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Hey, /cyog/, let's not have a repeat of recent double-thread idiocy please.


prev: >>49689198 and >>49689635

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Does anyone have that pervy wizard CYOA? If yes, please post it.

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>Room type: Other
>Freebies: All
>Other (invitation)
>Physical: Jam Session, Normie Station, /v/, /tg/, lewd, /fa/, Ocean Man, Aesthetics
>Extras: Lesbify, Redesign, Very Own Soul, Lasting Effects, Reality Convert, Life reset, Charm Cognition, Never Let Go, /d/ Enchant, Multiply

The inside of my house, a mansion really, will of course be fuckhuge, but after the second, third, and fourth glances, it will become obvious that the entire place was designed by a demented prankster with too much money and time on his hands. Things like hundreds of secret passage ways (form relatively easy to find to almost impossible ones to get into unless you know they're there), spying cabinets, silly but harmless traps (including but not limited to ones powered by the /d/ enchant choice), etc.

I take all freebies of course, since you can turn them off and on as it pleases you it's a no-brainer.

The entrance method is by invitation. Anyone I explicitly invite, as long as I don't revoke it, can come and go as they please. That includes me, I guess, but it's not like I'd ever uninvite myself under normal circumstances.

The /out/ choice would often be swapped between various locales like snowcapped mountains or tropuical islands, and anything else imaginable. As the most common ones I guess I'd go for two things, one would be an alpine-outskirts forest during a warm autumn, and the other a mediterranean island during a hot summer with sea all around it, with the house on an overlooking hill. Those are basically the two places I grew up in, during their best times of year, and there's no beating childhood classics.

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The companions I would use for two things. A true love with a soul to be my co-conspiritor in everything I do, and then a ton of sexy servants to actually do everything that needs doing to upkeep the fuckhuge house itself, like cleaning and cooking and having me use their butt as a foot stool. Maybe a few cute pets, too.

The plan is to invite lots of people from Earth in for parties and other types of hanging out, since having a huge as fuck place with nobody in it but a waifu and a few soulless automaton servants would be pretty depressing. We'd have fun and I'd occsionally play pranks on them, like daring them to turn that valve on the wall which actually changes their sex until they turn it back. I would mostly not have the time warping effect turned on, since I see no point and it would interfere with browsing the internet (no, I don't think an AI replacement is good enough).

I'd also be using all of the abilities granted here to change how I live on Earth. Sure the zone doesn't let you make money off the items you bring out, but it's not like you need much money when you have all your living needs met by a magic pocket universe. And if money is truly necessary, then I just either get someone old and rich a youth reset or something via redesign, or I impersonate someone and just charge that airplane ticket or something to them (which could also give me convenient IDs for getting anywhere in the world), or if all else fails I shapeshift into someone big and ugly and go and rip off an ATM or something and avoid suspicion by just not shifting back into that body ever again.

Really, the potential for putting the zone's power to real world applications is massive, someone with the drive to use it that way could basically do whatever they wanted in society given some time and effort.

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>implying it's not straighter than straight to be so hetero that you want to not just be in the girl but be her entirely

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Apophis, for obvious reasons.

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I always choose doppleganger for obvious reasons.

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+ Filthy and makes a mess of everything. Poor hygiene.

Not my fetish, gonna call it a minus.

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I actually like doppelganger's personality better, but losing her form when startled and becoming a scaredy cat and her lack of other magical powers like Apophis has puts me off her.

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At any rate, gotta go with the Yeti. She seems like she'd at least leave me alive once she realized I wasn't worth keeping around.

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...why are the tiers different if they all cost 1 point?

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Apophis doesn't have any guarantees other than immortality and has a terrible personality on top of that.

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I suppose you have to buy the lower tiers to get the upper ones.

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Oh anon, you're absolutely worth keeping around. You might be a complete waste compared to other humans (if you think so), but when you're the only human you're still the only human.

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That doesn't make any sense, they aren't logically connected to each other.

Maybe it means that Tier 2 costs 2 points each? I dunno.

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There are "tiers" to the powers. Like the "1." and "2." You can't get 2 without buying 1 first. So if you want something like the second level of Destroyer, it costs two points to purchase.

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I'm actually regressing my choice now...

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No no, I mean in addition to that they are also divided into categories of Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. In addition to several powers having different 'levels'.

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Rin and Sabre Wolf have the same quote.

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The different powers in the Tiers don't cost increasingly more. Every level of a power costs 1, regardless of what Tier it's in. The Tiers are just categorizing them in terms of their general overall power.

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yeah, the entire premise of the monstergirl stuff is that you're invaluable and desirable even if you would be a waste of space in other contexts.

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> I actually decided to make out what I could from Dark Matter.

Holy fucking shit.

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I thought it would be cute to see her in her natural form.

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That's just an edgy joke or something. I'm pretty sure we've had the entire thing written out in these threads several times now.

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>Intrinsic Water (75)
>Intrinsic Earth (50)
>Intrinsic Fire (25)
>Intrinsic Air (0)


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Yeah, now that you mention it, that would be a universe with a bunch of avatars of various sorts running around.

I'd still pick intrinsic stars, human shapeshifting, fire, and a familiar demonette with her own intrinsic stars

because why the hell not have a sexy demon waifu to take care of you from life to life

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>can't take warper + psychic together due to shitty point limit

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Night, Beauty (20), Protection, Darkness (17)

Ethereal (16)
Wild (15)
Awe (14)
Martial (13)

Absolute Will (12)
Afterlife (11)

Natural Invocation (10)
Divine Knights (9)
Everyday Ideals (8)
High Clergy (7)
Sacred Wards (6)

>Sworn Enemies
The Undead (5)
Demons (4)
Lycanthropes (3)

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Let's see how well we can game this.

>Intrinsic (-50)

>Item Based (-5 * 10)


Human shapeshifting



I give my perfectly loyal and loving familiar waifu Intrinsic Stars.

Not only do I have arcane power coming out of my ass, but in times of extreme danger I can just teleport away, give all my stuff to my waifu, and tell her to bugger off.

Then, after I get horribly murdered by whatever was after me, I just reincarnate and summon my familiar back to me with all my stuff. Which I can do immediately with my perfect memory.

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Making another little CYOA nobody asked for.

Originally I was planning on making a CYOA supplement for people that would encompass the entirety of the phenotypically possible human form, but I decided that I was not experienced enough yet to do such a thing justice, so I've pared back the idea a bit, lore'd it up, and started injecting my personal tastes into it. I do still plan on doing that ultimate phenotypically possible human customization supplement at a later date, though.

Anyway, WIP. Better to show it early so I can be told if I'm committing some egregious error before I continue making it.

I swear I'm not ripping off that one anon that did something similar because I felt he didn't make full use of the potential that the idea has.

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looks good!

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hey Rosa does [Last Resort] only work once? or does it make you immortal?

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"Immortal." You can still die. You just come back.

It would be silly for it to be one use only, I think.

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It is my dream to one day gain the requisite recognition to get my name onto one of these meta-author CYOAs.

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Got a lot of duplicates there chief.

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I guess I'll post this over here, too. New OC, fresh off the press.

Non-split link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8zll64VUyohZ3VMT2FZaGNaNkE

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Room Type
>Spacious Villa

Entrance Method
>Touch me, touch me

>jam session
>gaymen piisii
>stronk gear
>ocean man

>Zhangjiajie National Park in Hunan, China. for those rock formations in pic related.
>Icelandic Outback with some beautiful-ass waterfalls, glaciers and geysers
>Some pristine island in the Maldives with white sand beach and colourful fishes

Do I buy all options at once for the price of two item choices?

>Still Alive
Diner with Carl Sagan and Aristotle! Jam session with Jimmy Hendrix and Liszt!
>Inter-bot 9001
>Machine Learning
Cool AI assistant to help me learn.
>Lasting Effects
Does that mean I can permanently alter my own body even outside the Zone?
>Very Own Soul
>All Along
8 years old. This is going to be a strange experience.
>Life Reset
Always take immortality.
>Never Let go

There you go. Eternal fun time.
The only problem is I'm stuck in a timeloop IRL that goes from the moment I get the Zone to my death. That means I'll probably get bored with real life and just make a copy of all my loved ones in the Zone, so that they can change and grow with me from loop to loop instead of resetting and forgetting everything. I'll also give a soul to my waifu so we can go explore the real world's wonders.

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Second page.

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its too late anon, the mistake is past the point of fixing.

I'll go with beri, spessrefuge, ferrean, imaginos , the scientist and kit. The village.

Time to romance me some spess. And i guess run a village.

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suprised no ones said anything about it yet, but ya like 7 seconds after you made this post someone made another thread.

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someone who may I add didn't mess up the name

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Looking forward to seeing it finished.

>prices are incremental: go from left to right, adding the cost of each.

You should just list the actual cost or you're going to get a lot of builds posted where people misunderstand, because autistic though /tg/ may be, /cyoag/ is full of people who want to do things at a glance.

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>>49704326 was supposed to be >>49704327.

>> No.49706777

I guess you missed the last thread, then.

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>But not harem anon, Alice anon, or any of the other immortal meme creators

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I'd love [Savor the Feeling], but that's hard to pull off for non-NEETs who have to go out into the world.
Any chance you could use a different font? There's something about the typewriter font that throws me off.
And if I'm reading the chest size cost right, the Ridiculous Physics' Defying option costs 60 points. Pretty steep.
Which cyoa are you saying you're ripping off?

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When was the last Star Dust update, again?

>> No.49707508

untold eons ago

>> No.49707526

Around last new year.

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That won't be easy. There's maaaaaybe ten active authors so there's really no reason to make a new one.
You'll have to hope other people start making stuff.

>> No.49707562

oh this is actually exactly what I wanted. time to fund everything!

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So still no Herald carriers?

>> No.49707628

Eternal man for sure.

>> No.49707660

Seriously Ni? You're still salty about that?

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yes pls. finish it so i know what to do with this boner.

>> No.49707737

The same thing you do with every boner. You slut.

>> No.49707756

You need that little to get hard? I'm impressed.

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When I first read this, I didn't know this author's call sign. It makes more sense now why I like it so much.

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So you're saying brand loyalty is more important than quality or fun?

>> No.49708130

Fun was had for 9 months across four builds before knowing a brand was there the whole time. I think I said the opposite of what you are suggesting. There are authors that will produce quality and fun. That doesn't make them the only enjoyable author.

Curiosity test of spoiler tags.

>> No.49708172

>Eye Candy
>Sexual Harassment

>Transform Human
>Transform Inhuman
>Summon Familiar

>> No.49708193

No, the opposite would be if you said that the brand didn't improve or ruin your enjoyment.

