid slug projectiles to gain both damage and range. Disassembling it should allow you to build similar weapon systems yourself.

>Variable strike weapon
A patented weapon technology in the Union, this device is capable of switching between a large number of ammunition types in the middle of combat.

>Magnetized slugs
This technology appears to use a powerful magnetic charge to alter the trajectory of a fired projectile after leaving the weapon, improving accuracy.

>Privy coat
This article of clothing utilizes some manner of micro-fiber to block, or at least interfere with the signals of modern weapon scanners in an attempt to prevent weapons from tripping customs alarms or security checkpoints. The device is not fool proof, and typically is only considered reliable on older, less well maintained checkpoints.

>Gravity foils
The most obvious and direct application of gravity deflection technology utilizes the surrounding ambient gravitational forces to allow a drone to create thrust using a complex arrangement of thin metallic sheets, allowing the drone to hover or fly in any direction. While it can technically function in a vacuum, most such situations would be in space, where the foils would be far less effective due to a lack of strong gravity fields to manipulate.

>Artificial gravity plating
By utilizing insignificant amounts of antimatter to create unfocused gravitational fields, and then directing them through the gravity plating into a single direction, the internal structure of a ship can be granted a small amount of artificial gravity. White the direction of the gravity can be changed at will, or turned off, it lacks the resources and energy to project a field capable of directly causing injury

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>New Research Unlocked

>Boarding pods



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>Gravity thrusters
Similar in function to your Skid drive, the Gravity thrusters essentially surf along pre-existing gravity fields, increasing their performance when in close proximity to major sources of gravitational pull, be it a large celestial body, a star, a planet, an exceptionally large structure or group of structures, or the core of a gravity drive. While in deep space it becomes less effective, the law of universal gravitation means it never becomes totally useless, and when in close proximity to a powerful gravity source it should outperform most other thruster designs with ease.

>Shield miniaturization
With your new understanding, previously unknown aspects of standard shield technology can be seen in a new light, indicating a small overlap between it and gravitational manipulation technology. By using newly developed technology, your thinkers suspect that they may be able to create a more compact, but less powerful shield system.

>Psionic reading
You are already aware of this growing ability in Elizabeth, and with her help, and more research into the remains of the dead relay, you should be able to continue to fine tune your new, more powerful psionic senses to be able to not only detect the presence of sapient thought, but to read it in more detail.

>Photonic microstructures
The useful applications of manipulating massive photonic molecules are many, and your preliminary studies indicate that you may be able to develop more practical uses beyond the blaster, especially in the field of energy shielding.

>Nausea field
A rather interesting side effect first noticed with your Blink drive, but now weaponized to great effect as a defensive measure. You should be able to enhance your medium and advanced relays to emit a wave of sickening nausea in a radius around it, causing effected subjects to feel increasing levels of both physical and mental uneasiness, causing feelings of dread and queasiness.

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We need more thinkers.

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>All of these wonderful things

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oh damn, that's pretty spooky

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>Solid State Teleportation
While standard quantum systems allow for instantaneous transportation of data, this technology would allow for essentially the instantaneous transport of matter. The matter in question would be disassembled into individual particles and transported in much the same way as bits of data through a quantum relay, and then assembled on the other side. Due to the nature of the process, only simple objects such as raw resources could survive teleportation. This should allow for the transportation of resources across hive space without the need to delegate ships to serve as trade vessels.

>Ground-orbital mega-construction
By using new construction systems to improve efficiency, the hive can build new projects capable of reaching orbit, using the rotation of the planet to remove the requirements of a free standing structure and instead essentially hang a station in orbit from the surface of the planet. Such a construction project would double as a docking pylon capable of constructing capital ships at a much faster rate, and replace the need for shuttles to ferry goods to and from orbit. [Unlocks the Capillary Tower construction option]

>Quantum Tuning
While current quantum computing technology requires the relays be built to accommodate one another, this technology should allow you to quickly attune pre-existing devices for one another when in proximity. Your thinkers suspect more opportunities to open up after further research is done. You suspect Theseus would greatly appreciate such a technology, if he does not already poses it.

>Mantle excavation
By using advancements in the operation and function of the metal trees, you can force them to focus their attention past the rocky crust of a world and have them dive their roots clear into the mantle of a planet, tapping into a vast wealth of metals

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Seconded, I want to lay a new batch of thinkers and super thinkers.

>> No.40310294

[muffled screaming]

>> No.40310303

>Predictive combat algorithms
Your drones are always watching the enemy, either in person or through your network, and the hive grows more accustomed to certain quirks and common tactics employed by specific species or individuals. With the powerful calculations made possible by fractal based crystal brains, your drones, and clones with either psionic capabilities or hybrid or chimera types will be able to predict the vast number of variables in any single fight, allowing it to know what the enemy will do in the heat of the moment and act accordingly. Grants a bonus to combat rolls against known and researched enemies.

Available research options

>Psionic Cannon prototype
Very slow/Very dangerous
Detailed accounts of several experiments show the slow progress of Project Godsplitter. The cannon itself is highly volatile, and even the smallest miscalculation often results in the destruction of the ship, as well as any nearby craft. It can only be equipped to a Hive ship's spinal mount, and requires a functional Void Shard as ammunition. At least a dozen testing sizes were atomized in testing the weapon, and in the end it appears The Gardener never quite perfected it.

>Add all new research
>Add boarding pods
>Add Ship grapple
>Add Ram
>None for now

>> No.40310313

I thought that the more thinkers you have, you get diminishing returns.

>> No.40310316

>Add all new research
1000 more thinkers please.

>> No.40310317


>> No.40310321

>Add boarding pods
>Add Ship grapple

>> No.40310335

Don't care, want thinkers.

>> No.40310336


>Add boarding pods
>Add Ship grapple

>> No.40310338

>>Add all new research
Weather Spire
Let's research the weather as will.

>> No.40310362

>Add all new research

>> No.40310375

>Add all new research
Study The Builder's drones.

>> No.40310378

>add boarding pods

lets stop adding new shit for a while so we have a chance to get the shit we're currently researching before we all die of old age

>> No.40310381

We already have hundreds of thinkers per research subject. we gain nothing.

>> No.40310385

Already got it.

>> No.40310405

Don't. Care. Want. Thinkers.

>> No.40310420

>>Add all new research
We boarders now.

>> No.40310422


>Add all new research
Construct Weather Spire networks on Leeland and Raligha.

>> No.40310435

Don't care we need more when we take over the humans.

>> No.40310444

We totally have to shift tactics to mass boarding when fleets engage.

We are terrifying in close quarters.

>> No.40310475

Trips command it to be so, FOR MOTHER

>> No.40310480

If you want to do that you'll have to arm all of our ships with Blasters.

>> No.40310492

awww, you mean research has a cap?

>> No.40310494

>Add all new research
Collect all research projects of interest from the ancient dockyard of the Builder

>> No.40310504

The weather spire? We do not have them.

>> No.40310509

Yeah, we'll build a few boarding fleet filled with boarding parties and anti shield weaponry, use it to flank fleets our heavy fleets are engaging.

>> No.40310519


>> No.40310526

we reached the research cap a while ago, but anons keep adding thinkers for some reason.

>> No.40310531

>>Weather Spire – A networked collection of spires spread across a planet capable of studying and altering a planet’s climate and atmosphere. Construction includes the building of all spires needed to function. (8,000N 20,000M)

We have it, we just haven't built any as far as I'm aware.

>> No.40310535

Really? Then why can I vote to build it? >>40310097
>>Weather Spire – A networked collection of spires spread across a planet capable of studying and altering a planet’s climate and atmosphere. Construction includes the building of all spires needed to function. (8,000N 20,000M)

>> No.40310544


Pls to be checking our pods we sent out. No putting it off for months this time. Don't let us do that again.

We have to map out our enemies' territory for the sake of future planning and exploitation.

>> No.40310561

It's not a cap. It's diminishing returns.
I could easily design some right now.

>> No.40310588

I wonder.

Could we slam our ships into an enemy ship and essentially embed ours within theirs, then use our hive creep to essentially seal the hole back up and spread throughout the ship?

>> No.40310630

I like the way you think.

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>> No.40310669

I'm not sure who you think we haven't explored. The Scavs, maybe? The Commonwealth, Union, and Obsidian Queen have all been mapped and the Scavs will be mapped whenever the pods we dispatched are done.

>> No.40310675

That's silly. It grows too slowly to matter at the pace battle goes.

Of course the hole can be quickly sealed. But growing throughout it is kind of pointless, you'd have to have won already.

>> No.40310677

Aw c'mon, we have the Union space all mapped out, we don't need to spend the majority of the thread mapping out the Commonwealth until we got business with them. They're literally on the other side of the map with the Union between us.

That'd be nice and all but we haven't unlocked the actual boarding pods and shit, you come up with a early draft subject to change I suppose.

Creep is a bit too slow to do that in battle I think, it's still a good idea in that it'll give them one more thing to spend money, time and resources fixing if they escape with the ship in question. Alternatively you could suggest another way we could achieve that as a research subject. Nanomachines, perhaps.

>> No.40310687

What advantage is keeping the atmosphere when all of our boarder drones are vacuum-sealed?

>> No.40310738

I was going off of the idea that the drones we use now aren't all vacuum sealed. I suppose it is moot if we hatch boarder specific, vacuum drones.

>> No.40310742

>Add all new research

Deep within your hive, Lyle gnaws on the end of his cigars as it smolders lightly. Jackob looks at his own arm with great interest as projectors spread along the walls create a holographic image of a bio-mechanical arm. It bends at the joints and whips around, stretching and contorting in unnatural ways.

"I've gotta say, they do have a nice selection to pick from. It's a mighty temping offer." Jackob says. Dillon looks less impressed.

"No offense to either of you, but I can't say it's too wise to start accepting free surgery from aliens." He says.

"Hey, they seem to know what their doing," Jackob says as the hologram disintegrates. "I mean, how many times were you shot in the last week?" He looks to Lyle and lightly punches his arm. "Healing gunshot wounds in less then a day, that's one hell of a medical plan. I don't think I see that on the list though."

"It's a special thing." Lyle says. "I don't think you want that." Jackob shakes his hands in the air in mock surrender.

"Yea, yea sure thing. You don't want me dipping into your cookie jar too much, I get it."

"I mean it." Lyle says again as he rests his hands in his pockets. He feels the small plastic case of a data chip and suddenly remembers the record given to him by Lee's Ceph refugee acquaintance. He pulls out the small device. He may as well see what's on it while they wait.

>Lay more thinkers

>> No.40310745

The only thing I can think of is the use of sonic based weapons.

>> No.40310766

We do not have even most of the Union-proper mapped. 9 out of 16 stars in their main territory are unmapped. And only a tiny minority of the Obsidian Queen's territory.

And somewhere in the Commonwealth are the plans to the psionic cannon, mapping them out is pretty important.

And the pods are already "done." It's been days. We just haven't actually looked because ADHD.

>> No.40310767

>>Lay more thinkers

>> No.40310776

>Lay more thinkers
Aw yus

>> No.40310786

We could try to weaponise it, adding some sort of creep spore to missile and launch it at enemies trying to escape. It will take some time to grow but might spread through the ship and cause possible system crashes an be an annoyance to get rid off

>> No.40310791

>we haven't explored
The only territories we've explored mostly is the Unions.
>you come up with a early draft subject to change I suppose.
Blasters on fixed.
Ion cannons on turrets.
Cyclotrons on aux.
That's as effective as you can get.

>> No.40310795


>> No.40310798

>Lay more thinkers
It's not really a big expense.

>> No.40310806

Just realized how stupid my idea was since it will provide them with free research material, Can't give them the science

>> No.40310824

there's no use for them.

>> No.40310835

>Lay more thinkers

>> No.40310839

All drones we use in boarding actions or counter-boarding actions are vacuum sealed (Flies, Heavy Warriors, Vacuum Warriors)

>> No.40310841

>>Lay more thinkers

>> No.40310849

>>Lay more thinkers
Hey QD, could we create a special cybernetic implant that just injects medigel into the subjects wounds, without all the mind rapeyness of a parasite? Would go a long way to keeping Lyle's friends in good nick.

>> No.40310851

Then how do they poop?

>> No.40310862

Maybe I'm thinking of drones with re-breathers. Vacuum drones can still eventually suffocate.

>> No.40310863

If we know that the more thinkers we lay, the less efficient they are why are we still doing it?

>> No.40310880


We just give them parasites anyway.

>> No.40310882

Can't we dissuade Lyle from speaking so negatively about our lovely paras... Children.

>> No.40310887

We could just use a normal parasite without clamping down on their spine.

>> No.40310894

>Lay more thinkers

>> No.40310901

As soon as they get the parasites they will think it was the best thing that could ever have happened

>> No.40310904

We just haven't looked because QD needs time to write all that bullshit up and he's been extremely busy of late. Lay off it, we'll get to it when QD is ready.

As for the plans to the psionic cannon, you know how we haven't made it onto the militarized side of Gemini yet? Well the Commonwealth is /entirely/ militarized, and now prepping for war too. If those plans exist they were buried deep in some bunker, and now they're gonna be even further down.

>> No.40310925

>Lay more thinkers

Flies, Heavy Warriors, and Vacuum Warriors all have oxygen recyclers.

>> No.40310936

Still want to spread the creep far and wide.

>> No.40310956

Hey guys, I think we could modify my whistle blower operation to contact the green party, in fact, we could probably just make a bunch of fake Seiners and use them as our ""contact"" for the green party. We know who we're facing, when they kill someone they don't do it publically, the person just ceases to exist, so we can keep making clones of him and only they'd know its a different person. Or we could just keep making his deaths occur in a manner they might have missed something from.

Also I think we should take a DNA sample from lyle and friends and make clones of them, which we will then have found by our drone infested guy and have them send a smith after. The smith will succeed at killing them, but will do so in a manner that ends up leaking onto the extranet, preferably with massive collatoral damage. We want to discredit the tories, and these deaths do not matter as they are clones. However we do need to make sure clone lyle has a ton of implants and everyone actually resists death so its not obvious, if they escape so be it, we get them killed later than.

>> No.40310972

Just as an aside, the oxygen recyclers don't allow drones to keep breathing indefinitely in the absence of an atmosphere. Just a really, really long time.

>> No.40310974

>Lay more thinkers

>Thinkers(how many)
>Quantum thinkers (how many)

And speaking of cybernetics, I found it a little funny that most of the recommendations involved methods of self-destruct implants. Other recommendations included chromatophores and USB implants.

>> No.40310976

It's a question of time in my view, last time we mapped a bunch of shit it took damn near the whole thread.

>> No.40310984

We have been working very hard not to give away drones as research material to minimize everything our enemy knows about us. Spreading creep uncontrolled far and wide is the opposite of that

>> No.40310992

>how many
Fucking loads please.

>> No.40310996 [DELETED] 

Anons are paranoid as all hell man.

>> No.40311001

>6 billion each
Okay not going to lie, I have no idea how many we should lay

>> No.40311005

Creep is not a drone. Creep is also aggressive and volatile.

>> No.40311009

Thinkers 500
Quantum 250

>> No.40311010
File: 85 KB, 900x726, alien_by_trufanov-d39o5ey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

An upgraded, doesn't-even-pretend version of the Reacher arms would be neat.

Creatures with only 2 sets of limbs are so limited! The hive must remedy this!

>> No.40311011

>we'll get to it when QD is ready.
But he is.

It's always been entirely the players' choice whenever we look at the pods. He was always ready, it just took forever to build consensus for the last round of pods. Weeks and weeks.

It's not really him I'm trying to convince, it's everyone else.

>> No.40311022


>> No.40311026
File: 1.26 MB, 1024x614, Outlaw_Star_Mod_WIP_by_lordharshmage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40311028

This is true, our drones need more limbs.

>> No.40311031


>Q Thinkers

>> No.40311035

That gives me an idea for a self destruct implant actually! What if we used those deconstructing nanomachines to act as a self destruct device, we could release them on trigger to completely vaporize the body its inside of. This means our ""Seiner"" whistle blower idea can be more practical as when we inevidably get found out we can flee out of view for a few moments and suddenly vanish (vaporized).

Than the new Seiner just starts from where the old left off. They'll start getting more and more aggressive and eventually, when the situation is right, we get seiner executed by them in public, somewhere they can't hide what happened, this would be a massive publicity blow, the government going and shooting a harmless old man. Seriously how could they!

>> No.40311038

I wonder if there'd be any benefit to building a second research site on one of our other colonies.

>> No.40311041

Still if they manage to et their hands on enough creep to let's say invent a virus to attacking and destroy it, one of our most valuable defenses will be ruined

>> No.40311048

This one please.

>> No.40311051


>> No.40311053

An entire planetoid made of nothing but thinkers

>> No.40311057

>invent a virus to attacking and destroy it
How long would it take the hive to research and nullify it? Several hours? Several days?

