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This book really disregards the tactical warfare of the thousand sons and whoever wrote this has one huge boner for the space wolves.

Some folks told me that it was not a spacewolf's wank fest, they lied to me. It was not just a wank fest, it was fucking masturbation.

Have you ever had a similar experience with a BL book? where you just read a shit book and want that time of your life back?

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>where you just read a shit book and want that time of your life back?

I usually stop when I realize I'm having shit served on a platter, so I can't say I have.

>expecting BL to do anything less than dicksuck Spehss Yiff chode

They have to keep that brotard redneck money coming in.

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You would imagine they would at least try.

But here, they where deliberatingly doing a raving BJ to the space wolves.
I mean, how come the SW players get all wet on this book and shit? I tought it was retarded.

I stopped during 3/4 of the book.

Thousand sons acting retarded and using army lists of an old alpha legion list.

How is this faggot still getting a job a BL?

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>How is this faggot still getting a job a BL?
Same way McNeil is I imagine.

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I imagine its probably the same way where I got a boner reading the Iron Warriors omnibus even though a lot of it probably isn't that good, its want I wanted to read.

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MC Neil at least brings out something decent or fun to the table now and then. But this guys... what the fuck has this guy written that deserves all the praise that he gets?
Or is it just BL praise?

Also Nyck kyme is one racist ugly mother fucker.
"dawwg I dont like african space marines so I am going to make them pitch black with red eyes lololol" You realize something like that would look like shit in miniatures and in real life. Like a shitty painted marine by a small kid.

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At least in the omnibus they are on fucking character and MC Neil writes a thousand times better than this piece of hack. Yes I have read the Iron Warriors books and that shit it's alright.

But this thing, this is like a pubert teenager furiously masturbating to a gianna michaels video.

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You must be trolling. Salamanders were always pitch skinned with red eyes.

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They weren't, but then them all being nogs was never a thing either.

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What are some good novels to read while bored out of my mind at work? fyi I'm a smarine fanboy

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Didn't mean to tag OP in that, just a general question to the thread.

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The Inquisition trilogy by Ian Watson.

Good stuff and with SMs in it.

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Whats your job that you have time and the opportunity to read paperback novels?

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The one that is not retconned though.

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Nightshift security. I've literally spent entire shifts painting my Dark Angels.

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It's a heretical tome, though.

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sweet thnx.

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The Ciaphas Cain stuff.

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Fall of Damnos------>Spear of Maccarge------->Veil of Darkness

In that order.

It should sate your Marine boner

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I liked battle of the fang well enough. Yes the Space Wolves were killing more Thousand Sons than vice versa but that was cause the wolves were the defenders in a siege. Defenders almost always have a major advantage and you need huge numbers to siege a place. I also like how it properly showed how scary psykers were.
On the note of hacks though, the guy who wrote Legion of the Damned is awful. His prose is boring and long winded, filled with way too many nonsensical terms, even for 40k terms. His characters are boring, either standard archetypes or non-existent in terms of characterization

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read a real book, not 40k kiddy fiction

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Real life sieges, especially modern sieges, actually usually have the defenders taking considerably more losses than the attackers.

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Fernis is a death world. You don't think that had anything to do with it?

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Good thing 40K is neither real life nor modern, innit?

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It actually looks good.
Also, an entire chapter of nogs is a stupid idea.

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Is Watson's stuff readable? Whenever people talk about him on here, all I hear about is his fart and scat fetishes. One instance where some assassin was worried about taking a shit and the smell giving her away, and then somebody else posted an entire passage about a bunch of space marines crawling through some tunnel so narrow that they had to inch themselves forwards like worms and it slowly crushed their bodies so that they were farting and shitting all over each other.

Fucking stupid bullshit like that seems like it'd be pretty hard to get past. Still worth reading?

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Not enough space marines

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My favorites:

Eisenhorn/Ravenor Omnibuses (Inquisition)
Caiphas Cain Series (Imperial Guard)
Gaunt's Ghosts (Imperial Guard)
Last Chancers (Imperial Guard)
Hammer of the Emperor (Imperial Guard)
Enforcer (Arbites)
Space Wolves Omnibuses (Space Marines)

Sorry, I'm more of an Imps fan.

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what... the... fuck. I mean the first one makes sense, but why would someone write about that second one?