>> No.49708366

Options for the social side of the magic: do people notice I became a girl, or does reality change so I always was, or do people just forget and rationalize away evidence I was a boy.

More about my life as a girl: am I continuing from my life now, resetting to childhood so I was always a girl, or being given a new life, or just being a girl who came from nowhere?

More details than just body type, chest and butt.

Costing more to be girlier encourages the player to be less girly.

If all the costs are, multiples of five, just divide all costs/points by 5.

>/cyoag/ is full of people who want to do things at a glance.
There's no reason to make me add up all the costs, since I just pick one.

>I'd love [Savor the Feeling], but that's hard to pull off for non-NEETs who have to go out into the world.
Options to make reality or people's minds accommodate being a girl would fix that. Then you could even go [Slow Burn].

>> No.49708411

None-the-less, brand loyalty only matters for when the selection of that brand prevents the selection of other brands. I suppose there is a build/comment/response aspect that is substituting the dollar vote.

What I am saying is that I have never found a Beri Works Production™ to be disappointing.

>> No.49708500

Rosanon has the actual cost changes based on body type. To have each cost listed would require four numbers per image.
Plushy: 0, 0, 0, 0, 5, 10
Thin: 5, 10, 15, 15, 20, 25
Average: 0, 5, 10, 10, 15, 20
Athletic: (thin's values)

This design is brilliant in my eyes. If someone doesn't want to be bothered to read, then meh to then.

>> No.49708526

I agree with everything this guy said
Unless I can get an option where people aren't confused at my transformation, I'm forced to pick Instant Girl.
Even with said option, Slow Burn is too slow for me and reminds me too much of a transsexual transitioning, but Savor the Feeling would be perfect. It's essentially getting to enjoy puberty, sped up.

More body types would also be nice, but I get that it will be bare-bones.
The more options you include for your body, the better. The more I can control with my physique, the more invested I feel.

Options for starting a new life or starting over would be appreciated. I would like to make different builds - one where I continue my life and people treat me like I was always a girl; a build where I cut off all my ties and start over; a build where I go back to being a teenager and relive my life as a girl; a build where I go back to being a kid/teenager, with a new family, and live a new life.
I really want to compare being a girl to being a boy, and so I need to go back as far as possible... but I don't want to be three years old.

>> No.49708623

>Slow Burn is too slow for me and reminds me too much of a transsexual transitioning,
Isn't that the appeal of these CYOAs? You get to transition but supernaturally successfully?

>> No.49708702

But who wants to transition?
It's the end result you fetishize, not the process.
Half-formed gender mutants are disgusting. That's why futa is the worst fetish.

>> No.49708742

Lots of people do like futa and traps? Maybe that simple case of different taste accounts for your CYOA preferences?

>> No.49708825

Not to me at least. I love the idea of the slow(ish) change, because you get to notice all the small changes.
but four months? Damn no. I think it would freak me out more than being a cool progression to follow.
There's also the whole "half-formed gender mutants" that other guy mentioned. A four month transition means there's a multi-month time where I'm neither male nor female. I'd be a disgusting freak, a ladyboy.
(I realize now you still have your dick until the last day if you pick Savor the Feeling. Author, please consider changing this. Now I'll have to pick Instant Girl every single time, because I don't want to be that disgusting not male/not female monster).

>> No.49708856

>I realize now you still have your dick until the last day if you pick Savor the Feeling.
That could be hidden, so at least it wouldn't be socially awkward like looking androgynous would.

>> No.49708932

That doesn't matter to me. I'd stop working out in the 2½ week time period so no one would see me naked, so people seeing the freak I am isn't the issue.

The issue is you're not a woman in this period. But you're also not-not a woman. On the second to last day you have ~95% of your female chest size and body type.... but you still have a dick.
You're not a girl.
You're a freak.
So rather than the change being cool and I get to enjoy the process, it's instead body dysphoria hell. I still feel my dick every time I wear pants. I still have to look at my dick when I pee, even when there are now tits in the way.

Unless there is an option to make the genital change instantaneous or he changes it so you get a vagina on day one, all options but Instant Girl are agonizing hell (to me)
Which is a shame. It would be cool to see the changes happen rather than it being instant.
I have a feeling it's your fetish so this probably won't happen, but it was worth a shot.

>> No.49709112

>I have a feeling it's your fetish so this probably won't happen, but it was worth a shot.
I'm not the creator but I'd happily have it your way. Or just say it's random or you pick the order things change in if the change is gradual.

>> No.49709191

Fantasy is best desu

>> No.49709279

The only problem here is that you and your familiar can lose all of your items and then you're basically magicless.

This looks good. I hope there's a way to do it to other people too.

>> No.49709360

>it's instead body dysphoria hell. I still feel my dick every time I wear pants. I still have to look at my dick when I pee, even when there are now tits in the way.
i wouldn't mind that inbetween stage where i'm a bit of both. wouldn't want it to last forever though.

>> No.49709551

I get that some would find it hot, and I can see the argument for losing the dick and gaining the vag is the last thing to happen - it's the last thing keeping you male, so losing that is the "climax" of the change.
All I'm saying is that makes it a nightmare for me, and if things remain the way they are, I will only ever pick Instant Girl even when I want to experience Savor the Feeling.

>> No.49709587

are you actually trans by any chance?

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See >>49708500
I was experimenting with cost modifiers, which I plan on perhaps including in later CYOAs I make. It's not my intention to make you do any math really, but it would be silly and lazy if the fact that fat girls have an easier time packing a large bust wasn't represented in some way

Actually I was about to put just straight costs on each option but then realized that if the modifiers didn't apply more than once then they'd be no different than just the price of the body type being changed.

Unfortunately I am in love with 8BitOperator as a font.

As disgusting as halfways are (even I think so), think for a second the can of worms that is something half-transformed between the two genetalia.

I mean, I'm okay with totally removing that stipulation if you like; I JUST thought it would be the preferable option because without it then for 2 weeks/4 months, you're left with some weird abomination between your legs that anyone seeing it is going to freak the fuck out.

I'd personally rather have it go shrink --> shrink --> shrink --> transform so you still have that sense of "progress" but without anything funky going on down there and so you've got a "present" to look forward to at the end.

But clearly some options are wanted so options there will be.

>> No.49709666

>but it would be silly and lazy if the fact that fat girls have an easier time packing a large bust wasn't represented in some way
Agreed, but having to add/deduct extra should be avoided ideally.

Fat girls could start with one or two stages of chest increase automatically, for free. That makes the chain cheaper and stops flat fat builds.

>> No.49709670


One of us is wrong on the base cost of breast sizes.

>Note that prices are incremental: go from left to right, adding the cost of each.

So that means base prices for breasts should be 0, 5, 15, 25, 40, 60. I suppose I screwed up by saying to list the actual cost when I was thinking of base prices, before modifiers are applied. The fact at least one of us is wrong should be proof enough that this needs to be changed.

As I understand things, your numbers are mostly off. These are the numbers I see, if modifiers are added appropriately. If I'm completely wrong and your numbers are right, then that note should just be deleted and all this confusion can be avoided.

Plushy: 0, 0, 5, 15, 30, 50
Thin or Athletic: 5, 10, 20, 30, 45, 65
Average: 0, 5, 15, 25, 40, 60

>> No.49709715


Welp, this is what I get for not having the thread refresh properly while I type.

>Actually I was about to put just straight costs on each option but then realized that if the modifiers didn't apply more than once then they'd be no different than just the price of the body type being changed.

Wait, what? So modifiers are multiplicative?

>> No.49709733

No. Additive. At each move from left to right, you apply the modifier again.

I just need a better way to actually represent this. I'll work on that.

>> No.49709734

Maybe? Probably? Is it that odd I don't want to have a dick as a "girl"?
>think for a second the can of worms that is something half-transformed between the two genetalia.
We already have that the way things are. You end up with a micropenis that magically turns into a vagina and clitoris over night.
>because without it then for 2 weeks/4 months, you're left with some weird abomination between your legs
Again, I'm fine with shrinking, but there's no reason to add a dickvagina-abomination. I can stand a vagina with a still-male body for the few days before I'm more feminine than masculine, not a dick with a female body.
>options there will be.
Thank you. Please consider mentioning this option early on, it'll make the cyoa much better for me.

>> No.49709772

>Maybe? Probably?
You do sound dysphoric...

>I can stand a vagina with a still-male body for the few days before I'm more feminine than masculine, not a dick with a female body.
This is just personal preference, creator. For other people it will be the other way around. Keep that in mind.

>> No.49709827

so this is the dickgirl thread, the other one is the musclegirl thread, and the /d/ thread is for age regression?

>> No.49709896

I don't think it's weird that in a cyoa about becoming more feminine, I don't want to have a dick. That I think not having a dick will make the experience more fun for me.
I mean, can I survive having a dick while this happens? Yes.
Would it be better if I didn't? Yes. Will I spend points on this, even if it only affects me for 17 or 120 days? Yes.
I have noticed I pick the girl-option almost whenever it's available.
It's not like I can do anything about it. Can't be a girl in real life. There's nothing I can do about it.

>> No.49709918

>and the /d/ thread is for age regression?

>Will I spend points on this, even if it only affects me for 17 or 120 days? Yes.
Even if those points could be spent on a permanent benefit instead?

>> No.49709958

As other anon said i would only be content with transforming itno girl only if there is also proper ID for new me or there are some kind of superpowers like teleportation/invisibility/mind control and such which allow for easy illegal ID-less living. Otherwise it's kinda hell as you can't work most non-shit jobs without ID and there is all kinds of legal trouble.

>> No.49710036

>Even if those points could be spent on a permanent benefit instead?
I don't know. I really don't like that still having a dick thing. But I want the change to happen over time so I can enjoy it, notice the differences and lean into it. Waking up and BOOM, you're a girl, that's too strange.
fuck. fuck fuck fuck.
This should not be the hardest choice I have to make.....

>> No.49710082

It's on /d/ you mong, just go look for it. How the hell did you find THIS thread?

>> No.49710307

Here you go! >>>/d/7048161

>> No.49710416
File: 3.97 MB, 1600x5000, suits 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49710437
File: 3.55 MB, 1600x5000, suits 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49710453
File: 3.81 MB, 3200x4000, kingdom 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49710471
File: 2.90 MB, 3200x4000, kingdom 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49710493
File: 2.86 MB, 3200x4000, kingdom 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49710499

>Three thousand two hundred pixels wide

>> No.49710508
File: 3.06 MB, 3200x4000, kingdom 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49710509

Why did I click that.
I knew it was on /d/, I knew what kind of sick, demented shit they post.
Why, brain. Why do you hate me.

