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Anyone up to play a civilization?

3 votes for race and location

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Minotaur and Forest

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Im just going to throw this out there but a Mycenae that lives in the tundra sounds fun :)

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Anyone interested?

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Fairies (bonus point if you chose an obscure variant like Far Darrig)

Living Moon

Space fairies ho.

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Did you mean bump as in vote? Because I can start writing some stuff for the goblins

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It's the year of the blue sun, in the period of the 7th Zenith. A lot has changed since your kind last walked Iagox, and a lot more is about to. Your name is Boulderback, leader of the Rock-Tooth clan, a renowned variant of goblin known for their stone-like skin. Before you continue your quest for [Insert something here], you get your bearings.

>23 Goblins 10 Men 11 Females, 2 Children
>18 Foodstuffs
>7 Morale

What would you like to do
>A: Impose your rocky dominance on the neighboring regions
>B: Make some friends
>C: Other(Specify)

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Gonna type that up

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Obviously the Rock-Tooth's presence should be known, and with a bang. As you were making your journey you noticed a Gnoll tribe to the North and a clan of Gnomes to the West. Where would you like to go.
>A: North to the Gnoll's
>B: East to the Unknown
>C: South to the Uknown
>D: West to the Gnomes

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>>D: West to the Gnomes

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You set out headed Westward, with a group of 4 others. You scout out the Gnome clan and make a plan of action.

>17-26 People in total
>around 23 Foodstuffs
>Seemingly unprepared for battles

How would you like to proceed?
>A: Cautiously (Steal/Kill)
>B: Proudly (Conquer/Establish Leadership)
>C: Not at all
>D Other (Specify)

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No one interested?

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Gnomes = rape victims? Is this creepy gnome fetish game?

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>I've been caught...

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>Dead thread dead

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That's always been there for some reason. Fairies are technically that for magic (as nymphs), but it's hardly brought up because nobody uses them.

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>>higher than average diplomacy

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