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Last Thread: >>51650920

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Nice digits.

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A few spelling errors but overall, I really love this CYOA.

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Part 2 incoming.

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Here's part 2

I hope you like it, anons. This took way longer than expected.

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>celebrating mental illness

Where did I think we were, I suppose.

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Does the type mean 1 from every section

or 3 in total



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3 in total.

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Saber CYOA when?

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It's not coming out man, give up already.

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>tfw my childhood best friend was beaten by her father and mother, and left with serious scars and burns
>her parents were both arrested and she went to live with an aunt in 3rd grade
>she was still beautiful (to me at least)
>in freshman year of hs we started dating and she had yandere tendencies
>always clingy, always worried, always saying she wasn't worthy. on top of this she stalked me sometimes to make sure I wasn't cheating and sometimes hit me (never hurt me really, she was weak but when she was really sad or mad she would kick and punch me, futile as it was)
>still loved her though, we took each others virginity and fell in love
>tfw one month after I proposed to her on christmas of junior year her dad came back from jail and raped and murdered her
If I see anyone act like this picture towards someone injured and sad like this irl I might just go ballistic

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>way longer than expected
It always does anon

Let's just go right to hell this time
>Loli, average bust, firm backside
Fun sized!
>Dependent, Harmless, Worshiping
Because I really don't want a trail of bodies and blood or the social devestation a loli could cause
>Tomboy, submissive, relaxed, filthy, neet, short, foreign
Swedish shut in nympho is a go
>Fetish, Youthful, video games, Forever
Perfect for the reoccurring comfy and occasional Adventure
>No quirks, fuck that noise
>Miracle/Abuse mix
>To please me
And tada! a fun sized sex-toy of a girl with really bad self-esteem issues who's latched onto me and wants little more than to be a live in toy/wife while we neet the day away again and again across the ages.

So now that you've gotten some experience making one, planning on doing one that isn't waifu stuff?

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>So now that you've gotten some experience making one, planning on doing one that isn't waifu stuff?
If I feel like it. i have no plans for any new cyoas right now. And I like making waifu stuff.

Thanks for posting your build btw, anon. Always nice. Doesn't sound like you want a yandere though.

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>Consent Not Required is a quirk

But that's how all normal relationships are, right?

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Create a Saber:
Neutral Neutral
>Archetype & Traits:
French Saber(Cool, Dutiful), Cruel ,Resolute, Mischievous.
>Physical Features:
>Physical Appearance:
>Number of Ahoge:
>Type of Ahoge: --
Heroic: Ceremonial
Modern: Suit & Tie

Luck EX (A + Ceremonial) – 13
Magic A – 13
Noble Phantasma A – 13
Strenght D – 1
Agility C – 3
Endurance B – 7
Total: 50
>Class Skills:
Territory Creation EX (Caster) – 16
Avenger C – 6
Presence Concealment C – 6
Total: 28
>Personal Skills:
Charisma EX – 25
Bravery B – 10
High Spell Casting C - 6
Information Erasure C – 6
Instinct D – 3
Total: 50
>Noble Phantasm:
EX Rank (15)
++ modifier (10)
Total: 25
Location , Anti-Army

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This is a Luck inspired build. Luck is in EX. Territory Creation is in EX too so it should help change the probabilities even more. A high rank in magic could help in the management of the territory and in dealing with some of the probabilities. Avenger rank C gives even more bonus to Luck based on how many people hate her. Charisma EX is used precisely to make more people hate her so she gains an absurd amount of luck. Noble Phantasm with Rank Ex and modifier ++ as Location it’s just to make the effects of the Territory Creation even stronger (and so, her luck) and call more people to hate her (and increase more her luck), that’s why it works better as an anti-army, although I suppose it could be used against unit enemies. That’s basically to achieve as close as possible to control of fate as it can, and batman plot armor.

Agility and Endurance are there to avoid accidental attacks from afar (a nearby city getting nuked, for instance), and so is Instinct D. Information Erasure it’s to avoid having other Magi knowing how her works.

Neutral-Neutral, Cool, Dutiful, Cruel and Resolute are there so she can do what must be done.

Sensuous and Mischievous are just because I wanted her flirting with me. Suit & Tie because I think it could look hot.

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Outdated version fail, anon!

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>Doesn't sound like you want a yandere though.
I deal with enough crazy on a daily basis, and I know from being a spectator just how much a driven woman can destroy entire social circles and lives. There's playing with fire, and then there's Darwin award level idiocy and masochistic self-harm.

Having a girl crazy about you is fine, but legit Crazy is no good. Get them some help and ease them into a better state of mind if you can spare the care and effort.
Have another cyoa

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> not wanting a psychology ill girl to restrain your rights as a human and force you to be scared for your life 24/7

You're such a dork anon I hope you see the error of your ways homo

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yandere is for anons who have never had a girlfriend

nobody wants a yandere irl

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File: 3.86 MB, 1600x2300, 5-16 little girl choices.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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I'll be applying the build to myself. Anyone want me as their cute idol waifu?

>Body Type
>Breast Size
>Hips, Butt and Thighs
>Yandere Type
Dependent, Harmless, Worshipping
Insecure, Tomboy, Wealthy, Innocent, Short
Youthful, Perfect Hair, Video Games, Famous (Idol), Self-Controlled, Beautiful
Closer, Religious, Decorator
Your attention, To please you

I-I don't know why I like you so much, and I know it's weird... but... But I need you! I can't help it!

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What happens if I take Monopolizing, Stalking, and Dependant, then take Self-Controlled? Isn't that basically the "normal" kind of clingy?

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Cool anon

you're only supposed to take 1 dream though

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Can be, self controlled is supposed to mean she realises she has a problem, not that she's actively approaching it.

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>listening to Smash Mouth shitty songs on repeat

This has to be some sort of torture along with Barney

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It would be weirder to only pick one when they're all things a loving yandere waifu would want. It doesn't specify you only have to pick one, either. So screw the rules.

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>Smash Mouth
What? Ew. No.

Getting your girl to sing along to this in the car is a special feeling.

>> No.51668989




Perfect Hair
Self Controlled



To please you

Not a fan of yandere, so I made a waifu.

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>The phone
My description for the perfect waifu requires loyalty, so I can be sure they will never cheat on me. Maybe after years and years of talking daily we can escape to heaven and spend eternity just having a nice conversation.

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sauce on the image for classical romantic?

>> No.51669034

I'll take the phone and warn her about all the danger's later in the story to avoid or prevent.

>> No.51669044

I really wan't a remake/upgrade of this one...

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The point isn't that the yandere only wants one goal, but which is the highest above the rest. Each goal has bits of the others in them if you think about it.

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bruh, I don't even care if that story's made up or anything, I felt that shit hard

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Regardless of whether or not this is made up, fuck. I was in a good mood, but hey. Hope that fucker rots if this is legit.

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That's news to me, because it doesn't say that anywhere. Picking multiple is a better way of showing what she wants, anyway. They're like personality traits, so it makes no sense to limit it to one.

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>It doesn't specify you only have to pick one
Well I'm specifying it now

break the rules all you want, just don't insult them please

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Thanks, anons. He went back to jail, sentenced to life. I imagine he gets buttraped every day by the biggest, blackest dicks in the joint. Makes it a little easier to be not soul-crushingly sad.

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Needs to be updated

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I wouIdn't know how to feeI if i were in your position. i dont know man. Im sorry

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I'm not really depressed about it anymore. I live a pretty happy life even if I do think about it every day. I know I'll never find romantic love again so I surround myself with friends. Might adopt a kid once I'm financially stable enough

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There's two sides to this meme, bro

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Name: Lindaswen Thereliel (goes by Lindas)


>Arcane Magic x3
>Summoning Magic x3
>Tactics x3
>Magic Refinement
>Maneuvers x2

>Valerie Bluewood
>Allyce Westhold
>Crale Edwards
>Tennie Northbreed

>The Great Hunt (every year)

>Paranormal Research


I was a orphan adopted by Lunestier groundskeeper. A teacher saw that I have strong innate magical skills. So I got accepted in the prestigious magical school.

Hopefully with my summoning magic and tactics I can basically become a general of my own magic army and I can use arcane magic to protect myself and support my army. After graduation my friends and I can go on quests to find treasures and lost knowledge and help protect peasants and kingdoms. After I become stronger, I can take over a old castle as base and start small Queendom of magical creatures summoned from the different planes. Then become a famous mercenary company and have my magic army help settle conflicts in exchange for extravagant gifts and titles.

Eventually have more titles than all those pompous spoiled students at school who wouldn't except me because I'm "poor" and "low class".

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I'll be applying the build to myself, and making it as close to what I'm actually like as possible (although since I'm going to be a yandere, obviously exaggerated to an insane amount.)

I don't eat much...

About the same as I am irl.


How I actually am in romance, although taken to its logical extreme.

All things I have somewhat, although again usually not nearly as much as the descriptions.

>Good Natured
Together forever!

That should add up to zero, right?

Can't decide between this and Miracle. Going with Abuse because Miracle seems like it'd be less likely to "work".

>To please you
Yes please.

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:) this makes me happy

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All rapists and murders should be flayed alive and fed to ants.

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Well it says you have mine, but you picked it and obviously have your own.
How does that work?

You gun get taken home tenderly

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I picked it because my fetishes have generally matched up very well with my romantic partners.

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Create a Saber

Lawful Neutral

Red Saber


Female Saber


Child Saber

Double Ahoge

Short Ahoge

Light Armor


Scantily Clad






Noble Phantasm:EX

Independent Action:B

Territory Creation:D

Presence Concealment:EX

Eye of the Mind(True):EX

Expert Specialization:EX

EX++++ Rank

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>mfw Henderson

White Mage

>> No.51669499

Body: Athletic
Breasts: Big
HBT: Average

>Harmless (-2)
>Eliminating (+6), Stalking (+4)
>Delusional (+4)


>Great Cook (-2)
>Perfect Hair (-1)
>Videogames (-1)
>Good Natured (-4)
>Protective (-5)
>Forever (-9)

>Closer (+2)

Origin: Childhood Friend
Dream: Your undying love

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File: 864 KB, 2469x915, DFO Priest Face Pinch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Legem Dei
Exorcism 3x
Summoning Magic 3x
Bardic Arts 3x
Teamwork 1x
John C. Icicum
Battle Royal
Battle of the Arts
Blind Date
Cultural Club(Cooking)
Student Government

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any new waifu cyoas for V-Day?

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Create a Saber
Lawful Neutral
Vintage Saber: [Kind, Servile], Cool, Confident and Mischievous.
>Servant Class:

>Physical Appearance:
>Number of Ahoge:
Thick Robe, Skimpy Outfit and Formal Gown.

Strenght: E
Agility: C
Luck: E
Endurance: D (E)
Magic: A (EX)
Noble Phantasm: A
>Class Skills:
Item Construction: EX
>Personal Skills:
High-Speed Spellcast: EX
Divinity: C
>Noble Phantasm:
+ Modifier
Weapon (Wand)

Magic Seiba is best Seiba. With EX item creation and EX Magic she can create a harem of hot Seiba homunculi! And with EX in High-Speed Spellcast I she can create new Seibas at an alarming rate! Then I will be the one with the most Seibas! Best build ever!

>Ridiculous parameters and skills
Cost is cumulative and EX in luck costs 23 not 13?

>> No.51669550

Forgot to roll

>> No.51669562

Rolled 4 (1d4)


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File: 1.43 MB, 2628x2328, 1398992683444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51669577

Rolled 2 (1d4)


>> No.51669589

This clash of ideologies won't fair well

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Not the Anon who posted the build, but I think they put their Luck at EX because they bought up to A, and have Ceremonial to boost it to EX.

As for their class skills, yeah, that's fucked. Territory Creation is not their class skill, it starts at nothing, not B like they made it. Item Creation starts at B for them.