>> No.40311069

The creep can only function on a planet the hive has taken over. It is actually very easy to disrupt or stop if our drones aren't cultivating it properly.

>> No.40311076

We'll just become immune to any virus they can create within seconds of exposure. It's kind of our thing.

>> No.40311082

Lyle needs more limbs...
Lyles friends needs more limbs...

>> No.40311095

I'll back >>40311031

>> No.40311097

True, just worried that they will manage to come up with something very nasty... Don't want our hard work to be a waste

>> No.40311120

I'm thinking... limbs with wrist like ends under the skin on his back with long, foldable blades attached.

>> No.40311122

That is grossly excessive to our needs right now.

>> No.40311131

No it didn't. It was like an eighth of the thread at most.

And it's a necessary thing we have to do eventually. Exploration and knowledge is what enables all other actions. Best not to put it off so we act informed.

>> No.40311134

You guys know, we could always false flag them, similar to how Tuburculosis passes itself off as a virus to throw our body off, we could create a nanomachine that appears to be a living bio-organism, in fact, we could go as far as to create a whole bacterial agent that looks like its doing the trick and have the nanomachine be whats killing everything.

We should draw the black queen into researching things we have already made obsolete.

>> No.40311142

Forgot to mention they can tear out of his back when needed, on command.

>> No.40311143

The only threat to our biotech is the Black Queen's biotech.

And even in that, we've got genetic manipulation down to such an art that other Queens would be jelly of us. The OQ's odd creepy Goop is just another research project waiting to happen.

>I'm so jewish I don't want to spend pennies out of our massive nutrient reserves

>> No.40311145

6 billion is excessive, that seems fine.

>> No.40311146

Realisticaly we need to lay exactly 0, but anons are retarded.

>> No.40311156
File: 36 KB, 460x276, bacteria.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40311168

Uh... doesn't our creep spread and grow on its own now?

>> No.40311207

Mate, do you even realize how over the top that is? You're talking about doubling the number of quantum thinkers and tripling the number of standard thinkers. We've already got more than 10 times the number of thinkers that would be ideally efficient for the number of research subjects we're working on right now. At that point I would expect more thinkers to more damage than help, what with all the shitflinging the quantum thinkers would do amongst themselves.

>> No.40311215

Hey, I have another idea. What if we had theseus build and operate several Union vessels that, with our flash cloning, we had filled with Union Soldiers. We have them attack alongside our fleet, coming from what was union space (we rendezvous in dead space about half way from union space to target). She'd have no other option than to believe union was working with us against them, and she'd run an immediate counter attack. One we'd come to the rescue in. We'd have to make sure our ships were blatantly different than hers (color scheme, shape, etc). But we could actually ally with the union with it.

>> No.40311252

How about this:

>Q Thinkers

We have no reason to have so many thinkers right now.

>> No.40311263

Yes, lets.

>> No.40311271

It isn't about the amount of nutrients involved, it's about having so many fucking thinkers around we wouldn't be able to find anything for them to do. We'd have so many more thinkers working on individual projects that they would be doing basically nothing.

>> No.40311273

Holy shit, just build the thinkers.

It's not like we're starving for resources here.

>> No.40311300

Why not build more workers, warriors, or nutrient-collection drones in addition to the thinkers, then?

>> No.40311303

Well if we find ourselves in that situation then we'll just hibernate them. It's fine.

>> No.40311309

Idle thinkers provide passive bonuses to all Hive operations. You can never have TOO MANY thinkers. The best part is that THINKERS are responsible for calculating when it's better to administer to Hive direction instead of piling on research projects.

>> No.40311315


>> No.40311317

Go ahead.

>> No.40311321

We can vote on that at the end of the thread, this just happens to have come up now.

Do it.

>> No.40311338


>> No.40311376

Because we already maxed out harvesters. Any more and the harvest is no longer sustainable.

And also just keep drone laying till the end of the the thread jesus nothing has happened and we're already more than halfway to bumplimit.

>> No.40311414

It does, but at certain stages of development the structures it is building are quite fragile. Like, 'destroy them by inadvertently stepping on them' fragile. It can build such structures if it isn't disturbed, but the best way to ensure that is to have our workers around looking after it. It isn't like OQ's black gunk that will deconstruct everything around it if you don't nuke it from orbit.

>> No.40311442

The thinker bonuses aren't stackable, at least for combat. One is just as good as ten.

Why not now?
Also yeah, harvesters can be unsustainable. But we have a new wonder crop from the Gardener's planet that may/may not be able to replace our current fungus crop on Leeland to great effect, and a nutrient filtration system we can setup in Leeland's oceans, too.

>> No.40311445

>It isn't like OQ's black gunk that will deconstruct everything around it if you don't nuke it from orbit.
Well fuck son, we need to get right on that.

>> No.40311466

>5k thinkers, 1k Quantum thinkers

>Lay other drones (write in)
>Start new construction (write in)

Lyle looks over the data and quickly thumbs through a number of empty junk folders. He quickly finds one that holds what seems to be a number of photos. He opens it and finds a small note document at the top.

"Classified stuff. If I go missing keep it safe."

After that is a number of low quality orbital photos of some alien planet's surface. You see a dense layer of some blurry looking terrain, possibly a jungle of some kind, with a roughly circular radius of open ground in the center. In the center is a long, broken cylindrical object, like a line of buildings poorly aligned to each other. The next image has the object covered by a large central building, with smaller buildings around it. The jungle has receded slightly, revealing a thin line around the clearing, almost like the rim of a crater. The next images shows a number of structures around the rim, and the jungle has receded once more, revealing a number of other small looking metallic objects, and in the next photo they are all either missing or covered in buildings.

"The hell is this?" Lyle says as he flips through the images. Dillon moves over to look.

"Some security leak by the looks of it. I remember hearing about that a while ago, actually. Not sure what the fuss was about. Some pictures of some old alien space junk or something that was found somewhere. Didn't look like anything important but it got some important people pissed off." Dillon continues to look at the grainy photos as Lyle flips through. "We ended up shutting down some file sharing sites over it, made a few arrests, but never found anything too big with it. Just some kids trying to unravel some conspiracy that wasn't there as far as I know."


>> No.40311471


Because, arguably, there's a hardcap on benefits from warriors/workers/collectors. Thinkers are much more flexible in regards to how many of them we can have before we start 'spoiling the broth', such as it is, so we can more afford to have 'extra' thinkers than the others.

>> No.40311484

Should start building weather spires on some of the more inhospitable planets.

>> No.40311501

>But we have a new wonder crop from the Gardener's planet that may/may not be able to replace our current fungus crop on Leeland to great effect
LOL you retard there is no sunlight on that planet.

>> No.40311522

Start a mining base at G-426 P1 with just metal trees for mantle excavation and workers to operate them.

>> No.40311527

He means Raligha you fucking moron, The plants we have over there have not been cultivated on leeland.

>> No.40311532

See, I knew the Skyl artifacts were found on Darwin. That obvious military presence. Constantly scouring the jungle by destroying it.

>> No.40311566

Well we already have a weapon that does that, only faster. The molecular disassembler warhead.

>> No.40311567

>replace our current fungus crop on Leeland
No, other anon is the retard for thinking this was even a "may" instead of a "definitely not."

>Why not now?
It was just explained to you dumbass. Two words: "bump limit".

Crunch is comparatively boring and is not urgent since drones take X days to hatch.

>> No.40311578

>"Some security leak by the looks of it. I remember hearing about that a while ago, actually. Not sure what the fuss was about. Some pictures of some old alien space junk or something that was found somewhere. Didn't look like anything important but it got some important people pissed off." Dillon continues to look at the grainy photos as Lyle flips through. "We ended up shutting down some file sharing sites over it, made a few arrests, but never found anything too big with it. Just some kids trying to unravel some conspiracy that wasn't there as far as I know."

So, Darwin in New Port? We should go around sending a stealth corvette and some flies there some time.

>> No.40311600

QD could always make a new thread.

>> No.40311608

Someone just paid his rent forever.

>> No.40311641 [DELETED] 

>>Start new construction (write in)
Build weather spire system on Leeland
Build Surface to Orbit Missile System on Raligha.

>> No.40311643

>Start new construction
Weather Spires on all planets the Hive has an open presence on (Raligha, Leeland, Zero-One).

Fungus farms to capacity on Leeland.

Space Sugar Cane farms to capacity on Raligha.

We'll take care of laying drones after the bump limit.

>> No.40311667

>Start new construction
Weather Spires

>> No.40311671


Pending Theseus' permission on the Weather Spires on Zero-One, of course.

>> No.40311686

>Lay Other Drones:
19000 Warriors
9000 Heavy Warriors
680 Colossi
For the inevitable and horrifying ground war.

>bump limit
There's always thread 2, mate. You don't need to be so butthurt.
>definitely not
Since you're clearly the expert, what makes it impossible to cultivate GMO crops in new places? Not enough sunlight?
As though that's ever stopped even the humans.

>> No.40311694

>>Start new construction (write in)
Build weather spire system on Leeland, Raligha
Build Surface to Orbit Missile System on Raligha.

>> No.40311713

Supporting. We should lay warriors and colossi whenever we expand anything.

>> No.40311725

We probably should have been building up our ground forces for a while now.

>> No.40311732
File: 136 KB, 900x679, drapion_by_namh-d4lw103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Support for Mother

>> No.40311741

>Since you're clearly the expert, what makes it impossible to cultivate GMO crops in new places? Not enough sunlight?
>As though that's ever stopped even the humans.
It's been explicitly mentioned that they only grow in areas with plenty of sunlight.

>> No.40311757


>> No.40311763

How about we wait until the end of the thread.

>> No.40311775

Hey QuestDrone, could we start deploying small automated groups of specialized hybrids/drones to human controlled planets to carry out our will on their own?
That way you don't have to write everything out and can just bring us back to these planets when something interesting happens.

>> No.40311779

Supporting waiting.

>> No.40311780

You fags will argue about anything.

>> No.40311783


>> No.40311792

why not now?

>> No.40311811

stop being a retard.

>> No.40311812

I want to get shit other than laying drones and building structures done this thread.

>> No.40311814

Because we ought to lay more drones than that, but I don't want to eat up bumps discussing it just yet.

Also by the end of the thread we might have pressing matters we want to address by laying new drones/ships, and we don't want to go through this process twice.

>> No.40311824

Says the retard

>> No.40311833

We have organic lighting. We can grow them inside if we so please, in ways not dissimilar to growing marijuana.
Alternatively, we can, I dunno, change the weather with our giant weather machines and grow them wherever we please.
In the most extreme of cases, we can even modify the damned things, considering we know how they work.
Come on, anon. Open your damn mind.

>> No.40311836


>> No.40311846


We haven't ended the thread with drone laying in months. In any case QD specifically asked for a vote on this now, and we're better off getting it out of the way now when everyone is awake enough to think straight. Relatively straight, anyway.

>> No.40311851

Near the end of the series of photos the region near the top edge of the clearing is replaced with a massive, smoldering crater. A line of burnt ash runs down the clearing and into the jungle on the other side, carving a deep trench across the camp.

"Shit." Jackob says as he looks over Lyle's shoulder. "What caused that?"

"No idea. That... never actually came up in the reports I saw." Dillon says slowly. "The hell, where did you get this?"

"Got it from a squid, who got it from Lee." Lyle says. "As for where he got it, you'll have to ask him."

"I plan to." Dillon says. Jackob looks at the rest of the folders as Lyle reaches the end of the photos.

"Hey, what's that one over there? Looks like a video file."

Elsewhere in the hive, your speaker continues the chitter between Lee and Elizabeth.

"And that is how the Vaughn arrived to the hive." It says, its beak clicking with the satisfaction of concluding its story. Elizabeth nods.

"The abridged version at least. I've been able to make all manner of astounding discoveries here. It's been a rather exiting few weeks." She says. "I think I know the gist of how you met the hive already though." Lee rubs his head idly.

"Yea, I figured. Honestly, even with the whole crash and nearly being killed several times, it's a nice planet. A bit hot, but if you've lived on Talgo you could be room mates with a Canian." Lee says nervously. "If it's all the same to you, I think I'm going to try to get some sleep. I feel like I've been up for a week." Your speaker shakes its claws, rubbing them against each other to wipe off the traces of dirt and grit.

"Humans have place to sleep, follow!"

19000 Warriors
9000 Heavy Warriors
680 Colossi


>Build missile defense grid on Raligha
>Construct Weather spire network on (write in planet)
>Begin construction of hydroponic farms on Raligha
>Other (write in)

>> No.40311876
File: 97 KB, 882x681, 1399841134774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you new to /tg/ or something?

>> No.40311891


>> No.40311893

>Build missile defense grid on Raligha
Always get defense networks up.
>Begin construction of hydroponic farms on Raligha

>> No.40311897

>>Build missile defense grid on Raligha
>Begin construction of hydroponic farms on Raligha
Can we have this one on auto-expansion like our mushroom farms?

>> No.40311904

>>Build missile defense grid on Raligha
>Begin construction of hydroponic farms on Raligha
>Construct Weather spire network on

>> No.40311912

>Missile Defense Grid

>> No.40311915

>Build missile defense grid on Raligha
>Begin construction of hydroponic farms on Raligha
Start a mining base at G-426 P1.

>> No.40311916



>Build missile defense grid on Raligha
>Construct Weather spire network on: Raligha, Leeland, Zero One (w/ Theseus' permission)
>Begin construction of hydroponic farms on Raligha
>Begin construction of Orbital Electroponics stations in Leeland system, to capacity.

>> No.40311917

>>Build missile defense grid on Raligha
>Other (write in
Consult theseus on how to best discredit the Tories/Limit aggression between the union and confederacy.

Also you son of a bitch I just got the civil war reference here. I am an idiot.

>> No.40311919

>But you're the retard
Brilliant come back.
That would cost twice as they would give.
Why don't we set up a section in the wiki for thread planning?

>> No.40311920

>Begin construction of hydroponic farms on Raligha

>> No.40311929


>Construct Weather spire network on (write in) Leeland definitely if we don't already. Raligha probably. Zero-One if Theseus is cool with it.


>Build missile defense grid on Raligha

I think farms can wait until we can protect them.

>> No.40311930

>Build missile defense grid on Raligha
>Construct Weather spire network on (Leeland, Raligha)
>Begin construction of hydroponic farms on Raligha

>> No.40311933

Oh, and

>> No.40311934


>Build missile defense grid on Raligha
>Begin construction of hydroponic farms on Raligha
>Construct Weather spire network on Leeland, Raligha

>> No.40311938



>Build missile defense grid on Raligha
>Begin construction of hydroponic farms on Raligha

>> No.40311952

since we have human intel agents here, can we ask them on their opinion on our black queen issues? it seems like they are going to be working with us for the long run and might as well have them do something useful

>> No.40311955

>Build missile defense grid on Raligha
>Construct Weather spire network on all planets except Zero-one.
>Begin construction of hydroponic farms on Raligha

>> No.40311958

Stop trying to seem smart, retard

>> No.40311966

Oh, also
>Construct Weather spire network on Leeland, Raligha

>> No.40311973


>Build missile defense grid on Raligha
>Construct Weather spire network on (Leeland, Raligha)
>Begin construction of hydroponic farms on Raligha

>> No.40311995

No. Don't be stupid, they have nothing that would be helpful with combating alien fucking bug queens. It's as far outside their expertise as Teegarden is from Graythrone.

>> No.40311996

You do realize I'm someone else right dumbass?

>> No.40312006

Sure buddy sure

>> No.40312021

>Build missile defense grid on Raligha
>Begin construction of hydroponic farms on Raligha

>> No.40312027

Dude, this is one of the highest trafficked quests on /tg/, he almost certainly IS someone else. Now go sit in a corner.

>> No.40312057


>> No.40312079

why are we building ground troops and not space ships?

>> No.40312081

Kill yourself.

>> No.40312084

>Construct weather spire network on Leeland

>> No.40312089

Finally managed to catch one of these threads!
Would usually need to be asleep by now, but there's one thing that's confounded me this entire time.

What prevents us from adding more limbs, or adding weapons to spots that aren't limbs (such as shoulder-mounted guns) and eyes and brains to those guns so that they can fire independently of the warriors' actions?

Or hell, simply creating small bugs that are nothing but a gun, targeting-specialized brains, clamps and eyes that attach to the warriors' carapace in a spot with good coverage (head, shoulders, either side of body), serving to give our ordinary warriors some ranged capability without jeopardizing their melee capacity?

Oh, and what of shields, or rather a big plate of carapace that ranged warriors use as cover, similarly to Marines, allowing them to have the armor of an armored warrior in one direction at a fraction of the cost,, and making them more independent of cover?