>> No.49710604

What triggered you particularly? I was disappointed. A lot of it's already been on /tg/.

>> No.49710698

The picture of the guy with robot legs who has tits bigger than his torso, being raped by a tentaclemonster that puts tentacles through the guy's nipples.
Why? How? I don't even want to know.
What the fuck is wrong with /d/ and how can I make sure I never meet anyone from there?

>> No.49710726

Sounds pretty tame senpai.

>> No.49710956

What can I say? /d/ freaks me the fuck out. They sure love their cocks.

>> No.49710961

Multiple Rooms. Suburbia. Mostly a man cave but with a fireplace and a big ass bed in the back. Fairly big but low ceiling in comparison.
Touch Me, Touch Me. The other options are just for show anyway, No real reason to go with anything but this if you're lazy.
12 points, got yah
Gaymen Piisii-9
The Rest-8
Custom Characters-5
Inter-bot 9001-4
Last Resort-2
Never let go-0

>> No.49711163

A second chance? No. Not for the likes of me. Anyone who would give me that is a fool. Adventure? I've not the strength for adventure. Money? A pity gift, I'm sure. Love? Ha. I'm simply rippling with laughter. A sex change? I'm not sure how that'd solve anything. Immortality? No king rules forever, and certainly I'd never manage to do anything worthwhile with it.

...fantasy? Perhaps. Let's go with that and see what I get.

>> No.49711191
File: 3.93 MB, 1200x2990, CatastrophicCaperCYOApg1 - 1.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found that I accidentally a few words, and changed the opacity on the icons behind the text in the Criminal Backgrounds section.

Non-split version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8zll64VUyohaUlKell3TEF1UG8

>> No.49711201
File: 4.64 MB, 1200x4200, CatastrophicCaperCYOApg2 - 1.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Second Page.

>> No.49711353
File: 42 KB, 500x375, 68279576256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any happy cyoas for when you're crying and need cheered up?

>> No.49711427


>> No.49711444
File: 2.18 MB, 1200x6500, 1458277728595.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one always works for me.
So what's up Angel?

>> No.49711527
File: 2.15 MB, 1700x4400, 1473492035624.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one is great, too.

>> No.49711577
File: 7.20 MB, 1200x7185, CatastrophicCaperCYOA - 1.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting it here as well.

Does anyone actually stick to one thread and ignore the other one?

>> No.49711686
File: 3.22 MB, 1496x3736, comfyliving1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49711687

She's probably fired/laid off from work, or something happened to her dad.

>> No.49711688

Thanks, mate.

They're both moving waaaay too slow to just stick to one thread. If it was faster, then I'd consider it. But I'm already working on another project. Just gotta find non-real images of people having surgical procedures done on them.

>> No.49711708
File: 3.70 MB, 1500x5000, comfyliving2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49711745
File: 2.98 MB, 1500x5000, comfyliving3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By the way, it's gonna be okay. This too shall pass.

>> No.49711769
File: 568 KB, 1600x900, E_V_GhettoSurgery_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>non-real images of people having surgical procedures done on them.
Not sure exactly what kind of surgery you're looking for, but Aaron Beck's concept art for Elysium has some nice sci-fi/cyberpunk surgery going on.

>> No.49711837

That is a little bit more gruesome than I was initially expecting. But stuff like that should work...
I've just barely started digging around, so I haven't exhausted my normal sources.

>> No.49712014

>Does anyone actually stick to one thread and ignore the other one?
And why would we do that?

>no little girl option
Really makes you think.

>> No.49712221

>And why would we do that?
I don't know, I just wanted to know if the crosspost was unnecessary; seems it was.

>> No.49712288
File: 40 KB, 640x444, f970a0f1e38bcba22988ae28d3eddad3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Nothing big. I just visited my family last week and came back home yesterday and am going back to work tomorrow. I miss my parents and can't see them much since they're very far away now and I don't like my work out here. And my grandparents are doing okay, but they're really getting older and it's showing a lot now;_;

>> No.49712307

>And my grandparents are doing okay, but they're really getting older and it's showing a lot now;_;
At least yours are alive.

>> No.49712334

I never knew mine. Also both my parents are dead. So embrace your luck angel.

>> No.49712503

Oh wow, so you're literally crying about nothing. Good riddance, I thought something happened.
And taking an hour to respond is rude.

>> No.49712697

>expecting Angel not to be an obnoxious retard

>> No.49712783


I'm sorry.

>> No.49712788

eye candy +5
cosplay +2
sexual harrasment +4
accomplice +3
experimentation +4
masters will +2
what im taking
transform human -2
transform inhuman -2
heal -3
flight -2
summon familiar -3
necromancy -4
golem -2
summon property -1
magic missile -1

>> No.49712822

I'm sorry for forcing you to apologize.

>> No.49712936

>>Expecting anyone in these threads to not be an obnoxious retard

>> No.49712984

I'm sorry both of you exist.

>> No.49712998

I should have known she was crying over something ridiculously inane. I shouldn't have expected more maturity from her.
It's scary how she's almost a decade older than me, yet she's the one acting like a child.
I guess that one anon is right: Being a girl must be tough. Why else is a 32 year old girl crying because she has to work tomorrow, and her parents live like really far away and her grandparents (who are still alive) are getting kinda old?

Fucking christ. I bet you cry when you run out of milk.

>> No.49713010

I'm sorry for doing nothing wrong anon.

>> No.49713024

Many people are.

>> No.49713025

I cry when I run out of milk. Usually hot tears of anger at my brother drinking the last of it.

>> No.49713081

Can I make a small request? add an option to keep your penis, and an option to alter your sexuality

>> No.49713084

I'm sorry the world is so overpopulated.

You can't win, I'm Canadian, you merely adopted being sorry, I was born sorry, molded by it, I breath it with every sip of my medium double double

>> No.49713091

That's a very sorry post, anon.

>> No.49713101

I'm sorry you had to see that.

>> No.49713200


I just get thinking about things and cry sometimes:(

>> No.49713363
File: 422 KB, 600x800, 1470105222719.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This looks really fucking good, anon. Can I make a few suggestions? Feel free to ignore them.

>Genital choice
>How people react to the change
>New life with the ability to become a young girl
>Mental Feminization
Over time you will become more attracted to men, more submissive, more girly. Your interests in video games, sports and violence fade and you naturally become more interested in dance, cookery, make up, fashion, boys, and dicks. if you start as a macho guy, by the end of the year you'll be a submissive housewife who loves to pleasure her husband and wear cute clothes.

fuck, i got a boner writing that.

>> No.49713629

it's fine
people here will get mad about anything, you know that

>> No.49714000

I still haven't made a build for this. One of my companion templates got in, but I haven't made a build for myself. Unlike most CYOAs I skip over it isn't because it doesn't interest me, but because I seriously have no idea what kind of Build I want to go for. There's just so many ways that seem like the best way to do things. And that GOOD, but it sill leaves me here with my thumb up my ass.

>> No.49714069

Seems this is the official thread, since the other one devolved into musclefetish shit.

I made a build but I haven't posted it because I'm not sure if I got the power system right. It seems like you can take almost everything.

>> No.49714217

Seems like most tier 1 powers can only be gotten with the right spirit gift. That's surprisingly limiting

>> No.49714262

Why can't you spend power points to buy them?

>> No.49714388

Because they all require a specific Spirit Gift to obtain. It makes sense once you read the Spirit Gift backgrounds and the Power descriptions.

>> No.49714404

I don't know, maybe you can. I just assumed that all the ones marked with 'requires such and such spirit gift. free.' meant that they came free with that spirit gift, but couldn't be purchased otherwise. That's the biggest flaw with that CYOA; that the directions aren't entirely clear, so some of the stuff seems up to interpretation.

>> No.49714534



>> No.49714585

I originally went for a build that had mostly powers that couldn't really be used offensively--at least without real creativity--and relied on The Lover to act as the main protector. Over time, it's evolved to a point where it's basically a !Druid/Warshaper/Blue Mage concept, where The Lover is a bit all over the place in terms of powers in general. It's only vaguely going in the direction of magic knight, but instead of a sword or spear wielder, it's 'magic knight' in a similar vein of Green Lantern.

Try posting your build and then thinking about how the powers would interact together.

>> No.49714602

It would be a lot more balanced if each tier of a power costed one more point than the tier before it. So the first tier of a power would still be one point, but the next would be two points and the last would be 3 points, for a total of 6 points to max out a tier 3 power.

>> No.49714712

Could you maybe add some changes between ten seconds and 2.5 weeks?
Ten minutes to a few hours is my personal favorite - especially if your arousal slowly climbs, relentlessly building up pressure and overpowering rational thought until every single ounce of excess mass bursts out in one final orgasmic burst.

>> No.49714718

Fuck that shit.

>> No.49714779

Wait isn't that how the current costs are structured?

>> No.49714857

No, you pay 1 point for each level you want in a skill. I.e Animus 3 = 3 points.

>> No.49715289
File: 55 KB, 672x910, sword.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Spirit gift
>Powers (34)
Full Release (free)
Overcharge (free)
Spirit Powers (free)
Natural Weapons: Hardened knuckles, for extra punch to my punches (33)
Density Control (32)
Toxin: as little as I plan on bleeding, I still want it to hurt my foes as much as it does me (31)
Immunity II (29)
Destroyer II (27)
Survivalist II (25)
Training II (23)
Berzerker III (20)
Endurance III (17)
Muscle Mass III (14)
Regeneration III (11)
Toughness III (8)
Senses III (5)
Evolve II (3)
Speed III (0)
Immortality (free)
Pffft, you're not my real dad!
Unique Armor: Futuristic armor, but not power armor. think Star Ship Troopers Marine get-up, designed to go right over the berzerker suit (free)
Special Weapon: See picture (free)
Couldn't decide, I'll come back to this
>Ohana (5)
Abigail Flavian
Beowulf & Fafnir
Calvin Palmer, Phenomenon
Berzerker Suit

That's it for now. Not sure what items or quests to take. Aldo, who should I use for the last companion slot. I was saving it for a romance option. There aren't many without the lovers gift.

>> No.49715306

It explicitly says you could, hypothetically, romance anyone listed. You're just no guaranteed to fall in love the way you are with TL.

>> No.49715332

I know, I meant most of the people I'd want to romance are only available with the lovers. There's days I really hate my personal tastes.

>> No.49715366
File: 681 KB, 800x7200, e9DJjCo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine you could go to any place in this vast Universe in under a minute. Explore any corner for the rest of eternity. Then imagine that there were 7, 777, 777 variants of this Universe of the same size.

