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Hear ye, respected battlemages of Ziona.

In order to relieve pressure from the main cyoa generals, this thread and those following it have been set up as a temporary isolation for the popular Battlemage cyoa by SDA. Feel free to post your builds here and shoot the shit between your characters.

Please note that this is NOT a quest, and NOT ONLY an rp thread. Any discussion pertinent to the cyoa itself is very much welcome. Please do not discuss any cyoa meta stuff; for that you can use the main general.

Old Thread: https://archive.moe/tg/thread/40311514/

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I am producing an RPG system to run this CYOA and Basing it on the Legend of the Wulin system. here is the core book for that
I have a bare bones outline of things that need doing yet that I'll post next, after I update it for the work completed since last time.

okay, I've made a few changes to the stats I laid out for the spells Obsidian Ice, and Leafmetal being offenders, they still have a cost, BUT that represnts the first and only time any equipment is converted off-screen and or out of combat it's essentially free, however I am maintaining the one enchant per article of equipment limitation to avoid too much game-breakage.

until someone play-tests them or can suitably math-hammer them I doubt I'll be making many changes.

the External kung fu lists disscussed from last thread are what I'll start to work on as soon as I have a full stat out for the Arcane and Acoustic Spell elements.

any other comments?

>pic related
I'm not sure how to handle this if SDA adds them to the default as yet.

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You think we should start numbering these?

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Might not be a bad idea. It would make searches easier.

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I'm inclined to disagree, but thats just me

>I have a bare bones outline
and here it is.

BMCYOA to Wulin
brew and convert

Joss (both)
Ripple Rolls
Chi Conditions
The All Current Archetypes
The Skill; Wu Wei
Virtues/Disadvantages (Roleplay Nigga, can you do it?)
All Of The Fluff from LotW

====look at it some more====
Chi Deviations
==>come to light when using magic(see; The Tell; Dungeons; The Dragoning core book page54)

Secret Arts
==>finding ways to incorporate high level Skills into combat

Formless Techniques
==>like, school-less magic maaan...

Replace Archetypes with Marks
==>Secret Arts?
====Leave It Alone====
The Lake
==>starting pool of 7d10
==>largest set of identical intergers is previously delcared action
==>additional sets can be saved in the River or used for additonal actions
==>roll is (3,3,3,5,4,4,6,6,) sets are 33, 24, 26 Questions?

The River
==>starting River at 3 dice
==>leftover sets of greater than 2 dice can be stored here and used later to augment rolls
==>sets in the River can be used to initiate minor or additional actions

EXP(Destiny) System
==>add Rank Up at 20 Destiny points.
==>New skill level costs 2 Destiny
==>New skill specialty costs 1 Destiny
==>New kung fu technique costs Destiny equal to the technique’s level +1

Interesting Times
==>it's how you Crit

Chi Regen
==>by default Characters start combat with 3 uncoloured Chi and 1 element specific Chi for each element they have at least 3 spells in
==>Chi also regenerates at this rate
==>Chi regeneration can be augmented with Spells, or skills (, or Potions?)
==>out of combat players are assumed to have enough Chi to cast any spell they have unlocked
==>element specific Chi counts as double for spells of that element, otherwise it counts as 1

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====Needs Some Work====
Weapons List
==>stat everything on the equip sheet individually
==>where possible use Core Book information
==>shields are counted as Weapons

Armor Listing
==>stat indiviual enhancements
==>determine weight-class for all armor pieces
==>medium armor has +5 HP, -5 to footwork, dodge, covering ground
==>heavy armor has +10 HP, -10 to footwork, dodge, covering ground
==>overall armor class is an average of the armor class of all of the components rounded to the nearest whole number(max 3)
==>shields are counted as Weapons and not counted on the weight class average

==>Start with 10+level+armor mod
==>attacks that hit roll Vs DEF
==>[DEFpool=(Toughness+Armor)], [ATKpool=(DMGroll+mods)]
==>if DEFpool wins then no further damage
==>if ATKpool wins then 1 damage and +1 damage for every value of 10 over the DEF roll
==>certain magic bypasses Armor and tests toughness, certain armor may negate this
==>0 HP is out cold
==>-5 is dead
==>-7 is unrevivable by field expedient spells(time limit 4 hours, can be stabilized)
==>-10 is unrevivable by all means (time limit 49 days)

External Kung Fu
==>Rename kung fu options
==>brew up other kung fu
==>condense kung fu and techniques to shorter lists

Spell Lists
==>stats for EVERY SPELL
=====>(acoustic and arcane need to be finished)

Truncated Character Sheet
==>having one would be nice
==>can one be fit onto a single sheet of paper?

==>SDA Detritus sheet when?

Replace Archetypes with Marks
==>Secret Arts?

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Remainder for every hunter, there is battlemage suspected of high treason. This, at the same time, could be just negligence of call of duty
Suspect is female divine battlemage
wears light mage clothes
accompanied only by her dragon
listed as sentinel
refuses to subordinate
vanishes near border for days or even weeks, reason unknown
Denies any contact with Detritus

during the last "talk" explained her behavior as being free-spirited and that she wants to patrol borders, like don't have right people for this job.

Do not engage the suspect, follow her without being noticed and report anything suspicious, any contact with regular people is suspicious too, they might be detritus agents, tread lightly

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Forerunners have spotted a Detritus MEGABEAST moving east from AMBERVEIN. Skilled observation has estimated in the 750 to 1500 tonne range, similar in size to the unescorted pair that assaulted Laeves Keep last fall. Reports give it twelve legs, whiplike tail, and four pincers. Ranged capability is unknown.

Its escort consists of only twenty of the Type II trolls and threescore corrupt men. This gives us the opportunity to DESTROY it before it can meet a larger force of various trolls believed to be massing in the northern Koplain Fields. If it were to meet with this force, they would surely make a serious attempt on Fort Alnor.

Volunteers are requested.

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>(acoustic and arcane need to be finished)
Arcane Spells/Abilities

=====Tier 1=====
Spell Block
+5 armour against magic, and enchanted weapons
use more than once every 2 rounds results in 1 point of unavoidable damage
damage caused to the caster by this spell cannot be heald by magical means

+10 damage
+20 damage to magical constructs or enchanted things

Void Stare
>1-Chi to activate or deactivate
-10 to toughness versus magic while active
+X Chi per round(X=(number of enemies in combat/2) rounded down minimum 1)

=====Tier 2=====
Spell Grab
>2-Chi(sustained @2-Chi/round)
Negates damage from T2, T1, and equivalent sources
every attack that is negated triggers EITHER a free immediate cast of Mana Burn OR a gain of 1-Chi

Mana Chain
>2-Chi(sustained @X-Chi/round)
-20 to footwork on all designated targets in zone
-(x*5) to footwork on all designated targets in zone after the first round of activation

Void Call
reduce the Chi cost of all T1, T2, and T3 spells by 1(to a minimum of Zero)
Sustain costs are reduced by 1(minimum 1)

=====Tier 3=====
Spell Break
next successful melee attack made Dispells all T1, T2, and T3 magical effects
Dispelled targets cannot be re-enchanted for 6 rounds
Wands and Staffs; when effected roll 1d10 on a 10 the wand/staff/combination item is destroyed

Zone AOE
+20 damage to single target
+10 to hit all targets in Current Zone
+10 Damage to all targets struck

Haste Cast
cast a single spell out of turn for the round negating any casting delays
use more often than every 5th round results in 3 points of unavoidable damage
damage caused to the caster by haste cast cannot be heald by magical means

=====Tier 4=====
+10 to strike
+30 damage
on sussessful hit roll 1d10 on a 10 target dies

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SDA delivery service is even worse than OPs
well dumping my build

Knight helmet
Knight cuirass
Knight gautlets
Aegis greaves


Longsword + staff
Shield catalist



Drake + elemental




Frost armor>Obsidian ice>Flash freeze
Cryo shot
Frozen heart

Mana burn>mana chain

Silver tongue>Desire peek

Why all those prophets acoustic, I never understood this

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Alright, first time posting this.

Battle robe outfit, all save legs, which are wizard robes bottom.

Custom weapon:Staff+Great Hammer= Casting/Smashing.
Recurve Bow.

Mark: Vanguard.

Geroldus Rogola, Sonya Keilana.

Force: Seismic Sense, Inertia, Sand Storm, Quake, Density, Unstoppable Force, Launch, Black Hole.
Frost: Frost Armour.

Name: Vim Massa.
Bio:Raised in a magic household from a young age, he was forced to take up the hammer in these dire times. Strong proponent of overwhelming force leading to absolute victory.

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okay, so...I think Acoustic has some game breaking shit in it if people build compounding classes, especially classes that generate minions...either that or I VASTLY overpowered the supporting role...

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Acoustic Spells/Abilities

=====Tier 1=====
Amoroso (Pick one)
>Cost: 0 Chi
allows a limited pocket dimension in which musical instruments can be stored and extracted as a free action.
any musical instrument you come to posess must first be enchanted and clearly yours(a process costing 1-Chi) before it comes under this effect
you voice cannot be Muted by magical effects nor can the sound of your voice be muffled (except by deafening individuals in range)
marked instruments are unbreakable by normal means.

X successive attacks can be made at a cost of 1-Chi each where X is player level (reroll successives or use base set?)
ranged attack
can be played during songs

>Cost: 1-Chi(sustain @1-Chi/round; maximum 10 rounds)
>takes effect on the round following activation
AOE all allies in Current and Adjacent Zones
+10 to footwork
+10 agility
>I like this far better than it's descriptions version on the CYOA...thoughts?

=====Tier 2=====
>duration 2 rounds
enemies in Current Zone make a hard(50) Toughness check or cannot move or attack for the duration
successive uses of this spell also affect allies
this spell does not work on the deafened

AOE all enemies in Current Zone are knocked back to adjacent Zones of the mages choosing
can be played during songs

>3-Chi(sustained @2-Chi/round; maximum 10 rounds)
AOE targets all allies in Current and Adjacent Zones
+10 to footwork
+10 to defend
+1 HP per round

=====Tier 3=====
>5-Chi(1 Chi/round)
summon doppleganger
>Identical Stats EXCEPT
>can only cast Acoustic magic
>can only cast up to T3
>can do all other non-magical things you can do

>1 round charge up
doubles the effect of one spell(for one round)
can be played during songs

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Elegy Of Fragility
>4-Chi (duration 5 rounds)
>1 round Charge up
AOE all allies in current or adjacent zone
+20 to defend
cannot be played with Staccato pr Marcato

=====Tier 4=====
Magnum Opus
>8-Chi (Duration 8 rounds)
AOE Current and Adjacent Zones, and Zones Adjacent to those zones
all spells within the Acoustic category can be played simultaneously and at no Chi cost
all spells function with doubled effect values(does not stack with crecendo)

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Alita of the Light

>whole wizard robes ensemble
>2 daggers that are also wands
>sentinel mark
>Dragon mount instead of companions
>all T1, T2, and T3 Divine abilitites


>After travelling the borderlands as a adventuring mage, got arrested by hunter for not following orders and got accused of being detritus agent.
>After magical interrogation and passing the 7 magical trials, got cleared of charges.
>Tried being good sentinel and doing duties healing battlemages.
>Bossy commander won't leave me alone. Maybe he thinks I'm cute or something, but I'm not into that.
>Start flying out on my dragon to villages to heal people and help them out with random stuff.
>I guess instead of that being good, people just think it's suspicious:(
>The seven trials didn't break my mind or body and I'm still a free mage!

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Celevor the Spell Breaker

physical: B
magical: B

Knight Helm better movement in armor
Knight Cuirass better defenses
Aegis Gauntlets hit harder
Aegis Greaves break spells easier

arcane saber 3
kite shield 1
shield catalyst 1
spear 1


arcane drake 5, 1


Spell Block
Spell Grab
Spell Break

Shadow Jump
Light Drinker
Vorpal Weapons

Frozen Heart
Wall of Ice

Abby 3

physical: D
magical: A

Battle Mage Hood mana regen
Wizard Robes defense against magic
Battle Mage Gloves faster casting
Wizard Robe Bottoms short teleport

shadow rapier 3
fire dagger 2.5


fire drake

Ray of Flame
Cloud of Smoke

Dark Shards
Shard Storm

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I decided it might be best to choose a companion last.

I wound up making my character pretty much identically to Eve Laveux :I

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It would be good idea to classify which of the acoustic spells are considered songs and which are just note or stanzas within a song.

In my opinion Aria, hymn and cappriccioso are songs.
Crecendo could be a song but being able to cast stuff while you're charging is pretty OP.

>> No.40456244

Crecendo is a part of a song
but I suppose I can't expect every player to know basic musical theory.

I'll write in indicators for the spells that are also songs. and denote songs as wave actions

the charging is gonna suck to balance yeah, so I'm counting it as a minor action

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Just change your mark to Forerunner. At least they're *meant* to operate solo

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I'm just going to repost it.
>Soldier, any word on the incoming Detritus forces up ahead?
>Sorry Commander, our Forerunner was taken out in the last skirmish.
>What about that girl with the dragon? Couldn't she just fly up and scout for us?
>She's not with the military sir. She just dropped by, did some healing, and flew off.
>Damn. Mobilize the troops anyways; we're going in blind.