>> No.40312098

What do our drones and hive interior smell like?

>> No.40312104

To be fair ground troops without a decent fleet to support them would render the ground troops useless.

>> No.40312109

Partially because it needs to actually be able to be aimed and be functional or it'd just be useless.

>> No.40312117

Cotton candy.

>> No.40312120

You first, I'll make it a murder-suicide

>> No.40312129

Space ships are also a good idea.
We must build them, yes.

>> No.40312131

>build missile defense on Raligha
>Begin construction of hydroponic farms on Raligha
seem to have support

>Build Weather spire network on Leeland
>Build Weather spire network on Raligha

Also, don't worry about the bump limit. I don't need to get up early tomorrow so I can just keep making threads until morning.

Sometimes that thought scares me a bit. Still have no idea how it got so big.

>> No.40312139

The Hive's forms are ALL already as optimized as they get. Armor is as thick/thin in all the appropriate places as it can be to offer the most protection for the least weight. Warriors already have ranged and melee capacity simultaneously without one hindering the other.

>> No.40312142

I just realised we can essentially perform a perfect version of gender reassignment surgery, that's a market we'll want to get into when we engage in trade with the Union. Gravy train thy name is tranny.

>> No.40312149


>> No.40312153

Construct Orbital Electroponics stations in Leeland's System.

>> No.40312155

I always imagined that it smelled like a mixture of honey, rotten fruit, and grass.

>> No.40312162

Stop feeding this troll you fools. If we're going shitpost, it should be about things relevant to the hive, at least.

>> No.40312165


>> No.40312171

Who let tumblr in this thread?

>> No.40312173

I support it.

>> No.40312185


>> No.40312195


For the independent gun-bug idea, it's certainly interesting, but I'm not sure it's quite necessary given that we do have ranged warriors. It's just an additional complication/thing to keep track of.

For the shield idea, part of the idea of heavy warriors was to act as mobile cover, so that we didn't have to sacrifice attack ability of the warriors for something like shields or heavier armour.

>> No.40312198

we can make humans biologically immortal, i don't think we have to worry about finding markets

>> No.40312201

could we essentially turn lyle into alex mercer

>> No.40312205

>Build Weather spire network on Leeland
Raligha is already hospitable as fuck, I don't see why we need a weather spire there outside of an attack destroying the biosphere.

>>Still have no idea how it got so big
>Original sci fi setting
>fairly interesting plothooks
>Playing something that isnt human for a change
Also I may have discretely linked it on some outside sci fi forums.

Tumblr pls go.

>> No.40312238

The combat system could use some work though.

>> No.40312259

If suggesting ways to profit off queers makes me tumblr then fuck it check your privilege.

>> No.40312271
File: 651 KB, 1067x800, wheredoyouthinkweare.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>giving neckbeards the ability to be the little girl

>> No.40312283

I think it's a compromise between being a purely story-driven approach and adding a sense of randomness to the action.

>> No.40312304


>> No.40312316

>implying mental ill trannies aren't tumblr as fuck.
But combat is so bland. Especially space combat.

>> No.40312325

Not tumblr, but thats got to be pretty lucrative. I mean theres shit loads of "normal" people who might do it just to see what its like.

Its kind of hard to argue against body modification when its easily done and easily reversed.

>> No.40312327


>> No.40312335

>implying mental ill trannies aren't tumblr as fuck

Trying to explain how wrong you are would take too much effort for a neanderthal like you

>> No.40312356

>But combat is so bland. Especially space combat.
What do want to see in the combat then?

>> No.40312375

Yeah I hear tumblr breathes oxygen too, ya landwhale.

>> No.40312379


>> No.40312389

On the subject of gun-bugs, that would be an easy as hell way to allow Lyle and his buddies to use our weapons without massively invasive surgery. We could simply design a small drone that could fold it's legs into a stock/grip and use it's arms as a grip. Hell, if QD allows it we could even ad blades to act as a bayonet.

>> No.40312405

>We could simply design a small drone that could fold it's legs into a stock/grip and use it's arms as a grip
pretty good idea actually

>> No.40312425

>Also I may have discretely linked it on some outside sci fi forums.
Well that explains a lot. Thanks for flooding this quest with assholes who have no idea how this site functions. Dick.

>> No.40312434

Our guns are living things, though.
And QD did state they can be modified to be used by humans.

>> No.40312435

>Its kind of hard to argue against body modification when its easily done and easily reversed.
You have no idea how badly that can fuck someone up. There is a reason why post-op trannies are prone to suicide.
I want to be able to have attacking options other than swarm them like the fucking zerg.

>> No.40312439
File: 1.46 MB, 301x250, popcorn.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Arguments started earlier than expected. Good thing I got extra popcorn tonight.

>> No.40312444


THAT is a very good idea.

>> No.40312448

What about a gun bug that can cling to their forearms to shoot or maybe clings to them when not in use

>> No.40312450

Build Maximum amount of sustainable bloodroot collectors on Raligha.

>> No.40312472

Fluff, shut up. This isn't the kind of thread where posting popcorn pictures is funny.

>> No.40312484

The idea of adding it as an independent organism is that the organism does the aiming - the warrior only needs to stand still at long range, or move about normally at short-medium range.

Except they're really, really not. A warrior carrying a gun is a lot less efficient than simply making a gun with legs, since a gun with legs doesn't have a huge creature that needs feeding just to hold it.

And since ranged capacity takes up one hand, and two when firing, it does hinder the other.

You could simply replace the ranged warriors with a lot smaller ranged symbiotes that you attach to the regular warriors - allowing you to have a lot more firepower in a higher concentration. As to complication, surely it would be no more complex than keeping track of either ranged damage, or count them as a separate unit with the same movement speed as whatever drones they are attached to?

Heavy warriors take a lot of room, cost, and should generally be moving towards the enemy so that they can use their weapons, as cover they seem mediocre and needlessly expensive?

>> No.40312494

and when the user is disabled it could actually lunge off of the wearers arm and attack the aggressors itself

>> No.40312496

>There is a reason why post-op trannies are prone to suicide.
Because they underwent a completely irreversible procedure that will never live up to their expectations that they believe will finally grant them the happiness and comfort with their body that they desire?

Getting a sex change in this day and age is fucking stupid. You'll just have a fucked up barely functional version of the other set of genitals.

>> No.40312505

...You mean what hive weapons already are.

An independent drone that has those gun parts built into it instead of having it as a modular attachment on its arm would just be a bigger bulkier less practical gun.

And they already have their own projectile weapons.

>> No.40312512

Not stand alone organisms, they're not. They are GRAFTS, like a prosthetic, that can only function properly when interfaced with one of our drones.

>> No.40312522


>Add ships/fleets to que
>Not now

The door flexes open and Lee finds Lyle and the others chuckling at a projection against the wall of a man in brightly colored armor and a large, bug-eyed helmet rides a vibrantly decorated grav bike through a large, but cheap looking explosion before entering a flying kick through the air in dramatic fashion to the fast paced beat of pathian pop music. Lee's face pales and he leaps at the holo-screen, covering the projector with his arms as he reaches for the controls.

"That's uh, I saved it for a friend!" He shouts as he pulls the small data disc from the projector screen. Jackob lets out a hearty laugh.

"I think I've seen that show come on in the weekend mornings. Why you need to save it?"

"That's the dub. It's edited to-" Lee stammers again as he fumbles to put the disk in his pocket. "I mean, that's what my friend says." The three let out another round of laughter.

"Alright, but seriously, the other stuff on that disc. Those photos." Dillon asks, his tone growing more serious. "Who'd you get 'em from?"

which ones?

>> No.40312523

I'm imagining something like the Predators shoulder cannon

>> No.40312534

>Not now
Let's get on with it.

>> No.40312536

The big bonus about our guns is that, instead of just being a gun, you can have an attached small bug that sits on your shoulder and tracks targets, aims and fires completely independently of what the wielder of the weapon is doing.

Less hand-held gun, more extremely cheap, automated shoulder-mounted turret.

>> No.40312545



>> No.40312546

>>Not now

>> No.40312548
File: 562 KB, 512x768, Kamen_rider_eurodata.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You magnificent bastard

>> No.40312556

>>Add ships/fleets to que
20 planetary raiders.

Because ee need a ship that can just drop hybrids and egglayers onto a planet without risking detection.

>> No.40312567

Build maximum amount of sustainable bloodroot collectors on Raligha.

>> No.40312574

>the idea of adding it as an independent organism is that the organism does the aiming
>warrior only needs to stand still
Okay, so. Two problems:
Our guns are already living things that can be used by warriors to help aim.
Standing still, without being in a sniping or camping position, is fucking suicide.
>less efficient than a gun with legs
You're suggesting we make a lot of tiny guns that need feeding, instead of one large creature that can also do melee (you know, that thing we excel in).
>ranged capacity takes up one hand, two when firing
False. Our guns can be fired one handed, they're simply less effective.
>you could replace ranged warriors with ranged symbiotes that you attach to regular warriors
Like our current, regular guns? Why are you advocating for shitty and tiny gun platforms, man?
>heavy warriors take a lot of...
Tiny gun platforms take a lot of room, and cost when taken together, and should generally be kept safe from the enemy so that they can use their weapons, as soldiers they seem mediocre and needlessly expensive?

I've tried so very, very hard to not be a faggot.
But please, get the fuck out. Leave and never return, anon. Just fucking go.

>> No.40312578

we going full production mode this thread

>> No.40312582

Except those raiders guarantee detection.

>> No.40312594

See >>40312512

>> No.40312596

>>Not now

>> No.40312597

1 Heavy Battlefleet

One thread on Spacebattles, weeks ago, I doubt that a lot of people saw it

>> No.40312618


>> No.40312619

>4 Heavy Battle Fleet
>5 Light Fleets

>> No.40312633

>>Not now

>> No.40312637

Seeing that he's not doing any of the shit posting is starting to make him seem like a damn reasonable compared to the others in here.

>> No.40312639

How. They are fully cloaked, and can drop a drone onto a planet in a disposable craft about as small as the drone itself. That's a lot safer than our current method of using space pods, the one on Gemini was nearly found by redneck farmers.

>> No.40312644

5 light fleets and nothing else.

>> No.40312657

> Add 4 heavy battle fleets and 3 light fleets

>> No.40312676

Because deploying the drop pods removes cloak. The will be visible to everyone in the system.

>> No.40312677

What I mean is that they are weapon grafts, and as such require a drone's biological systems to function. Having a small drone do that would allow humans to use weapons produced by the hive with little to no modification.

>> No.40312683
File: 198 KB, 411x481, sadpup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone sure is salty because someone has an idea they don't like

>> No.40312732

I wonder how the human guests would react if they were to see even a glimpse of our war stockpile

>No captcha I don't think iguana's are food but I'll take your word for it

>> No.40312758

>>4 Heavy Battle Fleet
>>5 Light Fleets

>> No.40312777


>> No.40312787

>Our guns are already living things that can be used by warriors to help aim.
But they're not self-targeting, the warrior still has to devote his attention to it, costing valuable charging time and still using up one limb.
>Standing still, without being in a sniping or camping position, is fucking suicide.
The idea of standing still at long range is that you are in a sniping or camping position - it's the same thing we do now, but with the smaller bug doing the aiming without taking up an arm slot. They can also leave the ranged bugs there and have them continue to provide covering fire while they charge ahead.
>You're suggesting we make a lot of tiny guns that need feeding, instead of one large creature that can also do melee (you know, that thing we excel in).
Well, regular guns. And the idea is simply that instead of taking up one of the large creatures' arms, making it less efficient at dat lovely melee, it is simply attached to the carapace.
>False. Our guns can be fired one handed, they're simply less effective.
Fair enough - but they still take up one arm and designate an entire bug as "Ranged Unit with sword" compared to the dedicated melee units.

>Like our current, regular guns? Why are you advocating for shitty and tiny gun platforms, man?
Why do you assume them to be shitty?
Take a gun. Now imagine that instead of having to shoot it, it sits on your shoulder, and shoots people, while you savage them with your claws.

Previously you'd need to hold it, you'd need to aim yourself, and if you wanted to provide covering fire you'd generally need to stand still and in cover and not charge forwards to chop other things into little pieces.

>Tiny gun platforms take a lot of room, and cost when taken together
Not nearly as much as a full warrior does, which is what we have now. A full warrior doing the job that can be done even better by these "tiny gun platforms".

>> No.40312793

Yes, briefly, and from thousands of miles away. I still prefer those odds over those of sending one of our pods in, because those cloaks don't exactly work very well inside of an atmosphere.

>> No.40312810

I get that. Who should see it?
See >>40312512

>> No.40312813

A drop pod is even worse. It's guaranteed to be noticed. A pod can at least have a decent chance of maintaining cloak entering the atmosphere. The pod just fucking falls and lights up like a xmas tree.

A better choice of landing zones would dramatically reduce the chance of being farmer joe'd again. Just send pods down over the damn ocean. That way poor rolls won't leave any crater humans can investigate.

>> No.40312826

Dude, I'd just like to point out that these are big honking guns we're talking about here. It would be exceedingly difficult for a small drone to manipulate it with the dexterity a regular warrior has.

>> No.40312880

That ramming/creep idea, wouldn't it be faster if you can get a modified version of the nanite tree mining thing on the ramming part? Imagine one of our corvettes ramming an enemy ship, only to have the enemy ship lose power one by one as our nanites collect the copper in their wires... or maybe hull breaches/more brittle armor since the metal got leeched from around the impact area?
Hell, we don't even need to penetrate, just bump or glance armors, and boom, they have metal trees on their weakened armor that we can shoot through better.

>> No.40312914

>They're not self targeting
All of a warrior's being is dedicated to combat. It can slash someone down, bite at someone else, while 1-handed aiming a thorn rifle at a third target a fly can see but it can't with the same ease you or I breathe. That is literally the sort of shit they've been designed for for hundreds of thousands of years.
>Smaller bug doing the aiming without taking up an arm slot
Warriors have been designed to have both ranged and melee weapons. It's not a Ranged unit with sword, it's a dangerous soldier bug.
>Ranged bugs can be left to provide cover
Or we could just use more warriors.
>Using one of the creatures arms, making it less efficient at melee
It doesn't.

>> No.40312919

Wouldn't it be better to just hijack their ship like that?

>> No.40312942

The drop pods are indistinguishable from natural asteroids. So are the pods, coincidentally, but they stay around after landing, are significantly bigger, and are clearly of alien design. It is impossible to enter an atmosphere under cloak. Sure you could make the ship look transparent, but you can't hide the heat and fire of re entry. This has happened every time we sent our ships to a Union planet, they even noticed them going to Earth. Drop pods are preferable to FTL ships because they leave no evidence and can't be identified as anything more than a space rock.

>> No.40312970


The creep is not, and was never intended to be used as an offensive weapon.

>> No.40312973

Then imagine them as whatever is the minimum size to do nothing but hold and fire that gun accurately. It doesn't need to be cat sized, but dedicating an entire warrior as a weapons platform for a relatively small weapon seems wasteful when a far smaller and thus less expensive bug could do it equally well without using up an arm.

>> No.40312987

Then we make it a weapon.

>> No.40312992

>indistinguishable from natural asteroids
They aren't. It's very easy to figure out the difference.

>> No.40313007

>The drop pods are indistinguishable from natural asteroids.
Except for the part where they occur even where no asteroids have been observed before, and don't burn up in the atmosphere entirely before reaching the ground.

>> No.40313013

Yes, our drop pods have far more dakka.


>> No.40313029

>you can't hide the heat and fire of re entry
You can if you just lower yourself really slowly with proper application of ion thrusters. Which a pod can do, if it rolls well.

>> No.40313099

>4 Heavy battle fleets
>5 Light fleets

"What do you mean?" Lee answers slowly.

"I mean those pictures of that dig site, where the trench shows up out of nowhere." Dillon says. "Even I've never seen that picture. How the hell did you get it?"

"I heard some weird stuff was happening in the expanse, and I ended up getting a copy, that's it." Lee says as he holds his hands out in front of him. "The link was only up for a minute before it was taken down. I hardly even got all of it."

Your speaker watches from the door as the conversation unfolds. Dillon gives Lee a long stare.

"I don't like it when things just slip by like that. If Sec-com took it down, I would have seen it. I was on that case."

"Maybe it was BFI stepping on your toes again?" Jackob says as he leans back against a wall. "They clearly have been doing that. We wouldn't be sitting here in a giant appendix if that wasn't true." He quickly looks to your speaker. "Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's a great fucking appendix. Best appendix I've ever stayed in."

>Ask your own question to Lee(write in)
>Speak with Theseus (write in)

Sometimes I feel like dealing with crunch is like the Two Minutes Hate.

>> No.40313110


>> No.40313115

>they occur even where no asteroids have been observed
Asteroids occur evenly across a planets atmosphere randomly. There is no way to predict where and when they will enter, and there are no zones where they will occur more frequently than others.