So other than mixing up Item Construction and Territory Creation, they did everything by the book

>> No.51669638

You're correct Anon. I missed the Ceremonial Clothing.

>> No.51669641

There's no real competition here unless the space elf looks like my waifu.

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Where can I find more of this meme?

>> No.51669702

Your parameters of E (0), C (3), E (0), D(1), A (13), A (13) equals up to 30 of the 50 points you have for parameters, so you still got 20 left.

Your Class Skill of EX Item Construction only costs 16 of your 30 points since it starts at B from your class leaving you with 14 points.

25 points for Spellcast and 6 points for divinity sill leave you with 19 points.

What's with all the left over points, or just don't care beyond her ability to make Seibas?

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>> No.51669770

Pixiv and therefor boorus
Loving Expressions collected here:

Hurt Expressions collected here:

>> No.51669791


>> No.51669800

>No Celts or Germanics

>> No.51669822

I will take the chocolates. The will taste like disappointment.

>> No.51669859

Well rednecks are mostly of Irish and German descent.

>> No.51669876

Thanks man, do you or anyone else have what the original page looked like for me to compare?

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>> No.51670001

Isenbard seems like the best.

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>> No.51670057


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Archetype: Red Saber
Personality: Confident, Mischievous, Cool, Proud, Friendly

CLASS: (Best Girl) Saber

Gender: Female Saber
Impression: Adorable
Appearance: Teen Saber
Ahoge: Lone Emote Ahoge

Heroic Garments: Heavy Armor, Light Armor
Modern Clothes: Casual

Strength: A (13)
Endurance: EX (20)
Agility: B (6)
Magic: D (1)
Luck: C (3)
Noble Phantasm: B (7)

Magic Resistance: EX (16)
Independent Action: D (4)
Self-Field Defense: B (10)

Battle Continuation: B (10)
Bravery: EX (25)
Information Erasure: A (15)

Sovereignty: B+ Anti-Unit NP Weapon (13)
A weapon forged from the Servant's lust for battle, and powered by their will to fight. As a Saber, this manifests as an ornate, yet crude, bastard sword. At its strongest, can become an Anti-Army NP capable of cutting through swathes of men at a time. The NP is scaled to fit its wielder's hands, though even then, it will seem very large.

True Serenity: D+ Anti-Self NP Ability (7)
The Servant is capable of enhanced regeneration, though this rate is observed by one magus as incredibly taxing to its Master's mana reserves, though its potency is not to be underestimated. The ability is more effective when not under the duress of battle, and/or with sufficient rest, sustenance, and meditation.

>> No.51670075

> Most likely die but possibly gain the power to change the world.
> Become the motherfucking emperor in physique only.
> Blatant, if overly specific, reality warping.
> The love of another.

Damn, these are some hard choices, or it least it would be if you couldn't just abuse Doubles to imitate the other effects, albeit at a limited level.

>> No.51670090

Neck yourself.

Anyway, Dubs guy. Double the number of times I can use it (not *doing* anything new), double my effectiveness at doing just about anything, or even doubling my lifespan.

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Hey I didn't make it.
Here's the secret box.

>> No.51670148

>Not even MS Painting "posts" or "minutes" over the obvious indicator of otherness
It's like you don't even want to sacrifice your soul for the concept of Anonymous.

>> No.51670162

Harmless, Dependant, Delusional
Submissive, Wealthy, Relaxed, Gifted, Innocent, NEET, Short, Foreign, Scarred Classical Romantic
Fetish, Youthful, Videogames, Motherly, Good Natured, Self Controlled
A Family

>> No.51670172
File: 683 KB, 1200x800, Character ClASSes Panties.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 5.36 MB, 2500x2400, 1436104217875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51670318


>> No.51670335 [SPOILER] 
File: 675 KB, 828x681, 1486785933145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51670507


>not opening the box and enjoying life

>> No.51670665

slanon, you mentioned that you're using HTML+CSS to formal SL now, can you make that available on your megadrive? Once I have some time to burn, I want to make an interactive SL template.

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>> No.51670702

Body Type: Athletic
Breast Size: Big
Hips, Butt and Things: Thicc

Harmless (-2); Worshipping (+1); Delusional (+4)
Subtotal: 3

Confident(1); Dominant(2); Wealthy(3);Relaxed(4);Gifted(5);Filthy(6);Relaxed(7); Pessimist(8);Tomboy(9)

Fetish(-2);Youthful(-3);Perfect Hair(-1);Protective(-5);Beautiful(-5);Together(-7);Self-Controlled(-6); Talented(-3);Forever(-9);Video-Games(-1)

Closer (+2);Decorator(+2);Collar(+4;+2);Bondage(+3);Teasing(+3);Love Bites(+2);House Husband(+4);Feeding(+2);True Friends(+3);Romantic Trip(+3);Marking(+4;+2);Connections(+3);
Subtotal: 39

Total: 0

To Please You
If you have beta and masochist tendencies it becomes easy to find a nice combination, even more with things like "wealthy" don't costing points.

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>tfw No More Memes is objectively the best option, but no one in my life would recognize me under its effects
>I can't bear to hurt them like that

Somehow being a loser is worse when you still /have/ friends and family.

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Thats the point.

>> No.51670760

Post your favorie CYOA

>> No.51670771

You are correct, the Luck parameter is in A and becomes EX with the Ceremonial clothe.

The image that I saw gave caster territory creation as standart skill, not item creation. Not sure wich is the "correct" one.


This was the last version posted that I saw, so I based my built around it.

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Okay, this is pretty sweet.

Have a Yandere.

>> No.51670782

Couldn't you just use Doubles to double the number of choices the CYOA gives you?

>> No.51670785

Is the Mystery Box the real world, or is it just another ironic, self-inflicted Hell?

>> No.51670808

>any option besides One Hour of Training

It even cures your depression, by replacing it with a burning hatred of Frieza!

>> No.51670815

There's no plot, so it's just the real world in an anime/hentai tint to it.

>> No.51670817

You know, at first I thought it was the girl's heart breaking. Then I saw the word Yandere.

>> No.51670819

All images that I found gave Territory Creation as class skill to caster. Where does it says that Item Construction is the class skill? I think you might be mistaken anon.

>> No.51670839
File: 360 KB, 800x2060, 1437272208393.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51670840

Item Construction says it.

>> No.51670845

>Take Doubles
>Double my Doubling powers
>Double my Doubling powers again the next month
>Get 8x gains, money, and productivity. in only 5-6 months.
>Take it again and it's 64x.

Best option.

>> No.51670850

So another ironic, self-inflicted Hell. This is all just to punish those who would actually wish for such things with how dangerous, depressing, or boring they'd actually be (depending on which one), isn't it?

>> No.51670861

Hum, you are right, but in the Caster description it says that the class skill is territory creation.

>> No.51670876
File: 2.54 MB, 1200x3000, 1441470042840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51670893

You've spent your choice by then though. As pointed out by another anon, you can quickly double your number of uses of the power before refresh, which will only increase at an exponential rate if you're committed to the growth of your conceptual super power.

>> No.51670911


Off to Golarion! Unfortunately, my CHA just dropped even lower. Got INT and STR boosts, though.

>> No.51670914

NO!! But you can use it like I did here >>51670845

Again, best option. Prove me wrong.

>> No.51670933

I'm here with the latest update! What do you think of it so far? It'll be out soon enough, and I have another project I'm working on as well.

>> No.51670950
File: 958 KB, 1200x5000, 1448361969824.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51670980

>there will never be a Functional vs. Object Oriented Civil War DLC

>> No.51671005

>Minor Boon of Lisp
>Minor Boon of Visual Basic (and also get cooking skill!)
>Minor Boon of Javascript

>> No.51671031

My CS major loyalty insists that I pick C++. Seems useful, too.


>> No.51671043
File: 274 KB, 1280x720, Otona Mitsuki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Athletic Body
Big Breast
Thicc Butt
Dependant, Worshipping, Stalking +6 (6)
Confident, Optimist, Dominant, Gifted, Filthy, Forgein
Fetish, Youthful, Videogames, Talented, Good Natured and Beautiful -18 (-12)
True Friends, Tech Savvy, Bondages, Love bites +12 (0)

A stunning girl, gorgeous, bicurious, loves threesomes and is not jealous of other girls having sex with me... because she knows our love is much more than physical attraction, is something spiritual (pretty convenient if she just don't kill every girl around me)

>> No.51671046
File: 2.11 MB, 1000x3000, 1373210679324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51671129

>tfw South Europe is the comfiest option

>> No.51671168

>red blooded Americans faction
Does not compute

>> No.51671178

I'd take doubling frequency of doubling over doubling the doubling, m'thinks.

>> No.51671196

Looking even more in the CYOA, I would say that it becomes more coerent using the class skills from the class description than only the skill description.

Lancer have magic resistance as skill in the class description, but in the skill description of magic resistance, it only says it's a skill for Sabers.

But in the end, yeah, if no class have Territory Creation as skill class, or Avenger Sabers are allowed, the luck build becomes vastly less powerful.

>> No.51671205

Honestly, I say double both.

>> No.51671210
File: 2.38 MB, 2000x2200, 1405635564251.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51671232


>Dependant (16)
>Harmless (14)
>Stalking (18)

>Classical romantic

>Great cook (16)
>Fetish (14)
>Monstergirl (10)
>Videogames (9)
>Motherly (7)
>Good Natured (3)
>Protective (-2)
>Beautiful (-7)
>Together (-14)
>Famous (-18)
>Youthful (-21)
>Perfect Hair (-22)

>Closer (-20)
>Romantic Trip (-17)
>Genetic, 3 siblings (-11)
>True Friends (-8)
>Connections (-5)
>Her's forever (0)

>Childhood Friend
>A Family

The scariest part about her is that she seems to have a small army supporting her.

>> No.51671233
File: 133 KB, 775x1523, 1333125771531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You try to be Monopolizing because you are like Insecure, Pessimist and Submissive?
You probably would like confident guys, remember that men also likes confident women, its all in your head you just need to remember you worth more than you think, because I believe it

>> No.51671319
File: 152 KB, 1052x744, __original_drawn_by_hjl__63c2b88a269ca5d651d486ee011d2672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>worshipping (+1)
>stalking (+4)
>delusional (+4)

>girly girl
>classical romantic

>great cook (-2)
>fetish (-2)
>youthful (-3)
>perfect hair (-1)
>videogames (-1)
>talented (-3)
>motherly (-2)
>good natured (-4)
>self controlled (-6)
>beautiful (-5)
>together (-7)

>romantic trip (+3)
>connections (+3)
>tech savvy (+4)
>drugging (+3)
>her's forever (+5)

>a family

Now this sounds pretty alright, except that I have a huge gender-bending fetish and I have a feeling she's going to help me explore it against my will by force-feeding my medicines and having doctors her rich parents can afford do things to me. I'm obviously not sure how to feel about that, since it's really just a fetish, but I guess I literally just have to live with it since I made my bed by saving her life and not turning her away. It's not like I'd be allowed to kill myself or run away, with how she is...

I hope our kids like having two moms.