>I know, I meant most of the people I'd want to romance are only available with the lovers.

There really aren't. If the Incarnates learnt how to chill the fuck out, they'd have the rest of time to find their own happiness.

>> No.49715409

Why only 7777777? That's a really dumb number.

>> No.49715421

>If the Incarnates learnt how to chill the fuck out, they'd have the rest of time to find their own happiness.

There's no one here that even knows what Happiness even is.

I certainly don't.

>> No.49715428

Tbh, I guess it's just a number the creator liked. Similar to how some like 23.46 or 42 or any other random number. Even still, I have my own small headcanons and refluffs of the setting.

You'd have an eternity to learn. Assuming someone didn't just turn you into juice.

>> No.49715478

Its still going to be very difficult, considering its heavily implied that the universal war is probably caused by Demiurges killing each other due to the first commandment basically summarized as "lol do whatever you want".

And the cyoa out right tells you the Universal War is going to continue where it left off.

>> No.49715509

>>And the cyoa out right tells you the Universal War is going to continue where it left off.

Not if The Conquering King wins. Or the first demiurge to ascend is able to act quickly and bring everyone else to heel. I don't really see how any other faction's victory conditions might prevent another war, though. The Angels aren't going to be able to stop the Demiurges from kicking off again if they feel like it, no way.

>> No.49715553

I'll go with other for home theme; I imagine 8 rooms would be good.

One room for all the DIY stuff, a bedroom, a funroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, dining room, and Livingroom. Then there's the closet. I get there with the magic rock.

Outside would be like a small personal island with an automated theme-park due to these choices.

Auto-/ck/, 200% comfy, Normiestation, Gaymen Piisii, The Rest, /Diy/ zone, L-LEWD!!, /Fa/bulous, /out/, companions

Redesign, Inter-bot 9001, Very Own Soul, Lasting Effects, Attractive Forces, HQ HQ, Aether Orchestra, Machine Learning, Simply Explain it, Size up Size Down, Special Ocean Man, Special Thrill Ride

Pretty sure I did this right.

>> No.49715591

They say we can make our own happiness. I must wonder how one can make a thing one has forgotten.

What can you make, when all you have is memories?

>> No.49715593

Binding Of Lust (Major)
Binding Of Gluttony (Minor)
Binding Of Greed (Minor)
Binding Of Sloth (Minor)
Binding Of Wrath (Minor)
Binding Of Envy (Minor)
Binding Of Pride (Minor)

Purity Of Body

>> No.49715609

Whiny emo posts.

>> No.49715621
File: 199 KB, 880x800, android__netrunner_power_grid_overload_by_howi3-d67x4yv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Strength (34)

Tier 1 (1+ 3 free): Coordination, Full Release, Overcharge, Spirit
Tier 2 (6): Neural Jack, Scanner, Immunity, Survivalist, Training, instant transmission, Speed
Tier 3 (7): alchemist, endurance, familiar, mentality, regeneration, toughness, stealth
Free: Immortality

>Patron: AI
>Perks: Unique Armor (energy shield), Special Weapon (energy sniper rifle), Legion, Home/Abode
Abode: Cyberbrain. The universe is a physical system, constrained by the number of molecules and total energy level. There’s a theoretical maximum amount of data that can be stored, and speed at which it can be manipulated. My abode is a universe structured to approach that theoretical limit, a server farm designed solely to store and process data.

>Equipment (200)
>Armaments (9)
One-handed energy swords (free - patron)
energy assault rifles (free - patron)
heavy armor (9)
power armor (free - companion)

>Servants (67)
AI (War model) (13)
AI (exploration) (24)
AI (Learning) (32)
AI (Civilian) (37)
AI (Master) (free - patron)
Androids (50)
Synths (67)

>Fleet (78)
Spiritual Fetish - I worship myself (3)
Mobile Planetoid Station (75 after discount)
Hypergiant Ship (free - companion)
Heavy Ship x2 (free - companion)
APC (free - companion)

>Misc (46)
Tutorship (AI) x2 (free - companion)
Blue Crest Seal x3 (45)
Galgalim Water (1)

Praetor Model Mech
Exuberant Spark
Laura Bacchante
Athena Hawkwood
Dean Winchester
Slayer Suit

Vega Twin Space Station - Cosmic Flyer Ship
SCP Prime - All my friends are monsters
Cult of the Liquid Sky - Infinite Beam Cannon
War of Consumption - Aquila Mech

>> No.49715636

The only thing that memories can make are dreams anon and the only way to realize a dream is to remain asleep.

>> No.49715638
File: 170 KB, 697x1147, hunter_one_resize_by_emilisb-d6dmp6i.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Phase 1: Use my AI and minions to scour the universe for competing Incarnates. When they identify anyone without backing or significant power, I stealth up and teleport in for the kill. Between taking out the low-hanging fruit and training, try to establish myself as the dominant incarnate of my demiurge early on.

Phase 2: Start a VR MMO company with Laura. Convince political powers to settle disputes with in-game war rather than real war, so that no real resources are lost and no one dies. Enforce the outcome with my own military power. Let people buy in-game currency with real resources or military tech. The game is better than real life, it has the same social depth as real life, and it has real consequence in terms of war and such. You can use your in-game skills for your job or studies or whatever, eg using boosted Intelligence to become better at programming.

Eventually aim to have everyone give up their advanced military power to the common cause of enforcing and expanding the game, similar to treaties against chemical weapons. When I’m strong enough, destroy the military capacity of anyone who won’t join the treaties. Use this combined military strength to spread the game and the treaties throughout the universe, and then to other universes. In this way prevent universal war and bring conformity with the OLD LAWS.

Thus will I save humanity. They’ll be happy and comfortable living their lives in VR, administered by my AI, protected from dissent by my synthetic army.

Updated my build for the latest version. Patron is now (more appropriately, since apparently the Angels would disapprove of me) the AI. Gift is now Strength.

>> No.49715664

>tfw I'm for all purposes already living under minor greed, wrath, and envy
God damn it, I just needed one more for a blessing too.

>> No.49715682

Just have them be magically enforced.

>> No.49715686
File: 1.63 MB, 360x270, laughing death.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49715699

I can't, this isn't real anon, it's just a bland image that someone put some text onto

>> No.49715719



Get thee behind me, Satan.

>> No.49715735

Okay. I hope you have some lube on you.

>> No.49715752
File: 227 KB, 314x438, 1472067050695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying my eyes aren't turned towards the good Lord.

>> No.49715760

We aren't gonna use the lube on your eyes, anon.

>> No.49715773

>Major Binding of Wrath
>Minor Binding of Envy
>Minor Binding of Pride
>Major Binding of Gluttony
>Major Binding of Lust

There. Now I can just fade away. It should only take about three days or so.

>> No.49715792
File: 18 KB, 300x250, 1475350384323.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying my body isn't closed to all bar the Lord.

>> No.49715805

No, see, that's what the point of the lube is, it helps with that.

>> No.49715826
File: 65 KB, 590x960, Hearth Keeper spokesperson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Implying we will not face god and walk backwards into hell

>> No.49716144

Wizard Arena CYOA: (+100)
Body Magic:
>Memory: Intrinsic (-25)
>Telepathy: Intrinsic (-25)
>Creatures: Intrinsic (-25)
>Spirits: Intrinsic (-25)

>> No.49716581
File: 51 KB, 600x330, Shitton of Rings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[075]Intrinsic Memory
[050]Intrinsic Spirits

[045]Ring of Strength
[040]Ring of Agility
[035]Ring of Vitality
[030]Ring of Senses
[025]Ring of Earth
[020]Ring of Water
[015]Ring of Air
[010]Ring of fire
[005]Ring of Telepathy
[000]Ring of Matter

Five rings on each hand.

Summon spirits of loyal hunting dogs, train and condition them to recognize a secret password, which I'll change after every reincarnation and have them inhabit each ring. Whenever I die and reincarnate, call my loyal hunting dog ghosts to return to me.

Spend my eternities mastering magic, artifice, enchanting and spellcrafting to make even more powerful rings/armors/accessories that can bend reality to my will, with the ultimate goal of crafting a not!infinity gauntlet.

>> No.49717001

>Stars, Intrinsic 75
Because luck and teleportation are good powers individually, and I get them as a package deal.

>Summoning Creatures, Intrinsic 50
Even if they don't have their own magic, it's still very versatile, and there's something to be said for conjuring something really damn powerful before teleporting away. Spirits might be even better, but I'd need to know more about them before I commit to them.

>Memory, Intrinsic 25
I can teleport anywhere I remember, and I remember everywhere I've been.

>Strength, Item 20
>Agility, Item 15
>Vitality, Item 10
>Senses, Item 5
A matching set of four items - maybe engraved steel buckles or something else reasonably durable. These basically work well together, helping me not die as long as I have them.

>Inspiration, Item
Inspiration helps me control my summons, and helps solve problems in a way that isn't "summon something to break it". Kinda want Human Shapeshifting, too, but I can probably get by until I yoink an item of it off someone else.

>> No.49717212
File: 36 KB, 300x300, Hal Jordan, 10 rings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but I can probably get by until I yoink an item of it off someone else.

You better keep your filthy hands off my precious precious rings you artifact stealing son of a bitch!

>> No.49717773 [SPOILER] 
File: 6.74 MB, 1200x5000, 1476076270420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Making progress. I put in a couple hours today on it inbetween browsing and doing shit.

Any complaints/criticism?

>> No.49717812

You're making my peepee hard, so you're doing something right. Add companions or something though, feels empty at the moment. Maybe add something like face shape, or beauty?

>> No.49717847

That is summed cost. I was listing the incremental cost.

>> No.49717849
File: 5.55 MB, 1312x8452, Page 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reposting in this thread.

Originally was taking weapon suggestions but for the most part I'm fine now.

There's also a preview for v.2.0 that I'll post after.

>> No.49717859
File: 2.01 MB, 1312x2920, Page 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49717864

I'ma need a lotta points

>> No.49717869
File: 394 KB, 1214x403, Preview of Hell Invasion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Preview of one of the new origins and a power for it.

>> No.49717885

>fuck, i got a boner writing that
This is why I can't create CYOAs.

>> No.49717911

Your reasons are shit. Jesus they're pathetic.

>> No.49717957

Make it possible to turn others into girls too. If you haven't yet.

>> No.49718002 [SPOILER] 
File: 68 KB, 480x280, 1476078126398.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I assure you I will get to it at some point before I finish it. Unless I decide not to let you which I won't do because I'm not mean and wouldn't tease an anon like that.