>Soldier, how're we doing on rations?
>Fraid we're running low, Commander. We should have resupply coming in, but I don't know how long we can last.
>Can't they get here any faster? Our battalion's going to starve if they don't! Hey, dragon girl! Get down here, we need someone to...She didn't hear me. Very well, cut down on each soldier's daily allowance. We need to make that bread and beans last.
>Yes sir. But, commander...you yourself haven't eaten yet, have you?
>Mind your own business, soldier. I could stand to lose a few pounds...unlike the rest of you kids, you're all skin and bones! Make sure to polish off that bread and beans, soldier!
>Yes sir.

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>S-sorry, Commander. When the ambush came, I wasn't prepared.
>It's alright, Darius, it's not your fault. You're going to be okay. Roy, get a healer!
>I can't- Francis got caught in the ambush, and Cecilia's healing him.
>Shit, both our healers- tell her it's urgent!
>Francis's condition is urgent too. I'm sorry, Commander.
>Then- then- the dragon girl! Get the dragon girl! DRAGON GIRL! YOU HEAR ME?! PLEASE, WE NEED HEALING!
>Commander, she's back at the border, she's not even nearby-
>You're just not yelling loud enough Roy! I'M BEGGING YOU, WE NEED YOUR AID!
>I-it's alright Commander. I-I see her. She's descending, like- like an angel. There's a bright light behind her, and she's reaching out to me. It's so beautiful...
>Darius...at ease, soldier. Go with her. Where you're going, there's no Detritus, no fighting, and enough food that you'll never want another damn serving of bread and beans.
>That- that sounds heavenly, Commander. Don't you and everyone else want to come?
>It's not our time yet, not for me, not for the rest of us until our job's done. You're officially relieved of duty, Soldier. With full honors. And Darius?
>Yes, Commander?
>You, you were- you are...you're like a son to me.
>Th-thank you Commander. You were...like a father... to me...
>...I'm sorry, Commander.
>Don't be, Roy. You're still alive. Come, we need to make sure Francis is back in fighting condition. In two hours, we're going into Detritus territory.

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Might as well report this one.
>Three slayers return from the mission.
>A man in heavy armor is missing an arm, but still manages to produce a litte smile, even while his entire body is shaking over the weight of his enormous warhammer.
>The woman with the bow is unconscious, grievous scars cover her face, and her skin is of sickly color. Her breathing is uneven and fast.
>A person in the robes says nothing. His blank stare is full of apathy and resent.
>"Keep your distance! Drop your weapons and discard your armor."
>Two men undress completely, helping each other to get out of their battered armor and clothes, finally managing to get the woman out of her useless rags that a while ago were one of the best enchanted armor in Ziona.
>A man in the robes listens to her breathing and sighs with relief.
>"On the ground! No sudden movements!"
>They lay down, watching as several fearful people approach.
>"If we've been corrupted you'd already be dead" - a man with a bleeding gap in place of his shoulder said with a stiff smirk.
>"Shut up. Wrap them up and quick!"
>Terrified young people - acolytes and students of the academy who were conscripted for the war - quickly tied three slayers with anti-magical manacles, using their instruments to determine if there's any corruption in them.
>After few long silent minutes, the leader of the group gave them a sign.
>Young men exchanged relieved glances and freed the three.
>Three squads of crossbowmen finally lowered their weapons.
>"Good job at Grudour, slayers. Welcome home."

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Posted this guy before, but might as well throw him in again.

Name: Ismar Luoma of the Vanguard

> Battle Mage Hood
> Soldier Cuirass
> Soldier Gauntlets
> Wizard Boots
> Sabre
> Targe
> Wand
> Claymore (backup)

> Illusion
> Shadow Jump
> Light Drinker
> Vorpal Weapons
> Dark Shards
> Flame Weapons
> Flame Armor
> Cloud of Smoke
> Conflagration

> Shadow Elemental Raptor Mount
> Mikael Ouren
> Joudain Ricoud
> Juliana Angaret
> companions can be pretty flexible, but I definitely don't like fighting alone.

A promising student of the shadow school, Ismar has combined it with the smoke and strength of the fire magi. Using darkness and smoke to disable his foes, he breaks apart enemy formations, and uses his magic weapons to tear apart larger monsters and lieutenants.

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Trollslayer force, assemble!

Igor Tsekhanovetsky
Physical Skill: A
Magical Skill: D
Magic Schools: Force (9 spells)

Thea Serle
Physical Skill: B
Magical Skill: D
Magic Schools: Nature, Shadow (7 spells)

Tauron Sarptyl
Physical Skill: D
Magical Skill: A

Mana Burn -> Mana Chain -> Cosmos -> Overload
Plasma Weapons -> Blink
Energy Siphon -> Energy Focus -> Energy Barrier

Batllemage armor set
Custom 2h Staff/Spear (enchanted with Void magic)

3 Ligtning Tyrants with short-range Blink capability

Get our asses to Cloven Flats as fast as possible, using Tyrants' extreme speed, mobility, and endurance (elemental infusion virtually makes them unable to be fatigued). Igor scouts the position of the Megabeast and other trolls, while Tauron and Thea prepare mundane and magical traps at chokepoints, using mana-infused and conventional explosives to hinder the troll escort force. Our mission is to destroy the Megabeast, not kill every possible troll. It means that our general tactics would revolve around harassing escorts while targeting the monster with our most powerful spells. The presence of magic-users is unknown, so we have to stay wary and assume that the monster is not yet guarded by a balanced army, for it's only relocating, not staging an actual assault on our positions.

>> No.40457978

When the trap is sprung, Igor will divert Megabeasts' and escorts' attention to himself by sky-diving from the tyrant while his superb physical resistance would allow him to deflect almost any blow for a certain amount of time. Thea is going to target Megabeast's vital points with her bow (possibly, starting a fight mounting her Tyrant), using her expertise with gadgets to push through any monsters that are not fighting Igor. Tauron is waiting for a moment when the monster is preoccupied with Igor while supporting his allies with Energy Siphon and regenerating lost energy. Then when the moment comes, he uses Overload to strike the killing blow, after which he's going to blink the whole group as far north as he can.

>> No.40458983

Any more volunteers?

>> No.40459052

Posted this in the last thread when it was on its way out, might as well try again.

I think the synergy in the current Divine tree is not very good, and many of the spells are underwhelming or just plain bad. Here are my proposed changes.

Part 1:

T1 Faith's Shield
Summon spectral shields to protect you and your allies from both physical and magical attacks. A shield that absorbs too much damage will shatter, slightly damaging any nearby enemies.

T2 Guardian's Mark
You can bless your allies with a Guardian's Mark, transferring some of the injuries that would be dealt to them to you instead. A mark can be consumed to teleport to an ally's side, but this uses a great deal of energy.

T3 Holy Weapons
Imbue your weapons with a searing hot holy fire that passes through mundane armor. When you strike, brilliant light blinds your foes and abolishes impure magic.

T1 Light Ray
Fire a continuous ray of bright light, burning flesh and armor with holy fire. Creatures of darkness are especially vulnerable to the Ray of Light, and their foul magic offers no protection.

T2 Halo Ward
Bless yourself or an ally with a halo that slowly regenerates life and magical energy. The halo can also absorb one destructive spell, temporarily empowering it. Takes a lot of time and energy to cast.

T3 Sunbeam
Call forth a spectacular beam of light from the heavens, burning the souls of enemies caught beneath it. The more impure their souls, the more thoroughly the flames immolate.

>> No.40459078

And part 2

T1 Mending Light
You can transfer some of your own life energy to an ally. Spending more time and energy reduces the injury to yourself and boosts the health recovered by your allies. You can also cast Mending Light on yourself, but it always takes a lot of time and energy and only heals a slight amount.

T2 Consecrate.
Bless a large area around yourself. Inside the consecrated ground you and your allies heal at a moderately increased rate, while creatures of darkness are burned with holy fire and find it difficult to focus.

T3 God's Champion
Your spells become more powerful the brighter it is around you, and take less time to cast. During a bright day, your spells are almost unmatchable in speed and power.

T4 Angelic Form
Take the form of an archangel, gaining brilliant wings that banish the darkness around you and allow you to fly. Your stamina and physical prowess are massively increased, and your Divine magic is also more powerful in proportion to the purity of your soul.

>> No.40459121

I'm statting up the armory page, if you can think of anything to do off of >>40452845 that'd be great...

like cutting down the Kung fus for the game from Legend of the Wulin

I have all the spells stated out finally, but some mathhammer would be good or some other work...

I feel like I'm making headway on the brew conversion.

>> No.40459199

I'm trusting SDA for the approval for changes to the spell listing, but once that's done I give statting them up a try.

also, we could use potential leads on fluff for various Detritus entities size ranged from large dog to reasonably sized house(the city sized ones are not what I'm hoping to build.)

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File: 370 KB, 900x681, 01-900-KAM_Cover2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rezz Alunai

Mark: Slayer
Class: Third Battlemage

Schools: Flame, Nature, Lightning, Force


Flame Weapons
Flame Armour
Plasma Weapons
Seismic Sense


Titan Sword + Wand (Hybrid)
Shield Catalyst
Battle Robe Hood
Battle Robe
Knight Gauntlets
Wizard Robe Bottom


Volen Chlask:
Class: Third Battlemage
Schools: Nature, Force
Mark: Forerunner
Phyiscal skills: B
Magical skills: D

Thea Serle
Class: Third Battlemage
Schools: Nature, Shadow
Mark: Slayer
Physical Skill: B
Magical Skill: D

Mount: Raptor (1 companion slot, 1 weapon slot)
Companion Mounts: Horses

>> No.40459294

Isn't 6 weapon slots a bit of an overkill ? How about 4 or an option to spend some of those points elsewhere.

>> No.40459355

I don't think you need to take Leafmetal. With Magnetism you can pretty much turn every armor into an exoskeleton.

>> No.40459376

The point is to get people to combine magical implements (wands, staves, and instruments) with the regular weapons.

>> No.40459393

Is there something like this, just with lands???

>> No.40459508


I was kinda thinking the same thing but I feel like I'm missing a lot of details. I'm not sure of the expenditure required to maintain magnetism. Leafmetal seems like it's static so until I know more I figured it was a safe bet.

>> No.40459613


I meant volunteers for the >>40457978 mission

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>reposting from last thread

Asaron Aersteidin

Physical: B
Magical: C

Knight Helmet
Soldier's Cuirass
Knight Gauntlets
Knight Greaves

Hybrid Titan Blade and Staff, enchanted for Ice
Longsword back up weapon

Mark of the Vanguard

Unstoppable Force

Frozen Heart
Wall of Ice
Frost Armour

Flame Weapons
Cloud of Smoke

Jyna Heltyse
Thea Serle
Hendry Bertram

A large man with an even larger presence, his arrival on the battlefield is always accompanied by a thunderous retort. After graduating from the academy, he quickly fell in with a group of other Battlemages whose skills all complimented each other, traveling with them to wherever the fighting is thickest. Their strategy is quite simple, yet brutally effective so far; Asaron and Hendry work together to section off a part of the battle field with thick walls of ice, just before Asaron launches himself into the thick of the mass, filling it with smoke and fire while cleaving the beasts through, his thick and ice coated armor protecting him. When the fight eventually turns into a rout, those same ice walls that spent most of the battle preventing the Detritus from moving forward also prevents them from fleeing, allowing the group to clean up and leave nothing behind.

When targets befitting the Slayer mark arrive, the group shifts into supporting Thea. While she uses her gadgets and cross bow to go to work on the beast, the rest provide support and clear out any escort the beast may have, giving her the time to do her job. When the beast is left alone as the only target, the group tends to herd the beast into a corner with ice and undead, keeping it from moving while Asaron launches himself, coats his blade in stone, and comes rocketing down on top of the beast's back to deliver a bone shattering blow to its spine.

They've made quite the name for themselves.

>> No.40459849

Yeah, I'll drop leafmetal and take density.

>> No.40459907
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I think I'm in love...

C-can I work in your vanguard party next time you decide to sortee?

>> No.40459931

SDA, you still didn't answer me about your canon concerning cannons. Is there gunpowder? Are there bombs? Are conventional medieval-ish siege weapons still useful?

>> No.40460154

Of course, the Vanguard always needs more fighters. Your skills will be of great value, Necromancer.

I simply pray I don't end up clipping another dragon rider while they fly aimlessly above the fighting...

>> No.40460464
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>> No.40460923

There is no gunpowder, but manatech was only starting to take off. It's only prototypes, but imagine muskets that shoot lightning bolts.

As far as bombs go, probably molotov-type firebombs. Nothing explosive.

Conventional medieval siege weapons are still a go. Ballistas, catapults and trebuchets line the walls of Elysium, but they aren't really deployed on the battlefield with how fast the Detritus move.

>> No.40461075
File: 476 KB, 397x568, siren_of_the_ocean.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reposting again,

Eira Gwenquilo

Mark: Prophet

Armour: Full Battle Robe set (Aristocratic and stylish)

Weapons: Custom Weapon (Instrument: Violin + Staff with frost enchantment)

A custom made violin that produces a sublimely sharp and hauntingly chilling note, like a wolf bearing down on its prey.

