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"Mountainside madness"

Hear ye, respected battlemages of Ziona.

In order to relieve pressure from the main cyoa generals, this thread and those following it have been set up as a temporary isolation for the popular Battlemage cyoa by SDA. Feel free to post your builds here and shoot the shit between your characters.

Please note that this is NOT a quest, and NOT ONLY an rp thread. Any discussion pertinent to the cyoa itself is very much welcome. Please do not discuss any cyoa meta stuff; for that you can use the main general.

>If someone was going to make a rough-cut quick-n-dirty RPG for this setting and it's CYOA what would you look for in it, and what kind of system would you suggest for it?
Someone was talking about the legends of the Wulin for a base system it looks like a good fit, but other suggestions could be useful...

The old thread lives here.

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woops, wrong CYOA...

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SDA is a great guy and all, but he's a one trick pony. Only stardust kicked off, and he's done expansion after expansion, with an occasional remake. It's keeps things just fresh enough for his fanatical followers but I'm getting tired of it.

SDA, if you're reading this, it's time to let go. Make something new and refreshing, and bring closure to a good cyoa.

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>Make something new and refreshing
I'm not SDA, but I am trying to use his work to make something else entirely...

I'm kind of planning to make it an RPG with a simple system, sort of like how the Powered Armor CYOA did.

though I have no intention of running it on /tg/, round a table or a campfire most certainly. but not on a board...

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Armor: Leather Hood Leather Armor Knight Gloves Battle Robe Bottom
Weaponry: Custom Weapon Ultra Greatbow (3) Recurve Bow (1) 2x Dagger (1)
Calling: Slayer
Followers: Akra Kaithla Jyna Heltyse
Force: Density Unstoppable Force Launch
Lightning: Plasma Weapons Energy Siphon
Nature: Leafmetal
Ice: Frozen Heart Frost Armor Obsidian Ice

Most likely join up with one or more of the other slayer bros who could use some ranged to back up their melee.
Spend a decent time prepping my shot and then inflict massive damage and reposition.
Recurve bow for mobility.
Launch and Unstoppable Force for mobility and to give daggers some impact.
Also climb up walls and shit no problem.
Maybe out of date. Is this really popular enough for its own thread?

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You forgot

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>Falling fo a stale pasta

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So what exactly is this thread for?

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Someone's making a Battlemage RPG system and wants input and discussion, as far as I can see it.

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I believe the talk in the previous thread was mostly 'Use LOTW with minor mods'.

Which is honestly sounding better than /tg/ going 'we need a new RPG for literally everything'

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Does it bug anyone else to see radically different art styles next to each other?

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>'Use LOTW with minor mods'.
>'we need a new RPG for literally everything'

really, it's seeing how Dungeons; the Dragoning works really drives it home. it's an extreme example but everything in that game is just borrowed and lightly modded and then JAMMED TOGETHER, like a dick in a midgets anus. and you know what? the whole thing apparently fits together pretty damn good with only a couple of raw spots that can be fixed by just slotting in a different mechanic from a different game...

now. if we use Legends of the Wulin as a base system for combat and skills, how will we handle magic and other stuff(I've not read that far in the LotW manual so IDK). I fully intend to beat like the redheaded stepchild of a rented mule any one who suggests a Vancian system...

I'm not planning to use the laughs at/fears mechanic, but the Lake and the River as I understand them seem to be good. I still have a bit to read regarding combat so it bears thinking on in that regard...

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You mean like the Wizard hat? >>40385587
Yeah, it does.

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Aceline Dupond

Knight Set, save for Soldier's Greaves

Runed Blade(Staff: Divine + Greatsword)
Runed Boots (1 slot weapon, kicks hit like a war hammer.)
Shield Catalyst


Iselota Lyenne
Sonya Keilana
Tilly Rohesia
Daniel Roland

Force: Density, Unstoppable Force, Launch
Divine: Weapons of Light, Mending Sparks, Guardian's Halo, God's Wrath, Light Ray
Frost: Ice Heart

A noble's daughter who joined the Battlemages out of a sense of Noblesse Oblige, she has a reputation of being arrogant but well meaning. The first to defend an ally and the last to retreat from a battle, even if abandoning an ally would be the better option. This has earned her a position in the Sentinels, where such a mindset will do more good than harm.

Not a specialist by any means but an accomplished jack of all trades magically with a heavily focus on defending her allies and striking down foes like a bolt from the very heavens themselves. A similarity in magical styles has earned her the mentorship of Daniel Roland, who she believes can achieve greatness with work. She has earned a comfortable friendship with Iselota, a regular dueling partner of hers and Sonya Keilana, with whom she has stood back to back. Iselota has, in turn, recently been placed in charge of looking after a new recruit who acts as scout for her battalion, Tilly Rohesia.

>Honestly, I'm not sure if avoiding rank 3s leaves someone underpowered...but they have a lot of versatility within the area of being ungodly hard to take down and hitting like a mack truck. Vaguely considering trading out the Light Ray and Launch for Mark of Redemption and Angelic Wings but I like the Jack of All Trades feel.
>I wonder if she could use Launch + her Runed Boots to launch someone ELSE via boot to the face.

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I'm rather a veteran of LOTW and I'd say it would work with Internals. Using Heaven's Lightning for a Strike Boost isn't just a generic hit bonus, it's channeling the power of the storm for instance. Using an internal to get +20 to Knockback marvels is smashing someone in the face with a kinetic-enhanced attack and smashing them through a nearby wall.

LOTW very easily does as much or as little showiness in it's internals as you want for a game.

There is also Elemental Attacks for just throwing raw element at someone. (Though some of them would also work as secret art attacks like Priest's Arts for the soul sucking abilities of Undead)

That and I really like the Laughs/Fears system myself. It promotes creativity and using the environment.

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An attention whore wasn't getting enough attention in the CYOA general and started a new thread just so people would look at his shitty CYOA on its own.

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SDA didn't make the new thread though, or any of the threads

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SDA isn't to blame. He may be a questfag now but he's not being that bad.

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you're just saying that because you're bigoted against lesbians...

that said some art just doesn't mesh well.

okay I literally started working my way through the Wulin book yesterday, I barely understood any of that.

from what I DO understand of the system, the CYOA, and peoples apparent views that got voiced before. the laughs/fears mechanic seems too much like an overcomplicated Pokemon/rock-paper-scissors game played with powers and character deaths...

now I need to read up on what a "Knockback Marvel" "Strike Boost" both of the Kung Fus and also re read some of those bits a few times...

I kind of avoid posting in CYOA generals...

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The magic system pretty much slots in perfectly into LotW's Chi. I'd worry more about equipment.

Also, the laughs/fears are so broad and encompassing they are pretty easy to apply universally.
> laughs at caution and the overly subtle
> fears the very quick and the unconventional

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What's anything here got to do with lesbians?

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sounds like character build decisions rather than element trumping...this I can handle, it's difficult for me to gather up my player and maintain their attention on non-gameplay things, but I can try...

I'm still chewing through the book, any further input would be FANTASTIC

the wizard hat image is from an erotic comic series called Sunstone; I rate it as a pretty good story with pretty good art(granted that this is my OPINION and it may not line up with yours on the matter). both main characters are lesbians and have a happy BDSM relationship going on, the one in the hat is one of them.

you can read it on Deviant Art or buy it in hardcover for an art quality upgrade and secret bonus scenes.

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Go back to your shitty thread

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> the laughs/fears mechanic seems too much like an overcomplicated Pokemon/rock-paper-scissors game played with powers and character deaths...

Eh, I'd disagree with that. Mostly because very few styles actually always laugh at another style. Like a style laughs at trickery or those who try to meet it head on, rather than Y style. It's heavily based around trying to work out where an opponent is weak and maneuvering rather

But yeah, the Magic System fits fine with Internal Styles (Which are basically Chi Magic).


Eh, I don't see too many issues with the equipment. Though I'll admit LOTW armour is a bit less complex than the armour here most of it could be fluffed over.


Less 'Build decisions' and more 'How you play in that given situation'. It's designed around adaption and working out how to take advantage of a situation rather than constant bonuses.

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>Which are basically Chi Magic
can I get the cliffs notes on that while I go through the combat section. this book puts a lot of fluff in that it probably doesn't really need...I'm guessing from what little I've read regarding the Chi, that chi magic is a recharging points system where you spend the chi to cast spells...the charge rate is gonna be a bear to keep track of and still call this a lite-RPG...

still it sounds better and better for the brew...

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Sort of. A lot of 'spells' boost combat stats(Like Block or Strike), though some do other stuff (Like throw motherfucking fireballs or teleport through shadows).

A starting character regenerates a flat 2 non-elemental chi per turn + 1 of each element they know. The Internal abilities cost between 1 and 5 chi each.

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>Bone sea is still Bone sea
SDA explain this

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>CYOA thread started
>Two posts are related to the CYOA out of 28
>The rest are all shitposting

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>A starting character regenerates a flat 2 non-elemental chi per turn + 1 of each element they know.
so a multidisciplinary battle wizzard may be a challenge because then he'd generate 2-colorless and >1 element biased chi per round

>The Internal abilities cost between 1 and 5 chi each.
so a T1 spell can cost 2 chi and a T4 spell can cost 5. with a single point give or take for spells described as being more or less draining. and a set price for sustained spells.

spells that regen Chi faster than then spend it still need to be started for their cost as a "priming the pump" sort of thing...

you seem to have misread the OP...all but a handful of posts are actually related...

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Build: Waldeinsamkeit
Mark: Sentinel

>Illusion, mark of fear

>vine control, Mend, poison cloud
>Leafmetal Weapons, Gaia's Chosen, Gaia's Maidens
>Gaia (Wolf)

Wizard Hat
Leather Armor
Leather Gloves
Leather Boots

Rapier + Wand (3)
Recurve Bow (1)
Shield Catalyst (1)

Diana Nemoreth
Jourdain Ricard

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I haven't updated it yet. Will probably be sometime during the weekend.

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Build: Waldeinsamkeit
Mark: Sentinel

>Illusion, mark of fear

>vine control, Mend, poison cloud
>Leafmetal Weapons, Gaia's Chosen, Gaia's Maidens
>Gaia (Wolf)

Wizard Hat
Leather Armor
Leather Gloves
Leather Boots

Rapier + Wand (3)
Recurve Bow (1)
Shield Catalyst (1)

Diana Nemoreth
Jourdain Ricard

I wanted to try something a little different. How can I improve this build, it feels unfinished and I just chose Gaia because two t3 and there was nothing immediately better.

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>you're just saying that because you're bigoted against lesbians...


>> No.40387114

I am pretty sure that was a joke.

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is a man not entitled to making the odd joke on the internet?

all of the weapon mod spells run right into and through the energy attacks as described...I like this dovetailing. and we won't need the golf-bag of swords for those characters that want a multi element strike, they just need a level or two in the elements they want swords in...

still, gonna need some ideas for the stuff that isn't Burn Freeze Shock or Poison...

now on to ripples(a mechanic I like but will likely cut from the first draft for a lite version...)

so right now, I like the combat system and think it'll work well in a BMCYOA RPG system
but for a lite system and a rough draft I think I'll need to relegate mechanics to the cutting-room floor...ripples, and rippling rolls, fears, laughs, and some of the chi deviations.

once the base mechanics and how they interact in this setting they weren't designed for get worked out we can start putting the pieces back in if anyone's interested...

oh and here's the corebook for Wulin if anyone wants to jump on the brew-train...


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fukken LINK

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Angelanon why do you have ruin everything you touch?

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first change is that certain magic can be used for a Reply(counter attack) that can reach to adjacent Zones(normally counterattacks only apply for the Zone that you are in, fine tuned positioning isn't used in Wulin just general areas called Zones.

thats not me....I am a namefag sometimes but the name I use, when I use one, isn't that...

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Oh so you're Lorenth.

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Icecat 2.0

Knight helmet
Knight cuirass
Knight gautlets
Aegis greaves

Longsword +staff
Shield catalyst

Military police
>inb4 But there is no such mark
>Then there should be, who else will control those crazy wizards

Guillame Juhel

Ice drake


Frost armour> obsidian ice> flash freeze > glacial winds
Cryo shot> seekers shards > comet
Frozen heart

Silver tongue

The military police you all deserve. Making sure you're not selling your equipment for easy cash, deserting, selling drugs, selling information to Detritus ,selling drugs to Detritus, having intercourse with other battlemages ( You have chosen Abby for this sole reason, don't you?) and other less important MP duties

>> No.40387598

Rolled 47 (1d100)

Nope, guess again...

secret arts I like the soundings of, even if I have yet to dig through the whole of it and digest it properly

>selling drugs to Detritus,
>selling non-sabotaged drugs to the Detritus

>having intercourse with other battlemages
but I really felt a spark with that girl...it was fireworks and mad lust...

>> No.40387611

Don't deny it Lorenth.

>> No.40387642

Seismic sense would be p. good as utility, since you're going to be without animals to communicate with and locate people in your forest. You could drop mark of fear for it, or if you're going for full assassin you could drop gaia's maidens.

>> No.40387780

Rolled 99 (1d100)

1.) who is that
2.) why do you think I'm them?
3.) why is that a bad thing(as you seem to be implying here...)

>Secret Arts
based on what your skillset(scholar, doctor, courtier, priest, etc.) is you can do extra interesting actions that can combine with and augment combat actions in a narrativistic sort of way...I'm trying to think of ways this'd mesh with the Marks at the bottom of the equipment page(>>40385587) any ideas?

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So it's a CYOA, tag your crap.

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but I really felt a spark with that girl...it was fireworks and mad lust...

After small talk you will be appointed to the front line of vanguard

>> No.40388194

I think I had an extra spell, So just get rid of Siphon.
Also surprising lack of slayers here.

>> No.40388251

they've all died from overconfidence

>> No.40388280

Rolled 63 (1d100)

>After small talk you will be appointed to the front line of vanguard
>shit, I was trying to make a lightning-lust mage joke...
"gotcha boss, one molten metal missile meister out to fire fair flights of ferric fluids all the live long days"

I think no Secret Mark Arts till I can figure some examples for each Mark though, TO THE CUTTING-ROOM FLOOR WITH IT at least for now...

the weapons list will need a little expanding, but not too terrible much...anybody know if there are some Legend of the Wulin splatbooks out there I could look at and cherry-pick? the armor section is vague enough that individual sets need to be stated as one piece...perhaps choose a set, average and round up the armor class(light(1), medium(2), and heavy(3)) of all the pieces and apply the granted bonuses from the individual parts to the armor as a whole...

gotta cut down or cut out the External Kung Fu list just because I don't think it'd fit the tone on the setting. that and perhaps maybe renaming them for the same reason.

cutting out the Internal Kung Fu, and jamming the different mage elements into that particular hole. that does mean that each individual spell needs working out as far as Chi/Mana costs as well as the mechanics of the spells (area disruption, straight damage, secondary effects, summoning, sustained spell drain...ergh, thats gonna be tedious, and the balancing is gonna be worse...)

Chi conditions are too complex for the first pass so I'm opting to cut them from The Brew for now because they seem very setting specific...

>> No.40388417

Need more defense oriented slayers. Everybody goes glass cannon.

>> No.40388428

so, I may have missed it, but how do you measure hitpoints/damage in this game? because I don't actually see anything on the character sheet that I can be certain of.

how does damage work?

>> No.40388455


When you take hits, you take Ripples. Ripples are momentum against you, minor damage and fatigue. If you take a bad enough hit, it provokes a rippling roll.

When you get a rippling roll you roll as many dice as you have ripples and that generates an injury based on the biggest set from that + attackers damage.

>> No.40388528

Spell effects can probably be mostly freeform as long as you're paying the proper cost for their tier.

External kung fun can get cut down and renamed, but I'd definitely try to keep at least five or six styles. Particularly since the style bonuses to combat stats are figured into the math.

For armor, the game does allow limb hits. So it's easy enough to assign each piece a l/m/h value (the battle robe set doesn't quite fit into light or medium, though the others are easy to define).

Chi conditions seem out of flavor. So let's go ahead and drop those.

While I like Ripples in theory, they do seem really complex. Best to leave them out or as an optional rule.