You have to learn to take your lust and burn it as fuel for your CYOA-creation.

>> No.49718038

>not lying down on the bed to jerk off, get a great idea during it, stop jerking off to go quickly write the idea up, run out of ideas, go back to jerking off, get more ideas, etc.
You're doing it wrong. It's like a natural edging aid and you even get massive txt files of ideas out of it.

>> No.49718042

Anyone got that one cyoa where it's set in not russia .

You had to make your own kingdom and I also remeber it have magic and guns in it

>> No.49718059

Anyone got that one cyoa description where it says nothing you could use to figure out what it is .

>> No.49718125



Neck Snapping Rune
Juggernaut Rune
Endless Well Rune
Howling Rune

Praetor Suit

The Chainsaw
The Berserk Rune

Demon General

>> No.49718256

Reborn with eidolomancy and transformation magic master race

Djinn and Dyad runners up

Little girl with conjuration and the Goddess honorable mentions

>> No.49718369

If you go for a body type that applies a penalty to other later purchases, do you get concaves or something on a low-curve choice? Ex: Athletic -5 with itty bitty= reduced lung capacity or is the minimum a default and you just need to buy your way out of the initial deficit?

>> No.49718399

modifiers apply with every MOVE right, but not the starting choice, but yes the smallest is the default.

>> No.49718427

It seems like by using the sliding increments thing that someone with my taste would end up with huge numbers more points than other people. But I can deal with it.

>> No.49718570

Is the shape of the universe really a cylinder?

>> No.49718648

No, the observable universe is sphere-shaped with a small chunk obscured by the galactic center . But mostly because that's what we can observe.

>> No.49718819
File: 813 KB, 1920x1080, 1475960209500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is the shape of the universe really a cylinder?

>> No.49718834

Requesting Hero Academy CYOA

>> No.49718906

I like it.

>> No.49718977
File: 15 KB, 154x180, 1459018539207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49718988
File: 223 KB, 330x375, 1373119704000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Being a loli let's me have a ton of points left over.

>> No.49718993

Local smug poster not so smug since being molested by stupidity.

>> No.49719103

>You retain your love and lust of girls and only girls.
>You feel your love of girls slip away and dissolve, replaced by a love of men and dick.
>implying implications

Reading spoilers from right to left works out.

Post txt file.

>> No.49719151

Star Trek has silly glasses

>> No.49719172

For starters, this favours loli builds way too much.

I suppose it's magically powered, and if your mind is ever overwritten, the magic will overwrite it back.

>> No.49719214

Oh don't worry those are just there for my own reference. The balance is done later on and will not encourage degenerate loliautocon scum.

>> No.49719223
File: 280 KB, 461x432, 019.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>molested by stupidity
it happens

>> No.49719231

So it is true to life then.

>> No.49719245

Go back to working on Star Dust.

>> No.49719304

That is a perfectly normal response to the purest fetish.
But please try to make that CYOA! You are not the only one with patrician tastes and I'm afraid of making it myself. I don't want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes
I wish I worked that way. It's just not hot to me when I'm making the CYOA.

>> No.49719391

The incremental costs is still an annoying extra bit of math that could be avoided. It's even worse now that some choices are incremental and some aren't. If you're set on body types adding cumulative reductions/increases to costs, just put the adjusted cost in brackets. Like:
>Girl-Sized (-15, -20 if Thin/Athletic, -5 if Plushy)

The incremental cost reduction doesn't make sense anyway in the incremental system, since it doesn't make it harder for fat girls to have smaller tits, just the other way around. A better system would be for you to get a chest increase automatically, free.

The bottom line of text under Plushy has the letters cropped off at the bottom. See the p and b.

The explanatory text for chest and butt sizes shouldn't be split. It would be better if they were both on the right and the section heading was on the left. To make it clear it's a subheading, just add slashes or meme arrows, like /Physique and //Chest Size or >Physique and >>Chest Size.

I'd also say make the headings a different color to stand out from the other text. It's especially weird for the explanations (black) to stand out more than the headings and option titles (white).

Average body type says it doesn't really stand out, but the most popular models aren't any of the other types: they stand out with great bodies (and tits/butts) anyway.

"Girl-sized" and "Mega-Stacked" use different title capitalizations. The sexuality titles are all caps bot none of the other options are.

Why are the sexuality directions all priced? When you have to choose something from a list like this, one should be free. Otherwise, effectively, the 10 costs are free and the 20 costs are 10 and the starting points total is 10 lower than it says it is. There's just extra math thrown in needlessly.

This. TG CYOAs have traditionally rewarded becoming feminine and slutty for a reason: it's what works and makes sense.

It's the incremental costs, not just points.

>> No.49719475
File: 400 KB, 385x445, Companion - Countess.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Universal War anon here. Late to the thread but im here everyone. Im thinking about taking a name but I cant think of anything I like. Next update coming sometime soon.

Post multiple builds? I made this CYOA with massive variety in mind. Id love to see what you can think of.

Spirit Gift powers ALWAYS require the Spirit Gift. No expections.

Each power tier cost one (1) point only.

I know its been said but im here to tell you again. You only need 3 Power Points to get Regeneration 3.

Did you post this build? Sounds interesting.

>> No.49719482

Thank you for changing Savor the Feeling!
And adding the hip-width and sexuality options!

I desperately want some options for how others perceive you during/after the change: Do they not care and treat me the same? And an option for starting a new life.
And some options about mind feminization. The slower the better...
.... same
> this favours loli builds way too much.
which is bad. The point is to become a woman, not a child.

>> No.49719509 [DELETED] 
File: 17 KB, 144x206, 0144602397154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>he doesn't want to be a woman child

>> No.49719532

If those are the kinds of things you want you might like this become a gril CYOA from a /d/ anon:

>> No.49719625

Tbh being a loli is good and so is being a woman. I think they should cost the same, but that's just me.

>> No.49719643

Huh. Wow.
It's a bit hard to see anything, but yeah, that's real good. From a glance it doesn't look balanced but that may just be me.
Please post ITT when he's done with it.
I beg you.

>> No.49719708


Really? Why was this deleted?

>> No.49719716

>It's a bit hard to see anything, but yeah
The font and colors?

What stands out as unbalanced?

Who knows how long he'll take, but I'll link it to /cyoag/ when he posts a new version. That thread's about to 404 but you could post feedback for him in the next /d/ CYOA thread.

>> No.49719748

Gotta protect innocent anons on 4chan from creepy Japanese porn comic thoughts.

>> No.49719771

>font or colors
Both. Definitely both. The font is small and without a big enough stroke. It's a white font on a bright orange background.
All the orange, pink (?) and brown blends together with the white.
It just overwhelms my eyes forcing me to focus too much on reading.

I haven't looked at a particular build, I don't like doing wips. I want the full experience.
Mostly because you either start with zero points, or toss all balance out the window by picking Sandbox mode. I'd want that removed, but /d/ probably wants it in so they can get everything.
It's too hard for me to say exactly what is unbalanced. I just feel like most options that cost points aren't as good as the options that reward points are bad.
I'd really want some completely ordinary parents, and they are all way too important since you must pick two.

And thank you for linking. I guess I'd need to post a build on /d/, even if I really don't want to...

>> No.49719821

>I haven't looked at a particular build, I don't like doing wips. I want the full experience.
Me too, but how else to give the best feedback and thus make the final version the best?

>Mostly because you either start with zero points,
Some of the transformation methods might grant points when they're finished, or there might just be a starting sum added.

>or toss all balance out the window by picking Sandbox mode. I'd want that removed, but /d/ probably wants it in so they can get everything.
Me too. I'd say have a few different options for various tiers of points, some randomized.

>I'd really want some completely ordinary parents,
I'd like more about their personality, less about their profession. Or having the two as separate choices.

>and they are all way too important since you must pick two.
What do you mean?

>I guess I'd need to post a build on /d/, even if I really don't want to...
It's fine to post here. I think the CYAO is being deliberately built with no explicit images so that it can be posted on /tg/ as well as /d/. But /d/ is where the creator can get feedback.

>> No.49719858

Can the spirit stone companion teach you magic even if you didn't pick the powers?

>> No.49719873

Yeah. The powers are not required to learn magic but simply makes the process much faster.

>> No.49719884 [DELETED] 
File: 10 KB, 97x123, 0793028019554.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh yeah?

Well, you can have this as well.

>> No.49719889

>give feedback
Yeah I know but still. You can only really do a CYOA once. I want to read the CYOA and make my build as I go along, without knowing how much stuff I still need to get. To have everything be fresh.
It helps me with forming a story.
>I'd like more about their personality,
Agreed. Splitting personality and profession up would probably be best for me. There's not a lot of text for each parent or companion.
>What do you mean?
That you need two parents.
>You can post it here
Oh good. Or maybe not? I guess I can write more in the /d/ thread since they're slower, but my issue is my fantasy isn't /d/ enough to post it there, but it's too /d/ to post it here.

>> No.49719912


>I know its been said but im here to tell you again. You only need 3 Power Points to get Regeneration 3.

So wait, wouldn't this be 4 if regeneration 3 is the first power you get since you need to unlock the tier itself? I always assumed it was like borderlands where you have to get the class ability first before you unlock everything else.

>> No.49719925
File: 1005 KB, 1200x4500, SentBackInTime1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49719937


Regeneration 1 cost one point

Regeneration 2 cost one point.

You dont need to unlock anything. You just buy it.

>> No.49719946


But it says each tier costs a single point. What does that mean then?

>> No.49719955
File: 765 KB, 1200x4500, SentBackInTime2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49719964
File: 846 KB, 1200x4500, SentBackInTime3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49719966
File: 134 KB, 495x751, enhanced-buzz-26073-1271457002-14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Each tier cost a single one (1) point. Thats it.

>> No.49719977


Yeah, so you gotta unlock (or buy or whatever) the tier in order to buy the abilities in that tier.

>> No.49719983

>You can only really do a CYOA once.
I beg to differ! I like CYOAs that I can make multiple stories for. Mystery boxes annoy me for this reason. But we all have our own taste.

>Splitting personality and profession up would probably be best for me.
We can both suggest it. I'll wait till the next /d/ thread before posting feedback, because page 10.

>my fantasy isn't /d/ enough to post it there, but it's too /d/ to post it here.
No, no, that means you can take your pick! The CYOA is on /d/, so you can post there, and you can post any CYOA build on /tg/, even if the CYOA itself can only be linked to.

>> No.49719987

what's the bump limit on /tg/?

>> No.49720002

Every level of a power, 1,2, and 3 all cost the same amount of points to unlock.