Shield: Shield Catalyst

Companions: Sigma Admund (Studied acoustics under him/his assistant)

Mount: Scarab (can act as an tank while I cast my spells, also very high carrying capacity)

Cryo Shot/Seeker Shards/Comet/Glacial Winds

Staccato:Instrument/Marcato/Crescendo/Magnum Opus

A eccentric girl one from the far north of Mistbury, studious and aloof she furthered her studies with Sigma Admund after graduating from the academy. She is obsessed with her work in music, musing in song and riddling her speech with cryptic lyrics and rhyme. Although far from being socially approachable, Sigma Admund send her on administrative and logistical errands when he is too lazy or ill mannered to do properly himself. Eira is never seen without her violin, her most treasured possession, playing folk songs and shanties as she travels Elysium.

Another well polished sword
To throw at the detritus horde
So many dead, so many dying
How many more can we afford?

>> No.40461315

here are weapon stats to the best of my ability...
+5 Speed
+5 Damage
you may flood one die from the river to make an opposed Might check to immobilize a reasonably sized target

+10 Block
+5 Damage

+5 Block
+5 to hit
you may flood two die from the river to treat an opponent as having one rank lower armor

+10 To Hit
+5 Damage

Hand Axe
+10 damage

+10 damage

+5 to hit
+5 block
+5 damage

+10 Damage
+5 Block

Titan Blade
+20 damage
-5 footwork

One-Handed Spear
+5 to hit
+5 to block
you may flood one die from the river to make an attack agains a target in an adjacent zone

+5 Damage
+5 Block
you may flood one die from the river to make an attack agains a target in an adjacent zone

Great Hammer
+20 to damage
-5 footwork

Recurve Bow
+10 to hit
+5 damage
can make attacks into adjacent zones, or further with GM approval

+20 damage
can make attacks into adjacent zones, or further with GM approval
can only be fired every other round

+10 to spellcasting

+5 to hit
+5 to block
+10 to cast spell

>> No.40461344

I'll hold off on the armor stats till tomorrow though

I'm statted out for the evening...

>> No.40462183

I've no intention of being broken so soon, Prophet, but I imagine you have a point.

This is why I will continue to fight on the front lines, to give you the time you need to find a solution.

>> No.40462669

I'll do up a bit of fluff

> A Note on Terminology:
> There are some among the "Scholars" in the city who insist on giving as exact a name as possible to every Detritus encountered, to better understand the enemy.
> This is clearly unfeasible, and is an opinion that has fallen even further out of favor as the diversity of enemies has come to be understood at the academies as well as at the frontline.
> It is therefore the intention of this scribe to use the phrases favored by the Battle-Magi themselves, many of whom he has interviewed for official records
> These tend to group detritus monsters in ways that might seem nonsensical to those of us Scholars who have studied theories of Perfect Forms
> However, these 'groups' and 'types' will let us better contribute to the War Effort with our studies

I'll write up some 'groups' and 'types' tonight

>> No.40462777

Using ice to fuck sections of army. Love it

>> No.40462858

I'm looking at fire and can't seem to see a confirmation of this: can I breath fire like a dragon? Make a flamethrower out of my face? What skill is this?

>> No.40463535

Repost #5, signing up edition!
Now with 1% less Marty Stu!

>Wizard Hat
>Battle Robes
>Battle Robe Gauntlets
>Knight Greaves

>Hybrid: Arcane staff + Lightning Staff (made out of a conductive metal, like a copper alloy)


>Elemental Dragon (Lightning)

>Heart of Ice
>Energy Siphon
>>Energy Focus
>>>Energy Barrier
>Void Stare
>>Void Call
>>>Void Cast (no, its name is stupid. I'm using this one)

Urnel Polum is a male humanoid of indeterminate race - his entire body is scarred over from repeated Void Burns. He reveals very little about himself other than his admirable magical prowess and fondness for his dragon.

No matter what his motives, his tactics provide results. He almost invariably opens combat with a Mjolnir, followed by flying just under the cloud layer - making him the primary target for its lightning. Though he collects ludicrous amounts of Mana, he empties his pool almost as fast - sending terrifying numbers of Void Casted Overloads into whatever drew his ire. He ignores the Void Burns through sheer willpower (aided by Heart of Ice) and mana storage. He never stops his barrage until the enemy is absolutely dead, as once Mjolnir expires, his pool drains almost immediately - making him next to useless for hours.

Shouldn't Mana/Void Burns drain Mana (maybe instil a Breathing Penalty-equivalent?) instead of a straight HP drain?

Also, Acoustic and Arcane's stats just seem sorta meh. I couldn't tell you what I don't like about them, but I just don't.

>> No.40463716

Probably Conflagration. It gives you an attack that is stronger than Fireball but short-ranged

>> No.40463790
File: 726 KB, 1050x1199, jedi-knight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Updating build

Name: Dav Caden

>Aegis Helmet - Use the Force to detect incoming magic
>Aegis Cuirass - Criminally underrated armor. I drain the magic from my enemies, forcing them into melee against me and my team.
>Soldier Gauntlets - LIGHTSABER skills
>Soldier Greaves - Jedi Speed, important to close distance to melee, which also synergyzes with my magic absorption aura.

>Longsword combo'd with two staves (Fire and Lightning). LIGHTSABER


>The Second Battlemages Eve Laveux and Ordlaf Egelwin, Vanguard to the bone. Eve for close combat supporting and healing with a melee focus. Ordlaf for maximum battlebro.

>Flame Weapons - LIGHTSABER
>Flame Armor - Jedi need good reflexes and speed.
>Frozen Heart - Jedi need superb conditioning.
>Plasma Weapons - LIGHTSABER
>Bolt - Force Lightning
>Shock Force - Force Push
>Seismic Sense - Can sense Sand People, even when they are in single file to hide their numbers.
>Deflect - Ricochet them projectiles with my LIGHTSABER
>Weapons of Light - LIGHTSABER

I am Vanguard. I don't sit behind high walls and wait for death as a Sentinel. I don't debate in classrooms with the Prophets or play soldier in the wilderness with the Forerunners. I do not seek the glory of the large kill as the Slayers do, or the fame that Hunters are obsessed with. I am a fighter, and Force willing I will ply my trade. You will find me on the field of battle, or traveling swiftly to it.

>> No.40463861

you cant drain energy if i'm far away from you. and you dont know the rate of energy drain, so it's pretty useless.

>> No.40463951

Aegis Cuirass isn't used because it only works on enemies who are both magical and close to you.
If you can get next to a magic enemy long enough to drain a significant amount of magic, they either can't get out of melee, and you've been toying with them, or they don't want to get out of melee, and they've been toying with you.

Either way, it won't turn the tables much.

>> No.40464005

>Shouldn't Mana/Void Burns drain Mana (maybe instil a Breathing Penalty-equivalent?) instead of a straight HP drain?
I'll admit that I only learned that this system existed last tuesday and that I'm not 100% certain how the Chi-breathing mechanic works.

>Also, Acoustic and Arcane's stats just seem sorta meh. I couldn't tell you what I don't like about them, but I just don't.
it's that they either interact more readily with companions(acoustic) or serve more as a utility/augmentation to other mage schools(arcane) more than they interact with the environment so I statted them out to suit those roles. makes them kind of boring...

>> No.40464364

Crusher Group:
The largest group with any sort of regular forms. Beyond this is considered the range of beasts and megabeasts, which rarely are similar to one another. Crushers range between one and ten tonnes, and are easily able to destroy fortifications with their bodies. Though most are alike to animals, the human-shaped ones are separated from trolls by “whether a man can reach its face with an ten-foot polearm.” This being the deciding factor in what tactics are needed to fight them. Often Crushers are ridden by smaller Detritus

>> No.40464446


>Type I: Invariably five legs an eight tentacles. One or two heads. Typically one to two tonnes. Very stompy, and can leap great distances or over walls.
>Type II: Like the rear ends of two horses put together, only larger. The tails are tentacles with claws on the end. Typically two to four tonnes. Very stompy. Hooves seem invulnerable to steel.
>Type III: Great stone rectangles on legs. Have short tentacles randomly spaced or in rings. Difficult to kill because no weak points. But also no eyes, so must follow sounds
>Type IV: Same as III, but bipedal upright instead of many-legged and longways. Very rarely seen anymore. Easy to kill if knocked over
>Type V: Unusually large type II or III trolls. Always three or four arms.
>Type VI: Man-shaped creatures armored with stone blocks embedded into flesh. Very very dangerous.
>Type VII: Nine legs surrounding a huge mouth. One or two tentacles sometimes between each leg. Can sometimes generate magical 'defense bubbles'
>Type VIII: Similar to Type II. But larger, six legs, and the tails hurl barbed spines the size of a javelin. Newly seen last fall.
>Type IX: Two legs, round shape with one or two tentacles to feed. Breathe fire or acid when not stomping. Newly seen over the winter.
> Type X: Cone of scrap metal armoring some sort of large Detritus inside. Has even-numbered tentacles, eight or more, used for locomotion or attack. Emits a debilitating sonic attack that seems to harm smaller Detritus as much as it does people. Newly seen over the winter. Very, very dangerous.

>> No.40464486


Types are assigned to when they were first identified. No relation of Perfect Form is assumed. *ALL* detritus creatures will bite and tear with whatever mouth or beak they have. Also, if they have hands, they will find themselves a weapon to improve their reach.

>> No.40464529

Group: Trolls
Named after the semi-legendary creatures from the Age of Heroes, these are generally humanoid in shape, though much larger. They are typically dangerous enough to require either the full concentration of a battlemage or several squads of soldiers. If you can convince your horse to charge, you have a good chance at maiming it with your lance. Typically weigh less than a tonne, though some are seen to up to three. Of particular note is that Types II and above will often have three or four arms instead of two – a large increase in danger but often difficult to sport from a distance. These are referred to by their type with the added word ‘quad’.

> Type I: Distinguished by their long arms, stubby legs, and tremendous claws. Most will have beaks. They do not use weapons
> Type II: More human in proportion, one or two heads. Typically with one arm much stronger than the other
> Type III: Two or three-legged with whip-like arms. A subtype are known to hurl objects with great accuracy.
> Type IV: No head or tiny eyeless head, it is unclear how they sense enemies, but they are apparently immune to most disorienting magics.

>> No.40464639
File: 69 KB, 226x223, 705.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40464705

Is one tonne a good weight for a troll? Or is that too skinny?

I don't know! Adjust until it makes sense!

>> No.40464870

>Adjust until it makes sense!
Do you realize how much paperwork that would require?

Also, there are corrupted battlemages, it means that Detritus probably has some capabilities to make enchanted items. It would be especially concerning to see monsters with Shield Catalysts.

>> No.40465340

So I see. But is "Melee" range generous enough that I can burn someone in front of me without touching them? Or is it more " flaming pimp slap". I just want to be sure

>> No.40465380


It's the heaviest armor in the game. I'm a front line fighter, likely physical skill A, magical skill D. I need to live for my up close LIGHTSABERING. This armor makes alot of sense.

No, it likely won't be useful against a corrupted battlemage who stays a hundred yards away and casts spells. The same could be said for every melee weapon in the game, most of the armors, and at least half the spells, as well. Let the Hunters take care of those guys. If I'm not wrong, enemy battlemages are rare. Fighting them is not my game, and there is no shame in that. It's impossible to be good at everything, in this CYOA as well as life.

We don't know the range on the armor, just like we don't know the range of anything in the CYOA. Your assumption that our noses have to be touching for it to work is just that; an assumption.

Perhaps SDA could shed some light on the range of it.

>> No.40467520

I think the Titan blade should lose one lake, because of it's unwieldiness

>> No.40468485

are angle wings in divine permanent?

>> No.40469365

I am totally okay with two Eves.

I would say that Aegis' drain factor has a radius of ~20-30 feet.

They're toggle, like most of the other passive. They can be permanent if you want.

>> No.40469810

when next update?

>> No.40469835


But my healing spells are supposed to help others. I'd rather travel with a party that needs me or drop in on people that look like they need help. I wouldn't want to be all alone deep inside detritus land. Alita's not a loner, she just wouldn't like the whole "you're in the army now! do as your told!"thing.

>> No.40470684


Since Detritus come out of dimensional portal and whatnot, I thought even the basic berzerker mooks would be subject to the drain.

>> No.40470691

>because of it's unwieldiness
loosing lake can be crippling to a character, whereas loosing footwork (Dodge/dexterity stat of the base system) is inconvenient.

also, these weapons are further augmented by the external kung fu to balance better against magic...

and a toggle gets an activation cost.

I'm still having trouble getting a handle on the marks, and I could use a bestiary to help me deal with this effort...

>> No.40470741

also, I'm starting on the armor section now.

>> No.40470757

Well, Chi Breathing works like this, AFAIK:
>You regenerate X chi (mana) per turn.
>Before the initiative roll, you can choose to focus on your breath, letting you set aside one set in order to regenerate 1 extra chi per die in the set.
Breathing penalties reduce the total of chi you regenerate each turn by their value; any moderate penalty will likely force you to focus on breathing each turn.
Also, to name a few flaws, Magnum Opus seems ludicrously overpowered. You give all allies in a large radius a free +4 to Chi regeneration, +2 HP/turn, and several assorted +20s, as well as either +40 to defense or making an absolutely ludicrous number of attacks (Level * 2 per turn) and pushing all enemies out of MO's range of influence.
Also, Magnum Opus itself is in the acoustic category, and 'doubling spell effects' is one of its numerical effects.