>don't burn up in the atmosphere entirely before reaching the ground.
Meteors, by definition, don't burn up entirely before reaching the ground. They burn up so much of their mass they become more or less impossible to detect with radar.

Furthermore, I'd just like to remind you that when our pod entered Gemini, it was immediately noticed and identified as an asteroid by the Union authorities.

>> No.40313117

Check the pods.

>> No.40313131

>"They clearly have been doing that. We wouldn't be sitting here in a giant appendix if that wasn't true." He quickly looks to your speaker. "Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's a great fucking appendix. Best appendix I've ever stayed in."

>> No.40313139

Damnit Jackob you are clearly in the liver not the appendix

>> No.40313140

>All of a warrior's being is dedicated to combat. It can slash someone down, bite at someone else, while 1-handed aiming a thorn rifle at a third target a fly can see but it can't with the same ease you or I breathe.
That's when they're in a melee - working as a ranged unit generally involves maneuvers like getting into a good position and staying there rather than getting into hand-to-hand.

All I'm saying is that using an entire warrior just to hold a gun seems wasteful when a far smaller drone could do that very thing. We don't need our ranged units to be huge, hulking slashers, we just need them to be able to getting into position and hold, aim, and fire that gun.
>Warriors have been designed to have both ranged and melee weapons. It's not a Ranged unit with sword, it's a dangerous soldier bug.
They've been designed to have either two melee weapons or one ranged and one melee weapon. It's a dangerous soldier bug by human standards, but by bug standards it trades a lot of hand-to-hand capability for ranged weapons, and that seems unnecessary when the ranged weapon can be attached independently.

>Or we could just use more warriors.
And how much would that cost? You might get 3-5 of these smaller creatures for the price of a single warrior. For a squad of ten warriors you would get 30-50 guns.
Using warriors with guns, you'd need to get 30-50 warriors to get that same level of firepower that now costs the equivalent of 10 warriors because of the unnecessarily large weapons platform.

>It doesn't.
If it doesn't, why do not all our warriors (including the armored ones) have one ranged and one melee weapon?
Why do we have dedicated melee warriors if they are no more efficient at it than ranged-melee warriors?

"This gun takes up one arm" seems like a pretty clear sign to me that the drone in question will be less efficient at melee than one with both arms dedicated to rip'n'tear.

>> No.40313158

>it was immediately noticed and identified as an asteroid by the Union authorities.
That's the official story dumbass.

>> No.40313168

Do we know where the photos are from? Or is that Theseus' doing?

>> No.40313169

>>Ask your own question to Lee(write in)
How did they get you into the whole psionics program after the bombing?

>> No.40313176


>> No.40313178


my bugga.

>> No.40313189

>Check them pods.

>> No.40313212

IDK - maybe if we get Theseus to help. Imagine a cannon shell, but inside you have a crash-resistant computer containing a Theseus copy, and a whole busload of nanites that is slated to connect said mini-Theseus into the interface of the enemy ship. Of course this will only work on human or scav ships, though.

Basically. But I'm also saying we should have a molecular disassembler armor, just to be sure. If we run out of MDW that is.

>> No.40313213

Read Michael Devon's mind to see what the dissident websites were that Lee was associated with. Space 4chan or whatever.

Also pods after we do this shadowruns stuff would be okay I guess. maybe not until the new thread though.

>> No.40313220


"Actually it is a combination of other parts and it is all alive Jackob. It is how the hive grows our home."
>Ask Lee
"Lee, how did you get pulled into the psionics program? Was there others? Want to play a round of warhammer 40k?

>> No.40313221

Check the pods, also shouldn't we have finished surveying Farcast by now?

>> No.40313252

Check pods, begin colonizing planets.

>> No.40313258


>>5 Light fleets

>Speak with Theseus
Ask about this picture, and about any developments with OQ and her ships. Also, if we can agree on it, I think we ought to see if we could speed up trade with Theseus. I was thinking about offering a catalouge of research subjects we would be willing to sell, and in exchange he offers us a list of subjects he would be willing trade for. I think a big reason we have traded so little with the Unity is because we have no idea what we could get from them.

Also, we should ask him about getting (limited) access to the internet for our guests, so Lee can show us where he found this information.

>> No.40313262


>> No.40313287

>>Check pods
Time for exploring.

>> No.40313291

If we're going to trade with we should deal with Heretic at the same time.

>> No.40313358
File: 248 KB, 490x490, philosoraptor-selfcest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Taidaren are a race that's majority male, and that reproduces sexually rarely, but lays eggs via parthenogenesis commonly.

You might draw the natural conclusion that Taidaren squatter communes are probably filthy mudwrestling casual gay sex orgies all the time.

But is sexual activity among identical triplets considered taboo incest or acceptable masturbation? They wouldn't really need a Westermarck effect to prevent incest-babies when reproduction is so regulated anyway.

>> No.40313388

We're not using Theseus as a proxy.

We can already get our own internet connection through the Hel's Angel FTLComm relay.

Or we can finally send a mission to Deep Song to buy our own relay connection and bank account.

Of course we need the credits to pay for passage through a hyper gate first.

>> No.40313407

Small drones can't equip weapons.
Your drone idea is squashed by quest mechanics before it can even be a thing.

>> No.40313416

The gun does not take up one arm.

Warriors always have 2 melee weapons, and can choose to either have 1 or two ranged weapons additionally.

We do not have dedicated melee warriors.

>> No.40313430

We could try kidnapping a Valen.

>> No.40313440

>pay for passage through a hyper gate
We could do that.
But why not just use our own FTL?

>> No.40313447

This one

>> No.40313473

Do you know where to find the coordinates for Deep Song?

Or if it's even closer than the 50 lightyear limit before the blink drive runs out of fuel?

Because I don't.

>> No.40313492

Then imagine them whatever size is necessary to make their entire body the weapon. Having a full-sized drone serve as a weapons-platform for a single weapon seems needlessly wasteful.

That's not how I remember it from when they were first introduced - the weapon symbiote replaced the entire arm, it was not attached to the arm.

>> No.40313496

We already know how he got there. It's all in Michael Devon's memories.

They faked his death and tossed him into the mad science grinder to make him useful.

>> No.40313514

Solid state teleportation would solve the problem of fuel.

>> No.40313526



>> No.40313540

That it would. I thought the same.

However we don't have it yet and that still doesn't solve the bigger problem of we don't even know where Deep Song is.

>> No.40313551

I'm still confused how that is supposed to work, seeing as quantum teleportation is less "things going from one place to another" and more "this thing mimics what this other thing does in realtime despite distance".

I mean, how do you translate that into "SUDDENLY PORTALS!"?

>> No.40313553

>Check the pods

>> No.40313559

Hey man chill.
No need to get your towerpanties in a knot.
Anyway I'm sure someone would be happy to simply sell us the coordinates. Or trade for them.

>imagine them whatever size is necessary to make their entire body the weapon
>full-sized drone for a single weapon wasteful
It is incredibly wasteful, which is why I'm surprised you're suggesting it.
We should just stick to our current drones, which are more than enough for everything we have to do. They have a ranged weapon (with good accuracy and damage) and two melee weapons for when they close to glorious melee combat.
What more could you want?
Heavy weapons? Colossi got you there.

>> No.40313616

why are we so concerned about the pods again? what's happening?

>> No.40313619

Guys this is perfect.

Lee was in possession of an offline backup of a sensitive leak.

One that his friendly dissident groups were interested in.

Now we have a motive for when we frame them for hiring Lyle to find Lee. He knew where his backup was.

>> No.40313631

Intelligence gathering.

>> No.40313646

I said a full-sized drone for a single weapon.
Having it be the minimal size necessary to hold a weapon (or two!) massively lowers the amount of nutrients it consumes and the overall complexity of the creature.

The thing about "more than enough" is that it won't always be enough. And as far as I understand it, they have a ranged weapon and one melee weapon, or they have two melee weapons, not both, as the ranged weapon symbiote takes up the entire arm.

All I want is to be able to get 50 guns trained at an enemy without paying for 50 unnecessarily expensive warriors just to hold them - just have a gun with eyes and legs, that eats a fifth or even tenth of what the big creature does?

>> No.40313659

I'm disappointed in myself for forgetting to vote for Barnard in the last round, we could have seen the Commonwealth border fleet mobilizing when shit hit the fan the same way we did at Proxima.

>> No.40313729

So guys, what do you think of the idea of us cloning and getting the clones of all these people murdered by a smith. It would allow our implanted guy to get a promotion and get them all off the radar fully.

Hell, we could even let them in on this one.

>> No.40313734

You know we still never asked Lyle's memories who's on Constantinople that's so important to him. And what's in his password-protected network on his ship.

Been wondering about those two things since HQQ 13.

>> No.40313769
File: 130 KB, 581x366, p545550311-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"How does this appendix compare with previous ones encountered by the Jackob? The Hive has gone to great lengths to make it as accommodating as possible to the humans. Would you like to see the other appendixes? The just completed the one with the pool!"

>> No.40313775
File: 16 KB, 717x174, hivequeenquest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry anon. Your faggotry is terminal.

>> No.40313783

Yes, let's add this.

>> No.40313797

Then you remember incorrectly. It's never been like that, they've always been able to equip blades and guns. Why do you think Thumpers aren't equipped to every warrior? It's because they /actually do/ replace the melee weapons.

>> No.40313800

It would require seven days to make perfect, flaw-free clones. 5 to clone, 2 to cybernetically enhance the Lyle. Possibly more, if we want to give him ones that mimic the human-made, pre-Unity cybernetics that the Union has on file for him.

Also no, best not to let any of them in on it. The idea of creating life out of nothing in a week would be too unsettling for them, it unsettled Lyle already enough.

>> No.40313832

Excellent, thankyou.

Nevermind, then.
They might still be interesting for niche roles such as stationary turrets and dedicated firing squads (low cost per gun, very small targets), but is apparently unnecessary for the regular units.

>> No.40313844
File: 40 KB, 476x312, pyrovore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm imagining a smaller drone that is basically just legs and a head acting as the mobile platform for a single or pair of weapons

pic sorta related


>> No.40313847

Also, on that note, we need a safe house location that is known to dillons contacts, we need that nuclear device that lyle allegedly has with him. We're going to make him go down in a blaze of glory. (of course he'll just be confused when this all blows over and everyone thinks hes even more insane and badass).

>> No.40313855

That wasn't mad. That was just pointing out a problem.

And if we're going to pay for coordinates we might as well pay to teleport the Clarke there and learn the coordinates with our sensors the old fashioned way.

>> No.40313859

We already have stationary turrets inbuilt into our creep. There's no need for firing squads when we have warriors that are dirt cheap already.

>> No.40313892


Your speaker chitters.
"It is many things working together." It says dismissively before your drone turns back to Lee. "The hive is interested in these things. How was the Lee captured by the laboratory?" Lee stammers for a moment from the apparent change in subject.

"Well," he says, "I honestly can't say for sure. I honestly just wanted to get some money, and I figured getting dividends off a whole new colony would give a decent paycheck. Since that, it feels like everything's gone downhill. I was kicked down to Spaceman from the officer academy, I was hunted by a horde of crazy robots, almost eaten by some steam powered centipede thing, broke half the bones in my body, and rotted out a lung from breathing those spores." He places his palm on the side of his chest where his fake ribs are.

"After that things got really nice, actually. I was actually suspicious about it things were so nice. I even got on tv a few times. Then I was given a promotion way above what I would expect, and people started sweet talking me into going back. That's when I started to get really suspicious." Your speaker chitters softly as it attempts a courteous nod, but bobs its head awkwardly instead.

"I was arrested for, well I don't even know what, actually." Lee continues, "but after a few days I heard that someone was going to try to bust be out. I never found out who, since they moved me the next day, but I heard the attack from inside the van as we drove off. After that," he shrugs, "I arrived in some lab, no idea where it was, until you guys blew it up."

"Good story." Your speaker says. "Lee is also good at speaking."

"Uh, thanks. You too." Lee says. Your speaker chirps loudly.

>Speak with Lee and the others (write in)
>Manage your clones and the Clarke
>Begin cloning project (write in)

>> No.40313893


>Speak with Theseus
"Would you like a Weather Spire network on Zero-One?"

>> No.40313897

Yes but with legs like >>40313844 they can be repositioned to hold new areas

>> No.40313922

>Begin Cloning project (Lyle, Lee, Dillon, Jakob, etc.)

>Speak with Lee and others, the location of a safe house, known by dillons superiors but relatively discreet.

>> No.40313923

No need, we can grow new ones in new areas.

>> No.40313929

And I'd like to remind you that our pod managed to land on Tadega with perfect stealth maintained to retrieve the head of Adam Seiner.

Stealthier than any meteor-out-of-nowhere.

>> No.40313931


>> No.40313939

Something like that, yep.
Can you imagine the waste if the only way to get that gun is to have it equipped on a small bio-titan or knight?

It's easy to say that right up until we run into someone like the Tau or hovering units or virtually anytime when we need a lot of gun and the warrior itself is just dead meat (there's a reason our tanks aren't huge humanoid robots with a single 70mm cannon in their hand).

>> No.40313941


>> No.40313945

>kicked down to Spaceman from the officer academy

Check up on Farcast and all the other space pods we sent out to explore

>> No.40313952

Ok since I clearly have to spell this out


>> No.40313977

Say we board another ship. They would park and camp, providing cover fire down hallways and whatnot while the drones push in other areas.

They are area denial weapons, not area defense

>> No.40313985


>> No.40313989

We have literally thousands of warriors, extremely fortified emplacements that can withstand orbital bombardments, thousands of aircraft designed for anti-infantry or anti-vehicle or anti-aircraft duty, and creep that actively assaults anyone we dislike on a molecular level automatically in addition to growing turrets and shit.

We are good enough already, now shut up please.

>> No.40313994

>Manage your clones and the Clarke
Theseus we need to know before we do this.

How common are stiletto-class corvettes like the Clarke? How much attention will it draw if we send you to the gate at Andromeda?

And can we borrow mass credits fare for it? Lyle's account would be too suspicious.

>construct fusion reactors and shield generators in human construction-mimicking fashion already

>> No.40313996

I would prefer refraining from this. It's completely unnecessary at the moment and likely to piss off the humans if they ever find out.

>> No.40313998

Ask them if we should contact the Green party.

>> No.40314005

>now shut up please.
No u

>> No.40314009

Or we could just deploy warriors. They cost 8N and have an upkeep of 4N. Can't get much more efficient than that. All of your suggestions are dumb.

>> No.40314018

More or less what I was thinking. We can even make them fast as hell.

Imagine our warriors supported by a shit-ton of leaping and speeding guns that are virtually impossible to hit by anything other than automated systems?

Doesn't matter how big a gun our enemies have if the thing they're trying to hit is a leaping spider with a gun that they can't hit. And they can use things as cover that larger creatures would not be able to.

>> No.40314022

Fuck off
Please hold the cloning vote FD style quest drone if you choose it.

>> No.40314023

We'd require blood samples from Jackob and Dillon before we start cloning them.

>> No.40314024

You really are a giant fucking retard, aren't you?

How are you working the keyboard without drooling all over it?

>> No.40314025

So guys, what we need for my plan to fake all these peoples deaths, we need a way to tie the finding of them to our inside man, he needs to go about investigating SOMETHING that will draw him to them.

Also I really want fake-lyle to make real-lyle proud and go down in a radioactive blaze of glory, by doing something so undoubtedly insane that nobody will ever question his sanity or resolve again.

How so, we're saving there asses by taking the heat off of them. They're not risking anything.

>> No.40314036

>good enough

I'll just get right back to our thinkers and tell them to stop researching because we're "good enough" and dear gods forbid that we try to get better.

>> No.40314049

Or a skin sample, or a cheek swab, or potentially a stool sample. Hell, we could tell them we're doing it to give the union a false trail.

>> No.40314057

If we really need to suppress motherfuckers, we bring in a heavy drone armed with dual stingers. That's a lot of dakka mounted on a really tough frame.

>imagine our warriors supported by a ton of very fast guns
Sounds like you want warriors with wings.
Like, you know, our wasps.

>> No.40314058

So you want to fuck them over?

>> No.40314060

Humans have this absurd thing called "ethics" and "clones are sentient beings too so their lives matter" or something.

>> No.40314061

It could get to a cost of 2N with an upkeep of 1N, or a cost of 1N and however little upkeep he lets us get away with.

>> No.40314069

Ask them if they want us to do it first anon.

>> No.40314084

>Check the pods.

>> No.40314097

A ton of very fast, very -cheap- wasps that can carry heavier weapons than a poorly penetrating machine guns.

Flying can be sacrificed for a better price.