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Watson is the most 40k writer BL has ever had, he's like Blanche but with words.

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Tanks for your suggestions.

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>he's like Blanche but with words.

Blanche's art looks like someone smeared shit all over a canvas so your comparison is apt.

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Dunno man, it was a while ago and I can't remember which book it was from but that one thing has kept me from ever reading anything Ian Watson has ever done, but now I'm itching for more inquisitor stories so...


I thought that was Dan Abnett?

TBH I never cared for Blanche's artwork. Too messy.

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I think this is concept art. Isn't he the guy that made concept art of Kharn, Abby, and Fabius?

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All I know is that this is the stupidest I've ever seen Angron look.

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Compared to?

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Starship troopers? Eh?

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>This book really disregards the tactical warfare of the thousand sons
Weren't the Sons dust by then? Being an undead automaton kind of puts the kibosh on tactical depth.

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Navy does the flying, MI does the dying.

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Why does he have boobies?

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They are lead by sorcerers who are still flesh though. If anything, tactics should be even more precise.

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>Space Wolves Omnibuses
Just do yourself the favor and stop after Wolf Blade.

Lee Lightner killed the series. They even managed to make Haegr not funny.

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Referencing armors from antiquity and popular depictions thereof.

40k used to be a lot more gothic and a lot less sci-fi tacticool. Also tubes, because the future is all about tubes and cords.

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Maybe it's just me, but I hate when writers put 20 new characters in a single chapter and you're supposed to remember and keep track of them.

This is my biggest issue with Dan.

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At least Dan's characters will either die or develop into something meaningful. Reading through McNeil's "of Mars trilogy" had so many characters, half of which are pointless and yet get so much screentime.

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Aaron is the best thing that happened to BL, prove me wrong.

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are there any novels about orks? or necrons?

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CS Goto left and McNeil's output is being cut in half now that he's writing League of Legend lore.

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For Orks, you want Engine of Mork, and its follow-up, Evil Sun Rising. Both are awesome and really capture quality orkiness. Just keep in mind that they're spelling in translated ork, not human Gothic, leading to some particularly posh -speaking Deathskulls.

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Okay, I concede Goto.

But I still think Aaron is too good for BL.

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>At least Dan's characters will either die or develop into something meaningful.
This, most of Abnett's characters are just names that die later on or names that get appended onto another character as equipment.

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>I still think Aaron is too good for BL.

He's as shit as the rest, sorry.

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so edgy

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He's shit, and he jerks off to Edge Lords edging their way through his stories. Not to mention the Cuck Marines he writes.

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Calling BL shit isn't edgy, it's mainstream because even an idiot can realize the truth of it.

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He is good. Don't mind the some anons in this thread. They throw buzzwords and don't mean anything they say.

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What comes out of Mr ADB's hose-pipe isn't the same thing as your Mother's milk, little fellow. Don't drink anymore.

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What's the best Horus Heresy or 40K book for a literary snob? Any faction, any timeline, but Chaos or Orks stuff are preferred.

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I know you don't mean anything you say, anon. It's okay.

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It's all a pile of garbage, don't expect any great literary works, but all the books mentioned in

are a fun read.

>> No.40368956

>What's the best Horus Heresy or 40K book for a literary snob?

First Heretic
Vengeful Spirit

These three are great.

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Not bad, but the stuff about Emperor and sons and hydra and all that was bit too over-the-top and not in a good way.
But it had really rapy CM, which was nice.
I also didn't like his writing style very much, but that may be caused by English not being my first.

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Thanks, fellas.

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>Super detailed primarch
>Great looking Space Marines
>Even the distant ones have details
>Flat, undecorated boxnought out of nowhere.
Why do artists always do this? It's not that hard to draw a Dreadnought, especially not if you're actually good at drawing.

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>The First Heretic
>Prince of Crowns
>Night Lord series
Betrayer alone is probably the best book in the entire Horus Heresy series, bar the first three.

>> No.40370351

Betrayer, the semi-sequal to The First Heretic, is also fucking great. It actually makes Angron into an interesting character.

>> No.40370380

>Betrayer alone is probably the best book in the entire Horus Heresy series, bar the first three.

That's not high praise, but even then I think you're wrong.
Betrayer was dreadful.