>> No.40388701

I love the smell of magma in the morning

>> No.40388703

>When you get a rippling roll you roll as many dice as you have ripples and that generates an injury based on the biggest set from that + attackers damage.
but how do you know when anybody's damaged enough to be stopped, put down, or otherwise incapacitated?

>mostly freeform
yeah, I like bullet points, but thats so I can GM it with notecards or limited notes

>but I'd definitely try to keep at least five or six styles
keeping under advisement probably rebuilding them from scratch.

>the battle robe set doesn't quite fit into light or medium, though the others are easy to define
really? was gonna call it light...

>the game does allow limb hits
might be over complicating things on the first-run rules, but second or third iteration we can shove them right back into the scheme

>While I like Ripples in theory, they do seem really complex. Best to leave them out or as an optional rule.
but how will we determine damage/injury/death? They seem tied to that particular setup(see>>40388455, and >>40388428)...might just have to brew it from scratch, as painful as that is for me to think about...

>> No.40388728


That's why Slayers die so often.

Glass cannons tend to explode upon use.

>> No.40388887

That and they have the most dangerous job already.

I sold my family's land to the Detritus. But believe me, they paid a high price for it.

>> No.40388892

For armors I was thinking light: wizrobes and leather, medium: soldier, heavy knight and aegis. But the battle robes seemed to have a medium chest piece and light everywhere else. But I'd be fine with it going all-light.

As far as Ripples go, maybe it's just that they're not well-explained. Like I said I like them, but have my doubts. I think you get 'overcome' when you have more Ripples than Max Chi + x. But the whole ripples and ripple rolls thing was confusing me when I read it two days ago

>> No.40389015

>But the battle robes seemed to have a medium chest piece and light everywhere else
then weight the average so the chestpiece counts as a 2(medium) averaged and rounded with the rest of the armor it'll still count as light unless you wear the chest-piece in something heavier...

>'overcome' when you have more Ripples than Max Chi + x
then hitpoints are some derived number. lets say one damage for an undodged unblocked attack, and one point for every +5 on the set doing the damage (and for every +5 that isn't countered by blocking too, means you can tank too, especially with rapid healing magic available as an option...)

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>Aegis Helmet - Use the Force to detect incoming magic
>Knight Cuirass - All-around defense, which is necessary
>Soldier Gauntlets - LIGHTSABER like a baws
>Soldier Greaves - Jedi Speed

>Longsword combo'd with two staves (Fire and Lightning). LIGHTSABER

>Vanguard. Front line Jedi warrior

>Eve Laveux and Dameon Caras. We find the thick of the fighting and melee like motherfuckers

>Flame Weapons - LIGHTSABER
>Flame Armor - Jedi need good reflexes.
>Frozen Heart - Jedi need superb conditioning.
>Plasma Weapons - LIGHTSABER
>Bolt - Force Lightning
>Seismic Sense - Can sense Sand People, even when they are in single file to hide their numbers.
>Deflect - Ricochet them projectiles with my LIGHTSABER
>Weapons of Light - LIGHTSABER
>Silver Tongue - These are not the Battlemages you are looking for. Move along.

On the front lines, in the thick of it. I use my LIGHTSABER with deadly effect. Not the best at anything, I am a generalist who excels in hand-to-hand. I can also wave my hand and mess with your mind.

>> No.40389148

As to external kung fun, you're supposed to be switching between the styles you've learned on-the-fly* during combat. And we can tie some of them to knowing one of a certain spell 'group' is leafmetal and obsidian ice, smoke, sandstorm, and light drinker.

*at the start out rounds when determining initiative.

>> No.40389276

I reckon my survivability is decent enough, >>40386122
Only problem is Solo could be hard to properly utilize the greatbow.

>> No.40389419

A question for SDA:

If I choose to turn my bow into a wand or staff or something, will the spell effects still remain on the arrows after they have been loosed?

>> No.40389453
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yes, I like these...so we just give it 9 external kung fu styles (or do we want an acoustic style?)

>working titles; suggestions welcome
Magma Flow
Icy Shard
Waving Grass
Evil Eye
>acoustic sounding fighting style
Shadow Stalk
Gold Glow
Mashing Mages

however to give players flexibility in terms of weapon selection we may just have to get generic with stuff

>> No.40389662

>Longsword combo'd with two staves (Fire and Lightning). LIGHTSABER
I don't care if that's legal or not, that's awesome.

>> No.40389695

I found reference to a hunter mark here. What does the hunters do? Or was it phased out for one of the current marks and just not updated?

>> No.40389970

> Hit points are a derived number ...

I went ahead and pulled up the PDF because I honestly wasn't remembering it very well. And I was wrong earlier.

> Any attack that hits causes one or more ripples based on how much it exceed the defense by.
> if you exceed by 10+ also roll one die for each ripple on target, add these together
> Add damage from weapon, style, magic, etc
> opponent has option to spend chi to roll dice and subtract them
> compare total to 'chi threshold' (max chi plus relevant modifiers like armor)
> how much you exceed determines 'long-lasting injuries' and/or total defeat.
> trivial injuries can be inflamed into minors if you get hit again
> minor injuries slow chi recovery
> major injuries cause penalties to rolls

So it's not strait HP, but a way to slowly add up minor damage until your opponent flees or surrenders. Definitively a system designed for combat against 'equal-level' opponents, not hordes of mere soldiers.

Also pretty poorly explained, imo.

>> No.40390046

That's not what I meant at all. I meant a school for fighting when vision is obscured, and a school for fighting with weapons made of magic materials. Not elemental schools, since they're already contained in the Spells themselves.

Hunter is the 'assassin' mark at the far right. You just missed it.

>> No.40390080

>Also pretty poorly explained, imo.

issue here now is "what are we fighting?" we need to know whether the Detritus are solo opponents, minions, or bads so big the don't fit inside buildings...and for that we need the setting creator...

SDA we need your input at this juncture!

oh, thoughts?

>> No.40390084

Damn it, you're right. Sorry.

>> No.40390492


Or we could say fuck it and go to a simpler HP system

> Start with Chi + Level, less for enemies
> Attack that hits gets at least a roll and one guaranteed
> Exceed defense by a lot to get second/third etc guaranteed damage
> Roll toughness + armor* vs damage + ??? to cause possible extra damage
> Probably need to keep 'quasi-ripples' to act as a +modifier for damage rolls

> Lotta spells that toughness or armor may not apply to. Easy to rack up binus damage if you're using those.


>> No.40390684

Under this system, we'd probably have medium and heavy armor give bonus HP, since the underlying LotW math is mostly about not getting hit until the rippling roll starts doubling and tripling the armor bonus to avoid serious injury.

>> No.40390696

I like it.

you say Chi, I know you gain it on a turn by turn basis...perhaps you mean max Chi?(default is 10) or what? though if you treat it like accrued Chi count as hitpoints it'd encourage shit tons of sneak attack builds...charge a few rounds worth of Chi undetected and murderize the room full of unsuspecting dignitaries...

element strike ignores armor in most cases IIRC(looking as I post...) so element weapons can counter non-mage armor which seems good I suppose(battle mages are elites as is so it works out great that they kick ass so hard)

> Exceed defense by a lot to get second/third etc guaranteed damage
I'm gonna call em Raises, by tens to fit with the system...so a hit that beat DEF is one damage, beats it by 10 is 2 damage by 20 is 3 damage etc.

such as?

>> No.40390773

>medium and heavy armor give bonus HP
thinking 3 and 7 respectively...thoughts?

>the underlying LotW math is mostly about not getting hit until the rippling roll starts doubling and tripling the armor bonus to avoid serious injury.
it looked like that yeah, and since we're tearing out Rippling in favor of a more standard HP damage system it makes tanking hits a little more manageable. especially with healing spells as a potential on the opposed side...

>> No.40390982

so how is the staff supposed to work exactly? does it give you all spells of one school or merely enhance the power of a school you already possess?

>> No.40390989

I don't understand what you mean. If you get something line Leafmetal or Flame Weapons, then yes, projectiles will be affected by those spells. If you mean to case magic from loosed arrows, then no.

In short, Detritus are a mix of Lovecraftian horror beasts and intelligent overminds/leaders capable of directing grunts into battle. You might fight a monster the size of a mountain, or a powerful warlock-like leader, or anything in between.

>> No.40391022

Cast magic* not case.

Spellbreak counts as a weapon enchantment, so arrows are affected by that as well.

>> No.40391080

are they prone to experimentation?
use of per-existing infrastructure?
do they suffer from weather or terrain limitations?
recommended reading to get me in the right frame of mind?

>> No.40391219
File: 40 KB, 935x900, 1416318824842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reposting my build.

Mark: Slayer
Battle Robe Hood and Gloves
Aegis Chestplate and Greaves

Hybrid-Spear-Wand(3 slots)
Hybrid-Targe-Catalyst(3 slots)

Bolt, Plasma Weapons, Shock Force, Blink, Smite, Magnetism, Mjolnir

Void Stare, Void Call

Mikeal Ouren
Iselota Lyenne
Lea Perier

Vharros Tarsis is a bizarre man for being from Ciraezir. He's oddly quiet, and is equipped rather modestly compared to his fellows. Still, he's fairly accomplished as a slayer, much to the confusion of kin.

A question. I've been getting pseudo-eastern vibes from Ibrixium, any merit to this?

>> No.40391272

Yeah, max chi like in the original system.

3 & 7 actually seem low for the amount of hits you might take. Even with healing and defensive magic a tank is going to be smacked around a lot by monsters. If you've only got 20 HP, that will go by quickly.

Quasi-ripples just meant previous damage but I suppose most spells will give pretty hefty bonuses to damage, so it ends up either being about super-accuracy to kill enemies quickly or being about ways to stack damage to exceed toughness + armor

>> No.40391333

>recommended reading to get me in the right frame of mind?
Play Dark Souls.

Die a lot.

>> No.40391389
File: 157 KB, 900x676, 1410890907815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Alita of the Light

>whole wizard robes ensemble
>2 daggers that are also wands
>sentinel mark
>Dragon mount instead of companions
>all T1, T2, and T3 Divine abilitites

Be sentinel battlemage from Ascent Realm who rides her dragon along Elysium border and tries to help protect people from detritus and try to help them with other things with my divine magic. Don't get involved in problems between the citystates and only fight against real evil and try to work with other battlemages that need help.



>> No.40391487

Ixbrium is essentially the Monk place with serene misty mountains and cool looking trees. So, yes. Also where Force magic originated.

Honestly I can't give you a piece of reference. Just imagine them as just though Cthulhu suddenly made an army.

Water is their biggest obstacle, except for the water-based and air-based Detritus.

Dark Souls has a decent aesthetic similar enough. Twisted demon-like beings is the majority of what you'll be fighting, and corrupted things.

>> No.40391507

Not done one of these before, have I done it correctly?


Vine Control

Soul Seeker
Soul Guardians

Mark of Fear

Battle Robe Hood
Aegis Curiass
Battle Robe Gloves
Aegis Greaves

Staff (Shadow)

Phisora Jaenith
Thea Serle
Tarantula mount
Elemental mount

>> No.40391543

>Taking Phisora ever
You done goofed. Prepare to be stabbed while you sleep.

>> No.40391555

sounds like Bloodborne is a better fit...

>except for the water-based and air-based Detritus.
so they specialize for terrain with harsh negatives where specialized?

I wonder what person or party does the re-spec on them, and where do they sit on the map...

>> No.40391618

>sounds like Bloodborne is a better fit...
Yeah, I imagine the setting is something like this:
1) Take all the environment from Dark Souls.
2) Take all the monsters from Bloodborne.

Also, where's my forbidden Old Ones' magic school?

>> No.40391655

>sounds like Bloodborne is a better fit...
Or Demon's Souls

>> No.40391803

I know it is a risk, but I am hoping that my guardians are enough to at least give me time to wake up.

>> No.40391847

Armor: Knight Helmet, Aegis Cuirass, Aegis Gauntlets, Aegis Greaves
Weapons: Great Hammer/Staff [Force]
Shields: Shield Catalyst

Frost: Frozen Heart
Nature: Leaf Metal
Force: Density, Unstoppable Force, Launch, Seismic Sense, Immovable Object
Divine: Mending Sparks, Guardian's Halo

Companions: Jyna Heltyse, Fharan Qrinn
Mounts: Elemental Drakes

>> No.40392170

Thanks, that helps me re-fluff another old build of mine.

"Ten-Storms" Ryuji
Mark: Forerunner

Aegis Helmet
Leather Armor
Aegis Gauntlets
Battle Robe Leggings

Hybrid-Wand-Nunchaku (3 slots)
Hybrid-Wand-Recurve Bow (3 slots)

Companions: Martial Artbros
Robyn Zihao (1 slot)
Iselota Lyenne (3 slots)
Natan Gregorek (4 slots)

Fire: Cloud of Smoke
Nature: Leafmetal
Lightning: Plasma Weapons, Blink, Bolt, Shock Force
Force: Seismic Sense, Deflect, Density

Ryuji is a spiritualist from fallen Ixbrium. Believing the Detritus to be a disease of the spirit world, he joined the Forerunners to find the "wounds of the world" (the portals Detritus emerge from), and discern techniques to close them fully.

>> No.40392186

When using Crescendo, do you cast the spell you want to boost before, or after you cast Crescendo? The wording confuses me a little.

>> No.40392252

I always assumed it worked like it does in music, where it'd be more of a spell modifier than it's own thing. Like playing a bunch of slightly different staccatos that don't shoot the blades, the magic you would use getting added to the final spell (or they do, but it still charges the final spell).

>> No.40392288

I figured you would use Crescendo before, building up to the spell you want to cast, but the text seems to imply it comes afterword? That's the vibe I get from it.

>> No.40392330

I think it's just a grammatical error
>play a tune that ascends in volume over time to follow up to one of your spells
I think he meant to follow up with*

>> No.40392343

Alright, just making sure. Thank you.

>> No.40392423

Actually, Bloodborne mobs/bosses post-Rom is the best way to describe it.

Crescendo leads into the spell you're going to cast next.

>> No.40392464
File: 120 KB, 1000x854, 1330332879682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Going full Juggernaut mode
Force school lets me manipulate gravity and density
A bit of the frost school buffs my physical stats and keeps me nice and cool, and replaces my weapons if they ever break.

I'm basically going to increase my density and launch myself like a railgun directly at whatever I aim to kill.

Unstoppabl force

Seismic sense
Immovable object


Frost armour
Obsidian Ice

Aegis armor
5 point Custom weapon-Titan blade-Shield Catalyst-Casting spells
1 2 daggers


5 Felena Wyverun-Healing and magic experimentation
3 Winged Tyrant

>> No.40392544

Flame Spells/Abilities

=====Tier 1=====
Flame Weapons
>2-Chi(duration 5 rounds)
+5 damage
can be cast on all party members in same(adjacent?) zone
only one weapon enchant per weapon per character

X successive attacks can be made at a cost of 1-Chi each where X is player level (reroll successives or use base set?)
ranged attack

Cloud of Smoke
>1-Chi(sustain @1-Chi/Round)
all actions made at -10 within zone

=====Tier 2=====
Flame Armour
>2-Chi(sustain @1-Chi/round)
reduces armor penalties by 1 rank

Fire Bomb
ranged attack
AOE targets all entities in given Zone

>3-Chi(sustained @2-Chi/round)
all enemies in Zone take fire damage
+5 +fire to melee attacks

=====Tier 3=====
Dragon Fire
>1-Chi (reaction action)
high level reduction to Chi blocking attacks(input? manual section?)

Ray of Flame
Ranged attack
+10 damage

Magma Torrent
>4-Chi (duration 4 rounds)
AOE all entities in current or adjacent zone
-10 to footwork to Cover The Ground
failed Cover Ground actions result in 2(=???) damage

=====Tier 5=====
>6-Chi (sustained at 4-Chi/round)
all entities in zone suffer from AOE damage @ +10
all enemies in adjacent zone(s) suffer AOE @ +5

>tear this to pieces it's only a rough draft...
>I have no idea how stuff balances in game
>strong and indiscriminate enough for flame yah?
5 & 10 then maybe?