You dont need to buy/unlock tier 3 powers to make them avaliable.

>> No.49720006

I assume 751.

>> No.49720018


Yes, but like I said, you gotta unlock the tier itself first.

>> No.49720021


>> No.49720029
File: 1.85 MB, 1200x4800, Ascendant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49720057
File: 54 KB, 412x627, 1473915549469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have the buy the first level of a power to buy the second or third level yes.

>> No.49720142


And the tier that it is under if you haven't before.

>> No.49720144

>! I like CYOAs that I can make multiple stories for
I didn't mean you can never make more builds, only that the first time is the best.
>you can take your pick!
I think I'll go with /d/ then even when they're gross. At least they won't call me weird...

>> No.49720157

No. Just the powers cost points.

>> No.49720165


But it literally says each tier costs a single point.

>> No.49720170

Each tier of a power. Just the powers cost points.

>> No.49720175


But those are levels, not tiers.

>> No.49720181

You know what I mean. Only the powers cost points. I cant possibly make this more clear.

>> No.49720188


So why does it say that each tier costs a single point?

>> No.49720200

Each tier of a power. Each level of a power cost a single point. Thats it.

I cant explain this anymore. I dont know what to tell you.

>> No.49720205


No, it's each level. Tier obviously refers to something else.

>> No.49720222


>> No.49720229


Yes. Someone should fix that.

>> No.49720447

>Did you post this build? Sounds interesting.

It was one of the first builds ever posted, I think. The one that takes Father Of Beasts, and uses [] to denote specfic subordinate attributes. Gimme a minute to post it.

You should have stopped replying after the third explanation.

>> No.49720448



>> No.49720456

I couldnt tell if he was retarded or trolling. I was trying to be nice.

>> No.49720469

Pursuers;Angel's Face (36)

Kinship (35)
Shapeshifting 2 (33)
Beauty 2 (31)
Scanner 2 (29)
Immunity 2 (27)
Master [Biologia] (25)
Miracles 2 (23)
Survivalist 2, for the vacuum protection (21)
Animus 3 (18)
Alchemist 3 (15)
Elementalist 1 * 2 [Water, Earth] (13)
Endurance 1 (12)
Evolve 3 (9)
Regeneration 3 (6)
Toughness 3 (3)
Plague 1 (2)
Energy Attack 1 (1)
Master [Physicum] (0)

Father Of Beasts

>Magus Gem
Telepathy (160)

Special Weapon
Special Armor

Starship (T.Beast)
Barracks * 3 {6,750 capacity} (133)
Extra Armor (116)
Shielding (105)

Unformed AI (89)

Blue Crest * 3 (44)

Synth Servitors (26)

Red Crest * 1 (61)

God Crest * 1 (26)

1 of at least 2.

>> No.49720495

>Red Crest * 1 (61)
Lad, Red Marker Seal limits your max Companions.

If you buy one that means you can only have 4 Companions total. You cant buy both Blue Seals with it.

>> No.49720509

Beemja (8)
Hierophant Vatiel (7) \\ It was a hard choice between her and Yora desu. Both have their pros and cons, but Vatiel is more appropriate for my build due to what she is physically.

Jeweled Maiden (6)
Sphene (5)
The Muses (4)
Xath'Tsun (3)
Sen Yuito (2)
Athena (1)
Alfonso (0)

>>Pale Orchard

Order Of The Pilgrim Knights
>>SCP Weapons

All My Friends Are Monsters
>>Fall O' Aeian

Crown Of Loren
>>Isles Of Laguna

Gray Aegis
>>Tomb Of Angels

Atram Palm

Spartan Shields
>>Devil's Nest

Vibro Blades
>>Liquid Sky

Athena's Gun
>>War Of Consumption

Sword Of Edicts

>The Lover

Strength 3 (22)
Regeneration 3 (19)
Toughness 3 (16)
Elementalism 2 * 2 [Fire, Air] (12)
Occultism 2 (10)
Constructs 2 (8)
Endurance 2 (6)
Speed 2 (4)
Destroyer 2 [Personal] (2)
Senses 2 (0)

Melee Weapon [Special, Heavy] (15)
Universal Maps (5)

No Synths then. Meh, it doesn't matter. It's thematically appropriate.

>> No.49720529
File: 1.05 MB, 733x539, Quest - Special.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No Synths then. Meh, it doesn't matter. It's thematically appropriate.
It would just be less Synths. Not zero. You have 26 of them, thats pretty insane.

Also, I like the build. If you want to stick around im dropping an update fairly soon. Its going to change quite a bit with your build.

>> No.49720551


The basic of this build is that I would quickly create one organism of two parts: one part that is able to recieve my commands and thus biologically control the other organism. The second one is more or less an external HDD but for my brain. It receives all the data I cannot physically remember and holds it until I want to retrieve it for use later. Physically, it might look it looks like a number of flowers growing on a vine that circles around my head with its tendrils leading into my skull.

The point of this all is that the first thing I'd do is make my way to Pale Orchard. There I would speak to each of the animals, one by one, and ask them to teach me all about themselves. My particular interest would be in those that use magical abilities, eg Basilisks and whatnot. They'd teach me how to use their abilities and in return, idk. I'd do 'em a favor.


>> No.49720574

Soon enough, I'd know enough about their magic that I'd be able to create a magic eye on, say, my chest that is able to freeze people into stone. It stands to reason that if regular spells are empowered by your being an Incarnate, that Beast Magic would be too. Basically, I'm as much a mage as any occultist, it's just that the entire world is a spell-book to learn from. If left alone, it wouldn't take more than 100-500k or so years before I become a little powerful enough to defeat any Incarnate due to the sheer variety of spells available to me. Not that I'd stay on PO for long; it's just the first stop, of many.

>It would just be less Synths. Not zero. You have 26 of them, thats pretty insane.

I only bought one helping of Synths. The 26 is just 44 minus their cost.

>> No.49721089

Here you go.


>Survivalist has been improved and turned into a tier 1 power
>Several new Companions, check out Mirana, Rorke, and Bathory.
>Few new quest.
>New Patron quotes and Prime Angels get a special item addedd the Atram prayer beads
>Magic shit added in the Equipment section
>Spirit Gifts have changed a bit. The World and Strength get new Perks.

And finally, a new and special Drawback added.

Ill be up for a few more hours to talk with everyone here. Sorry that this update isnt as big as Id like it to be, im just real busy.

Also, ive taken a name. Its Lodoleth if you need to find me in a thread.

>> No.49721104

>The point of this all is that the first thing I'd do is make my way to Pale Orchard.

Did anyone else get the Pale Orchard reference?

>> No.49721194
File: 93 KB, 662x850, Monolith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit, forgot to mention. The Lover now gets 28 Power Points.

>> No.49721369

>Choosing anything but intrinsic
Summon Matter

I can go anywhere, learn anything from anyone and make said thing with materials that I conjure.

>> No.49721442


>>Pale Orchard

Order Of The Pilgrim Knights
>>SCP Weapons

All My Friends Are Monsters
>>Fall O' Aeian

Crown Of Loren
>>Isles Of Laguna

Gray Aegis
>>Tomb Of Angels

Atram Palm

Spartan Shields
>>Devil's Nest

Vibro Blades
>>Liquid Sky

Athena's Gun
>>War Of Consumption

Sword Of Edicts


>>Synth Uprising
I'm siding with the synths wtf? This isn't even a question. Anarchist revolution, yo. Not that I'm even an Anarchist, really, desu.

>>Xurel O
With the Queen. This is going to be a mess desu.

>>Titan Wars
Why wouldn't I side with the FoB?

>>Quiet SOS
You can't leave Missing Stairs places like this and the Devil's Nest alone. They don't stay isolated, and even if they did, it's not right.

Bloodstone, always.

Replacing Athena for the Countess. I'm not going to kill the religious sect, that's not my business, but I would definitely help her people with the curse.

>> No.49721506

Items are also good; not only are they cheaper than Lifelong, you can get them back if you deposit them somewhere, someone steals them, and/or you die.

The other two are only good if you want to play hard mode with nine Lifelong powers and either an Item and five Consumables (for Wildshape, arguably Familiars, etc.) or a tenth Lifelong power.

>> No.49721525

I'm adding Speed 1 to my build to better my reflexes. Then to TL's, I would add Stylish 2 and Mentality 1.

For the greatest chance of success in all the quests, I would do them in the order:

Atram Palm for the ultimate defensive combat style > Pale Orchard for the chance to interact with a shit ton of monsters and thus learn their skills and to get Knight Bros > Isles Of Laguna for the Aegis and yet more monsters > Fall Of Aeian. This is where things get very heated and as a group we get bloodied in actual war. Assuming we survive, and win, I'd abdicate the throne to an actual elf. > SCP Weapons for new reinforcements and a wide variety of cool new ways to fight > Xurel O. This'll be hard regardless but with 4k elite troops? I'll at least have a decent honorguard to defend me. > Liquid Sky. Countess will be doing 99% of the work here. I'll break up the gun and keep the soul for later > Synths. Lmao. This is easy af compared to all the rest. I'll give the planet to >>

>> No.49721578

the titan beast to watch over. I think the Synths will appreciate having something like it around as the first line of defense against any Corpi-Cell incursions. > Quiet SOS. Yeah, a lot of us might just die here but this has to be dealt with. Anyway if we survive, then with the bloodstone we get to go to the >> Devil's Nest and yeah. It'll be ridiculously easy to blow everyone the fuck out, even alone. The main issue will be politics, but between the Jeweled Maiden and Countess, meh. > The Nanites would be something I'd inevitably end up called to deal with by the FoB. He might have some other Incarnates & TBs to help, I hope. I'd use scanner to figure out what at least 10% of the bots are made up of, then create a plague that destroys said material to start. > War Of Consumption. Thank God for Alfonso. > Titan Wars...I'll just act as support.

This would definitely take decades of work.

>> No.49721616

>4k elite troops


>> No.49722397

>All those changes
Whelp, Guess I have to redo my build again.

>> No.49722535

Can you take Bad Blood more than once to piss off more than one potential patron?

>> No.49722806

Oh my god... the CRT-autist and the Shitposter are both in the thread. That's legendary.

>> No.49722813

The shape of the universe is probably a hyperbolic volume that ends up wrapping itself back around on itself if you go far enough. Kind of like the surface of a planet when you get back to the start if you go in the same direction long enough, except instead of being finite it's also infinite. As in, there's infinite volume there, but you can get past that by covering finite distances. Hyperbolic geometry is weird.

>> No.49722867

>A limitless supply
So if I want to dual wield two of the exact same weapon, I only need to buy it once?