As for Arcane, it's mostly fluff not matching crunch, but there are a few quirks - Void Stare gives you +1 Chi/round even if there aren't any enemies in battle, Overload has a 10% chance of utterly destroying ANY enemy it hits - kinda takes the bluster out of most really tough guys.

>> No.40470808

You will help much more people if you follow basic orders, it's much easier to have structuralized response than just bunch of battlemages looking for people in need of help

>> No.40470822

>loosing lake can be crippling to a character
You can lose lake only on attacking with that weapon, but give it ability to cripple enemies with attacks. Change from basic more damage, less footwork

>> No.40470830

well, my issues there were along these lines, in Acoustic I was following the fluff too closely with no really simple way to deal with the wording of it's descriptions. recall that Magnum Opus states in it's description that it puts you into overdrive AND allows simultaneous casting of EVERY song in your repertoire.

and with arcane I had no adequate way to model mana-burns and therefore couldn't really follow the fluff as closely...

although I believe I was right in my statting of Void Stare, if you read its entry on the CYOA closely you'll notice that it requires "foe(s) who gaze upon you" to generate energy. so against blind foes it has no effect, and against no foes it has no effect.

>> No.40470844

my problem with that is more in line with the base system, see, the closest thing it has is "massive weapon" which is pretty much all inclusive of the Greatsword, Titan Blade, and the Great Hammer

>> No.40471245

BUT on the plus side, the system DOES encourage weapon/equipment combining

Wizzard Hat
armor Weight; 1 >better term???
+5 to cast

Wizard Robes
Armor Weight; 1
+10 Defence versus Magic and magic enhanced attacks

Wizard Sleeves
Armor Weight; 1
+5 Magic Damage to non-magical foes

Wizard Robe Bottom
Armor Weight; 1
every 4 rounds you may move to an adjacent zone free
movement by this ability does not provoke an attack of oportunity.

Leather Hood
Armor Weight; 1
+5 to hit on ranged attacks

Leather Armor
Armor Weight; 1
+10 Stealth skill

Leather Gloves
Armor Weight; 1
+5 to hit with 'small weapons'(GM discretion on what is) and bows

Leather Boots
Armor Weight; 1
+5 to footwork

Soldier Helmet
Armor Weight; 2
+2 HP while worn

Soldier Cuirass
Armor Weight; 2
+10 to hardiness

Soldier Gauntlets
Armor Weight; 2
+5 to hit with all Melee Weapons

Soldier Greaves
Armor Weight; 2
+5 to resist all Knockback actions

>> No.40471251

Balance is just as important as fluff; if Acoustic mages can utterly ruin an army on their own, there really isn't any mechanical reason to NOT bring one to fight an army, despite it not happening, fluffwise.

Again, at least make it cost extra mana instead of unhealable damage - the burns are explicitly magically healable.

...That's kinda my point? As it stands, your design of Void Stare has an effect even if nobody's looking at you - and blind creatures (or people averting their eyes) are counted, but they shouldn't be. Also, it doesn't actually drain enemies' Chi, it just gives you a bonus.

>> No.40471297
File: 8 KB, 192x192, 13055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Plasma Weapons, Blink, Magnetism
>energy siphon, energy focus, energy barrier


Knight Helment
Soldier Cuirass
Aegis Gauntlets
Soldier Greaves

Custom/Hybrid weapon Flail with extremely long chain and lightning staff hybrid

Elemental Tyrant could get dragn but it seems excessive if we're partying up

Density + leafmetal + plasma + magnetism + Centrifugal force= crushed monster limbs and deritus soldiers.

Who wants to party?

chain I have in mind would be MUCH longer

>> No.40471333

Knight Helmet
Armor Weight; 3
Reduce armor Penalties by one class

Knight Cuirass
Armor Weight; 3
+10 to Block attacks of any type

Knight Gauntlets
Armor Weight; 3
+5 Damage with any Melee weapon

Knight Greaves
Armor Weight; 3
+10 to resist to Knockbacks

Battle Robe Hood
Armor Weight; 1
+3 to starting Chi

Battle Robes
Armor Weight; 1
+10 to spell damage

Battle Robe Gloves
Armor Weight; 0
>I have no idea for this setpiece

Battle Robe Bottom
Armor Weight; 2
+10 to footwork
>the system actually accomodates wall walking and ceiling strolls

Aegis Helmet
Armor Weight; 3
+5 Footwork to dodge Magic

Aegis Cuirass
Armor Weight; 3
+1-Chi/round when enemies are in the same zone as you

Aegis Gauntlets
Armor Weight; 3
+5 Damage to Magical opponents

Aegis Greaves
Armor Weight; 3
+5 damage to break Magical shields or defenses

>if Acoustic mages can utterly ruin an army on their own
but they cant...that's the point, all of their spells augment OTHER ENTITIES by himself an acoustic mage is as squishy, if not more-so because he ISN'T auging HIMSELF and he's too busy singing and dancing to fight on his own.

he NEEDS other people to be effective, he NEEDS armies...and in this setting where mere men are fighting hordes of monsters the armies NEED the acoustic mages

>..That's kinda my point? As it stands, your design of Void Stare has an effect even if nobody's looking at you - and blind creatures (or people averting their eyes) are counted, but they shouldn't be
wait, does it?
if it does then yeah, actually I should change that, misunderstood you there and didn't cross reference

>> No.40471369

doing Shields next

oh, and it has no classification for small weapons of any variety like daggers and shortswords

>regarding Void Stare
the following condition has now been added to the spell
>"this effect only counts enemies with sight"

>> No.40471374

Might wanted to combine one of your weapons with your wand, could be cumbersome switching back and forth

>> No.40471475

>doing Shields next
+5 to block Physical attacks
does not use up a free hand

+10 to Block
+5 additional Block against Projectiles

Kite Shield
+10 block
+5 Bitchin Style yo
+5 Block versus Magic

Square Shield
+15 Block

Shield Catalyst
+10 Block versus magic
+5 Block

Tower Shield
+15 Block
can be set in place
+10 to resist Knockbacks
-15 Footwork

I'm going to go back and edit the Black hole Spell so that knock-back resistance it added to the save versus death

>> No.40471598

now comes the hardest part for me...the balancing and testing...cause I HAVE NO IDEA how to go about that in any system I have enough parts and pieces to start this work (I think), but I've never brewed this hard for any reason before so I need help with the balancing issues...

and before you say it I know the Acoustic Spell list is broken, I'm not sure how to fix it.

>> No.40471747

An Acoustic Mage is actually a very mechanically effective army killer (or at least holder) according to your stats:
>1 Acoustic Mage
>Assorted Detritus

>Wait until Detritus are within range
>Cast Magnum Opus
>Stacatto for free, double effect
>>2 * level attacks, targetting any deaf/strong ones
>Doubled effect Capricosso
>>Either 1 DC 100 check or 2 DC 50 checks to move each turn
>Doubled Marcotto
>>Push all enemies two Zones away
>Doubled Crescendo
>>One spell has quadruple effectiveness next round
>>>Next round, 4 * Level ranged attacks, push enemies 4 zones away, or another Magnum Opus (free due to current MO) that octuples (2*4) all spell effects
Even if you take the harshest ruling possible, Magnum Opus doubles your free Staccato and Crescendo. Next round, Crescendo quadruples Magnum Opus, which octuples your free Staccato and Crescendo...
Nerf Acoustic.

The minimum of +1 chi/rd still has an effect in desolate areas, but it's close enough.

>> No.40471814

Whoops, shows me for not checking new posts.

Try making Magnum Opus just reduce the casting cost of your spells (by 3, let's say), let multiple spells be cast at once, and increase their range by one Zone.
Crescendo... maybe give it a hefty upkeep cost and give a +5 to casting and damage, growing by +5 every round.

>> No.40471900


Upon actually doing research, I'm going to revise my weights. Clearly a type VI as big as a house weighs more than 10 tonnes.

So . . .
> Trolls: half a ton to 8 tons
> Crushers: generally up to 250 tons

>> No.40471902

except that it still takes a caster a few round to gather the Chi(mana, I really need to run over everything with a find and replace...) needed to cast Magnum Opus, time for entities to get close, and for ranged attackers to draw a bead with bow or bolt

>Try making Magnum Opus just reduce the casting cost of your spells
I was trying at following the fluff on that, I am leaving simulcasting in though, I probably am gonna hack off that last zone expansion on MO
>Crescendo... maybe give it a hefty upkeep cost like 3-Chi/round sustain you think?

>> No.40472056

new Crecendo and Magnum Opus entries

>3-Chi (sustain @3-Chi/round)
>1 round charge up minimum
every round spent building up the Crecendo add +5 to the effect of the next Acoustic spell cast

Magnum Opus
>8-Chi (Duration 8 rounds)
>whole round action(takes effect on the round following activation)
AOE Current and Adjacent Zones
all spells within the Acoustic category can be played simultaneously and at -3 Chi cost(minimum 1)
all spells function with +10 to effect values(negates improvements made with Crecendo)

anybody here know about this system wanna try and run some dry run tests(I can't actively participate, I'm on call) I have stats for all of the spell lists and all of the weapons and armor and can post the truncated rules I've decided to keep if it's required.

>> No.40472217

>except that it still takes a caster a few round
*A* round, at most.
3 untyped + 1 Acoustic = 5 mana for Acoustic purposes.
If you tank your first Initiative roll in favor of gathering Mana, it's perfectly possible turn 1.

>> No.40472340

>If you tank your first Initiative roll in favor of gathering Mana
unless I scrap Chi-breathing entirely...which I think I may have to do anyway granted all of the ways to add to mana pools there are.

and that combat option also assumes Full Throttle unsubtle behaviors and no detritus with immunities or resistances to magic. that could probably be a significant reason the Detritus have been curb-stomping all the way across the country...

while others set to work on the balancing I'm gonna see about skill/combat bonuses based around the marks system; but if that gets too complicated I'll have to scrap stating those out in favor of letting them just be flavor

>> No.40472476

Remember that modifiers don't stack in LotW. If you have a million +1s to Breathing, you still only gain 1 extra Chi/turn.

>> No.40472596

I thought modifiers from similar sources didn't stack while modifiers from different sources did?

like a weapon+a weapon aug spell+kung fu
you can have a spell aug your chi, another person give it to you willingly, AND be stealing it from opponents...

>> No.40472907

>I'm gonna see about skill/combat bonuses based around the marks system;
SO, the skills that'll make it into the home-brew from LotW are as follows
• Awareness • Confidence
• Crafting • Finesse
• Hardiness • Inspire
• Learning • Medicine
• Might • Perform
• Politics • Ride
• Stealth • Survival
• Tactics

and I'm thinking each mark grants bonuses to certain skills now I may be coming down with the dumb but here are my ideas for what marks get what skills on the bonus.

Might and/or Inspire

Medicine and/or Hardiness

Awareness and/or Survival

Learning and/or Politics

Might and/or Tactics

Stealth and/or Finesse

any ideas for alterations? I'd like to leave in some overlap while keeping the classes from feeling samey

>> No.40473831

You're right; you take the biggest bonus and malus from each of a few categories.

So you could have someone else give you Chi, have an active spell effect that increases Chi regen rate, use a piece of equipment, and focus on breathing at the same time.

Of course, donating Chi requires a willing donor, so is unreliable. Spell effects generally need to be cast, though there are exceptions. Equipment can only be picked once, and doesn't offer as much benefit.

Personally, I'd keep Chi Breathing in; using it will probably penalize your Initiative roll if you want more than 1 or 2 extra Chi.

>> No.40474006

>probably penalize your Initiative roll
I actually like the idea of this

>self focus increases your Chi regen by 1.5(rounded down, minimum 1 additional Chi/round) for the round, but forces you to act last, in the event of two or more characters focusing they may agree who goes last between them or roll to decide order, regardless they don not go before characters who did not spend the turn focusing

>> No.40474123

>donating Chi requires a willing donor
or Void Stare

and in the truncated form I'm using till I can write it wong-form...

Chi Focusing
==>focusing increases your Chi regen by 1.5(rounded down, minimum 1 additional Chi/round) for the round
==>forces you to act last
==>in the event of two or more characters focusing they may agree who goes last between them or roll to decide order
==>they never go before characters who did not spend the turn focusing

>> No.40474198


He means that when you roll for initiative, you're probably only going to get one or two sets. If you want to focus on Chi, you have to give up a good set instead of using it as your initiative result or to start a Wave.

It's already written into the rules that Focusing On Breath will *probably* negatively impact your initiative.

>> No.40474366

dude, I don't suppose I could impose on you for a character sheet? the reason I ask is that I think you'd be the best person suited to matching the style for the sheet to the style of the CYOA...that and I don't know how to Photoshop...if you can make it I'll try and run it up into a form fill-able .pdf

what it needs
a space at the top for fluffy things like Name, age, gender, hair, eyes, height, etc.

a space for Chi/Mana tracking
==>counter space for 20 regular Chi/Mana
==>10 Chi/Mana each for at least 2 schools of magic, preferably 3
==>blank above each track for the player to write in the charge-rates

a space for the mages mark

a space for health tracking
==>counter space for 30-HP

a collum labelled "Skills" for the names of each skill
==>a blank space next to each entry in the collum for skill level.
==>a second space for skill specialties(may not need/may not include in final system)
==>SKILLS ARE;;;Awareness, Confidence, Crafting, Finesse, Hardiness, Inspire, Learning, Medicine, Might, Perform, Politics, Ride, Stealth, Survival,and Tactics

a collum labelled "Combat attributes"
==>a single blank next to each denoting Flat boosts
==>COMBAT ATTRIBUTES ARE;Speed, Footwork, Block, Strike, Damage, and Toughness

a collum of small boxes for weapons, and shields.
==>if formatting as entries space is needed for effect notes and bonuses

a collum of boxes for armor and armor effects
==>just need 1 line per setpiece to mark
==>a blank at the top for armor class and related penalties

a MASSIVE series of boxes for magic spells

a LESS MASSIVE series of boxes for fighting styles
==>maybe, if they are still in the end product homebrew

if you can't or don't want to then I'll just try and cobble one together from various and sundry other sheets from other games...