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Eat shit /lit/

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just finished book 1, 2 and 7, starting on book 3.

all the bad guys just get portrayed as the cunning pawns that they are... does this change later in the series?

I want to like Erebus, but with Loken PoV thats not easy.

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Erebus is always shown as a backstabbing schemer, which is exactly what he is, even in the Word Bearer books. Or the stories featuring him.

Fuck Erebus.
[Spoiler]ARGEL TAL, WHY AARON, WHY[/Spoiler]

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>I want to like Erebus
>but with Loken PoV thats not easy
>You want to like Erebus
No one likes him. Not even Lorgar likes him. You'll see why.

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Erebus is always shown as a backstabbing schemer, which is exactly what he is, even in the Word Bearer books. Or the stories featuring him.

Fuck Erebus.

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World Eaters didn't fancy up their Dreadnoughts. Even Lhorke's Contemptor sarcophagus was very plain and bore only the markings of the War Hounds.

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In the shadow of great wings.

>> No.40370777

>I miss Lhorke

>> No.40370828

That's an Astral Claws Contemptor, but yeah, I always think it's World Eater at first too.

Lhorke, why Aaron

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File: 155 KB, 1024x608, betrayer_characters_by_slaine69-d84r3qs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because BL hates us. They give us stuff like Vengeful Spirit, and then they gave Lhorke to toy at our heart strings.

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Can I skip battle for abyss or is there something redeemable in it?

>> No.40371028

I wish they had made Rylanor a deeper character in Fulgrim. He was just kind of there.
Saul Tarvitz talked to him, and then he disappeared. Then they mentioned him again on Isstvan III and how he was guarding something beneath the surface.
Did we ever find out what that was, or was it just McNiel making stuff up for no reason?

>> No.40371062

There may have been something akin to a bunker or maybe an escape craft down there.

>> No.40371079

It adds nothing to the story whatsoever and is a pretty bad book.
However, it has a Space Wolf fighting a Dreadnought in single combat, so it's got that going for it.
I don't regret reading it, but I can't really recommend it either.

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I have read a lot of other 40k books about siege and none of them was as retarded as this.
The psykers where portrayed lame and the author lacks fucking imagination and creativity.

>> No.40371167

Looks like however came up with it couldnt paint for shit. And it does look like shit.

Nogs at least would make sense to have variety of human diversity but this shit just looks like a small kid painted it.

>> No.40371233

Isnt that the one where Angron and the Word Bearer primarch go on a fouble date? That shit was like a fan fiction.

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>but this shit just looks like a small kid painted it.
Pic related.

Salamanders look cool. If it bothers you so much, just build them with helmets on.

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Best? To my mind, Lord of the Night.

Here, enclosed.

>> No.40371940

>Dan Abnett
>40k in any way

He just writes Star Wars and Vietnam in space.

>> No.40372020

Betrayer, hands down.

The book is fucking amazing, doing a great job of highlighting the pointless futility that is the life of Angron of the World Eaters.

And it has the best series of quotes in the entire HH series when Angron and Guilliman get into a fight.

The "What do you know of honor and courage" and "Too hateful to prosper, too spiteful to learn" ones.

>> No.40372048

Bingo, but don't tell any of the autists here that. They can't stop furiously masterbating over the Ghosts pulling shit that if it was a Marine pulling it, everyone would bitch about.

Outstealthing a Mandrake, a thing made of living shadow, my fucking ass. Not even as part of a team, no. Alone, because the guard are that superhuman.

>> No.40372140

>still on book 8
>mfw 16 more to go

Can I just skip to it?

>> No.40372185

You can just skip all of it.
Your brain will thank you later.

>> No.40372233

I can't stand when writers make their characters super awesome for absolutely no reason.

"and then faggotmc killed 15 loyalists/heretics, 2 dreadnoughts and a battle barge alone while under fire by dozen warlord titans and having his primary heart ripped off!"

>> No.40372641

B-b-but muh brass balls and guard!

Yeah, no, exactly. Fuck it.

>> No.40372715

Read The First Heretic before you do so, or half the characters will make no sense.

The First Heretic is the /other/ book in close contention for "why Chaos is futile, self-defeating and an awful life choice", right after Betrayer.

>> No.40372768


Which is weird, because ADB writes the Emperor like a schoolyard bully prick who does shit for no reason.

