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Im looking to eventually run an xcom/xenonauts type of game with monster of the week, what aliens would have you shitting your britches? Im gonna start with some greys abducting, cloning, and replacing humans using mind control, and maybe an embassy mission to protect a president from the thing from the thing down the line.

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Mothman is pretty good.

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Killer clowns from space

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that whole charts giving me ideas, nice
def gotta work these in somewhere

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Starfinder Alien Archive 1-4. With some more work you can adapt D&D Monster Manuals and Pathfinder Bestiaries.

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Someone posted some D&D 3rd stats for them.

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Ever notice how nobody with even a foreign sounding name get's abducted? Them aliums sure do like their whitefolk.

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Stuff like the Thing, Necromorphs, and the Beast from Homeworld all spook me but they're probably not good picks for XCOM shenanigans.
By the time you have to send XCOM teams in to fight them it's probably too late for everyone else.
Also Doctor Who has some interesting aliens if you want to go a bit more campy. Daleks and Cybermen are kinda goofy looking but you wouldn't want to fuck around with them.

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Just remember that the lizardmen from Inner-Earth are good, it is the lizardmen from space that are evil.
The lizardmen from space are also the lizardmen from inner-earth from the future

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You just need to go looking. There is a hell of a lot of UFO activity in south-america

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,oh yeah, HEY OP:
South american VAMPIRE UFO DISCS!
Look it up.

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Chrysalids from original Xcom


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don't forget hybrids. Have the short greys (who serve the Tall Whites) make one with one of the PC's.

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A curious thing reported in several abduction experiences are the mantis aliens. They are described sometimes as literally just being giant mantises and sometimes as just being very mantis-like.
But almost always they are in medical roles and while often stern never seem to be malevolent.

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Also, Are you going to include THE NORDICS?
That could really freak out the players if played correctly. Got lots of weird IMPLICATIONS

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>Ever notice how nobody with even a foreign sounding name get's abducted?
Not true, the phenomena has been reported all across the world with incidents in South America, Europe and Asia. One of the most credible encounters occurred in South Africa.

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