>> No.40474398

Have battle robe gloves give a +5 or +10 to spellcasting related initiative.

>> No.40474407

>*probably* negatively impact your initiative.
yeah, I suppose...

>looks it up
yeah, actually I think I'll keep that as written and let the player pick when they pick their mark what skills off of >>40472907 is their breathing skill and leave it as that with no skill bonus for the classes just a potential reward for building skills that match their archetype/mark.

>> No.40474688

Do you get T4 abilities for free or do you have to spend a point on them? 9 Is an odd number if you have to spend a point, because you couldn't get all T3's then

>> No.40474737

thats the point I think...

most people even go multi-scholastic

>> No.40474856

I only ask because someone made a build assuming you got it free the other day, and that would change what Ive made in the past.

>> No.40474924

about your arcane tree

>+10 damage
>+20 damage to magical constructs or enchanted things

but should rather be
>+10 damage
>target loses 1 mana/chi per round (3 rounds)

Void Call
>reduce the Chi cost of all T1, T2, and T3 spells by 1
>Makes spam of 2 chi/mana spells OP
As I already predicted such thing several round ago and suggested tripling mana/chi usage/pool/recharge
At the same time making Void call reduce cost by 1/3 of initial price

>> No.40474944


Seems a bet high for an T1 spell.

>> No.40475096

considered and adopted.

+5 damage
target loses 1 mana/chi per round (3 rounds)

and I'm going through all the sub documents and replacing the word Chi with Mana

>> No.40475538
File: 53 KB, 500x347, 4903341.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.40475922

You do know the CYOA general thread has a new cyoa where you can become the perfect waifu and your choice of life partner right?

Make it a build for that.

>> No.40476373


Nice! I made one for it, but ti ended up being a totally different character from this one.

>> No.40476517

Name: Alia bearer of light.

Knight Helmet.
Knight Cuirass.
Knight Gauntlets.
Knight Greaves.

Longsword + wand Enchanted with divine.
Kite Shield.


Eve Laveux and Idemay Ganleya. Being assigned to a defensive position to halt the spread of Detritus.

Divine Mending Sparks.
Guardian's Halo
Light Ray.
Weapons Of Light.
Mark Of Redemption.
Angelic Wings.

Spell Block.
Spell Grab.

I will become the shield of those that cannot defend themselves. I will be the light that helps those who needs it.

>> No.40476534
File: 157 KB, 590x1140, 1420694965669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ofcourse i forgot my image.

>> No.40479057

>or Void Stare
Spell effect, not Mana donation.
Doesn't stack with other Mana-regen-rate increases.

>> No.40479304


shadow jump
light drinker
vorpal weapons
cloud of smoke
Void stare

leather Hood
Leather armor
leather gloves
Leather boots

crossbow shoots spears-4 points
2 daggers- 1 point
shortsword- 1 point


cave worm 4 pts

dharrad uran-4

pretty much spreads darkness and screams. You hallucinate in the shadows, and if you can cleanse the dark there is just more smoke.

uses a crossbow that shoots spears, and a couple blades on the side.motherfucking cave worm. void stare to spook mages.

>> No.40479354

i r8 it high
i wanted to make something like this

>> No.40479401

>crossbow shoots spears
Absolute madman. I really wanted to do some kind of ballista-build like this, 10/10.

>> No.40479439
File: 123 KB, 849x809, 1431836442904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40479462

Really think so?

Im just afraid my defenses are to low tbh.

>> No.40479903

>Dharrad Uran
Don't know why'd you be worried about defense with him around

>> No.40481179

MC/Build: Nathaniel
>Armour: Battle Robe Hood+Gloves, Leather Armour+Boots
>Weapons: Dagger, Wand, shield catalyst
>Mark: Hunter
>Companions: Cassandra Larun and Ada Godefray
>Mounts: Elemental horses
>Frost: Frozen Heart
>Undead: Masochism, Sanguine Essence, Flash Decay
>Shadow: Shadow Jump, Illusions, Mark of Fear, Nocturne, Umbra
Yeah, edgy, I've heard it before so it better be at least funny.
In other news, I've finished the first chapter/prologue to an acceptable level, tinyurl com/edgynonsense so tell me what you think.
First chapter is officially complete

>> No.40481448

What do you guys think of Shadow's Vorpal Weapons and Nocturne changing places? I find they're more or less interchangeable with their branches, but the T4 modifier spells I have in mind would make more sense this way.

>> No.40481566
File: 361 KB, 498x874, arcane_001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's fine. Nocturne belongs more in the "dark" left tree, to be honest, with all its darkness buffs.

Also, how do you find all the art for CYOA? It's goddamn near impossible. Every time I go to deviantart and type "wizard void spell" or whatever it's always pregnant hedgehogs.

>> No.40481607

I always thought that made more sense

>> No.40481635

Makes more sense, but the branch will OP as fuck.

>> No.40481674

Still dies to Overload. Everything dies to Overload. And that's how it should be.

>> No.40481728

Arcane sucks at dealing with multiple threats or mass mobs, its actually very easy to deal with overload, just have a bunch mooks block it for you.

I know you fucking love Arcane to death but you have to work to your strengths to cover your weaknesses.

>> No.40481804

>Everything dies to Overload
Blackhole say hi.

>> No.40481842

Enjoy being DENSE and controlling GRAVITY while being destroyed by the energy of the VOID that you can't even comprehend!

On a serious note, Force is best against and for anything physical. It lacks magical defence of any kind.

>> No.40481864

Is it just me, or is Darude Sandstorm the shittiest spell in the whole CYOA?

>> No.40481919

>not combining inertia and density with sand storm into a Gatling gun.

>> No.40481921

Pretty sure that Light Ward survive.

>> No.40482386

I'm nerfing Vorpal Weapons. I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that.

I spend a lot of time looking for art. But, generally, I do general searches like that, like "Fire Knight" or "Flame Wizard". The key is, after you find a good piece of art, look through that artist's account. Most of the art I get is from just going through their gallery and saving everything that could potentially be relevant later on. Favourite or bookmark artist pages, because you can go straight back to them if you're looking for something else. Even if you're searching for fire stuff and you find ice-related stuff on their DA account, save it. Save everything. More than half the art I save doesn't get used in my CYOAs.

Nerfing that to a T1 spell, too. Still a really powerful spell imo, can block T3 or less destructive spells.

I am taking the Divine spells suggestion from earlier in the thread, though. Not to a tee, but I do like some of the ideas that anon posed.

>> No.40482965

can you channel other spells through your music? for example, playing summon undead, so you fire off undead warriors instead of ethereal knives? like so at about 30 sec


>> No.40483077

I thought you need a voice or an instrument to cast acoustic spells, why would they allow you to cast magic from other schools?

You probably a hybrid instrument + Wand/Staff for it to work.

>> No.40483178

Actually, I try to make my spells ambiguous because I want you guys to do stupid shit with them.

Make goddamn fire zombies if you want. I don't know what that would achieve but it's something. Hendry Bertram uses the bodies of his undead to reinforce ice barriers, like metal mesh in reinforced concrete. Lilith Fawne probably does a dramatic display of summoning her undead by playing some tune on her cello, then proceeds to play their walking music.

In other news, I am debating on combined T4 effects when you use your T4 in conjunction with someone else's. I am probably going to regret ever saying this. It is just a twinkle in my eye.

>> No.40483315

I'll want to see the T4 augments before chiming in on that.

>> No.40483471

this guy
i like this guy
he makes a lot of sense

>> No.40483478

To be more specific at >>40483315
Are we talking the same T4 (double-novas), or just two T4s (Nova+Mjolnir)?

>> No.40483638

did you watch the video and see how awesome it is?

>> No.40483740
File: 119 KB, 859x679, 1380172812652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LOOK MA IM A WIZARD! (Friend said I should ask for your opinions)

Wizard Hat
Battle Robes
Battle Robe Gloves
Aegis Greaves

Titan Blade/Instrument Hybrid (My pommel is a a mic and the sword has a gap in the middle where strings are
Shiel Catalyst

Vanguard with a penchant for finding Slayer targets


Unstoppable Force
Black Hole
Sanguine Essence

Verall Stahr

He rocks out on the field as a living cannon ball, launching himself through defensive lines and performing artillery with his acoustics.

If a big mother fucker comes along (one of them city size mother fuckers) he mounts his dragon and plays a crescendo while the dragon flies him to the highest the dragon can go before performing a buffed launch, at the height of this mighty leap (Hopefully I have not launched into space) I shall commence my black hole spell. I let unstoppable force and gravity do its thing and crash into the beast hopefully not destroying the rest of the world in the process. The move is called "Falling Stahr".

Pic related, my face when I'm about to drop

>> No.40483788

Friend I've watched that movie 27 times.

>> No.40483914

Yup, I gotta find a way to nerf dragon somehow. Maybe make it cost 8 companion slots and 2 weapon slots?

>> No.40484016

8 companion slots +1 spell point.

>> No.40484078

Y-y-y-e-e-essss. I already foresee the tears of the 10-points forcer.

>> No.40484114

Make it cost 9 companion slots.
Only update that page.

>> No.40484155

...I actually am considering this.

>> No.40484223

I'm okay with this.
Even the one build of mine I would actually take a dragon with wouldn't suffer much.

>> No.40484302

I said that dragons would be too popular and we should stick to more mundane mounts.

But did you listen?

>> No.40484317

Its Overlord all over again.

>> No.40484331

question, what entails an elemental undead horse? is it something you can summon? or is it a pet that needs a stable?

>> No.40484333

building on that point, I think a big part of the dragon's popularity is that it means people don't need to think about what companions they want.

They just say "elemental dragon" and skip the rest of the page.

>> No.40484374

A horse infused with one of the elements. Tireless, stronger than ususal. Maybe even able to use some t1 power from the spell tree.

>> No.40484381

Overlod was much worse, behemot was retarded.

>> No.40484439

The "elemental" part not even being necessary, since the dragon auto-elements.

>> No.40484447

It's a spooky horse. But yeah, it's not like you can out them in a pocket dimension or anything.

For the upcoming Gadgets section, I might have something that lets you do that, though.

>> No.40484460

Overlord was fine until it become pulpy. I mean, liches, demonswords, whores, flying ships, castles on the back of the dragon, really? It needed to stick with one setting, but instead it it inflated itself with too much stuff. That's what you get when you fuck with the Steward.

>> No.40484486

thanks, id rather it not be summoned so my squire has to awkwardly handle it out of battle

>> No.40484495

what's the purpose of a fire horse? what can it do that a normal horse can't?

>> No.40484500

Not exactly. Their dragon breath can breathe your element by default, but they're ordinary dragons otherwise. If you want elemental capabilities, you gotta pay.

I guess I gotta make that more clear.

>> No.40484511

It's red, so it goes faster.

>> No.40484517

It's like fire armor - faster and tougher. And when it kicks a dude, the hoof is super hot.

>> No.40484539

i imagine it has properties of fire weapon and armor. Hooves crush armor and it is more energetic

>> No.40484564

tfw I was posting as SDS

Affinity to fire. Basically, becoming an elemental increases physical and magic properties, and also modifies your strengths and weaknesses. Your firehorse won't really like going in water. In a hotter and drier climate, he would thrive.

>> No.40484588

No, I misread at first. Reread after I posted.

>> No.40484738

Horses best mount

A bullfighting horse can juke like a runningback an outrun a charging bull while moving sideways. Imagine what a magic horse can do.

>> No.40484759

Dragons can fly.

>> No.40484896

How do Drakes match up to Tyrants?
What sort of stuff does each Elemental Infusion give?
Can you Infuse your mount multiple times?

>> No.40484926

>>Can you Infuse your mount multiple times?
Re-read elemental mount.

>> No.40484976


Tyrant faster, Drake tougher as far as I can tell

It says most prevalent element(s), so only if you've an elemental tie.

>> No.40485073

I imagine that Tyrants are akin to pterosaurs - light and nimble as fantasy pterosaurs can be, while Drakes are more like Raptors with wings - a good balance of speed and power.

At least that's what I'm going for in Archmage.

>> No.40485237
File: 1.19 MB, 1920x1440, DEUS VULT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Walwein Cendius, undead Paladin
Knight Helmet
Knight Cuirass
Battle Robe Gloves
Aegis Boots

Square Shield/Wand hybrid, marked with his "family crest", A FLAMING SKULL
Divine Elemental Chariot

Felena Wyverun
Gilberd Charlys
Divine Chariot for him. Squires and wenches don't get chariots, so Felena has a divine raptor, and Gilberd gets a fire horse.