It's probably my only real criticism of ADB.

>> No.40372805

Considering all the artwork of not-dead Emperor looks like Conan the Barbarian, he might have a point...

>> No.40372814

The Emperor /is/ a fucking prick who does stuff for no reason. It's literally what the entire HH was based on from the start, except 20 years ago nobody gave a shit because it was never really fleshed out and nobody went into it in detail.

Now that they have, and now that they are, the entire thing is just... baffling.

Also, the quotes I was talking about:
>‘Listen to your blue-clad wretches yelling of courage and honour, courage and honour, courage and honour. Do you even know the meaning of those words? Courage is fighting the kingdom that enslaves you, no matter that their armies overshadow yours by ten thousand to one. You know nothing of courage. Honour is resisting a tyrant when all others suckle and grow fat on the hypocrisy he feeds them. You know nothing of honour.’
>Guilliman parried, forced back further by the storm of Angron’s blows.
>‘You’re still a slave, Angron. Enslaved by your past, blind to the future. Too hateful to learn. Too spiteful to prosper.’

All my love.

>> No.40373300

I work alone during night shifts, operating a CNC machine, had read a ton of shit. I can basically do anything short of playing drums.

>> No.40373433

No, it really just look like shit. Aestetically it is repulsive.

>> No.40373528

I love how all the bandwaggoners dick ride on ADB Night Lord emo triology but seem oblivious that this masterpiece exists.

I mean is it just me? Or does the night lord trilogy of ADB feel like the same book was written three times?
Also the eldar plot for no fucking reason seems like a copy paste from Lord of the night.

>> No.40373657

It really does. The part that makes me tableflip, though, is how it just shits all over Zso. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a callout where they're basically like "Lol dat nigga, worthless shit everying was lies everyone knows he can't do shit worthless fuck" or around there?

>> No.40373734

Give the man a break. He thought his sons would be functioning adults who didn't need a father because they were adults. His social skills have been rusty since the 1950s at least.

>> No.40373807

Well they were high functioning adults... which is close enough I guess.

>> No.40373850

And why did BL go for the manchildren thing I heard about? The only one that had daddy issues in the original was Lorgar I think.

>> No.40373901

Coz muh drama.

I don't know why. The entire fucking HH is just an epic conflict of "Why didn't you hug me daddy?"

>> No.40373951

Because GW's fanbase is made up of boys/manchildren with serious daddy issues?

>> No.40374015

I thought it was because of Horus's stress and ego.
We're not that bad are we?

>> No.40374082

I was making a suggestion. A number of people I know who 40k are manchildren whose parents split when they were younger.

It's a generalisation of the fanbase.

>> No.40374148

Know No Fear was pretty damn good

>> No.40374250


Let me guess.

You play Chaos?

>> No.40374908

Huh. The more you know.

>> No.40375509

As someone who got into 40k shortly after my parents divorced I can't help but feel like a statistic now

>> No.40376482


Originally ADB wanted to continue the story of Zso, or at least have him appear in the trilogy. He ended up not getting a response from Spurrier, but still wanted to mention Zso in his books. That might explain why he kept the idea of meddling Eldar as an overarching theme.

He hardly shits all over him either. He offers a different view on what happened the night Curze died and everything went to hell. Uzas and Mercutian both openly admit they respected the guy.

With Curze dead and Sev MIA, there wasn't really anyone else to hold the notoriously fractious Night Lords together. Zso had a claim to leadership, but it wasn't really any stronger than anyone else's and the legion just ended up fucking off and doing whatever they wanted in small groups.

>> No.40377472


I'm sorry you have shit taste but it's not my responsibility to correct you. Enjoy being a bitch.

>> No.40377520


Nope. You're wrong.

>> No.40377571


You can have stupid shit in your stories and still be a good writer.
What would you rather read about, an underdog guard regiment going above and beyond to sometimes ridiculous extremes, or a bunch of space marines shitting and farting all over each other under any context whatsoever?

Don't let the rabid fanboys turn you into a rabid hater. It's a cycle that goes around and around. Everybody does stupid shit every now and then, but bottom line is Abnett is one of the top writers GW has ever employed.

>> No.40377581

>not liking watson or blanche

Wow, what a double pleb.

And yes, my tastes > your tastes. Objective fact. Deal with it, niggot.