>> No.51671356

Tried creating a yandere cat and mouse game.
>Body Type / Breast Size / Hip, Butt & Thighs Size
All Average - Typical anime heroine
>Type of Yandere
Dependent, Worshiping, Stalking, Delusional 10+15 = 25p
She's obsessed with having you and loving you. She pines for you every second, saying every life detail every minute.
Confident, Optimist, Filthy, Socialite, Scarred, Classical Romantic
Despite her scars, she can say "Be my friend" and it is so. She's that charming.
>Quirks (Don't know why they are after gifts. It would make the math easier.)
Closer, Romantic Trip, Genetic+, True Friends, Connections, Tech Savvy, Teasing, Drugging, Her's Forever 30+10+15 = 55p
Such miserable luck! It seems like every friend, neighbor, and acquaintance is pushing you to embrace your...lover. You jump from town to town fleeing her. The law enforcement, and even the FBI, only see this maniac as a cute lover who wants her Prince Charming. There is no hiding from this crazy woman and her crazy society, only running.
Youthful, Monster Girl (Cat Girl), Perfect Hair, Motherly, Good Natured, Beautiful, Together, Forever
15 points left, but didn't think the other gifts fit the theme. Anyway, her amazing looks and otherwise good character and personality give your escapades a psychological struggle. Why not just let the crazy girl do what she wants? Give in anon, not even death can save you.
Miracle and some Insanity
You were a firefighter who save her from her burning science school at the local college. She may or may not have started the fire by concocting a strong love potion. Whatever the case, she now has the strong delusion that you are King Arthur reincarnated to save his lovely queen, her.
Your Undying Love
What are you doing anon? She only wants you to love her like she loves you. Oh, that's right, you're trying to gain your virgin wizard powers, your own lifelong dream. Got it, no girls before 30. Well, good look with that.

>> No.51671409

This needs an Isekai high fantasy option.

>> No.51671439
File: 1.63 MB, 360x270, laughing death.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not even Death can save you

In fact, he's probably laughing at the protagonist.

>> No.51671571
File: 1.72 MB, 1448x1135, fluffy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51671585 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.11 MB, 990x1280, 1486792370836.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51671597
File: 364 KB, 640x900, musicshopv2p1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51671606
File: 382 KB, 640x1000, musicshopv2p2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51671620
File: 5.64 MB, 1800x2588, wish-fullfilment transsexual waifufaggotry the cyoa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51671643
File: 7.45 MB, 1200x7050, nightmare_waifu_p1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51671660
File: 4.82 MB, 1200x6300, nightmare_waifu_p2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51671688
File: 1.04 MB, 2000x1800, fantasy_race_cyoa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51671702
File: 1.82 MB, 1050x2050, escapism_cyoa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51671715

>Invisibility/Appearance Change/Enhanced Intelligence

Pretty neat.

>> No.51671746

i dunno why but i always felt like these two should be combined

>> No.51671749
File: 113 KB, 900x680, never again will we grab the flag at 300km per hour.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Urban Brawler is the only way to go for me and it fills me with deep sorrow to not live in such a hype timeline.

>> No.51671771

Fuck this gave me some feels
hoping that this histori is true

>> No.51671808
File: 203 KB, 1185x854, Human pet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here, have the reverse.

>> No.51671823

>Reject Grail
Wait so am I a Seibah clone in this case or do I still get a servant as per normal. Assuming the latter.
>Chaotic Good
>Red Saber (Proud, Mischevious, Confident, Wrathful, Resolute)
>Berserker since people barely build it
>Female Saber
>Adorable Adult Saber
>Double Emotive Ahoges
>Light Armor, Skimpy, Thick Robe
Do 2 different garments stack or is it only for the robe?

>A rank Strength
>EX rank Endurance
>B rank Agility
>B rank Luck
>E rank Magic
>E rank NP

>A rank Mad Enhancement
>C rank Magic Resistance
>C rank Territory Creation
>C rank Avenger

>C rank Monstrous Strength
>A rank Battle Continuation
>A rank Bravery
>D rank Mana Burst
>D rank Instinct
>E rank Divinity
>E rank Disengage

>E rank, Anti self, Equipment NP to bring Mad Enhancement down to E when I don't need my servant to go on a rampage. Active all the time unless A rank is needed.

>C rank, Anti unit, Ability NP that reduces the enemy's parameters.

Since servants are summoned for the grail war, and I chose to destroy the shitty cup instead, I'll probably find a lot of targets to use Avenger on. With Mad Enhancement, Avenger, and Territory Creation at their specific ranks, my servant would usually be able to vastly outstat the other, not accounting for their NP. Since it won't have a weapon, and wouldn't be able to use it properly anyway because >Berserker, bare hands and D Mana Burst would have to do. Battle Continuation on Berserkers is great and with a decent Agility, most distances shouldn't be too much of a problem to beat people's faces in.

>> No.51671868

>>tfw one month after I proposed to her on christmas of junior year her dad came back from jail and raped and murdered her

That escalated quickly

>> No.51671908
File: 3.83 MB, 1000x6500, 1435441714295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51671954

kek this is how I would expect the situation to actualy be like
but still those feels...

>> No.51672077

What exactly is the difference between one plus one more, and two?

>> No.51672079

You can only double one thing at a time.

Doubling the uses might let you go infinite, with the switch to 2/2mos. granting another use for those two months, and that use granting two more, then 4, then 8...

>> No.51672125

Become a Saber
Chaotic Good
>Servant Class:
>Physical Features:
Androgynous (Male)
>Physical Appearance:
>Number of Ahoge:
>Type of Ahoge:
Thick Robe, Ceremonial and Light Armor
Strength: D
Agility: A (EX)
Luck: A (EX)
Endurance: B (C)
Magic: A (EX)
Noble Phantasm: C
>Class Skills:
Independent Action: Pseudo-EX
Item Construction: EX
Territory Creation: B (Two class skills for Casters? Good!)
Magic Resistance: B
Presence Concealment: D
>Personal Skills:
High-Speed Spellcast: EX
Divinity: E- (Cheater Hated by Gods)
Golden Rule: C
Eye of the Mind (True): C
Instinct: E
Disengage: E
Battle Continuation: E
Bravery: B
>Noble Phantasm:
Anti-World (Cheater Hated by Gods: Nasuverseness of this world is irreversibly weakened. No Butcher. No Sixth Program. Fuck Angry Manjew. Even dickness of your average magus is lowered.)

>> No.51672181

>take phone
>blind self
>meet waifu
>happy laifu

>> No.51672217

did we ever find out what happened

>> No.51672224

My favorite build i've seen for this is the guy who got math throwing, and surgery so he could perform surgery by throwing shit from a mile away

>> No.51672317

that's legendary

>> No.51672361

>Dependent, Stalking, Monopolizing (9)
>Optimist, Tomboy, Innocent, Short, Classical Romantic
>Great Cook, Monstergirl (Lamia), Perfect Hair, Together, Forever
>Closer, Secret Ingredient, Decorator, Consent not required (6), Romantic Trip, Connections
>A Family

That was... a lot less murder-happy than I was expecting. Good on you, man.

>> No.51672448

this entire thing is confusing to read for some reason

>> No.51672661

source where

>> No.51672729

Elementalist, followed by Mechanic

>> No.51672765

I would pick Harem Master if I were a girl
Instead I'll take Fantasy Monster Trainer

>> No.51672833

Summoner is the only correct option.

>> No.51672851
File: 1.84 MB, 1500x4999, Tarot+based+cyoa_055e99_5384051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51672888


Me and the walking man become bros

>> No.51672892

Personally i'll double down on the Fool

>> No.51672997

I should be playing DFO
Grappler for life.

Empress, for a sort of easy mode

>> No.51673028

what a terrible artist. why do they all look completely assless? i know the fighter from DFO has that brazilian body.

>> No.51673082

Sorry everyone, life has been fucking hectic. I am going to finish UW though, we are nearing the beginning of the end.

>> No.51673131

He returns

The faithful rejoice

>> No.51673137
File: 514 KB, 724x1023, caster_saber.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Become a Saber
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Personality: Saber of Red - Wrathful, Conflicted, Honorable, Friendly, Proud
Class: Caster

>Physical Features
Gender: Female Saber
Impression: Gallant
Appearance: Teen Saber
Ahoge: Lone, long ahoge

Ceremonial (+NBL)
Scantily Clad
Skimpy Outfit

END C (D+ in Scantily Clad)
AGI C+ (A+ in Scantily Clad)
NBL A (EX in Ceremonial)
+ALL in Territory

>Class Skills
Independent Action A (EX free with "Become a Saber")
Territory Creation B
Mad Enhancement E
Magic Resistance C
Presence Concealment C

>Personal Skills
Charisma D
Mana Burst E
High-Speed Spellcast C
Golden Rule E
Bravery D
Clairvoyance B
Information Erasure EX
Divinity E

>Noble Phantasms
Shapeless Divinity, Unwritten Scripture: Founder of all Faiths (Anti-Unit/Army, A/A++)
Burial: The Divine Constant (Anti-Self, EX-)
Lunar Path: Flight of the Pagan (Anti-Army, C+)
Lion's Claw: Stone Ritual Knife (Anti-Unit, C)
Divinity Sight (Anti-Unit, E)

>> No.51673143

>dominant yandere
>doesn't mind you cheating on her
Nah. Hide the scissors before she permanently stops you from ever cheating again.

>> No.51673153

Oh neat you're alive.

>> No.51673157
File: 201 KB, 808x1199, d5dbb253469167e93d405fddf4844d1cd93e4a6780fee142202e86a294162092 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, sorry about that. I proimised i wouldnt leave anyone hanging.

You got a new Patron, 2 new Spirit Gifts, the "Wish", a new class of ship, and a few new Quest but thats only the start. Im going to make it as complete as I can.

>> No.51673170

>Shapeless Divinity: Founder of All Faiths
Rank: A
Form: Concept
Type: Anti-Unit
Grants the ability to make sacred vows (reality marbles), so long as the target has faith in Caster's Divinity and deliberately agrees to it. When honoring a vow and opposed by an enemy unit who obstructs the vow, Caster is enveloped by the vow, raising Luck to the enemy's Luck (minimum Caster's Luck) against the enemy. Completing a vow grants extra Divinity ranks, which diminish over time.
>Didn't even realize >>51668589 was a thing while writing this

>Shapeless Divinity, Unwritten Scripture: Founder of All Faiths
Rank: A++
Form: Concept/Location
Type: Anti-Army
As above, but only in Ceremonial. Condition: If the enemy uses a Noble Phantasm that is based in or significant to religious faith, the vow manifests as a reality marble, fully encompassing Caster, the enemy, and all allies involved in the fight. The marble is treated as territory granted by Territory Creation. Divinity is increased to EX while inside.

>Burial: The Divine Constant
Rank: EX-
Form: Ability
Type: Anti-Self
Divinity cannot go below rank E. Renders one's death null so long as Divinity is rank E or higher, respawning instantly at the territory core. Condition: Cannot null a death sourced from a higher Divinity rank.

>Lunar Path: Flight of the Pagan
Rank: C+
Form: Concept
Type: Anti-Army
Transports the territory granted by Territory Creation by slowly reverting the premises to its natural state. User must walk non-stop an extraplanar path within the territory core lasting two moons (1~2 days), disabling the territory's effects. Condition: When targeted by a higher Divinity or any of its followers/allies, the path is shortened to two steps.

>> No.51673184

>Lion's Claw: Stone Ritual Knife
Rank: C
Form: Weapon
Type: Anti-Unit
A knife that appears before those who are within the territory and wish to end their own life. It whispers sweet words of sacrifice and value to the wielder. Intentional, self-inflicted wounds are always lethal, which transfers lifeforce mana to the owner. The knife can be destroyed but reappears whenever conditions are met.
>I eat depressed people

>Divinity Sight
Rank: E
Form: Ability
Type: Anti-Unit
Can passively see if someone has higher Divinity ranks. Line of sight.

Height/Weight: 154cm/42kg
Series: n/a
Source: The First Priestess
Region: Unknown (Aurignacian culture)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: Female

Born from fragments of knowledge of the earliest pagan cultures, Caster has little memory of her origins, aside from a ritual dagger adorned with a lion's head. Who were the people she knew?

