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How should a GM handle it when a player in their multiyear campaign dies IRL?

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With tact and grace, obviously

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PC becomes GMPC! Weekend-at-Bernies-ing the player is optional but recommended.

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>GM controls NPC using responses the original player would have.
That or buy a ouija and keep the game going

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The dm wouldn't worry about it because resurrection spells exist.

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Find a way to give their character a glorious send-off in game, frame the character sheet, and watch as the party bawls their eyes out.

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Paul Walker him. He goes off to a glorious retirement.

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I would cancel the session desu
start a new one after a couple of months or so

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Both of these. Certainly take some time out of game to talk about him/her as well

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for sure
you could do some real life necromancy.. dig up the corpse interlay the bone with a fungus of some kind this will give a bioelectrical energy then use magical herbs and use a spirit bind to reinsert the spirit back into the body.. then you'll be able to have a bioelectrical signal in the original host body this with over lays of spells and incantations

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