>> No.49722920

I am pretty sure there would be some kind of shitstorm what with mandatory overriding of your sexuality. There probably should be an 25-30 option to remain as is. Other than that i like it and waiting for it to be finished.

Popular models would be more of the Thin type

>> No.49722941

Who and who?

>> No.49722994

>I am pretty sure there would be some kind of shitstorm what with mandatory overriding of your sexuality. There probably should be an 25-30 option to remain as is. Other than that i like it and waiting for it to be finished.
There won't be a shitstorm necessarily, but it is one of those things that absolutely turn me off from a CYOA. And, no, giving me a huge arbitrary tax that I have no choice but to pay just so I can enjoy the CYOA in terms that I can understand without actual magic affecting my actual brain is not a solution.

The CYOA should let you stay the same as you are already for free, and possibly add buyable options to change yourself. Otherwise it doesn't work.

>> No.49723007

Actually, I'd put SCP weapons ahead of Fall Of Aeian. After that would go Quiet SOS. There really isn't a better place to have a bloodstone than when you're facing the forces of Hell.

>> No.49723074

Someone with a monitor with a smaller resolution than a phone.
This guy

>> No.49723079

If you don't like it, then you obviously won't even get that box from the unknown person to begin with, and so the right move would be to ignore the CYOA and move on. Like for example I'll ignore that CYOA that implies my cooking skills suck to that extent.

I swear some people never bother to read the intro.

>> No.49723084

it has nothing to do with that.

If I do that, then people come out of the woodworks and finangle the operation of going from guy to girl and wriggle out some arbitrary meaning on their own. I've seen this, as I go to TG threads on /d/.

You have people that say, "oh, you are a girl now. somethingsomethinghormonessomethingsocialconditioningsomethingsomethingmuhdick I guess I'm a cocksleeve now." and other people who say "well I like girls before so even afterwards I will still like girls."

And I don't want any pseudoscientific garbage being tossed back and forth by retarded buttmad anons anywhere (it will happen) so the ability to just choose any sexuality you like as opposed to building a shaky logical argument as to why girl-you should be <any arbitrary sexuality you want> is the kind of thing I'm going for.

>> No.49723120

Learn to fucking read. It's not about being any sexuality you want. It's about being the same sexuality you ACTUALLY are. In real life.

Because while you CAN pretend to be some other sexuality just fine, it's not going to be fun or arousing or anything else other than as an experiment to YOU in REAL LIFE. And people aren't doing this as a thought experiment.

>> No.49723147

Please see >>49719391

>> No.49723175

>reading comprehension
You need it more than I do.
Nigga that is not what is being discussed. If there is an option that says, "whatever sexuality you currently are," INEVITABLY, anons will say, "well the sexuality I AM is going to be different if I am a girl." THAT'S what that kind of option is going to provide.

Could you calm down? I see you and your posts.

>> No.49723182
File: 304 KB, 722x768, 1337099012343.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn't that what "We just don't know" is for?

>> No.49723208

NO, what I'm talking about is
>mandatory overriding of your sexuality
Nothing else.

Like I said, it's complete bullshit to have a huge as fuck arbitrary tax that you MUST pay in order to be able to enjoy a CYOA at all. There are just some things that you can't magic away with the power of CYOA pretend, and the real world personality of the reader is one of them.

>> No.49723214

Thread is on autosage. Un-full thread is here >>49704302

And new /d/ thread >>>/d/6999780

>> No.49723218

Look, i am not opposed to becoming a girl. Usually i imagine if i will become a girl i would date girls, but also boys sometimes(it's just there would be too few boys i would like as i am not really into boys). But depending on points limit in there, i would actually consider Boy-crazy as it just makes life easyer as the choice of straight boys is magnitudes more than of the gay girls. It's just the mandatory mind change that is bothersome.

Overwriting anon's personality is always a risky move in terms of potential whining. When option says you become more hardworking or prone to anger or cowardly, it's one thing, people usually don't complain, but when it comes to sexuality it usually means trouble.

It says it have to be something unusual, doesn't sound like you remain as is.

>> No.49723224

What... it absolutely does work. You're changing your body to a massive degree, that will have multiple serious changes to your psyche.
How DARE you say not every cyoa should be catered to one specific person!!!!

>> No.49723227

That's not the /d/ thread, this is >>>/d/7066540

>> No.49723228

Wrong /d/ thread kiddo.

>> No.49723239

Wrong tab, sorry.

>> No.49723242

>What... it absolutely does work. You're changing your body to a massive degree, that will have multiple serious changes to your psyche.
No, you're pretending to change your body, which works with the power of imagination. But you can't pretend to have different desires no matter how hard you pretend. That's why it does not work in absolute terms.

>> No.49723254

Just think of it as an increased libido? And if you need to pay to keep bi/other, that's not mandatory, just free points if you don't keep it.

>> No.49723286

I have provided options for all possible sexualities
Just choose the one you currently are. What are you fucking complaining about?

"Unusual" only in terms of "it's not JUST straight/gay/bi but can be called something else."

It's JUST an "other" option. Gay/straight/bi/other.

Whatever you are, you fit into one of those categories. I even tell you that you can have very nuanced preferences by saying as much under Boy Crazy where I say that you can prefer, for example, chiseled hunks or bishie boys. I mean, fuck.

>> No.49723298

>you can't pretend to have different desires no matter how hard you pretend.
You aren't.
You like girls now? Then buy the yuri option.
You like boys now? Then buy the straight option.
You like both? Buy the bi-scum option.
You want to be a super special snowflake-sexual? Buy the super special snowflake-sexual option.

There is no argument. Saying your sexuality stays the same is the same as taking the option that corresponds to your sexuality.
Or are you afraid to admit you want to be fucked by a boy?

>> No.49723314 [SPOILER] 
File: 461 KB, 870x722, 1476119879157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, it's time to stop shitposting.
Wanting to be a cocksleeve is, and forever will be, gay.

>> No.49723329

>I have provided options for all possible sexualities
The problem is I have to pay for it to stay the same, which is bullshit. WHY is it a good idea to have a mandatory tax that it's impossible for me to function in the CYOA without?

See above.

>> No.49723342

because being bisexual is pragmatically more advantageous to your sexual satisfaction than being either straight or gay.

>> No.49723369

I'm not comparing myself against others, I'm examining the only possible way for me to enjoy the CYOA.

>> No.49723384

>extra 10 points
>huge as fuck

I'm sure that all it encompasses is everything that isn't homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. If, say, you only want to like certain kinds of girls like tomboys, then it'd reasonably fall under the yuri option and you'd still get to remain as is. At least that's how I see it.

In other words, treating them as sets:

Let the set of all sexualities be ξ.
Set A: girls only
Set B: boys only
Set C: both boys and girls
Set D: everything else
Obviously, A∩B = B∩C = A∩C = O.
According to the description, D is the compliment of A∪B∪C. So D = (A∪B∪C)'.
So A∪B∪C∪D = ξ.

Thus, your sexuality is guaranteed to fall under one of these 4 choices. I don't see the problem.

>> No.49723397

Yes, and congratulations, you have to surprisingly pay more to keep your sexuality that is otherwise objectively "better" than the other two main ones.

>> No.49723421

Why am I being disadvantaged against others? That's completely unfair and it pisses me off.

My sexuality is not objectively better than anything else. It just is what it is, the only one I can have.

>> No.49723435

I disagree. Sorry.

>> No.49723456

You'd love the old body mod section in slut life.

>> No.49723468

The fact is that some people get more points than me by default with the exact same impact on their fantasies and enjoyment. There's no way you can disagree with that.

I never could stand that pdf monstrosity.

>> No.49723483

>waaaah I have to pay for stuff
Go suck a cactus.

>> No.49723511

I'd be fine with it if everyone had to pay the same.

>> No.49723522

You are not going to convince me to let you have your unbalanced sexuality for free.

You will have to pay what is a relatively miniscule cost to keep it. This is going to be a CYOA with many, many points. An extra cost of 10 is not going to hurt you. Stay mad.

Y'know what pissed me off? When the guy who made the thing that inspired me made the yuri route cost 50 points instead of the 20 points that the straight option costed.

Do you know what I did when I was bothered by that? Started creating OC.

>> No.49723538
File: 88 KB, 663x516, 2.2.2 body mod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now in disgusting image format.

>> No.49723580

I guess you haven't gone to a weeb board long enough. Anyone who does will know the reason behind the different prices.

The reason why the yuri option costs less is because there are plenty of guys (on /a/ at least) who love SoL and want to be a little girl to do /u/ things with other little girls.

The reason why the het option costs less is because of doujin convention, which is such that guys genderbent to girls will end up enjoying the dick regardless of their previous sexuality.

Whatever your sexuality was, if your sexuality is neither, a lower cost is not justified. By the way, the reason why the bi option costs more than the yuri or het option is because getting both cancels out the lowered cost due to the reasons given above.

For the record, I'm planning to take the more expensive "We just don't know" option, even though it costs more. The reason I'm not sperging out like you is because I know and understand the reasons behind the different pricings, while you don't.

>> No.49723591

Fuck you're a whiny baby.
OP, please make the bisexual option cost even more. Do not under any circumstance bow to the demands of a whiny baby.
Do you not understand how cyoas work? You make a choice and suffer the consequences. You want to both suck dick and lick clit, and so you have to pay for that.
Your dating pool is bigger than a straight or gay person's, so naturally that can't cost the same.
That would be unbalanced.

>> No.49723603

How is my sexuality unbalanced? Someone who only likes one or the other isn't negatively impacted by that fact. They just form their fantasy around whatever it is they like, and they enjoy it. Meanwhile I have to pay more for the same thing.

I literally have a tax that I must pay, or I have to live with a dissonance between my CYOA build and my actual desires (which I can't change by picking options on a list).

And I see that you just aren't willing or able to understand my point, so I guess that's that. I really liked your previous CYOA, but you're pissing me off by singling me out too much now to enjoy this.

And I've made plenty of my own OC too, so don't know where you want to go with this.

It still looks like crap.

I don't give a fuck about what other people are picking, I just give a fuck that they get more enjoyment out of it than me because they can pick more things.

It's not like it'll impact me.

>> No.49723668

The pricings are because of conventional stereotypes (either yuri-centric SoL or genderbent slave to the D doujin), not because of people's choices. If you refuse to understand it, then that's too bad.

>> No.49723696

That's already how it is. Anyone who wants the same option pays the same.
What you're suggesting punishes everyone who isn't bisexual. Hell yeah I'd want to be bisexual if I were a girl, I'll gladly pay for it.