>> No.51673377



Wish: Create A Saber

Inspiration: Ned Kelly
Hereto referred as: K!Saber, "Kelly"

Class: Archer
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Archetype: Red Saber
Personality Traits: Confident, Mischievous, Tomboy, Kind, Resolute

Gender: Female
Impression: Normal
Physical Appearance: Adult Saber
Ahoge: Lone Emote Ahoge
Clothing: Medium Armour, Skimpy Outfit, Suit and Tie

Strength: D
Endurance: B(+1 in armour)
Agility: A
Magic: C
Luck: A
Noble Phantasm:A

Class Skills (2pts left over)
- Independent Action A
- Riding B
- Item Construction C
- Magic Resistance C

Personal Skills
- Disengage A
- Clairvoyance B
- Battle Continuation B
- Charisma C
- Instinct D
- Bravery D
- Golden Rule D

Noble Phantasm:
- "Smoking Guns", D+ Rank, Weapon (Rifle and Pistol), Anti-Unit
The rifle and revolver that Ned Kelly performed his final stand with. The rifle is intended for medium range engagements, and the pistol is intended for close range engagements, but K!Saber can dual-wield them effectively. They are no more powerful than any other non-NP weapon wielded by a Servant; however, both are able to create a thick cloud of mist or smoke that spreads over an area of ~80sq metres. Within this cloud, vision is reduced to a 2-3m radius, and K!Saber's movements become silent (her guns still make noise, however). K!Saber herself is, of course, unaffected by the cloud.
- "Bushranger Plate", B++ Rank, Equipment (Armour), Anti-Army (Self)
Armour that provides incredible protection despite its humble design. Against melee and magical attacks, it is only a B Rank Noble Phantasm; however, against ranged and thrown attacks, it counts as EX Rank.

>> No.51673384

Is the Hermit's companion in there yet? Didn't see it.

>> No.51673443

Thank you anon. This is my favourite build so far.

>> No.51673451

No, not yet.

>> No.51673495
File: 1.10 MB, 1235x2046, musclegirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The body type should give restrictions on other options.
>Harmless (13)
>Stalking (17)
>Delusional (21)
>Fetish (19)
>Protective (14)
>Beautiful (9)
>Forever (0)
>Talented (-3)
>Famous (-7)
A Billionaire philantropist
>Connections (-4)
>House Husband (0)
>Childhood Friend
>Undying love

>> No.51673539

>Be the yandere
>Body type: Curvy or Athletic
Personally I'm more into Curvy because this is anime-physics ie. curvy = curvy, and not curvy = fatty in denial. And physical attractiveness is important because I have to be the best, so Curvy would win over the thinner options.
Ultimately I'm not the one who gets to choose, I would change depending on what the person I am the waifu of thinks.
I like the idea of helping them get swole, so Athletic is still on the board.

>Breast size: Big
Gotta know that I'm the best. Again, I am banking on anime physics preventing sagging and stretch marks etc. that would come with that size in the real world.
>Hips&Butt&Thighs: Thicc
Could've used an extra option here between Average and Thicc. Again, it's important to show that the one I'm the waifu of is the best catch. I have to be the most attractive I can be, because that shows that they are so attractive and great. Like I'm an expensive watch.

>Dependant (17)
My sole reason for being alive is to be the best, for my husbando. I am alive to be the best for him. To prove that he is the best. I exist for him. I improve myself to be better for him. That is my sole motivatior in life - to one day be good enough. Compliments from anyone but my husbando are worthless.
My life is meaningless without my husbando
>Harmless (19)
Again, my existance is worthless. I am nothing alone. It's important to me that I never do wrong.
>Worshipping (20)
Self-harm barely hurts when I think of the results. Cutting meat does not hurt when I know how happy my husbando will know he has left a permanent mark on my skin. To know that there is no command that I would not do.

>> No.51673563
File: 5.57 MB, 1196x9994, ISLAND CYOA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a question, if i somehow gained inspiration from a certain CYOA to run a good ol' island castaway adventure, which system should i use? Unknown Armies has insanity scales for days, but i've been hearing that Savage Worlds is good as well.

>> No.51673577

>Stalking (24)
What my husbando doesn't know won't hurt him. And I can't risk anything. Not that I'll remove anyone he speaks to. If he cheats on me, I'll know. And It'll be because I was bad. I have to be better. It's not his fault she seduced him. It's because I wasn't good enough. I have to be better.
I need to be better. I need to up my game and learn more about my husbando so the mistake won't repeat itself. I'll need to learn all their fetishes to always appease him at all times, and never leave him with wandering eyes.
>Delusional (28)
My husbando is my world. That's a fact. Anyone saying otherwise is wrong.
>Monopolizing (32)
I have to be the best. He doesn't need anyone else. I should be able to care for all my husbando needs. Also, I'm naturally paranoid, so this doesn't change much.
I can't choose Isolating, as much as I want it. I can't harm my husbando.

That's true to reality, sadly
Gotta be the best, gotta be able to shower my husbando. Show my love in all possible ways. Just giving my life and love and body is not enough.
Duh. It's important to enjoy doing what pleases my husbando.
>Girly Girl
Also sadly true to reality
Can I take like, a half dose of this?

Shortstacks are the best
>Classical romantic
I thought of picking Gifted, but I won't risk outshining my husbando. That would be awful. I don't want to ever risk them feeling I'm "out of their league".

>Great cook (30)
Gotta be the best
>Fetish (28)
Have to be the best
>Youthful (25)
Need to be the best
>Perfect hair (24)
Must be the best
>Videogames (23)
Gotta be the best
>Talented (20)
Have to be the best
>Beautiful (15)
Need to be the best

I didn't want to pick Forever. If our love is truly strong enough, it can transcend death without divine intervention. If it doesn't, I wasn't good enough.

>> No.51673602


St. Flares
Ki Attunement (3)
Martial Combat (2)
Blue Magic (3)
Physical Training (1)
Monster Hunting (2)
Survival (1)

Marvin, Evergreen, Kaerulaus, Damian

The Great Hunt (5)
Security (2)
Blind Date (Mecheath)

Disciplinary Squad

Hated Prodigy

Pretty much a straight Monster Hunter whose decided to team up with his best bro, another monster hunter, and his druid and fey casters to hunt the baddest beasts around and steal their powers for himself to enhance his already powerful ki abilities. Uses weapons since most monsters need special materials to hurt.

At school he works on the disciplinary squad which has given him an intimidating reputation and keeps a lot of people from getting close to him. This also helped him land a security job at inter school events.

Went on a blind date with the information broker girl, but wasn't too interested since she mostly wanted to talk about people and not monster hunting. Still keeps in touch in case a rare beast shows up in her area.

>> No.51673613

Fellow readers of Universal War, what would your "true" build be, if you actually had to live out your choices?

How many of us would choose Fallen Demiurge or join The Conquering King? Unless my other Incarnates were hurting others, I don't know if I could justify killing them for personal gain.

I thought my "true" build would be the Star spirit gift and Aeon patron. I would use Fated to set me on the path to purifying my heart - at the end of the long journey I'd use Shenlong's wish to help the Multiverse.

But how can my journey end if I don't kill my other Incarnates? And how can I kill my Incarnates if I'm pure of heart?

>> No.51673616
File: 1.99 MB, 540x304, yandere licking clothes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Closer (8)
>Secret ingredient bonus (13)
>Religious (15)
>Decorator (18)
I mean, both just make sense.
Of course, my husbando is never going to learn about either of these.

Can't pick "Consent not required". I want the reversed of that, and that of Collar
>Marking (22)
Nope, don't need my husbando to be marked. I want to be marked.
Again, need the reversed of Bondage
>Love bites (24)
>Drugging (27)
Probably just mild hallucinogens and or aphrodisiacs. Not anything that would "make my husbando love me more". That's awful. If I have to resort to cheating, I'm not good enough, of course.

>Simply insane
Now that's just rude.
Childhood Friend is a possibility of course. I like the idea of growing closer as children, never being able to understand my growing feelings, never being able to portray them.

>To please you
I mean, that is literally my fantasy. To have my life, my existance, revolve around pleasing a single person. To be perfect for them. To have all the likes and dislikes they want, all the fetishes and whatnot they enjoy. To be perfect for them.
To live only for them. To improve myself only to be good enough, use them as motivation. Give up sovereignty to them.

Not bad anon. Very nice. The "Filthy" option hit the right spot, and you got a lot of great options. Would have loved various degrees of the yandere-archetypes, but I suppose I'll add that to the yandere cyoa I'll do much later.

>> No.51673621

Looks like a solid build, if not a bit boring on the Bushranger Plate. Provides protection is a basic function and not really worthy of legends because it's just not memorable enough. Might just need rewording to bring it up to B rank legends, especially if it has ++ attached to it.

Liking the fact that K!Saber has designated weaknesses against magic. Too many builds are really just "protects from everything, does one thing."

>> No.51673668

Were you planning on posting the first page of that?

>> No.51673670

Thanks for the feedback!

I only had a bit of the Magic Resistance skill in there 'cause I didn't really know what else to spend the points on (and I STILL wound up with points left over). If I'd had just a couple more points, I'd've dropped a rank in Magic Resistance and blown the rest of the points on another Rank of Riding (she's a bushranger after all).

The Bushranger Plate IS kinda boring, but in the context of Ned Kelly's final stand, he took almost twenty bullets at pretty close range without even flinching. The only way they were able to bring him down was by shooting him in his unarmoured legs. Scale that protective power up to a modern equivalent and add the power of a Servant, and you're basically looking at a wearable Rho Aias.

>> No.51673709

Forgot to add; K!Saber's vulnerability to magic stems from the fact that there's not an awful lot of blatant magic in colonial Australian folklore. Wouldn't make sense to be well-defended against something you don't even believe exists, yeah?

>> No.51673729

Either someone will seek you out to kill you, or you will be left alone. You don't have to kill anyone.

>> No.51673743

Minor boons of C, C++, and Java (plus Java's conditional Major).

>> No.51673750

You're supposed to pick exactly three Yandere types.

>> No.51673764

Misread the rules. Just drop the Dependent type.

>> No.51673784

I enjoyed this CYOA and spent way more time than I was expecting.

That said, here, have some feedback:

Has almost no effect on the character and boils down to a simple decision of which Class Skill you'd want to prioritize. There needs to be something else to make it more meaningful.
Probably needs adjusting since it's too variable in terms of parameter point value. Makes more sense if it just added +/-. Also needs clarification that only one can be worn at a time, otherwise builds like >>51672125 are going to be frequent.
>Points in general
Please list total costs for the varying purchase levels. It's much rarer that I want to know the delta cost between levels rather than the actual value, because I am mostly building with a budget in mind and don't want to do that much math repeatedly.
Too many points. The ranks present in most builds outstrip canon servant stats, partially because you don't use +/- anywhere except for NP, partially because of how easy it is to get EX.
>Class Skills
Easily too many points. I kind of expect there to be very little budget for purchasing cross class skills. Or at least, it shouldn't be possible to have EX in another class' primary skill. That seems like something only the specified class should be able to manage. Presence Concealment EX is really unsatisfying because it's essentially a tax on everyone else.
>Personal Skills
Feels pretty good. I definitely had to budget for that.
>Noble Phantasms
Had to do a lot of research. The cost of EX doesn't seem to match up to the established Type-Moon scaling and it throws the pricing and effects of the +/++/+++ add-ons off. There's also the issue of EX+ not being a thing. These aren't huge issues, but they force more research to verify where established canon ends and where your interpretation begins. The - add-on works pretty well.

Overall enjoyable but definitely overpowered.

>> No.51673833

Oh, really? I thought the "journey" referred to becoming a Demiurge.

If Shenlong's wish truly has no limits, I'm guessing becoming pure of heart is immensely difficult. It also makes me think Shenlong is somehow tapping into God's power.

>> No.51673836

Looks like the Bushranger Plate isn't the right route. You want a Last Stand NP instead. With the plate as is, there isn't much interesting counterplay.

Makes sense with the magic. Though that's sort of the reason why Type-Moon doesn't like to go into modern heroes; the magic and legends just aren't there.