>> No.40314103


No asking about a safehouse. We already know the safehouses the Union knows about we just looked up Dillon's contacts through Michael at the BFI offices.

Asking them is pointless and will just stir them up for no reason.

>> No.40314108

They're already fucked over, this will unfuck them so the union stops looking for them. At which point they can probably lay low inside of civilized space if they want to.

Also fine >>40314069 we can ask them for consent, unlike we did in all those discussions about implanting them.

>> No.40314112

So can our drones actually think for themselves in some capacity? I ask because of the childishness they seem to exhibit.

>> No.40314142

No, keep this all a secret until it's a fait accompli and the work is done. Then tell them after it's all over.

Surprise! You're dead! Congratulations! Time to celebrate.

>> No.40314149

They do, but anything beyond the next few seconds is outsourced to us.
Think of them as a person without any motivation, planning ability, self-preservation, desires, drive, and pretty much everything but personality and motor ability.
So, uh, barely a person at all.

>> No.40314161

>>Manage your clones and the Clarke
Haha time for banking

>> No.40314168

Yeah they're fucked but they aren't permanently fucked. Faking their deaths with clones is sort of extreme for the amount of shit they're in, we could get them out of it using other means.

>> No.40314169

>this will unfuck them so the union stops looking for them
It won't anon. This plan has more problems than the plot of Dark Knight Rises.

>> No.40314189

The smallest unit of upkeep that you can have is 1N, that's the way the system is. The most guns you can fit on your theoretical drone is 2, and it will have nonexistent armor, no senses, and no melee.

So we could have 8 flimsy little guns running around for the price of one warrior. They're blind, deaf, and crumple whenever they get touched by an actual weapon, furthermore they're a lot less tactically flexible than that one warrior.

So just stop already. You can literally design this drone if you really feel like it. In fact, you know what? Here.

Now toss it up for a vote if you feel like it.

>> No.40314203

There deaths will only be known to the people in charge of the whole thing, and in theory everyone but lyle won't make that huge of a mess with there death, lyles will be the bad death of the group, with him probably causign significant damage and possibly permanent geological changes.

>> No.40314210

We can just give them Facial Reconstruction surgery over two days along with their other implants. New identities forged.

However we need Michael to find them or else he's a failure of a sleeper agent. So he finds a fake them.

>Manage your clones and the Clarke

>> No.40314242

>We can just give them Facial Reconstruction surgery over two days along with their other implants. New identities forged.
>Implying this isn't just one of the many problems with this plan.

>> No.40314247

You would destroy the Great Lakes ecosystem if you went in with how salty you are over this drone discussion

>> No.40314265

>Discuss cloning with Lee and the others
>Begin cloning Lee and the others
>Do not

They can, but only to the extent of their duty, which is why they seem simple minded at times. Your speaker, for example, didn't pay any attention to the content of Lee's answer to your question. It just knows that Lee said words a lot of words that meant something to mother. Likewise, your warriors know how to kill things to death, and when you decide you don't like something being alive, they let that thing know. Without you, however, a worker would have nothing to work on, a warrior would have nothing to kill, speakers would have nothing to speak to, and they would simply sit there until they starved.

>> No.40314274

And what happens if they show up somewhere and the Union IDs them? Bam, our cloning capabilities are open to the world. Fuck that, better for them to just be sneaky until we find a way to completely fuck over the high council hard enough to make going after them not worth it.

>> No.40314280

>Do not

>> No.40314286

>Discuss cloning with Lee and the others
We'll make them hybrids, of course. That's less ethically objectionable.

>> No.40314297

How do you make that leap, we found a fake lee and they weren't able to clone him either, that fake was just reconstruction. Wouldn't be too hard to begin with.

>> No.40314298

Anon i agree with you, but you are letting your anger cloud your judgment.
The drones would basically be shit bannelings (which should honestly be used more).

>> No.40314301

>>Do not

>> No.40314302

>>Begin cloning Lee and the others

>> No.40314307

Any option but 'discuss'.

>> No.40314314

>>Do not
>That's less ethically objectionable.
That's even worse.

>> No.40314327

>Discuss cloning with Lee and the others
>Begin cloning Lee and the others
Talk to them about it but do it anyway

>> No.40314328

>Discuss cloning with Lee and the others
>Begin cloning Lee and the others
There simply is not enough Lee to go around right now. The Hive requires more.

>> No.40314331

>no senses
Where did you get this one from? It was specifically said that they would have whatever senses they need to fire their weapons.

And 8 flimsy little guns that crumple whenever they get touched by an actual weapon is pretty damn good for the price of a single warriors.

Think about it, usually you'd need 8 warriors to get that much ranged firepower. 4, if you gave each of them two guns.

And thanks for the link, I think I will.

>> No.40314335

>Likewise, your warriors know how to kill things to death, and when you decide you don't like something being alive, they let that thing know.
The warriors are my favorites.

>> No.40314336

>>Do not
>The pods just so everyone can shut up about them already.

>> No.40314339

>>Do not

>> No.40314340

>Do not
I think getting the green party into power should fuck them over good, they are ridding alot on this new bill.

>> No.40314348

>That's less ethically objectionable.
What's more objectionable is explaining hybrids' existence to anyone at all.

>>Do not

>> No.40314353

>Discuss cloning with Lee and the others
>Begin cloning Lee and the others
This could actually work...

>> No.40314368

>Do not
This plan is a last resort.

>> No.40314372

They're just human (or other species) shaped drones.

Nothing more objectionable about them than any of our other drones.

>> No.40314377

I like it.

>> No.40314387

>Discuss cloning with Lee and the others
I would say we tell them the clones would be used as a scapegoat for our infected agent to kill/acquire. Of course we don't tell them the agent is already compromised.

>> No.40314396

>Discuss cloning with Lee and the others
>Begin cloning Lee and the others

>> No.40314397

Even without senses they could be controlled and aimed through the Hivemind as long as there is a fly or some other unit with eyes/sonar

>> No.40314398

>Begin cloning Lee and the others

>> No.40314399

>>Begin cloning Lee and the others

>> No.40314406

Simple, they verify the clones' biometric data, or analyze their voices, or any of the literally dozens of ways to verify it wasn't just some random dude wearing the target's face they just whacked. And when someone who has the exact same unreproducible traits show up later, they will know immediately there is more shit going on than they initially thought.

>> No.40314414

>Do not
This plan can only end badly.

>> No.40314424


>Discuss/Begin cloning Lee and the others.
We'll tell them they need a scapegoat.

>> No.40314445

>Verify the clones' biometric data or analyze their voices
They'll have the same voices, they're clones. We can include the biometric data too.

>> No.40314452

>Discuss cloning with Lee and the others
>Begin cloning Lee and the others
Hmm... This does actually give us a backup of everyone in case they die. Not their mind though unless we archive that at least.

>> No.40314453

>>Do not
Why would we do this plan when we have better alternatives? Like >>40314340

>> No.40314455

How are Huey and Louie doing? Where's their brother?

>> No.40314460

Olfactory: Basic 0
Acoustic: Basic 0
Radio: Medium 2
Psionic: Basic 0
Mandible: Combat 1
Blade: Combat 1
Arms: Str 1
Legs: Sprint 1
Wings: Advanced 4
Carapace: Basic 0
Size: Medium
Cost: 10N
Upkeep: 5N

Shock Troop
Quantum brain 4
Olfactory: Advanced 2
Acoustic: Advanced 2
Radio: Advanced 6N 3M
EM: 2
Psionic: Basic 0
Mandible: Combat 1
Blade: Combat 1
Arms: Str 1
Legs: Sprint 1
Wings: Moderate 2
Utility: Explosive Glands 2
Carapace: Combat 3N 10M
Size: Medium
Cost: 27N 13M
Upkeep: 13N

Ghost Beetle
Olfactory: Moderate 1N
Radio: Moderate 2N
Acoustic: Advanced 2N
Electrical: Moderate 2N
Psionic: Basic
Mandibles: Combat 1N
Blade: Combat 1N
Arms: Strength 1N
Legs: Sprint 1N
Flight: Moderate 2N
Carapace: Combat 3N 10M
Carapace: Mimetic Skin 2N
Carapace: Adaptive Camouflage 8N
Utility: Explosive Glands 2N
Utility: Radiator Tubes 4N
Utility: Quantum Brain 4N
Utility: Hypodermic Tail 7N
Utility: Oxygen Recycler 8N
Utility: Honey Pot 4N
Size: Medium
Total Cost: 55N 10M
Upkeep: 27N

Strafer Drone
Sight: Basic 0
Olfactory: Advanced 2N
Acoustic: Basic 0
Psionic: Basic 0
Radio: Moderate 2N
Mandibles: Combat 1N
Blade: Thumper 5N 10M
Arms: Strength 1N
Legs: Spring 1N
Carapace: Basic 0
Utility: Advanced Wings 4N
Utility: Seeker Pod 10N
Standard Weapon: 2X Sting Caster (30M)
Size: Medium Aerodynamic 4N 10M
Cost: 30N 20+(30)M
Upkeep: 15N

Bomber Drone
Sight: Basic 0
Olfactory: Advanced 4N
Acoustic: Basic 0
Psionic: Basic 0
Mandible: Combat 2N
Blade: Thumper 10N 20M
Arms: Strength 2N
Legs: Sprint 2N
Carapace: Combat 6N 20M
Utility: Advanced Wings 8N
Utility: Seeker Pod 20N
Forward Weapon: Particle Cannon (30M)
Belly Weapon: Lightning Cannon (30M)
Gun Ports: Lightning Gun X4 (60M)
Size: Large Aerodynamic 8N 20M
Cost: 82N 60+(45-60)M
Upkeep: 41N

>> No.40314495


Shock troops are obsolete with flies.

Wasps are still laid in our various defense swarms.

I want more banelings and more support fluttercraft and more Ghost Beetles.

>> No.40314499


Air Defense Drone
Sight: Basic 0
Olfactory: Basic 0
Acoustic: Basic 0
Psionic: Basic 0
Radio: Moderate 4N
Mandible: Combat 2N
Blade: Thumper (Acid) 10N 20M
Arms: Strength 2N
Legs: Sprint 2N
Carapace: Reactive 8N 30M
Carapace: Conductive 8N 30M
Utility: Ramjet 32N 12M
Utility: Radiator Tubes 8N
Launcher pod: Cruise missiles 80N 200M
Forward Weapon: Particle Cannon (30M)
Belly Weapon: Lighting Cannon(30M)
Size: Large Aerodynamic 8N 20M
Cost: 164N 312+(60)M
Upkeep: 74N

Light Interceptor Drone
Sight: Basic 0
Olfactory: Basic 0
Acoustic: Basic 0
Psionic: Basic 0
Radio: Moderate 2N
Mandibles: Combat 1N
Blade: None
Arms: Strength 1N
Legs: Sprint 1N
Carapace: Basic 0
Wings: Advanced air superiority 4N
Utility: Ramjet 16N 6M
Standard Weapon: 2X Sting Caster (30M)
Size: Medium Aerodynamic 4N 10M
Cost: 29N 16+(30)M
Upkeep: 14N

Heavy Interceptor Drone[edit]
Sight: Basic 0
Olfactory: Basic 0
Acoustic: Basic 0
Psionic: Basic 0
Radio: Moderate 4N
Mandible: Combat 2N
Blade: None
Arms: None
Legs: Sprint 2N
Carapace: Standard
Utility: Ramjet 32N 12M
Utility: Radiator Tubes 8N
Forward Weapon: Particle Cannon (30M)
Belly Weapon: Rotary Stinger or Lighting Cannon(30M)
Size: Large Aerodynamic 8N 20M
Cost: 56N 32+(60)M
Upkeep: 28N

Sight: Basic 0
Olfactory: Basic 0
Acoustic: Moderate 2N
Psionic: Basic 0
Radio: Moderate 4N
Mandibles: Combat 2N
Blade: Combat 2N
Arms: Strength 2N
Legs: Hover 20N 30M
Carapace: Heavy 10N 40M
Utility: Radiator Tubes 8N
Forward Hardpoint: Particle Cannon (30M)
Dorsal Hardpoint: Particle Cannon or Lighning Cannon (30M)
Gun Ports: (4x) Thorn Launcher [Acid] (60M)
Size: Large (X2)
Cost: 50N 70+(120)M
Upkeep: 25N

>> No.40314504

>Do not

>Manage the Clarke and its clone crew (write in)
>Manage your scouting pods

>> No.40314512

Look, has anyone here been thinking past tricking the guy whose mind we control into thinking our human friends are dead?

As long as they are on Leeland, it doesn't matter a damn what the Union wants with them, because they aren't getting to them. As far as the high council is concerned, Lee may as well have fallen into a black hole when he wound up here. And if you really want to convince the high council that Lyle and co are dead, then we will have to ditch the Hell's Angel because they are perfectly aware that's his ride. And Lyle is not going to give up the Angel.

>> No.40314519


Support Fluttercraft
Chassis: Aerodynamic 4N10M
Olfactory: Moderate 1N
Radio: Advanced 6N3M
Acoustic: Advanced 2N
Psionic: Basic
Mandibles: Speaker 2N
Wings: Advanced X2 8N
Blade: Thumber 5N10M
Arms: Strength 1N
Legs: Hover 10N15M
Carapace: Combat 3N10M
Carapace: Adaptive Camouflage 8N
Carapace: Mimetic Skin 2N
Utility: Ramjetx2 32N12M
Utility: Swarm Missiles 10N40M
Utility: Stinger Missiles 20N50M
Utility: Radiator Tubes 4N
Utility: Seeker Pod 10N
Utility: Seeker Pod 10N
Utility: Honey Pot 4N
Size: Large
Total Cost: 284N 300M
Upkeep: 142N
Also how come bannelings aren't here anymore they were great suicide drones?

>> No.40314521

>Manage your scouting pods

>> No.40314526

>>Manage your scouting pods

>> No.40314550

>Manage the Clarke and its clone crew (write in)
Y'all are going to Andromeda Gate and therefore Deep Song.

Uh...Theseus can we borrow some physical energy credits for fare. We'll pay you back out of Lyle's account.

>> No.40314563

Still got around 40 bouncing around we should change thier designs or upgrade them since they were meant to be expensive, but strong as shit.

>> No.40314564

Exactly. That means two individuals with traits that can't be faked through human means walking around. A disaster for us waiting to happen.

>> No.40314571

>>Manage the Clarke and its clone crew (write in)

>> No.40314572

>>Manage your scouting pods

>> No.40314585

Wasps were in all battles outside of boarding ops.

Shock Troops have outlived their usefulness since we now have a plethora of other drones like like flies to provide sensory input and Heavy Warriors to be shocktroops..

Ghost beetle sounds like a stealth version of the banelings we used against Lyle, could be useful but we haven't made use of them yet.

We haven't had yet any ground combat that would require the use of strafers and bombers since they were made but they do sound useful.

>> No.40314587

Anon, their objection is that it WOULD be a perfect match, not that it wouldn't.

...in a way, it would be better to clone schmoes out of nothing, and surgery them into looking like Jackob, Dillon, and Lee.

>> No.40314591

Fortunately, basic eyes are free.

Does this one sound reasonable, assuming the entire carapace is dedicated towards serving as a mount for the guns and it is assumed to be between the size of a cat and a dog? (The large end of the 'small drone' category is surprisingly large)
Sight: Basic 0
Olfactory: Basic 0
Acoustic: Basic 0
Psionic: Basic 0
Mandible: N/A 0
Blades: N/A 0
Utility: Explosive glands 2N
Carapace: Basic 0
Chassis: Single Purpose 0
Legs: Sprint 1
Weapon: (2) Thorn Launcher 30M
Size: Small price X .25x Cost.
Cost: 1N 7M
Upkeep: 1N

>> No.40314602

We could give them crazy ass prosthetics as a trial run, and graft some of the new adaptations we've created to them. We could use them to test the effectiveness of the technology in the field.

>> No.40314603

>>Manage your scouting pods

>> No.40314610

Upgrade them into Ghost Beetles then. The path either splits into: Stealthy operatives behind enemy lines (Ghost beetles) OR Strong as shit individual combatants (Heavy Warriors).

>> No.40314618

>Manage your scouting pods
Can we start colonizing planets after this?

>> No.40314622

>Ghost beetle sounds like a stealth version of the banelings we used against Lyle, could be useful but we haven't made use of them yet.
Anon ghost beatles are the complete opposite of bannelings.

>> No.40314627

Small drones can't equip guns.

>> No.40314629

Support. We might have to classify it as a new body type (along with aerodynamic and hydrodynamic), but it could theoretically work.

>> No.40314655

It's not tricking Michael, it's tricking the Council he answers to.

I agree that faking Lyle's death would be trickier, especially since we'd still want to actually use him for things after this.

But faking everyone's death but Lyle would be better. It gives Michael a mostly-success.