>> No.40392577

>No stacking enchants

>> No.40392581

Armour - Full Aegis
Weapons - Custom Titan Blade/Staff
Shield - Shield Catalyst
Mark - Hunter
Mount - Dragon

Spell Block/Grab/Break
Mana Burn/Chain
Frozen Heart

Ultimate anti-mage, full aegis lets me sense mages coming, drain their energy, deal more damage to mages and break magic. Titan Blade Staff is a no brainer with damage and casting ability, shield catalyst is a free magic barrier I can mount on my wrist till I need it. A dragon because, I'm a hunter, I'm solo, and, dragon.

As for magic, all the arcane spells are geared to breaking spells, draining mana and holding people down while I blow large holes in them (no homo), frozen heart makes me stronger and more durable, and leafmetal makes that big ass sword more wieldy.

>> No.40392695

So I've been noticing a few people looking over the fic I'm writing and I wanted to let you guys know that I've been pretty sick the past few days so the update rate should increase when I'm capable of coherent thought again.

>> No.40392804
File: 171 KB, 472x543, 1385135670098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>forgot build
>Armour: Battle Robe Hood+Gloves, Leather Armour+Boots
>Weapons: Dagger, Wand, shield catalyst
>Mark: Hunter
>Companions: Cassandra Larun and Ada Godefray
>Mounts: Elemental horses
>ICe: Frozen Heart
>Undead: Masochism, Sanguine Essence, Flash Decay
>Shadow: Shadow Jump, Illusions, Mark of Fear, Nocturne, Umbra
Also, feel free to call it shit to my face.

>> No.40392897

pshhh.... kid....

Seriously, I'm considering minimizing the time my character would spend in the company of hunters. Most of their builds are too edgy.

>> No.40392930

It is the assassin class, you don't get into it if your life is working out.

>> No.40392939
File: 614 KB, 1920x1080, 346235754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dextra Rieven


Physical skill: B
Magical skill: C

Companion (dragon)
Vine Control -> Mend

Plasma Weapons -> Blink
Energy Siphon -> Energy Focus -> Energy Barrier

Spear/Staff (4w)
Scimitar (1w)
Recurve Bow (1w)

Leather Hood
Leather Armour
Soldier Gauntlets
Battle Robes Bottom

Dragon (8c) "Elea" ("Flare")

A former Forerunner, Dextra always thought that there's only one way to stop Detritus: the wisdom of ancient dragons. She disobeyed a direct order of her superior and ran away with her young dragon companion to search for lost knowledge. She hopes that sentient dragons of the past are still alive, and prays that there's enough time to save Ziona.

>> No.40392959

go*, also that build is 100% min-max

>> No.40392999

Edgelords, attack!

>> No.40393051

How's that edgelord-worthy? She's a former scout who wants to save her kingdom through unconventional means. There's only one direct combat spell, for god's sake.

>> No.40393058

Thats not 100% Minmax, This is 100% Minmax
Wizard hat Leather Armor Battle Robe Gloves Leather Boots
2x Shield Catalyst and 2x Magical Daggers (1.5 each?)
Shadow : Shadow Jump Light Drinker Vorpal Weapons
Force: Density
Undead: Masochism
Nature: Leafmetal
Fire: Cloud of Smoke
Ice: Frost Armor Obsidian ice

>> No.40393115

>2x Shield Catalyst and 2x Magical Daggers (1.5 each?)
Do you mean a combo weapon, like a shield catalyst encrusted into a hilt of a dagger? You still have to pay 1 point for comboing, so 2.5 w. points each.

Dies to Nova + light magic

>> No.40393124

Why would I need vorpal weapons with flash decay?
Why would I not want to be super charged at night or when using umbra, the majority of my skills boost me already so I assume it's multiplicative, or at least additive.
Density, obsidian ice, leafmetal, and vorpal weapons are all redundant. Not to mention cloud of smoke would only be important for a group over mark of fear, which I would use umbra during anyway because I'd be outnumbered.

>> No.40393257


>> No.40393473

Build: Magehunter
Mark: Hunter

Knight helmet, Aegis Curiass and Gauntlets, Leather boots

Kite shield (1)
Short sword + Staff (4)

Lilith Fawne


Shadow Jump, Illusion, Light Drinker, Mark of Fear, Vorpal Weapons, Nocturne, Umbra
Void Stare, Void Call

Oppinions? And yes, I know I don't really have any offensive spells.

>> No.40394523

I'm not sure how having Void stare/call makes you an antimage.
Also the majority of your build is stealth/assassination shit, so when are they going to be looking at you to lose mana?
Spell break as a full tier would give you a much higher level of anti-mage offense. Unfortunately, your weapons are all you have as offense leaving you without heavy armor penetration if you drop vorpal weapons for spell breaker, unless the strength boost from nocturne alone is enough.

>> No.40394900

>Adrian Altor

Aegis Helm
Knight Cuirass
Knight Gauntlets
Aegis Greaves

Hybrid Staff - Divine Enchanted / One Handed Spear (4)
Composite Bow (1)
Square Shield (1)
Shield Catalyst over his Square Shield (1)


Dragon Mount (Elemental Divine) (8 Companion 1 Weapon)

>Divine (5)
Mending Sparks T1
Guardians Halo T2
Light Ray T1
Light Ward T2
Weapons of Light T1

>Lightning (3)
Energy Siphon T1
Energy Focus T2
Energy Barrier T3

>Frost (1)
Frozen Heart T1

Adrian believes that to defeat Detritus, Elysium must first conquer the evils of apathy and indifference that lurk within it's own walls. When not patrolling the skies with Gabrielle, (his oldest and closest friend) Adrian tends to the poor, sick, and downtrodden of Elysium.

When in combat Adrian seeks to outlast his opponents using his magic to sustain himself and claim victory through attrition.

>> No.40394998

Is there any information on how powerful certain followers are when compared to each other, or even at all? Because it's sort of vague right now, with both Undead's tier two soul guardians and Holy's tier four angel squad being called "elite."

Also, Nature's tier 3 Gaia's Maidens and Undead's tier four apocalypse horsemen are both called "fierce," though the latter is qualified as "fiercest."
And depending on how they're qualified, the horsemen of the Apocalypse could range from waste-of-points (stronger and more loyal than your other undead) to game-killing (capable of wiping out all life. you know, the apocalypse). Should I just assume biblical power levels, which would put them at capable of wiping out only 25% of all life? And if so, so I assume that Gaia's maidens are only a couple of steps behind that?

Not to mention Acoustic's tier four ensemble has little utility beyond playing spells the mage already knows.

Sorry, I'm not sure why I'm overthinking all this. It's just been bothering me.

>> No.40395079
File: 518 KB, 900x1200, knight_of_crows.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sir Chthonios Vermillion, Knight of Crows


Soldier Helmet
Knight Cuirass
Soldier Gauntlets
Knight Greaves

Custom Weapon: One-Handed Spear + Rapier
Custom Weapon: Recurve Bow

Shield: Shield Catalyst

Companions: Bizienne Isouda


Frozen Heart


Masochism>Sanguine Essence

Mending Sparks>Guardian's Halo

Shadow Jump>Light Drinker>Vorpal Weapons

Sir Chthonios Vermillion was once a knight and noble of Beautaria and a prodigious wild game hunter. When his city was lost so too was his wealth, status and loved ones.

He wanted to die fighting for his beloved city but his comrades in arms dragged him out of the burning ruins and made their way to Elysium.
Sir Cthonios is a broken man, morbid and forlorn he blames the city's fall on the corrupt and decadent aristocrats who willingly offered themselves to the Detritus.

He spent the following years studying the various magic schools and honing his skills as a hunter to track down corrupt battlemages and nobles alike, lest the same fate befalls Elyisum as well.

His armour and weapons are crafted of leafmetal to move silently and to prevent magnetism from incapitating him.

His passion lies in the hunt and as such is a gifted endurance hunter, in his youth he has ran down the wild games of Beautaria to exhaustion. To
Sir Chthonios human prey are no different. He will pursue them relentlessly, death proving only a minor inconvenience.

>> No.40395202

I think you teased them too much and they decided to let us get overrun by monstrosities.

>> No.40395220

I woke with a rough touch to my shoulder. I opened my eyes and rolled over. Tiberius, a giant of a man with a thick beard, stood next to my bed in full battle gear. His eyes were bright, the greatspear strapped to his back brighter, and he couldn't help but smile in the moonlight.

"Come, brother. It's time."

I didn't need to ask for what. I rolled away from my lover, got dressed in my Battlemage's robes, grabbed my greatsword, and joined my friend as we journeyed across Elysium's rooftops. Tiberius took great leaps, as the Forcemages do, while I let the flames seep into my blood, the heat flowing through me, speeding my movements.

Before long, we were at Maxime's manse in Elysium's inner scantum. We landed lightly on her balcony. We were alone.

We waited in the darkness.

Soon others emerged from the black. Jeroen, flying on holy wings, hammer in hand. Beleni with her constant smirk, her flute ever in her hands. And finally Kurron, from the western wastes, blue tattoos faintly glimmering in the moonlight, heavy crossbow in his hands.

No introductions were needed. We knew each other. Indeed, how could we not? We were the top five students from the latest class of Battlemages. Always vying to be the top student, always hungering for glory, always wanting to be the best. We were strong, and well we knew it.

Emerging from the shadows came a sinuous woman, black leather from head to toe, black goggles over her eyes, whip wrapped around her waist, a belt of daggers across her chest. Maxime Deni, instructor in shadow magic at the Elysium academy, Hunteress extraordinaire with dozens of kills to her name. Our former instructor. Our leader.

She walked to the center of us all. Her leather seemed to drink in the light. She nodded curtly. "You're students no longer. You're Battlemages. And tonight starts your first mission."

>> No.40395237

Leather boots give silent foot steps, leafmetal just makes it easier to move in. Still gonna sound like metal.

>> No.40395257

So an flexible and light fiber is going to clank?

>> No.40395259

I could feel my pulse start to quicken, the fire in me forever unquenched. I turned to look at Tiberius, and he smiled at me again. Finally.

I could feel the electricity in the room. And it wasn't just Kurron's magic this time.

"The great Prophet Rafros, one of the few living practitioners of scrying magic, has had a vision. Deep in the heart of the Naetelyn Desert is an old fortress, hidden by powerful illusion magic. Within that fortress is a relic, from ancient times. Powerful beyond compare. Powerful enough, perhaps, to help turn the tide of the war."

We kept silent. The electricity grew.

"Many Forerunners died to bring us this information. We will not let their sacrifices be in vain."

The fire was building. Jeroen's wings twitched. Kurron rolled his blue shoulders, tribal tattoos shimmering with electric power. Beleni's smirk grew wider.

"Tonight's work calls for stealth and speed. You may wonder why you have been chosen. Your magic, while powerful, is not yet powerful enough to be easily detected by Detritus sorcerors. You are too young, too inexperienced. They don't know you yet." She smiled. "After tonight, they will curse your names. In the best of ways." We couldn't help but smile with her.

"I have requisitioned six Tyrants from the city for our use tonight. We will fly 100 kilometers, low and fast. Stay tight on my Tyrant. If we get seperated, do your best to return to Elysium. Alive." She turned her head to us, scanning us. I never feel so naked as when those black goggles stare at you. I can see my reflection in them, my pupils burning with the Secret Flame. "If you get surrounded or cut off, do not let yourself be taken. It is better to die than to be turned." Her gaze swept back and forth. "It would break my heart to be forced to kill you, when you came back as Detritus-corrupted sorcerers."

>> No.40395266

It's going to at least clunk.

>> No.40395277

10/10 would ride into battle with.

>> No.40395295


We nodded one by one. The fire within me dimmed from a roar to a steady crackling. This was no war game. No classroom duel. This was real. And if I needed to kill myself to avoid capture, then so be it.

I turned to Tiberius, my best friend, the shield to my sword. His nod spoke volumes.

>I am with you, friend. We go together. We win glory together. We die together.

I nod back in response.

>Of course, brother.

Maxime throws a dark shard at the floor, where it explodes with a loud crack. A favorite tool of hers for regaining attention.

"Now, how will we find this place? Luckily, the Prophets provided us with this."

With fast hands, Maxime pulls a compass from god-knows-where, and opens the lid. A blue light emits from within. She holds it out at arm's length, sweeping it back and forth. The light grows steadily stronger as she moves it south, steadily weaker as she points it north. "Follow the light. The brighter it is, the closer you are. The weaker the light, the more you're headed away from the fortress." She snapped the lid shut and shoved the compass down her leathers, between her breasts. "Something happens to me, get the compass and continue the mission." She smiled again. "I know you boys have been wanting to feel me up for awhile now. If I die, you may just get your chance."

We laugh as I gaze on my former teacher's leather clad curves. Or maybe afterwards, if I'm lucky. I notice Beleni staring at Maxime as well. Interesting. I make a mental note.

>> No.40395321


We ride on our Tyrants through the Zionan midnight, low and speedy over the refugee camps and slums surrounding Elysium. I grip the saddle as the wind whistles in my ears, goggles tight on my face. We keep in a tight V formation, Maxime leading the way, the blue glow faint. I feel the reptile beneath me flex powerfully as it flies.

My foot slips from a stirrup and I nearly fall off the great beast. As if the Tyrant could sense I was falling, it slows down and adjusts itself so I can regain my purchase on its back. Thanks, I mutter. Without bidding, I hear a reptilian voice in my mind. YOU'RE WELCOME.

That's new.


We make good time. We pass over the shoulder of the Venn Mountains through Alnor's Pass, the winking lights of Fort Alnor in the distance to our right. I feel the air grow colder. The fire in my blood keeps it at bay, but I wonder if the reality of the mission is starting to set in. We pass over the Riverlands. I could DIE out here, my soul corrupted by Detritus wizards, my eyes turned black as oil, my mind wiped of all thoughts and memories, an obedient drone to whatever hive mind drove the Detritus to chaos and murder. I looked to the other Tyrants. My classmates were in their own thoughts as I was, clinging tight to their mounts, as we raced across the continent. Grim faces for grim purposes.

We flew over the desert city of Grudour and were faced with the endless high dunes of the Naetelyn desert. Hundreds of feet high, forever changing in the ceaseless winds, the valleys between them large enough to hide armies. Or Detrius monstrosities the size of cathedrals. I urged my mount to stay closer in formation. I felt my fellow mages do the same. Six Tyrants carrying six mages, heading into god knows what. I looked over at Maxime, the soft blue light of the compass illuminating her surprisingly round and soft face, black goggles betraying nothing.

>> No.40395338


We stayed low to the ground, staying below the height of the dunes. We could be seen for leagues around if we flew too high. These were unsafe lands. Detritus sorcerers could see nuke us with lightning from miles away, or crash meteors down on our heads, or who knew what.

The light grew and grew. As the light did, so did my nervousness.

Suddenly, the light dimmed. Maxime turned her mount suddenly to the left, our Tyrants responding to hers instantly, keeping formation. The light exploded into brilliance., shining up into the night sky. Quickly Maxime closed the compass.

We landed onto the desert sands, surrounded on all sides by mountains of sand. I felt claustrophobic. My boots crunced down on the grit. I pulled my greatsword from my back, and stoked the flames within me. Wake up, little sparks. Time to burn.

Tiberius readied his greatspear, and I could see him activate his deflection shield, causing his body to shimmer, as if he were a mirage in these desert sands. Jeroen spread his wings and hefted his hammer and shield, glowing with holy power. Beleni put her mouth to her flute and started to interweave melodies, harmonizing with herself, forming complicated layers of repeating sounds. I felt my heart stir, my muscles twitching with nervous energy, my perception growing sharper. Kurron unslung his massive crossbow and loaded a bolt as thick as my arm. His tattoos pulsed. The small hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I felt the static in the air grow palpable. The bolt glowed electric blue.

Leather clad Maxime stood silent and reopened the compass. The bright blue light again beamed to the heavens. Quickly she closed it. She nodded to the dune in front of us.

"Tiberius, if you please."

>> No.40395358


My blood brother the giant nodded, grin fierce behind his beard. He slammed his greatspear into the ground, grabbing the haft fiercely. His eyes lost their focus and he started to chant arcane words from a long dead tongue, rolling consonants and flowing vowels. The sands started to shift as the sound of the wind began to fill the empty night.

