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What's the deal with gloves like pic related? Do they have any sourcenin history, or asian culture or something? I'll post some more characters with them to make the point

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martial artists and combat sportsmen are interested in breaking the opponent's faces more than their own knuckles and wrists

Tyson himself broke his own (bare) knuckles this way:

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Oh I meant the specific type of gloves I posted lol, like that kind of design and all

Tyson would probably use something like ic related

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Well, modern MMA fighters use fingerless gloves, it may be because they look cool like that?

It also goes all the way back to the cestus, especially with the obvious enhancements to cause extra damage.

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The root to caestus really makes sense! I guess that's some starting point, at least.

Though I think it's more than that, with that distinct red style and like 'hard shapes'? They're all up to the forearm, and made from... Honestly IDK what, but it seems like harsh polymer

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When a design gets popular it gets repeated ad nauseum.

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>distinct red style and like 'hard shapes'?
To make fists and unarmed hits more visible. See how it was born in vidya, where readability is key for fast paced movement.

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I mean having the material used to guard the knuckles extend up the forearms would likely be for the same purpose
that is to say make blocking with the forearms hurt less

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They’re finngerless so you can grapple.

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I see. Did anyone do that kind of design prior to Street Fighter's Cammy?

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I mean, while not as overblown, gloves similar to that exist in real life and are worn by soldiers all the time.

It's also a common practice to cut the fingers off to improve manual dexterity.

The hard knuckles aren't meant for punching people, not that they aren't great for it. They're to protect your knuckles when using your hands to do things like slam open doors, so you don't break them on wood or metal.

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>and are worn by soldiers all the time.
When they're not falling for the mechanix meme.

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>that distinct red style
Fists being marked with a distinct style—note that this doesn’t actually have to be red, it just has to stand out from the rest of the character model—helps with readability in video games. Especially in fighting games it’s extremely important that your own character’s and your opponent’s actions are always clearly defined so that you can tell what is happening. Having a visual queue like color to go by to help determine the position of his attacking limbs is a huge help in this regard.

>and like 'hard shapes'?
Not sure what you mean by this, but maybe the answer is simply because the designers think they look cool that way?

>They're all up to the forearm
Again, because it helps with visual representation. For much the same reason certain body parts were and are often exaggerated and too big to be anatomically correct in 2D-fighters—such as hands, feet and heads.

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they are modern interpretations of kote. japanese bracers. try harder, man. it takes like 5 seconds on google to track this shit down.

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They look like a cross between brass knuckles, gauntlets, and a fire hydrant.

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I honestly don't know what the deal is with those gloves.

You asked a good question, OP.

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I'm actually surprised, he's older than I thought. I'm sure he wasn't penetrating Japanese consciousness in that time, but that first Hellboy one-shot was a few months before Super Street Fighter II.

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You wanna break your hand? Punch someone with your bare fist. If your wanna be a good fighter, you wear some kind of protection, such as tape over your hand and knuckles

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Bruce Lee pioneered this kind of fingerless fighting glove.
His were Japanese police baton training gloves modified by Dan Inosanto, based on the kote used in kendo.

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I don't blame Bison for kidnapping and brainwashing a diverse cast of girls from all around the world and train them as assassins then making a gender bender clone of himself (Cammy) and in the future transfer his mind to Cammy's body so he could lead the girls, i don't blame him at all.

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