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How would you make Dorf Fort into a co-operative card game?

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I wouldn't.

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A build deck, a food deck, a dorf deck, and a challenge deck

>Build deck

You draw an card from here and if you have the amount of dorfs necessary you can build the card and place it in the play area. It will be stuff that adds positive modifers for checks later and can let you draw more cards and such. A fishery construction for example would let you draw extra food cards per turn. You keep adding them to the play area to make a massive fortress.

>Food deck

You need to have at least as much food as you have dorfs. At the end of a round you discard food relative the number of dorfs you have. Some cards are worth more. Fish worth 1, pork worth 3, beef worth 5, etc.


You draw a random dorf and add them to your pool to increase your numbers. The more dorfs you have the more stuff you can build, but some might have kids that cause you to have to pay more food for that unit and some are natural hunters and such that let you deal with challenges more readily.


Lava flows in randomly, goblin raid, were-marmots, etc get spawned and you have to deal with them.

Roll a d10 to attack with a dorf, add modifiers for combat related to the dorf in question. On a 1 rolled, the dorf ignores their text and just does one melee damage against a foe (ignoring bow and arrows and such and just hitting them with a bow)

Gotta have a drinking mechanic and a dorf grudge mechanic too.

It is possible though.

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By realising the amount of work required doesn't justify the 1-2 session play you'll get out of it.

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