Great furrows appeared in the dune, as if two huge invisible hands were sweeping away the soil and earth. Around us the dust swept, the grime slowly being cleared away. And suddenly, a corner of worked sandstone. Then walls. Doorways. Ramparts. Slowly, a fortress was revealed to us. Columns of sand flew over the walls, clearing whatever courtyards were within.

I was glad I was still wearing my goggles.

After an age, the earth stopped moving when Tiberius stopped chanting. Sweat ran down his shaved head and he was shaking. I slapped the slab of granite that was his shoulder. "Nice work." He muttered something under ragged breath.

The walls stood perhaps thirty feet high. Were it not for what I had just seen, I would have assumed that this fortress were just completed yesterday. Runes of some unfamiliar language were written upon the stone. The ironwood gates stood ajar.

Jeroen spread his wings and took to the air, flapping them lazily as he crested the battlements, landing lightly upon them. He nodded down to us. "All clear."

Maxime drew her daggers. We advanced into the fortress.

>> No.40395379

But its magical plant fiber anon.

At most you'll just hear chafing or shuffling sounds.

>> No.40395384


Before we took more than ten steps, we heard a crash and an inhuman roar. Close. Very close. Jeroen pointed with his hammer behind us.


I turned. From between the dunes came a creature out of nightmare. Sixty feet tall, standing on two legs with the cloven hooves of a goat, the naked torso of a man, four thickly muscled arms ending in hands that looked entirely too large to be real, a pair of rams horns twisting from either side of its head that sprouted into jagged antlers thrust towards the sky like a crone's crooked fingers, eyes redder than my own, breath so hot it ignited the air. And it was running straight for us.

Kurron's bolt flew across the desert sands and hit the beast in the flank with a boom of thunder and crack of lightning The creature barely slowed. Jeroen took to the skies, flying straight towards the beast, singing a hymn. The music of flute grew rapid and complex, waves of sound reverberating off the dunes towards the behemoth. I felt more than saw Tiberius leap into the air, the sand beneath him compressing into stone from the power of his launch.

Wake up, little sparks. I need you.

The fire inside of me burst to life, my fear and my growing rage feeding the flames. My blood grew hot and hotter still, as if I were boiling from the inside. But it didn't cause me pain. I reveled in it. I was dancing in the inferno.

I sprinted to the Behemoth, my footprints leaving pools of flame with every step. It was fast, but I was faster. My greatsword ignited, the flames leaving a contrail across the sand. I gave a roar and leapt, sweeping the length of my blade at one great leg. I felt it sheer through the muscle and bone of its calf as I flew between its legs. The scent of burning hair filled my nostrils. Good.

>> No.40395401


Landing behind it, I turned and pointed my flaming weapon at the beast. A pillar of flame flew from the point of my blade at the Behemoth and hit its back, igniting the brute. Skin blackened as it roared.


I saw the Behemoth grab Jeroen out of the sky. He struggled. The beast lifted Jeroen to its mouth with its upper two arms and bit him in half. Jeroen's angelic light faded as the Detritus roared.

Another bolt from Kurron hit the monster, this time in the head. It staggered. Beleni's music grew and grew and grew, as if a forest of wind chimes had suddenly burst into song, melody upon melody, the beat fierce and powerful, thrumming in my fire-hardened heart.

Maxime appeared as if from nowhere beside me, her daggers out to either side. With a great leap she leapt at the Behemoth, daggers pulling in the light from my flames, her form dark as the bottom of the sea. She hamstrung the beast and it fell to its knees.

From the sky fell Tiberius, with a great roar. He led with his greatspear, and skewered the Detritus abomination through the head. It tottered in the air and fell with a great crash, shaking the very ground.

I stopped fueling the flame within me and felt myself grow less strong, weaker, colder. I ran to my fellow battlemages. Jereon's torso lay fifty feet away from his legs, his blood staining the pure sands of the Naetelyn desert. His wings were still, his face cold as any stone.

The Behemoth's corpse smoldered in the desert. Its blood caused the sand to bubble and churn, as if it were acid. Sometimes it was.

Beleni was shaken, Kurron's tattoos seemed less blue than before. The giant was ashen.

>> No.40395411

Magical plant fiber that doesn't say it makes your feet silent. It's like wearing carbon fiber shoes.

>> No.40395433


Maxime sheathed her daggers, unshaken, looking as if she had just finished a lecture. She looked at us.

"Welcome to the real world."

I wanted to puke.

"Jereon was a good man. Don't waste his sacrifice."

She nodded to the fortress.

"Let's go."

We left at a trot.


Through the ironwood gates was a flat hardpan of flagstones. They were smooth and glassy, like worked obsidian. It felt darker inside the fortress. I didn't like it. I ignited my blade so we could more easily see.

Beleni spoke, in her sing-song voice. "Maxime, what exactly are we looking for?"

"We are looking for a spear," Maxime said. She looked around the courtyard, goggles betraying nothing. "Long ago, at the beginning, God cast his favorite servant out of heaven. He fell in smoke and flame into the desert, his screams igniting the very sky. He landed, and formed a great crater of glass in the sand."

I looked to the walls. Pictographs. More runes. I swallowed. I really didn't like this.

"This fortress is not just a defensive structure. It is a temple. At the bottom of it is that crater. And within that is a spear. A black obsidian spear of unspeakable power. And we are going to get it."

>> No.40395453


I looked to Tiberius and widened my eyes.

>We're fucked.

He looked back,

>Stay close to me, brother.

Kurron spoke in his strange western dialect, deep voice rumbling. "Perhaps it is best that Jeroen didn't make it this far. He would not have liked your story, Maxime." He swept his crossbow over the corridors and doorways, as if he were afraid of what might come out.

Maxime's goggles glimmered.


Beleni put her flute to her lips and played a sad song. Something mournful in a minor key. Something you would play in memory for your love, who was lost at sea. Something you would play as a funeral dirge.

I looked at Tiberius.

>Stay close, big guy.

He broke into another grin.

>What's the worst that could happen?


We went into the fortress, Maxime in the lead. Obsidian flagstones. Murals of wrought stonework, mosaics of broken tiles. Beleni stopped playing her flute.

Pictographs of human sacrifice. Pentagrams on the floor. The rooms and corridors became more narrow, less spacious. More rough hewn, older.

Altars with mysterious bones on them, cracked open and still leaking marrow. Cruel knives with strange scripts written on their blades. Dried blood on the floor.

Weapons out.

Deeper and deeper. Every downward.

I stoked my inner flame, worked the bellows, kept it hot. Keep the flicker ready, ready to flash if needed. My greatsword the only light. The corridor now only six feet wide, the walls rough stone.

Maxime held up a fist. We stopped.

"Did you hear that," she whispered. I hadn't heard shit. We all shook our heads no.

"I'm going to scout ahead," she continued. She melted into the shadows.


>> No.40395461

>It's like wearing carbon fiber shoes.

That's a really broad example anon. There are silent carbon fiber shoes and if we're generalizing then even carbon fiber shoes are quieter then metal ones overall.

>> No.40395473


The flames of my sword sputtered in the darkness, dripping to the floor. Kurron coughed loudly.

We waited. And waited further.

Behind us, a skittering sound. We turned, Tiberius and I at the front facing the noise, Kurron and Beleni behind us. I increased the intensity of the flames on my greatsword, We could see nothing beyond the circle of light.

I heard a sick crunch behind me and a gasp. I whirled, and Tiberius with me. A short spear had taken Kurron through the back of his head, punching through the front of his face. He crumpled to the ground.

Beleni's mouth was covered by a ghostly white hand, a cruel knife at her neck. Her eyes were wide with fear. A stooped and hooded figure was crouching behind her, using her body as a shield. I could see those eyes, turned black as coal by Detritus magics. A sorcerer. It spoke in a voice like babies shrieking, like women having their skin peeled from their bodies, like churches burning, like a venom seething through your veins.

"Tiberius. Kreon. Drop your weapons or she's dead."

I knew he could sense if I stoked my fires. I kept it ready, but did not unleash it. Tiberius's muscles coiled like a tigers' next to me.

"Go fuck yourself," I said.

It laughed, like the sea laughs at a drowning man. Needle teeth shone over pale skin stretched too tight over its face, like it was wearing a mask.

"You have five seconds."

Belini's eyes burned with hot tears, looking straight into mine. I knew what would happened to her if I let it take her.


I lunged forward, thrusting with my blade. I took Belini through the chest, the flames cauterizing the wound. She breathed hot breath on my face. The Detritus just laughed and laughed, dancing away from my thrust before I could connect.

That's when the second one came out of the wall.

>> No.40395497


A spear thrust at Tiberius from the side. He must have sense it coming, blocking the blow. A head emerged, same pale complexion, same skin-mask face. With a roar, Tiberius disappeared into the packed earthen wall, two force mages fighting blind in the earth's crushing embrace.

I pulled my blade from Belini's body. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Her eyes glazed over and she stopped breathing.

A dagger pierced my shoulder and I was pushed to the ground. The thing was on top of me. Too close for my greatsword. I didn't have a backup weapon. I tried pushing it off, but it clung to me, pale fingers strong. It laughed again.

I felt a small orb enter my body, ripping at some part of me. We had practiced against undead magic. But it didn't feel like this. Never like this. I screamed as the thing's teeth close on my face.

Hot breath. Heat. Fire. Flame. Little sparks. Save me. Please. What was left of my soul threw itself against its cage, a dying animal yearning to be free.

Something broke within me. A power such as I have never known surged through me. All I could feel was the inferno. Nay. The Holocaust.

My vision went red, but I felt it.

Let it be known that I am the brightest of stars.

The thing screamed as the corridor filled with dragon's fire.

Then everything went black.

>> No.40395512

I never said they weren't quieter, just not silent m8. Also you're wearing knights greaves, so you don't just have carbon fiber reinforcing it. You aren't wearing sneakers bruh.

>> No.40395525

Knight greaves that are made completely of leafmetal.

>> No.40395527


I woke into nothingness. Where was I? Why does everything hurt? I sputtered to breathe.

Then it all came crashing back.

Oh god.

I fed my little sparks and snapped my fingers, making a small flame. I saw the charred bodies of Kurron, Belini. There was no sign of Tiberius. The shadow of the Detritus sorceror was burned onto the wall of the corridor.

The wall next to me opened and Tiberius collapsed into the corridor next to me, his greatspear nowhere to be seen.. He was bleeding. Badly. He sputtered as he tried to speak.

"I got him. Lost my spear... but I... got him..."

He spat blood in a fine spray across the corridor.

I took him in my arms. Shushed him. He looked even more ashen. Pale. The largest, most powerful man I ever met, weak and shaking.

He looked at me.

>I'm dying, aren't I?

I looked back.

>Yes, brother. I think so.

Tears welled up in his eyes.

>We were supposed to be great. The next Ironstarks. But now...

I leaned down and kissed his forehead.

>No more. No more. Be still, brother.

I held him until his breath slowed. And then stopped altogether.


When I had stopped crying, I stood up. Grabbed my greatsword. And continued forward.


I continued downward and onward. The corridors grew tighter. I didn't care. Fire cares for nothing.

>> No.40395548

Eventually I reached it. The space opened up, wide as a colosseum. Down into the ground was a crater of glass, smooth as the finest silk. At the bottom, a figure all in black leather. Kneeling.

Come, little sparks. One last time. They roared at my prodding, and I fed them like a loving father.

I descended into the crater and stood above Maxime. She was holding a spear of the purest obsidian. The flames from my greatsword danced in her goggles as she looked up at me. A smile grew on her pale face.

"We found it, Kreon." She made no mention of my wounds.

I nodded grimly.

"The others didn't make it."

She nodded. "So I see."

My face grew stony. I thought of Tiberius.

"Professor Maxime," I said, reverting to academy honorifics. "I've never seen your eyes. Can you remove your goggles for me?"

My greatsword was heavy in my hands, but swung nonetheless.

She was faster than I thought. The spear plunged into my gut as if I weren't wearing armor at all. It was cold, colder than I'd have ever thought possible. My flames sputtered and went out. I felt a blackness, a terrible chill creep over my bones. I fell next to her, clutching the spear in my stomach as I felt my mind grow more and more feeble.

She leaned over me and removed her goggles. Eyes as black as a moonless night.

"Welcome, Kreon."


The great Prophet Rafros awoke from a vision in his chambers, surrounded by the smoke of sacred incense. He opened his eyes. Maxime's face was burned into his corneas like an afterimage from staring at the sun.

Good god.

Oh no.


He shouted and ran for the Council chamber. Everything was about to change.


>> No.40395566

Carbon fiber was used as the shanks in shoes, not as the sole. Stop being ridiculous anon.

>> No.40395590

Now you're just presuming leafmetal is identical to carbon fiber.

Its analogous to say the least.

>> No.40395596

Stop trying to rules lawyer in a system that doesn't exist. The leather boots increase your sneaking. Leafmetal does not.

It is light, thin, and flexible. Not silent.

>> No.40395599

Okay, but you're pretending that the description said silent, when it didn't.

>> No.40395608


Now leather boots are made out of leafmetal leather. With added plasteel inserts. Fite me.

>> No.40395630

That's fine. As long as you realize your run speed has decreased. Because there is a whole cost benefit analysis here that you're trying to avoid.

>> No.40395714

Woops, meant that you'll be easier to knock over.

>> No.40395745

I wouldn't call it fine. The leather boots can be reinforced with your Leafmetal spell. The knight greaves can be reinforced with your Leafmetal spell. But it's not going to give one the properties of the other.

>> No.40395746

Okay let me try to mediate this conversation.

I agree that leafmetal does not make you silent as this anon's build description suggests >>40395079

However in the context of metal and leafmetal equipment, leafmetal equipment is quieter, so the Knight of Crows build anon should have used the used the words "quietly" or "quieter" instead of silently.

The people who are saying leafmetal does not make you stealthy are partially right however needs to acknowledge that leafmetal increases your overall mobility and handling due to being lighter and is quieter then normal metal in this setting.

The peeple trying to argue that leafmetal makes things silent are flat wrong.

In addition, you are all autistic and pedantic fucktards and I am one as well.

>> No.40395816

The idea was to make it a combination between assassin, debuffer, and a way to ensure a 1-hit-kill. Because my reasoning is that nothing is worse than a mage who knows exactly where you are.
Nocturne + Umbra to ensure the target can't see me, Vorpal weapons to ensure the target dies.
I'm pretty willing to switch out Void Stare and Void Call for something like Leafmetal, Density, Spell Block or other level 1-2 spells.

Any further advice?

>> No.40395850

But leafmetal specifically says its as strong as metal, so essentially if you cast leafmetal on your leather boots, they will provide more defense, because they are no longer as strong as leather but as strong as steel.

>> No.40395894

Also, the companion was intended -mostly- to be a massive distraction and all round support. The undead being unaffected by Umbra, and all the Aucustic magic just causing even more chaos.

>> No.40395959

Frozen heart would work well, with density/cloud of smoke/leaf metal.

>> No.40396075


Build: Magehunter v2
Mark: Hunter

Knight helmet, Aegis Curiass and Gauntlets, Leather boots

Kite shield (1)
Short sword + Staff (4)

Lilith Fawne


Shadow Jump, Illusion, Light Drinker, Mark of Fear, Vorpal Weapons, Nocturne, Umbra
Frozen Heart
Leaf Metal

This should make me a (nigh) unstoppable force, and the companion a well protected crowd controller and battle overseer. (as well as an amazing distraction)

Any more ideas? Mana burn seems to be good for a replacement to frozen heart, as it would seem more apropriate for a tank-type character.

>> No.40396094

I figured that frozen heart would at least insure that you could keep up with the undead, and a little bit of defense goes a long way. Most t1 spells aren't going to fit into the assassin mold other than cloud of smoke, which could work because undead don't breathe.

>> No.40396131

My main reason for not wanting Cloud of Smoke is the fact that Umbra, Illusion and Shadow Jump all fuffill a similar function, and I don't think it would be worth it to stack this

>> No.40396146

Yes. But it you cast it on your metal greaves, they are still metal, just lighter thinner metal. They are not unmetal, and the leather boots don't suddenly become resistant to forced movement

>> No.40396171
File: 98 KB, 512x512, 1380946555027.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Still 9 fuck points
At least have some gear or talents to get some more fucking points for spells. You can't even fully master one school.

