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>DM introduces what is very obviously a waifu

When will DMs realize this is a terrible idea.

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Sorry, pepe isn't welcome on this board.

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If /tg/ isn't part of the Pepe economy then how does it not collapse.

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>implying pepe isn't /tg/ related

Back to your quest thread you /a/utist

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Rape her. Rape her a lot. He'll learn.

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>dm introduces significant NPC
>flirts with female pcs, adequate husbando material
>then proceeds to cockblock female PC who's mildly sweet on him
Give her the D, Emperordammit.

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If the D don't want, the D don't gotta give.

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What if we give her the /d/ instead?

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Well, she's probably going to be detrimental to the party as either an assassin trying to kill you or just getting in the way and being useless, so ditch her.

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sounds like both your sessions are for faggots.

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