Might as well fish for (You)s. Rate my Saber? >>51673137

>> No.51673845

The Journey is whatever you want it to be but becoming a Demiurge is probably pretty important anyways.

>If Shenlong's wish truly has no limits, I'm guessing becoming pure of heart is immensely difficult. It also makes me think Shenlong is somehow tapping into God's power.

Its hard but the wish can indeed do a lot. Maybe not anything, but its certainly one of the more powerful things you could get in UW.

>> No.51673878

Hmmm... Okay, what if I drop it down to a C++ Rank instead? As I mentioned, I'm trying to bring it in line with Rho Aias (defensive NP that's okay against melee, but is effective enough against ranged attacks to block a thrown Gae Bolg), but since that NP was never statted, it's kind of difficult.

As for your Saber's rating, I'll take a look now. Gimme 5-8 minutes.

>> No.51673881

You'd probably get a better answer making a whole new thread and asking /tg/ in general what would be a good island castaway system to use.

Personally I think savage worlds would work fine as they have some pirate expansions, cthulu expansions and others that you could mish mash together for an island horror castaway type of game.

>> No.51673940

Yeah, I like it! Have no idea what Aurignacian culture is, and I suspect it's obscure enough that not many people would, which makes it a neat piece of inspiration! I'm also a fan of a Caster!Saber build, very left-field.

If I were to name a couple tiny issues though; firstly, her Strength seems a little high for a Caster. Could you elaborate on why you made that choice? Secondly, how did you afford that many Noble Phantasms?

>> No.51673965

>And how can I kill my Incarnates if I'm pure of heart?

Oh, and this becoming a Demiurge would basically be considered your Divine right. Killing can be forgiven since you are trying to become a God that upholds the universe.

>> No.51674084

My first instinct isn't to drop the rank but rather approach the concept from a different angle. C++ could easily work though.

The Aurignacian culture created the first verified animal statue. It's basically a lionman. They predate Sumeria by a couple thousand years, ergo the most likely source of origin for the first priestess.

She's supposed to actually wield melee weapons frequently by donning the Scantily Clad armor instead of the Ceremonial. With B+ STR and A+ AGI, that melee is not something to sneeze at. That said, she isn't very coherent when fighting, so it's more of a sadistic desire to chop things up. Chalk it up to having Saberface as a Caster. (Yes, it should be similar to Lancer's reaction in FSN to Archer's blades.)

As for the NPs, I fucked up my math.
Shapeless Divinity is 10 (A) + 10 (++) = 20
Burial is 15 (EX) / 2 (-) = 7
Lunar Path is 4 (C) + 5 (+) = 9
Lion's Claw is 4 (C)
Divinity Sight is 1 (E)

Bump Shapeless Divinity down to A/A+ and remove Divinity Sight and we should be good. Alternatively Lunar Path could be worth nothing because relocating a territory is probably already a thing, in which case I'd have 3 more points to work with. The idea is that this Caster!Saber has an advantage against lower/equal Divinity targets and has an escape button for higher Divinity targets.

>> No.51674245
File: 306 KB, 800x600, Nemesis CYOA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51674326

>Entrance Method
Power Gem

>Physical Items
1. Auto-/ck/
2. Jam Session
3. NormieStation
4. Gaymen Piisii
5. The Rest
6. Stronk Gear
7. Fully Loaded
8. /lit/ as Heck
9. /o/ Hell Yeah
10. /fa/bulous
11. Ocean Man
12. Aesthetics

Bought with Min-Max [x2] (4)


*Be the Girl (0)
*Redesign (2)
*Reality Convert (2)
*Last Resort (2)
*Attractive Forces (1)
*HQ, HQ (1)
*Aether Orchestra (1)
*Multiply (1)
*Machine Learning (2)

>> No.51674405

Where's my TRUMP option? How am I supposed to make America great again?

>> No.51674413

Interesting idea with the hearts and spades. I take it you buy the variables at the bottom to customize your nemesis?

If so then
Serendipity: (female)
Sexual Tension, Interesting Conversations, Synchronized styles and "Quirky"

>> No.51674485

No more memes, man. Let it end.

>> No.51674553

First double uses per month, so I have used 1 of 2 uses, use second use to double uses per month giving me 2/4, use again...
I can have infinite use of double power.
With that I can do nearly anything, doubling something or doubling negative something to make it smaller.
Or if by some reason I can't double my doubling power 2 months per use still gives me shitload of time, while I'm immortal by doubling my lifespan, health and so on.

Restriction of "violate physic" is confusing as second suggestion is to double dick length, where extra material comes form? It violates physics.

>> No.51674612

>Restriction of "violate physic" is confusing as second suggestion is to double dick length, where extra material comes form? It violates physics.
It could come from your body itself as the cells are multiplied using said mass/extra fat to build cells/muscles.

>> No.51674711

Lolita, small, nothing.
Worshipping +1, stalking +5, monopolising +9.
Confident, wealthy, gifted, short-two heads.
Youthful +6, motherly +4, talented +1, beautiful -4.
Her's forever +1.
Simply insane.
To please you.

Legal loli, with the trait for good genetics, and good mother and wife.
Wealth to pursue my goals along with a worry-free family life.
Yep, good shit, very sad.

>> No.51674835

What happens if you pick the obviously best choice of Angra Manju?
Do I get my own church?

>> No.51674865

I think the intent was that the end result of the doubling can't be a violation of physics.

>> No.51674898

>oldest memes
fucking newfags i swear

>> No.51674906


>> No.51674962

Space Opera
Adventure + Cuteness
Love Interest + Home + Fellowship

>> No.51674998

Absolutely Anonymous + A Pirate's Life For You
This is For Everyone

>> No.51675018

Posting a fixed version of this:

Wish: Create A Saber

Inspiration: Ned Kelly
Hereto referred as: K!Saber, "Kelly"
Ideal Role: Mid-range combat, ambushes, shock and awe
Strong vs: Archers, Assassins, some Riders and Lancers
Weak vs: Sabers, Casters, Berserkers

Class: Archer
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Archetype: Red Saber
Personality Traits: Confident, Mischievous, Tomboy, Kind, Resolute

Gender: Female
Impression: Normal
Physical Appearance: Adult Saber
Ahoge: Lone Emote Ahoge
Clothing: Medium Armour, Skimpy Outfit, Suit and Tie

Strength: C
Endurance A (EX in armour)
Agility: A
Magic: D
Luck: A
Noble Phantasm: B

Class Skills
- Independent Action A
- Riding B
- Item Construction C (Armour Crafting)
- Territory Creation D (Siege Preparation)
- Magic Resistance D

Personal Skills
- Disengage A
- Clairvoyance B
- Battle Continuation B
- Charisma C
- Instinct D
- Bravery D
- Golden Rule D

>> No.51675019

Mecha for me. Who what to form a Robo Getter team with me? I want the jet/robot.

>> No.51675020

>One Hour of Training

>> No.51675029

Noble Phantasms:
- "Smoking Guns: Mists of Glenrowan", C Rank, Weapon (Rifle and Pistol), Anti-Unit
The rifle and revolver that Ned Kelly performed his final stand with. The rifle is intended for medium range engagements, and the pistol is intended for close range engagements, but K!Saber can dual-wield them effectively. They are no more powerful than any other non-NP weapon wielded by a Servant; however, both are able to create a thick cloud of mist or smoke that spreads over an area of ~100sq metres. Within this cloud, vision is reduced to a 2-3m radius, and K!Saber's movements become silent (her guns still make noise, however). Furthermore, a strong feeling of dread permeates the air, and K!Saber's Charisma skill is enhanced by one rank for the purposes of intimidation (though the Bravery skill will naturally defend against this). K!Saber herself is, of course, unaffected by the cloud's negative effects.
- "Bushranger Plate", C++ Rank, Equipment (Armour), Anti-Army (Self)
Iconic armour made of inch-think iron, bestowing incredible resilience despite its humble design. Against melee and magical attacks, it provides average defence; however, against ranged and thrown attacks (even at point-blank range), it counts as an EX Rank Noble Phantasm, and can effectively nullify them and any additional effects they possess.
- "Jerilderie Letter: Censure of the Outlaw", D Rank, Concept, Anti-Unit
Ned Kelly's infamous biographical letter, containing justifications of his crimes and various criticisms and condemnations against the police and their conduct. When fighting Servants of any Lawful alignment, their Luck and Endurance stats decrease by one rank.

>> No.51675053

Hour of training. Then go to the worlds martial arts tournament.

>> No.51675237

wojack/feels guy

call me boring but this one seems the best

>> No.51675311

harem master or super robot> all else

>> No.51675312

What is the limit on NSFW-ness on /tg/? Can I show anime tiddy if the nip is censored?

>> No.51675313

Uh. Haven't seen Kid Rad in so long.

Pirate's Life - I like that the author gets paid as if it was a normal purchase.
King of Games.
Information Gigahighway.

>> No.51675315

boring isn't really the word that comes to mind

>> No.51675329

dont forget to also censor gooks and chinks

>> No.51675370

then what is? the only other viable choice is dubs guy - and thats if you want to break the world economy and toggle godmode on

>> No.51675376

I wouldn't say stalker is violent at all, instead I believe that type would be in the possessive category swapping with isolating and replace the category violent to "Aggressive".

>> No.51675395

>if you want to break the world economy
>if you have a gun that means you want to go on a murder spree the second you see another person

>> No.51675414

most of the suggestions i saw were basically "double my doubling until its effectively infinite and then get infinite money"

and its not the most unreasonable of assumptions as its using the option to its full benefit

>> No.51675475

>i can't think anything up for myself, it's only the most simplistic option possible for me thanks, but only if i take it to the logical extreme
>of course, i didn't even think of doubling the most obvious thing (money) myself, i needed "suggestions" for it

>> No.51675512

Destroying the world economy, thus making all the money doubling you wasted your time on, is beneficial to you?

>> No.51675582

Technically i would prefer Bank Robbery for it's effect, but it's kinda a gamble if i can get away with it from the law, So i guess i'll take my chances with One Hour Of Training just like everyone else, would help me to get confident and cool and also probably earn some good money legally(not THAT much of course) with those kind of abilities.

>> No.51675663

no, which is why one shouldn't. but the kind of money one would have to generate to make the choice worth taking would have some detrimental impact on the eonomy

>> No.51675710

>until its effectively infinite
is only a mean to an end.
You can get your waifu with it by doubling her affection to you and your affection to her, as much as necessary plus you can use it in much more ways.

Even by 1 use/2 months you can multiply something by 2^x in months, that equals to 64 times in a year or 4096 in a 2 years.
Possibilities are endless.
Want to explore stars? Just dump 4 millennia of worth research into FTL in just 2 years.
Or if FTL is impossible speeding up conventional engines will get you to 99,(9) of c in ~4 years.
If somebody you care will get sick you can speed progress of getting the cure done or increase his healing factor.
Lack of equality in the world double it.
You favourite artist is lazy? Double his productiveness.

As long as you are minimally careful and not retarded then "double" is effectively phenomenal cosmic power, with no strings attached

>> No.51675736

Why exactly are you assuming that you have to get either 0.000% of the monetary benefit, or 1000000% of it? Is living for free and having anything you want WITHOUT trying to buy entire countries off the map not worthwhile for you? If so you're an idiot.

Also you're forgetting the even better uses that aren't about money. Double your lifespan, double your love, double your dick size, double your stamina, double your vidya skills, etc.

>> No.51675779

>double your lifespan
that would only work if one has a predetermined amount left to live, and would therefore fall under breaking physics

>> No.51675808

Yeah, if you want to play a game of semantics, sure. There's nothing non-physical about doubling your BIOLOGICAL lifespan, anon. It's in your cells. Its all perfectly material.

>> No.51675869

Would an EX+++ NP be enough to rewrite reality?