>5 attribute points to spend between attributes
>Knowledge for magic
>Influence for companions
>Fortune for weapons
>Physique for BATTLE
>Will for MAGE

>> No.40396175

My build has always stacked smoke with illusion and darkness. But I'm more of a crowd-control sort

>> No.40396185

I agree, which is why I put frozen heart first. The other t1s aren't going to matter to much other than those three, and even then with vorpal weapons you don't need any of them. Still, the idea of multiplicative strength from nocturne and frozen heart could probably help with grapples or something.

>> No.40396200

>muh full tree
literally every thread

>> No.40396218

Ah, it's that guy again. Every fucking thread.

>> No.40396238

Hypothetical scenario you're hunting this guy >>40395079

His custom spear + Rapier weapon gives him a longer reach and more armor penetration in addition to being more skilled with his weapon then you with yours due to Soldier Gauntlets, combined this with vorpal weapons means hes going to ignore your kite shield and armor.

He he sustains damage he gets physical and magically stronger, meaning his vorpal weapon spell is more potent and can seek you out despite all your illusions and shadows. He vastly outstrips you in terms of endurance and stamina.

And he just drank a large flask of blood.

What's your battle plan?

>> No.40396361

> Can't fully master one school

That's the poooooint

>> No.40396430

Well, if he attack him during the night or cast Umbra, Nocturne outmatch him. That's kind of the point of Nocturne and Umbra.
And if you're in danger, then cast mark of fear and the guy can't come close

>> No.40396445

You stab him with your shortsword, he grabs you and stabs you with his spear/rapier.

>> No.40396473

How would he do that? It takes 5 seconds to bleed out if your aorta is severed, which would be the ideal place to stab with vorpal weapons while he was experiencing the mark or even if he just get's fucking back stabbed out of the dark.

>> No.40396483

You mean, with your incredible speed and mastery given by nocturne and vorpal weapon you stab him with a lethal blow and then he try to catch you as you back up way too fast for him?

Nocturne is "Nearly unmatchable" in total darkness. Umbra give you total darkness.
That's the whole point of Nocturne.

>> No.40396501


Because he has sanguine essence anon, he can still fight with a severed aorta.

Even if he can't grab you, you can just take your short sword, drink his own blood and try to anticipate you.

>> No.40396502

As long as it's a single or a few opponents the battle plan is simple.
Start with Umbra and get close. This boosts and triggers Nocturne. I activate Vorpal Weapons and go in with Shadow Jump (assuming the range isn't immense, but that's what I have the drake for), and cast Mark of Fear either just before I go in, or if possible just after.

The fact that my enemy is blinded should give me the edge in the fight (combined with not making sound from footsteps due to having Leather Boots), allowing me to fight and stab at my leisure, while Leafmetal, Frozen Heart and the effect from the Knight Helm should keep me stable if hit. If I were to need to escape I would cast Illusion and Shadow Jump out, leaving Mark of Fear to do its thing on my main target.

This isn't even including the companions, though Bizienne would be a massive pain to fight, but theoretically easier to take down. The undead would probably only be for distraction, while the rest of the Aucustic magic would be purely for buffing/debuffing, shifting the balance in my favor.

>> No.40396540

Only if he immediately drinks some blood, which would be easy to stop. Also no one would leave the sword in his back. If anything, you could just get a solid blow to the neck and hack off his head while he recovers. Not like he wouldn't be strong enough.

>> No.40396544

Sanguine Essence say it gives you more stamina, not more resistance to damage.
The only thing that gives it would be Frozen Heart with "vitality"

He could give you lots of lethal blow before you can make one on him and make you go crazy with the mark of fear.

>> No.40396608
File: 503 KB, 1900x1200, 1432027073789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Name: Santiago Asturias

Head: Soldiers Helmet
Chest: Soldier Cuirass
Arms: Soldier Gauntlets
Legs: Soldiers Greaves

Glaive (2)
Longsword (3)
Dagger x2 (4)

Shield Catalyst (5)

Mark: Vanguard (Raiders)

Faren Lovell (3)
Yurilora Baelin (7)
Tilly Rohesia (8)

Abilities: Shadow, Frost
Shadow Jump
Light Drinker
Vorpal Weapons
Mark of fear
Frozen Heart
Frost armor

Born in the slums of Elysium Santiago is no stranger to a fight, cocky and arrogant Santiago became a battlemage to show that just because he was viewed as societies trash he could still compete with the best. He has never fought fair in his life and prefers to attack suddenly and furiously leaping from shadow to shadow. Always on the leading edge of the van Santiago has been primarily helping forerunners and the occasional hunter conduct raids on enemy encampments and supply lines to make way for advancing forces.

His work with forerunners and skill with a polearm has made Yurilora Baelin a common dueling companion. Faren Lovell approached Santiago soon after he made it to the front asking for volunteers to help terminate a high value target (Santiago still remains ignorant to the fact he was simply bait and wasn't expected to survive the raid). This was the first time Santiago had seen Lovell's blood magic and since then he had become enamored with learning its secrets. Everytime their paths have crossed since Santiago has pried all he could from Lovell who just seems happy someone actually WANTS to listen to his theories on magic. Tilly Rohesia has been a fairly constant companion as her information on enemy movements and locations have been vital for Santiago and his fellow raiders, her survival skills have saved Santiago on more than one occasion.

>how'd I do?

>> No.40396618

>Start with Umbra and get close. This boosts and triggers Nocturne. I activate Vorpal Weapons and go in with Shadow Jump (assuming the range isn't immense, but that's what I have the drake for), and cast Mark of Fear either just before I go in, or if possible just after.

Does the average initiate battlemage even have enough mana to cast all these spells in succession?

>> No.40396632

Well Vorpal weapons don't need activation. Nocturne too.
So it's just Umbra, Shadow Jump and Mark of Fear.
One T4, one T1 and one T2. I think it's fine.

>> No.40396648

The point is that you come to them... You could even cast Umbra a while before, then prep Mark of Fear before going in, assuming it can be cast at range.

>> No.40396655

Nocturne doesn't give you speed, it just increases your strength.

>> No.40396669

>physical prowess

>> No.40396698

Now you're assuming that Umbra lasts for a very long duration.

His companion can cast spell grab.

Can you really extrapolate physical prowess to speed and agility when the previous sentence context states it makes you stronger?

>> No.40396708

this guy>>40396669

"during a really dark night your spells and physical prowess are nearly unmatchable"

With two T3 and Umbra that also boost your spell effects you're a beast

>> No.40396737

Stronger doesn't mean only strength.

You're assuming Umbra last for a very short duration when it's not precised.

Spell grab is "at you" not "at an ally"

The problem is you're downplaying Nocturne and Umbra and if you do that well there is no point in taking either of them because other T3 and T4 are stronger

>> No.40396744

I ain't been in one of these threads before. Not since you left CYOA, though I did bring it up maybe twice back then.
But if it's every thread then it's a shared opinion, so it's worth not shutting it down immediately.
The point should involve actually feeling like a battlemage/seer/slayer/scout whatever. If you can't get to the level where you are on even-ish footing with your companions, then you're the NPC in this quest, not them.

>> No.40396781

Well you're just a new battlemage from the academy, you never went on mission.
But an update for older battlemage could be nice with just more spells points or some shit

>> No.40396802

>But if it's every thread then it's a shared opinion, so it's worth not shutting it down immediately.
It's only ever one post, and they have a very similar shitty argument so forgive me for mistaking the two of you.

>> No.40396803

This is the play style i based my character >>40396608 on as well except a little more front line focus if the battle drags on and I made him on the assumption that I could cast Umbra, Mark of fear, and shadow jump in succession

>> No.40396820

>feeling like a
I sure feel like my character is, although being new to this, a hero in my builds. The problem is in your perception. Nobody said that you should max out a tree to be cool, it's your argument. Also, some of the companions are explicitly stronger than you, and that's okay, because it's not some power-wank fantasy.

>> No.40396873

I kind of have to downplay Nocturne and Umbra, because the combination means you can beat almost every other school other then arcane, force or lightning.

Only black hole, mjolnir and maybe overload are comparable to Umbra.

Nova makes Umbra stronger, Glacial Winds can't freeze something it can't hit, the four horsemen of the Apocalypse and archangels can also be marked and blinded. And Arcane Overload is single targeting and will miss.

And even Divine the school that is supposed counter Umbra can't do it.

In fact other then lightning, force arcane and shadow, the other schools suck, being better as 1 or 2 point dips.

>> No.40396909

how does Sanguine essence imply he could fight with a severed aorta? he would bleed out in a minute and unless he had a tube from the wound to his mouth he probably would not be able to drink enough blood to keep him alive. Plus he is still in the middle of a fight trying to drink his own blood. Masochism give him pain resistance but bleeding out is bleeding out and if the aorta gets severed your dead in minutes unless you get healed.

>> No.40396932

Because sanguine essence stats it gives the user superhuman capabilities.

>> No.40396953

true, but how much blood must be consumed to grant the ability? Also you will still run into the problem of having no blood in a few minutes which super human or not you still have no blood.

>> No.40396957

Anyone up for an rp duel like in the last thread?

>Gear & Friends
Wizard Hat
Soldier Cuirass
Leather Gloves
Wizard Robes Bottom

Recurve Bow+ Wand

Bizienne Isouda
Drake Mount

Spell Block
Mana Burn
Spell Grab
Mana Chain

Plasma Weapons

Soul Seeker
Soul Guardians

>> No.40397113

>both Undead's tier two soul guardians and Holy's tier four angel squad being called "elite."

i assumed that archangel's angelic squad were elite for angelic warriors, while the soul guardians were elite on a human scale.

as for the horsemen, i figured they were pretty much demi-god tier, and really the only major advantage to a full undead build, in my opinion

and with magnum opus, i think that's the point. acoustic is the bard school, it's not supposed to be offensive. opus just supercharges the magnitude and quantity of its buffs/debuffs

bruh youre only a third battlemage. what makes you think youre supposed to master anything?

>> No.40397161

>Nova makes Umbra stronger

So what happens if I cast Nova /and/ Umbra?

Will each light source make the Umbra stronger, which makes the next spell stronger, which makes the Umbra even stronger, in some kind of feedback loop?

If multiple Nova casts is too much, the same principle should still work with Fireballs or Light Rays. Or what about mana burns, those probably glow, right? And they stick around providing a constant source of light to (allegedly) fuel Umbra.

>> No.40397234

Well I think the light generated from something like a mana orb would not be too substantial but things like nova and fireballs would be a no go if umbra was in play because you would make the caster substantially stronger and yourself substantially blinder. I would also imagine some cap existed on light boosts to Umbra to limit that feedback loop fuckery.

>> No.40397285

I have been thinking of changing of some of the T4s. Apocalypse would change to Miasma of Death where you turn into a reaper, give an insane boost to undead followers, and slowly decay any organic lifeforms that cone close to you.

Archangel becomes Demigod where you become blindingly bright and omniscient.

Gaius a WIP, but I'm going for something along the lines of unleashing a mind-controlling scent or spores that cause people to walk into your pool of acid and you absorb their biomass as energy.

I am also going to remove the T4 power increase for every T3 thing, abd I am playing with the idea that each T3 in a spell tree will instead affect the outcome of the T4. For example, Spell Break will make Overload bypass any magical defense, while Haste Cast will cause you to shoot three beams in quick succession. I think I will only let you select one of each effect for now.

>> No.40397315


>> No.40397355

I personally really like Archangel as it is. The rest of the changes sound good, especially the mods to how T3s effect T4s.

>> No.40397367


And I think that you can excuse Shadow and Divine if Shadow only work in darkness and Divine in light and they cancel each other out.
And having a nemesis is fun.

>> No.40397384

Have you given any thought to buffing Arcane? Seems kind of unimpressive right now compared to the others.

>> No.40397397

It would just become more bland, like old version's elemental forms with a little more fluff. Just my opinion.

>> No.40397450

I meant Demigod and Miasma, of course.

T3 affecting T4 in a meaningful way is nice.

Also, rename Haste Cast into a Void Cast. It sounds cooler and continues the tree naming pattern.

>> No.40397471


I liked it. I would think that Battlemages would be more proficient than what you portray, but it would make sense I guess, since the CYOA has you build a rookie.

Nice OC

>> No.40397474

>become omniscient
of a limited area or everything? because I'm pretty sure the detritus gates would become common knowledge as well as all strengths and weakness. Their origins, their methods, their plans.
Literally everything.

>> No.40397507

>that each T3 in a spell tree will instead affect the outcome of the T4

I thoroughly enjoy this idea

>> No.40397648

I'm sorry if I missed this, but are we Third Battlemages?

>> No.40397684


I'm okay with generic T4s, since whichever T3 you take the T4 should still be something you want.

Maybe instead of making the T3s change the T4, give the T4 a general effect but have it also unlock new powers on the T4.

So for example, the Undead T4 might be a kind of generic Death Miasma that buffs undead and hurts your enemies, but it also does a unique thing to each T3. The Army of the Dead is now led by the Four Horsemen, if you kill something you can Flash Decay its soul instead of your own, and the Grimoire gets a new T3 or lower spell from the Undead or Shadow schools (unbuffed by the T4 effect)

>> No.40397692

Arcane one of the more powerful elements.

Elementals was the idea, and the fluff was supposed to entail their ultimate applications. Omniscience for Divine is what's supposed to give a twist for the spell. Imagine T3 modifiers like summoning angels if you have Angelic Wings or a ranged cast of Nova if you have Ray of Flame. Create a fissure with Black Hole if you have Quake or cause a target's blood to crystalize if you have Flash Decay with Miasma of Death.

>> No.40397773

Limited area of course.


That more or less follows the idea. It just comes down to if I want to let multiple T3s effects happen or you choose only one.

>> No.40397792

>Arcane one of the more powerful elements.

Cool. How do you figure that?

>> No.40397806

>Elementals was the idea
Fair enough.

Don't you dare to nerf my precious Arcane Overload.

>> No.40397820

Haste cast and overload together are a kill combo. Spell chain and cosmos is another, as is spell chain overload, mana burn is good ranged, and the anti-mage side is unique.

>> No.40397841

unlock new powers on the *T3*

I think it's just a little bit easier if he T4s change the T3s instead of the other way around. Modifying three different spells seems easier than three modifications for one spell.

>> No.40397844

Some anons said that Shield Catalyst is more powerful than T1 Spell Block in the current wording. SC is "superb at blocking magic" while SB only "reduces incoming magical damage slightly". How slightly? We're fighting giant monstrocities and people who can rip your soul apart, I don't need no "slightly". I'd change it to "negates magical damage at the cost of large amounts of energy".

>> No.40397869

So, do Prophets act as general leadership and tacticians? Is that basically the Officer Corps?

>> No.40398039

Pretty much every T2 Arcane spell is great, even if they aren't all super flashy. Overload is dead killy, and works well with Chains and/or Haste Cast.

Void Stare is a little vague, but overall seems good since Arcane has so much anti-magic tech.

Spell Block + Spell Grab are amazing. Spell Break isn't as universally powerful, but is still very good.

Mana Burns are great if they also actually burn, which is how I read "burns and fuses into flesh", but underwhelming if it's just a mana drain.

Cosmos is the only one I don't really like, and only because you can get Overload for one more point,

Overall the tree has a lot of synergy and a pretty clear theme, even if none of the effects are enormous by themselves.

>> No.40398109

Spell Block was originally going to be a full body shield, and it was meant to be low cost to cast. I may change it to be a full body shield but I really don't think Arcane needs a buff. If anything, I may make Cosmos more appealing. Arcane needs its raw damage spells to be spectacular.

That's the idea. They're also the guys in charge of the screening process, training, teaching, advising, politics... almost all non combat. Though nit all of them are stuck in Elysium; some are needed on the foreward bases and forts.

Another big responsibility aside from the advancement of the Battlemage program is the study and research of the Detritus.

>> No.40398136

Shield Catalyst blocks /magic/, Spell Block blocks /magical damage/, which includes magically enhanced physical objects.

Explicitly stating that the SC doesn't work against magic-imbued objects would do a lot to balance it against Spell Block.

>> No.40398246

I like to think that battlemages tear through thousands of lesser Detritus and dozens of big monsters, but that they get over confident and fall into obvious traps.