Really the most important thing is to stop them from digging into who hired Lyle, so that they don't get frustrated when they realize that nobody human or Valen with any kind of data trail hired Lyle.

We need to give them a false resolution, the illusion of success, at least partial success.

>> No.40314658

Small drones can't equip guns. You can't scale Thorn Launchers down. It does not seem reasonable.

>> No.40314666

Also a note: If you have an idea for a conspiracy or plot, put it here for christs sake, we can either decide against it, or critique it to work.

>> No.40314694

It isn't equipping it, it is a gun. It is not downscaled, a medium sized drone is simply overkill for wielding a Thorn Launcher - a specialized drone no larger than the largest size of small drone (0.5 meters) should be able to handle it, no?.
If that's all that's necessary to make it work despite the size I'm fine with it.

>> No.40314695

Correct, ergo, it would be a new drone chassis.

>> No.40314727

Guns cost 15M apiece, you can't scale it down.

You're asking for a brand new segment of the system to be made (without any prereq research) to appease your little idiosyncrasy.

>> No.40314742

Perhaps we could have a calm, rational discussion about covertly contacting and meeting the Greens party leader? We could probably ask for Theseus' help on that one.

>> No.40314750

>it isn't equipping a gun it is a gun
Then it's a small sized gun, and is probably firing something equal to .22.
You ain't gonna hurt anyone with that.

Except it's too small to have a medium-sized gun mounted on it.

>> No.40314751

Good point, would still be the full 30m cost then, my bad.

>> No.40314776

>>Manage the Clarke and its clone crew (write in)
I don't think we determined the specializations there.

100 hybrids. 20 Tech, 10 Engineers, 20 Brawlers, 50 Sharpshooters?

Also look up in the knowledge of Lyle and everyone else just what the Valen gates in human space ask for in terms of information and ID. And if you can pay with physical energy credits.

>> No.40314778

You have a point, we might have to research it as a subject to make it truly feasible. It's happened before in this quest after all, that's how we got space fighter pods.

>> No.40314792

That sounds alright.

>> No.40314801

As in, it's a full-sized gun, not a scaled-down one. And it might be too small to wield a full-sized gun in its hands, but I'm not convinced it couldn't -be- a full-sized gun with a specially adapted chasses. The largest small drones are about half a meter, after all.

Sight: Basic 0
Olfactory: Basic 0
Acoustic: Basic 0
Psionic: Basic 0
Mandible: N/A 0
Blades: N/A 0
Utility: Explosive glands 2N
Carapace: Basic 0
Chassis: Single Purpose 0
Legs: Sprint 1
Weapon: (2) Thorn Launcher 30M (Full-sized)
Size: Small price X .25x Cost.
Cost: 1N 30M
Upkeep: 1N

>> No.40314826

Sounds fair to me as well.

>> No.40314845

Meant to reference.

>> No.40314846

Well Valen love lending people money. Coil got passage in exchange for being indebted.

Maybe the hyper gates have an IOU system.

We just have to actually start producing goods for sale to pay that back.

>> No.40314850

>Manage scouting pods

Current list of locations:

Feel free to make plans while I write this up real quick. After that we can get the next thread started.

>> No.40314864

We need to check these systems.

>> No.40314873

Technically, Valen money is, at least from their perspective, little more then an officiated IOU system. They love having people owe them for things.
They love calling in favors just as much.

>> No.40314880

No. You're mounting 2 powerful railguns on something that is half a meter at the absolute largest. It'll go tumbling end over end from the recoil every time it fires.

If I had to guess how big a drone had to be in order to compensate for the recoil I'd guess approximately...the size of a medium drone.

Which is pretty much the entire reason why you can equip weapons to medium drones but not small ones.

>> No.40314889

Questdrone, is there any type of morale for our enemies? What I'm asking is, would there be any point in making a less effective drone, but all around absolutely more terrifying?

>> No.40314893

So... ARE those USB, chromatophores, and self-destruct cybernetic options feasible and gonna happen?

I also remember you saying something about chromatophore-having, color-changing irises being a potential research.

>> No.40314896

Valens are big space squids right?

>> No.40314906

You're suggesting strapping two assault-rifle sized weapons to something that is, at best, the size of your forearm.
Just drop it, man.

>> No.40314921

You know what the most terrifying drone is?

The one that's been designed for a hundred thousand years to do nothing except kill.

And you're outnumbered 20-to-1 by them.

>> No.40314941

Nope. Turtle people.

>> No.40314967

Imagine, if you will, the Terrans Seige Tank from Starcraft.

This Gun Drone aka Idiot's Drone, would have to do the same as the Seige Tank. Moving into position it would have to sink it's claws into the ground to stabilize itself

>> No.40314970

I was thinking more in line with infiltration or sabotage missions with a limited number of drones.

>> No.40314985

Are the Ceph squids?

And kids?

>> No.40314992

I've understood them to be anti-materiel rifles - you just brace them against the ground when firing.

And the size of a medium drone goes from 0.51m to.. I'm actually not sure, but a LOT bigger than is really necessary to wield the gun.

Maybe instead of making it a small drone, we can propose researching a specialized chassis that minimizes the costs by making the drone the weapon?

And equipping a weapon is very different from having the weapon take up the entire body structure.

Not strapping, making it out of. Do you know what else holds two assault-rifle sized weapons? Two forearms (no limit on width).

The entire point is that you only need the actual forearm, everything else is wasteful. Hangon, let me look at those components again...

>> No.40314996

WOOOOOOOOOOOO MOTHER RETURNS!!!!!!!!!! also fuck I missed most of it!

>> No.40315001

Turtles with big circular mouths full of circular arrangements of teeth instead of faces.

>> No.40315004

Ghost Beetle.

Or hybrids/chimeras with cybernetics and augments specced for infiltration.

Chimeras being the most terrifying, but most expensive also.

>> No.40315035 [DELETED] 
File: 53 KB, 495x368, 1433133958668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More like jellyfish that are old as shit.

>> No.40315036

The Ceph look the most squid-like in appearance. I'm not really sure what animal you could compare a Valen to though. Maybe something like a cross between an alligator, a pipe organ, and a sea turtle, but the size of a small condominium.

Your drones have no sense of morale. Your enemies are not so lucky. While some aliens are less susceptible to attacks against morale, almost all of them can be scared senseless under the right conditions.

Yes, they make a good amount of sense and only use technology you already have. I'll try to have something for them written up soon.

Anyways, back to writing.

>> No.40315037

Realized that you could make most components cost nothing and most of them were unnecessary for the unit.

Sight: Basic 0
Olfactory: Basic 0
Acoustic: Basic 0
Psionic: Basic 0
Mandible: N/A 0
Blades: N/A 0
Carapace: Basic 0
Chassis: Basic
Legs: Sprint 1
Weapon: (2) Thorn Launcher 30M
Size: Medium
Cost: 1N 30M
Upkeep: 1N

>> No.40315040

>brace against ground when firing
For your abomination, yes it would have to do that due to small size.
A proper man-sized drone does not.

>> No.40315055

I do wonder how Valen deal with murderers.

"Ha! You killed my father. You scamp! You really got one over on me!"

>> No.40315074

Improved it - and you get 8 of them for the nutrient price of 1! And with twice the firepower!

>> No.40315089

If we can get those blaster weapons that have practically no recoil we shouldn't have a trouble with that

>> No.40315096

You do know what you basically designed was a worker without a mouth and holding a gun right?

>> No.40315106

QD I noticed our vareity of defensive structures is....lacking, there really is nothing our cute little thinkers can come up with other then a giant laser and a giant missile silo??? No suicide swarm hives in orbit? no mass drivers? no giant ground to space boarding pod launchers?????

>> No.40315110

Might as well just give a worker two guns.

It would be more useful too.

>> No.40315111

You forgot graspers, which are required to wield weapons.
Your total cost is actually 2N and 30M.
That 30M is the cost of the guns. The actual drone will cost 2N.
You've pretty much just made a drone that is shit for soldiering and shit for workering.

So instead of getting a pretty tough and powerful 8N warrior to occupy a precious slot in our transport ships, you're suggesting a made-of-tissue-paper 2N warrior occupy that slot instead.

>> No.40315130

Boarding pod launchers would be a subset of missile silo dingus.

And we only just started researching boarding pods at all.

Mass drivers from ground-to-orbit make no sense, they're weak as shit after gravity gets done with them.

>> No.40315139

Why don't we get QD's opinion on this whole mobile gun chassis?

End everyone's bitch-fits over this

>> No.40315147

So damaging enemy morale is actually a viable and useful strategy?

>> No.40315151

Please god yes.

>> No.40315154

>suicide swarm hives in orbit
Orbital beehives filled with Swarmers sound interesting
>no mass drivers
What can mass drivers do better than particle cannons that reach into space?
>giant ground to space boarding pod launchers
Possible type of missile from the missile launcher
Also stop using more than one question mark it makes you look like a faggot.

>> No.40315155

>fearless drones
Don't they panic and shut down under direct psychic attack?

>> No.40315161

Okay if we're still talking about it, I just finished a very rough sketch of what I think a gun chassis type drone would look like. I think it's hypothetically feasible, and would allow allied humans to wield our weapons freely.

>> No.40315167

That's not really fear and it's less panic and more of a self-defense mechanism to prevent psonic damage.

>> No.40315169

It serves the purpose, doesn't it?
More than twice as expensive.
Yep, but easier to just make it a drone.
Why would you be unable to mount the guns directly to the chassis? I can live with the limited range of motion.
But even with graspers, that's 4 times as many guns for the same nutrient price.as a single warrior.

Transport space isn't usually an issue except in boarding actions - and these are for open battles. For boarding actions we'll obviously focus on concentrating as much power as possible into as small a space as possible, but for large scale wars I prefer some economic efficiency.

>> No.40315174

I think he is saying our drones are already scary enough and demoralize aliens.
If the past skirmishes are anything to go by.(i believe our soldiers drones are around 3 meters tall and our heavy warriors are around 5 meters tall)

>> No.40315177

Okay losing or disappointing Mother is the only thing they fear.

>> No.40315180

That's what hangars are for. For putting fighters in to do that. That's why I voted for so many hangars to be built on Leeland, but no one has been willing to fill them with fighters and gunships yet.

>> No.40315183

Always viable and useful

Fear is the mind-killer

>> No.40315184
File: 18 KB, 1224x540, Gun chassis concept.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here it is.

>> No.40315190

Would be very much appreciated, anon, I'm horrible at sketching myself.

And there's always the point about allowing humans to wield them casually.

>> No.40315211

Could work as as weapons for our Clones we have infiltrating the human worlds


>> No.40315225

>Cost: 5N
>Upkeep: 2N

Initial investment is negligible, upkeep is only 2N. Much more utility than your tissue paper drone, and we already have them extant. In fact, if you're going to keep on with this just vote to make a massive stockpile of weapons to equip our workers with.

They won't be very good at using them, but then neither would your drone so it still works out better.

>> No.40315229


>> No.40315236

>psychic attack
What do you mean, anon?
If they get hit with a psychic screamer, it's like jamming the radio when someone is trying to run their RC car. It's not that the RC car panics and flails, but rather that it's completely fucked up by interference.

Anon, we don't need a completely new type of drone for guns.
Our guns ARE DRONES.
If we wanted to let a human use them, it would literally only take some modifications. They wouldn't be as good due to lacking the neural link, but humans could use them.

>> No.40315253

QD this kind of thing is why we need to use surveys. TSTG uses it for house and dominion to a good effect.

>> No.40315257

On Huron they ran into at hing that looked like a queen trying to jack them and it made the turn off or something like that.

>> No.40315263

It has been stated that we could add a trigger assembly onto our weapons for human/hybrid use.

It's that simple and easy, no need for all this bullshit.

>> No.40315272

>The comments in this thread.
I missed the voting, and it looks like the thread was linked on reddit or something judging by all the shitty people commenting today. Sorry to see it QD. Maybe they will fuck off after realizing their stupidity will be called out here. I don't want to take up space with arguing with people in a non-lighthearted way, but I'd prefer teenagers and tumbler to go and stay go.

>> No.40315275

>They won't be very good at using them, but then neither would your drone so it still works out better.

I think it was more about creating a moving wall of Chitin Dakka to deter attackers than accurate attacks

Now say we make a Wasp or one of these Chassis Drones have some kind of long range attack like (pic related) it might be worth it to have.

Basically what the Metal Gears were originally meant for

>> No.40315285

>trying to jack them
No it was just fucking with their brains.
Like, imagine if something zapped you and in doing so you were totally disorientated. Then imagine God reached over and flipped you off and on again to fix this.
That's pretty much what happened, except Queen was God in this example.

>> No.40315293
File: 104 KB, 638x498, needle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>forgot pic, derp

It is Summer after all

>> No.40315297

For the last time, they are not drones in their own right. They are prosthetic grafts that require an individual drone's biological systems to support it. They almost completely lack organic components of any sort, which is why they require no nutrients to construct.

>> No.40315301


>> No.40315312

>trigger is the bug-penis

>> No.40315322

That's half as many guns for the same price, or a quarter as many if graspers can be made unnecessary with direct grafts to the chassis.

And what makes you think they won't be good at using them? Not only will they be just as good at using them as our warriors (same sensory support), they'll use them a LOT more efficiently since their forcus will be on flanking and getting to good positions rather than getting into hand-to-hand combat.

The difference lies in automation. You can have a gun that you need to aim and shoot, or you can have a body-turret that shoots things for you.

>> No.40315327

Those things have been mentioned before, and they're equally easy to create now.

>Ghost Beetle
>Add Cruise Missile Pod
>Add hover legs to retain speed
There, done.

>> No.40315328

Yeah the thread is shit but make up your mind on what buzzword you're gonna buzz man.

Summer influx is a proven myth of confirmation bias. The stupid is year round.

>> No.40315341

Yes, but with its own drone it can do such wonderful things as fold itself into an ergonomic shape (allowing them to be picked up and fired without surgically attaching them to the shooter) and create their own ammo supply (when provided a steady diet of maple syrup). We could even add acid glands if we're worried about someone finding them and tracing them back to us.

>> No.40315359

B-but they're both shit... everywhere is shit

>> No.40315368

You're acting like the main price is the nutrients. It's not.

You're also acting like warriors only act in one fashion, when they're an immense network of coordinated fighters that act in concert to achieve whatever goal the Queen sets in the most efficient way possible, whether that means using melee, ranged, flanking, or all of it at once.

>> No.40315385

They're still organic creatures, and thus still drones.
Anyway why are you so hung up about this? We can modify them for human use without any trouble.

>a lot more efficiently since focus... hand-to-hand combat
Did you miss the part where melee combat is the Hive's thing?
We are not the Tau, my friend. We are Orks crossbred with Tyranids as seen through the eyes of H.R. Fucking Giger.

>> No.40315400

I meant both buzz words.
Hopefully it's just summer though. Going to be hard now to convince people not to seriously vote for the bad ideas we usually get though.

>> No.40315435

Look, you're just wrong in thinking they're living creatures in their own right. They lack lungs, hearts, brains, and anything else that is required for an animal to live. And they almost entirely metal, not flesh and bone.

>> No.40315474

Don't listen to him anon, they're alive in our hearts and minds.

>> No.40315484

We can do both!
And I realize that the main cost is in metal, but metal is not the thing that costs upkeep. It's less about guns specifically and more about getting the most soldier for the least money for planet-based combat where melee warriors may become nigh-unfeasible due to the presence of things like artillery (AKA, they'll never reach the enemy).

I think you may need an update on what constitutes a living creature - and that they are made of metal does not mean the metal does not mean that metal is not a skeleton - we have nothing that resembles human bone in terms of materials.

>> No.40315493

I'm going to fire my hot load over over your insides
For mother.....

>> No.40315501

So how did the governments of the Empire of the Americas and the Earth Confederation determine who got to be emperor of earth, exactly?

>> No.40315526

My thought is these Idiot Drones would lay down covering fire for the warrior drones as they charge into melee

>> No.40315539

what? no fuck thats dumb, cybernetic and medical yes, hell even that anti ageing treatment we found. I personally would like to keep the hive our of social construct goddamn issues and other human emotional issues.
see my above post nigglet, we have far FAR more lucrative aveunes of income in the flesh sculpting department, like say anti aging that allows for immortality, or psionics. THIS IS AFTER we have ofc secured that we are not to be fucked with.

>> No.40315545
File: 250 KB, 550x700, One eyed girl, lewd sign.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40315564

Quite true, the Hive blurs the line between living creatures and machines so much it would give good 'ol Geiger a hard on. But for the purposes of discussion I define 'living organism' as something that has all the biological systems needed to stay alive and function independently. Which, now that I think about it, may not pertain to our standard drones either....

