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But what would a Modern Fantasy Sea World look like? Would it have fucking leviathians and shit?

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... Do you mean like an animal park?
This can only end well.

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As someone who is terrified by the prospect of sea monsters, I am monitoring this thread with interest.

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Depends on what you mean by modern fantasy, but yeah, as long as they don't totally wreck all the things people need the sea for

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>Everyone give a warm welcome to shamu.
Was the last thing she said before it ate her.
>All part of the show everyone!

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Dear god that thing is huge, the stadiums splash zone would be a fucking tidal wave...likely with magic so it does not kill.

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>Anonymous 05/31/15(Sun)21:53:51 No.403
Just had a though, Japan would probably try to get that just so they can say "We had Kaiju's first suckers!"

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Isn't that some sort of Tyranid Shark Biotitan?

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Not at all.

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It wouldn't because after a point they couldn't be bigger than a certain size and live. Probably. What do I know I'm just some prick on the internet.

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The sea gets rid of most of the "too big" restrictions we sea (ba dum tss) on land. Hence the modern massive whales like your mother (ba dum tss), or the ancient leviathans that lived with the dinosaurs, also your mother. (ba dum tss).

Just my humor-filled two cents.

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The only thing I see is an uber massive Warship with a cathedral built on it along with several Bane Blade sized cannons (or larger) duking it out with ship sized sea adapted Tyranids ready to come along side and drop off their payload of guants while their mouths open to reveal runways full of gargoyles.

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>Everyone is a sailor, or a pirate, or a Marine
>Dragons are either in lairs at the very tips of mountains that were just large enough to become Islets in this drownd worlds, or Dragon Turtles
>Adventurers use Diving bells to venture down to the Sunken Empires to find old magics and technologies worth fortunes above
>Aquatic races play a larger role in the world's politics
>a few small isles are in existence, serving as the basis for some races (Elves have a forested isle, Gnomes have a pleasant rolling hills isle)
>Magic is used in the creation of larger warships that normally couldn't exist in water due to it twisting apart, and now small villages can actually be their own fishing boats
>Wizard Towers are now mobile
>Monstrous races have raider fleets
>Demons now look like aquatic animals mashed up into horrific shapes instead of the normal mix of different animals with the human figure

This could work great. The only problem I see is maybe finding it difficult incorporating some of the races. Elves having a different society due to a lack of trees, or some kind of tree that's sprouting out of the ocean itself (Think something like a mangrove), and how Dwarves would work without Mountain homes could come out great or horrible. Unless you include little bits of land instead of just pure water.

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Is it necessary to shoe horn the typical fantasy races in? Why not just have humans and the aquatic races so you don't have to have some kind of contrived setting to put elves, dwarves, and halflings in.

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No, it isn't, but I thought including at least some mention of how you could utilize those races would make sense; those are all just ideas for the setting. You don't have to use any of them if you don't want.

I think having more "surface-dwelling" (For lack of a better term) races would be interesting.

I'm not quite familiar with all the different DND and Pathfinder races, but are there half-human, half-aquatic races? That would be an interesting addition.

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Keep in mind that the big ass things tend to be more into microbes and the sorts.

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Maybe some leviathans. What do they eat? If they're as large as islands, even small islands like 50-feet long and 20-feet wide, there can't be too many of them around in places where humans would come across them very often because of the demands of resources.

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>That's allot of fish.

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For an abortive high-fantasy-conquistadores game I ran, I had the ocean, real Ocean, be 'black water'.
Literally black. Imagine the ocean as literally black, stretching horizon to horizon.
Inhabited by *things*.
That was the justification for why magical Europe wasn't crossing it effortlessly, and why the players would be trapped in the New World/Carribean; It was a horrible, harrowing passage, could only be made in large convoys with sea priest/druids masking your ships to the best of their ability 24/7, and even then you might lose a ship or to.

The encounters I described in their passage to the players was something that had taken a bite out of a ship from below, breaking its back pulverizing the hull integrity. Those who weren't eaten and managed to stay afloat long enough were pulled out. The ship, so disembowled, sank in less than ten minutes.

The second was a field of blindly groping, tree-trunk sized tentacles reaching from the water. Who knows what they were looking for? They'd occasionally grasp a ship but usually let go... Then they grabbed one and began to wrap around it completely. The understandably spooked sailors began shooting and cutting at it; the tentacles reacted violently. Thrashing around, hard, and did some significant damage to every ship in the vicinity before retreating beneath the waves, leaving everyone in the convoy in terror for the next few days that they'd return.

The PCs were informed that this was considered a pretty good passage. Only lost ~4 ships of the 120-ish fleet, none of the sea priests died.

Then of course they were free to putter around in the balmy, reassuringly blue-water faux-Caribbean, plunder and profit to their heart's content, as long as they realized that anything they shipped back would have to make that journey again.

mildly relevant and I wanted to share. Shame the game got nowhere.

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Well, if this is a Waterworld scenario, I would think the Leviathans would be a more frequent occurrence. That and they would make pretty great encounters.

As for what they eat, I suggest fluffing up a species of crustacean that they eat, something about the size of a dog. Considered a delicacy amongst the various surface sea-people, and a warning sign if seen in large numbers.

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It depends. If you have leviathans that routinely take out fishing boats, it could lessen the pressure on fisheries, allowing for larger apex predators to exist.

People often SERIOUSLY discount the dramatic impact that even 19th century fishing practices can have on an ecosystem.

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Would they eat fish? I was more thinking that they consumed massive amounts of plankton, diatoms, and other such things, or are total omnivors.

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There could be one Dwarven Hold left. Entrance is the peak of a mountain and it goes deep into the earth.

Magic runes be such are used up keep the water out and the air breathable deep. But they don't mine much anymore there,. Their primary industries are ship building (big metal ones), salvage repair, and deep sea mining operations

This is done by huge diving bells, special prospectors, and modified mining equipment. All of this is housed on zogoff huge mobile mining rigs

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They could eat either small fish or small crustacea like a fantasy Krill equivalent, but again its your world; they could eat bull sharks if you wanted a more dramatic species.

I think making them out to be hazards that are more blind animals that are strong enough to destroy a ship out of accident or curiosity would be fun, but if you want combat encounter potential you can make them eat larger things like Dolphins, making humans an easy substitute they would go after.

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>the park has a trained leviathan
>more accurately, most of the park is a trained leviathan
>the buildings are held on its back by a giant harness

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hi,you have this image,
-access is denied

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