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I'm playing a avatar game, and planning to make a jokester character. Problem is, I can't think of which element has the most potential. Earth or water seem most likely. What's the best possible pranks I can pull?

Setting is post korra, so advanced bending techniques are available later in the game.

ITT: how to fuck with people with superpowers

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Air is totally the element of pranksters. Crazy wisdom and whatnot.

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air bender, you can get absolutely everywhere, no-one will be safe from your pranks
as for pranks, do standard non-bender stuff, just within places they think is safe. if their window is open, their room door will have a bucket over it.

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Also, importantly, air is undetectable and subtle. To quote from Hinduism, "air can be heard and felt", but not seen, tasted, or smelt. So there's a lot you can do with it if you want to set up pranks without being detected.

Likewise, since it's built around movement, redirection, misdirection, and guile, the strategies that you learn from an Air Nomad school are going to equally applicable - for the most part - to pranks.

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I feel like making your party sit around while you go off and pull these hilarious pranks might get tiresome for them.

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Then maybe they should join in.

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But if his pranks are dependent on what kind of bender he is, not all of them are going to.

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>prevents their toilets from flushing
>they think theres a problem and call plumber
> "theres nothing wrong"
>happens again as soon as they leave

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What system do you use?

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Off topic:
Can an airbender make an air guitar?

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Sound is just vibrations in the air, so why not.
A real guitar would probably take too much training and dexterity to be realistically possible, but you could probably pull some wierding module shit if you wanted to.

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Earth: element of susbstance
Water: element of change
Air: element of freedom
Fire: element of power

Jokester would be an Airbender or a Waterbender. Freedom or change. Air is a far better choice though since the Air Nomads were known for their great sense of humor and free spirited nature while the Water Tribe is one of tradition and honour.

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Air, because every other element is now boring as shit.

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Waterbender would make sense, if you're going for a character who is purposefully aiming to rock the boat

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Seconding this, gf wants to run a post-Korra setting Avatar game as well and we're struggling to find, or build, an appropriate system

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Normally when this question comes up, people either recommend bastardising Exalted or Wulin. I've read through some of the Wulin rules and it seems like it would work the best, depending on how crunchy or abstract you wanted the game to be - the game is based around over-the-top kung-fu masters (the party) and some relatively magical-type shit.

Might be the way to go, I recommend having a look at it, either way.

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Definitely air bender.

All the other elements a shit!

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Did you forget about plot-bending? It's also known as healing water-life/blood-spiritbending but plot-bending is easier to remember.

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Bryke confirmed firebending has healing arts too.

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earth for dead pan
water for thinks-he's-funny-but-isn't
air for wacky/goofy
fire for snarky/awkward-and-trying-to-understand-how-humor-works-but-is-failing

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Well, firebending lets you do joy buzzers.

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make everyone trip

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Airbending = Fartbending.

Tactical farts are operator as fuck

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Wulin runs more as an abstraction, right? I think I checked out their rules-lite-and-free edition a while back, because I couldn't find the whole thing for free.

Thanks for the tip, mango.

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A few people did a pretty well play-tested version of 4e D&d for Avatar that I played as well. Worked pretty well for our game; it was really fun throwing big fire blasts around and tripping people with earthbending. Normally I'm pretty dubious of homebrew, but this system seemed pretty legit.

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No element = best element
Be a badass normal, like Ty-Lee or Sokka

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You're not as funny as you think you think you are.

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I'll keep an eye out for it. Will a search for 4e Avatar be enough?

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This is the best answer. Every bending philosophy is capable of humor, they just express different forms of it.

I'm not sure I agree with the specific interpretations provided, but they certainly highlight the nature of humor and bending.

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>prank fire bender with bucket of water on door prank.

>For the next couple of weeks, things randomly explode when you try to use it.

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If you are talking about the one from the Wizards forums then yes just googling D&D 4e Avatar should have it come up. It is unfinished and from what I can tell dead though it has a lot of errata in the forum thread.

It isn't awful (except the Earthbender which was constantly errata'd and still was wonky) so you could do worse but be wary of broken equipment and feats.

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make the Spleen from Mysterymen

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we've found the avatar people

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No, you've found Wang Fire.

He's like the Avatar, only better.

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