Also that anon's canon has detritus able to sense auras. So clearly having that single experienced professor along gave away the mission and ruined their chance

>> No.40398317

Tim the Secretary of the Prime Battlemage who I posted at the last thread would have to look into a ton of bureaucratic and logistical problems. Not to mention a constant need of maintaining contact with numerous towns, castles, and outposts. Also, the correspondence. You can't even imagine how much letters with complaints about being able to learn only 9 spells instead of 10 at Elysium Academy he gets.

>> No.40398343

That mother fucker still hasn't responded to my complaints about the constant darkness in the shadow school dormitory!

>> No.40398356

Its funny besides Tim the secretary, the only other prophet is that whimsical winter siren of the north girl who spends most of her time in the far god damn north, the farthest region away from the detritus, singing, dancing and doing fuckall.

>> No.40398432

Remi Magetherold

Mark of the Prophets

Battle Robe Hood
Knight Cuirass
Leather Gloves
Knight Greaves

Instrument/Recurve Bow/Acoustic Staff

Summon Undead
Relentless Charge
Army of the Dead

Magnum Opus

Natan Gregorek


My first assignment straight out of the academy is an extended research mission. This pretty much amounts to getting up close and personal with live Detritus whilst Natan wrestles them to the ground. Goddamn terrifying. When we don't need to subdue any particular Detritus, I summon a Crescendo-Charged Army of the Dead to deal with the chaff while Natan handles the bigger shit. I suppose it's not the... worst assignment, but it's hardly what I expected when I received the Mark of the Prophets.

How's this for a Prophet?

>> No.40398471

>implying we don't get ourselves in shit situations on purpose

I wield immense power in the defense of my monarch and country, as well as humanity in general. I think I've earned the right to be a little stupid, when it suits me.

>> No.40398616
File: 1.77 MB, 300x174, 128413726912.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>complaints about frost school students being dank.
>complaints about flame school students smoking.
>complaints about lightning school students' shocking behavior.
>complaints about arcane school students nowhere to be seen.

>> No.40398649

Finally, a Prophet who actually does field work. With all due respect to Tim, of course.

>> No.40398699

I built a prophet many threads ago, life a week or 10 days. I think it was the first or second prophet build attempted, so still a little combat-heavy

It was acoustic/lightning mostly, with vine control and mend to do aoe disruption and 'major' healing.

But I generally prefer my fire&illusion vanguard with a sabre

>> No.40398703

That was really well written, thank you, I enjoyed that!

>> No.40398776

Could I use Magnum Opus to cue up multiple Crescendos?

>> No.40399101


>> No.40399112
File: 476 KB, 397x568, siren_of_the_ocean.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Equipment: Full battlemage Set

Weapons: Custom Weapon (Instrument:Violin + Staff:Frost)
Shield: Shield Catalyst


Companion:Sigma Admund

Mount: Scarab

Magnum Opus

Cyo Shot/Seeker Shards/Comet
Glacial Winds

I sing the songs of cold
I dance the plays of wind
To delve, to divine, to do as told
As the frontline thinned

>> No.40399291

Reading over the spells, I came to review the spells in how well they would probably work.

Fire: A pretty bland school over all, one note and full of high-powered blasts and armor, weapon enhancements. A school dedicated to fighting. Good Damage, good debuffs, alright self-buffs. The Tier 4 is basically a nuke. So you can more or less cherry pick spells that you care about, without worrying that much about synchronization within it's spell tree that much. I'd rank it 3/5

Ice: This one has some nice ass spells. Everyone knows of Frozen Heart's general awesomeness to the point that it's a stable in all mix-ups, and great to dip those two spells that you are unable to max out the whole tree with. The only real dud is Ice Permeance. Basically it does a lot of things that fire does, but does it better. Tier 4 is literally fire, but cold. 3.5/5

Nature: I really like some of the things that it does, but it's reliance on location really does bring it down. It also focuses too much on summoning magic for my taste, but not enough for me to really recommend it. Leaf Metal is really nice, but a lot of things that nature does, will leave the user a pretty mediocre fighter over all. The Tier 4 more or less Synchronizes with everything nature does very nicely with the rest of it's abilities though, and it's a real treasure to see it in action. For a pure build it's 4/5, but the individual spells leave a lot to be desired.

Lightning: It lacks a lot of the AoE that Fire and Ice has, but it backs it up by having stupidly hard hitting spells, nice defenses and utilities. Stuns are always fun to fuck around with. Every spell does something you wanna do in a fight, and some even have out of combat use. Tier 4 makes you a super saiyan 4.5/5 Biri Biri recommends.

>> No.40399380


I agree with you in part. I can easily see Battlemages tearing through mooks with ease. The rank and file Detritus would be a breeze. But based on the CYOA, the big bads can be very deadly, based on the high Slayer mortality rate. And Hunters are basically PvP.

As far as the story, one wonders about the professor. Was she turned from the start, or did the spear turn her? If she was turned from the start, is it possible that Detritus agents could be in Elysium? Food for thought.

>> No.40399496

Force: Lots of really solid spells here. Quite specialized in location compared to Lightning though, but you can really do a lot of fucking around with this build. The Launch/Unstoppable Force. Tier 4 is more or less mind games, central. It's a real good anti-combat maneuver skill, and packs a lot of punch. In my opinion it's cooler, but I simply can't recommend it over Lightning in general though. 4/5

Undead: Naturally this school is great for those who want to put bodies out there. Probably as much as Nature does. I'd however say that it's a lot more dippable than Nature in this respect, due to Masochism and Sanguine Essence giving you a real kick to your maritial prowess. The only spell that I don't see myself picking up is Flash Decay. Apocalypse is fairly nice, but I just don't get as big of a hard-on for mega ultra summons that some people do. They take a lot of energy, and steal the thunder away from you. But it fits. IMO it's 3.5/5. Lots of strategy is needed to use it, it's not my cup of tea, but it fills it's niche very well.

Acoustics: Despite being bombastic, and full of flurry. The sound often does signify something with someone who is truly an artist. It's a school that needs utmost dedication to fully realize it's potential, and those who are looking to dip their extra spells on, will be sorely lacking the power to channel those spells competently. You have no solo capabilities whatsoever, keep that in mind. If you wanna be a battery this is how you rock, and the Tier 4 truly does make you a real multiplier. The more people out there, the better you truly are. The rank really does depend on what job you want to do. But in my opinion it's 4/5. No one spell is truly worthless, but don't dip here. Much like Nature.

>> No.40399574

So I present to you, the Dragonforce build. Lightning and Acoustic magic combined into super synergistic power metal.

Herman Li


Wizard Hat
Battle Robes
Battle Robe Gloves
Aegis Greaves

Custom Lightning Staff + Guitar
War Hammer (to really hammer the notes in)

A Goddamn Thunder Dragon

Aria, Staccato, Marcato, Crescendo, Magnum Opus
Energy Siphon, Energy Focus, Energy Barrier, Mjolnir

Get the band together, buff everything, and call the lightning.

Herman's gear all augments his spell effects, allowing him to play his instrument at breakneck speeds and boosting Mjolnir's destructive power and magic penetration. His adorable wizard hat also does a lot of work, boosting not just Mjolnir but every buff Herman likes to cast leading up to it.

Herman's favorite set start with a Magnum Opus that he powers up with a Crescendo'd Aria and Energy Siphon. Herman and his band then play a significantly more powerful Aria to refuel and boost his magical ability, leading into a turbocharged Crescendo and a supercharged Mjolnir.

If anything survives, his Aria buffed dragon can catch a lightning bolt to refuel and further boost his magical power, guaranteeing that the next Mjolnir is even more spectacular than the first.

Herman, his band, and his dragon only continue to grow in power as the battle continues. To defeat him, the battle needs to end quickly and decisively in his enemy's favor.

Thankfully for Herman, though, he's riding a goddamn dragon. Engaging Herman in melee combat is difficult, while his dragon's agility and Marcato keep him safe from projectiles. He can siphon some energy into his dragon if he needs more speed and maneuverability, or spend his Crescendo to cast an Energy Barrier in a pinch.

Critics argue that although Herman has displayed incredible power in the practice studios, the realities of the battlefield mean his live performances leave something to be desired.

>> No.40399670

Shadow: For those looking for the edge, you come to the right place. The package stereotypically aligned for the assassin type. A shadow warrior is pretty much entirely gimped out compared to any other warrior type. Hell I'd even say that Acoustics/Undead/Nature warriors are more competent at that then Shadow is. So you have to rock the stereotype of a dark assassin close to knit. The Dark Shard tree is utter garbage unless you are using them to assassinate people, but the other two-trees give you some workable spells, even for someone just wanting to dip into them. The Tier 4 synchs up nicely with Nocturne, but it's comparably lame compared to the others, due to Seismic Sense more or less neutralizing what that spell does. And that is a Tier 1 spell! Over all I'd give it a 2/5. It does it's niche, but I'd say that a Force assassin would probably do a lot more damage over all. It does have some nice dips, like the Shadow Jump through Vorpal Weapon tree, but I wouldn't see Shadow as a threat to worry that much about.

Light: It more or less lets you play like the fascist Paladin of your dreams! I'd say that this school is stupidly boring, but if you ever want to pimp yourself out with some healing spells, buffs and the like then look no further. It is a surprisingly subtle school too, so I'd think it would translate to a better degree of mana conservation than the others. The Tier 4 is a summon. Over all I'd give a 2.5/5. It's more or less solid skills for the unimaginative battlemagus.

Void: Now this is a school that is ultimate for the tank. A Tier 2 that blocks out the vast majority of spells, and reflects them back at them? Ways to get your mana back? Binds? You can seriously mess with people with this school, and the only weaknesses that I can see is that lack of killing potential and the inability to handle groups well. One on One though? I'd bet on the Void magi over any other. The Tier 4 really does remove the main weakness of the school, Cont.

>> No.40399698

>mfw two acoustic builds

Hmmm Herman Li has alot more utility and power compared to the winter siren prophetess.

However the winter siren has Sigma Admund and his genius to fall back on, thus has a higher overall potential.

Damnit I don't know which build I like more, violin playing siren or dragonforce metal.

>> No.40399699

but it's a very expensive bandaid in all honesty. The over all rank that I'd give is 4/5 for me. There is no a single spell that I wouldn't recommend to anyone. In any normal fight, there is no spell that is game changing awesome as Spell Grab and Mana Chain.

>> No.40399722


Requesting an opinion on a buildpath.

How would you feel about a mixture of Undead and Void? Undead ranks to fight against groups by way of swarming with undead, Void for single combat against the tougher ones?

>> No.40399766

You have to put 7 points into Shadow for it to be OP as all hell.

You are gravely underestimating Umbra and Nocturne, making you stronger then most fighters.

On the vorpal weapons path, you have access to shadow jump and light drinker which means the only weakness to Nocturne is eliminated.

It doesn't matter if the force mage can detect you, you can just kill everyone else besides him.

>> No.40399886

MARK: Hunter

Undead - Masochism
Frost - Frozen Heart
Arcane - Spell Block, Spell Grab, Spell Break
Nature - Leafmetal, Gaia's Chosen, Gaia's Maidens, Gaia

Knight Helmet
Knight Cuirass
Soldier Gauntlets
Aegis Greaves

Titan Blade
Long Sword
Kite Shield
Shield Catalyst


Hendry Bertram
Serf Bardol

Tried making an anti-magic warrior who can take some physical hits as well. I name him George Nullsmith.

>> No.40399967

I think for Undead to work, you need to have a bit of commitment to it. I'm not entirely sure of it myself, because I am frankly not the sort to really really engage in that sort of thing. Void's pretty great for doing most things though. If you want to mix things up though, I'd say that 7-9 Nature does what you want really. You get to become a real fucking beast in combat, you get fighters decked out in swag materials. You Tier 4 flares up and everything you do, you get better at. Slapping some Mana Burn, Mana Chain will let you catch the dumb assassin that thinks they can gank you. While having a bunch of beasts that can detect things real nice work for ya.

But if you find a way to rock it, then I'd love to see it work! It's a nice idea, but I'm not sure it'll do better than what I've just posted.

Umbra/Nocturne does what Nature does naturally but only pimps yourself out in the process. Sure you got yourself a nice defense by blocking out sight, but I'm sure that fighters would be used to not relying so much on their eyesight anyways. If your opponent has any sort of competent defense, then you sure as shit ain't gonna do much. That being said, God's Wrath doesn't synch up at all with anything else in that school. So at least you got that beat there. Maybe I should've ranked Shadow a 3 and Light a 2. I am not impressed at all with that school, and nothing it does makes me want to stick around for more. I'd say it's about Fire tier. Does what it does, but doesn't aspire for greater things.

>> No.40400179

>Umbra/Nocturne does what Nature does naturally but only pimps yourself out in the process.

Nature doesn't increase your physical prowess to almost unbeatable levels.

>Sure you got yourself a nice defense by blocking out sight, but I'm sure that fighters would be used to not relying so much on their eyesight anyways.

You mean besides the notable increase in strength and magical prowess?

> If your opponent has any sort of competent defense, then you sure as shit ain't gonna do much.

Vorpal weapons takes care of most defenses

I don't know where you're getting god's wrath from when I'm was only taking about Shadow school. I was imply saying light drinker pretty much counters the divine school.

>> No.40400258

I'll retract my statements, and state that Shadow has a powerful gimmick that can be blocked by the Force's Tier 4 effect. "Oh looky me! I can shit out darkness out of my own asshole! Woops, it looks like the Force user, LITERALLY COMPRESSED THE MAGICAL! DARKNESS INTO TINY, TINY BITS!" Yeah it'll leave the force user drained, but so would the shadow user too!

Yeah, I emit to it having some nice spells here and there. But the school as a whole just doesn't really work really. The thing that you didn't bring up for the school was just how baller all the Tier 2 spells are. All of them do something that you'd want in a fight. But as a whole? The Tier 1s are meh, the Tier 3s are decent. It's a school to take down foes with shitty defense, but those who rock good defense know how to really put their A game into it.

Light is just utterly awful though. God's Wrath was mentioned as a comparison by the way. I see that nobody really wants to mess around with the school, because everyone knows how utterly shit it is. Yeah the spells are nice to augment yourself, but the school as a whole just ain't worth practicing.

>> No.40400332

Umbra + Nocturne is maybe comparable to Roots + Gaia, except you can still move and the Nocturne boost is described as "nearly unmatchable" compared to Roots' "much more potent". Gaia probably has a bigger physical boost, but Umbra has a spell boost that everyone seems to forget.

Gaia's Chosen doesn't actually buff you, and except for the wood walk ability doesn't do anything that Gaia didn't do anyway.

Companion, Maidens, and Call of Nature are all summoning abilities, and while definitely good they aren't really comparable to anything people usually take from Shadow. Vines and Mending are similar. Not bad, but not a point of comparison.

Finally, Vorpal Weapons blows Leafmetal out of the water offensively. It's a really powerful effect when magic defenses are so easy to splash. You do miss out on Leafmetal's defensive features, but even 7 points into Shadow let you splash some kind of defensive spell.

Shadow is definitely much more boring. You take Nocturne + Umbra if you're casting or Nocturne + Vorpal + Umbra if you're stabbing and that's basically it, compared to all the ways you can build with Nature. It's certainly not weak, though.

>Black Hole
>Makes the surrounding area lighter

Besides, Black Hole cock blocks pretty much everything. It's not like Shadow is uniquely weak to it.

Also yeah, the whole Divine school is underwhelming.

>> No.40400352
File: 190 KB, 500x313, Divine T4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems like a lot of the new builds are dipping into Frost for Frozen Heart. An excellent choice, but don't forget who did it first.

>> No.40400407
File: 17 KB, 236x345, ff6d5e2f5220712659572942ad588da6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Plasma Weapons, Blink, Magnetism
>Energy Siphon, Energy Focus, Energy Barrier



Battle Mage Hood
Soldier Cuirass
Battle Robe Gloves
Aegis Greaves

Staff (Lightning) 2
Unique: Large Chain One end with a knife, other end with a metal ball 1
Shield Catalyst

>Elemental Raptor (1,2)
>Iselota Lyenne (3) hopefully she knows flame weapon so she can add another buff to my chain
>Natan Gregorek team bruiser, hopefully he also has a healing spell in his divine set

I plan on using my chain to decimate my opponents.
>magnetism and staff mean I have total control of how it moves and could probably even use it without holding it
>Leafmetal makes it easier to use and lighter
>density increases damage to opponents and makes it stronger defensively
>plasma weapon as a shock effect
>some utility spells
>hopefully another (fire) buff from teammate

r8, critique, comment.