>> No.40377656


Not him, but I'm still waiting for an answer for >>40367563

As you're a fan, could you perhaps give a more comprehensive answer than >>40367597

>> No.40377680

did anyone else read Pawns of Chaos, its still one of my favorite books. but I never hear anyone mention it.

>> No.40377702


Sorry kid, but no.

Gaunts Ghosts is just Sharpe's Rifles In Space. Characters are one-dimensional archetypes. Stories are mostly boring war-grinds full of irrelevant redshirt deaths. The only good thing about them is Abnett's talent for creating exotic descriptions, but there's not much substance to them. They're cool, that's it. That's not enough to carry one through dozens of books. Eisenhorn was good, the fact that you pick Gaunt's Ghosts over that though as an example of Abnett just shows how clueless you are.

Space Marine, on the other hand, is boss as fuck. Three interesting main characters, multiple interesting scenarios, much more development, and it's actually just as exotic as Abnett's books. The farting you're referring to is light comic relief in a single brief scene, and it's a welcome break from the grimdark that had led to it.

Now you can keep glossing the difference as "le dirty dozen VS farty-poopy SMurfs lol XD" but that just makes you sound like a brainless 14yr old /v/ermin with taste as shit as it comes. Which is probably exactly what you are, right kid?

>> No.40377808


You called me "kid" twice in that post.
If you're resorting to that right off the bat, I can guarantee that nothing else you have to say is worth reading.

That being said, I read what you wrote, and it's all your personal opinions. Your opinions aren't important enough to me to accept as fact.
You can enjoy your bitterness and fling your own shit all you want about Abnett but I still stand by what I said earlier. Nothing you've said so far has done anything to change that.

>> No.40377816


Space Marine is the Watson book I like the best. It's about three Imperial Fists recruits from Necromunda, and tracks their lives from Hive gangers to full fledged Battle Brothers. It has a feel of 80s grimdark + psychedelia.

The fart/scat stuff is extremely minor and not full magical realm. It attracts shitposts that exaggerate it x1000.

Inquisition by the same author is a lot weirder, but still well worth reading. The Slaaneshi daemon world IS full magical realm, but at worst it's just funny. I found it a pretty apt description of what a Slaanesh daemon world could be like, much more than the family-friendly versions in GW rulebook lore.

>> No.40377829

>vengeful spirit
I agree with everything else but that book is trash.

>> No.40377884

>y-you called me kid
>i-it's just your opinion, man
>i-i'm still right, ok? ;_;

Friendly reminder that despite your attempt to conceal it behind a cloud of cool kid phrasing, everyone, including me and probably you too, will recognize your post as a limp and spineless refusal to either defend yourself or to concede like a mature adult.

You're not fooling anyone.


>> No.40377890


Alrighty, I'm feeling better about that whole scat thing then. I'm probably just remembering wrong but when I read that passage some anon posted, I remember it being really depressing, like them having to get through that tunnel even though the effort is going to crush them to death, and then at their most dramatic they just start dropping their loads.

Time has a funny way of distorting shit. I'm gonna pick up his Inquisition books I think. Like I said I've been itching for more Inquisitor stories, especially since Penitent has been delayed.

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File: 12 KB, 552x464, My nigga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This Anon.

>> No.40377928


Now I'm thinking you have bottled up rage you need to get out and over an anonymous forum on the internet is the only way to do it.
Have at it anon. I will say no more on this subject, but leave you to your anger and bitterness.

>> No.40377940

>inb4 breezy attempts to brush it off, despite clearly being unable to resist replying

>> No.40377968


Oops, too late. Ninja'd.

>> No.40377996

>u mad bro

You're not very good at this.

>> No.40378017


Damn right.


Let it out anon, I'm here for you.

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File: 44 KB, 224x224, slowpoke.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, you have, literally, provided me with amusement for the last 5-10 minutes.

>> No.40378063



>> No.40378066

No, you stupid fuck. I hate it because it's fucking retarded. It totally and utterly removes imersian when these shitdick guardsmen are pulling shit that fucking marines would be very, very hard pressed to replicate.

>> No.40378077

Everybody should close this tab and move with their lives.

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File: 151 KB, 1280x720, Samefag AW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this much damage control

Quick, shoop up a screencap to 'prove' me wrong!