Divine: Light Ray, Light Ward, Holy Fire, Archangel
Fire: Flame Weapons, Flame Armor, Dragon Fire
Undead: Masochism, Sanguine Essence

Having died in the Necromantic Wars on the side of the Divine, Walwein seemed an ideal candidate for Felena to convert to the undead. Unbeknownst to her, however, Walwein was not a Paladin, but a low ranking soldier with a penchant for burning things and an aspiration to join the Paladins to purge all necromantic nonbelievers by holy fire. Upon becoming undead, he went about claiming to be a Paladin from the noble house of Cendius (one he just made up), announcing his intent to purify Ziona of the Detritus spawn.

Felena stuck with him out of a sense of responsibility for keeping him from immolating everyone he deems to be heretics (see: everyone), though he frequently derides her for her practice of necromancy and her gender. Walwein then recruited Gilberd as his squire, with Gilberd trying to overlook master's eccentricities to learn from his skill in fire magic.

tl;dr Purge the heretics by holy fire, also I'm undead, but ignore that part.

>> No.40485451

Francis the Unrelenting is here and he's going to slowly kill you in that uniquely bitter and unpleasant way that ice typically operates in.

>Knight Helmet
>Soldier Cuirass
>Aegis Gauntlets
>Aegis Greaves

>Longsword + Wand (3 slots)
>Tower Shield (2 slots)


>Yurilora Baelin
>Diana Nemoreth
>A Horse

>Ice Tree
>>Frost armor -> Glacial Winds
>>Cryo Shot -> Comet
>>Frozen Heart -> Wall of Ice

The idea is that despite having little ability to be subtle, Francis need hardly rely on anything of the sort. The helmet keeps him from getting tired, his cuirass keeps him from getting tired, and his gloves/boots mean you can't stop him (at least with conventional magic tactics).

It's a bad idea to fight him head-on and if you try running you're gonna tire out long before he does.

>> No.40485557

You only used 6 spells point.

>> No.40485599

Check again, Frost Armor doesn't lead into Glacial Winds. He took everything in between.

>> No.40485659

I used all 9 in Ice, I took everything except Permeance. >>40485599 Knows what's up.

>> No.40485687

Also forgot, Vanguard.

>Felena: Would you just, SHUT, UP?! Ever since I've risen you, you've just gone on and on about the purge and whatnot. Good God, the Necromantic War is finished, get over it.
>Gilberd:...Do you require something, milord? Another armor shining?
>F: Ugh, after this, I think I'm going to need to break my vow of sobriety.

>> No.40485741

your character and mine would prob have fun together. ill post later

>> No.40485757

If he was a simple soldier, how did he become a battlemage? Did he have any talent before he died?

>> No.40485802


>> No.40486050

Of grandest delusion
and spectral illusion
Thus the valiant knight barks
Scorching and scalding remarks
How brightly the fire burns
The prodigal son returns

>> No.40486238
File: 93 KB, 900x720, gu_jian_qi_tan_8_by_hiliuyun-d4qh7jx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the silverblade gentleman

wizard hat
wizard robes
battle mage gloves
wizard bottoms

accoustic sword flute


acoustic dragon


magnus opus

seismic sense
immovable object

prophet because i'm good at strategy and administration.

if shit hits the fan at the castle or wall or wherever:

Channel deflection and marcatto at once to block all in coming attacks.

use staccato for tons of damage. no triforce needed

play marcato for aoe disable so i can't get swarmed

use wizard bottom to reposition myself

immovable object cause my inner qi is off da charts. also the longer i play the more powerful my spells become

u gonna run when you see ethereal blades flying at you from the beautiful tunes i play

>> No.40486271


>> No.40486351


>> No.40486712
File: 93 KB, 559x600, legend_dragoon_conceptart_oA8vb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Flame Weapon, Flame Armor

>Energy Siphon, Energy Focus, Energy Barrier

>Weapon of Light, Mark of Redemption, Angelic Wings

>Holy Dragon (8,1)

Knight Helm, Soldier Cuirass, Knight Gauntlets, Aegis Greaves

Greatsword + Wand (3)
Recurve Bow (1)
Shield Catalyst (1)

Man it's hard to make Divine useful. Dragon, energy siphon, mark of redemption make for a pretty good combo, too bad I'd have to give up my flame talents to add the heals from divine, which would work really well with dragon companion but oh well. You really can't invest in much else is you want to really min max with divine.

Let's see those interesting dragon rider builds!

>> No.40486733

omg legend of dragoon. 100/10

>> No.40486763

looking at my build, I don't know why I decided to use a dragon and have wings.

>> No.40486805

to rest on the dragon, duh
plus its faster than you

>> No.40486820

divine is buff/debuff, not direct combat, except the middle tree

>> No.40486950

Divine is just shit.

>> No.40486986

just because it doesn't make you more powerful, doesn't mean it's shit

>> No.40487452

I'm sorry, did I just hear heresy?

>> No.40487691
File: 4.52 MB, 2456x3337, Lidian-dw8art[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Flame Weapon
Cloud of Smoke
Frozen Heart
Plasma Weapon
Shadow Jump
Spell Block

Wizard Hat
Battle Robes
Aegis Gauntlets
Wizard Robe Bottoms
Polearm/Staff Hybrid
Shield Catalyst

Marvix Shaf

The idea is for him to sneak in with all his movement abilities then unload his flame/lightning/rock heavy as shit gauntlet/staff/hat/robe boosted leafblade polearm and instantly blow up the assassination target, be it a rogue mage or an enemy leader. Using spell block and shield catalyst to turn away any random magic thrown his way as he Cloud of Smoke/teleports back out.

I wanted him to very much be a jack of all trades so I tried to take mainly T1 abilities from as many schools as I could. Only change I could think was dropping cloud of smoke in exchange for weapon of light but blinding holy light seems bad for assassinations.

What do you think?

>> No.40487794

smoke all the way man. Assassin style

>> No.40487795

I don't think sanquine essence and masochism should be in the undead path. Seems more like a blood magic/demon magic flavor than the spirit realm master of decay flavor the other undead stuff has. Additionally, it seems to be the only thing people really want out of the undead path (only 1 out of the three guys here who used the path took anything other than those two from it), which I'm not sure is really fair to it, because it's got some actually interesting spells otherwise.

>> No.40487846

I think it fits personally

>> No.40487938

I unno man, the way the other spells shape up it seems the flavor between the hot bloodthirstiness of masochism and sanguine just don't quite line up with the colder grip of death the other spells have. In addition, we don't have a detritus-themed path, which would be neat and probably more fitting to the darker forms of meat magic like blood magic.

>> No.40487941

Those spells from a tree that everyone takes to the exclusion of the others are called "dipping spells" because you're dipping into the tree. That's perfectly fine.

>> No.40487961

the point is it essentially makes you immortal like the undead you summon, without making you have to go skelly or nasty lich mode

>> No.40488057

while that's true I cannot remember the last time anyone went beyond that line of three spells in that path, which really kinda sucks for said path if everyone just wants its cheap eternal life option and none of its other cool toys. It kinda feels wasteful being there. I dunno, maybe wasteful isn't the right word.
nah see I get that it makes you technically immortal so long as you got access to blood, but again the other spells in that path seem like they'd be more at home with legit lichdom than with living vampires.
But, that's four posts against me thusfar, so it's obvious I'm wrong in regards to this particular thing and will keep this opinion to myself, though I'd still like to see a detritus-themed path.

>> No.40488149
File: 157 KB, 406x793, Consider the Following.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Knight Helmet
Aegis Cuirass
Leather Gloves
Knight Greaves

Hand Axe
One-Handed Spear
Recurve Bow
Square Shield
Shield Catalyst


Phisora Jaenith
Serf Bardol

Undead Raptor

Summon Undead
Relentless Charge
Army of the Dead
Sanguine Essence
Flash Decay

Frost Armor
Frozen Heart

The way I see it, the Undead School is a very loose collection of magic bound together by one principle: The concepts of mortal death are malleable and capable of being manipulated. This is why can interact with souls, summon up dead bodies, and choose whether to rot or fortify our own flesh. Alternatively, we can look at Sanguine Essence as a method of copying the biology of vampires, who are some of the most powerful undead in existence.

>> No.40488307

The land is tainted black
All within and all throughout
Until the heavens crack
The sky stained blood red
The earth grind the dead
All throughout and all within
In a world drowned in sin

>> No.40488371

And mind ye not forget
In this world that's filled with death
That beneath the mage's din
Something's crawling in my skin

>> No.40490248

First, a fun 'What-if dragon flame works with holy fire' build. A build I actually want to use comes later.

Lloyd Valarin

"Out of the Darkness- Brighter than a thousand suns!"

Schools: Fire, Divine

Flame Weapons
Flame Armour
Dragon Fire
Fire Bomb


Light Ray
Light Ward
Holy Fury

Battle Robe Hood
Battle Robes
Battle Robe Gloves
Aegis GReaves

Staff (Fire)+Staff (Divine) Hybrid


This build (still in need for companions) is basically a spell-lobber which wreaks havoc, especially against the impure. The entire battlefield will drown in flames.

Its up for adoption if anyone wants to make a character out of it.

>> No.40490381

Oh well, just saw that someone already did that but funnier.
Carry on then.

>> No.40490384

Divine's getting a rework.

>> No.40490779

is it? ill have to tell my bud

>> No.40490984

Schools: Frost, Shadow, Force

Frozen Heart
>who doesn't want that?
Frost Armor
Obsidian Ice
Flash Freeze
>Thin, nigh unbreakable edges on my weapons+sturdier armor? yes.

Shadow Jump
>mobility will bring us victory
Light Drinker
>better sneaking
Vorpal Weapons
>strong choice for anyone whi fights with weapons

Seismic Sense
>for the scouting part of being a forerunner
>panic button if something big manages to come close to hitting me

Mark: Forerunner


Knight Helmet
Leather Armour
Soldier gauntlets
Leather Boots

Longsword+Wand Hybrid

Targe+Shield Catalyst Hybrid

Jourdian Ricaud
>We've run patrols that should have by all rights killed us both.
Yurilora Baelin
>Was her guide on a few deep strikes in the middle of detrius territory. She does a good job.
Ada Godefray
>Well, they recruited her away. Doesn't mean we can't work together.

Sangard Manari, third battlemage, forerunner.
In base, bars and general civlisation, Sangard is awkward and tries to avoid company as much as possible.
He opens up once in the wilds. The further from the secure walls and lines of sentinel, the happier he gets.
The thrill of constant danger, the need for constant vigilance, the depriviation fromm food and rest, it sends his spirit soaring.
He has made a name for himself as a good guide for the Hunters, for striking deep in enemy territory.
After the infamous Koplain Fields incident he is likely to decline escorting Slayers,
trading in shifts and favours to get away from these glory-blinded buffons. As of yet he hasn't met one to change that point of view.
The Sentinel have his thanks, and with the vangaurd he works often enough for at least mutual comradeship to form.
He has never seen a prophet in person, and has quite a bit of disdain for what he calls 'tower mages'.

>> No.40491741

>Save everything. More than half the art I save doesn't get used in my CYOAs.
that and it's just nice to have a huge art collection sometimes, I have like, nine gigabytes of suitably sorted non-pornographic images I just flip through to get me in the gaming mood.

>I am taking the Divine spells suggestion from earlier in the thread...
damn....ah well...hey one small gripe I have, the Shadow spells list, it doesn't seem to grant dark-vision in any capacity...so how do you aim spells?

>it's not like you can out them in a pocket dimension or anything.
if you do that I'll stat it like the Companion spell where a Mana expenditure just calls them from any distance to any reasonable location...

>upcoming Gadgets section...
this pleases and scares me as an interested RPer and the homebrewer respectively

it does not fear.
if you think thats not special then you've played too much skyrim

I'm not brewing in companions, I may stat a couple as examples but I'm leaving that open.

animals however? I certainly am.
though I'm thinking of using elements as a template

A and S are adjacent keys it's a common mistake

so could Death's Binky with a little empowerment

>> No.40492799 [DELETED] 


>> No.40494351
File: 47 KB, 200x269, 1285037870179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OKAY I just spent a few minutes putting all my major notes into Pastebins

>(all pastebins subject to change)
RPG CONVERSION NOTES(includes a brief on the system)





>> No.40494495

dammit...I forgot to add in prerequisites for every spell, this may take some time, but it won't effect the mechanics at all...

I'll try and keep the pastes up to date if possible...

>> No.40495066

Why in the world would targes be better than larger classes of shield at blocking projectiles, and kite shields at blocking magic?

>> No.40495115

I had to think of some way for them to be different with little supporting fluff

otherwise they'd have identical stats
and I want to avoid that

so I looked and thought and ended up guessing, the Magic Blocking kite shields had to do with the Symbolic Design line in their description...

>> No.40495328

Each of the three medium classes of shield gives +10 to defense and perhaps +5 to defense against projectiles. These could be their bonuses.

Targe: +5 Defense in Melee
Kite: +5 Defense on Horseback
Square: +5 Defense in Formation

>> No.40495385

this, I like this

I will change a couple of things, like switching Horseback for Mounted

there's no such thing as "in formation" in the game, nor any way to represent it Mechanically so I have to figure out what to do with the Square shield...

>> No.40495554

>square shield
perhaps some Knockback resistance?
or a bonus to knock others back?

>> No.40495653

Just make it +5 to defense in general, but also cumbersome.