>> No.40400427
File: 65 KB, 736x981, Wounded.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Praise the sun.
Caress the sun.
Molest the sun.

Repostan build (after playing around with it)

Soldier helmet
Knight curiass
Knight gauntlets
Knight greaves
Shortsword-Arming sword/wand hybrid
Hand axe
Kite shield
shield catalyst


Eve Laveux
Jourdain Ricaud


>Frost -
Frozen heart
>Nature -
>Undead -
>Divine -
Mending sparks
Guardian's halo
Weapons of light
>Arcane -
Spell block
Spell grab
Spell break

>> No.40400474

I'd go 6/3 taking Soul Guardians, Army of the Dead, and Apocalypse in Undead and Cosmos in Void.

Horde for horde your undead are probably a match for most other groups of minions, and you can disable individual targets with Mana Burn and Mana Chain.

Missing out on Overload kind of sucks, but if you really don't like someone you can just have your minions hold them down while you drop a meteor on their head.

>> No.40400491

Your probably not here anymore, but I'd be happy to take on any challengers.

>> No.40400496

I'm interested what you think about all the schools and stuff personally. I might even make a character build and some story for this dumb CYOA.

The tree to get to Vorpal Weapons have all that you'd really want. I can't see a situation where any of the spells casted wouldn't be useful in any situation. That being said, you could probably dip Density and Leaf Metal weapons and get the same effect. That and the thing that is underestimated about the enchantment is just how flexible you are in them. Armor becomes a hell of a lot less cumbersome with that sort of gear on, and having a big ol' rock with the maneuverability of a dagger is deadly, deadly, deadly, deadly.

Besides, the thing that I'd worry about with Umbra/Noctra versus hulked out Nature is actually the spell-caster themselves. Sure they got the disney nature theme, but 1 person against potentially a whole fuck lot of creatures sure is something I'd bet on the walls of meat to win for. Besides, I'd imagine that Umbra would only last for a while. So would Gaia, but you still have your beasts out, and you got heals and stuff too. While pure shadow would have his shitty little darts, and his single person attack spells. He simply has no way of winning against a mob master in a straight up fight. Assassinations is their game. The thing that I doubt is that I'd bet that Force and Void would be better assassins than Shadow would be. You got your tracking abilities, jump, a massive bomb-like attack where you crack a person's armor with your cannon ball-ass self, deflect for the git away. While Force would be better for a bounty hunter. With the real ultimate assassination power coming from Overload. It's more or less a single-target Dragon Slave. Not a whole lot of people are going to win against that.

>> No.40400497

>Weapons of Light
>Not Flame Weapons

0/10 would not praise

>> No.40400502

might want to drop a weapon for a crossbow since you have no ranged attacks, other than that tankasfuck/10

>> No.40400634

Nice Leaf/Metal Density. Along with specializing in the (arguably 2nd/3rd best) school and your character is pretty ballin'.

>> No.40400662
File: 326 KB, 600x741, bootyful knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was thinking about dropping both Spell break and weapons of light for Flame armour/weapons.Now I might just drop WoL for FW.

Undecided on whether I want to drop muh Axe bby for a crossbow.

>> No.40400723

You can take Overload (Or Nova, or Mjolnir) *with* Nocturne + Umbra. You're probably not going to combo T4s more than once a fight, but a doubly buffed T4 nuke is the kind of thing you don't *need* to cast more than once.

You can take Vorpal Weapons, Nocturne, and Umbra and still have two points to splash for Leafmetal and Density (Or Flame Weapons and Armour, or Frost Armour + Obsidian Ice)

Pure Shadow has holes, sure, but no one is going to go nine points into Shadow. They're going to take Vorpal + Nocturne + Umbra plus two physical buffs, or Nocturne + Umbra and a powerful spell line like Flame Lightning, or Void.

Basically, Nocturne + Umbra is at least 3.5/5 crazy good by itself, and the entire Vorpal Weapons path is pretty awesome since the T1 and T2 offer nice utility even if it's not as efficient as separate armour + weapon buffs.

>> No.40400772

Commentary questions from that guy who asked about the undead/void caster thing.

How worth it are the T4 spells?

If I had Summon Undead and Flame Weapons, could my summoned undead have flame weapons too? What about the Soul Guardians or Apocalypse guys?

What are the strongest T1 dips, according to you folk?

>> No.40400797

>People are still not using SDA-approved skill system to stat their characters

You start at D of each skill and have 3 skillpoints to distribute however you wish. Maximum rank at chargen is A.

Skill points: [ * * * ]
Starting Physical Skill: E [D] C B A
Starting Magical Skill: E [D] C B A

>> No.40400828

Leather Hood
Soldier Cuirass
Leather Gloves
Aegus Greaves

Weapon: Custom Weapon: Recurve Bow + Great Hammer (Gigantic Recurve bow)
Shield: Tower Shield

Mark: Vanguard
Mount: Lightning Dragon

Frozen Heart

Plasma Weapons>Blink>Magnetism>Mjolnir
Energy Siphon>Energy Focus


Levitate and increase density of metal arrows, Mjolnir for unlimited power for plasma weapon and magnetism to propel them at near relativistic speeds.

>> No.40400838

>What about the Soul Guardians or Apocalypse guys?

I believe they are trained warriors who fight like humans do, but better. Regular undead, even when upgraded, are more animalistic and harder to give actual orders to. SDA has not specified whether or not they get weapons.

>> No.40400868

I frankly have no idea how having two-T4 spells fired off at the same time would even work. That would probably leave you drained right from the get go. Unless you are more of a "mage" than "battle". So combinations like that are unlikely to work that well. Yeah, Nocturne + Umbra, I admit will totally wreck a whole lot of shit. What I was reviewing was the whole shadow line. It'd be worth something if the Dark Shard line did things that weren't just piss-weak versions of what another line would do.

I think it's better to characterize the shadow school as something that wrecks people whenever they get the full initiative, but is rather weak as a generalist school, or a battle school outside of one particular instance. Great for killing lots of weak stuff, but it's not heavy Artillery. Outside of that one instance.

>> No.40400954

>Flame Weapons + Undead
Flame Weapon specifically says you can cast it on allies. It's probably not worth it to buff every single summoned undead, but the guardians and horsemen seem like good calls.

>T1 dips
In very approximate order...

Frozen Heart, Leafmetal, Frost Armour, and Spell Block defensively.

Density, Flame Weapons, and maybe Masochism and Plasma Weapons offensively.

Shadow Jump, Cloud of Smoke, and maybe Companion and Summon Undead for utility and mobility.

I wonder what the nothing but dips build would be like? Don't specialize at all, just take as many T1/T2 physical buffs as you can. Leafmetal + Density + Masochism + Plasma Weapons + Flame Weapons + Flame Armour + Frost Armour + Obsidian Ice + Frozen Heart is nine points. Now you just need an ally with Energy Siphon so you can actually cast everything.

Why is E even there? I can already buy up to A with the original three skill points and there are only two skills, so when would I ever need to reduce one?

>> No.40400999

>Why is E even there?
It's for shitty NPCs. You can't reduce a skill and gain a skillpoint, because S is only for NPCs too that's SDAs logic. Good luck being on a level with the Prime Battlemage.

>> No.40401044

Might as well review the Entire Fire School while I'm at it. Maybe a few extra ones before I head off to go sleep.

Flame Weapons: Decent Amp that marks some nasty scars on your foes. Dealing damage, and giving a status affliction at the same time. It's pretty 4/5 for me.

Flame Armor: There are a good load of spells out there that by-passes armor. It does have it's fair share of problems though. For one, giving you little tankiness is going to leave you wanting against heavy duty spells. Two, the increase to agility is nice, but it's not something that assassins would wanna pick up. I rate it 2.5/5, decent defense, but it's kind of lack-luster over all.

Dragon Fire: This pimps out your fire, Full fire is always going to pick this up. ALWAYS. Besides, it's a latent yet strong buff. 4/5 for full fires.

The full tree is 2/5 for a dip though, because it simply doesn't give you the power you might actually want. Yeah, having a good DoT is nice to have. But you are sacrificing 3 spells for an over all mediocre dip

Fireball: Yeah it's a staple, but it's need for a charge up time, simply isn't going to cut it in a battle. You are defenseless if you go in too-hot, and if you don't put enough heat into it, it's just a waste of mana. Over all I'd give it a 2/5.

Firebomb: It basically pimps up a mediocre spell. 2/5 for it.

Ray of Fire: It seems like this is a decent, quick nuke but again you might as well hit someone with a weapon. 1/5 for not even being good at a time. It's just a very underwhelming spell.

Overall this tree is more for a straight up wizard. Battlemages simply aren't blessed with the heavy artiliary that they have. If only they could keep these concealed, then it would be straight up baller. However to do damage that anyone cares about, you're gonna get your ass ganked or spotted. So yeah 1.5/5 over all. Would not recommend.

>> No.40401074

>The only real dud is Ice Permeance.
Ice Permeance is great, plebeian.

>> No.40401077

Haste Cast + Fire Bomb seems like a hilarious way to blow your load, though.

Let me just dump ALL MY ENERGY into this fireball and skip that whole pesky charge up time part.

>> No.40401107

>rating spells that have nothing except short description in a game of make-believe without explicit rules
You're doing god's work, anon. Although I got to admit that I never seen such level of escapism since Star Dust BattleCarrierNaught threads.

>> No.40401114

More please.

>> No.40401121

Cloud of Smoke: THIS is a fucking awesome spell. It's stylish, it puts the hurt on things. I don't see this one being dipped a lot, but it's excellent at pretty much any sort of lone wolf out there. Undead masters would want to look at this as well, as the undead wouldn't be affected by the smoke. Overall 4.5/5 an excellent spell for anyone that isn't team-fighter.

Conflagration: Did you hear "Much more powerful than Fireball" motherfucker? Did you see that defense that Flame Armor wishes it had? Yeah that's because it makes this spell rockin' sexy. Dragon Flames only make this sexier, and it has excellent synergy to an otherwise mediocre spell. Over all 4/5. I'm not sure if it's worth dipping, but it makes Fire BattleMages tanky motherfuckers, that pisses all over ranged weapons above a good level. The DoT around you for a good speedy Gonzales who literally microwaves your enemies to death! Amazing, absolutely amazing. Still it's not perfect, due it needing Dragon Magic to really up it's potential above "decent"

Magma Torrent: This is a pure control spell right here. This truly does make a pure-fire tank rock the fuck out of anything that doesn't do something clever to you. Truly juggernaught tier shit, as you can more or less make yourself immune to melee, if Conflagration doesn't. 4.5/5 So, So boner over this.

This is more or less the best tree that fire has to offer. With Dragon Magic, you are more or less kill. 4.5/5

The Tier 4 ability is basically a Nuke around you. If you just want to kill the fuck out of absolutely everything around you, then this is your deal. Still it's kind of boring over all. It's 3/5 for me. Just not a lot of clever tricks you can do with it.

Fire certainly burned me up with a passion, and I've underestimated it's potential. Still I'm not sure it's still above 3/5 honestly. Just STAY THE FUCK AWAY from the terrible, terrible blasting spells. They are awful.

>> No.40401141


>Haste Cast + Fire Bomb + Dragon Fire
>Battle Robe Hood
>Battle Robes
>Wizard Sleeves
>Aegis Greaves

>Teammates all have Energy Siphon

Pardon me while I just casually nuke the everything.

I wouldn't do it myself because that's not how I roll, but I really wanna see someone pull off this sort of build.

>> No.40401244

Does dragon fire work with the divine fire abilities?

>> No.40401258

Now for Frost. I'm not sure how Icecat bro is going to feel about this, but I'm sure he shouldn't be too pissed.

Frost Armor: This is a nice armor spell. Fire Armor should definitely learn from it, because Frost Armor basically does Armor but better. Hell even if your armor is banged up, it would still at least be functional. Fire Armor would basically let you run away like the pussy you are. Overall 3.5/5 it's not overly dip friendly but pretty much every Ice Battlemage is going to go for this line, anyways. Even for less tanky Frosts, this is a decent spell to have around.

Obsidian Ice: Sundering attempts are more or less impossible, it doesn't do any fancy shit that the fire variant likes to pull, but if you want some straightforward business. This is your spell. Overall it's 3.5/5 for me. Flame weapons simply has the element of wearing down the opponents weaknesses that this spell doesn't offer.

Flash Freeze: It's basically Dragon Magic but better. Ice Magi are basically sticking their dicks out, and tell them how much bigger their weens are. While Dragon Magic has the element of pure FUCK YEAH damage, this gives your spells some utility while you're at it. 4/5 for me.

This entire line is good for dipping, unlike the fire variant. This is simply due to both of the weapons and armor variants doing simple things but good. While Fire Weapon is better than Ice Weapon. Fire Armor is a weak spell all around for dippers, while Ice Armor has the boni of keeping your wounded body nice and snug for potential healing. While Fire Armor would leave your limbs behind to rot. 3.5/5 over all for dips. 4.5/5 for Ice Magi

>> No.40401274

>I'm not sure how Icecat bro is going to feel about this, but I'm sure he shouldn't be too pissed.

He's best when he's pissed.

>> No.40401329

Cryo Shot: Yes this spell doesn't have the pizzaz or the history that Fireball does. Now let me tell you how much this is considerably better than Fireball is. For one there is no Charge up Time. Two, it does something other than blast. Pair this up with Flash Freeze and you got yourself a staple that every Ice Battlemage should cast. It's versatile in combat, and it leaves you up for great opportunities.

Seeker Shards: These spells have precision damage down to the gnat. Want to incapacitate someone's kneee? You prep this up and have one of them jam itself right into the knee. Against heavily armored foes, this isn't too krill, but it's otherwise okay. 2.5/5 over all though, simply due to it not having much punch and I even with Flash Freeze it wouldn't be that impactful. Potentially this could even be great though.

Comet: This is what gives Ice Cat his name's sake. It's an agility boost that also damages other enemies from afar. You could kite the hell out of enemies with this, as you pelt them repeatedly with a flurry of shards. While this might work with Seeker Shards, and they are much more precise, their simply isn't that many spells that would block them. Yeah the damage isn't that great, but it does wear them down, and you are hella fast too. Over all 3.5/5 Not outstanding, but it does it's job compared to other Tier 3s.

Over all this is a decent list. 3/5, would recommend for full ices, if they have the points.

>> No.40401334

Oh yeah, I forgot to rank Cryo Shot: That gets 3.5/5 over all.

>> No.40401349

Seeker shards can also act as missile interceptors as well.

Its 3/5 or 2.5/5 for me.

>> No.40401403

Frozen Heart: This is more or less what makes Ices infamous for their tankiness. However I'd say it's over rated as a pure offensive spell. For one it massively increases the vitality and stamina, but it doesn't do that much for strength. It's a noticeable boost sure, but it's not really something I'd grab. For ForeRunners and Sentinels. This spell should be the first one you grab, it's simply amazing for long-term expeditions, and combats. Just understand what it does, and it does it amazingly. This spell is hard to over-rate, and it really does deserve it's hype. 4.5/5 overall. I think it would be amped for ices, but I'm not sure. Just another reason for them to pick it up.

Wall of Ice: It's a control spell with lots of room to it, the defenses are going to be amped up but at the same time you are blocking yourself! It takes lots of skill to give it good use, but it's really good in the hands of a dedicated Ice User. Over all it's 4/5.

Ice Permeance: This is the spell that I've dismissed due to Icebro's advice. However, while his style might not have much use for it. Ice Walls LOVE this spell, because it more or less gives them complete control. It's not worth a dip, but it's 2.5/5 for 'em. It's very meager for a Tier 3. But it gives the speed boost that Comet gets. But it doesn't have that kiting potential. One use for it is to hide from a bomb attack, and then rush past it. It requires more set up than a Comet dodge, but you get a charge on your opponent real good with it.