>> No.40315584


Your pod drifts into the depths of the system as it slowly observes its surroundings. The system is crowded with debris. Radiated metals and clustered ship debris creates an astoundingly thick shell around the the star, at least as far as space is concerned. The reflected signals combine to create a wall of static, making detecting anything within incredibly difficult with standard sensors. In addition, the constant twisting and colliding of mass across the system seems to hamper your ability to blink within the shell. Leaving it is less of an issue, but any attempt to blink directly into the shell would likely be difficult. Any hive ships entering the system would need to arrive outside the shell, or risk missing their destination.

As your pod moves through the thick layer of stellar debris, you find a number of worlds within, all hidden within the reflective shell. First, you find a small frozen world that, upon closer inspection, is covered with craters and deposits of foreign metals, certainly stolen from the shell it skims in its orbit. It holds no signs of life, but it is clearly metal rich, and holds an abundance of ice water.

Further in is a rocky world with a thin atmosphere. The surface is battered with impact craters and the signs of ancient hive remains, but around the spires and wreaks of ancient ships you see overt signs of life flourishing all across the planet. As your pod passes by, the life seems simple, as if the planet is still recovering from the mass extinction caused by a war long ago, but there is an abundance of life all the same.


>> No.40315613

Oh damn... Refuge sounds like the place to be. Definitely should start colonizing it.

>> No.40315617

I don't imagine paper-thin gundrones would last very long against artillery either.

As your main concern seems to be volume of fire, I'd like to make a suggestion:
Petition for us to use two guns instead of one on our regular warriors.

Also we do have our own artillery, in the event we need to fire back.
So we're not completely defenseless.

>> No.40315625

Essentially. There are benefits to specialization of roles, and ranged weapons require some pretty specific maneuvering to get the most out of them.

Especially now that we have the energy weapons that have an increased effect when focus firing. Can anyone say 8 energy rifles focus-firing at the cost of 1 drone?

And since they're not kinetic weapons, we might be able to find a way to construct them without metals one day, especially with the gardener tech giving us hardened nutrient shells.

>> No.40315630

We'll be hurting for metals no longer.

>> No.40315631
File: 211 KB, 804x534, 3085014630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I figured if we could use them for large sized weapon grafts, we could essentially use them as the hive equivalent of this pic. They might need some worker drones on hand to help out, but we've got thousands of the buggers and it would give them a means of efficiently killing thing for mother.

>> No.40315693


>> No.40315696

We should probably send an egglayer and a thinker to that planet, asap.

>> No.40315698

Metalmetalmetalmetal GET PLANETCRACKING!

But they would not need to either, since there would be a lot more of them and they would not need to actually close to melee ranges.

Petitioning to have 2 guns instead of one on the regular warriors seems like a good start though, especially with the energy weapons that benefit from volume of fire.

(And the difference between artillery against us and with us is that we would need to charge over often open terrain for several hundred meters in many cases)

>> No.40315713

In the planets orbit are three moons. The first two hold orbital paths so close, that they seem to trade atmosphere as they pass. They appear to be doing so now, and you can see massive geysers of liquid water flowing freely from the surface of one to the other, their passing causing geological disturbances within each other as they pass. They both seem capable of supporting life of some sort, although you find no signs of anything more complex then a microbe as you pass. The third moon seems far more stable, and is host to a dense jungle of tangled plant life that grows in all directions in the low gravity.

Further in you find a single Hive ship drifting aimlessly. A cloud of swarm drones orbit it slowly like a fog. You can see smaller ships further out, scouting the other side of the system on its behalf while the hive ship remains fixated on the prize of the system. Your pod looks on from a distance and counts four cruisers and sixteen frigates in total, with as many as fifty corvettes shifting back and forth between them all in the shadow of the Hive ship. You can feel the loathing of the Obsidian queen emanating from them like heat, but they seem to take no action to colonize or destroy the planets before them. They simply wait, as if using it as bait.

Will be setting up the next thread soon.

>> No.40315732

oh no
oh no


>> No.40315745

(I want to sneak in a whole bunch of pods and give her ships some new holes and a little vaporization)

>> No.40315751

>They simply wait, as if using it as bait.

>> No.40315759
File: 65 KB, 625x626, 1432931960668.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Easy anon, clearly the bitch is waiting for us. We must be careful not to fall into a trap.

>> No.40315789

Baiting with what? The planet and it's resources?
Or maybe there are surviving remnants of Mother's hive down there like in Farcast.

Also fuck this capcha I miss the old system with the crossed out words.

>> No.40315803

>You can feel the loathing of the Obsidian queen emanating from them like heat,

But of course. She isn't here in the flesh.

It's not worth attacking here. Not when we can attack somewhere else that damages her infrastructure.

>> No.40315809

>They simply wait, as if using it as bait.
And this system is prime real estate.

>> No.40315816

just to point out large drones can mount small pintle mount guns on them for multi targeting. the one persistent anon should read the archives and see that the tech he is thinking of IS indeed researched mostly, we just dont have the design ability to plant tiny quantum brains in them atm to allow them to fire autonomously at targets, also they can not be mounted on normal sized drones....yet.

but why on a small drone? the only use I can see for this is static defense in places where we cant normally make our traditional defense, like on that mini hive we have on the human world, there they would serve some use say as ambush things that skitter on the cellings and vents, but in open combat? unless they are missile launchers it feels.....unnecessary

yeah I posted before seeing that research.
I was thinking more of using the mass drivers as weapon mounted on satellite platforms, and using acid filled slugs.
survey monkey, go look at one of the house and dominion threads, TSTG uses that free survey system to set up a "survey" when it comes time for a vote that has a shitton of unsure results and or potentially game ending prematurely/massive universe effects

>> No.40315819

That looks like a fleet perfect to be ambushed. Hopefully with shitloads of explosive pods

>> No.40315849

Forces that are stationed here are that much less forces that will be where we actually attack.

>> No.40315858

>Again with suicide pods
You know there's a reason species use actual ships, right? And that a bunch of cloaked ships alphastriking them will do more damage too?

>> No.40315882

eh, that works too. The biggest thing would be that pods would be less likely to notice since they don't have to exhaust as much heat.

>> No.40315907

If we assume the fleet is there to draw in an attack from us, and then when we attack she brings in her full fleet to crush us while we can't run away, I have to wonder why she doesn't just colonize those planets herself. She has nothing to lose and several high quality worlds to gain. In fact beginning a colony on these worlds would be just another reason for us to attack, and would be a lot less suspicious for why she has a fleet waiting around in there.
Maybe there is a reason why she can't colonize those worlds?

>> No.40315908

Buddy, if you think being swarmed by multi megaton thermonuclear cruise missiles that appear out of thin air just before surrounding your fleet and blowing it to irradiated ash is LESS intimidating than being shot at, I don't think you grasp the magnitude of what we're talking about.

>> No.40315917

Ships are good for actual battles.
But if we intend to simply harry the BQ's forces, we don't want to weaken our fleets keeping her pods from scouting our stuff.
That, and not expending our ships in alpha strikes means we have them available for the pitched battles afterwards.

>> No.40315933

Maybe she has a planet cracker stowed away somewhere with her finger on the trigger? It's strange, but she's definitely trying to pull something devious here.

>> No.40315963

Either that or it's a prize that we will want very much but can't she can't spoil it herself. IMO it's a surviving hive of Mother's hidden in that 3rd moon.

>> No.40315967

We're making a shitton of missile ambush fleets right now that are absolutely perfect for this sort of thing, but we can still manage it by just bringing in every cloak-equipped frigate we have and firing off their spinal mounts and then fucking off. No risk to us, more damage to the OQ fleet, no loss of pods.

>> No.40315973

Aw yeah. Bioarcheology time.

>> No.40315978

I was actually thinking her dimensional overlords are limiting her growth, afraid of her growing too powerful.

>> No.40315979

She's probably got FTL-blocking technology (or something else fancy and new) and reinforcements on dial.

>> No.40316025

>FTL-blocking technology
The FTL blocking technology is the massive sphere of metal and rock around the system that all hive ships can't get through with the blink drive.

> In addition, the constant twisting and colliding of mass across the system seems to hamper your ability to blink within the shell. Leaving it is less of an issue, but any attempt to blink directly into the shell would likely be difficult. Any hive ships entering the system would need to arrive outside the shell, or risk missing their destination.

>Less of an issue
I'd think it would be the same amount of an issue really, but whatever.

>> No.40316047

I was talking about our pods. You are aware each and every one of them has a self destruct mechanism with a destructive output equivalent to a cruise missile, right?

>> No.40316070

Regardless of the details of the trap, if we attack and overwhelm her ships with cloaked ships she would have a hard time doing much about it even if she did call in a fleet outside the ring. Then we can see if there is more to the trap.

>> No.40316071

It's just less of an issue because a ship can simply blink out of the shell without worrying too much about being off by a bit, but when jumping in there are a lot more things floating around to be wary of.

It's like jumping into a small boat that some ways away from the dock, vs jumping from the small boat into the water.

Anyways, sorry, back to writing up the next system.

>> No.40316075

Yes, and you're aware that we could just use cruise missiles instead right?

>> No.40316093

we could just ya know....use a bunch of pods to scout like she has been doing to us? I remember a previous thread she kept spamming probe waves to scout and we kept blowing em up. I dont remember QD stating she stopped at any point I just assumed our patrols did it automatically as encountered

>> No.40316104

So you would rather use the devices that are incapable of cloaking and posses inferior maneuvering capabilities in comparison to the pods? What do you think we made 5000 of the fucking things for?

>> No.40316121

>>fuck you you fucking piece of shit, the quest is quickly spiraling downwards
With all these retards forcing their shit ideas and im sure its all your fault you fucking piece of shit

>> No.40316134

Uhuh... And how do you expect us to completely surround and then at once detonate all those cruise missiles at once without them knowing beforehand?

>> No.40316143

we really should come up with a smart missile design, one we can stick a tiny blink drive on and a fuckton of chemicals to cause a big explosion in a tiny fast cheap disposable interstellar package, maybe come up with a dedicated "hive" ship to go around with the cloaked pods that has the sole function of shitting out a metric ton of smart missiles then jumping away, or just slap cloak on the missiles and have around 5-20 accompany each pod.

>> No.40316155

I'd rather use corvettes and frigates equipped with cloaks to sneak close and then use much cheaper cruise missiles that move fast enough to not need cloaks and don't need much maneuverability because they're aiming at a goddamn hive ship.

We made 5000, but that doesn't mean we should spend them willy-nilly when we have something better for the job.

>> No.40316159

Another thing, she had to have known about the Dockyard ring thing around that sun, why didn't she take it over? We can probably assume she knows the locations of everything worth knowing about, even if she doesn't have the details such as which planets we are actually on. There should be a reason she didn't nab it.

>> No.40316169


By just using fucking corvettes or frigates with cloaks and cruise missile launchers. Are you goddamn daft?

>> No.40316179

we made 5k because anons would rather use recon platforms for suicide tactics instead of say coming up with a NEW drone design dedicated to suicide deep space and infiltration missions.

>> No.40316181

That doesn't have anything to do with what I said at all. Not in the slightest. And learn some punctuation.

>> No.40316224

But the pod is the best and cheapest possible thing for a suicide platform. You have a lump of a ship thats small, can cloak, has very good sensors and can maneuver well enough to deliver a 50 megaton blast up close. If you can make a ship design just as cheap and performs better, then sure.

>> No.40316234

as annoying as using the spy pods as ALLA ACKBAR styled suicide drones anon is he DOES make a point that cloaked ordinance is more versatile then conventional, and I am thinking of a new ship to ride along and spit out a shitton of smart ordinance that can adapt on the fly, missiles cant do that without specific tech, and tbh I dont remember seeing anywhere in the threads up till now that we have fire and forget missiles, just really strong cheap ones.>>40316159
or maybe her shit was so thoroughly kicked in this sector she abandoned it due to bigger issues, or maybe she is fucking with us and trapped it. Wont know for sure untill we send our brave children to check it out!

>> No.40316239

First off,
Corvettes and Frigates are more likely to be noticed. Even the Union noticed one of our frigates (I think it was anyway) right before it attacked and they didn't even know stealth was a thing. The BQ knows we have it and will likely be wary about strange heat signatures.
Pods are significantly smaller and don't need to dump much if any heat.

Pods are incredibly cheaper than corvettes and frigates and we lose very little by simply using pods.

>> No.40316242

>move fast enough to not need cloaks
>What are point defense systems

>> No.40316270

but it defeats the fucking purpose of having a spy in system if we are going to just blow it up.....replace the sensors with more explosives, and engine power if possible and im on board otherwise its a waste, better yet remove the fucking explosions from the normal pod and give it better psionic detection if we are going to be mucking around in the BQ's shit extensively from now on. Old mother knows that bitch will have a ton of psi related tools of day fucking.

>> No.40316303

Then have another backup pod, it's not too fucking hard. We have 5000 of the damn things, they're cheap recon platforms and they also coincidentally happen to be cheap kamikaze platforms. Not everything has to be super-specialized that it literally can't do anything else outside it's niche.

>> No.40316322

...you do realize we'd need to use at minimum a dozen or so pods to take out all the OQ ships right?

And why the hell would we not leave at least one to spy?

>> No.40316336

>That entire post
You don't make any sense. I had to read that like 4 times. Normally I'd just assume you're not good with English, which is fine, but you've been making no sense for a while now and it's probably that you're just a fucking idiot.

Anyway, I hope we can all at least agree we should attack these ships with our own cloaked ships and then see what her reaction is.

>> No.40316339


>> No.40316347


>> No.40316351


Your pod blinks to the coordinates designated by your recovered map data, and it takes you a moment to actually see the object. Your pod is lost looking for a source of emissions and misses the dark, featureless orb just in front of it.

The small planet of Drift has no sun, situated in the cold void of deep space. The surface is marked with bombardment, and you see the remains of a vast network of hive structures build on and within the fractured crust. The planet itself seems to have suffered from a mix of mining and long past geological catastrophe, and is covered in multi-kilometer wide fissures that run many kilometers deep and seem to run through entire continents, with pipes of hive structure running between them like stitching. A small fleet currently watches over the remains of the mining pits along the surface, and you can see corvettes extracting metals from the exposed layers of mantle.

A formation of frigates shift in their patrol patterns and begin to move towards your pod. Their minds give off a sudden ping of awareness that places the nearby battle cruisers on high alert. The frigates seem to have detected your entry into the area, although you can't tell if they are aware of your pod's location.

>Have your pod attempt to maintain surveillance
>Have your pod blink away
>Detonate your pod in the frigate formation

>> No.40316373

>>Have your pod attempt to maintain surveillance
>>Attempt evasive maneuvers.

>> No.40316377

>>Have your pod attempt to maintain surveillance

>> No.40316379

>Have your pod attempt to maintain surveillance

>> No.40316394

>Have your pod attempt to maintain surveillance
>Move away from the formations.

Not much point in blowing it up ineffectively unless it is a step away from being caught.

>> No.40316398

>>Have your pod blink away
Make a memo to come back and blow shit up, and move on.

>> No.40316399

asshats I am AGAINST using the fucking spy pods for shit OTHER then spying. I am for making a new pod type specially tuned for demolition/psionic detection while leaving the original pods as back up. but mainly for SPYING. >>40316303
we only have 5k because people are fucking assholes who dont think beyond the moment, go design a pod dedicated to demo instead of using the spy for demo work. Fuck we could even just re purpose our current stock like we can with warriors when we get new tech.

>> No.40316403

>Have your pod attempt to maintain surveillance

>> No.40316406

So I'm assuming Obsidian Queen then?

>> No.40316411

>Have your pod attempt to maintain surveillance

>> No.40316435

>go design a pod dedicated to demo instead of using the spy for demo work

Then go do that you fuckhead. No one is stopping you. Until you have a suitable alternative ready then stop being an asshole.

>> No.40316439

Tough titties anon. Using our spy pods as kamikaze torpedoes is a tried and proven tactic of our fleet at this point. We're not going to change that now.

>> No.40316451

>>Have your pod attempt to maintain surveillance
QD it would not hurt to attempt that survey thing for large scale egg laying and potentially limit the buttmad and retardation in these threads. [ wwwsurveymonkeycom] is the one I saw used in house and dominion.

>> No.40316455

Your pod moves off away from where it blinked into the area in an attempt to throw off the approaching patrol, and your pod silences its mind to evade detection as best as possible.

Please roll 1d100, best of 3.

>> No.40316462

You do realize we lost 200 of them to a handful of her ship and they did nothing.

>> No.40316465

Like I said. We don't need to design a dedicated demolition pod because our current pod does that well enough IN addition to it's ability to spy on things.
And you can't make a bigger boom than what the pod already has outside of discovering antimatter bombs.

Go ahead and make dedicated demo pods, no one's stopping you.

For Mother

>> No.40316476

Rolled 26 (1d100)

For Mother!