>> No.51675900

You might actually destroy the world.

>> No.51675919

EX is the the maximun dude

>> No.51675923

man...you made me feel

>> No.51675992

How many "Relive highschool but not as a loser" CYOA do we have now?

>> No.51676093
File: 49 KB, 332x500, SH Figuarts Tackle 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


15 points total
Body type: Average
Breast size: Average
H,B,T size: Thicc
Type of yandere: Harmless (13), Stalking (17), Delusional (21)
Personality: Confident, Optimist, Submissive, Wealthy, Relaxed, Well read, Filthy, Short, Foreign, Scarred
Gifts: youthful (17), Good Natured (13), Beautiful (8), Self Controlled (2) Motherly (0), Talented (3 from quirk)(0)
Quirks: Connections (+3). This shit is broken if used right.
Origin: Simply insane
Dream: Undying love

With the Connections quirk. Me and her could go kill drug lords and other criminals and she would get off scot-free, and if I end up separated from her, the cops that find me will make sure I get back home safely.

Pic related will happen.

>> No.51676113

Not to my knowledge.

>> No.51676171

it's more like "relive highschool except a cute girl" really

>> No.51676206

I'd go with a trappy rival, sexual tension, and quirky

>> No.51676238

EA and excalibur can both planetbust

>> No.51676337

I appreciate your OC, anon. Very nice. I think you understand the essence of the subject and its appeal.

[Free: 15]
Body: Fit
Breasts: Small
Butt: Firm
Yandere: Eliminating [+6], Stalking [+4], Delusional [+4]
Personality: Confident, Optimist, Tomboy, Wealthy, Relaxed, Gifted, Socialite
Gifts: Great Cook [-2], Youthful [-3], Perfect hair [-1], Motherly [-2], Talented [-3], Protective [-5], Together [-7], Forever [-9]
Quirks: Closer [+2], Romantic Trip [+3], Genetic [+3], True Friends [+3], Connections [+3], Teasing [+3], Drugging [+3], Hers forever [+5]
Origin: Simply Insane
Dream: A Family

>> No.51676440

>dubs guy
>double the ammount of time it takes to regenerate the power

Seriously though, it is the best option.
double iq to become the smartest if you want.
Double reaction time, endurance, skill and strength to become the best fighter/sportsman.
Double lifespan to become immortal.
Double land owned by you and rule the universe.
The options are litterally endless, as you can double those too if they weren't already.

>> No.51676691

>One hour training
I really don't mind spending the rest of my life training martial arts.
I will also analyze the series and try to learn more trchniques.
Then go live a secluded life somewhere on an island (probably southern hemisphere) that isn't likely to be involved in wars or other large conflicts but also isn't uninhabited.

>> No.51676818

Should be fine

>> No.51676828

Not enough

>> No.51677003

what do I do with this how do I play?

>> No.51677030

Never seen the pages past 5, and this is my all-time fave CYOA, maybe exempting the Dark Souls one.

Anyone know who made this? And if there's more?

>> No.51677088


>> No.51677107

>Good shit
>Tough Fighter
>Sexy Touch

Sign me right the fuck up, sounds like paradise.

>> No.51677133

Body type: Skinny
Breast size: Average
Hips, Butt and Thighs: Thicc
Types: Dependant, Worshipping, Monopolizing (6 points)
Confident, Optimist, Girly Girl, Submissive, Wealthy, Total Fucking Bitch, Relaxed, Filthy, Socialite, Short
Closer, Romantic Trip, Religious, Decorator, Consent not required, True Friends, Connections, Bondage, Teasing, Drugging, Love Bites, House Husband, Feeding
Total points: 35 + 6 = 41
Beautiful, Youthful, Perfect Hair, Fetish, Great Cook, Videogames, Talented, Famous
(If I could, I'd like to use my remaining points to buy more personality types)
Origin: Simply Insane
Dream: To please you

>> No.51677158

You play solitaire by picking options and imagine the results.

>> No.51677161
File: 4.11 MB, 2400x5648, 1417247318836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51677163

>Tough Fighter
>Fairy Friend
>Angel Wings

I require prescription goggles doctor! Fairy and I must fly fast!

>> No.51677183

This takes me back to when I just got to these threads. I remember not being able to choose between the Rogue - because the image reminds me of FemShep and her life sounds like a blast - and the Knight - because of how romantic it seems.

>> No.51677210
File: 6.17 MB, 1300x2200, 1398048984057.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51677359
File: 3.31 MB, 1000x6300, 1437354950125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51677381

Katana skills
Cute cloths
Angel wings
Fairy friend

>> No.51677384
File: 440 KB, 1280x800, 1393699134130.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51677401

I was thinking of my next CYOA being ww2/ww1 themed.

Anyone like?

>> No.51677410

Only if I can ride the bomb.

>> No.51677418

Who are you?

Also just saying its x-themed is about as helpful as telling me it includes images, if you don't have a concrete idea then don't bother telling us what it is.

>> No.51677429

Please more ww1 than ww2

>> No.51677430

does their magic work on Earth?

>> No.51677451

if it has waifus then go for it!

>> No.51677468

no those wars sucked from individual's perspective unless you're thinking about making a pilot cyoa where you customize your plane, squad etc

>> No.51677478

It would be like this
You'd choose

Yeah, I'd like to do ww1 quite a bit.

>> No.51677638

>One Hour of Training
I'm not very aggressive, so I'd probably end up meditating and trying to develop new ki techniques instead of conventional martial arts.

>> No.51677908

>Tomboy, Submissive,Relaxed, Filthy, Short, Wealthy, NEET
>Perfect Hair-12
>Video games-11
Now for drawbacks
>Her's forever-4
>House Husband-8
>Tech Savvy-15
Now add
>Simply Insane
>A Family.

>> No.51677917

that's not really a fairy, anon :^)

but maybe she'll love you enough to spare you when everyone else is gone including her

>> No.51677977

Nameless, Frolov, Alfonzo, Henderson, Dakimakura, Dark elemental

We're fucked and SHIIIT
Washington, Burr and T. Roosevelt
Tourist and collegiate

I'll gladly give my life for the greatest country on this earth (and for a green card)

Outlive universe
Entropy 5
Metamagic 5
Abjuration 5
Shadow 5
Trasmuting 5
Summoning 5
Calling 5
Healing 4
Longevity 4
Enchanting 4
Time 1
Prophecy 1
Scrying 1
Domain 1
Charm 1
Evocation 1

>> No.51677987

The eras (especially the 1st) could be pretty great and are rather underrepresented. The wars themselves, however, probably have much less potential. Though if you've got a great idea for 'em, all speed ahead!

>> No.51678153

Definitely would say no. Not just as a knee jerk reaction to the whole "You can take my appearence but don't you dare undress in front of a mirror" clause, but mostly because of the automatically bestowed immortality, which doesn't seem to have any way out.
And when you've done everything you can possibly think of, and the boredom unshakably settles in, that's the very definition of hell.

>> No.51678165

Do you always lose mind with Mad Enchantment in this?
Or you could have it manifest in other forms like with Minamoto or Kiyohime?
In that case it is yandere saber cyoa.

>> No.51678221

Yeah, that's definitely a possibility.

>> No.51678274

Worshipping, eliminating and monopolizing
Confident, dominant, wealthy, bitch, filthy, socialite, tall, delinquent, optimist and classical romantic
Great cook, fetish, youthful, perfect hair, protective, beautiful, forever
Simply insane
To please you

I was thinking of going hard mode and pick stuff like true friends, family+brothers and connection but I'll leave all that for the eventual Yandere Escape CYOA

>> No.51678279

is racism allowed on /tg/?

>> No.51678290


>> No.51678324

only against elves

>> No.51678370

>tfw I realize I'm a male yandere.

Oh god, no.

>> No.51678382

Why aren't you a girl

>> No.51678399

>male yandere
Literally the worst thing. Get a gender change and you'll be 10/10

>> No.51678414

You can always be a trap yandere~

>> No.51678426 [DELETED] 

Does anyone have Epoch (the horror rpg, not Mutant Epoch)? Checked the archives; it's been posted before, but the link went dead.

>> No.51678464

As much as I love this CYOA, I can't bring myself to read it again.

>> No.51678467

You know that's just called abusive and controlling in todays world?

>> No.51678470

well, dont feel bad, i have been called a tsundere for 6+ years and i am also male, so you at least arent at the bottom of the barrel

>> No.51678545

I know and share your pain.

>> No.51678569

I know I'd be a yandere if I were a girl. Don't know how to feel about it.
But on the other hand, being the "victim" of a yandere freaks me out.

>> No.51678584

I want to be the kuudere (male)

>> No.51678589

Yanderes irl suck

>> No.51678601

You can establish dominance over your yandere.

>> No.51678655

Yeah but the whole idea of someone loving me, yet alone loving me with the devotion of a yandere, makes me feel awful. All that pressure.

>> No.51678667

I'll make you love me.

I never asked for this.

>> No.51678679

>She needs to lick my ass
>I want to be able to ...piss over her
I see we have a "true gentleman"


4chan ruined me - I can't believe greentext stories like that.
Sure, anything can happen, but they sound like urban legends to me.

Do you have a link to a news story about the murder, or his arrest record? They should be public documents, and would hardly incriminate you in any way - since you wouldn't have the same last name as her father.

>> No.51678706

perfect mind and body

>> No.51678716


Please don't apply 2D to 3D. It's disgusting.

This is how yandere works:

>> No.51678777


Stompa is certainly more awesome, but I either get stuck in 40K - which is bad, personal stompa or not - or I get to bring Orks to earth, and with how they bread, ensure the end of the human race.

So Eldar GF, hopefully extend my life - maybe she was a scientist and can come up with a tech, or psyker powers might help (hopefully Earth doesn't have the Warp, or it is more calm than 40K's) - worst comes to worst, she probably has a soulstone to spare for her BF.

>> No.51678835
File: 44 KB, 464x442, 1406812173650.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It works out occasionally.

>> No.51678861

So many great waifu CYOAs. Just fitting for upcoming valentines day to hide in my imaginations away from cruel reality!

>> No.51678886

New thread when?

>> No.51678939

Clearly you have been indoctrinated into a cult. There are a some instances where it is appropriate, but using it everywhere is self contradictory.

Maybe this will help to deprogram you, if you are still capable of hearing arguments against "THE TRUE WAY"

>> No.51678957

>gib ww1 pls

>> No.51678981

Ulgy Wizard Cyoa

Maxed lore spells:Air, Teleportation, Time, Entropy, Fire, Healing, Metamagic, Illusion (72)
Other lore spells: Water 3, Nature 3, Prophecy 3, Conjuring 3, Shadow 1, Earth 3, Abjuration 1, Longevity (100)

Might revise later. Entropy is to deal with corrupted wizards and other magical being.

>> No.51678993

Anon from /r9k/'s /yandere general/s before they went down and died. It's truth but not whole truth.

The thing about yandere is that IRL such people work differently, otherwise they would neither have chance to find someone to love or wouldn't even survive that long without being isolated from society and medicated ot hell and back. Usually they're simply clingy, obsessive, insecure people but that makes it even more sad. Because on one hand they are regularly unhappy and scared if their insecurities aren't being catered to and their clingyness fulfilled, but on the other, indulging them may make their crazyness get worse or, funnily enough, may make them move onto something else once they realize that this is it and there's nothing better if the drama and the longing are necessary part of the package for them.

I could say much more about this shit, being in relationship with yandere-ish person myself and knowing stories of others. But it's not a thread for such stuff. The most important part is that it's hardly as cool as it seems in anime, with a dangerous but absolutely devoted girl doing stuff for you. Usually it's more demanding than regular relationship even if, yes, you get a lot out of it as well. But it's not something for an average anon who's not knowing what they're getting into and it may be taxing as fuck.