Glacial Winds: A reminder of our primordial pasts! Compared to Nova, it's not as blasty but it's got a lot of slow-down potential and it makes your spell better too. While Nova is something I dismiss as a brute weapon, this truly will torture your opponents when utilized appropriately.

I'm still stick to ice being 3.5/5 though. It's something that should exist, but it doesn't excite me all that much. It's better than Fire though, by a small margin.

>> No.40401410

Damnit, I forgot that tree's rank. Damn am I tired. Overall it's 3.5/5 for me. It's just very very solid over all. Frozen Heart will keep your boner up all night long. It's really that good.

>> No.40401415

You really dislike giving things 5 out of 5, don't you?

>> No.40401444

There is only one spell that's worth a 5 out 5. Even though Frozen Heart is damn near it.

>> No.40401473

You're severely underestimating Ice Permeance.

>> No.40401490

I tend to do that with some spells. What makes you like it so much though?

>> No.40401522
File: 234 KB, 1008x734, demon_hunter_by_jasonengle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Seismic Sense
Immovable Object
Black Hole
Spell Block
Spell Grab
Spell Break
Plasma Weapons

Full Battle Mage armour.

One Handed Spear (2)
Shield Catalyst

Going for a sort of monkish/tanky mageslayer build. Dunno if I did it right, but had fun doing it.

>> No.40401542

Krantus Var, the Glacier

Mark: Vanguard

Armor: Knight set
Weapons: Titan Blade, Longsword
Shield: Shield Catalyst

Frost - Frozen Heart, Frost Armor, Obsidian Ice, Flash Freeze, Glacial Winds
Shadow - Shadow Jump, Light Drinker, Vorpal Weapons, Umbra

Companions: Mirielda Bardol, Jyna Heltyse, Lynn Aezyra
Mounts: Elemental Scarabs

Krantus is the unbreakable front line fighter. Strong, durable, and with swords so sharp they can pierce any defense. One on one he shrugs off blows and deals deadly return strikes. When swarmed, Umbra and Glacial Winds surround him with a blinding blizzard that leaves only frozen corpses behind.

Lynn provides ranged spell attacks, Jyna counters enemy casters, and Mirielda acts as the scout. Together they act as a roving team that deals with Detritus that slip past the normal lines and eliminates them completely.

>> No.40401581
File: 118 KB, 640x718, 611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I should update my build, because full frost is not so efficient.
>Weapon changes
longsword + staff ( arcane)
>Companion changes
>Mount change
arcane drake
>Magic changes


Frost armour> Obsidian ice > Flash freeze
Frozen heart
Cryo shot

Mana burn> mana chain


Silver tongue> desire peek
>I'm sure this tree has much utility beside fucking. Both of these spells might be used to get information or see what they hide to spot detritus defectors in our ranks. Ice+arcane to eliminate them

Magic: B
Physical: C
Shitposting: S
Nothing is retconned, I still laugh at lightning mages ( and they can do nothing to stop me).

Riding on my drake with Abby around Ziona front line and solving morale problems, gorilla warfare problems, sexual predator problems. Teaching Abby why you do this, but not THAT.
And other thing too

I like this, here is my own interpretation of Ice permanence: great magic if you want to build an ice sarcophagus and sleep in there until some knight on the white horse will safe you, useless in any other possible or impossible situation, would want to be fucked by prince charming/10

>> No.40401629

Oh no...

>> No.40401719

It's wonderful with ice wall and frost in general. With IW turns into one of the best spells, you can now use it offensively, to hinder the opponent by limiting his area of movement while only making the frost mage faster and even attacking from inside the wall. You can also combo it SS. by literally putting the shards "inside"/behind you and attacking when the enemy don't expect/can't block, allies with obsidian ice can also use similar strategy. It's also great with the other T3 and T4, the speed of a frost mage while using both IP+Comet must terrifying.

>> No.40401745

Yeah there is a whole hella of a lot of ways to make Ice Permeance worth it. It's potentially a 4-4.5/5 ability. I'd commend it over Comet really.

Still Ice has a lot of fun abilities. That's what I like about it, while Fire is fairly one-note. You can imagine all sorts of archetypes being supported with Ice.

>> No.40401767

I agree with everything. Ice really have one of the best synergy.

>> No.40401814

Lets try a build.

Mark: Sentinel
Physical Skill: [D]
Magical Skill: [A]

Force; Seismic sense, Deflect, Immoveable Object, Black Hole (4)

Arcane: Mana Burn, Void Stare (2)

Holy: Mending Sparks, Guardian Halo, Gods Wrath. (3)

Role - Defensive Battlefield Control.
Stand upon the battlefield Inverted, Immovable, Aware of all around me.

The combination of God's Wrath and Black Hole should let me dominate in the area i am assigned to defend. Obviously, I am not suited to fighting sneak attacks in the night, but instead turn back armies.

Equipment: Wizard's Hat, Robe and Sleeves, with Aegeis Greaves.

Weapon is a Staff enchanted for Force, with a Shield Catalyst for emergencies. (Obviously can not be used while attacking with Staff) I also have an extra Shield Catalyst to give my companion (4 weapon slots)

I ride upon a Behemoth, lowering gravity to allow it to move faster while slowing foes. (4 companion, 2 weapon slots)
Eve Laveux assists me in my efforts. (4 Companion)

Any thoughts?

>> No.40401838

>Any thoughts?
You're wasting points on Holy. Other than that it's a Ok build.

>> No.40401854
File: 137 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you even praise the sun.

>> No.40401881
File: 1.81 MB, 1920x1080, PRAISE THE SUN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40401911

Take your spells out of holy and get energy siphon and energy focus, you aren't going to be moving anyway and you can still cast while focusing. You might as well pick up void call too since you're going to be spamming a T4 spell.

>> No.40401917

I suppose it's time to rock out Nature, and then let my brain rest for the day.

Leaf Metal: This ability more or less makes you able to wear full-plate armor, and have it act as Leather Armor. This is simply fucking fantastic at what it does. It's changes are subtle compared to the fantastical changes with the above, but I can assure to you that it's a rockin' ability and you should gnab it when you can. It's great for Nature mages and dips. 4/5. I can only not recommend it to those who need extra fire power, or are OK with being weighted down. The maneuverability it grants is under rated too.

Gaia's Chosen: As a battle spell, it's OK but it has some amazing utility to it. If you're a "skillmonkey" you can snag up some amazing poisons as an extra to your Leaf-Metal weapons, and more or less be extra deadly. This is only one way for this skill to be utilized, as it also grants you the ability to teleport yourself over large distances, at a much shorter cost than most teleport spells. Granted it's rather limited, and some less industrious people mind not have a use for it, but it's great. 4.5/5 for me.

Gaia's Maidens: It's frankly rather difficult to rank this spell. I simply don't see much use of them, compared to some of the other summon spells I see. Still these warrior bitches can be a toughy. I don't recommend it for dips, but it's pretty nice over all 3/5 for me.

This Tree gets a 4/5 for me. You can't go wrong with picking up this line, with a bit of creativity, you can go along way with these abilities. They have questionable synergy with each other though. That's my only real issue with it.

Vine Control: If your hiking out in the woods, this is one way to get complete control over your opponents movements. Trip, silence, binds. You can do a whole lot with this spell, and if you got some good soil working, (as you should with Gaia's chosen), then you got yourself a pretty decent 1st tier monster that does a lot of control game goin' on. Limited though. 4/5

>> No.40401950

Mend: The cure-all spells for pretty much any disease. What sort of miracle doesn't this spell do? This is an extremely powerful spell, even if the healing might be limited in combat. This is what you teach battle-mages going out towards war. As having one in a squad will drastically increase your chances of survival. You seriously cannot live without this spell, it's amazing. The only limitation is that it's not that useful in combat. 4.5/5.

Poison Cloud: This is basically a far deadlier version of the Cloud of Smoke spell. It's use might be rather specialist, in that it doesn't seem to kill undead, constructs, elementals and the like. It does provide a nice killy option against regular meat-bags. Still for a tier 3 spell it's underwhelming. 2/5 for me. You more or less wipe off weaklings with this one. Stronger opponents will resist this.

The tree gets a 3.5/5 for me. It's pretty aight. Again not too much synergy with itself though.

>> No.40402019

Companion: You get a big creature to follow you around, or a bunch of small ones. Considering how many types of animals there are out there. This is rather solid. I'd frankly recommend having more little critters out there, because you get yourself a nice spy network going on. 3/5 for me. Solid, some esoteric animals might bump this up but you need to find them and these fuckers die quickly in the battle-field.

Root: This is not a spell for dips, this is a spell for those who truly want to understand the power of the Nature tree. You want to make the ultimate farm? You Root yourself in place for a few hours, get your animals to feed you what you grow, and then sacrifice your stuff in order to heal your troops as each one of them is about as powerful as a regular damn soldier. You make yourself a one man army, you invalidate economies that aren't based off metals. It's pretty great, the only weakness I see is that you can get ganked easily. 4.5/5 over all.

Call of Nature: You put meat bags out in the table. If you have this spell, then you should have the previous spell. Maidens of Nature gets a +1 to it's utility and this one is about as worthwhile as it. Probably even more, because you can summon Nymphs and ents with it. 4/5.

Gaia, Gaia, Gaia. You are leagues, and bounds above the Fire and Ice Tier 4s. Yeah Ice Permeance invalidates the shitty Fire Blast Tier 4. The one that nobody really cares about. While Glacial winds is pretty baller. It just does what you do but less in many ways. However you, you my sweet are just fantastic. For one, you turn yourself into a giant fuck-off beast. Two, you more or less say "oh yeah, I have home-field advantage, no matter where I am". Three, you can pimp out your forest more with Root. Invalidating any weaknesses that Root has, as you turn yourself into a massive bear tree. Your claws punching people, as you use your entire forest to control everything people do around you. Cont.

>> No.40402031

You attack from everywhere, you summon spells everywhere and you can even use your crafted wood maidens to deliver your fuck-awesome beast blows for you. That alone makes you THE standard for Tier 4 spells to measure up to in future reviews.

Nature spells aren't that great for dips, however it's very, very solid. While you may only use Tier 4 spells sparingly. That spell makes you want to dump all of your magic into doing something that you care about. I might up this to being 4.5/5, but we'll see how good the other schools hold up. It's just an amazingly synergistic school.

>> No.40402909

Gudrun Baum

Physical C
Magic B


Battle Robe Hood
Aegis Cuirass
Aegis Gauntlets
Aegis Greaves

Hybrid Greatsword + Staff
Recurve Bow

Lilith Fawne
Mirielda Bardol
Tarantula mount

>Nature Spells
Vine Control, Companion, Root, Call of Nature, Gaia

>Shadow Spells
Illusion, Mark of Fear, Nocturne, Umbra

Gudrun Baum, called the Knight of the Haunted Forest, is an expert at holding territory. Rooting himself in order to sustain both Umbra and Gaia, Gudrun can turn any battlefield into one of the deep, supernaturally thick forests from his people's fairytales.

Gudrun and Lilith then turn these woods into something from a nightmare for the Detritus and their corrupted allies. Enemies that try to navigate the undergrowth must contend with total, supernatural darkness while beset on all sides by the living dead, monstrous beasts, terrifying illusions, and even the forest itself.

Should any survive the forest's horrors, Gudrun himself is a force to be reckoned with in Gaia form. Especially when supported by Lilith's uniquely appropriate acoustic magic. (Gudrun's inability to cast Leafmetal or Gaia's Chosen is a noticeable liability, but one he works hard on amending when he has opportunities to practice and study.)

The novice Mirielda Bardol has recently been assigned to work with Gudrun and Lilith, evidence of her older brother's trust in the pair's abilities. As Mirielda's talents as a scout grow, the Haunted Forest pushes ever further into Detritus territory.

>> No.40403007

I really do like the insight you're giving. I am going to modify Gaia a little to make it less obscure, though. I will keep the forest deploying part, but I will change the bird part so you become an elemental of sorts. T3 abilities will make all kinds of neat modifications to the T4.

I disagree with your insight for Flame, except for Flamr Armour. That needs to change somehow. However, I'm unsure where you got that Fireball was a long charging spell. At its base, Fireball is potentially the fastest casting spell in the CYOA. It was meant to be a spammable spell, allowing you to just shoot fireball after fireball with little thought and energy investment. They aren't much on their own, but a lot of them in a short amount of time can do much. Especially for suppressive fire.

>> No.40403033

>Fireball is potentially the fastest casting spell in the CYOA
I thought that it was Ice Wall or Dark Shards.

>> No.40403063

Ice Wall is definitely a level slower, but both Dark Shards and Fireball are pretty close in cast time with Dark Shards probably being a little faster.

I am also thinking of modifying poison cloud so it has a temporary, fast-acting effect of cordyceps.

>> No.40403097

Please no.

>> No.40403106

it better give aids

>> No.40403719

>no input

well SHIT...

>> No.40404142

Flame Armor gives you tougher armor that increases your agility, *and* burns anybody who touches you. Why is that worse than Ice Armor's layer of ice that makes you heavier?

>> No.40404192

because sometimes you want to be the immobile wall of Ice standing as a defense to something other than just yourself.

as opposed to a buffeted flame made mock of by outside forces knocked about and forced to move by the might of your foes?

>> No.40404466

>because sometimes you want to be the immobile wall of Ice standing... in one place as your enemies kite around you

As opposed to flame armor, which not only makes you more durable but also lets you get to where you're needed.

>> No.40404551

Rolled 10 (1d100)

makes you light, someone can knock you aside more easily, sure they'll burn a little, but you can't stop them.

the flame armor IS fantastic at stopping opponents from harming the wearer, it's less good at helping the wearer stop his opponents from harming other things.

and the immobile thing was perhaps artistic license you can move in Ice armor, but you're harder to knock aside, to stagger, and to hurt. the Ice armor replenishes and repairs itself. the flame armor merely augments your other defenses.

its the Defense Wall versus the Durable Speedster it's not really a comparison both do their job, they just do different jobs

>> No.40404638

after an evening of personal handycrafts I come back with the BMCYOA to Wulin; brew and convert

Joss (both)
Ripple Rolls
Chi Conditions
The Following Archetypes; Preists, Courtiers
The Following Skills; Wu Wei, Tactics
Virtues/Disadvantages (Roleplay Nigga, can you do it?)
All Of The Fluff

====look at it some more====
Chi Deviations
==>come to light when using magic(see; The Tell; Dungeons; The Dragoning core book page54)

Secret Arts
==>finding ways to incorporate high level Skills into combat

Formless Techniques
==>like, school-less magic maaan...

====Leave It Alone====
The Lake
==>starting pool of 8d10
==>largest set of identical intergers is previously delcared action
==>additional sets can be saved in the River or used for additonal actions

The River
==>starting River at 3 dice
==>leftover sets of greater than 2 dice can be stored here and used later to augment rolls
==>sets in the River can be used to initiate minor or additional actions

EXP System
==>add Rank Up at 20 Destiny points.
==>New skill level costs 2 Destiny
==>New skill specialty costs 1 Destiny
==>New kung fu technique costs Destiny equal to the technique’s level

>> No.40404652


====Needs Some Work====
Weapons List
==>expanding the list

Armor Listing
==>stat indiviual enhancements
==>medium armor has +5 HP, -5 to footwork, dodge, covering ground
==>heavy armor has +10 HP, -10 to footwork, dodge, covering ground

==>Start with 10+level+armor mod
==>attacks that hit roll Vs DEF
==>[DEFpool=(Toughness+Armor)], [ATKpool=(DMGroll+mods)]
==>if DEFpool wins then no further damage
==>if ATKpool wins then 1 damage and +1 damage for every value of 10 over the DEF roll
==>certain magic bypasses Armor and tests toughness, certain armor may negate this
==>0 HP is out cold
==>-10 is dead
==>-15 is unrevivable by field necromancer(time limit 4 hours)
==>-25 is unrevivable by all means (time limit 49 days)

External Kung Fu
==>a different combat style for each Mark?

Spell Lists
==>stats for EVERY SPELL

Truncated Character Sheet
==>having one would be nice

==>Detritus sheet when?

>> No.40404744

Please get rid mark of redemption and put light/holy armor instead.

>> No.40404884

Are you nuts?

KEEP laughs/fears.
Tactics is a super-important skill
Marks = archetypes
External kung fu = combat stances
Find & replace chi with mana

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