>> No.40495754

I'm thinking of incorporating the Mark/Archetypes mechanic

you can gain additional Mana based on related Skills for your Mark at the expense of your initiative roll for the round.
>Might and/or Inspire

>Medicine and/or Hardiness

>Awareness and/or Survival

>Learning and/or Politics

>Might and/or Tactics

>Stealth and/or Finesse

here's the list I thought up, if you see something that should change for fluffy reasons I'll see about changing it

>> No.40495972

Wall Of Ice
>3-Mana(sustained @1-Mana/round)
>Requires Frozen Heart
>-5 to traverse the Zone
>-10 to enter or exit Zone
Why wall of ice is so useless?

>> No.40496038

probably because the base system I'm modding for this doesn't have a way for you to put a wall between yourself and people in the same Zone

there aren't Hexes or Squares to indicate entity location, just whether or not they're in the zone.

this spell as written reduces entry and exit, and impedes movement through, I couldn't figure it any other better way.


>> No.40496345

wall of ice
>x-mana (sustained x/3-mana/round(rounded up))
>Requires Frozen heart
creates wall between two zones
none can travel directly between those zones
skill-shot based magic and ranged weapon can't shoot through wall
has 2x-1 hp
has 5(x-1) armor (max 20 armor)

2-mana(Sustain 2-mana/round)
-10 to footwork in zone

>> No.40496476

that first one...it's cumbersome, BUT I like it...tweaked to read

>X-mana (sustained X/3-mana/round(rounded up))
>Requires Frozen heart
creates wall between two zones
none can travel directly between those zones
Reach Weapon, Ranged Weapon, and Magic attacks cannot pass into Zone
TN to break wall is (X*10) unopposed Might Check

>> No.40496510

Maybe just have it divide the Zone in two, letting the caster choose who's in each zone?

>> No.40496711

and your lightning spells
Plasma Weapons

>> No.40496802

yeah...I was very probably not thinking straight on that one

changing sustain formula to just X

and fixing my Dyslexic spelling for that school...

>> No.40498146

This one seems best. You're literally creating a new zone by putting a wall up.

Though a wall spell in general needs to be more freeform than most.

>> No.40498342

well, it's just a combat definition.

the intent is that OUT of combat you can cast anything you know at no cost or no sustain and with a great deal of freedom.

the trick though is how to word it just right and not take a dozen lines...

>> No.40500143

Did you just convince angelanon to leave Battlemage threads for good? You're my hero.

>> No.40500981

hey, it was me who 2 threads who was trying to convince this free spirit to become normal or lose head
I who is also this guy >>40496345
though about this too, but because of questions like "who will be in which zone if there are more people" and "in what way those zones will be connected to other" I've dropped this idea
now about armor

I think we should move from only +5,+10,+15 because it restraints
for example:
in brackets how optimally get armor lvl
0 lvl armor (wizard set) : +0 hp +0 armor; -0 everything
1 lvl armor (leather set) : +3 hp, +0 armor; -3 footwork, cowering ground, -0 dodge
2 lvl armor (battle robe set) : +3 hp, +3 armor; -3 footwork, cowering ground, dodge
3 lvl armor (soldier set) : +6 hp, +6 armor; -6 footwork, cowering ground, dodge
4 lvl armor ( knight set) : +9 hp, +6 armor; -9 footwork, cowering ground, -6 dodge
5 lvl armor ( aegis set) : +9 hp, +9 armor; -9 footwork, cowering ground, dodge
secret 6 lvl armor (frosted aegis set) : +12 hp, +12 armor; - 12 footwork, cowering ground, dodge

>> No.40501818

>I ... though about this too, but because of questions like "who will be in which zone if there are more people" and "in what way those zones will be connected to other" I've dropped this idea
Like I said, let the caster choose.
If there's something completely illogical, like putting four individually surrounded people into one Zone separate from the others, the Sage/GM is free to disallow it.
As for separating the zones, the caster can also choose whether or not to block off each Adjacent Zone (maybe at 1 extra mana per Zone blocked?) with a wall that increases difficulty of Covering ground by 10*level.

>> No.40505491

>Weapon of light sounds very meh, doesn't augment the way a weapon is used like leafmetal, vorpal, or density
>mark of redemption is a throwaway skill, wasting mana to enchant your allies that is only effective if they get hurt isn't appealing
>Wings are pretty dope. Would be very tempting if they did something other than just give the ability to fly since we have blink, shadow jump, etc for fast movement and every magic has range so they can shoot you down
>boring magic attack
>light ward only sounds ok, arcane sounds better at dealing with spells
>high powered nuke sounds alright
>mending sparks- which should be a really good utility spell, expends a lot of mana. For a simple heal.
>Guardian's halo has the great regenerative ability but getting allies damage mitigated to yourself is kind of a raw deal
>God's wrath is pretty good
>archangel sounds dope

The decent skills it does have weapon buff, nuke, wingz; just aren't interesting and don't combo well with other classes.

Not trying to be a jerk, but divine really is outclassed in almost every way, and isn't very intersting.

>> No.40505960

Remindrr that I'm changing the school.

In fact I think it's kind of broken now with how I made it, I'm gonna go back with some nerfs tomorrow. And most of the spells are mostly the same, just refluffed and buffed.

>> No.40506013

I don't want to be pushy or anything.

But when can we expect the next update?

At least give us a time frame.

>> No.40506029

One of the big problems is most of that the standard abilities of 'divine warriors' are alreay replicated elsewhere. And there's no special vulnerability of any particular enemy to Holy over other elements.

I would go for a magic attack tree, a self-buff tree, and a halo (AoE buff/defuff) tree.

> Weapons of Light
> Light Ray
> Prison of Light (new spell)
>>> Restrain a powerful enemy or a group of weaker ones. Permanent until you release them?

> Mending Sparks
> Light Ward (but better?)
> Wings

> Guardian's Halo
> Mark of Light (from old spell lists)
>>> Enemies who look at your halo you become 'marked'. If you or an ally then hits them, they become restrained by magic chains
> Mark of Redemption

>> No.40506156

Probably a week or more. I wasn't expecting these threads, I was honestly gonna leave Battlemage for awhile after the last update and work on other projects. I would have liked to finish a new CYOA by now, maybe even Star Dust.

>> No.40506177

Thank you very much.

>> No.40506213

>maybe even Star Dust

>> No.40506770

>Name: Ruvik
Armor: Battle robe hood, Soldier cuirass, Soldier Gauntlets, Knight greaves

Wepons: Titan blade/staff cross, Greatsword

Mark: Slayer

Companions: Anna Blanc, Thea Serle, Wardic

Schools: Lightning, Bolt and shock force
Arcane: Mana Burn, Mana Chain, Cosmos, Void Stare, Void Call, Haste Cast, Overload

am i doing this right?

>> No.40506832

You could be doing it left.

>> No.40508950
File: 105 KB, 361x502, 215542834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

night's passion

battle mage hood
leather armor
leather gloves
leather boots

whip 1
shadow rapier 3
dagger 0.5


daman caras



shadow jump
light drinker
vorpal weapons
dark shards
shard storm

sanguine essense

frozen heart

two assassins slaying detritus high command

>> No.40511237

How many battlemages are there compared to normal wizards (who I assume are in the army too)? Inb4, only those who posted builds in these threads + companions. Though it would've been cool in a way.

Besides, how big is Ziona's population (or what's left of it)?

>> No.40511443

I'd say population is close to 10-15 mil., because SDA wanted to change Ziona size close to now day Germany.
Most wizard will be conscripted and train into battlemages, made beside agricultural wizards, alchemists, astrologists, those who really create new magic

>> No.40512109
File: 663 KB, 1001x1501, tumblr_mvn2cocW2u1qhttpto1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Acacia Polyhymno

Full Wizard Robes



Bizienne Isouda
Phisora Jaenith

Nature Tyrant

Nature Magic:
Gaia's Chosen
Gaia's Maidens
Vine Control
Poison Cloud


Spell Block

A very talkative and extrovert young mage. Wants to get into politics and start to change the world from that end. Kind and wants the best for everyone, but a bit inexperienced and naive. Knows that she lacks experience and tries to make up for it by talking more and louder.

>> No.40513253

>armor system.
now it could be my cold medicine, but I didn't catch most of that...and I'll remind you that most of the armor has bonus effects...

>at a cost of 2 additional mana and at GM discretion Wall of Ice may be used to delineate a new Zone, where the caster chooses who or what is on which side of the zone.

>And most of the spells are mostly the same, just refluffed
dammit, I'm gonna have to re-stat some shit aren't I?
>and buffed.
...double dammit...

>are alreay replicated elsewhere
I remember this being a problem SDA mentioned before about how difficult it was to come up with spells...

take your time, you're the originating artist...

>> No.40513515

Right now

Armor Listing
==>stat indiviual enhancements
==>determine weight-class for all armor pieces
==>medium armor has +5 HP, -5 to footwork, dodge, covering ground
==>heavy armor has +10 HP, -10 to footwork, dodge, covering ground
==>overall armor class is an average of the armor class of all of the components rounded to the nearest whole number(max 3)
==>average armor classes (between 1 and 1.4 is light, between 1.5 and 2.4 is medium and between 2.5 and 3 is heavy)

I never found how much armor class gives 'armor' for Defpool

So I assumed it gives +5,+10 armor

==>0 lvl armor (wizard set) : +0 hp +0 armor; -0 everything
==>1 lvl armor (leather set) : +3 hp, +0 armor; -3 footwork, cowering ground, -0 dodge
==>2 lvl armor (battle robe set) : +3 hp, +3 armor; -3 footwork, cowering ground, dodge
==>3 lvl armor (soldier set) : +6 hp, +6 armor; -6 footwork, cowering ground, dodge
==>4 lvl armor ( knight set) : +9 hp, +6 armor; -9 footwork, cowering ground, -6 dodge
==>5 lvl armor ( aegis set) : +9 hp, +9 armor; -9 footwork, cowering ground, dodge

every piece of equipment has 0.25*lvl weight

So aegis greaves weight 0.25*5=1.25,leather hood+armor+gloves weight 0.25*1*3=0.75 1.25+0.75=2 lvl = +3 hp, +3 armor; -3 footwork, cowering ground, dodge

soldier helmet+cuirass + knight gautlets + knight greave = 0.25*3*2 + 0.25*4*2= 1.5 + 2 = 3.5 = 4 lvl = +9 hp, +6 armor; -9 footwork, cowering ground, -6 dodge

>> No.40513583

>I never found how much armor class gives 'armor' for Defpool

that was because I was a dumb-dumb and didn't think about that, armor classes in the base system improve resistance to "rippling rolls" at the expense of dexy actions

so light armors are at +5
medium armors are at +10
and heavy armors are at +15

>+/-(multiples of 3)
the way the game works(in tens) 3 is a negligible bonus so instead of 3,6,9 it's be 5, 10, 15.

>> No.40513606

>that post
shit my meds are fucking me today...

>improve resistance to "rippling rolls" at the expense of dexy actions
meant to add, "and since this brew doesn't deal in rippling rolls I just added HP and didn't think about it" to the end of that...

>so instead of 3,6,9 it's be 5, 10, 15.
>it's be
>it should be (...) added bonus to block

>> No.40513617

This looks better
==>0 lvl armor (wizard set) : +0 hp +0 armor; -0 everything
==>1 lvl armor (leather set) : +3 hp, +5 armor; -3 footwork, covering ground, -5 dodge
==>2 lvl armor (battle robe set) : +3 hp, +5 armor; -3 footwork, covering ground, -5 dodge
>==>3 lvl armor (soldier set) : +6 hp, +10 armor; -6 footwork, covering ground, -10 dodge
>==>4 lvl armor ( knight set) : +9 hp, +10 armor; -9 footwork, covering ground, -10 dodge
==>5 lvl armor ( aegis set) : +9 hp, +15 armor; -9 footwork, covering ground, -15 dodge
==>6 lvl armor (frosty aegis set): +12 hp, +15 armor, -12 footwork, covering ground, -15 dodge

>> No.40513657

how about this?

Armor Listing
==>stat individual enhancements
==>determine weight-class for all armor pieces
==>light armor has +5 to block, with no penalties
==>medium armor has +5 HP, +10 block, -5 to any agility based maneuver(finesse, footwork, speed, etc.)
==>heavy armor has +10 HP, +15 block, -10 to any agility based maneuver(finesse, footwork, speed, etc.)
==>overall armor class is an average of the armor class of all of the components rounded to the nearest whole number(max 3)
==>average armor classes (between 1 and 1.4 is light, between 1.5 and 2.4 is medium and between 2.5 and 3 is heavy)
==>shields are counted as Weapons and not counted on the weight class average

>> No.40513660

+armor or block, what goes into deffpool

>> No.40513690

knight helmet + leafmetel = +10 hp, +15 block; no penalties.
Aegis set is clearly heavier than knight set, is battle mage set medium or light? Is leather set medium or light?