>> No.49723747

I don't give a fuck about stereotypes, I care about choices. Nobody is actually getting anything out of enforcing stereotypes.

I really don't know why you think this is valid reasoning. I mean, if I tried to think it through, I'd price it opposite. Because the people who like the stereotypes most are already pandered to by manstream media the most as well.

It's like a sick joke. I already have tons of trouble finding porn that I like, so that's a valid reason to also make it more difficult for me to enjoy a CYOA? Wow.

You only enjoy the thought of it intellectually, it isn't actually doing anything for you unless you really are bisexual. Therefore you wouldn't enjoy it more when it comes to the final effect your build has on your fantasies.

>> No.49723764

>I just want to be a special snowflake given special treatment
Wew lad

>> No.49723782

You're buying a worse deal for yourself to get your dick hard, I'm not sure why being a loli shouldn't be cheaper with that in mind. Trying to attack common /tg/ fetishes is just going to make all your players frustrated.

>> No.49723783

I want equal treatment.

>> No.49723789

Ah. I see. CYOAs can be unbalanced so long as they benefit you. Got it.
Just use the meta cyoa to get double points, or say screw it to the points and pick anything you want.

>> No.49723793

Do what anyone else would in the situation: make "your own version" using your clumsy graphical design skills, pretend to be the original creator while posting it, and start a gigantic thread spanning shitstorm and keep it alive in order to propagate the validity of your "true version" which is made specifically for your tastes.

>> No.49723820

I'm not getting any extra benefit out of it, how hard is that to understand? Someone who only likes one thing only NEEDS one thing in their fantasy. The addition of another thing that they don't like isn't going to benefit them in any way. Meanwhile hacking off my real world desires is going to impact what I get out of it.

You aren't as funny as you think you are.

>> No.49723898

>Therefore you wouldn't enjoy it more
I plain don't agree. I like the idea of being a woman who has sex with a woman and with a man.
So I'll buy the bisexual option.
Because that's what I want. Just like I want the Endowed-titties option. So I'll buy it.
No you don't. You want me to pay more to get what you get natively. That is exactly what special treatment is.

>> No.49723914

Actually they did a study and bisexual women have less orgasms on average.

>> No.49724002

>I plain don't agree. I like the idea of being a woman who has sex with a woman and with a man.
Then you are actually bisexual already, simply with an extra condition to it.

>No you don't. You want me to pay more to get what you get natively.
I'm not getting anything natively. I have desires, that's it. That's not possible to change with the CYOA, the actual options that can be bought won't ever do anything to impact it.

>That is exactly what special treatment is.
Uh, no. That's the opposite of special treatment. What your're advocating is like a roller coaster with a "must be this tall" sign on it. That's what special treatment is.

>> No.49724003

See >>49723914

>> No.49724047

It's not actually. It makes things harder. You think you can just fuck anyone at any time so you have a bigger pool to choose from? It doesn't really work that way. Sometimes you want one and sometimes the other. And that makes things socially awkward even more, given social expectations against homosexuality AND against promiscuity or polygamy or whatever.

>> No.49724096

>simply with an extra condition to it.
Yes, being that I don't want to fuck guys as a guy. As in, I am not bisexual.

>> No.49724108

I'm bisexual and totally down with monogamy though. I'm on your side in the sense that being bisexual is no advantage (like I said, they average at being less sexually satisfied in their lives), it's just that not everyone has the same social problems.

>> No.49724109

A fussy bisexual is still a bisexual.

>I am sexually aroused by the thought of fucking both men and women but I'm totally not bisexual because there are different circumstances to each fantasy :^)

>> No.49724128

>they average at being less sexually satisfied in their lives
What you're saying is that bisexuality is a disadvantage, which makes perfect sense to me.

Other people just can't understand it because all they see is the good parts I guess.

>> No.49724160

>When the guy who made the thing that inspired me made the yuri route cost 50 points instead of the 20 points that the straight option costed.
Could've sworn it cost 30 points, not 50.

>> No.49724180
File: 6.36 MB, 1200x5000, Fixed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Having more choices is bad
You convinced me.

>> No.49724184

You're confusing cause and causation. Bisexuals get easier orgasms. That's why women with less orgasms become bi.

>> No.49724190

>there are different circumstances
Yes, that is precisely what I said. Circumstances are very important. A guy fucking a guy isn't attractive in the slightest to me, but two girls is.
A guy can like anal sex, but not when he's the one getting pegged.

>> No.49724200

You're an asshole.

>> No.49724224

Yes, sure, but you still ultimately are a bisexual, even though you aren't able to express it in a way that you'd like and will live your life as a heterosexual for all intents and purposes.

But we are discussing fantasy here, anon. Your real circumstances don't matter.

>> No.49724226
File: 51 KB, 480x480, 911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao like a fucking 5 year old

>> No.49724232

And you're a hypocrite. Don't complain about having more choices being bad if you want more choices.

>> No.49724242

That wasn't me.

>> No.49724252

>impersonating someone with a tripcode

>> No.49724304

>you still ultimately are a bisexual
But I'm not since I don't want to have sex with men.

>> No.49724318

But you are since you do fantasize about it. Denying your desires doesn't mean they don't exist.

>> No.49724379
File: 2.12 MB, 300x184, anigif_enhanced-15942-1400784610-9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well than, who are you to call me an asshole? They said having more choices is bad, so I gave them fewer choices, they didn't want to be taxed for their sexuality, now they aren't. I have given them exactly what they asked for.

>> No.49724406

Will you be happy if we agree I would like to be a bisexual girl?
I feel like you should get one victory today.

>> No.49724449

You still have the wrong person. I'm the one who was complaining, the one who called you an asshole was someone else.

And you didn't give me what I asked for, but you didn't actually make the CYOA worse for me either, so I'd accept the change if you were actually the person making it.

That's where we started, anon.

>> No.49724453

Please stop arguing. Nobody actually disagrees about the facts. It's just an argument about the definition of "bisexual". But definitions are just things we come up with to describe facts. We all know the facts now, so don't care about the definitions any more!

>> No.49724475

It is a directly related argument to the one it stemmed from. He thinks he's "buying" something new. I'm telling him he was that way all along, or he wouldn't want to "buy" it in the first place.

>> No.49724509

Man I like how you're ignoring someone else telling you a fact about bisexuals (less satisfaction) just to vent a personal grudge against some other anon for no reason.

You're basing that on what?

>> No.49724523

>And you didn't give me what I asked for
I'm guessing you aren't familiar with The Labyrinth then?

>> No.49724607

>a fact
Anon didn't post the study he was talking about and so he did most certainly not post "a fact".

>> No.49724611

Chiaki is A CUTE

>> No.49724696

Being bisexual doesn't mean you get less satisfaction.

>> No.49724715

Lust (minor)
Gluttony (major)
Greed (minor)
Sloth (major)
Wrath (major)
Envy (minor)
Pride (minor)
Heart of Song
Endurance of Purpose
Firmness of Mind

There we go. I now work on propelling mankind to the spacefaring era.

>> No.49724721

bisexual = more promiscuous than homo or hetero

Yeah, now that's hardcore.

>> No.49724808

wtf, why can't i be bi any more?

>> No.49724839

Because you have terrible situational awareness.

>> No.49724848


>> No.49724904 [SPOILER] 
File: 542 KB, 1146x940, 1476126507275.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh, there's another way to enjoy any CYOA.

>> No.49724928

>+ Grows and evolves with you. As you obtain more power, so will the Lover. However, she will die instantly if you do.
??? If you do what?

>> No.49724946

That's pointless here.

>> No.49724957


>> No.49725020

Not at all. If numbers on a screen are making you unhappy and stopping you from enjoying your fantasy in the way you want it... you can just imagine different numbers and continue on with your fantasy.

>> No.49725022

Will there be a "keep your dick" option?
Either regular or futa?

>> No.49725055

It's not an issue. The issue is half that I feel the design decision is ignorant and unfair, and half that I got sucked into a long discussion about it like often happens here.

I'm not invested that much into the CYOA.

>> No.49725121

Oh, right.

>> No.49725201

If you ignore the rules, what's the point of doing CYOAs?

>> No.49725219

The original point of doing CYOAs, just without your hand being held.

>> No.49725262

Escapism. Escapism has always been the point of CYOAs. If you're ignoring the rules, then it's just about finding inspiration in someone else's world and imagination to form your own escapist fantasies.

>> No.49725310

Why would you want to be a shemale or futa?

>> No.49725344


well i didn't ask for that. i'm going to go >>49724904 and be bi anyway.

>> No.49725385

My point exactly.

Anon, that was just someone editing an image in hopes of trolling someone else. Why do you think there's a simple mspaint block over that part and nothing else? Durr. It's like you completely ignored everything else in the thread AND all common sense.

>> No.49725438

The irony is that this was exactly what I was hoping to avoid.

I hope you know it's your fault, too.

>> No.49725467

Don't talk to yourself, silly.

>> No.49725505

Because he thinks the real world works like his hentais.
It would be a real eye-opener if he did become a hermaphrodite. Imagine knowing you did that to yourself.

>> No.49725589

Vaginas are scary. Or they want both.

Personally, I'm too comfortable and used to having a dick to give it up.

>> No.49725638

What are you assuming would suck about it?

>> No.49725747

If you don't want to be a woman, why do you play a cyoa about being a woman?
Think for a moment. Who would be attracted to you? You're not a man and also not a woman.
>assuming would suck
This is a shot in the dark, sure, but I don't think hermaphrodites like it. Alternatively, why do you assume it wouldn't suck?

>> No.49725843
File: 130 KB, 442x353, 3106227b940f8ec8c051f52973715f73.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No idea. I just barely slid into the conversation.

>> No.49725863

Being bisexual is awesome because you have more options, obviously being a hermaphrodite is awesome for the same reason.

>> No.49725967

But who would want to fuck you? You're not a girl, and you're also not a guy.
At best you can find some fetishists but again, hermaphrodites in hentai =/= hermaphrodites in real life.

>> No.49725991

Well, considering the cyoa doesn't yet address of you get a new identity or not. If this transformation is happening to me and I keep my life through the process, I would pick different body characteristics depending on if there were a way to still have my dick. (Such as trying to skirt the line of androgyny)

Or, if I get a completely new life, maybe I would consider going for a full futa bombshell look and getting a job in niche porn.

Or, who knows, if it gets really kinky/tricksy, maybe "keeping my dick" means that it reappears on my wife and she'll use it to knock me up.

But, this all depends on what the cyoa allows.

>> No.49726057

I just want to remind you there is a /d/ thread for cyoas up. I think you'd prefer it over there

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