>> No.40316477

Rolled 92 (1d100)


Wow, that's quite a mouth you got there anon. Does your mom know you talk like that?
Why don't you tell me more about why you're a tactical genus compared to all of us though.

>> No.40316479

Rolled 56 (1d100)


>> No.40316494

Rolled 46 (1d100)

For mother?

>> No.40316500


>> No.40316508

Bye bye, bitches.

>> No.40316523

Shhh. It's quiet time now.

for mother

>> No.40316531

And we used 10 of them to take out 10 scavenger ships.

>> No.40316543

for mother

>> No.40316551

>You can feel the loathing of the Obsidian queen
just to be clear here, is this loathing directed TO the OQ, or FROM the OQ?

>> No.40316555

And pods also managed to stop a fleeing Scav fleet and do good damage against the Obsidian Queen's attack on Raligha. It's almost as if our performance in battles is dictated by random rolls.
Also, other than the first encounter with the Obsidian Queen's battleship, our pods have carried themselves well in all other space battles after that.

>> No.40316560

Pardon? I've literally been following this quest since we first landed here. I was making that comment in how we rolled well enough to dodge the queen pretty well.

>> No.40316561

f-for mother

>> No.40316569

>and do good damage against the Obsidian Queen's attack on Raligha
They did none anon.

>> No.40316572

Ahh, sorry. Thought I managed to drive out one of them.

>> No.40316576

She's just loathing in general.

She's real broody and edgy.

>> No.40316582

Just ignore it anon, all the shitty arguments and posts have anons paranoid.

>> No.40316602

>A formation of frigates shift in their patrol patterns and begin to move towards your pod. Their minds give off a sudden ping of awareness that places the nearby battle cruisers on high alert. The frigates seem to have detected your entry into the area, although you can't tell if they are aware of your pod's location.

So by offscreen roll they were patrolling far enough out, and in the right direction, to be close enough to the blink to see it?

>> No.40316614

Your pod quickly accelerates away from Drift until you feel reasonably confident in your pod's ability to remain undetected, or at least in the Obsidian Queen's drones' inability to detect you. They search the area, certain you had blinked something in only a moment ago. They continue to search, and you can feel the aura of frustration glowing from the ships as they find nothing, and deep within the anger, as the ships return to their duties, you feel just a hint of the despair of a drone's failure.

It should be noted that certain strategies will seem incredibly effective against some enemies, especially enemies that have not properly met you or know of your abilities, due to their inability to anticipate or predict your strategies. A cloaked pod used against someone who does not know you have cloaking technology, or that you even exist, will be far, far more effective then when used against someone who knows you have self-destructing cloaked pods.

Now that we're on page 10, I'm going to set up the next thread.
Things certainly are lively this week.

>> No.40316634

Take it as a sign of how passionate we all are about this quest, QD.

>> No.40316635

Or they detected the psionic signature despite our stealth.

>> No.40316642

>Things certainly are lively this week.
Needs more LEE posting and really bad construction ideas.

>> No.40316653

Can't wait for the next thread QD.
Also fuck, we have to fight for our lebensraum now?

Anon pls no

>> No.40316661

>They continue to search, and you can feel the aura of frustration glowing from the ships as they find nothing, and deep within the anger, as the ships return to their duties, you feel just a hint of the despair of a drone's failure.
I'm liking all our high rolls against the obsidian queen so far. Her growing frustration and anger is all the more hilarious.

>> No.40316675

Unlike in a proper system, the area around Drift is far more difficult to obscure the radiation of a blink. In addition, the Obsidian Queen knows what to look for, so concealing a pod entering a system from a queen is far more difficult then concealing it from humans, who do not have any experience with such technology.

Indeed. Her egg sac will boil over before too long at this rate.

>> No.40316676

The more fed up she gets, the more likely she is to do something incredibly stupid to flush us out. We need to be ready to capitalize.

>> No.40316693

I kinda want to see what she's thinking now, just for shits and giggles.

>> No.40316700

Can you comment on whether the small drone with a specialized body would be able to wield two weapons? Discussion on it has died down but I expect that anon will bring it up again and I'm curious whether its even allowed within the rules.

>> No.40316701

What about a couch the size of a star but,

Wait for it,


Still with me?

In the shape of a lighter!

>> No.40316711


>> No.40316718

Same here.

So far just about our every encounter has been us slipping away from her without issue.

>> No.40316719

I know anon, I'm sorry. I just want it dealt with.

>> No.40316764

Okay, now let's talk about laying eggs and shit.

>Bring Workers to 150k
>Bring Warriors to 50k
>Bring Wasps to 10k
>Bring Small Sniffers to 5k
>Bring Collossi to 5k
>Bring Hovertanks to 2k
>Bring Support Fluttercraft to 500
>Bring Ghost Beetles to 1k
>Bring Heavy Warriors to 10k
>Bring Chinook to 1k
>Air Defense drones to 500
>Bombers to 1k
>Strafers to 2k
>Heavy Interceptors to 1k
>Light Interceptors to 2k
>Lay 2 Hybrid SpecOps Swarms

>Recycle all refineries and diggers, convert Shock Troops to Ghost Beetles

>Fill 3/5 of Hangar Slots on Leeland with Heavy Fleet Fighters
>Fill 1/5 of Hangar Slots on Leeland with Heavy Gunships
>Fill remaining slots with shuttles.

>Construct Weather Spires on Raligha, Leeland
>Construct Missile Network on Raligha

>5 more Heavy Battle Fleets
>5 more Light Fleets

>> No.40316771

Honestly i'm ignoring the thread until the retards calm down so instead i'm in here >>>/gif/7089177

>> No.40316773

So guys, I was thinking. What if every time we take a planet the first thing we do is put a massive blink drive on it and send them all to a single place in deep space. It would be a lot safer, and we would be able to keep all out ships in one place instead of having to patrol around all the time.
And we can have the capillary towers link together to link them together. We could blink in somewhere and punch a planet with another planet.

>> No.40316775

I feel like Red Queen would be such a troll about it, too.

>> No.40316780


>> No.40316785

cheek queen

>> No.40316788

Yes to everything but the SpecOps.

>> No.40316789

That looks good to me.

>> No.40316794

I'd support that I suppose. Would certainly get us to a respectable level of combat readiness.

Are the Fleets on top of what we've already got started?

>> No.40316796

>put a massive blink drive
That's stupid. You're stupid.

The biggest blink drive is six kilometers and even that is already massive.

>> No.40316806

I can support it.

Probably, as everything else says "Bring x up to y."

>> No.40316808

That sounds fun and I like the idea of doing it. But its also a ridiculous waste of resources.

>> No.40316821

stop dat shit.

The only thing I approve of is spamming light fleets.

>> No.40316832

The Spec Ops is especially retarded since for all intents and purposes is obsolete on of poorly designed. It doesn't even work as a spec ops team.

>> No.40316836


>> No.40316842

That's why I said yes to everything but the SpecOps.
Hybrids are too expensive.

>> No.40316844

>>Bring Small Sniffers to 5k
Now we're talking.

in fact make it 10k, we want every inch of Leeland and Raligha spied upon.

>> No.40316849

Looks good, though I shudder tot hink about how ravaged our resources will look after this building spree.
>Y to all except the Hybrid SpecOps.

>> No.40316854

Yes, yes.

>> No.40316864

>(1) Horrifying Ball of Arms Man
I can't tell if the guy who made it was being serious.

>> No.40316891

Can we please just start striking old, obsolete designs so this stops happening.

>> No.40316893
File: 58 KB, 608x342, asura.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't you want to punch planets anon? It's the rational endpoint of mechs, and we can bypass the whole thing about angsty teenagers.

>> No.40316906


It's a ball of augmetic arms and legs, and it rolls on the walls, ceilings, and floors with equal ease. Then when it gets to you it injects you with space-roofies, hoists you up into a dark corner of the ceiling, and then rapes your brain to get all the access codes to the compound you're guarding.

The entire specops swarm is just me shoving literally everything possible into a small group to make them as individually powerful as possible. It's not too serious, but they'll certainly kick ass in ways even our swarms of drones couldn't. If we do make them, that is.

>> No.40316913
File: 161 KB, 300x161, laughing, edward cowboy bebop.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40316923

The funny thing is Ralighan are ranged specialists who work best in low gravity and are unable to climb a flight of stair do to their anatomy.

>> No.40316934

Hold the fucking phone. About how much is all this shit going to cost?

>> No.40316936

It might be better named "Black Ops Team". They're not really meant for infiltration, they're meant to be 10 guys who can fuck up a military facility on their own with a Support Fluttercraft to drop them off. Or who can individually go toe-to-toe with a Smith.

>> No.40316949

Significantly less than 9mil nutrients/metals.

>> No.40316950

>"Black Ops Team"
Still obsolete.

>> No.40316952

Fuck that, we've already voted to begin construction of the weather spires, and lay down fleets, have you been following this thread at all?

>> No.40316954

Didn't we recycle Diggers and Refineries when we activated the Smart mines? I remember a vote passing that had that as a part of it.

>> No.40316960
File: 580 KB, 480x360, Obsidian queen fails yet again.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It would be getting far into the realm of overspecialization even if you could get a small drone to be able to wield two weapons. In such a case, you would be able to field more guns, yes, but they would all be far less capable in combat.

Looks like this has support.
>Yes to all
>Yes to all but spec ops
>No to all

>> No.40316963

Brah we've got a massive backlog of resources.

We gotta get the ball rolling on military production.

>> No.40316965

>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40316966

Are you just saying yes to everything without any consideration as to how much it will cost or what good they will do?

>> No.40316967

It's just so that this shit can be confirmed. Do you have a problem with making it clearly defined?

>Yes to all

>> No.40316971

>>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40316974

>>Yes to all but spec ops
This would be on top of our earlier construction order yes?
Also the image characterizes this thread very well.

>> No.40316977

>Yes to all

>It would be getting far into the realm of overspecialization even if you could get a small drone to be able to wield two weapons. In such a case, you would be able to field more guns, yes, but they would all be far less capable in combat.

Thanks QD! Good to know

>> No.40316979

>No to all

>> No.40316981

Yes to all

>> No.40316990

>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40316996

>Yes to all

>> No.40316998

>>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40316999

>>Yes to all but spec ops
Oh fuck it.

>> No.40317003

Our maximum amount of headroom is 2 million.

Did literally anyone add up the costs of those drones that could be spent instead on spamming starships?

>Colossus (420) – 6300
This can't be right. We got thousands from the White Queen and laid thousands ourselves.

>> No.40317012

>>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40317018

>>>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40317019

>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40317022

You mean this choice is likely to starve us?

>> No.40317026

Nope, nobody did.

I think QD just left them in hibernation on the glassed world and forgot about them.

>> No.40317027

Remember that we can keep un-needed drones in hibernation to reduce their costs.

>> No.40317029

Yes to all!

>> No.40317033

If you want to add it up so we can all be shocked at how little it costs go ahead.

>> No.40317043

>>Yes to all but spec ops

>> No.40317044

>>Yes to all

>> No.40317046

>Yes to all but spec ops

Alright, just a moment and I'll get the next thread up.

>> No.40317060

How are the Raligha side projects going?

>> No.40317062

>Yes to all
This won't starve us, but even if it would production would be paced so that we wouldn't starve.

>> No.40317079

Man our numbers are going to make us terrifying.

We need to start exploiting more systems for resources so we can become the swarm to blot out the stars.

>> No.40317094

I don't really see how, what medium sized units do we have that are highly mobile, highly independent, offer psionic disruption, poison, can operate without psionic signatures if needbe, and are Heavy Warrior-tier toughness to boot.

It's not like it's that expensive when we have 9 million nutrients anyway, what's everyone got against them?

>> No.40317105

We either have to take back Refuge and Reprieve if we want access to more resources. Taking on the scavs might be easier than attacking the OB for a land grab, but at this point the scav's are still an unknown quantity.

It's not the units themselves, it that the SpecOps swarm is poorly made and is partly a joke.

>> No.40317115

>Our numbers are going to make us terrifying
Anon, we're not even cracking 1 million drones yet. We're smallfry.

And we need to more fully exploit our current systems first. Which reminds me that I meant to add constructing Orbital Electroponics stations and sugarcane farms to that list just to make sure it got done too.

>> No.40317116

Even the blood one?

>> No.40317119

I don't even remember the details about them anon, but our strength is in efficiency. If they aren't good I'm leaning towards a no.

>> No.40317129

>I don't really see how, what medium sized units do we have that are highly mobile, highly independent, offer psionic disruption, poison, can operate without psionic signatures if needbe, and are Heavy Warrior-tier toughness to boot.
Not even close man. What you have here is closer to three stooges than an effective fighting force.

>> No.40317141

It's not the upfront cost that matters so much as the upkeep that could be used to fuel starships.

>> No.40317170

Replying to myself just to clear things up. I'd lean towards no because we could put those resources towards more ships. It's already bad enough so many anons are in the muh battle readiness camp. Not even that guy complaiing about numbers above me.

>> No.40317177

What is the drone adaptation equivalent of Reacher arms, anyway?

Not that it seems that useful.

>> No.40317179


>> No.40317186

the terrifying xemomorph tail

>> No.40317216

The digestion blood one seemed a little bit more complex, but an acid gland seems like the closest thing you currently have.

New thread's up.

>> No.40317231

Alright, fair enough. Here's what I was thinking when I made them though.

>Horrifying Ball of Arms Man
He was a joke, but he's also a good melee combatant. 2 sets of strider legs let it climb over anything with ease, 2 sets of reacher arms offset lack of a melee weapon by adding reach, 1 set of lifter arms for killing anything heavily armored or punching through walls. Biological interface in chimera mode so we can glean useful information from VIPs on-site and trash the body without worries. Metal Skin for tanking shots to get into melee range, but also adaptive camo so it can sit and wait for ambush attacks.

>Skyl Sniper
Snipers are useful, figured the species that gets free wings should be the sniper. Advanced psionic disruptor on this guy in case we ever decide to deploy one of these teams against OQ. Augments kept light and adaptations in chimera mode chosen mostly to fuck over pursuit. Main defense is hiding and running when found.

>Taidaren Saboteur
3 of them because they don't have any augmentations that would visibly differentiate them from normal Taidaren, so we can use them separately for running through the Taidaren slums where ever. Taidarens have a stated proclivity towards mechanics so Engineer specialty to make them effective at sabotaging important machinery seemed logical. Sting Casters because they'd likely be using maintenance corridors to get where they need to go and large weapons wouldn't work there.

>Ceph Hacker
Ceph have been shown to be able to squeeze into almost anywhere. Coil hid himself in a small pipe in the Angel when we first commandeered it. I figured they'd be decent at squeezing through areas to get access to security rooms/wired networks. Adaptations and augments were chosen with keeping their ability to squeeze intact, so mostly lightweight poison stuff.

>> No.40317240

>He was a joke, but he's also a good melee combatant

>> No.40317257


>Human Frontliner
Close Combat tank, because Special Operations rarely occur in open fields. augs that let them hit hard and fast. Adaptations that help disorient/debuff enemies in groups and attack in unusual ways, to help make up for melee focus. One comes equipped with dual flamers, the other has a Thorn Rifle so he can act as a generalist.

>Human Generalist
Jack of all trades, good at any sort of combat, excells at none of it. Kind of tankish.

I think that anon may have them confused with the Scavengers. Ralighans spend all day climbing trees, they're certainly capable of climbing stairs.

Scavengers have thrown themselves entirely into adapting to the low-gravity environments on their ships, and they operate very poorly outside of them.

I may be mistaken though.

>> No.40317273

>Ralighans spend all day climbing trees, they're certainly capable of climbing stairs.
That's they live on a planet with low gravity dumbass they are the same as the Scavengers. QD confirmed this.

>> No.40317286

Fair enough, but after being equipped with our cybernetics I doubt it would matter.

>> No.40317302

You do realize what anatomy is like right? The cybernetics wouldn't help.

>> No.40317327

you guys are the only ones i am comfortable to leave by yourselves and not be afraid about a fuck up

>> No.40317356

Don't tempt the dice god's anon.

>> No.40317394

Would you link me to where QD confirmed that?

>> No.40317441

Before I look you do realize they are barrel people right? Something like that would be piss poor in non low gravity environments.

>> No.40317510

Yeah, I realize that. But even barrels should roll fine up just about anything when you've got arms that can push 2000kg at a time, legs that are each capable of handling 3 times your weight and are tipped with prehensile claws that can dig into concrete.

I do feel rather silly now though, I'd forgotten they were low-gravity.

>> No.40317535

QD confirmed that they would be amazing in Zero-G.

>> No.40317577

Alright, thanks.

>> No.40317589

>I'd forgotten they were low-gravity.
I don't remember anywhere Raligha was described as low-gravity.

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