>> No.40378113
File: 109 KB, 1281x778, screencaptoprovehimwrong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


We got another one. Keep it coming anon, join in with >>40378063


I live to serve

>> No.40378114


Ghosts routinely kill Dreadnaughts using their lasguns. How is that not cool?

>> No.40378124


Nope, I'm a dude who's been watching this exchange and has been genuinely entertained with the responses of the one anon calling the other "kid"

>> No.40378138

>Psykers were portrayed lame
Did you read the book? All the wolves were fucking terrified of the sorcerers showing up and said their only hope was their few Rune Priests. Hell, a Sorcerer massacred an entire squad single basically handedly (He froze them in time and had the Rubric marines finish them off)

>> No.40378155


Wow, you actually are sad enough to edit a screencap just for babby bait, all to avoid having to defend your terrible taste.

Ghostfags, /tg/.

>> No.40378157

>Ghosts routinely kill Dreadnaughts using their lasguns.

If you don't see how this is retarded...

>> No.40378177

Not that guy, but in what book did that happen?

>> No.40378200


Literally the first one.

>> No.40378212


Just let it all out anon, I will dry your tears.

>> No.40378232


Every BL book that has a white cover - whatever that series/line is called - is terrible.

>> No.40378269

Is this like the star trek odd number law?

>> No.40378318


I'm not the one getting all flustered and desperately shitposting "u mad" as damage control because he can't defend his terrible taste.

Like I said earlier, I actually have multiple substantial arguments:

>Gaunts Ghosts is just Sharpe's Rifles In Space. Characters are one-dimensional archetypes. Stories are mostly boring war-grinds full of irrelevant redshirt deaths. The only good thing about them is Abnett's talent for creating exotic descriptions, but there's not much substance to them. They're cool, that's it. That's not enough to carry one through dozens of books. Eisenhorn was good, the fact that you pick Gaunt's Ghosts over that though as an example of Abnett just shows how clueless you are.

>Space Marine, on the other hand, is boss as fuck. Three interesting main characters, multiple interesting scenarios, much more development, and it's actually just as exotic as Abnett's books. The farting you're referring to is light comic relief in a single brief scene, and it's a welcome break from the grimdark that had led to it.

After trying to say it was all "just opinion", now you just want a shitposting contest because you know you don't

It's a good example of "never argue with an idiot, they'll just drag you down to their level and win on experience".

And that's what Ghostfags are. Idiots.

So yeah, unless you actually have something other than your verbose Reddity variants on "u mad", like mounting an actual defence maybe, I'm done with you. You can have the last word and waste it on some one-liner shitposting if you like; it's your choice.

>> No.40378369
File: 102 KB, 480x601, FB_IMG_1432009328872-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So butthurt anons getting mad at each other over totally subjective shit.

The fact that most of you can't find happiness in anything makes me happy in turn. Your tears give me strength.

So give in to your hate.

>> No.40378424


I'm not the one who keeps dragging this out. I'm not the one flinging insults, resorting to calling people kid, typing out long responses to shit posts, and trying to convince others that my opinion is better than theirs.

I'll rephrase what I said earlier: I greatly enjoy Dan Abnett's work, so do most other BL readers, and you have said nothing to lessen mine or anyone else's enjoyment of his work.
I don't know why it's so important to you that I accept your opinion, but it's not gonna happen. You can continue this conversation one sided if you like, but I am done with it.

>> No.40378439

Mkoll's story in Ghostmaker. He overloads his Lasgun turning it into a make shift grenade which rips open a blinded dreadnoughts armor and the dreadnoughts pilot is impaled on spikes that the local flora shot out at anything that made too much noise.

His companion treats it as the big fucking deal that it is, but Mkoll swears him to silence.

Also in Sabbat Martyr, Gaunt damages a dreads armor while in a hot springs and the flamer troopers boil it alive.

Only times I recall a dread showing up in GG. Also bear in mind that the short stories in Ghostmaker predate the Black Library and are of the same vintage as Battle of the Archaeosaurs which features feral worlders riding fire breathing sauropods and successfully going 1v1 with Warlord Titans.

>> No.40378557


And that isn't even all that ridiculous.
IDK why everybody's fixating so hard on Abnett's writing flaws when it happens in nearly all 40k novels.