>> No.40513761

the Defense pool is the opponents Lake
Block is a modifier to that lake (wearing armor adds to this stat)
many spells can bypass(read; negate) the bonus to block granted by Armor
as can the Rapier weapon (as soon as I mod it's entry) under certain circumstances

>Aegis set is clearly heavier than knight set, is battle mage set medium or light? Is leather set medium or light?
this is why I wanted to put into place a weight-per-piece Mechanic
though my numbers are still a bit screwy...it's the Weights on the Armor listing
as is Leather is a might set, Battle-Robes have aspects of both, unfortunately the Aegis set has the same weight class as the other heavy set(knights)
this leaves us with only one Medium set unless the player mix-n-matches

this sort of balancing this is why I'm brewing with /tg/, I can't balance for shit

>> No.40513782

and under the current system, Leafemetal applies to the total armor worn after armor class has been applied....so the Knights or Aegis sets would protect as Heavy armors and penalize as medium armors

>> No.40513867

Knight helmet has the same property of having penalty of lower class. having both knight helmet and leafmetal is broken, because you gain +10 footwork and dodge for (almost)free.
at the same time having aegis set + frost armor pushes armor class...nowhere, because there is no extra heavy class

Again why slicing heavy,medium,light on 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 bad thing?

>> No.40513914

I suppose it's not now that I consider it, but now I have to quibble over finer details and thats a headache I was trying to avoid...

the intent was to allow mix-n-matched sets to work in the system...

>> No.40514031

well you can still max-n-match

>> No.40514064

though it does occur that I can easily just tweak the individual piece weights and change the summations.

so the Aegis set pieces are weighted at 4
a so even if you do knight helm on the rest of the Aegis set you're still heavy and people are less inclined to power-break...

my math goes

Aegis set -helm
weight=(3 pieces*4[the weight modifier])=12
+knight helm(weight=3)=15

averages to 3.75(rounds to 4)

helmet reduces this by 1= 3

it's still a heavy set at this point

leafmetal reduces it by another one
weight=2 so it's a medium set as far as penalties go

thats the best idea I had using the old system though

and whats more, if I weight the Aegis Cuirass at 5 instead of 4 the number work out cleanly as integers

so now I just need to go through and finick all of the set weights a little

>> No.40514079

the issue with this is that there are no inherent bonuses or penalties for having an armor go over the class weight

>> No.40514467

why sanguine essence not have the resurrection clause?

>> No.40514474

well yes, that way aegis+knight helm are not broken, yet in full knight set you still can jump around like havelmom

>> No.40514583

Iron Havel Tarkus Smashfucker McTank, the Smoughening, known as Sir Grimm to his friends.

Knight Helmet
Knight Cuirass
Aegis Gauntlets
Aegis Greaves

Mace/Wand Hybrid

Tower Shield, Force Catalyst

Sentinel, nigga I ain't goin nowhere.

Force/Earth Horse



Force: Density, Seismic Sense, Deflect, Immovable Object, Black Hole

Frost: Frozen Heart

Arcane: Spell Block, Spell Grab, Spell Break

What Sir Grimm lacks in the sheer explosive power of his sorcery, he makes up for in his near deific durability and brute strength. His preferred strategy is to rush into his enemy on horseback, relying on his specific array of force and arcane magics to nullify their offensive entirely while he lays into them with his mace. Few can withstand a prolonged assault against Sir Grim.

>> No.40514588
File: 138 KB, 900x728, dragonrider_by_warlordwardog-d5j2jgh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Roan, the Dragon Knight
-Full Knight's set
-Recurve Bow



--Dragon Fire and Prereqs
--Ray of Flame and Prereqs
--Unstoppable Force

Roan and his dragon, Rillia have an unusually strong bond. Some say that Roan found Rillia as an egg and was the first thing she saw when she hatched. Others claim that Rillia adopted Roan as a child. However, they both claim that they come from long lines of riders and dragons specificly bred for the purpose of dragon riders.
Regardless of their origin it's apparent that they are very close and have known each other most of their lives.

Roan and Rillia tend to be deployed like an airstrike, flying low over a target just as Roan unleashes Nova. Other times they loiter about, pelting their foes with arrows, spells, and flaming breath.

However, when fire alone isn't enough, the pair wade into close combat, Rillia crushing all before her as Roan's Guandao cuts down anyone who dares to get close.

Despite being decently friendly and upstanding (and a bit amorous on Rillia's part), the pair insist on working alone. When asked, they claim it's too dangerous. In part, this is true but not due to any number of Detritus but rather the indescrimanate nature of their attacks. The air temperature alone is enough to sear flesh to say nothing of the reckless use of fireballs.

>> No.40514729

because that's not directly combat-related, out of combat the ability does what it says in the CYOA

>yet in full knight set you still can jump around like havelmom
thats if you go for the leafmetal

and I may weight the helm and Boots(knockback resist) of the knight set at 4 so((3+3+4+4=14)/4)=3.5
minus 1 for knight helm rounds up to 3
minus 1 for leafmetal rounds up to 2

so the helm only helps a little

consider balance with Obsidian Ice for the counterpoint though. I may have to change that spell to account for going over and past the "Heavy" armor category...probably a knockback resistance and such...

>> No.40514998

>minus 1 for knight helm rounds up to 3
but then knight helmet bonus is useless if you wont take leafmetal

>> No.40515074

It even becomes comedical, because in description it says : easier to move in heavy armor, but in game it's close to useless for heavy armor

>> No.40515131

yeah, I still can't get the math to work out here for whole sets, BUT it does work for mixed sets.

it could work if I just gave a huge bonus to footwork with the helmet, and it'd line up with the fluff "Higher endurance and ability to move in heavier armors"

Covering is technically a footwork test IIRC so it makes a kind of sense...but people are gonna munchkin up and powergame a light armor set with the knights helm for a huge footwork bonus..

>> No.40515288

you're trying to fix it wrong way, which handicapes other choices

>> No.40515362

again, I'm not good at balancing.

I don't like the system in >>40513617 because it doesn't support the Mix-n-Match the current system does; someone claimed that it does, but I don't see it, and I feel it's important given the source material (CYOA)

what do you suggest?

>> No.40515553

well here how it works here >>40513617
lvl 0 armor is 0-0.25 weight, every piece of wizard set has 0 weight
lvl 1 armor is 0.5-1.25 weight, every piece of leather set has 0.25 weight
lvl 2 armor is 1.5-2.25 weight, every piece of battle robe set has 0.5 weight
lvl 3 armor is 2.5-3.25 weight, every piece of soldier set has 0.75 weight
lvl 4 armor is 3.5-4.25 weight, every piece of knight set has 1 weight
lvl 5 armor is 4.5-5.25 weight, every piece of aegis set has 1.25 weight

Knight helmet: -1 weight
Leafmetal: -1 weight
Frozen armor: +1 weight

>> No.40515765

oh...I see now.

though I'd still put light armors at 1 weight (all wizard set at .25 apiece)

that way the classes go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
and we round in the usual way (X<.5=round down; X≥.5=round up)

now to assemble a chart featuring the positives and negatives for 7 or 8 separate Armor Classes I'll end up with (AC≥8 starts being not portable by a normal man; like a giant detritus beast.)

>> No.40515876

I'm trying to work this out as the new rule setup and I'm hitting a wall on combining the wording for it...

>> No.40516072

and I've made a mistake in 2 lvl
==>2 lvl armor (battle robe set) : +6 hp, +5 armor; -6 footwork, covering ground, -5 dodge

>> No.40516145
File: 201 KB, 675x900, 65e36dde296e8f11f0780bae51ba8256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rodrigo de Fuegro, swashbuckling battlemage
Mark: hunter(oh, that was hard to choose. Expect me to shift to the prophet and forerunner a lot)
- Wizard hat (not just plain, boring hat, a fancy hat)
- Leather armor and gloves (anything else will make fencing not-so-effective)
- Wizard robes bottom (ace in the sleeve in tense fight)

- Rapier (obvious)
- Parrying dagger, 1pt (for the off-hand and extra style)
- Both could be used for casting as wands, +4pt (so I can cast while fencing)

- Horse (plain and simple this time)

- Phisora Jaenith (currently having an affair, bad girls have their charm)
- Roseia Joceus (nice friend and useful ally - where you saw a bard that not into politics?)
- Tristan Menard (fencing teacher)
- Ada Godefray (companion in it usual meaning)
- Mirielda Bardol (a scout and a healer makes a great combination)

- Plasma weapon
- Bolt
- Blink
- Spell block
- Spell grab (now I can parry magic)
- Seismic scene
- Deflect (and giant monsters, too)
- Illusion
- Cloud of smoke

Right now is stuck between his natural aptitude for politics and sheer thrill of raiding into the enemy territory.

>> No.40516193

thats okay, I modded the listing pretty hard here and shoehorned it to fit here
speed is the Initiative stat that you roll at the beginning of each combat round

lvl 1 armor is 0.0-1.25 weight, every piece of wizard set has .25 weight
lvl 2 armor is 1.5-2.25 weight, every piece of leather set has 0.5 weight
lvl 3 armor is 2.5-3.25 weight, every piece of battle robe set has 0.75 weight
lvl 4 armor is 3.5-4.25 weight, every piece of soldier set has 1.0 weight
lvl 5 armor is 4.5-5.25 weight, every piece of knight set has 1.25 weight
lvl 6 armor is 5.5-6.25 weight, every piece of aegis set has 1.5 weight
lvl 7 armor is 6.5-7.25

==>1 lvl armor (wizard set): No Bonuses or Penalties
==>2 lvl armor (leather set): +5 hp, +0 Block; -0 footwork, -5 speed
==>3 lvl armor (battle robe set): +5 hp, +5 Block; -5 footwork, -5 speed
==>4 lvl armor (soldier set): +10 hp, +5 Block; -5 footwork, -10 speed
==>5 lvl armor (knight set): +10 hp, +10 Block; -10 footwork, -10 speed
==>6 lvl armor (aegis set): +15 hp, +10 Block; -10 footwork, -15 speed
==>7 lvl armor (aegis set frosted): +15 hp, +15 Block; -15 footwork, -15 speed

Knight helmet: -1 weight to set
Leafmetal: -1 weight to set
Frozen armor: +1 weight to set

>> No.40516451

well now when with armor we're finished, it's time to fix weapon and under weapon i mean weapon buffs, right now they're all +5 dmg and I'll start to change it.

>> No.40516592

weapons had a couple of issues with theft right out of the book(do you have a copy of Legend of the Wulin? do you need one?)

the system has no dicernable differentiation for large weapons simply calling them "massive" it also has "flexible" and "paired" weapons that aren't really used here, Ranged is all-encompassing, there are only 2 kinds of sword listed in the rules, no maces, no axes.

a lot of the specialty rules deal with Rippling Rolls which were scrapped from the system in favor of a more simple HP system. so I bulked out some stat in general in hopes that they'd work...

>> No.40516933

yeah, I have copy. Using their version and what you did with weapon I might come up with more unique stats for weapons and weapon buffs (magics)

>> No.40517004

this is a great deal of help man, thanks.

this actually might make it to the Playable But Easily Broken Phase...

>weapon buffs (magics)
I want to hold off on that where possible because>>40506156 and >>40505960

I may have to redo the whole spell listing if things change too much...

>> No.40517190

here is change for several magic buffs i propose
this gonna be clumsy and cumbersome, yet he it is:

>Flame weapon 2 mana per cast ( 5 round duration)
each attack inflicts burnt wound
burnt wound - character can't be healed(restore HP), require Hard (30+) check of healing?

>3-Mana(duration; near infinite; price is the first conversion)
>first conversion takes 1 round
+5 to hit
reduce mobility penalty of armor by 1 class
only one weapon enchant per weapon per character

This one is okay:
Plasma Weapons
>X+1-Mana(sustain @X-Mana/Round)
only one weapon enchant per weapon per character
X=additional expended Mana
+((X+1)*5) to damage

Obsidian ice
>3-Mana(duration; near infinite; price is the first conversion)
>first conversion takes 1 round
+5 damage for maces,axes,great hammer, staff
+5 hit for everything else
Chilling strike(it's an ice): if attack inflicts damage enemy gets penalty -5 to dodge for 2 next rounds

>> No.40517330

>burnt wound
perhaps just halve the normal healing rate from all sources?

yeah, it probably should have been to hit and not a damage buff

>Obsidian Ice
I'll use the words
Bludgeons and axes
but otherwise it's cool

>> No.40517774

>perhaps just halve the normal healing rate from all sources?
Yeah, it will be more fair:
burnt wound - character healing is halved, to remove burnt wound required Hard (30+) check of healing?

For weapons I have several ideas:
1.small weapon(dagger,short sword,rapier,longsword) will have less stats but riposte ability - if character successfully blocks attack he can flood one die for immediate counter attack
2. bigger weapon bigger stats but ability ?heaviness? - if character misses attack he suffers -5 to footwork and -5 to dodge to the next round

>> No.40517855

>burnt wound - character healing is halved, to remove burnt wound required Hard (30+) check of healing?
I also doubled the natural healing time for them

>-5 to footwork and -5 to dodge to the next round
the stats we need here are Footwork (which governs Dodging, getting between zone, and acrobatics) and Speed(which effects your initiative roll at the beginning of each round.) unwieldy things (Titan Blade) would affect Footwork while Heavy things(great hammer) would effect speed...

>> No.40518346

you're right, now come the time of alot thinking and reading Wulin book

>> No.40518673

To the Forbearance writefag anon, how many chapters do you think the story is going to have?

>> No.40518692

there's a writefag?

>> No.40518719

tinyurl com/edgynonsense

>> No.40519751 [DELETED] 

bump; possibly a ghost bump

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