>> No.51679038

Do people like it when an individual skill has tiers, similar to the fate cyoa where you can purchase a skill at different ranks?

>> No.51679059


Opinion discarded.

2D != 3D

>> No.51679062

>I could say much more about this shit
Do it. Especially relationship stuff

>> No.51679072

Darku Elfru.

>> No.51679079

>body type: skinny
>breast size:big
>hips,butts and thighs: thicc
>type of yandere: harmless (-2=13/15)
>personality: short, innocent, pessimist, classical romantic
>gifts: self controlled (-6=7/15), beautiful (-5=2/15) , videogames (-1=1/15) , perfect hair(-1=0/15)
>origin: abuse
>dream :a family

>> No.51679091

sex, debating & art

>> No.51679093

>Only a harmless type plus self-controlled gift
Where's the fun in that?

>> No.51679100

so you are asking wether i want an space elf womb i cant fertilize and frigging pskyer powers or a fucking destructive massive fucking tank which i cant power becouse it is powered by the power of WAAAAAGH! and i am not an ork.
Strange choices but i'll chose the pussy and pskyer powers at least it actually works

>> No.51679106

>>Reject Grail
>Wait so am I a Seibah clone in this case or do I still get a servant as per normal. Assuming the latter.

If you reject the Grail, you are done with the CYOA - nothing happens - ggwp - The End.

>> No.51679113

Some of Beri's older cyoas are more like curses then benefits hehehe. His choice of immortality cyoa is also quite horrifying.

>> No.51679123


>> No.51679139

eldar Gf all day everyday

>> No.51679141
File: 7.73 MB, 1800x4077, Islanders.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>choice of immortality
Which one was this?

Also, have another 'not sure if a good thing' cyoa.

>> No.51679142

Saber CYOA
Create a Saber

True neutral, inclined towards malevolence
Saber Sakura

Class = Saber
Androgynous Female
Adult Saber
Lone ahoge

Medium armor + Casual + Formal gown

Class parameters
Strenght B = 7p
Endurance A + 1 rank, medium armor = EX = 13p
Agility A = 13p
Noble phantasm C = 3p
Luck A = 13p
Magic D = 1p

Class skills
Magic resistance = B, class affinity
independent action = EX = 26p
Item construction = D = 4p

Personal skills
Instinct = EX = 25p
Eye of the mind = A = 15p
High speed spellcast = D = 3p
Bravery = D = 3p
Clairvoyance = D = 3p
Divinity E = 1p

Noble phantasm
C rank

>> No.51679166

I don't because usually it's balanced poorly

>> No.51679184

a more or less functional human being to love and spend time with?

>> No.51679186

yo mang, this shite is OP as fk nerf please

>> No.51679241
File: 6.26 MB, 1000x10000, Choose Your Own Immortality.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>choice of immortality
>Which one was this?
That'd be pic related.

>> No.51679256

Board's full of crap but had some decent anons who just needed help or someone to talk to and I did mostly go to /yg/ anyway which was nice before tides of thirst and circlejerks. I treated it like /a/ for yandere stuff in general, not just anime.

What more you want to know? In many cases they're disappointing especially since people go expect anime. Then it turns out it's the same old reality, except your partner is also horribly clingy, meddling into everything and if you'll get tired of it - they'll be hurt so you walk on eggshells. Sure, it's not always like that but - what would you know, IRL counterpart to yandere archetype has IRL take on yandere issues!

Sometimes it's wonderful. In my own relationship, surely it stroke my ego when my woman was all thankful for me, eager to indulge my fantasies, basically told me herself that she wants me to just use her selfishly without worrying about her since she'll enjoy the most me enjoying myself (claimed to have inorgasmia and being unable to get there not only with partners but even on her own, mood or no mood, toys or no toys so that I will just enjoy myself). At the same time, I needed a lot of time for myself, my nerdy interests and it was absolutely soul draining at times and even irritating. Plus, I could never be sure that some shit won't happen. I remember getting awaken by her calling all crying at, like 4 am and begging me to not leave her because I said something with not enough feeling and love in it (like, quick goodbye). Didn't happen very often but was certainly not cool. Then there's stuff which can be dorkily-nice but bothersome long-term like sleeping every night with skype on and headset on your head.

Overall, it was okay but she was more reasonable than many people who sometimes do act bathshit-anime-crazy or can be downright violent, including hurting their partner's friends and family so they'll have no one to run to if shit will hit the fan and they'll want to escape.

>> No.51679265

I am getting impression that OPness of builds is intended. Since you chose the servant as a Wish.

>> No.51679283

go away

>> No.51679284

well i wasnt aiming for OPness, sorry i just simply wanted a waifu that couldnt die, lmao i dont want anything to happen to her

>> No.51679293

yep that's it.

>> No.51679355

>What more you want to know?
Write more like this
> In my own relationship, surely it stroke my ego when my woman was all thankful for me, eager to indulge my fantasies, basically told me herself that she wants me to just use her selfishly without worrying about her since she'll enjoy the most me enjoying myself

>> No.51679408

Anon, I don't mind sharing a bit of info on the whole thing but if you look for personal and intimate experiences I have to point out that not only it's a blue board but I don't share lewd descriptions of my relationships with strangers, even on the internet. I'll keep them to myself, especially since my past relationships I am kinda tired, older, less hopeful and not in the best place in life so it's possible I won't have many more nice relationships ahead of me.

>> No.51679449

Darned. I just want cute stories about real life yanderes for self insertion.
It doesn't have to be lewd, just cute. Cute is much better.

>> No.51679506

this sounds like the most made up shit ever

>> No.51679535

That's certainly true for the Miku one, but the immortality CYOA, you just start from the bottom and pick the Pull the Plug bonus.

>> No.51679561

>That moment when you meme a CYOA into existance.
It feels good lads

>> No.51679589

you didn't do anything though.

>> No.51679602

If you have to buy a way out of your immortality then it's not good to begin with.

>> No.51679613


Digitalization -6

The Ultimate Question -4
Always Something to Do -12
Training -1
Training -1
Training -1

>ask how to give my digital self recursive self improvement
>use personal singularity to grant myself cyborg body indistinguishable from humans yet superior in all ways
>keep exploding dat INT until capable of building an experience machine
>fuck off into VR for eternity

>> No.51679620

Except you didn't.

>> No.51679627

Too bad it's shit.

>> No.51679695

Maybe, but it's not. If I'd want to post really made up shit I'd probably could spin really nice stories but it's not what I wrote this - truth to be told - offtopic for.

Cute moments from that particular relationship were mostly the kind of stuff you could expect in any normal relationship, except with more clingyness and dorkiness. Both of us being a bit of weeaboo, for example, we were enjoying maymay shit like me giving her pats on the head. Another slightly silly thing would be how she was asking for all kinds of gestures of attention and if I gave her one she'd ask for another/more in a cute, slightly desperate voice (which could be a bit cringy in that we're talking about a woman in late twenties). But most of the stuff was normal couple things - talking, watching stuff together (movies, anime, whatever), playing vidya till some late hours, describing things happening during one's day. Frankly, some of it was awesome but I wouldn't be even sure if this relationship was the best I had when it comes to nice moments.

>> No.51679802

>Cute moments from that particular relationship were mostly the kind of stuff you could expect in any normal relationship, except with more clingyness and dorkiness.
Aw that sucks.
>cute, slightly desperate voice
That I have tried. It is not cute. It definitely is cringe.

>> No.51679837

Really? If you could become immortal with the choice to give that up whenever you wished, you wouldn't?

>> No.51679867

That's actually how Meta-Yandere works. Regular yanderes don't usually break the walls of reality to speak to our puppetmasters.

>> No.51679891

>Aw that sucks.
Sorry, I am just some regular schmuck, not an anime turned real. Though in this case I think it's okay - even "regular" nice relationship stuff is great if done with someone you care for.

>That I have tried. It is not cute. It definitely is cringe.
I find a lot of it depends on how you normally sound and how do you do it - if a girl literally tries to parrot an anime character, you're right, stuff can turn cringy fast but even then it may be funny experience and something to laugh about. But if she simply asks in that delicate, slightly sad, pleading tone and has a voice for it too - it can be pretty darn cute. Or at least be pretty cute despite slight cringe, for me. Maybe also you had/have a partner who simply doesn't like such.

>> No.51679945

the only shit here is you

>> No.51679954

>cute IRL stalker

Read Husky and Medley, a schoolgirl on 2ch(an?) asked Japanese anons to "help find her classmate's weakness" and the board ended up getting them to date


Last I heard they were still together and went to the same college

>> No.51679958

>But if she simply asks in that delicate, slightly sad, pleading tone
That's how she did it. She thought she was being cute and I cringed internally and externally. Even remembering it now I can still feel the cringe.
No, it was my sister begging me to do something for her.

>> No.51679993

Different strokes for different folks, I guess! Though are you sure the fact it was your sister didn't factor into this?

>> No.51680045

This is great, thank you.
Sure. I'm sure someone who had a sexual/romantic interest in her would love it, thinking it was cute. Supposedly that's what the "normal" response should be to that.

>> No.51680075

Create a Saber

Neutral Good

>Personality Traits
Saber of Red
Conflicted, Tomboy, Idealistic, Resolute, Cheerful


>Physical Features
Female Saber
Gallant, Adulthood, Lone Ahoge, Short Ahoge

Thick Robe

>Servant Parameters
Noble Phantasm:A

>Class Skills
Territory Creation:EX
Item Construction:B
Presence Conealment:D

>Personal Skills
High-Speed Spellcast:EX
Golden Rule:C

Noble Phantasm: (Note, I assumed you bought your NP outright rather than each level, since that would mean EX costs 40 points, which is impossible)
NP1:EX Rank, Technique, Anti-Army
NP2:A Rank, Location, Anti-Unit

I think I made a Chuuni, please help. She keeps trying to drag me into shenanigans.

>> No.51680076

Depends on the immortality.

Nigh Uncontrollable Murderhobo? Nope
Living the same day/week over and over forever with nothing ever really being new? Nope
Rotting corpse forever? Nope
Living a single moment forever, worse then the day loop. Nope
Unfeeling digital entity with almost no sensations when in an android body? Nope.
Randomly having someone else suffer anything that befalls you that's bad? If you're a total douche maybe. but Nope.
Forced out of your paradise to help some mortal in order to get back into paradise for a few months? That's a forever hell. Nope.
Watch everything but never able to really touch or interact with stuff? Nope.
Stuck in a small apartment for eternity only interacting with mortals for a minute amount of time to grant wishes? Nope.
Little girl, no adult stuff ever. Nope

So slime and reincarnation are the only decent ones and digitize is kinda close if you could actually keep all your human senses in an android body.

They're almost all horrifying fates in the long run and you'd be better off just killing yourself with your way out, which defeats the whole purpose of the cyoa which is "death says the universe needs immortal beings to keep it balanced" more or less.

>> No.51680102

Guardian Angel - 7
Training - 1
Hard Reset - 1
Soul Mate - 2
Invasion - 1
Always Something To Do - 12
Pizza - 1

>> No.51680107

No, no the SaberSpammerFaggot is definitely more shit then that other anons shit. He's like mega shit, Super Saber Shit, even.

>> No.51680110

This sounds a lot like taking a wish will end up with bad things happening. I know nothing of the story here soooo yea...

>> No.51680119

>Unimaginative - the anon

>>51679241 is extremely easy to enjoy if you play your cards right.

>> No.51680134

>Unimaginative - the anon
Go fuck yourself. More like realistic. Dipshit.

>> No.51680206

>Helping other people is hell.
Welp, we know what you're doing for the rest of eternity.

>> No.51680263

>More like realistic

This would be correct if you brought up how one might get tired of life after barely scratching infinity (depending on how memory works for the immortal). With infinite time one would experience anything that could ever happen... an infinite amount of times. Never ending. Might not be a problem if memory fades though.