Ciaphas Cain? He routinely comes face to face with for-real-no-shit-Daemons (even sometimes without his Pariah-aide present), knows the names of the Chaos Gods, and has been through many situations that would get any other person in the Imperium executed for being corrupted a hundred times over.
Sure he's got his Inquisitor friend pulling strings on his behalf, but she must be pretty incompetent (which we know she is not) to not recognize the danger a man like that poses.

Is Ciaphas Cain a shitty series because of the many oversights like that? Absolutely not. It's one of the more enjoyable series out there despite all that.

>> No.40378595
File: 83 KB, 625x800, 1400429082390.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40378613

>Ciaphas Cain? He routinely comes face to face with for-real-no-shit-Daemons (even sometimes without his Pariah-aide present), knows the names of the Chaos Gods, and has been through many situations that would get any other person in the Imperium executed for being corrupted a hundred times over.
The man has divine protection.

>> No.40378635

>Outstealthing a Mandrake, a thing made of living shadow, my fucking ass.
Mandrakes weren't made of living shadow until the 5th edition codex hit in 2010. Until then they were just super sneaky chameleon like dark eldar.

>> No.40378748

And yet you act like that doesn't get called out as annoying shit all the time for exactly those reasons.

If you can enjoy it, sure, whatever. For me, it's boring, trite shit that goes against the basics of the 'verse. More of a canon fanfic then anything.

>> No.40378898

Cain is comedic. King's Space Wolf series had a slightly biased narrator on the subject of how awesome Ragnar Blackmane was. Almost everyone who discusses Angels of Darkness has never actually read it. Whether cameleoline alters your digestive system is potentially important when impersonating xenos species.

There are reasons for many things, but people just like pitch bitch fits.

>> No.40378946


I suppose there's that. It fits with the more upbeat style his novels take on.


Wasn't he also getting kind of desperate and careless towards the end of that novel? It's been a while since I've read it. Also I'm not all that familiar with Dark Eldar lore, but could there be some question of the skill of a Mandrake who resorts to taking assassination contracts for humans from humans? Especially one willing to consort with the Great Enemy?

>> No.40379006

He was certainly showing off and having fun on his way to do the job. He also didn't know that the existence of the 9 had been revealed and there were units being sent out deliberately to counter them.

>> No.40379035

It kind of makes me sad though. Knowing anytime an anon tries to share his passion or anything he enjoys, will be shit on and torn apart. It's nature to share one's joy, but in doing so here, one is worn down, mocked and ridiculed. It makes a person question whether or not he actually ever had taken enjoyment in his activity. And a person slowly becomes bitter, and judgemental, actively finding any fault or reason to desecrate others interests and opinions.

It's really depressing.

>> No.40379065

White Dwarf

>> No.40379196


It's easy to shrug off if you just think about what's going on.
It's like people having their video game consoles failing, or people experiencing police brutality when they're pulled over or arrested.
All you ever hear from is a vocal minority. When something bad happens, they're gonna be right there on the relevant internet pages to complain about them.
If every single person whose console didn't break, or every single person who didn't have anything unusual happen to them when they were stopped by the police posted about it, you'd never see anybody complaining because all the forums would be drowning in people posting about their business-as-usual experiences.

We're all anonymous here. Anonymity compels one to immediately voice the first thought of any substance they have, and usually it's negative. You come up with an idea, a whole lot of people are going to read it on here. Dozens if not hundreds. Most of those people are going to read your idea and think "oh, whatever" or "hmm, mite b cool", something to that effect. They're not going to think anything worth posting.
But then someone stumbles across the idea and they find they dislike it, they're gonna tell you so. And since anonymity removes consequences from actions, they're going to do it in the most unguarded and up front way they can.

>> No.40379226

I hear you.

I used to let their cynical manchild fits get to me.

Now I just laugh at them while they get so mad when forums aren't just an echo chamber of bitching and moaning.

>> No.40379229

This is a brilliant sum-up

>> No.40380048

I believe that's Space Marine Battles, but don't quote me on that, since I never read them myself. Not a huge fan of Space Marines stories when they're the only perspective characters.

>> No.40383038

I hear you. I read The Emperor's Gift hoping it would be about, you know, the first battle for Armageddon.

But no, it was more Grey Knights porn. I specifically didn't want Grey Knights porn!

adb can suck my nuts.

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