The concerns you did bring up were unimaginative. Genie is easily gamed, Observer is easily gamed if you understand the concept of an infinite universe, Hybrid is a kind of heaven if you match Hybrid right.

>> No.51680298

Don't be stupid. More like being kicked out of paradise and the only way back in is to help people, some of whom you may dislike intensely. Hardly altruistic when your only motivation is to get back into paradise for a few months.

>> No.51680299

Don't bother with him. He's the kinda guy to look a gift horse in it's mouth. The kinda guy who will call a waifu trash if there is anything that can possibly be seen as a flaw.

>> No.51680300

Wish: Create a Saber

Principle Nature: Lawful

Disposition to Action: Evil

Personality Traits:

Archetype: Saber Sakura
Friendly, Cheerful, Confident, Mischievious, Cruel

Servant Class: Assassin

Gender: Female

Impression: Horrifying

Physical Appearance: Child Saber

Ahoge: Double Ahoge

Type: Emote Ahoge


Heroic Garments: Ceremonial (+1 NBL)

Modern Clothes: Casual, Uniform

Servant Paramters:

Magic: E
Luck: C

Class Skills:
Presence Concealment: EX
Avenger: B
Independent Action: D

Personal Skills:
Projectile Proficient: EX
Monstrous Strength: C
Disengage: A
Clairvoyance: D
Battle Continuation: E

Noble Phantasm: EX
Weapon: Anti-Unit

Noble Phantasm: EX
Ability: Anti-Self

>> No.51680309

Yandere CYOA: (+15)
Body Type:
Breast Size:
Hips, Butt and Thighs:
>Dependent (+1)
>Harmless (-2)
>Worshiping (+1)
>Eliminating (+6)
>Stalking (+4)
>Delusional (+4)
>Monopolizing (+4)
>Forign: German (Aryan)
>Great Cook (-2)
>Fetish (-2)
>Youthful (-3)
>Monstergirl: Wolfgirl (Awoo~) (-4)
>Perfect Hair (-1)
>Talented (-3)
>Good Natured (-4)
>Self Control (-6)
>Protective (-5)
>Beautiful (-5)
>Together (-7)
>Forever (-9)
Quirks: 16
>Closer (+2)
>Decorator (+2)
>True Friends (+3)
>Connections (+3)
>Tech Savvy (+4)
>House Husband (+4)
>Childhood Friend
>To Please You

>> No.51680317

You're not getting around those weaknesses Beri built in, regardless of if you think you are. Follow the rules of the cyoa, not some wishful rule bending you think you could get away with.

>> No.51680319

Fuck yes!

>> No.51680329

Create a waif....saber.

Lawful, Neutral

Vintage Saber, Kind, Honourable, Servile, Dutiful, Resolute.

Saber, Female, Gallant Teen, Lone Ahoge

Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Suit and Tie.

EX agility, A rank Endurance, B Rank Strength, C rank magic, C Rank luck, A Rank NP.

B rank Independent Action, Item Construction B, B Rank Magic Resistence, B rank Riding

Battle Continuation EX, Charisma C. Instinct B, Eye of the Mind C, Self Modification D. Bravery E.

NP=Technique, A rank, +2 modifier.

>> No.51680332

>Unfeeling digital entity with almost no sensations when in an android body? Nope.
That's just the starter android body. You could probably get a better one once technology advances sufficiently (or maybe even get that one modded with pressure sensors or the like).
>Little girl, no adult stuff ever. Nope
It's not "no adult stuff ever", it's "no having other people do lewd stuff to you (besides your twin if applicable and if you can convince her to do it)".

>> No.51680333

Yeah you don't know shit. I always laugh at all the anons who blithely ignore the way a cyoa is written to try and shoehorn in their desires. "but it wasn't not written so I can do it!!!"

>> No.51680373

I would hope so, on the android body. As a slime you keep all your sensations and are immune to pain. A far better option if you don't mind being a slime. I'd rather do digital in a fully functional/feeling android body.

I'm not into doing lewd stuff in a prepubescent body and if you do the other person, outside the extra options dies. Pretty ugly consequences.

>> No.51680422


>> No.51680426

New thread when?

>> No.51680443
File: 257 KB, 1024x1246, This is fine for this CYOA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Create a Saber

Neutral Neutral

Saber Alter
Apathetic, Selfish, Cool, Conflicted, Resolute


Female Saber
Normal, Adult Saber, Ahogeless

Casual, Cosplay gear, no third outfit

Strength:EX(27 points left)

Mad Enhancement:EX(14 points left)

Monstrous Strength:EX(25 points left)

Nothing else matters, because ONE PUNCH!

>> No.51680449

Yeah you don't know shit. I always laugh at all the anons who solemnly ignore the way a cyoa is written to try and shoehorn in their fears. "but it wasn't not written so I can't do it!!!"

>> No.51680452

Eldar GF, please.

>> No.51680531

>if you do the other person, outside the extra options dies
The rule is that they turn to ash if they try to have sex with you, which makes me think that they'd survive if it was rape or if they were unconscious during the act (which I mention separately because they could give consent beforehand) or something.

>> No.51680570

You're only supposed to take 3 archetypes

>> No.51680637

>Want to make a funny haha CYOA
>Have now developed three different systems for it and am considering how to get it to synergize well

fucking hell.

>> No.51680730
File: 363 KB, 804x621, 1486583202845.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welcome to the reason why I take a year to make CYOAs.

>> No.51680856

I came up with this extremely elaborate spell system that required I made a whole alphabet, with each word having a different effect on the spell.
Then I realized that if I implemented that spell system, the spells would take up most of the CYOA.
Now I don't know what to do with spells

>> No.51680879

Have you thought about making a cyoa based entirely on the spells by themselves then?

>> No.51680881

if you take a year you are probably mentally retarded

>> No.51680889

You can make it work if you'll make your CYOA somewhat more than a static image. If for example you'd code some html/flash "minigame" with people combining letters and getting different effects listed for them - it'd be pretty awesome.

>> No.51680973

I'm busy with work 80% of the time, anon. I thought you knew this.

>> No.51680988

dont lie, we know you are a neet

>> No.51681004
File: 115 KB, 1214x860, 1485636384785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You got me.

>> No.51681011

I like it.
With that being said I am not sure if the internal balance is that great.

Not sure how relevant that is though.

>> No.51681025

of course, my dubs dont lie

>> No.51681097

i am screencaping this to use it against you in the future

>> No.51681222


>Body Type

>Breast Size

>Hips, Butt, and Theighs

>Type of Yandere
Worshipping, Stalking, Harmless

Optimist, Tomboy, Submissive, Wealthy, Gifted, Classical Romance, Confident, Relaxed, Filthy(don't judge me!), Short

Great Cook, Fetish, Youthful, Videogames, Motherly, Good Natured, Beautiful, Together, Forever

Her's Forever+5

Childhood Friend

Undying Love


>> No.51681252

At least you have systems.

I always give up on mine and start a new one sometime later because I'm terrible at dealing with points and coming up with a balanced skillset for both magic and mundane. This new one I'm putting down ideas for probably maybe some some kind of prestige system? I dont even know.

>> No.51681281
File: 107 KB, 848x480, 1485385157167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51681298


>> No.51681302

sorry, lad i dont understand what you mean with that.
If you headpat me i will delete the screencap

>> No.51681316

hello keanu

>> No.51681410

I watched JW2 yesterday. It was fucking great.

I really like the John Wick setting. Was considering making a CYOA for it but decided that it'd just have a lot of similar mechanics for a CYOA I'm planning in the future. Would like to see one made though, particularly with the assassin culture revolving around the Continental Hotels around the world.

Needs a lot of gun porn, though.

>> No.51681437

Just put a John Wick clone in that CYOA. Also just wondering, are you a man or a woman and do you have a SO?

>> No.51681467
File: 265 KB, 891x509, 1477229428469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you making a request, lad?
becouse you are talking to the meme master that spawned the cancer that is the meme "Saber CYOA when"
you know, just for you, becouse you are special to me. I am willing to take this weapon up one more time and, dare i say it?
John Wick CYOA when?

>> No.51681478

This reminds me of molester man

>> No.51681496
File: 421 KB, 1600x1200, 1478502812915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

John Wick CYOA when?

>> No.51681500


Personally, I agree with >>51680119

I'd be undecided between two possible builds.

Slime with Invisibility
Digitalization with Broadcast

Either way I'd get
Always Something To Do and Pull The Plug

Going with slime I could also afford Soul Mate, but not to make her immortal as well, so I'd probably pass and use those points for Training.

>> No.51681513

I liked you better when you were posting saber pics.

>> No.51681554

If you have the capacity to make it and make it good, then sure. It wasn't a direct request to you per se, just putting it out there that it'd be cool to have a John Wick-like CYOA.

>> No.51681556
File: 301 KB, 454x645, 1486681435846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a man gotta do what he gotta do to get his CYOA.
i dont want you to like me, i want you to love me, i want you to adore me, i want you to desire owning me.

>> No.51681593

Making CYOA's? me? little ol' me?
i cant make CYOA's for shit, in fact my last CYOA got banned here.
What i mean is that we can meme it into existance.
All you must do is believe

>> No.51681610

What was your last CYOA?

>> No.51681624

i dont want to say it.
it's shameful, really.
it's like horrid, it got lots of hate

>> No.51681632

Okay well bye.

>> No.51681661

bye bye
why are we saying goodbye in an anonymous image board?
i mean there's no point in pretending we are not here all day long

>> No.51681765

>by the 365th night in the apartment, you will have roughly 90 orders of magnitude more time than the current age of the universe to discover its secret
Doesn't sound too hard.

>> No.51681901

what are some important deities related to mexican and south americans?

I've got quetzalcoatl but that's it.

>> No.51681927

Wew, page 10 already

>> No.51681940


That's all the work I'm willing to do for you.

>> No.51681959

I mean, there's an entire Aztec pantheon aside from just Quetzalcoatl...

A death cult combining Mictecacihuatl with Saint Mary has sprung up recently, so that's neat:

>> No.51681961

I meant more about in terms of importance. Obviously they've got dozens but I want ones people will recognize other than quetzalcoatl.

Thanks though.

>> No.51682049

Without opening the link, I'm guessing that's the cartels.
They're pretty great for cult ideas. They can call themselves Catholic all they want, but they're really heretics in the original sense. They have their own saints and everything.

>> No.51682087
File: 74 KB, 540x653, 1479925023130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is it that time of the day alredy?

>> No.51682109

I want you to stfu.

>> No.51682114

She is worshiped by cartels a lot but mostly she seems to be a champion of the poor and downtrodden.

The cartels also have their own Bob Dobbs looking patron saint of thieves and drug runners

>> No.51682161

Harmless, Stalking, Delusional (+6)
Optimist, Wealthy, Relaxed, Socialite, Innocent, Short
Great Cook, Fetish, Youthful, Monstergirl, Perfect Hair, Video Games, Talented, Good-Natured, Self-Controlled (-26)
Closer, Consent Not Required (+5)
Simply Insane
Your Undying Love

>> No.51682274

Is someone making a mew thread?

>> No.51682305

Neah, this one's good.

>> No.51682336

needs more saberposting though

>> No.51682355
File: 46 KB, 1200x622, Sabre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I doing it right, sempai?

>> No.51682369
File: 6.47 MB, 1200x10000, Elf Slave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, is this an older version of Elf Slave? Because I seemed to recall there being a specified amount of runes you could take, but I can't see it anywhere on this one.

>> No.51682377
File: 243 KB, 1024x648, FourSabers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New Sabre CYOA: Pick one.

>> No.51682399
File: 285 KB, 1044x1328, 1481379943441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes, i am proud of you, i wish you lived closer to me so i could cuddle you all night long and headpat you

>> No.51682413

i pick all of them

>> No.51682456

I'll go with the one on the bottom.

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